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November 2014 • £4.50 Volume 36 • Issue 09 www.scaleaircraftmodelling.com More Models, More Tips & More Techniques Eduard 1:144th Spitfire Mk IXe Blin...

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More Models, More Tips & More Techniques November 2014 • £4.50 Volume 36 • Issue 09


Vought F7U Cutlass Plans & Profiles

Fisher Models’ 1:32nd Cutlass Weighs In…

Supermarine Squint-fire

Cold War Watcher

Blink and You’ll Miss It

Airfix Strikes Again

Eduard 1:144th Spitfire Mk IXe

Airfix 1:72nd Lightning F.2A

Thirsty Work

GWH 1:144th Vulcan K2

Gettin’ Tanked up

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Military & Civil Aviation – Military Weapons & Equipment – Naval Vessels

Zeppelins at War! 1914-1915 R Rimmell This Zeppelin special covers the earliest of the wartime Zeppelins including three preWWI civilian vessels pressed into military service. B&W photos, illustrations and pull-out section. SB 76pp £26.00

Les Hydravions de la Luftwaffe Vol.3 J Roba French text/English photo captions. Focuses on the Dornier 24, Arado 199; Blohm & Voss 238; Heinkel 42 plus many more. Lavishly illustrated. HB 420pp £60.00

Rochev & Doher M109A1/A2 Rochev and Doher in IDF Service M Mass Colour photo album containing an extensive collection of colour photos of the Rochev and Doher self-propelled guns used by the IDF. SB 82pp £24.99

Blueprint for Victory : Britain’s First World War Blitzkrieg Air Force G Baughen The author has used archive material to offer a different picture of how air power developed in Britain before and during WWI. HB 254pp £20.00

Alouette III sous L’uniforme P Gaubert Covers the history of the Alouette III which served not only a military role but a civilian one too and was involved in missions across the globe. The book focuses on all domestic Alouette. HB 332pp £50.00

The War Archives DDay Allied Vehicles, Aircraft & Equipment P Ware A reference of archive photos and contemporary drawings, this publication looks at allied vehicles, aircraft and equipment of D-Day. SB 94pp £7.95

Three Wings For The Red Baron. Von Richthofen, Strategy, Tactics And Airplanes L Bennett This book explores the career of Manfred von Richthofen, top fighter pilot in the German Luftwaffe during the First World War. HB 235pp £25.00

Malloch’s Spitfire The Story and Restoration of PK350 N Meikle The story of Malloch’s dream to restore this late mark Spitfire F Mk22 to full flying status with the help from the Rhodesian and South African forces. SB 242pp £11.99

The Samurai Warrior: The Golden Age of Japan’s Elite Second in Line Warriors, 1560-1615 Second to None B Hubbard Describes A Photographic the unification under History of the 2nd Air Division R Mackay the Tokugawa bakufu, The title of this book the major battles of the era, the weapons and succinctly sums up the importance of the armour used, the social structure of Japanese Division’s presence society, myths about within the 8th Air the samurai, and fiForce structure and nally their decline. the part it played. HB 224pp £19.99 HB 312pp £41.50

Images from the Arsenal of Democracy C Hyde Tiger!: The de This book spans from Havilland DH.82 Tiger Moth S McKay 1940 until the end of the war, presenting Comprehensive, up-close, rarely seen lavishly illustrated, this book is a history views of newly built of the Tiger Moth from plants and repurposed its beginnings through production lines, a staggering variety of to its use as a wing walker platform. With war products and 500 black and white/ components and the workers behind it all. colour illustrations. HB 295pp £31.95 HB 413pp £29.95

The Design and Development of the Hawker Hunter : The Finnish Fighter Creation of Britain’s Colours 1939-1945 K Stenman This book Iconic Jet Fighter take an in-depth look T Buttler Devoted at the Finnish Fighter specifically to the deaircraft deployed dur- sign and development of the Hawker Hunter ing WWII. Looks at and covers how and camouflage and markings schemes of why the aircraft came fighters obtained from into being, and the France, USA, Germany, troubles it experienced on the way. UK and the USSR. SB 168pp £20.00 HB 208pp £35.00

Seaplanes of Bocche. The Story of Austro-Hungarian Naval Aviation in Southern Adriatic 1913-1918 B Ciglic Lavishly illustrated, tells the story of Bocche di Cattaro, the most important Mediterranean base of the Central Powers. SB 144pp £24.99

Queen of the Skies The Lockheed Constellation C Luisada The story of this remarkable airplane and the people who made the Constellation great including aviation legends like Howard Hughes and Clarence Kelly Johnson. HB 416pp £37.50

Airframe & Miniatures 7 The Focke-Wulf Fw 190 Radial-engine Versions (including Fw 190A, B, C, F, G & S) - A Complete Guide To The Luftwaffeís Butcher Bird R Franks Detailed guide. SB 192pp £18.95

Billy Bishop Lone Wolf Hunter: The RAF Ace ReExamined P Kilduff Hailed as the British Empire’s highest-scoring WWI fighter ace, the author sheds new light on Bishop’s missions and combats that are steeped in controversy. HB 192pp £20.00

British and Commonwealth Warship Camouflage Images of War Haynes Owners Kent’s Own : The Soldiers with of WWII Destroyers, Great War Fighter Workshop Manual Story of No. 500 Spanners: The Aces 1914-1916 RAF Tornado 1974 (County of Kent) Ground Crews’ View Frigates, Sloops, During the Second Escorts, Minesweepers, N Franks Images of onwards (all marks Squadron Royal some of the greatest and models) I Black Auxiliary Air Force World War P Bodle Submarines, Coastal Insight into owning, R Brooks The story of Tells the story in pic- Forces and fighter aces to see Auxiliaries M Wright action during the first flying and maintaining 500 Squadron formed tures of the USAAFs in 1930 at Manston in 2nd Air Division during Depicts in detail the half of the First World the air defence and War. The author pro- strike versions of the Kent which fell victim WWII, the majority of official and unofficial to defence cuts in which were taken by ship paint schemes of files some of the most swing-wing jet. Colour/B&W photos. 1957. B&W photos. the men themselves. the Royal Navy. well known aces. HB 144pp £30.00 HB 160pp £19.99 SB 160pp £14.99 SB 142pp £16.99 SB 148pp £14.99

AirDoc Aircraft of the Modern German Armed Forces BAe/EADS Eurofighter A Zeitler 10 years in Luftwaffe Service. This publications covers all aspects of the type’s introduction to Luftwaffe service. SB 64pp £14.99

Wing Masters 102 Sept/Oct 2014 French Text. 1:32 Nieuport 17; 1:72 F-16C Viper; 1:48 BF 109G-6; 1:32 T-6G plus much more. SB 82pp £6.99

Windsock World War Centenary 30/3 Reader’s gallery; Logbook entries; WNW Hawa Build Notes; WNW DFW C.V; 1913 DUKS and much more. SB 32pp £7.70

Avions Hors-Serie 37 La Guerre du Kippour Les Combats Aeriens FRENCH TEXT. History of the Yom Kippur War. Lavishly illustrated. SB 110pp £15.50

Luftwaffe Im Focus Edition 23 Scenery: Hit in the Cockpit! (JG 26 Colour Photos of a Seldom-Seen Kampfgeschwader (I./KG 28) and more. SB 50pp £17.99

order via our secure website:

Windsock Datafile 165 The RAF BE2E at War P Hare Revised and updated, this Datafile takes a new look at the BE2e and its derivatives. SB 32pp £11.90

1941 the Second World War in the Air in Photographs L Archard Year by year series covering 1941, set out month by month. B&W/colour photos. SB 128pp £15.99

Howard Hughes and the Spruce Goose The Story of the HK1 Hercules G Simons Looks at the production process of the HK-1 Hercules. HB 255pp £19.99

ACES 122 Spitfire Aces of Northwest Europe 1944-45 A Thomas Story of elite Spitfire pilots during the crescendo of the European air war. SB 96pp £13.99


T: 01530 231407 (+44 1530 231407) E: [email protected] Post: Aviation & Military Book Centre, PO Box 10159, Coalville, Leics LE67 1WB

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LSA Models 151 Sackville Road Hove, East Sussex BN3 3HD Tel: 01273 705420 [email protected] Monday to Saturday Wednesday & Sunday Bank Holidays

9:30 - 5:30 Closed Closed

Postage charges (within UK) Lge Letter Small Parcel 1kg Small Parcel 2kg Med Parcel 1kg Courier up to 25Kg

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EDUARD NOV RELEASES BRASSIN 624001 Typhoon wheels 1/24 635003 Bren Mk.I 1/35 648138 F-4B exhaust nozzles 1/48 648139 F-4B ejection seats late 1/48 648166 SSW D.III engine 1/48 648167 AGM-78 Standard ARM 1/48 648177 SSW D.III guns 1/48 648185 MiG-21PFM interior – grey 1/48 672041 AGM-12B Bullpup A 1/72 672053 German Submarine 10,5cm gun1/72 LEPTY / PE-SETS 32820 F-104C electronic equipment 1/32 32822 F-104C gun bay 1/32 32823 F-104A int S.A. 1/32 36285 Achzarit basket 1/35 36286 Achzarit TOGA armour 1/35 36289 M4A1 Deep Wading Kit 1/35 48822 Spitfire Mk.V landing flaps 1/48 48824 Typhoon Ib Bubble landing flaps1/48 49684 Typhoon Ib Bubbletop int S.A. 1/48 49695 Spitfire Mk.Vb int S.A. 1/48 49070 SSW D.III seatbelts FABRIC 1/48 72587 C-47 ext 1/72 72589 Blenheim Mk.I ext 1/72 72590 C-47 surface panels 1/72 72591 Blenheim Mk.I landing flaps 1/72 72592 Blenheim Mk.I bomb bay 1/72 73507 F-35A S.A. 1/72 73512 Blenheim Mk.I int S.A. 1/72

73515 Air


£6.95 £4.75 £15.95 £9.25 £9.25 £6.50 £4.75 £15.95 £6.50 £9.25

Ita Ita Ita Meng Meng Edu Air Ita/Has Ita/Has Air Edu Air Air Air Air Air Has Air

£11.50 £9.25 £15.00 £11.50 £15.00 £15.95 £9.25 £10.50 £12.50 £12.50 £6.50 £15.00 £9.25 £11.50 £10.50 £9.25 £6.95 £6.95

Aca Aca Edu Edu Edu

F4U-1A S.A.

1/72 Rev £10.50

ZOOMY / ZOOMS 33142 F-104A int S.A. FE684 Typhoon Ib Bubbletop int S.A. FE695 Spitfire Mk.Vb int S.A. SS515 F4U-1A S.A. SS520 La-7 W/end

1/32 Ita £11.50 1/48 Ita/Has £6.95 1/48 Air £6.95 1/72 Rev £6.95 1/72 Edu £6.50

MASKY / MASKS CX402 F4U-1A CX403 Stirling Mk.IV CX404 S-199 CX405 La-7 W/end CX406 T-2 Panther EX438 C-130J EX440 Spitfire Mk.V EX442 DB-3/Il-4

1/72 1/72 1/72 1/72 1/72 1/48 1/48 1/48

Rev Ita Kovo Edu Platz Ita Air Xutong

£4.75 £6.95 £4.00 £4.00 £5.00 £6.95 £5.00 £8.00


1/32 1/48 1/72 1/200 1/200

Tru Rev Ita Tru Tru

£42.00 £45.00 £63.00 £68.50 £54.50

MODELY / KITS 8256 SSW D.III 8203 Bf 110E 7425 La-7

1/48 Ltd Ed £15.95 1/48 Profi £23.75 1/72 W/end £8.00

TRUMPETER TM01639 Fw-200 C8 TM01664 JH-7A PLA Flying Leopard TM02850 Spiteful Mk XIV TM02856 Mig-23ML Flogger K TM02867 Attacker FB.2 TM02847 J-8F Finback TM02888 A-37a Dragonfly 1/48th TM02891 F-106A Delta Dart TM02298 Bf-109 G-10 1/32nd TM03213 Ju-87A Stuka TM05106 AS-365 N2 Dauphin 2 Heli TM05332 HMS Zulu Destroyer 1941 TM05586 JS-7 Super heavy tank TM02250 A-6E Intruder 1/32nd


ITALERI IT1350 Stirling Mk IV Tug IT2747 1/48th Hawk Red Arrows 50th Ann IT1355 EF-2000 Typhoon single seat IT2740 Fiat G-91 P.A.N IT1357 Jaguar Gr3 Big Cat IT5619 St Naszaire Raid Vosper (new Molds) IT2736 Harvard MkIIa HK MODELS HK01E05 Lancaster MkIII HK01E07 Dornier 335

B-2 1/32nd

AIRFIX AI20001 Mosquito 1/24th Ltd Re-release

£TBA £21.99 £19.99 £32.99 £23.99 £34.99 £27.99 £44.99 £32.99 £49.99 £64.99 £26.99 £52.99 £149.99

£39.99 £29.99 £14.99 £14.99 £15.99 £99.99 £24.99

£TBA £162.99


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IPMS Scale Model World Telford, England 8-9 November 2014 Find us in Hall 3

S u p e r i o r p ro d u c t s fo r e n

IAF KFIR TC2 Trainer model kit


s– siast

Softcover, 240 pages, over 950 images

IAF Recce-KFIR RC2 model kit


hu ent

ts! w sias

w w. w i n g m a n m o d e l s. co

Softcover, 64 pages, over 220 images

SUU-30 B/B CBUs in 1/48 & 1/32 scale


Softcover, 192 pages, over 750 images

BL.755 CBUs in 1/48 & 1/32 scale

www.shopofphantoms.com – Wetterkreuz 13 – 91058 Erlangen – Germany email: [email protected] advert_telford-10-2014-3.indd 1

10/1/14 11:31 AM

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November 2014 Vol.36 Issue 09

Table of Contents P.8 - 26:

Scuttlebutt Lodge The Editorial team, with the help of the SAM regulars, compiles our examination of the world of modelling, bringing us the latest news and reviews along with all of the regular features you can expect every month.

Compact Build Reviews P.28 - 39: Our dedicated team of expert modellers examine recent kit releases for your reading pleasure.

This Month: Aurelio Reale is back, all the way from Italy with the 1:72nd scale RS Models P-39Q Airacobra. Karl Robinson Czechs in with the Eduard 1:144th scale Spitfire Mk IXe. Seb Videc builds has been up to some real thirsty work building the Great Wall Hobby 1:144th scale Vucan K.2 tanker. Yoav Efrati pops in briefly this month, with his build of the AZ Model AH-1G Cobra. James Ashton drops down a scale from his previous 32nd Corsair article, building the Airfix 1:48th scale Seafire FR.46/47. Rob Ludlow makes an all-too-rare appearance this month as he builds the instant Airfix classic, the 1:72nd scale Lightning F.2A.

Keep up with SAM on Facebook for a calendar of important events as well as what is coming in future issues of the magazine.

We are now on Twitter! Subscribe to our account on Twitter in order to receive immediate updates when reviews or news are posted on the SAM facebook page. Follow us at: [email protected]

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Aviation in Profile:

Market Shift?

Enterprising Minds

P.40 - 51

Cold War Cutlass By: Jay Laverty The F7U was a radical departure from conventional US Navy aircraft design, giving rise to allegations that it was based on data and plans captured from Nazi manufacturer Arado at the end of WWII. A poor safety record meant that over 25% of Cutlasses built were lost to accidents.

Features: P.52 - 58

1:32nd scale Fisher Models Vought F7U Cutlass Mike Williams provides some useful advice on building gigantic resin monsters in this extensive feature on the Paul Fisher produced masterpiece P.60 - 65

1:24th Airfix Hawker Typhoon Mk Ib As if a 48th Voodoo was not enough to do in one month, Jay Laverty could not resist the temptation to start the gigantic Tiffy. This is part two of a “we will see how it goes” series… P.66 - 70

1:48th scale Hobby Boss A-6E We welcome James Campling to the Scale Aircraft Modelling family as he presents this spectacular build of the HobbyBoss Intruder. P.72 - 74

1:48th Tiger Models F-5A Freedom Fighter Karl Robinson has been hard at it this month as he presents his second feature, the Tiger Models F-5A in Turkish markings. P.76 - 80

1:72nd Cyberhobby Curtiss A-25A-5-CS Shrike Mario Serelle signs in from Brazil as he builds the 1:72nd scale Shrike from Cyberhobby.


ur Hobby is a marketplace, just as any other commercially viable enterprise is. There have been a few market shifting moments in the history of our hobby that have affected it significantly. There have been several pioneers whose innovations have transformed the way we model, some permanently and some not-so permanently. Microscale started producing decals with options that were not available in the kits we were buying and created a market that is as much a part of our hobby as the models themselves. Several innovative modellers started casting the detailing projects they were working on in resin (Francois Verlinden being the most famous of the early few) and selling them on as enhancement sets and conversions. These aftermarket products changed the mail order side of the business and through advertisements placed in magazines such as this, several companies built their empire as readers sent off cheques and waited for the goods to arrive. Then came the internet. With the proliferation of the World Wide Web, it was only a matter of time before the market once again shifted and the local hobby shop that struggled to stock the myriad of aftermarket products available found it impossible to keep up with the larger international mail order specialists and the LHS began to disappear from the high street. Next came the weathering craze. Proof that ingenuity follows talent, guys like Mig Jimenez marketed the products they had been using to weather their models with as the combination of the internet and modelling forums exposed modellers the world over to their ranges. Resin, Photo-Etched, Pigments, Decals, all are standard elements of the vast majority of modellers' repertoire, as much as the compressor and airbrush are. I can still remember when the compressor and airbrush were a massive investment and precluded that significant step from modelling toys to modelling art.

The Phantom Menace With this in mind, I have been watching with interest the development of the 3-D printer over the past several years, ever since I watched a special on the making of the Phantom Menace and how the model makers for that Star Wars prequel were revolutionising the movie industry by making the models from Vector drawings and realising them on the 3D printer. While the cost of having a 3D printer has always been prohibitive, with prices ranging from £3,000 to £10,000, Dremel (a name so synonymous with the micro drill it is like Hoover to the vacuum) are now the first to crash this barrier by releasing the 3D “Idea Builder” for $999 USD, or in the region of £620.00. I am not sure what it will cost when released in the UK, however it will surely not be much more than that. What effect it will have on the resin aftermarket industry is not obvious. I do not foresee everyone running out and buying one tomorrow, however this is the first step towards modellers producing details at home. In my opinion, any shift will take years and it will most likely be a decade before printing detail sets at home becomes as common as getting the airbrush out, however I believe we are now looking at another quantum shift in the way we model. Until Next Month,

Jay Laverty Managing Editor

The Tailpiece: P.82 • A preview of what to look forward to in the next issue of the magazine • Editorial contacts & information on subscriptions to SAM

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3608 8-9 Scuttlebutt_Scuttlebutt 17/10/2014 13:23 Page 8

Scuttlebutt Lodge Compiled by Karl Robinson, With contributions from James Ashton, Neil Pinchbeck, Massimo Santarossa, Shaun Schofield, Dai Williams and Mike Williams. If you have something that you would like featured in Scuttlebutt Lodge, please email me at: [email protected]

AN INTRODUCTION TO: HAULER & BRENGUN SAM takes you behind the scenes at this Czech producer, and introduces you to the company and the people behind it.

Q: Hi Jan, thank you for agreeing to speak with SAM, we appreciate your time. Can you please give us all an introduction to yourself for our readers who are not familiar with you or what your company does? A: Hi Tom, it is my pleasure to introduce myself to the readers of SAM. My career is similar to other people’s careers: modelling was my hobby before it became my profession. I built scale models as a child. As the selection of plastic models was very poor in Czechoslovakia before the fall of the Iron Curtain, I made conversions and scratchbuilt types that were not available at the store, just as many other modellers in the former Eastern Bloc did. I also used this skill later, during my studies when I was making display models and master models for other producers of models and accessories. Q: I think it would be good to start at the beginning, can you tell us what was the inspiration to start Hauler and in what year did you start? A: We established the trade mark Hauler in 1999 with my friend Vlastimil Vodička. Originally, we focused on 1:87th scale models and accessories. Prior to establishing Hauler, we made master models to order for other companies. This experience led to us launching our own series of scale models and accessories. In the course of time, we expanded production to include 1:72nd, 1:48th and 1:35th scale models and accessories. It was at this point that we established Brengun for our aviation related scale model kits and accessories. Q: Could you please give us a brief description of your products, in particular products that are unique to your brand. A: Everything we make is, above all else, related particularly to what we love. I would say that the majority of our products are our dreams realised or the result of fulfilling the wishes of our friends. The 1:35 scale model of the 42cm Skoda Howitzer, or a new scale model of the BK-2 river boat are examples of this fulfilment. Furthermore, the photo-etched parts are our essential products as well. We use them profusely in our products, and we also make them for other producers of scale models and accessories all over the world.

Q: Your passion for aviation is obvious; which are your favourite aircraft? A: Yes, it is true. I like aircraft the most and I always return to them after my ‘digressions’ to other domains of scale model making. There are many I love, however if pressed I can narrow it down to a top three: Hurricane Mk II, Cardoor Hawker Typhoon, and Lavockin La-5FN; preferably in the camouflage of Czech pilots, of course! Q: What is your next big project, and can you share some images with us please? A: We are currently working on a plastic 1:72nd scale kit of the Letov S-16. What is new for us with this project is implementation of 3D technology, so we are learning a great deal as we go along. This kit comprises not only Czechoslovakian versions of the airframe, but also versions which were used in Turkey, Latvia, and Yugoslavia.

Our workshop, outdoor view. The ground floor is reserved for Hauler and Brengun products, while on the first floor there is the etching workshop.

Ales Perik and Tomas Malek are studying pictures of etchings made by them for our customers.

Jan Hovezak in his favourite position, overseeing master models and prototypes. Q: Your passion for aviation is obvious; which are your favourite aircraft? A: We are still going to develop Hauler and Brengun products. Moreover, extending the production of etchings made to order for other producers will be important for us because despite intense competition from Asian producers, the number of our customers is still increasing. To be more specific, I must mention the expansion of the 1:72nd scale series of Hawker Typhoons. The next version we are going to produce is Mk la. The entire series will be rounded out by ‘Typhoon Special Versions’ and ‘Typhoon in Rare Markings’. I have already mentioned the S-16, so I must mention that we also like the Yak-1 very much… A: On behalf of our readers and the magazine, thank you for taking the time to speak with us, we wish you the best for the future and ongoing success!

8 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

This is our main room. Everything in our workshop goes through here at some point.

Our casting room and our casting specialist Ladislav Cepelka.

3608 8-9 Scuttlebutt_Scuttlebutt 17/10/2014 13:24 Page 9


The ShoW SCene By: Shaun Schofield


ugust air shows this season have been all about one thing; the Battle of Britain and Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum’s Lancasters. The two have been prolifically attending shows all over the country, with huge crowds following their every move. For those of us in the South West, Dawlish provided the sole opportunity to see the two together, and what a sight they were, gracefully sweeping across the bay as the glorious sound of eight Merlins reverberated through the air. It was the icing on the cake for another successful Dawlish air show, which provided another season highlight as the sole remaining airworthy Westland Whirlwind and its modern contemporary, a 22 Squadron Sea King, briefly shared the same piece of sky in a unique moment. Rounding out August was a thoroughly superb RAFA air show at Shoreham. With the South Downs and Lancing College providing a stunning setting, few shows have offered such a varied and enjoyable line-up this year, with everything from a Paramotor to the RAF Typhoon on show. It

UK SAM Sunday 12th october 2014 SCALE MODEL CHALLENGE nh Conference Centre Koningshof, locht 117 5504rM eindhoven noord-brabant, netherlands Special Guests: Chris Clayton, Alex 'Igazzu' Varela, Ivan Cocker & radek pituch 10:00 – 17:00 Admission €5.00 (Children under 6 free) web: www.scalemodelfactory.nl Sunday 25th october EURO SCALE MODELLING nieuwegein’s business Centre, blokhoeve 1, niewegein, netherlands web: www.euroscalemodelling.nl Sunday 25th october FAA MUSEUM AUTUMN MODEL SHOW fleet Air Arm Museum rnAS yeovilton Ilchester, Somerset bA22 8hT web: www.fleetairarm.com

was however the warbirds that stole the show, with three superb sections celebrating the early war years, courtesy of Spitfire, Hurricane and Gladiator, naval aviation, featuring Hellcat, Corsair and Catalina, and a brilliant D-Day set piece, which included

multiple Mustangs, Bouchons, C-47s and Spitfires. No less than 15 aircraft visited the show from the various collections based at Duxford, offering a rare and most welcome opportunity to see these magnificent aircraft displaying away from home.

More Trouble for The Typhoon By: Jay Laverty

The Eurofighter Typhoon has hit another snag, as safety concerns have been raised concerning a fault in the rear fuselage. Germany, Italy and Spain have all halted deliveries, while Britain, the fourth partner in the pan-European fighter programme, is continuing to accept aircraft. A spokesman for the MoD described it as a “temporary manufacturing issue” going on to explain that it “has had no impact on the RAF’s allotted flying hours and the Typhoon fleet is continuing normal operations.” A number of drilled bolt


holes in the rear fuselage were identified as not having been de-burred as part of the standard manufacturing process. The Eurofighter is built by a consortium comprising European aircraft producer Airbus, BAE Systems and Finmeccanica and news of the defects comes as a blow to the troubled and expensive Eurofighter programme, which has been struggling for months.

In competition with the French Rafale for export contracts, both Britain and Germany had already drastically cut the number of Typhoons they initially pledged to buy, and in May the head of Airbus’s defence division said production of the Eurofighter could cease in 2018 if more contracts were not found.

SAM Sat 8th to Sun 9th november IPMS UK SCALE MODELWORLD 2014 Telford International Centre Telford, Shropshire Tf3 4Jh web: www.smwshow.com Sunday 23rD november AIRCRAFT ENTHUSIAST FAIR AND MODEL SHOW Museum of Army flying Middle Wallop hampshire So20 8Dy web: www.armyflying.com SAM Sunday 7th December LONDON PLASTIC MODELLING SHOW Islington business Design Centre 52 upper Street london n1 0Qh web: www.guidelinepublications.co. uk SAM Sunday 14th December BELGIAN SCALE MODELLERS CONVENTION 2014 Klien boom, Mechelbaan 604, 2850 putte, Antwerp, belgium. Special Guests: philippe roger, roger hurkmans, JM Villaba web: www.bsmc.be Sunday 4th January 2015 CROYDON AIRPORT AVIAITON, AIRLINE, MILITARY & MODEL COLLECTORS FAIR hallmark hotel purley Way Croydon Surrey Cr9 4lT email: [email protected]



3609 10-11 Scuttlebutt.e$S_Scuttlebutt 17/10/2014 13:26 Page 10

Scut tleBut t LODGE

OVERSEAS WITH TOM… ipmS uS nationalS - Virginia Beach Scale Aircraft Modelling recently attended the IPMS US nationals, held this year in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The show was great fun to be a part of and I would like to thank both the organisers and the attendees for making us feel so welcome. Our Publisher Alan Corkhill and I were gratified to see that our magazines and Warpaint books were exceptionally well received. We are already booked for next year in Columbus!

record attendance for the show, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the IPMS USA. The competition room is always full of entries and this year was no exception, with some exceptional examples of modelling skill on display. There was no shortage of superb builds and I have included a few images of just some that caught my eye. Tom Foxon

This is the US’s premier show with over 50 trade stands and a

Showtime Speculation Last year we were all surprised when Airfix unveiled their 1:24th scale Hawker Typhoon to the world on Saturday morning at IPMS Scale ModelWorld. Once again they have announced that IPMS Scale ModelWorld 2014 will set the scene for the announcement of another exciting ‘large’ kit. Airfix have played their cards close to their chest with this one again,

Do you produce a 'cool tool' that deserves to be featured here? Do you use something that other modellers would find essential? Let us know at: [email protected]

model craft compaSS ‘circle’ cutter

and speculation is rife on many internet forums as everyone tries to guess what is coming. I will stick my neck out and guess that it is a 1:24th scale Messerschmitt Me 262… The event will take place at 11am on Saturday 8th November at the Airfix stand, be there or be square!

The compass ‘circle’ cutter is a simple tool that does exactly what it says on the tin: it cuts circles. Though with just a bit of thought those circles can be exceptionally useful for modelling tasks, such as making your own wheel masks, or even masks for spraying custom roundels. It consists of a simple blade that slides and locks at a set distance from a fixed point around which you rotate the blade. The cutter is a relatively cheap addition to the toolbox, and comes with several spare blades neatly stored in the handle. Karl Robinson

10 w w w. S c a l e a i r c r a f t m o d e l l i n g . co. u k

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ON THE VERGE & ON THE WAY… LARGE SCALE WESSEX Fly Model stockists via www.fly814.cz Hannants – www.hannants.co.uk The big news this month comes from Czech manufacturer Fly Model, in the form of some large-scale Westland Wessex kits. Surprisingly, they are in the process of tooling up injection moulded kits of two different versions of the venerable Wessex in 1:32nd scale. Both the HC.2 and HU.5 variants have been added to their catalogue as kit numbers 32010 and 32011 respectively. A Wessex in this scale will certainly be an impressive beast and we will bring you further news as it becomes available.

SEA MONSTER Modelsvit stockists via www.hannants.co.uk Russian Ekranoplans have been largely overlooked in model form until recently. With the huge boom in manufacturers in the modelling world, the more eclectic and obscure subjects are finally being researched and kitted. Modelsvit have taken on the Bartini Beriev VVA-14 VTOL Ekranoplan and produced a 1:72nd scale injection moulded kit (72014) of this sea monster. Even in this scale it promises to be a big kit, measuring in at 38 by 42 centimetres, comprising over 180 parts, including a full masking set for the greenhouse style cockpit. Decals are included for both prototype machines.

ON FINALS Kitty Hawk Models stockists via www.kittyhawkmodels.com Hannants - www.hannants.co.uk Rolling in on finals to your local model shop is Kitty Hawk's wonderful looking 1:32nd scale OV-10D Bronco. Kitty Hawk have shared a number of photographs of the kit in its built-up form which features lots of detailed plastic, backed up by a number of photo-etched parts to enhance the cockpit, wings, engines and nose bay. This Chinese manufacturer continue to expand their catalogue exponentially, filling long standing gaps in the market with some pretty exciting stuff. Last month we brought you news of the 1:32nd scale F-86D ‘Dog Sabre’, which I am sure you are looking

forward to as much as we are. This month we have been passed along the final box art renderings for a couple of kits and some teasers for future releases. Confirmed with a picture taken at the recent Tokyo Model Show was the RF-101 Voodoo, meaning the F-101C cannot be far behind… Billed as version “2.0” the F-35B gets a re-release with a new aircraft weapons set. The box art for the two seat JAS 39B/D Gripen has been finalised, meaning it must be imminent. We have also been passed along a few CAD drawings of the 1:32nd scale P-39, which is scheduled for release in 2015.



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SHAR SUPREME Kinetic stockists via www.kineticmodel.com Hannants - www.hannants.co.uk K48041 1:48 BAe Sea Harrier FA.2, (New Release – New Tool)


Finally it is here. One of the more anticipated releases of the year, at least for fans of Fleet Air Arm aviation, Kinetic's Sea Harrier has arrived and it does not disappoint. As one can expect from Kinetic, the recessed detail is elegantly rendered and construction looks to be relatively simple, as the parts breakdown is uncomplicated. The flaps can be modelled extended or retracted and there are Sidewinder, AIM-120 AMRAAM, and Sea Eagle missiles included along with two sets of drop tanks. A small photo-etched set is provided that includes the wing fences, a nice “scale-effect” touch. There is much to like about this kit actually, this is one of Kinetic's finest in my opinion, if not their finest. The level of detail is superb, and the attention to aspects such as the stressed skin effect on the heat shields is impressive, to say the least. I was also impressed by the canopy assembly, with the frame being moulded separately from the clear parts, thus making masking and painting far easier.

Aeroguide 32; BAe Sea Harrier FRS.1/BAe Sea Harrier FA.2 www.adhocpublications.com


Xtradecal X48140; 1:48 BAe Sea Harrier FA.2 Markings Options (11):


• XZ439; with shark mouth carrying out Missile tests , Norfolk, Va 1993 • ZD611/716; 899 Sqn, overall Dark Sea Grey • ZH800/124; 600 NAS, Yeovilton 1997 • ZE969/712; 899 NAS, Yeovilton 1994 • ZH796/715; 899 Sqn, Yeovilton 1990s • ZH813/13/DD; 801 NAS, Yeovilton 2005 • ZH813/N; Lt. D.J.Genham, 801 Sqn, HMS Illustrious, 2006 • ZH798 98/DD 899 Sqn 25 Anniversary blue fin 2005 • XZ495/OEU 899 Sqn Op Evaluation Unit, Yeovilton 1990's.

LIGHTNING STRIKES TWICE • XZ497/R; 899 Sqn. HMS Ark Royal 1990s • ZH798 98/DD 899 Sqn 25 Anniversary blue fin 2005 • XZ495/OEU 899 Sqn Op Evaluation Unit, Yeovilton 1990's.

Sword stockists via www.swordmodels.cz Hannants - www.hannants.co.uk SW72081 1:72 BAC/EE Lightning F.1/F.2, (New Release – New Tool)


SW72082 1:72 BAC/EE Lightning F.3, (New Release – New Tool)


Following on from their extremely successful pair of two-seat Lightnings, Sword have released this pair of gap filling Marks. As with any Sword kit, construction should be considered as somewhat challenging, although the recessed detail is respectable. Also included are a resin ejection seat and exhaust, along with colour etched parts for the cockpit. 4th November 1954 – The U.S. Air Force Strategic Air Command retired its last Boeing B-29 Superfortress, four-engined heavy bomber to the AMARC aircraft storage facility at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, Arizona.

12 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K


• ZA195; with special marks when carrying out carrier trials on HMS Ark Royal 1988

• XZ497/R; 899 Sqn. HMS Ark Royal 1990s

Accompanying Products & Related Reference: Warpaint Books 75: BAe Sea Harrier www.airfilepublications.com

AIRFile Publications; Hawker-Siddeley/British Aerospace First Generation Harrier In Worldwide Service Volume 1: 1960 – 2000 £19.99 www.airfilepublications.com

6th November 1935 – Test pilot Flight Lieutenant P.W.S. (“George”) Bulman (later Group Captain Paul Ward Spencer Bulman, CBE, MC, AFC and Bar) takes off from Brooklands racing track in the prototype Hawker Hurricane K5083 for its first flight.

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Accompanying Products & Related Reference:

Quickboost stockists via www.quickboost.net Hannants - www.hannants.co.uk

MasterCasters stockists via www.mastercasters.co.ukz Hannants - www.hannants.co.uk MST72017 1:72 BAE/EE Lightning T Mk 4/5 Cockpit Enhancement Intended for use with Sword's two-seat Lightnings Mk 4/5 (SW72079 & SW72080). Direct resin replacement parts.


QB72454 1:72 BAC/EE Lightning Air Intakes (Airfix kits)


QB72455 1:72 BAC/EE Lightning F.2A pylons (Airfix kits)


LOUDER THAN BOMBS… Italeri stockists via www.italeri.com The Hobby Company - www.hobbyco.net 1357; 1:72 Jaguar GR.3 “Big Cat”, (Re-Release) £15.99

PJ PRODUCTION PJ Production stockists via www.pj-production.be Hannants - www.hannants.co.uk 721131; 1:72 RAF Pilots Seated 1960’s; €4.20 721132; 1:72 RAF Pilots Seated 1960’s; €4.20 Intended for use with Sword's two-seat Lightnings Mk 4/5 (SW72079 & SW72080). Direct resin replacement parts.

Jaguars are always welcome, and this rerelease features recessed panel line detail, and a rather loud marking option in the form of 6 Sqn’s “Spotty” at RAF Coningsby in 2007.

SWEDISH VENOM Cyber-Hobby stockists via www.cyber-hobby.com Amerang - www.amerang.co.uk 5116 1:72 D.H.112 Venom NF.3, (Re-Release - New Decals)


This third incarnation of the Venom from Cyberhobby includes decals for the Swedish version of the Night-Fighter variant.

6th November 1958 – NASA test pilot John B. (Jack) McKay makes the last flight of the X-1 rocket plane program. Bell X-1E, 46-063, made its 26th and final flight to test a new rocket fuel after being dropped from a B-29 Superfortress, completing a testing program which had begun twelve years earlier.

10th November 1949 – Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation chief test pilot Dimitry D. ("Jimmy") Viner, a nephew of Igor Sikorsky, makes the first flight of the prototype Sikorsky S-55 helicopter, serial number 55-001.



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CIVVY STREET Scale Aircraft Modelling Assistant Editor Karl Robinson examines the latest and future releases, useful accessories and items of interest in the world of civilian air modelling.

NEWS FROM THE EASTERN FRONT Eastern Express stockists via www.ark-models.org Pocketbond - www.pocketbond.co.uk We kick off this month with yet more news from Russian manufacturer Eastern Express. It seems they are still very busy developing their own kits and each one seems to be an improvement in quality over the last. Due for imminent release is a newly tooled 1:144th scale kit of the Short 330, featuring the colours of New York Air Commuter. Initial impressions from the photographs of the test shots are very good.

CIVIL CHOPPERS S&M Models stockists via www.sandmmodels.co.uk Hannants - www.hannants.co.uk S&M Models owner Mel Bromley has kindly forwarded us their latest decal sheet titled Civilian Choppers Part 2 (SSM72-009) which, unsurprisingly, follows on from Civilian Choppers Part 1 (SSM72-007). Helicopter modelling is somewhat overlooked in general, and civilian ones get even less attention, so it is great to see someone concentrating on these interesting subjects. This sheet features colourful schemes for the SA-365N Dauphin 2, AB206B Jet Ranger II, Wessex Mk 60, and Sikorsky S-61R, although a little searching on the second hand market may be needed to get hold of some of the appropriate kits. Printed to S&M’s usual high standard in colour and registry, these decals should pique the interest of those looking for projects that are a little different from the norm.

SSM2-009 1:72 Civilian Choppers Part 2 Eastern Express are well into the development of a series of 1:144th scale Lockheed L-1011 TriStar kits. An announcement has already been made that the first release will be the highly sought after TriStar 500, featuring the classic markings of Pan Am. Plans are for other variants to be released in the future, including RAF K.1, C.2 and KC.2 variants.

REVELL Revell model kits are available from all good toy and model retailers. For details visit www.revell.de/en, @RevellGermany or facebook.com/Revell


Marking Options (7): • Aerospatiale SA-365N Dauphin 2, G-HEMS, Express Newspapers, London Helicopter Emergency Medical Service • Aerospatiale SA-365N Dauphin 2, G-HEMS, Virgin, London Helicopter Emergency Medical Service • Bell Agusta AB-206B Jet Ranger II, G-AWGU, BEA British European Airways • Westland Wessex Mk60 (WS-58), G-AZBY, Bristow Helicopters • Sikorsky S-61R, N61EV, Evergreen Helicopters • Sikorsky S-61R, N61EV Evergreen Helicopters (White) • Sikorsky S-61R, N4263A, Carson Helicopters

NEW FROM TWO SIX DECALS Two Six Decals stockists via www.26decals.com Hannants - www.hannants.co.uk Two Six Decals are prolific producers of airliner decal sheets, both screen and laser printed, as well as a selection of resin accessories. This latest screen printed sheet covers the Boeing 787-8 with Thai Airways. It is beautifully printed with vivid colour and offers registrations for the entire fleet, as well as major stencilling such as doors, plus cabin and cockpit window options. STS44220 1:144th Thai Airways Boeing 787-8 £9.00 Marking Options (7):

04897 1:32 EC 145 DRF Luftrettung, £19.99

14 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

• Boeing 787-8, Thai Airways,HS-TQA, B, C, D, E, F, G

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scut tleBut t LODGE

Glencoe MoDels RetuRn S&M Models stockists via www.sandmmodels.co.uk Hannants - www.hannants.co.uk Whilst on the subject of S&M Models, we are pleased to bring you news that they are now an agent for stocking the Glencoe Models range of kits here in the UK. This will see a return to the market for such classic airliner kits as their 1:96th scale Vickers Viscount 800 (05501), and 1:126th scale Convair 880 (05502).

supeRsizeD concoRDe HPH Models stockists via www.hphmodels.cz

eye in the sky Hasegawa stockists via www.hasegawa-model.co.jp Amerang - www.amerang.co.uk 10809 1:200 E-4B Advanced Airborne Command Pos


Marking Options 2: 1) U.S.A.F. 55th Wing AABNCP: Advanced Airborne Command Post Code: 40787 2) U.S.A.F. 55th Wing AABNCP: Advanced Airborne Command Post Code: 31677

Hannants - www.hannants.co.uk Another pre-Telford announcement has been made by HpH Models showcasing their latest 1:48th scale project. After posting a cryptic image on their website, it was not long before the more astute observers out there worked out that it was a Concorde. HPH promise this will be “your ultimate model” and is to be a ‘very limited edition’. This will obviously be a massive kit, only for those with a vast amount of storage space and a genuine passion for the Concorde, as this will not be cheap.

GolDen aGe RaceR Airfix stockists worldwide via www.airfix.com 010138 1:72 de Havilland D.H.88 Comet


Marking Options 1: G-ACSS; “Grosvenor House”, MacRobertson Air Race, RAF Mildenhall, 20th October, 1934 Airfix have now re-released this classic kit for a second time, offering fans of the type the opportunity to model some of the racers of the Golden Age of aviation. A word of warning for those expecting one of the latest new-tool kits from Airfix; this is from the Classic range and while it was always one of their better kits, it shows its age now.

easteRn tRaineRs aeropoxy.wordpress.com Three new 1:48th scale full resin kits are about to be released by Serbian manufacturer Aeropoxy. Starting with the modern Russian trainer, the Sukhoi Su-49, plus two indigenous types from the former Yugoslavia; the Cijan BC-2 ‘Galeb’ 1950’s sailplane and the UTVA 75 Yugoslav Air Force and Aero Club primary trainer. Each of these releases is a limited edition, so get them while you can.

Dallas to syDney non-stop Photo: Juan Contreras Starting from the 1st of October 2014, Australian carrier QANTAS began operating the world’s longest commercial route, with nonstop flights between Sydney and Dallas, covering 13,804km. This significant landmark is serviced by the Airbus A380-800 in a nearly 16 hour flight. American carrier Delta has the second longest route, joining Johannesburg with Atlanta in a route spanning 13,582km. Juan Contreras

noVeMBeR 2014 • VoluMe 36 • issue 09


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GREAT WAR & GOLDEN YEARS Dai Williams and Neil Pinchbeck provide an insight into the latest news and new releases focusing on the early days of aviation.

“3 IN 1” AUTOGIRO AModel stockists via: Hannants - www.hannants.co.uk 72257; 1:72 A-7 BIS Soviet Autogiro, £16.30 (New Release) Markings Options (2): • CCCP-N338; A-7 • UARN; A-7 (on Skis) You will have to wait until Neil gets his hands on this kit to find out how precisely it measures up to plans, however AModel are generally very good when it comes to this aspect of their kits. They are also very good with surface detail; it is recessed and restrained throughout. One thing they do not mention on the box is the fact that this kit is essentially a “3 in 1” affair, featuring both spatted and un-spatted undercarriage, as well as skis. A military version is planned for release shortly. Jay Laverty

RAINBOW WARRIORS AModel stockists via:

48043 1:48 Fokker D.VII Part 5

Hannants - www.hannants.co.uk 32018 1:32 Fokker D.VII Part 3


Markings Options (4): • Fokker D. VIIF, 4348/18 of Jasta Boelcke, November 1918. • Fokker D.VII (OAW), 4499/18, flown by Vizeflugmeister Franz Mayer, MFJ III, August/September 1918. • Fokker D. VIIF, 323/18F, flown by Vizefeldwebel Willy Gabriel, Jasta 11, late June 1918. • Fokker D. VII (OAW), 2188/18 (?), flown by Ltn. Hans Koerner, Jasta 19, early 1918 to September 1918 32019 1:32 Fokker D.VII Part 4


Markings Options (4): • Fokker D.VII (OAW), 2035/18, flown by Staffelfuehrer of Jasta 66, Ltn. Rudolf Windisch, late May 1918 • Fokker D.VII (OAW), W. Nr. unknown, flown by Vizeflugmeister Karl Gerster, Jasta 62, October/November 1918. • Fokker D.VII, W. Nr. unknown, flown by Ltn d.R. Heinrich Drekmann, July 1918. • Fokker D.VII, W. Nr. unknown, flown by Staffelführer of Jasta 15, Ltn. Josef Veltjens, July/August 1918 48043 1:48 Fokker D.VII Part 5


Markings Options (4): • Fokker D. VIIF, 4348/18 of Jasta Boelcke, November 1918. • Fokker D.VII (OAW), 4499/18, flown by Vizeflugmeister Franz Mayer, MFJ III, August/September 1918. • Fokker D. VIIF, 323/18F, flown by Vizefeldwebel Willy Gabriel, Jasta 11, late June 1918. • Fokker D. VII (OAW), 2188/18 (?), flown by Ltn. Hans Koerner, Jasta 19, early 1918 to September 1918


Markings Options (4): • Fokker D. VIIF, 4348/18 of Jasta Boelcke, November 1918. • Fokker D.VII (OAW), 4499/18, flown by Vizeflugmeister Franz Mayer, MFJ III, August/September 1918. • Fokker D. VIIF, 323/18F, flown by Vizefeldwebel Willy Gabriel, Jasta 11, late June 1918. • Fokker D. VII (OAW), 2188/18 (?), flown by Ltn. Hans Koerner, Jasta 19, early 1918 to September 1918 Here are four decal sets which represent the latest in Lifelike's increasingly comprehensive coverage of the Fokker D.VII. Stripes, cartoons, heraldry, often on that crazy German lozenge camouflage backing (not provided), add up to some of the most colourful, even bizarre, aircraft to cross the skies. Each set has four schemes together with colour placement graphics and a surprisingly detailed history for each machine, demonstrating the thoroughness of the research. Proving their dedication to accuracy we received the following message from Me Keishiro Nagao: “…we found the following mistakes; • *Windisch's stag should be white, not light grey • *Gabriel's band should be orange, not yellow • *Gabriel's military number is a bit small. We are going to make "correction sheets" for these mistakes in about a month (around the end of September 2014), and if modellers want to get it, please contact us directly at [email protected] These will be sent to them free of charge.” …you can’t ask much more than that! Neil Pinchbeck

16 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

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Aviattic stockists via: www.aviattic.co.uk German WW1 "Lozenge" Camouflage sheets. £10.90 per A4 sheet.

Windsock Datafile stockists via www.windsockdatafilespecials.co.uk Windsock Worldwide Volume 30 Issue 3

Price: £7.70

Aviattic have sent us a selection of their amazing German "lozenge" camouflage sheets. Researched from unique historical fabric samples, the authenticity of these sheets is unparalleled. Four- and five-colour patterns are available in factory fresh and faded versions. Interiors are catered for by a reversed pattern suitably feint. All these are replicated at 1:32, 1:48 and 1:72 scales, so coverage is assured. A recent innovation is a tailored set for use with the Wingnut Wings Fokker D.VII. Dai Williams has been using this set; I have seen the advance shots and you will be amazed! Dai’s model will be featured in the next issue of SAM. ATTR 012 1:32 Resin WW1 US Air Service Pilot, Observer and Mechanic.


Aviattic have recently released a superb set of three resin 54mm figures of the United States Air Service, 1918. These excellent figures boat plenty of fine detail, together with bags of individual character. A pleasure to paint, they look good presented as single studies, or as a group and are ideal embellishments for a variety of suitable aircraft models. At less than £10 each, they are a definite bargain and you get a wheel chock, wooden packing case, bucket, tool box and tools all thrown in! Neil Pinchbeck

This issue of Windsock Worldwide begins with the usual reviews of WWI Aviation books and magazines. This is followed by a series of colour profiles of the Hannover CL.II and a build of the Wingnut kit by David Hardie. These will be very useful for anyone looking for inspiration and ideas on creating the rather challenging camouflage schemes applied to these machines. Lance Krieg completes his two-part article on his amazing, much altered and kit-bashed, Flashback Taube, backed up with some period photos. I always look forward to his features in the magazine as his level of skill and workmanship is quite remarkable. A short build article on the Wingnut Albatros D.V by Ray Rimell (showing that a good aircraft model doesn’t necessarily need wings!) is followed by an interesting plans feature on the Duks Nieuport IVG. As ever this issue of Windsock Worldwide can be highly recommended to all with an interest in all aspects of WWI modelling. Windsock Datafile 165; The RAF BE2E At War! Format: 32pp, Softcover, A4

Price: £11.90 The BE2e has been covered before in the Datafile series, with Datafile 14 (by the late J.M. Bruce) being published back in 1989. Richly illustrated with 69 photos, Datafile 165 covers the development and operational use of the BE2e in detail, as well as its derivatives the BE2f and BE2g. Plans are included in both 1:72nd and 1:48th scales and Ronny Bar provides three new colour profiles. It is important to note that none of the photos in the original Datafile are repeated here. Since the first Datafile was produced, restored / replica examples of the BE2e have appeared and this new publication has a number of excellent close-up photos of these machines which will no doubt provide much useful information for modellers. While there are no kits of the BE2e around at the moment (of which I am aware), this Datafile may be of use to anyone building one of the currently available Roden BE kits and it can be highly recommended to anyone with an interest in early aviation. Dai Williams



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HEAVY METAL Eduard stockists via www.eduard.com

Creative Models, Hannants & LSA Models

Injection Moulded Kits 1192 1:48 F-14 ‘Danger Zone’ (Limited Edition)


Markings Options 5: • 162702, VF-84 Jolly Rogers, USS Theodore Roosevelt, 1989 • 161271 (TARPS), VF-111 Sundowners, USS Carl

Vinson, 1982 • 161147 (TARPS), VF-31 Tomcatters, USS John F. Kennedy, 1984 • 161144 (TARPS), VF-124 Gunfighters, NAS Miramar, 1983 • 159634, VF-211 Fighting Checkmates, USS Constellation, 1976

Brassin Resin Detail Sets

632039 1:32 F4U-1 cockpit (Tamiya) £30.60

648163 1:48 AGM-12 Bullpup A £8.40

648165 1:48 AGM-45 Shrike £8.40

Big Ed Photo-Etched Combi sets BIG3340 1:32 Spitfire Mk II (Revell) BIG49110 1:48 F-80 (HobbyBoss) BIG7287 1:72 Fw 200C (Trumpeter) Big Sin Combi sets SIN64814 1:48 F-14A Weapons Set Photo-Etched 48814 1:48 A-6E exterior (HobbyBoss) 48815 1:48 Tornado ladder (Revell) 48816 1:48 Do 215B undercarriage (ICM) 48817 1:48 F-14A upgrade set (Eduard) 48818 1:48 Do 215B bomb bay (ICM) 49693 1:48 F-14 Remove Before Flight SUPER FABRIC 73024 1:72 Seatbelts IJN SUPER FABRIC 73026 1:72 Seatbelts RAF late SUPER FABRIC 73027 1:72 Seatbelts RFC WWI SUPER FABRIC 73028 1:72 Seatbelts WWI SUPER FABRIC

£39.99 £39.99 £35.60 £14.80 £18.40 £9.50 £10.99 £18.40 £10.99 £8.40 £3.30 £3.30 £3.30 £3.30

672043 1:72 AIM-9D Sidewinder, £5.60

Photo-Etched (Self Adhesive) 49690 1:48 EMB-314 Super Tucano 49689 1:48 A-6E interior 49691 1:48 Do 215B 73511 1:72 CR.32 Photo-Etched (Self Adhesive - Zoom) FE689 1:48 A-6E interior FE690 1:48 EMB-314 Super Tucano FE691 1:48 Do 215B interior SS511 1:72 CR.32 Masks JX171 1:32 X-15A JX172 1:32 T-33 EX434 1:48 Do 215B EX435 1:48 A-6E EX436 1:48 EMB-314 Super Tucano CX397 1:72 AH-1

672045 1:72 F-16CJ Block 50 exhaust nozzle (Tamiya) £7.20

(HobbyBoss) (HobbyBoss) (ICM) (Italeri)

£16.70 £18.40 £18.40 £16.70

(HobbyBoss) (HobbyBoss) (ICM) (Italeri)

£13.99 £13.99 £14.99 £10.99

(Special Hobby) (Special Hobby) (ICM) (HobbyBoss) (HobbyBoss) (Special Hobby)

£4.50 £5.99 £8.40 £5.99 £5.99 £4.50

FREIGHTDOG MODELS Freightdog Models via www.freightdogmodels.co.uk 1:48 Supermarine Spitfire Mk Vb de Havilland spinner

(Airfix) £2.00

1:48 Supermarine Spitfire Mk Vb deeper tropical radiator

(Airfix) £2.00

1:48 Supermarine Spitfire Mk Vb Aboukir filter and deeper chin cowling

(Airfix) £3.00

1:48 Supermarine Spitfire Mk Vb 30 gallon slipper tank (Airfix) £2.50

18 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

FDR72071 1:72 Gloster Gladiator corrected tropical filters x2

(Airfix) £3.00

Freightdog Models have been busy in creating a number of additional upgrade and replacement parts for the new Airfix Spitfire Mk Vb. These include a slightly shorter spinner for the Malta based versions, as well as other alternative parts that are appropriate for this theatre of operation. Each is well cast and is a direct replacement for the kit part, requiring no awkward cutting of the kit before use. Karl Robinson

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PJ Production stockists via www.pj-production.be

Osprey stockists via www.ospreypublishing.com

Hannants - www.hannants.co.uk

Osprey Combat Aircraft 101: F-104 Starfighter Units in Combat £13.99 By: Peter Davies Illustrated By Gareth Hector & Rolando Ugolini

321116 1:32 F-104 Pilot Standing, (New Release)


Choice of 5 heads with the different types of helmets worn by F-104 pilots (US, Europe & Canada). 481126 1:48 German F-4 Pilot Seated, (New Release)


721133 1:72 2 x NATO Pilot Seated - 60’s era, (New Release)


REVELL Revell model kits are available from all good toy and model retailers. For details visit www.revell.de/en, @RevellGermany or facebook.com/Revell 04895 1:32 F-4F Phantom WTD-61 “Flight Test”, (Re-Release) £36.99

I cannot seem to get enough of the Starfighter lately and I must say this book is pretty impressive. Osprey always produce quality titles, so I cannot say I am surprised. Covering the technical characteristics of the F-104, the book includes profiles, as well as photographs detailing the various weapons configurations and explaining the nose-paint schemes. As the title suggests, it also covers the Starfighters missions in Vietnam, including its role in the legendary Operation Bolo. A great read! Osprey stockists via www.ospreypublishing.com Osprey Duel 61: F-8 Crusader vs MiG-17 Illustrated By Jim Laurier & Gareth Hector While on the topic of Vietnam, here Osprey present another superb examination of aircraft v. aircraft as part of their well-established Duel series. As you can imagine, this title focuses heavily on the Rolling Thunder campaign, where the Crusader earned its reputation as a formidable weapons platform, even if it was not a lopsided affair owing to the MiG-17's impressive manoeuvrability, speed and armament. This really is an excellent series of books for the aviation enthusiast. As with any Osprey title, well-illustrated, backed up with plenty of contemporary imagery and enhanced with super CAD drawings. Jay Laverty

20 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K


By: Peter Mersky

3609 20-21 Scuttlebutt_Scuttlebutt 20/10/2014 13:15 Page 21


PRODUCT OF THE MONTH Plus Model stockists via www.plusmodel.cz

Creative Models - www.creativemodels.co.uk

AL4039 1:48 Ladder for Republic F-105B/F-105D


AL4040 1:48 Ladders for Republic F-105F/F-105G


AL4041 1:48 Ladder for F-16A/F-16C


AL4042 1:48 Ladders for F-16B/F-16D


Few releases generate as much excitement with me as these have, which is the reason they achieve my “product of the month” status. On pages 22 and 23 you will find the MiG-23 and MiG-21 ladders. I,

like many other modellers I am sure, prefer working in plastic when possible and Plus Model have ingeniously capitalized on that. These are all superbly done and bring an entirely new level of diorama possibilities to those uncomfortable with resin and etched. I was not surprised to see most of these sold out at Hannants in their first week of sale. Jay Laverty

INTRUDER ALERT Trumpeter stockists via www.trumpeter-china.com

02550 1:32 Grumman A-6E Intruder, (Re-Release - New Parts)

Pocketbond - www.pocketbond.co.uk


Fujimi in 72nd, HobbyBoss in 48th and Trumpeter in 32nd, what more could we ask for. These are definitely halcyon days for the Vietnam era modeller. Gone are the days of “making do with what you have”, we can all be thankful for thoroughly modern toolings of classic subject matter, we just need to be prepared to pay for the pleasure. When you work out the time spent per modelling hour ratio, these work out at great value for money, in my opinion.

02891; 1:48 Convair F-106A Delta Dart (New Release - New Tool)


What surprised me somewhat was the size of the Delta Dart. I knew it was not a small aeroplane, however it was not until I was looking at the fuselage halves that I realised just how large it was. The kit itself is not perfect, although the recessed exterior detail is highly refined and most notable are the restrained rivets. As is now standard with Trumpeter kits, a small photo-etched fret is included for finer details such as the harness for the ejection seat. It also includes both styles of Falcon missile, Genie nuclear missile, along with supersonic drop tanks. Jay Laverty

FIGURATIVELY SPEAKING Aerobonus stockists via www.aires.cz Hannants - www.hannants.co.uk 720001 1:72 Soviet Air Force Pilot - Winter Suit £4.50 720002 1:72 USAF Fighter Pilot - Vietnam War


Quickboost continue to add to their figure range with some superbly sculpted and equally well-cast figures that will allow those so inspired by the previously mentioned Osprey titles. Jay Laverty



3609 22-23_Scuttlebutt 20/10/2014 20:33 Page 22


ON THE VERGE & ON THE SHELVES… Accompanying Products & Related Reference:

MAGNIFICENT MIGS Trumpeter stockists via www.trumpeter-china.com


Pocketbond – www.pocketbond.co.uk

Plus Model stockists via www.plusmodel.cz

02856; 1:48 MiG-23MLD Flogger-K, (Re-Release - New Variant)


TU02865; 1:48 MiG-21UM Fishbed, (Re-Release - New Variant)


AL48037; Ladder for Mikoyan MiG-21 (Academy, Eduard & Trumpeter kits)



AL48038; Ladder for Mikoyan MiG-23 (ESCI & Trumpeter kits)


TU01664; 1:72 PLA JH-7A Flying Leopard, (New Release) TU013917; 1:144 Sukhoi Su-30MK Flanker G, (Re-Release – New Variant)


Trumpeter have now kitted the MiG-23 four times in 1:48th and thrice in 1:32nd. With good reason of course; the kit itself is very sound, featuring subtly rendered recessed detail and a weapons load that puts most other kits to shame.

22 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

Creative Models - www.creativemodels.co.uk

Warpaint Books 91; Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21 “Fishbed” www.warpaint-books.com


4+ Publications; MiG-21F & F-13 Fishbed B & C and MiG-21U Mongol A, £25.50 www.4pluspublications.com

3609 22-23_Scuttlebutt 20/10/2014 20:34 Page 23




Aerobonus stockists via www.aires.cz

Academy stockists via www.academyhobby.com

Hannants - www.hannants.co.uk

Pocketbond – www.pocketbond.co.uk

720001 1:72 Soviet Air Force Fighter Pilot


320061 1:32 Russian Pilot WWII


12304 1:48 Lavochkin La-7 “Russian Ace”, (Re-Release – New Markings)


LINDEN HILL Linden Hill Decals stockists via www.lindenhillimports.com 48028 1:48 Brothers in Arms 1: Warsaw Pact MiG-23Ms and MFs 1976 - 1990 $20.99 (USD) Markings Options 11: Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania, GDR, CSSR & USSR 48036 1:48 Brothers in Arms 2: Cold War Finale MiG-23MLs $20.99 (USD) Markings Options 7: Bulgaria, CSFR, GDR and Russia/USSR 48037 1:48 MiG-23MLD 'Afgantsi'

$20.99 (USD)

Always thoroughly researched, Linden Hill are the most trusted name in the hobby when it comes to Soviet/Eastern Bloc subject matter. Well annotated instructions with both profile drawings and period photography and superb printing make these an ideal option when looking for something different from the kit-provided markings. Visit the Linden Hill website to download PDF templates for badge backgrounds, reinforcement plates and scale plans to scratch-build the PKiVP-23 centreline pylon/flare dispenser fitted to many Afgantsi MiG-23s.

Markings Options 6: Soviet VVS MiG-23MLD combat veterans



3609 24-25 Scuttlebutt_Scuttlebutt 20/10/2014 20:39 Page 24




Trumpeter stockists via www.trumpeter-china.com

Valiant Wings Publishing stockists via www.valiant-wings.co.uk

Pocketbond – www.pocketbond.co.uk

Airframe & Miniature 7; The Focke-Wulf Fw 190 Radial Engine Versions By: Richard A. Franks Format: 224 pp, Softcover, A4

03213 1:32 Junkers Ju 87A Stuka, (New Release - New Parts)


If this kit is half as much fun to build as the previously released Ju 87B, the prospects are very promising for this model. The detail is every bit as good as with its predecessor and judging by the built-up model of the test shot displayed by Trumpeter at the recent Tokyo Model Expo, the kit will look very impressive when completed.

Accompanying Products & Related Reference:

KAGERO Kagero stockists via www.kagero.pl Casemate - www.casematepublishing.co.uk 3054; Junkers Ju 87D/G Volume 1 By: Marek J. Murawski & Marek Ryś Format: 112 pp, Softcover, 210 x 295 mm


3055; Junkers Ju 87D/G Volume 2 By: Marek J. Murawski & Marek Ryś Format: 112 pp, Softcover, 210 x 295 mm


Both of these titles combined form a veritable cornucopia of rich reference for modellers. Each volume is divided into two distinct sections, the first part covering the design and operation history of the Ju 87D & G, with the second part made up of intensely detailed CAD drawings that illustrate every element of the Stuka intimately. Both titles are richly referenced with period photographs, some never before published. All in all, two titles well worth adding to the collection, in my opinion.

24 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K


In its now familiar and very reliable format, the Airframe & Miniature series provides the modeller with an exceptionally thorough examination of the Fw 190 Radial Engine Variants (including 190A, B, C, F, G & S). Each variant is illustrated in detail through the use of not only reference photographs, but also scrap views of major components and profiles explaining colour schemes and markings. There is also a section dedicated to modelling the Fw 190, where every available kit is rated and their relevant detail sets and accessories listed. There is also a selection of freshly commissioned builds included. This is a title that fans of the Butcher Bird will not want to go without.

AEROBONUS Aerobonus stockists via www.aires.cz Hannants - www.hannants.co.uk 480093; 1:48 Luftwaffe pilot WWII


480097; 1:48 Luftwaffe pilot WWII for Messerschmitt Bf 109 late versions


3609 24-25 Scuttlebutt_Scuttlebutt 20/10/2014 20:39 Page 25




ICM stockists via www.icm.com.ua

Airfix stockists worldwide via www.airfix.com

Creative Models - www.creativemodels.co.uk 48242 1:48 Dornier Do 215B-5 Night Fighter, (Re-Release - New Parts - New Variant)

A03050 1:72 Fouga CM.170 Magister (Re-Release - New Markings) £24.99


Max Decals stockists via www.maxdecals.com

QB48620 1:48 Dornier Do 215B-4 Resin Exhausts (ICM) £3.30

QB48622 1:48 Dornier Do 215B-4 Resin Props & Jig (ICM)

Markings Options 2: • Silver Swallows Aerobatic Team, Irish Air Corps, Ireland 1997 • Bierset Station Flight, Belgian Air force, 1983/84


Quickboost stockists via www.quickboost.net Hannants - www.hannants.co.uk QB48621 1:48 Dornier Do 217E-4/Do 217E-5 Resin Exhausts (Revell/Monogram)


£3.30 £5.99

Hannants - www.hannants.co.uk Max Decals Fouga Magister – an Irish Perspective


By: Joe Maxwell & Radu Brinzan MAX72023 1:72 International Fouga CM.170 Magister selection


Markings Options 14: • Irish Air Corps Silver Swallows Display Team • Togo • Katanga • Lebanon • Algeria • Morocco • Senegal • Cameroon • Finland • Bangladesh



3609 Page 26 Scuttlebutt_Scuttlebutt 21/10/2014 08:59 Page 26


A HEALTHY MIX Availability: Hasegawa stockists via www.hasegawa-model.co.jp

HA07385 1:48 Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero Fighter Type 52 ‘TAIHO Fighter Group’ £29.99 Marking Options: 3 • 601-18; June 19 1944 Battle of the Philippine sea • 311-12; March 1944 • 11-22; April 1944

HA07386 1:48 Nakajima Ki-84 Type 4 Fighter Hayate (Frank) “Fengtian (Mukden) Defense”, £29.99

Amerang - www.amerang.co.uk

HA07387 1:48 OH-6D “Last Sky Hornets” £32.99 Marking Options: 2 • J.G.S.D.F. Aviation school aerobatic team "SKY HORNETS" last flight special marking Code: II 31271 Camp Kitautsunomiya 41st anniversary May 25, 2014 • J.G.S.D.F. Aviation school aerobatic team "SKY HORNETS" Code: 45, 48, 58, 64, 65, 68 Camp Kitautsunomiya 41st anniversary May 25, 2014

HA02113 1:72 Fw 190A-8 & Ju 88G-1 “Mistel 2” £54.99 Marking Options: 2 • Luftwaffe 6./KG200 Red-12, Denmark, Feb 1945 • Luftwaffe 6./KG200 Red-11, Denmark, Feb 1945

Marking Options: 1 • I.J.A.A.F. 104th F.R. South Manchoukuo December,1944 - Jan.,1945

HA02114 1:72 F-7A Liberator “20th Combat Mapping Squadron”, £55.99 HA07388 1:48 F-22 Raptor “Prototype”, £59.99 Marking Options: 1 • U.S.A.F. 412TW 411FLTS (EMD) Raptor 01: ED001, ED002 Edwards A.B.

Marking Options: 2 • U.S.A.A.F. 20th combat mapping SQ 4047: PATCHED UP PIECE • U.S.A.A.F. 20th combat mapping SQ 264053: HANGOVER HAVEN II

HA02119 1:72 F-15E Strike Eagle “Tiger Meet 2005” £32.90 Marking Options: 1 • U.S.A.F. 366FW 391FS "TIGER MEET", special paint marking, code: MO250 2005

HA02120 1:72 B-47E Stratojet “Air Research and Development Command”, £39.99 Marking Options: 2 • B-47E-20-LM : U.S.A.F. ARDC AFFTC Code: 20221 Edwards AFB • B-47E-110-BW : U.S.A.F. ARDC ASD Code: 0-32280 Wright-Patterson AFB

HA02121 1:72 CV-22B Osprey “J.A.S.D.F.” £32.99 Marking Options: 1 • J.A.S.D.F. Code: 63-4202 (Imaginary marking)

STANDING TALL www.scaleaircraftconversions.com

www.hannants.co.uk & www.oxoniansplasticfantastic.co.uk

32087 1:32 IAR-81C Landing Gear (Azur Frrom) £14.20 48267 1:48 Blohm & Voss BV 141 Landing Gear (HobbyBoss) £12.70 48268 1:48 BAC Jet Provost F.5/167 Strikemaster Landing Gear (Fly) £10.50 48269 1:48 F9F/F-9 Cougar Landing Gear (Kitty Hawk) £12.70 72093 1:72 Hawker Hurricane Landing Gear x 2 (Airfix) £10.50 72094 1:72 Bristol Blenheim Landing Gear (Airfix) £13.50 Scale Aircraft Conversions continue to keep abreast of the latest kit releases with their ever expanding range of excellent high quality metal landing gear upgrades. Not only are these sets a strengthening upgrade to the kit parts, they also in some cases have additional refined details such as hoses and brackets. They are crisply moulded and require little clean-up, if any, before being fitted as a direct replacement of the kit parts. James Ashton

26 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

3609 NOV (Page 27)_Layout 1 21/10/2014 00:29 Page 1

3609 CBR1_3601 14/10/2014 13:05 Page 28


Aurelio Reale decides that for a short-run kit, RS Models have done very well with this 1:72nd scale P-39Q.

P-39Q Airacobra Availability: RS Models stockists via rsmodels.cz Hannants www.hannants.co.uk Stock Code: 92142 Scale: 1:72 Price: £15.80

Also Available: 92131; 1:72 Bell Airacobra Mk I £15.80

92132; 1:72 Bell P-39L/N Airacobra £15.80

Innovative Design

Test Fit


As far as short-run offerings go, this is a pretty good one. Featuring finely engraved external detailing, the kit boasts a great deal of promise from the very beginning. Comprising a well rendered tub, a control stick, rudder pedals, the gunsight as well as the machine gun breeches, the cockpit is another highlight of the package, being far above average for the scale. The downside is the somewhat excessive mould seams on all of the parts, requiring a fair amount of scraping to eliminate. There are also ejector pin marks in some visible places and some sink marks present in some of the larger parts. While locating pins are something of a novelty when it comes to short-run kits, I found several of them filled, therefore I would recommend keeping a micro drill handy to re-open them. As you would expect, the doors are moulded in clear plastic; both

he Bell P-39 Airacobra was one of the principal American fighter aircraft in service when the United States entered World War II. The Airacobra was used with great success by the Soviet Air Force, scoring the highest number of kills per pilot of any US fighter type used by the VVS. Other major users of the P-39 included the Free French Air Force, the Royal Air Force, the United States Army Air Forces, and the Italian Co-Belligerent Air Force. Designed by Bell Aircraft, it had an innovative layout. The engine was located at the centre of the fuselage, behind the pilot, driving a tractor propeller via a long shaft. It was also the first fighter fitted with a tricycle undercarriage. Although its mid-engine placement was innovative, the P-39's design was handicapped by the absence of an efficient turbo-supercharger, limiting it to low-altitude work.

Paints Used: Gunze Sangyo Hobby Colour Tamiya Acrylics

28 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

feature a small amount of interior detail making posing them open a distinct possibility. The instructions are well produced, featuring a generic set of paint references for the six markings options on offer. Whatever you do, do not throw the box away after you start as the painting and decal instructions are on the back.

Mounting and Painting As can be expected, construction begins with the cockpit, which I originally planned to keep strictly “out-ofthe-box”. However, I opted to add a harness (scratch-built from aluminium tape and copper wire) after deciding to finish the model with the cockpit doors open. The interior was finished in Gunze H58 (Interior Green) over which a wash was applied using Van Dyke Brown. This was then followed with a subtle dry-brushing of a lightened version of the

Interior Green. The finishing touches came in the form of some chipping, added using a Silver pencil.

3609 CBR1_3601 14/10/2014 13:05 Page 29


The cockpit boasts above average detail for the scale, needing only the addition of a scratch-built harness to add some additional realism.

The instrument panel is definitely a highlight of the kit, with the breeches of the machine guns and gunsight only adding to the realism.

Areas that would eventually carry a strong contrast in fading were given a base coat of Yellow Green.

The initial stages of the camouflage application consisted of a pre-shade using Black, over which the White of the tail and leading edges was added. The undersides were given a similar fading treatment, albeit far more restrained, as the bottom of the aircraft would have been far less exposed to the sun, obviously.

Adding White to the Olive Drab allowed me to pick out selected panels for a heavier “faded” effect.

The fuel tank was a lot of fun to do; patiently adding the stains from fuel leaks and some scratches from constant handling proving to be a highly therapeutic and rewarding exercise. There are a surprising number of options contained on the decal sheet (six in total), which is printed perfectly, and they settle onto the model just as well. .

The combination of the oils and Silver pencil made for a vibrantly weathered finish, enhancing the realism of the finished product immeasurably. Patience is just as important here as it is during construction. NOVEMBER 2014 • VOLUME 36 • ISSUE 09


3609 CBR1_3601 14/10/2014 13:05 Page 30


Near-Perfect Fit Once the instrument panel had been painted Black, highlights were dry-brushed on using Grey. The various bezels and dials were picked out using a 10/0 brush. With the cockpit completed, attention could be focused on the two remaining tasks before joining the fuselage halves. First up are the exhausts. They are supplied in resin with the kit, meaning they needed little more than a quick cleanup and then some judicious painting. Secondly is the addition of nose weight. I would recommend adding as much as will possibly fit in, as the tricycle undercarriage is quite far forward and the natural angle of the Airacobra at rest angles slightly downwards to the rear. The two fuselage halves mated almost perfectly, requiring only a minimal amount of putty to fill any gaps that appear after

joining. The wings are divided into two parts and it is essential to reduce the thickness of the trailing edges, as they are too thick. The wings do not fit at the wing root very well; the seam required some careful sanding along the join and a fair amount of putty to eliminate the resultant gap. With this problem rectified the remaining sub-assemblies could be added and the construction phase of the model was thus complete.

Weathered Effect The airframe I selected is that of pilot Lt. Peter A. McDermott, stationed in New Guinea in 1944. What is most appealing about this particular scheme of the six on offer are the White leading edges and White tail, combined with the Yellow spinner, which make for an interesting contrast of colour against the

Olive Drab. These contrasts, combined with an artistic approach to replicating the effects of the harsh Pacific environment the aeroplane served in, definitely makes for

30 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

details. an interesting finish. The first task was to pre-shade the panel lines with Black, which was followed with the White sections. The main camouflage colour was formed of a mixture of Yellow Green and White to form the base of the highlights, over which a filter of the Olive Drab was slowly built up. Then, mixing the Olive Drab with Tamiya Buff, another filter was added to blend the

contrasts and add an element of the effects of fading. Just before adding the gloss varnish, chipping was added to the more travelled areas of the airframe using a Silver pencil. At this point, several coats of Tamiya gloss were added to the model. Mixing it with an acrylic retarder allowed the varnish to dry slowly enough for it to level itself smoothly without clogging up the fine recessed

The decals performed brilliantly; settling easily into the recessed detail. Over the decals, a wash of Van Dyke Brown was added to the upper surfaces, with Payne's Grey for the undersides. The same colours were used “neat” in order to replicate oil leaks and exhaust staining. After leaving the oils overnight to dry, a coat of matt varnish was applied to the entire model. Once the masks were removed after the matt varnish had dried, the project was complete.

Patience Pays I must say that for a short-run kit, this P-39 assembles quite well and provides a substantial level of detail that equals just about anything else available on the market in the scale. Bearing in mind that this is a

shortrun affair, there are some points of the construction that require some additional care. However, with sufficient patience, the end result will be a model to be proud of.

3609 SAM 31_Layout 1 14/10/2014 14:05 Page 1

Václav Lomitzki – VALOM Zlešická 1808, 148 00 Praha 4, Czech Republic

Tel. 0042027191047 E-mail: [email protected]

GSM: 00420 604207604 www.valom.net

Bristol Bombay Mk.1

Bristol Bombay Mk.1 (African Campaign)

N.A. T-6G Texan Double Set

Vickers Wellesley Mk.I (African Campaign)


Other forthcoming kits: Fisher P-75 Experimental, Albatros D.V/D.Va 1/144

3609 CBR6_3601 15/10/2014 14:40 Page 32


James Ashton finally gets to build the legendary Airfix 1:48th scale Seafire FR.46/47 after its recent(ish) re-release.

Supermarine Seafire FR.46/FR.47

Last of the Unplucked Gems

Availability: Airfix stockists worldwide via www.airfix.com


Stock Code: A06103 Scale: 1:48 Price: £19.99 Paints Used:

James Ashton uses Testors Model Master paints MM1749 Matt Black MM1768 Matt White MM2049 Sky Type S MM2059 Dark Sea Grey MM2063 RAF Trainer Yellow Weathering Agents: Winsor and Newton’s Artists Oils: Black, White, Burnt Sienna, Yellow Ochre

uring my modelling hiatus of some twenty years, I kept an occasional eye on the latest kit releases from Airfix. Every so often I would yearn to sit down on a Saturday afternoon and build something to while away some quiet hours lost in my thoughts. If, like myself, you were reared on Airfix kits, the desire for model making becomes a part of your DNA and at some point you will return. One kit that caught my eye during this period was the Airfix Seafire FR.46/47 with that brilliant box art of the aircraft being caught landing upon the carrier deck. Sadly it had gone out of production when I came back into the fray and it was difficult get hold of at a reasonable price. For me this was in fact a first look at this kit and it soon became apparent why it is considered one of their best ever. From the high quality details and design breakdown of the parts it is obvious that whoever was behind this kit also had a great love of the subject.

Recommended Reference: Warpaint Books 20; Supermarine Seafire £12.50 www.guideline publications.co.uk Warpaint Books 72; Vickers Supermarine Merlin Seafire £12.00

32 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

Bring it all Back The panel lines and surface details are up there with the best any manufacturer can offer. Often older toolings suffer from the inevitable degradation of the moulds, resulting in flash, sink marks and brittle clear parts. What a pleasant surprise upon opening the box to find that the kit inside was crisp and looked like it had just been manufactured from a new mould. The positive fit of the parts makes for a pleasurable experience, needing only a minimal amount of putty on the underside wing-to-fuselage seam. The cockpit has a good number of parts that make a decent foundation for anyone wishing to go down the super detailing path. Also the undercarriage and optional weapons load are two other areas that add eye catching interest to the otherwise smooth and elegant lines of the Seafire. These too were flash free on my example and will benefit from a pin wash to accentuate the nicely moulded details. The decals are high quality. One small area that could be improved upon is difficult to describe. The best way I could explain it is that they are a little on the

‘matt’ side. The carrier film lacks the sheen that other manufacturers’ decals have and this does make it harder to get them to adhere to the surface, particularly with the stencils. It is a very satisfying feeling when a kit goes together quickly and with a minimal amount of fuss, as this leaves you to focus on the enjoyment of the hobby.

Born in the Water This kit from Airfix is one that evokes such memories and draws you back into model making. It certainly does deserve its reputation and I would recommend it to all levels of model makers, old and young alike. It seems from all the new toolings and new kits that Airfix are releasing that this is one that will happily be with us for many years to come. For the older modellers or for anyone returning to the hobby, it will take you back to those weekend afternoons lost in your imagination that readily epitomises the spirit of Airfix construction kits. For anyone just starting out in the hobby I could not recommend a better kit or subject to welcome you to the delights of building model aircraft.

3609 NOV (Page 33)_Layout 1 15/10/2014 22:57 Page 1

 ÿÌ6/2 ÿÌ6/2

()& #$%&'%&'()& "!"#$ !" 5RĀQtNĀHUYHQHF








ww www.eduard.cz w



Scale Aircraft Conversions

White Metal & Resin Aircraft Parts Since 1990

C-123 Provider (Rod)

(for 1/72 Roden) MSRP $13.95

24008 Hawker Typhoon (AX) (for 1/32 Wingnut Wings) MSRP $17.95

Mirage III/V (PJ)

(for 1/72 PJ Production) MSRP $13.95

32088 Fokker D.VII (WW)

(for 1/32 Wingnut Wings) MSRP $17.95

Sent us this photo of his 1/32 Ju-88 Mistel he calls, “The Skyscraper”. The sheer weight of the model was the prime reason Chris chose to our set #32026. Impressive work!

Stocking over 500 different sets from 1/18 to 1/144 ... adding more each month.


Your #1 Source for Current & Out of Production Plastic Model Kits!

3609 CBR3_3601 15/10/2014 14:05 Page 34


Karl Robinson discovers that the Eduard 1:144th scale Spitfire Mk IXe may be small in stature, but it is big on quality.

Spitfire Mk IXe Availability: Eduard stockists via www.eduard.com Creative Models, Hannants & LSA Models Stock Code: 7107 Scale: 1:144 Price: £5.60 Paints Used: Gunze Sangyo Aqueous Hobby Color H12 Flat Black H15 Bright Blue H312 FS34227 Green H329 FS13538 Yellow Alclad II Lacquers ALC-101 Aluminium Weathering Agents: MIG Productions Neutral Wash

E-day Special


isiting the annual E-day show in Prague, Czech Republic, is quite an experience in its own right and to enhance proceedings in 2012 Eduard presented a free 1:144th scale Limited Edition kit as a bonus with your entry ticket. On the first day it was a bagged version of Eduard’s latest small scale Spitfire LF Mk IXE containing a single set of limited edition markings for an aircraft of the 2nd Air Division of the Czechoslovakian Air Force, flown by Karel Pošta DFC.

present inside the fuselage into which you can add a separately purchased prepainted photo-etched cockpit set, but in all honesty there is very little that can be seen through the tiny one-piece canopy (which is moulded as one piece and closed), so I just went with painting it black inside.

Recommended Reference: Dalrymple & Verdun Supermarine Spitfire Revisited £24.95 www.dvpublishing.co.uk

Despite the beautiful exterior detail, there is not a lot included internally. A recess is

Combat Colours 8 Supermarine Spitfire in WWII £15.00 www.guidelinepublications.co.uk Wings & Wheels Publications 2 Czechoslovak Spitfires in Detail £14.99 wwpbooks.com

34 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

Get in Quick Just recently Hannants have received a limited number of these bagged limited-edition kits featuring the Czech markings, so if you did not get the chance to go to E-day, you have a second chance at

getting hold of one of these kits. Be quick though, as at the time of press there were only 9 left. The kit is also available with a variety of different operational markings as Eduard dual combo sets 4428 and 4429.

Simple Construction The entire kit, apart from the clear canopy obviously, comes on one single sprue containing just 18 parts. While the part count may be low, the quality is first rate. Being 1:144th scale you would expect the surface details to be limited, yet somehow Eduard have managed to include just about as many panel lines as there are on any 1:72nd scale kit, whilst refining them sufficiently so as to not make them look overscale or too busy.

that is to cut off half of the wing cannon lengths and round off the ends for this specific aircraft. Although the undercarriage is tiny and delicate in nature it fits firmly into its place and is remarkably strong.

Construction is extremely simple and completely trouble free. The fuselage halves easily mate with the one-piece wing, which comprises the bulk of the construction. One minor change is needed though, and

It has been a surprisingly enjoyable build that was quick and simple, resulting in a great little model on display. Eduard continue to lead the way in producing state-of-the-art small scale models while transforming the face of the genre in the process. No longer is 1:144th scale the poor relative of modern modelling.

3609 CBR4_3601 15/10/2014 16:47 Page 35


Seb Videc has Scale Aircraft Modelling’s second crack at the Great Wall Hobby 1:144th scale Avro Vulcan, this time around building the K.2 Tanker variant. Avro Vulcan K.2 Availability: Great Wall Hobby stockists via www.lionroar.net Creative Models www.creativemodels.co.uk Stock Code: L1002 Scale: 1:144 Price: £33.99 Paints Used:

Record Run


t is still hard to comprehend that such a futuristic looking aircraft as the Vulcan took to the air just 8 years after the end of the Second World War. Built with nuclear war in mind, thankfully it never had to prove its abilities in this role. However, just as its career was drawing to a close the Vulcan drew its first blood, attacking Argentinian positions in the Falkland Islands in operations Black Buck 1 through 7. Staged from RAF Ascension Island, the strategic

effect of the sorties remains a hotly debated topic to this day. The fact that 11 tankers were required for two Vulcans to make the 12,600km round trip of 16 hours, made these missions the longest-ranged bombing raids in history until B-52s of the USAF surpassed the distance during Operation Desert Storm / Granby in 1991.

Maxim Finchenko built the bomber version of this kit. Based on his article and the result of his build, there was no doubt that a superb model had landed on my modelling table. Since there were just six Vulcans converted to tankers, this variant comes as a slight surprise, though. Should you not be interested in the tanker variant, though, and cannot find the original B.2 release, this package also includes the parts for the bomber variant. And not

only that – AGM-45 Shrike missiles, ECM pod and associated pylons are included, if you wish to build one of the aforementioned Operation Black Buck airframes.

Second Look In the September 2013 issue of Scale Aircraft Modelling (Volume 35 Issue 7), fellow contributor

version. This includes drilling holes in the wings for the pylons and using the missiles and pod which should be omitted of course. Since there is no mention of tanker specific parts in the main part of the instructions, unwary modellers can find themselves quickly mislead. The Hose Drum Unit (HDU) is however shown on one of the painting diagrams. Apart from the wheel wells being devoid of detail, this kit is pure excellence. The surface details are crisp and the fit superb.

Seb uses Testors Model Master Paints 1721 Medium Grey, 1730 Flat Gull Grey, 1768 Flat White, 2060 RAF Dark Green Alclad II Lacquers ALC103 Dark Aluminium scheme shown on the box art. Thankfully though, decals for Black Buck veterans XM597 and XM607 are also provided. In his article, Maxim found that the decals were thick and I encountered the same, as a liberal amount of decal

softening solution was needed to “encourage” them to settle into the recessed detail. Choosing a scheme can be a bit confusing. While the painting diagram comprises markings for airframes XJ825 and XM571, you will search in vain for the wraparound

Despite the small scale, either currently available version of the Vulcan will dominate your display shelf and one can only wish that GWH will follow this with the Valiant and Victor.

Word of Warning Although the instructions are marked as being for the K.2, the assembly sequence is identical to the bomber

Complimentary Accessories Scale Aircraft Conversions SAC 14410 144th Vulcan Landing Gear £11.20



3609 CBR5_3601 15/10/2014 16:13 Page 36


With the help of Robert Goldman, Albert Moore, Floyd Werner and Jeff A. Selesky, Yoav Efrati presents AZ Model's 1:72nd AH-1G.. Bell AH-1G Early “Huey Cobra” Availability: AZ Model stockists via www.azmodel.cz Hannants - www.hannants.co.uk Stock Code: AZ7416 Scale: 1:72

Charley Cobra


ell Helicopter’s AH-1G Cobra serial number 68-15062 was assigned to Charley troop of the 1st squadron of the 9th Cavalry Aerial Reconnaissance Regiment, based in Phouc Vinh, South Vietnam between September 1965 and June 1971. Along with the Charley troop’s yellow circle, the name “The Crystal Ship” was painted on the left side of the nose. The name was inspired by the lyrics of the Jim Morrison and the Doors song titled “The Crystal Ship”. The lyrics in the song most relevant to the pilots flying in Vietnam were: “Oh tell me where your freedom lies. The streets are fields that never die. Deliver me from reasons why. You'd rather cry, I’d rather fly.” In the US Military’s tenth year of intervention in the Vietnam War, US forces made efforts to curtail insurgents from entering Southern Vietnam from along the western border of Cambodia. On a March 12, 1971 mission over Cambodia, “The Crystal Ship” was hit by a shell that blew off its main rotor, causing the helicopter to crash. Captain Joel T. Hageman and 1st Lieutenant Van J. Joyce were killed on impact. This article is dedicated to their memory.

Lead Weight AZ Model has issued a new-tool Bell AH1G series that renders the 1970s vintage Monogram and Matchbox kits obsolete. Recessed panel lines, sharply moulded parts, photo-etched seat belts and intake screens, alternative exhausts, early and late vertical fins and three decal options in each kit issued make this model a winner.

Price: £12.99 of the instrument panels and coaming that are best installed after the fuselage halves are joined. Prior to cementing the fuselage halves together 30 grams of lead weight was placed under the cockpit tub.

Crystal Colours The most challenging aspect of painting this model was finding the correct colour for the main rotor blades. The kit instructions quote Humbrol 155, which is equivalent to FS34087. However, colour photos show the lower surface of the main rotor blades to be a dark color, quoted by some sources to be Black. While the fuselage of the Cobra was painted FS34087 Matt Olive Drab, the main rotor blades need a gloss, aerodynamically smooth, surface. This was most likely gloss FS14087 or semi-gloss FS24087. A colour chip comparison appearing in US Government issues Federal Standard colour catalog 595a, the gloss and semi-gloss versions of Olive Drab are significantly darker than the matt version. The blade tips were painted FS33538 Insignia Yellow, and at times Matt White. There were occasions were one blade was painted White on top, or a wide White stripe applied to both main rotor blades. However, this

The kit’s painting instructions suggest the use of Black for the interior, which is incorrect. Until the advent of night vision equipment, Cobra interiors were FS36231 Interior Grey, for which I used Humbrol Grey Primer. Another deviation from the kit instructions is the attachment

36 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

Paints Used: Humbrol: 1 Grey Primer, 11 Silver, 33 Matt Black, 34 Matt White, 67 Tank Gray, 153 Insignia Red, 154 Insignia Yellow, 174 Signal Red Testors Model Master: MM1711 FS34087 Olive Drab, MM1787 FS34086 Green Drab Xtracolor: X502 Natural Steel, X504 Exhaust, X506 Gunmetal Tamiya: X-21 Flat Base Weathering Agents: Van Gogh Oil paints: Burnt Umber, Titanium White, Transparent Oxide Yellow was the exception, not the rule. On this model the main rotor was first painted with Humbrol 154 Insignia Yellow tips, followed by Testors Model Masters FS34086 Green Drab and the lower surface given a thin layer of gloss. The interior canopy framing was painted FS36231 with Insignia Yellow outlining around the cockpit doors. Once the areas due to remain black were masked, the entire model was sprayed Olive Drab. A layer of Klear was sprayed as a base for the decals and oil paints to follow. Decal application was trouble free with the exception of the forward end of the mouth which needed cutting into segments in order to conform to the nose contours. AZ Model’s AH-1G Cobra is accurate, features sharp recessed detail and easy to build, making it an above average and accessible short-run kit.

3609 NOV (Page37)_Layout 1 14/10/2014 13:24 Page 1

3609 CBR7_3605 14/10/2014 15:53 Page 38


Airfix continue to raise the quality bar with every successive release as Rob Ludlow discovers with the recently released 1:72nd scale Lightning F.2A

English Electric Lightning F.2A Availability: Airfix stockists worldwide via www.airfix.com Scale: 1:72 Stock Code: A04054 Price: £14.99 Paints Used: Tamiya: X-25 Clear Green X-27 Clear Red XF-1 Flat Black XF-3 Flat Yellow XF-69 NATO Black XF-71 Cockpit Green XF-85 Rubber Black Games Workshop Citadel Colour: 61-56 Chainmail Gunze Sangyo: Mr Metal Chrome Vallejo Model Air: 71015 Olive Grey Vallejo Model Color: 70862 Black Grey 70950 Black 26.517 Acrylic Gloss Varnish 26.518 Acrylic Matt Varnish Alclad II Lacquers: ALC-107 Chrome Testors Modelmaster: Metaliser Stainless Steel Metaliser Titanium

Cold War Vigilance Built to defend the UK from Soviet bombers approaching the UK, the Mach 2 capable Lightning was a true Cold War warrior and saw service with the RAF from 1960 through 1988. Airfix’s initial release of its new-tool Lightning in 1:72nd scale is of the ‘hot rod’ F.2A that was considered to have the best performance of all versions. During the Cold War, West German based Lightning F.2As of 19 and 92 Squadrons maintained a permanent 24 hour Battle Flight ready to counter unidentified intruders, and would have been on the front line of defence against Warsaw Pact air attacks had tensions given way to all-out war.

Big Brother, Little Brother On opening the box it is

Weathering Agents: AV0201 Humbrol Enamel Wash Black AV0404 Humbrol Enamel Wash Dark Grey P232 MIG Productions Pigment Dry Mud

38 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

interesting to see that the breakdown of parts is similar to its 1:48th scale big brother. The parts are moulded in Airfix’s customary light grey plastic and surface detail is excellent, including finely recessed panel lines. On this particular example the parts were flash free, but the panel lines were a little soft where the fuselage halves joined. The instructions were clear and the markings options illustrated in full colour.

Cockpit Capers The bullet fairing housing the radar and forward undercarriage bay sits inside the intake halves. A little care will need to be taken to ensure that everything lines up as the air intake ring is also integrally moulded to the intake halves. It is a shame that there are ejection pin marks inside the undercarriage bay but

thankfully they will not be too obvious as construction progresses. The cockpit tub sits atop the

completed intake assembly. Once the intake assembly and the jet pipes are closed up between the fuselage halves, the build progresses quickly to the point where it starts to look like a Lightning. The wings are delicately moulded and a nice touch is the provision of separate flaps and airbrakes that can be posed open or closed. The fit of parts is generally very good, though I did use a touch of superglue and Mr Surfacer along the fuselage underside seam. The only real issue I could find with the kit are the Firestreak missiles. The diameter of the missile bodies appears to be slightly undersized and as a consequence the clear plastic seeker heads are too wide. To make this less obvious I decided that I would paint the seeker heads Red to

represent the protective covers that would often be seen fitted to missile armed Lightnings when on the ground.

3609 CBR7_3605 14/10/2014 15:53 Page 39


Painting Particulars! The kit includes two marking options for a 19 Squadron aircraft with Dark Green upper surfaces and natural metal lower surfaces, along with a 92 Squadron aircraft in overall natural metal, with a Blue tail and spine. I remember with fondness in my early teens building the Matchbox 1:72nd scale Lightning in the Dark Green and natural metal scheme, so it just had to be this option I went with! Following a coat of Alclad’s Grey primer, I applied Modelmaster Stainless Steel, later tinting the paint with a small amount of their Titanium to pick out a few panels for variety. After testing out several acrylic dark green shades I opted for Model Air Olive Grey as the nearest to what I was looking for. Contemporary photographs show that the finish of these Lightnings was kept very tidy, so I decided not to add any paint fading or wear to the upper surfaces, though I did add a little dry mud pigment to the under surfaces to

represent accumulated dirt that was often present in reference images. A coat of Johnson’s

Klear thinned with an equal quantity of Isopropyl Alcohol sealed in the paintwork, making the model ready for decals.

Decal Time The decals were nicely printed and all in perfect register. Stencilling is also catered for with minor differences between both markings options, so it paid to carefully follow the guide provided separately to the instructions booklet. The decals settled snugly into the panel lines after an application of Gunze’s Mr Softer for that painted-on look. The decals

Black was used on the Dark Green surfaces and Dark Grey on the natural metal areas. I find that as long as any excess wash is not left for more than 15 minutes, Humbrol’s new washes perform extremely well. They come in a variety of useful colours, can be mixed with each other and thinned to improve their capillary action.

The End in Sight A coat of Vallejo matt varnish misted onto the model soon dulled things down and gave the Lightning a more natural look. At this stage I masked off the polished metal nose intake ring and lip around

the afterburner cans and applied Gunze’s Mr Metal Chrome to these areas, which were then buffed to a shine. The final stage of construction was to add the undercarriage, pitot tube, refuelling probe and Firestreak missiles. I also added the twin spine antennae, which were scratch-built from copper wire.

The Final Verdict What else can I say? I enjoyed this build immensely. The Lightning is simply one of those iconic subjects that epitomises British aviation at its best. Airfix’s recent release definitely looks like a Lightning and even in 1:72nd scale it packs a healthy level of detail. As a builder of aircraft in larger scales normally, I was mightily impressed with the quality of the kit and it has enticed me to go out and buy several others of Airfix’s recent 1:72nd scale releases. I cannot wait for the imminent release of their F.6 version, which I am sure will be purchased by the shed load!

were sealed with another coat of Klear and the panel lines were then enhanced with Humbrol enamel wash.



3609 AINP_3605 13/10/2014 10:37 Page 40

The Gutless Cutlass AVIATION IN PROFILE C h a n C e V o u g h t F 7 u - 3 C u t l a s s

With an established record of producing unconventional aircraft, Chance Vought began working on unique tailless, swept wing jet fighter in June of 1945. It was to be the final aircraft designed by Rex Beisel, who also designed the F4U Corsair. By: Jay Laverty

Debatable Origins


ources contradict when it comes to the “inspiration” behind the Cutlass. The general consensus is that the design was “inspired” by plans captured at the Arado works in the immediate aftermath of WWII, although as you can imagine, no one at Vought would ever confirm or deny this. The fact that former Messerschmitt senior designer Waldemar Voight (responsible for the development of the Me P.1110 & P.1112) contributed to its design did not help to quell rumours of the F7U’s Nazi origins either. Regardless of its heritage, it was a revolutionary proposal that was a significant

departure, not only from existing Navy standards, but American aviation design of the time, even by the standards of a company with a history of producing unconventional aircraft.

Revolutionary Advancements On the 1st of June 1945, the US Navy opened a competition for a new carrier-capable day fighter capable of flying at 600 miles per hour at 40,000 feet. The Chance Vought response was revolutionary, to put it mildly. It was the first aircraft to incorporate a steerable nosewheel, the first to use elevons as primary control surfaces and the first near-sonic fighter. The

40 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

Cutlass Units taken to Sea: • VF-124, USS Hancock (CVA 19), August 1955 – March 1956; • VF-81, USS Ticonderoga (CVA 14), November 1955 – August 1956; • VA-86, USS Forrestal (CVA 59), January – March 1956 Shakedown Cruise; • VA-83, USS Intrepid (CVA 11), March – September 1956; • VA-116, USS Hancock (CVA 19), April - September 1957; • VA-151, USS Lexington (CVA 16), May - December 1956; • VA-212, USS Bon Homme Richard (CVA 31), August 1956 – February 1957. • Air Test and Evaluation Squadron 4 (VX-4), USS Shangri-La (CVA 38) and USS Lexington (CVA 16)

The ill-fated Vought XF7U-1 Cutlass (BuNo 122472) at the NACA Langley Research Centre, Virginia (USA), 3 December 1948. (NASA Photo)

pullout singles_3601 27/10/2014 22:02 Page 41

AVIATION IN PROFILE C h a n C e V o u g h t F 7 u - 3 C u t l a s s

Natural Natural Metal Metal TTestors estors MME: 2914 Testors Testors MMA: 4678

C Chance hance Vo Vought ought F7U-3 C Cutlass, BuNo.129550/NP-75, operated by VC-3, Moffett Field, California, Scheme is utlass, BuN o.129550/NP-75, op erated b yV C-3, NAS M offett F ield, C alifornia, July 1955. Scheme overall natural metal,, with the rradome matt black.. A Allll iden identification markings are black,, with dar darkk blue fuselage o verall na tural metal adome in ma tt black tification mar kings and titles ar e in black bands.. TThe latter are outer faces white faces. e stars also applied tto o all fin fac es. bands and fin bands he la tter ar e applied tto o both out er and inner fac es of each fin, with whit are carried only.. TThe lightt g grey. TThe he fuselage bands ar e car ried aatop top the fuselage only he panel behind the ccockpit ockpit is in ligh rey.

Flat Flat Black Black Testors Testors MME: 1749 Testors Testors MMA: 4768

C hance V ought F7U-3 C utlass, BuN o.129577/D-403, op erated b Chance Vought Cutlass, BuNo.129577/D-403, operated by VFA-124, Hancock September eptember 1955. Scheme Scheme is overall overall y VF FA-124, USS Hanc ock ((CVA-19), CVA-19), S na tural metal adome in ma tt black tification mar kings and titles ar e in black natural metal,, with the rradome matt black.. A Allll iden identification markings are black,, with black fin tips on both inner and out outer er fin fac es. TThe he sk ull and cr ossed cutlass ’s ar e in whit e (although some sour ces sho w yyellow), ellow), and ar e car faces. skull crossed cutlass’s are white sources show are carried ried on the outer outer face face of the fins only rey panel behind ccockpit ockpit with the rrefuelling efuelling pr obe and nose tip in whit e. only.. Ligh Lightt g grey probe white.

Green Green Testors Testors MME: 1124 Testors Testors MMA: 4669

C o.129638/638, op erated b y the NA OTS (Na val A ir O rdnance T est S tation) C hincoteague, Chance Vought Cutlass, BuNo.129638/638, operated by NAOTS (Naval Air Ordnance Test Station) Chincoteague, hance V ought F7U-3 C utlass, BuN do verall na tural metal adome in ma tt black tification mar kings and titles standard overall natural metal,, with the rradome matt black.. A Allll iden identification markings summer 1955. SScheme cheme is standar ockpit. Not e the an ti-glare panel belo w the ccockpit ockpit quar terlight. are black.. Ligh Lightt g grey Note anti-glare below quarterlight. ar e in black rey panel behind ccockpit.

Bright Blue Blue Bright Testors MME: 1110 Testors Testors MMA: no Testors Testors equiv Testors equiv..

y VX-5, VX-5, based at at Naval Naval Air Air Weapons Weapons Station Station China China Lake, Lake, California, California, C hance V ought F7U-3 C utlass, BuN o.129674/XE-4, op erated b Chance Vought Cutlass, BuNo.129674/XE-4, operated by tt black. black. All All identification identification markings markings and titles are are in black. black. The The fin 1954. SScheme cheme is standar do verall na tural metal adome in ma standard overall natural metal,, with the rradome matt ried on the outer outer faces faces only. only. Light Light grey grey panel behind cockpit, cockpit, with and nose bands ar e in g reen edged with whit e. TThe he fin bands ar e car are green white. are carried the an ti-glare panel in semi-ma tt black anti-glare semi-matt black..

Dark Dark Blue Blue Testors Testors MME: 1111 Testors Testors MMA: 4660

outh W eymouth, M assachusetts, 1957. utlass, BuNo.129685/Modex Chance Vought Cutlass, South Weymouth, Massachusetts, BuNo.129685/Modex 10, operated operated by at Naval Naval Air Air Station Station S C hance V ought F7U-3 C by VA-12, VA-12, seen at e in black he fin and wing flashes and SScheme cheme is standar do verall na standard overall natural are black.. TThe tural metal, metal, with the radome radome in matt matt black. black. All All identification identification markings markings and titles ar he insig nia of V A-12 is carried er ligh tning bolt ar e in medium blue carried on both out lightning are blue,, with the fin flashes carried fins.. TThe insignia VA-12 outer carried on both inner and outer outer faces faces of the fins fac es of each fin. Not e tha black. faces Note thatt these fac face e forwards. forwards. Light Light grey grey panel behind cockpit, cockpit, with the anti-glare anti-glare panel in semi-matt semi-matt black. C hance V ought F7U-3 Cutlass, USS Intrepid (CVA-11), (CVA-11), late Chance Vought Cutlass, BuNo.129676/Modex BuNo.129676/Modex 403, operated operated by by VF-83, aboard aboard the carrier carrier USS late 1954. Scheme Scheme is standard standard overall overall natural natural metal, metal, with the radome radome in matt matt black. black. All All identification identification markings markings and titles are are in black. black. The The fin, wing and fuselage flashes ar e in golden yyyellow are edging. are edging. TThe are carried carried on both inner and outer outer surfaces. sur faces. The The cockpit cockpit ellow with black edg he fin flashes ar panel is in ligh rey with the an an lightt g grey anti-glare ti-glare panel in semi-ma tt black semi-matt black..

Chrome Chrome Yellow Yellow (ANA506) TTestors estors MME: 1707 Testors Testors MMA: 4683

41 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

pullout singles_3601 27/10/2014 22:02 Page 42

AVIATION IN PROFILE C h a n C e V o u g h t F 7 u - 3 C u t l a s s

C hance-Vought F7U-3 C utlass- upper view Chance-Vought Cutlass-

Chance-Vought F7U-3 C utlass- lower lower view Chance-Vought Cutlass-

Drawings are are to to 1/72nd scale. scale. T o cconvert onvert to to Drawings To 1/48th, enlarge enlarge 150% Metres Metres

Feet Feet



pullout singles_3601 27/10/2014 22:02 Page 43

AVIATION IN PROFILE C h a n C e V o u g h t F 7 u - 3 C u t l a s s

C hance-Vought F7U-3 C utlass, 129643/X C-03, Chance-Vought Cutlass, 129643/XC-03, op erated b y VX -3, NAS Oc eana, V irginia, 1954. operated by VX-3, Oceana, Virginia, Upper view sho wing mar kings positions and showing markings w alkway positions e lack of an ti-glare panel walkway positions.. Not Note anti-glare on this air craft. aircraft.

Chance-Vought F7U-3 Cutlass, Cutlass, 129676/403, Chance-Vought operated by by VF-83, USS Intrepid Intrepid (CVA-11), (CVA-11), 1954. operated Lower view showing showing markings markings positions. positions. Lower

Chance-Vought F7U-3 Cutlass, Cutlass, 129653/U-305, Chance-Vought Lexington (CVA-16), (CVA-16), operated by by VA-151, VA-151, USS Lexington operated showing markings markings positions and 1956. Upper view showing walkway positions. positions. Insides Insides of leading edge flaps walkway are in red red (flaps shown shown extended). extended). are


Chance-Vought Cutlass, C hance-Vought F7U-3 C utlass, 129653/U-305, operated by VA-151, op erated b yV A-151, USS Lexington Lexington (CVA-16), (CVA-16), Lower view showing showing mar 1956. Lower markings positions.. kings positions

43 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

pullout singles_3601 27/10/2014 22:02 Page 44

AVIATION IN PROFILE C h a n C e V o u g h t F 7 u - 3 C u t l a s s

C hance -Vought F7U-3 C utlass- fr ont view Chance-Vought Cutlassfront

Extra outboard outboard pylons pylons on F7U-3M Extra

Chance-Vought F7U-3 CutlassCutlass- starboard starboard view Chance-Vought

Cutlass- port port view. view. StarStarC hance-Vought F7U-3P CutlassChance-Vought installation and layout layout is boar d side view camer board cameraa installation iden tical. identical. 54.

camera configuration configuration Undernose camera

Chance-Vought F7U-3P CutlassCutlass- front front view. view. Chance-Vought

05, 6), ss..

Cutlass- port port view Chance-Vought F7U-3 CutlassChance-Vought



pullout singles_3601 27/10/2014 22:02 Page 45

AVIATION IN PROFILE C h a n C e V o u g h t F 7 u - 3 C u t l a s s

Natural Metal Metal Natural Testors MME: 2914 Testors Testors MMA: 4678 Testors

aster Enamel Model M MME: Model Master aster A crylic MMA: Model Model M MMA: Master Acrylic alents ar e Testors equiv Testors equivalents are given in some cases given cases.. Insignia White White (ANA511) Testors Testors MME: 1745 Testors Testors MMA: 4696

B Blue lue A Angels ngels B Blue lue TTestors estors MME: 1772 Testors Testors MMA: 4687

C Chrome hrome Yellow Yellow (ANA506) TTestors estors MME: 1707 TTestors estors MMA: 4683

Flat Flat Black Black TTestors estors MME: 1749 Testors Testors MMA: 4768

Ligh ull G rey Lightt G Gull Grey (ANA620) Testors MME: 1730 Testors Testors MMA: 4763 Testors

ntrepid ((CVA-11), Chance Chance Vought Vought F7U-3M C Cutlass, BuNo.129733/E-308, operated erated b by yV VA-83, A-83, USS IIntrepid CVA-11), M March utlass, BuN o.129733/E-308, op arch 1956. Scheme is standar tt black tification mar Scheme standard overall natural metal,, with the rradome matt black.. A Allll iden identification markings are black.. do verall na tural metal adome in ma kings and titles ar e in black The fin, fuselage and wing flashes ar e, with the fin flashes car The are blue,, edged with whit white, carried e in medium blue ried on both inner and outer faces faces of the fins ried on the fforward orward nose gear door (see inset). Ligh outer fins.. TThe figure Modex carried Lightt g grey he last figur e of the M odex is car rey panel cockpit, with the an behind cockpit, anti-glare semi-matt black.. ti-glare panel in semi-ma tt black

23 B

FForward orward nose C o.139871/XF-23, operated operated by by VX-4, VX-4, based a Chance Vought Cutlass, BuNo.139871/XF-23, att Na Naval Missile Centre hance V ought F7U-3M C utlass, BuN val M issile C entre scrapdoor scr ap- P Point Mugu,, C California, September oint Mugu alifornia, S eptember 1956. BuNo 129733 Scheme Scheme is as abo ear cockpit cockpit fair ing which ar e in above, exception fairing are ve, with the e xception of the fin and wing tips and rrear

e edged with red red and have have white white stars super imposed. Not e darkk blue blue.. TThe are superimposed. Note dar he fin and ccockpit ockpit flashes ar e finished thatt these ar are uniform. are tha e applied in a rrandom andom fashion rrather ather than unif orm. TThe he nose gear doors ar dark blue stripes stripes (see scrap). scrap). This This w as a common common practice practice within this unit but the spacing with dark was stripes could could differ differ between between various various aircraft. aircraft. and width of the stripes

Nose gear doors scrapscrapBuNo 139871


Obscur ed b Obscured byy wing

29 Dark Dark Blue Blue Testors Testors MME: 1111 TTestors estors MMA: 4660

Chance Vought Vought F7U-3M C utlass, BuN o.129703/XF-29, op erated by by VX-4, VX-4, Naval Naval Missile Missile C entre P oint Mugu alifornia, Chance Cutlass, BuNo.129703/XF-29, operated Centre Point Mugu,, C California, December 1959. SScheme cheme is o verall Ligh ey ((ANA620/FS36440) ANA620/FS36440) with IInsignia nsignia White White ((ANA511) ANA511) undersides he December overall Lightt Gull Gr Grey undersides.. TThe radome and anti-glare anti-glare panel ar e in ma tt black tification markings markings and titles are are in black he fin, fuselage and radome are matt black.. A Allll iden identification black.. TThe are as detailed abo ve, with the leading edges of the wings in ‘Corogard’ ‘Corogard’, an an ti-corrosive finish applied as wing flashes are above, anti-corrosive standard to to leading edges of wings takes et c. Not e the ‘full ti-glare panel he pur pose of the fuselage legend standard wings,, in intakes etc. Note ‘full’’ an anti-glare panel.. TThe purpose unknown. See See scr ap ffor or is unknown. scrap nose door detail e detail.. Not Note ‘Corogard’ pain ‘Corogard’ painted ted intake modification. modification. intake

Nose gear scrapdoors scrapBuNo 129703

Chance Vought Vought F7U-3M Cutlass, Cutlass, BuNo.139900/I-311, BuNo.139900/I-311, op Forrestal (CVA-59), January 1956. Scheme Scheme is erated b yV A-86, USS Forrestal (CVA-59), January Chance operated by VA-86, overall Light Light Gull Grey Grey (ANA620/FS36440) (ANA620/FS36440) with Insignia Insignia White White (ANA511) (ANA511) undersides. undersides. The The radome radome and anti-glare anti-glare panel are are in matt matt overall black. All All identification identification markings markings and titles are are in black. black. The The fin leading edges, edges, and fin bands are are in medium blue, blue, the latter latter are are black. white. The The ‘NAVY’ ‘NA AVY’ titles are are also edged with white. white. The The leading edges of the wings are are finished in ‘Corogard’ ‘Corogard’. edged in white. Forward Forward nose Forward Forward nose door scrapscrapdoor scrapscrapBuNo 139900 BuNo 139917

Chance Vought Vought F7U-3M C utlass, BuN o.139917/NB-203, op erated b yV A-126, USS Forrestal CVA-59), January Forrestal ((CVA-59), January 1956. Scheme Scheme is Chance Cutlass, BuNo.139917/NB-203, operated by VA-126, overall Light Light Gull Gr ey ((ANA620/FS36440) ANA620/FS36440) with IInsignia nsignia White White (ANA511) (ANA511) undersides. undersides. The The radome radome and anti-glare anti-glare panel are are in matt matt black overall Grey black.. A Allll identification mar kings and titles ar e in black he wing tips and fin leading edges ar e in golden yellow, yellow, the latter latter edged in black he leadidentification markings are black.. TThe are black.. TThe ing edges of the wings ar e finished in ‘‘Corogard’ Corogard’. are

t B Bright right B Blue lue TTestors estors MME: 1110 TTestors estors MMA: no Testors Test e ors equiv. equiv.

utlass, BuN o.129658/D-306, op erated b y VA-126, VA-126, USS F orrestal ((CVA-59), CVA-59), January January 1956. Scheme Scheme is overall overall Light Light Gull Grey Grey (ANA620/ (ANA620/ C hance V ought F7U-3 C Chance Vought Cutlass, BuNo.129658/D-306, operated by Forrestal nsignia W hite ((ANA511) ANA511) undersides he rradome adome and an ti-glare panel ar e in ma tt black tification mar kings and titles ar e in black he upper FS36440) with IInsignia White undersides.. TThe anti-glare are matt black.. A Allll iden identification markings are black.. TThe eyy, with the M odex number in medium blue he leading edges of the wings ar e finished in par partt of the fin is in medium blue blue,, with black bands edged with Ligh Lightt Gull Gr Grey, Modex blue.. TThe are ‘‘Corogard’ Corogard’.

45 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

pullout singles_3601 27/10/2014 22:08 Page 46

AVIATION IN PROFILE C h a n C e V o u g h t F 7 u - 3 C u t l a s s

FForward orward nose door scr scrapapBuNo 129618

erated by by V A-151, USS Lexington CVA-16), Chance V ought F7U-3 C utlass, BuN o.129618/H-303, op Lexington ((CVA-16), Chance Vought Cutlass, BuNo.129618/H-303, operated VA-151, April 1956. SScheme cheme is o verall Ligh ey ((ANA620/ ANA620/ April overall Lightt Gull Gr Grey matt FS36440) with IInsignia nsignia W hite ((ANA511) ANA511) undersides The radome radome and anti-glare anti-glare panel are are in matt White undersides.. The black. All All iden tification mar kings and titles ar e in black The leading edges of the wings are are black. identification markings are black.. The ode was was being gradually gradually changed finished as standar d in ‘‘Corogard’ Corogard’. A standard Att this time time,, the ‘H ‘H’’ tail ccode over to to ‘U’ ‘U’. Note Note the ‘Corogard’-finished ‘Corogard’-finished modified intake intake lip. lip. over International Orange International Orange TTestors estors MME: 2022 Testors Test e ors MMA: 4682

FForward orward nose door scr apscrapBuNo 129663

utlass, BuN o.129663/G-202, op erated b y VA-212, VA-212, USS B on H omme R ichard ((CVA-31), CVA-31), A C hance V ought F7U-3M C pril Chance Vought Cutlass, BuNo.129663/G-202, operated by Bon Homme Richard April 1956. SScheme cheme is o verall Ligh ey ((ANA620/FS36440) ANA620/FS36440) with IInsignia nsignia W hite ((ANA511) ANA511) undersides he rradome adome and an tioverall Lightt Gull Gr Grey White undersides.. TThe antie in ma tt black tification mar kings and titles ar e in black Corogard’ finished wing leading glar e panel ar glare are matt black.. A Allll iden identification markings are black,, with ‘‘Corogard’ edges and in take lips he upper par ellow edged with dar ellow tto o the wing intake lips.. TThe partt of the fin is in golden yyellow darkk blue blue,, golden yyellow tips he rradome adome tip and tips.. TThe rrefuelling efuelling pr obe ar e in probe are whit e. white.

Chance Cutlass, BuNo.129669/6M-6, operated by U.S. Naval Reserve, Memphis, Tennessee, ennessee, Chance Vought Vought F7U-3 C utlass, BuN o.129669/6M-6, op erated b y the U .S. Na val Reser ve, NAS M emphis, T wearing markings previous operator, VA-12, standard overall natural metal,, with the 1957. SStill till w earing the mar kings of her pr evious oper ator, V A-12, the scheme is standar do verall na tural metal matt black.. A Allll iden identification markings are black.. TThe flashes,, wing tips and ligh lightning are tning bolt ar e rradome adome in ma tt black tification mar kings and titles ar e in black he fin flashes blue.. TThe Orange scrap station in medium blue he fuselage band is in IInternational nternational Or ange (FS12197) (see scr ap aatt rright), ight), with ‘‘MEMPHIS’ MEMPHIS’ sta tion black.. B Byy this time time,, the C Cutlass was beginning U.S. Naval Reserve. titles in black utlass w as beg inning tto o equip units of the U .S. Na val R eserve.

Chance Vought Vought F7U-3P Cutlass, Cutlass, BuN o.129755/755, op erated b a entro, C alifornia, Chance BuNo.129755/755, operated by Naval Parachute Facility, att NAAS E Ell C Centro, California, y the Na val P arachute F acility, based ba August 1957. Standard Standard scheme scheme of o verall na tural metal ker shade tification mar kings and titles ar e in black August overall natural metal,, with the nose in a dar darker shade.. A Allll iden identification markings are black.. The fin bands are are in golden yyellow, ellow, edged with black and with dar e tr im. TThe he NPU titles ar e also in whit e. Not e the under The darkk blue and whit white trim. are white. Note under-para drop drop fairing. fairing. TThe he F7U-3P nev er en tered oper ational ser vice, and those tha ere built ser ved as ttest est and evaluation evaluation fuselage para never entered operational service, thatt w were served aircraft. aircraft.

C hance V ought F7U-3P C utlass, BuN o.129745, op erated b yC hance V ought A ircraft IInc nc ffor or ttest est and e valuation w ork, 1954. Chance Vought Cutlass, BuNo.129745, operated by Chance Vought Aircraft evaluation work, SStandard tandard sscheme cheme of o verall na tural metal ellow flashes tto o the fuselage and fins The wing leading overall natural metal,, dar darkk blue edged golden yyellow fins.. The edges appear (fr om black and whit e phot ographs) tto o also be finished in golden yyellow ellow only although this hasn ’t been concon(from white photographs) hasn’t fir med. TThe he nose tip is though o be in rred., ed., with rred ed bands applied tto o the instrumen tation boom. A tification markmarkfirmed. thoughtt tto instrumentation Allll iden identification ings and titles ar e in black are black..

utlass, BuN o.124426, op erated b y the Blue A ngels US Na vy aer obatic tteam, eam, 1953. 124426 w as one of ttwo wo Chance Vought Cutlass, BuNo.124426, operated by Angels Navy aerobatic was C hance V ought F7U-1 C (the other being 124427) oper ated b ngels dur ing 1953 only lthough not used in the main demonstr ation, the air craft operated byy the Blue A Angels during only.. A Although demonstration, aircraft omotional pr ogram ffor or the C utlass pr ogram. SScheme cheme is the standar d Blue A ngels finish of Blue (FS15050), were flown partt of a pr promotional program Cutlass program. standard Angels w ere flo wn as par he an ti-glare markings. anti-glare with golden yyellow ellow mar kings. TThe ear matt black,, with the rrear panel is in ma tt black natural metal.. fuselage finished in na tural metal d on Note Angels Not e the Blue A ngels shield the nose (both sides).




3609 AINP_3605 13/10/2014 10:37 Page 47

AVIATION IN PROFILE C h a n C e V o u g h t F 7 u - 3 C u t l a s s Thankfully, pilot Paul Thayer walked away from this crash with only cuts and bruises. (NASA Photo)

slats were hydraulically powered, by a system that operated at a pressure nearly twice the pressure of the systems on any other US Navy jet. All of the hydraulic flight controls were built-in with “artificial feel”, which restored control surface feedback to the pilot. However, with a revolutionary design that challenged conventional wisdom came developmental difficulties fraught with danger.

Fraught With Danger The Cutlass’s most notable trait was its lack of a tail. Its swept-wing area was vast, measuring almost as long from

leading to trailing edge as they were from root to tip. While the nose undercarriage leg was the first to be steerable, it was fragile and prone to collapse during carrier landings. Sold to the US Navy as a highly versatile fighter with substantial functionality for operational use, the F7U would most certainly have become a legendary aircraft had it not been for the notorious unreliability of its Westinghouse J34 and J46 turbojets, earning it the moniker “Gutless Cutlass”. Aside from the underpowered engines, the Cutlass was burdened with immature

Lieutenant Tom Reilly, a Landing Signal Officer (LSO) on board the carrier Hancock (CVA 19), races across the deck to avoid the crash of an F7U-3 Cutlass. The aircraft was flown by Lieutenant Commander Jay Alkire. (US NAVY Photo)

A Cutlass of VA-83 is on the catapult of the flight deck of USS Forrestal (CVA 59). This is an ATG-181 (Air Training Group) operation. (US NAVY photo)



3609 AINP_3605 13/10/2014 10:38 Page 48

AVIATION IN PROFILE C h a n C e V o u g h t F 7 u - 3 C u t l a s s F7U-3 in flight near San Diego, CA. The pilot is LCDR Wally Schirra. (US Navy photo)

systems. The hydraulics leaked profusely and consistently lost pressure.

“Onset of a Stall” With grateful acknowledgement to Tommy H. Thomason and the information provided on his superb Blog: http://thanlont.blogspot.co.u k/2013/05/the-last-flight-ofvoughts-xf7u-1.html

F7U-3M Cutlass of VA-83 on the starboard catapult of an unknown carrier. (US NAVY photo)

48 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

The first XF7U-1 built came to an untimely end on the 28th of September 1949 at Vought’s temporary test facility at Ardmore, Oklahoma during take-off. Piloted by W. Paul Thayer, the Cutlass slowly began to yaw to the left, just after Thayer began to retract the undercarriage. Thayer pushed right rudder, however the yaw did not stop and the left wing started to drop. After attempting to increase right stick and rudder, the yaw continued, at which point Thayer pulled the throttles off, deciding not to attempt to fly

an aeroplane he was no longer in control of. As the left wingtip connected with the left side of the runway, the Cutlass began to swing to the left and slid across the grass. During the 750 foot slide, the fuselage split just ahead of the intakes, with the cockpit section coming to rest just ahead of the fuselage. Thankfully, Thayer walked away from the crash, having suffered only minor bruising and some scratches. During the subsequent investigation Vought struggled to ascertain the cause of the crash. Finding no faults with the control system, hydraulics or engines, the engineers could only field a guess based on the evidence provided by the photo-observer panel, which takes a photograph of the instruments at five second intervals. Their conclusion was that Thayer was not aggressive enough in his response the yaw created by the left rudder applied during take-off: "The airplane would be

3609 AINP_3605 13/10/2014 10:38 Page 49

AVIATION IN PROFILE C h a n C e V o u g h t F 7 u - 3 C u t l a s s expected to yaw and roll to the left when stalled at high powers with slats closed. The accident, therefore, is explainable on the basis of an early onset of a stall."

difficulties. The last to accept the Cutlass was Attack Squadron 66 (VA-66) in November of 1957.

Operational History

Amazingly, the Cutlass was assigned to the Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron, the Blue Angels, during their 1953 show season, in an effort to promote the new airframe. Two airframes were allocated, (BuNos 124426 & 124427). However, the Blue Angles refused to fly them as part of their regular formation demonstration, as both the ground crews and pilots found the aircraft “generally unsatisfactory” as the type was still experiencing teething problems. Despite these misgivings, the Blue Angles did fly the Cutlass as part of their show, albeit on its own.

Despite problematic test flights, the Navy was confident enough in the design to order production of the F7U-1, with further developments in the F7U-2 and -3. As a result of problems with the Westinghouse powerplant, though, the F7U-2 would never be produced. The F7U-3 incorporated many refinements suggested using the knowledge acquired during tests of the -1, although it continued to suffer from the problems surrounding the underpowered Westinghouse J46-WE-8B’s for the remainder of its service life. As a result carrier take-off and landing performance was dangerously poor and the engine was notorious for flaming out in the rain. The Navy began receiving the Cutlass in April 1954, with Fighter Squadron 81 (VF-81) being the first to accept the aircraft in April of 1954. Few squadrons actually made deployments with the Cutlass, though, as most “beached” them ashore, citing operational

Politics and the Blue Angels

An AIM-7 Sparrow missile pictured loaded on an F7U Cutlass at Naval Air Missile Test Centre (NAMTC) Point Mugu, California. (US NAVY photo)

“Whitey” Resigns Lieutenant Commander Eduard “Whitey” Feightner finally received the call he had been waiting for, for what seemed an eternity, as an admiral from Naval Air Training Command was on the other end of the line, letting him know that he had been selected for the Navy’s flight

Port-side view of an AIM-7 Sparrow missile pictured loaded on an F7U-3M Cutlass at Naval Air Missile Test Center (NAMTC) Point Mugu, California. (US NAVY photo)

A pilot mans an F7U-3M Cutlass at Naval Air Missile Test Centre (NAMTC) Point Mugu, California, for a flight as part of Operation Aesop involving the testing of the Sparrow I missile. (US NAVY photo)



3609 AINP_3605 13/10/2014 10:38 Page 50

AVIATION IN PROFILE C h a n C e V o u g h t F 7 u - 3 C u t l a s s demonstration squadron – which would eventually become the Blue Angels (named after a Manhattan nightclub). “It’s a big thing to get a Blue Angel position,” said Feightner. “You get the royal treatment, travel the country, get to meet a lot of good people, have fun at airshows, do some great flying and some valuable recruiting for the Navy. There are few better jobs.” According to Feightner, when he asked which aircraft he would be flying, the response was the F7U-1 Cutlass. “I told him I just resigned...” was his response. Feightner's apprehension was not unfounded, as the pilot would go on to have two near-death experiences with the Cutlass. In 1953, during the Blue Angels first airshow appearance, he experienced a complete hydraulics failure on full afterburner at take-off in a steep climb. Attempting to achieve sufficient altitude for ejection, he was able to stay with the aircraft until the backup system kicked in. After clipping trees on the end of the runway, the engines flamed out and hydraulic fluid began to stream out of the airframe in a bright flame. He managed to make a turn and safely land the Cutlass on the runway, much to the pleasure of the visiting crowd.

Feightner would also become the first to make a landing at the as-yet unopened Chicago O’Hare international airport, as he was wingman to Blue Angel pilot LT Harding MacKnight as he experienced an engine flameout, forcing him to make a landing at NAS Glenview. Feightner was redirected to land at O’Hare, and ordered to disregard the peach baskets that had been laid out on the runway to discourage aircraft from landing until the airport was completed. “We determined right off the bat it wasn’t the answer,” says Feightner. “But the Navy wanted to get some time on it. I actually took it aboard ship and made 14 landings before the airplane broke in half right behind the cockpit during a landing.” When asked his opinion as to why there was pressure to fly the Cutlass, his response was: “It was politics. There were Congressmen, Senators, and we had a couple of pretty senior officers who wanted their airplane to be the Blue Angels airplane.” Following these incidents, the Cutlass was deemed unsuitable for the Blue Angels and were flown to Naval Air Station Memphis, Tennessee where they were abandoned to become instructional airframes for the Naval Technical Training Centre.

A period image of the instrument panel of an F7U-3 (US NAVY photo)

An F7U-3 cutlass is on the ground at Brown Field, LA, Paladin Aviation in restoration for the Naval Aviation Museum at NAS Pensacola, FL. (US Navy Photo)

Lieutenant Commander Edward L. "Whitey" Feightner launches in an XF7U-1 Cutlass during carrier trials for the new aircraft on board the carrier Midway (CVB 41). A tailless design that proved underpowered, the Cutlass was not long-lived in fleet service, lasting only three years in the fleet following its initial delivery to Fighter Squadron (VF) 81 in April 1953. (US NAVY photo))

50 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

3609 AINP_3605 13/10/2014 10:38 Page 51

AVIATION IN PROFILE C h a n C e V o u g h t F 7 u - 3 C u t l a s s

F7U Cutlass Technical Specifications Powerplant: Two 4,600 lb static thrust Westinghouse J46-WE-8A turbojets with afterburners Dimensions: Length: 44 ft 3 in Height: 14 ft 7 in Wingspan: 38 ft 8 in Weight: Empty: 18,210 lb Gross: 31,642 lb Performance: Max Speed: 680 mph at 10,000 ft Ceiling: 40,000 ft Range: 660 miles Armament: Four 20mm forward-firing cannon and provision for four Sparrow I missiles Images of the preserved Cutlass cockpit on display at the US National Aviation Museum at Naval Air Station Pensacola, Florida.



3609 Feature 1_3605 14/10/2014 15:42 Page 52


Mike Williams decides that while the actual aircraft may not have been an overwhelming success, the Fisher Models F7U-3M Cutlass certainly is.

Vought F7U-3M Cutlass

Monster Model

Availability: www.fishermodels.com

he Cutlass would not have won any prizes for the most aesthetically pleasing aircraft, nor was it the fastest or most reliable carrier borne aircraft ever produced. However, it simply oozes character, with its high nose posture and massive flaperons on the trailing edges, along with some very colourful markings options, with the opportunity to model it in natural metal or the later Light Gull Grey over White.

Scale: 1:32 Stock Code: 3209 Price: $279.95 USD Author's Additional Investment: Plus Model Lead Wire 1.5mm 1.0mm 0.5mm Paints used: Tamiya: Fine White Primer, X-1 Gloss White, XF-1 Flat Black, XF-2 Flat White, XF-7 Flat Red, XF-8 Flat Blue Gunze Sangyo: H315 Light Gull Grey Weathering Agents: Winsor & Newton’s Artists Oils: Payne’s Grey Burnt Umber


The Gutless Cutlass (as it was colloquially known) has not been too well served in the modelling world in the past, aside from a couple of 72nd scale gems from Fujimi. Enter the Fisher models magnificent 1:32nd scale monster of a full resin kit complete with clear resin canopy, photo-etched brass detail set along with a pair of sublime cast brass main undercarriage legs, made

52 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

by G-Factor. These are certainly required as the finished model weighs in at a whopping 1lb 8oz (just over 650g) which would surely bend, buckle or snap a conventional plastic or resin undercarriage.

Modified Methodology Building an all resin kit requires one to alter their approach to building models, requiring a new set of skills and tools. For example, when sanding resin it must always be wet sanded with copious amounts of water given the carcinogenic nature of resin dust. When cutting

casting blocks off with a razor saw a dust mask or particle respirator must be worn, to avoid the dangers of inhaling the fine resin dust. When assembling resin kits, normal plastic model glue will not work, Cyanoacrylate (CA) or Superglue as it is more commonly known is the adhesive of choice, varying viscosities being useful if not essential. Having become relatively comfortable when working with resin over the years, working with the medium in various forms such as

3609 Feature 1_3605 14/10/2014 15:42 Page 53


conversion or detail sets, I was confident in my skills when first undertaking this project. However, it was still to prove a steep learning curve, given the sheer number of components and the size and complexity of this kit. There is no reason for any modeller with a moderate level of experience working with resin to be intimidated by this model, though; the most important ability to bring to the workbench is patience.

Starting at the Beginning The first, and most essential task is to wash all the parts in lukewarm soapy water with a scrubbing brush in order to remove any residual mould release agent that would interfere with paint adhesion later on. A familiarisation session was undertaken at this point to ensure that not only were all of the parts present and correct, but also to formulate a clear idea in my mind of what goes where and what could (or should) be done first. The instructions are a little different from the conventional pictorial or

exploded diagrams we have become accustomed to, consisting of informative written instructions alongside photographs of the various parts under construction to illustrate the highly descriptive text. With a plan of attack sorted out and all of the resin cleaned and dry, it was with a great sense of anticipation that the initial parts were cut from the casting blocks and had their moulding flash cleaned up. It was to be constantly at the back of my mind during the entire build that this kit needed serious justice doing to it, not least due to the fact that it costs $280, but also the fact this kit is a labour of love from master modeller Paul Fisher and it would be a criminal

disservice to squander such skill with a poor result here. A dry run of the major components showed a surprisingly easy fit all around, as all of the parts slotted together with consummate ease. No mean feat in resin, particularly in this scale. Further testament to the engineering skill and pure modelling talent that went into producing this kit. I was more than pleasantly surprised to discover that the only area that would require any remedial attention with filling and sanding would be the two-part main fuselage, though it is noted in the instructions that this part of the assembly



3609 Feature 1_3605 14/10/2014 15:42 Page 54


There is a large resin fillet that the wings slot into that goes inside the fuselage, acting as a spar; adding rigidity and integrity. It is a very solid lump of resin which works well to ensure the neutral dihedral as well. …

Once installed the fit is not perfect, although the instructions do indicate that this is the hardest part of the kit to correctly line up.

The intakes need the gun barrels drilling out and opening slightly with a rat tail file. The jet fan faces here are ready to attach to the back of the intake trunking. 54 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

I added a ‘spreader’ inside the lower fuselage, as the resin had shrunk or possibly warped slightly. It would mean some filling at the wing root later on, though this not an issue easily overcome.

To achieve a good strong bond on the main centre unit I used 90-second two-part epoxy and applied some pressure whilst the epoxy cured.

With the epoxy glue dry I broke out the Araldite kneadable putty. This stuff is perfect for big chasms, but you have to work fast as it only has a 5-minute working time. When properly cured after 72hrs (according to the instructions) it is rock solid, drillable and easily sanded.

3609 Feature 1_3605 14/10/2014 15:42 Page 55

Alclad is the natural weapon of choice for any internal metal parts such as the engine fan faces, providing a smooth, effortless natural sheen.

The cockpit is quite well appointed, although I did add a throttle lever from scrap plastic to the left hand console, which was conspicuous by its absence. The supplied photo-etched parts are the perfect complement to the resin seat. After copious amounts of wet sanding to smooth out any moulding imperfections, I sprayed Gloss White, which goes on perfectly if thinned with cellulose thinners; just take care to ensure good ventilation and wear a respirator.

The intake interiors also needed wet sanding to eliminate the mould seams. Again, this is pointed out in the instructions, which are well annotated. Small pieces of folded wet and dry sandpaper worked perfectly. The instrument panel is a fantastic piece of moulding, it just needed painting black before the separate decals for the dials went on. The front face simply clicks onto it after dry-brushing and detail painting.



3609 Feature 1_3605 14/10/2014 15:43 Page 56


The intakes mate almost perfectly with the main fuselage sub-assembly, although they may need some fairing in once primed.

presents some issues. Forewarned is forearmed. If you are contemplating one of these models the best bit of advice I can offer is to prepare everything thoroughly and to undertake plenty of dry fitting before committing yourself to glue. The wings are immense single-piece castings, giving them substantial weight. Thankfully, a solid resin block to attach them to within the fuselage is provided, which also aids in their proper alignment.

Spares Supplied The rudders required trimming whilst dry fitting, to ensure they slotted into place properly, followed by their small, yet perfectly formed actuators. Take great care removing and cleaning these up from the mould blocks as they are quite delicate. In fact there are plenty of delicately moulded minute parts that need removing with care. Fortunately, and quite uniquely for a resin kit, Fisher supply spares in the kit in the event of any breakage.

56 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

Getting the cockpit into the fuselage was rather awkward due to the one-piece moulding of the nose section. However, once lined up properly, it simply clicks into the slot provided where the head armour goes at the rear of the opening, allowing it to sit correctly. The nose fitted to the fuselage without any issues, with just a couple of small gaps that needed filling and sanding flush. Be careful of the bleed air vanes though, as they are quite delicate.

Paint Preparation With the major assembly complete, the entire model was sanded using 2400 grit wet 'n’ dry paper, kept moist with plenty of water to ensure all surfaces were perfectly smooth before fixing the windscreen in place. That needed a small amount of filling to achieve a smooth transition to the nose section. This then received the Alclad Black Primer treatment, along with the wing walkways and radome, so they could be masked off before the main paint job was started.

3609 Feature 1_3605 14/10/2014 15:43 Page 57


The small antennae, along with the catapult stirrups and fuel dump pipes, needed to be added before painting could start. Take care to follow the instructions closely at this point, to ensure they are in the correct places. I also found having plenty of references to hand invaluable whilst dealing with the details. Luckily I have a real sweet spot for the Cutlass and had plenty of information available. The undercarriage is loaded with plenty of detail, the main gear legs being truly mixed media, with some small etched parts to add to the realism. The brass main gear legs cleaned up brilliantly, however the mounting lugs needed trimming and required some brute force to cut them down. The nose gear is considerably easier to work with, being an all-resin casting.

White Worries White is a pain to spray at the best of times, even more so over the mess of colours of the fillers and primers on the surface, therefore a coat of Tamiya Fine White aerosol primer preceded the application of the scheme. This was followed by a light coat of Tamiya Gloss White, after which the Red leading edge slat interiors were painted. A considerable amount of masking followed this (after allowing the

paint to dry overnight of course) before the Light Gull Grey could be added. The considerable expanses of the model drank an entire bottle of the Grey! After gloss varnishing and masking the Light Gull Grey, the leading edge slats had their Corrogard edges airbrushed with Alclad Dull Aluminium and the undercarriage doors were painted gloss White, along with all of the other appendages and sub-assemblies before receiving a wash of Payne’s Grey. The burner cans were painted in Alclad Jet Exhaust… .what else?

Worthy Challenge The model is certainly very big and very colourful. It was a challenge at times, however, this was a superb experience. I would definitely describe it as more of an experience than a build, owing to the fact that it was not a chore at any point. Building a Fisher Models kit after normally building any injection moulded kit is a bit like driving a Bentley when you normally drive a Ford. A Ford is a quality drive, however driving a Bentley is an experience to be relished. I would not hesitate to recommend this kit to anyone who fancies a challenge, the results can be so rewarding.



3609 NOV (Page 58)_Layout 1 15/10/2014 14:35 Page 1



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If you have only £99.99 to spend on model kits this year, buy this kit. If you don’t have £99.99 to spend on model kits this year, ask your Mum to buy this for you for Christmas… Hawker Typhoon Mk Ib Availability: Airfix stockists worldwide via www.airfix.com Hannants – www.pocketbond.co.uk Scale: 1:24 Stock Code: A19002 Price: £99.99 Paints used: Alclad II Lacquers: ALC101 Aluminium, ALC102 Duralumin, ALC111 Magnesium, ALC113 Jet Exhaust, ALC117 Dull Aluminium, ALC119 Airframe Aluminium, ALC309 Black Primer & Microfiller Humbrol: 26 Matt Khaki, 70 Brick Red, 72 Khaki Drill, 85 Coal Black, 140 Gull Grey White Ensign Models: ACRN09 Dark Green, ACRN10 Dark Earth Xtracolor: X401 Matt Canvas Tan, X404 Matt White, X405 Matt Black, X504 Exhaust, X505 Tyre Black, XDTT Matt Varnish

Slowly But Surely


his definitely is a model worth taking your time on. Not because it costs all of £100.00, rather that it deserves to be savoured. You could spend less time on the average 1:72nd scale model kit than you would on the cockpit alone with this model. I spent a couple of weeks assembling the cockpit and still felt I rushed it. And the engine is the same. There is the option of installing the Airfix Electric Motor in the model and I decided it would be a gimmick too rich to resist. The instructions are a little vague when it comes to the modifications needed when installing the motor and there are a couple of points where the plastic needs to be adapted to accept the engine. The single piece of advice I can offer is to

be patient, study the instructions carefully before committing to glue and test fit every part several times. Construction of the Napier Sabre begins with step 39 of the instructions, or step 40 if you are installing the electric motor. And this is where things get confusing. While the appearance of a spinning prop will certainly add dimension to the finished model, a certain amount of experience is essential and hopefully I can make use of my experience for your benefit. Being somewhat clumsy myself, I am almost nervous about using small motors and electrical implements, as it seems as though I always manage to make a hash of it. I suppose it dates back to my build of the AMT Star Destroyer in the late 80’s when I made the

proud presentation of my modelling feat to my best mate Tom O’Hara. After spending weeks drilling out the holes for the fibre optic lights, building the model and painting and weathering it to perfection, I called Tommy up and told him he had to come over and check this out. After making a presentation that was short of only the fanfare, I darkened the lights and flipped the switch… to nothing. Once Tommy had stopped laughing, we figured out that I had wired the lights backwards and blown the circuit. Sometimes I wonder if it ever lit up before the bin men picked up our rubbish… So, to cut a long story short, I was not taking any chances with this set-up. Not being a ‘sparky’ type by any stretch of the imagination, I will not try to make out like I

We Highly Recommend:

Recommended Reference: Warpaint Books 5; Hawker Typhoon £8.50 www.valiant-wings.co.uk Valiant Wings Airframe & Miniature 2; The Hawker Typhoon £17.95 www.valiant-wings.co.uk

Airfix AF1004: Airfix Electric Motor £3.15 www.airfix.com A whirling propeller is much more than a cooling fan…

60 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

Airscale AS24TIFF Hawker Typhoon Cockpit Decals £10.95 www.airscale.co.uk As you can see from this instalment, these are superb!

Alley Cat AC24007C Hawker Typhoon Mk Ib Canopy Set £10.00 www.a2zeemodels.co.uk There is a slight crack at the base of most kit canopies, this is the simplest solution.

3609 Feature 2_3605 21/10/2014 09:12 Page 61


Dutch Decals 2401: Dutchies in the RAF £TBA www.dutchdecal.nl Proof that the Dutch are good for so much more than Tulips and Clogs...

know what everything is, but there looks to be something of a transistor sealed in an orange(ish) sleeve at the back of the motor that looks like it does not want to be compressed, squeezed or otherwise interfered with. The problem is that it will not fit between the plastic bulkheads without being compressed, squeezed or otherwise interfered with. After a couple of minutes of contemplation, the light bulb went off and I decided I would cut away the plastic underneath the locating

Master Models MR24004: Hispano Mk.II 20mm cannon (4pcs), £15.20 www.eduard.com It would be rude not to, these are incredible.

Eagle Cals EC15924 Hawker Typhoon Part 1 £15.99 www.eagle-editions.com

tab on the rear bulkhead, which would allow the…er…transistor (?) to fit through easily and prevent it from getting crushed.

Eagle Cals EC16024 Hawker Typhoon Part 2 £15.99 www.eagle-editions.com All you need to find is a Yellow Roman numeral IV, Pulverizer II is one of the options on 159.

Eduard 6424001 Hawker Typhoon resin weighted wheels £8.40 www.eduard.com You know these will be followed with a superb set of brass legs…

At this point I am making the presumption that the instructions intend for the rear plate and supercharger assembly to be left off when installing the motor, as there is no provision for the wiring or any further modifications in the steps that follow. All the instructions allude to is a few

scrap views of the wiring as it runs through a transparent fuselage assembly. After test fitting the rear plate and supercharger assembly several times, I think it is safe to say that you are not intended to fit these parts to the Sabre when installing the

electric motor. However,

Montex Masks SM24016 Hawker Typhoon Canopy and Wheels Vinyl Masks £5.50 www.a2zeemodels.co.uk Masks for the interior and exterior of the canopy. Who could ask for more?

Scalewarship Ltd.; RAF Starter Trolley £24.50 www.scalewarship.com WWII starter trolley in resin and etched. The perfect starting point for any ambitious diorama.

Xtradecal 24003 Hawker Typhoon Mk Ib £10.99 www.hannants.co.uk 6 colourful options printed to the highest possible standards.



3609 Feature 2_3605 21/10/2014 09:12 Page 62


The rear bulkhead for mounting the Electric Motor needs scraping in order for the motor's transistor to fit safely.

The propeller drive shaft of the Electric Motor set will not fit through the opening of the shaft hub, therefore a small amount of widening using a scalpel is required. A drill bit would be ideal, however it would mean fishing one out of the household drill bit set. .

The instructions also make no mention of using an adhesive to secure the motor. I would recommend using small amounts of superglue on the securing brackets of the front bulkhead.

While no mention is made in the instructions of what to do with the rear plate and supercharger when installing the electric motor, some modification of the parts is necessary to allow the wires to pass through freely.

The rear plate had two 3mm holes drilled through on either side of the locating hole for the supercharger assembly. Not all of the modifications were as tidy as a drill, here the supercharger is scraped using a scalpel, to allow the wires to bend downwards as they feed through the fuselage.

It would have been easier to leave the supercharger off, however I am displaying this with the engine visible, therefore the missing components would stand out like a sore thumb. I imagine Airfix expected the modeller to close the engine cowlings when installing the Electric Motor.

62 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

I recommend working page to page. Cutting the appropriate parts for the sequence of steps on any given page helps keep things organised and makes construction far less confusing.

3609 Feature 2_3605 21/10/2014 09:13 Page 63


Texture is an effective way of altering the colours used; polishing the Black primer before adding Airframe Aluminium will enhance its lustre, making it distinctively different from parts with the surfaces unpolished.

The instructions are very clear when it comes to what holes to drill for which scheme, as well as mentioning the holes to drill for the cords for the electric motor and stand.

Albion Alloys needle sanders are a simple way to clear up the ridges left by the drill.

When any part of a model is “glossed-up” it looks terrible, in my opinion. It is not until the first wash is applied that the detail starts to become prominent and the subsequent filters will further enhance the realism.

When finding reference for the instrument panel on-line, I came across several contradicting finishes, however the one I liked the best was the splash of colour contributed by the three red bezels.

Mounting the individual stacks on a bamboo skewer is an easy way to handle them during painting and weathering.

While they are not called for until much later, something came over me and I decided to do the exhausts now. Whatever you do, do not sand the seam running along the stack, it is a weld seam. It merely needs some careful removing of the remnants of the sprue gate.

Two clamps provide balance whilst painting and weathering the exhausts. After priming them Black, they were gently dry-brushed with Gunmetal, then a coat of gloss varnish was applied, prior to weathering. NOVEMBER 2014 • VOLUME 36 • ISSUE 09


3609 Feature 2_3605 21/10/2014 09:13 Page 64

24TH FEATURE BUILD REFERENCE remembered the ones I have seen being a Bronze Green. Unfortunately a search on the internet left me with the same

undeterred by common sense, I decided I would fit the aforementioned parts regardless. This does take a considerable amount of cutting and officially I would not recommend following my approach here. The one thought I had was that with the plate and supercharger on, accessing the motor in the event of a failure would be impossible, however that is already the case as the engine sits inside two sealed bulkheads inside the Napier engine. Access is therefore not an issue. I started by drilling two 3mm holes on either side of the locating hole for the supercharger on the of the rear engine plate (you can see all of this in the accompanying photographs, by the way…). Through these, the wires were fed through, including the ends of the insulators. Each part of the supercharger assembly was then test fitted over this, in order to work out how much the wires would interfere with the fit of each part. I will leave the rest of the description to the accompanying images, as it will make much more sense that way and probably be far easier to follow.

and the result would be a static propeller. Totally negating the purpose of installing the electric motor.

Sabre Colours I have seen the Sabre engine in person a couple of times, which left me somewhat confused when it came to the colours called for in the instructions. The basic colour is Humbrol 85 (Coal Black), although I had

It took skipping ahead to the second from last step of the instructions to properly work out how to install the propeller shaft. Not wanting to leave fixing the shaft to the motor's driving rod until after the front plate was installed, I decided to fix the shaft at this point. The reason was that if any superglue ran into the mechanisms because I was unable to properly see what I was doing, there would be no way of repairing it

64 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

quandary as half of the colour photographs I found showed the engine to be Black and the other half Green, adding another element to the query. Was the Bronze Green a protective primer used to preserve the engine? Wartime photographs were not much use either, as a colour as dark as Bronze Green could look Black in monochromatic photographs. “When in doubt, follow the instructions”, I always say - so Black it is. In fact I must make mention of a superb resource I came across on Large Scale Planes (www.largescaleplanes.com)

out together by Max Otten featuring images taken at the London Science Museum, the Imperial War Museum and RAF Hendon. As a reference piece for anyone building this kit, it is the best source of information I have found and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

I made one mistake after painting the engine Black, and that was to gloss varnish it before carrying on with assembly. The logic was to protect the paint from errant brush strokes in the detail painting, however the result was that fitting the parts into their locating holes was extremely tight and on more than one occasion I came close to breaking fragile parts

getting them into place. I would recommend painting all of the parts separately before installing them and then varnishing the engine. I have to say that I have not enjoyed modelling quite as much as this for a long time. I have had fun building the kits I have completed recently, although none as much as this. Considering I am not that far into the project at the moment and have at least a

couple more weeks work ahead, I think it is safe to say that I have had my money’s worth already and every minute of pleasure derived from the build after this is icing on the cake. The December IPMS UK Special Edition will have the concluding part of this article, so don’t miss it!

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James Campling joins the SAM team as he builds the superb HobbyBoss 1:48th scale Grumman A-6A Intruder. A-6A Intruder

Advanced Replacement

Availability: HobbyBoss stockists via www.hobbyboss.com Creative Models www.creativemodels.co.uk

onceived during the mid to late 1950's in response to a Navy requirement for a new jet-powered medium attack aircraft capable of operating with equal capability both day and night and able to deliver nuclear weaponry, the Grumman A-6 Intruder prototype made its maiden flight in 1960.

Scale: 1:48 Stock Code: 81708 Author's Additional Investment: Eduard EX427; Intruder Paint Masks Eduard 648128; Brassin resin Mk 82 bombs Availability: Eduard stockists via www.eduard.com Creative Models, Hannants & LSA Models Paints used: Alclad II Lacquers 009 Black Micro primer & Filler, 117 Dull Aluminium, 120 Gunmetal, 121 Burnt Metal White Ensign Models Matt Black Xtracolor XDBB Light Gull Grey base coat, X103 Insignia Red, X107 Radome Tan, X133 Neutral Grey, X135 Dark Compass Grey, X137 Light Gull Grey, X141 White, X505 Tyre Black, X508 Burnt Iron


The A-6 was capable of carrying up to 8,165kg (18,000lb) of ordnance on five external store stations beneath the wing and fuselage. The Intruder also had a sophisticated package of radar and computer technology which permitted the A-6 to operate virtually 'blind' at low level and deliver a variety of weapons with near-pinpoint accuracy in virtually all types of weather conditions. At the time the Intruder entered service it was

Weathering Agents: Winsor & Newton’s Artists Oils Payne’s Grey, Raw Umber & Mixing White

66 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

without doubt one of the most sophisticated warplanes yet conceived. The initial A-6A model was infinitely superior to the Douglas Skyraider, which it replaced, being able to operate in all but the most appalling weather conditions, as the Intruder demonstrated repeatedly throughout the Vietnam War.

Excellent Start First impressions are everything, as they say, and HobbyBoss have certainly made an impression on me with this kit from the start. The contents are pretty impressive. HobbyBoss have included some lovely detailing, particularly in the cockpit area, including intricately detailed, multi-part ejection seats. The, now seemingly standard, inclusion of photo-etched metal parts is a nice

touch, as they vastly enhances areas such as the crew access ladder. HobbyBoss have established a reputation for including a considerable amount of ordnance and this release is no exception. The option of modelling the wings extended or folded is a nice option that rounds out the package nicely. Regardless of how fine the detail looks on the sprues however, the true test would lay in the assembly.

Apprehensive Beginnings The box is crammed full of parts, making it a daunting prospect to start with and leaving me with the impression that this was going to be a marathon build. However, once the first few assembly sequences are ticked off the list, the number of sprues reduces dramatically, particularly when it comes to the wings. They

3609 Feature 2_3605 14/10/2014 13:13 Page 67


comprise two full sprues of plastic on their own! After setting aside the four sprues of the ordnance, what was left seemed far more manageable. For the most part, the kit went together effortlessly, although there was some remedial work required to eliminate seams along the fuselage. However, this is a far cry from having to fill loads of seams with tons of putty. One frustrating aspect of the kit was the flash present on some of the smaller parts, most notably the anti-sway braces of the MER’s, which was difficult to clean up owing to their size.

photo-etched fret is sufficient for detailing. As a matter of convenience, I suppose one could add colour etched consoles and instrument panels, however in my opinion they are not essential additions. Some scratch-built details such as oxygen hoses are all I would recommend. After dry-fitting the cockpit into the fuselage halves, it was apparent that there would be an issue when it came to how the windscreen would fit over the instrument panel coaming. Rectification was a simple task, as sanding back the edges of the coaming slightly allowed the windscreen to easily slip into place.

Superior Cockpit The cockpit is simply excellent. While I was sorely tempted to use some resin bang seats, they really are not necessary as the kit's seats are great. The inclusion of etched harnesses as part of the

Engine Intakes & Fuselage The intakes come as three parts, plus the intake fan, per side. There is a short seam that runs the length

of the intake that requires some filling and sanding, both top and bottom, as well as around the opening. However, these were easily cleaned up in under an hour using putty, and SAM sanding sponges. Mating the two fuselage halves is probably the trickiest part of the entire build. Time and patience are all that are required, though, as once the two halves are forced together and securely clamped, the resulting seam is simple to deal with. Make sure to fix the intakes to each fuselage half before joining them, as this is the simplest way to prevent an awkward fit when it comes to adding the boarding ladder. I would also recommend adding the nose undercarriage bay after fitting the intakes, as doing it the other way around means the intakes will not fit onto the fuselage.

moulding. Should you wish to display the radome open, some additional wiring would go a long way in enhancing the appearance. During the dryfitting stages I found that the radar bulkhead could be removed and inserted with relative ease, so this can be fixed in place at any time. I would recommend fitting the radar array after the fuselage is assembled, as this will prevent damage to of any of the delicate parts while joining the fuselage halves. Another thing to consider at this point is the addition of nose weight. The instructions make no mention of the necessity to add anything, so presumably none is required. However, there is nothing worse than ending up with a fully assembled “tailsitter”, therefore I elected to add a few grams, just to be on the safe side.

The nose radar array is another highlight of the kit, being a rather impressive bit of engineering and



3609 Feature 2_3605 14/10/2014 13:13 Page 68


Resin ejection seats are somewhat superfluous in this instance; the kit's seats are remarkably well detailed.

In fact, the entire cockpit is more than sufficiently detailed for my purposes, HobbyBoss have spent a great deal of time thinking this one out. The ejector pin marks are nothing to worry about, the seats will cover them up.

It is hard to argue with this result. Nothing more than some careful painting was needed to produce a convincing cockpit. Even before applying clamps it is obvious that there will be only a faint seam visible after adding cement. All this model really requires is some patience and test fitting.

The radar array is rather impressive and a testament to the commitment to detail HobbyBoss bring to most of their releases. It seems a shame to cover it up with the radome, really...

Handling sub-assemblies during painting can be awkward, therefore a slab of Styrofoam and some toothpicks with which to handle the parts is essential.

While it may seem like an odd thing to obsess over, both the editor and I marvelled over the attention to detail HobbyBoss have paid to the crew boarding ladder. ...

Keeping sub-assemblies like the ones you see here separate from the main assembly makes painting them much easier and saves a great deal of masking.

68 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

Reverse Negative. Painting the consoles White, glossing them, and then painting them Black meant that it was simply a matter of using a cotton bud soaked lightly in thinner to remove the Black paint, revealing the White underneath.

The intakes, nose undercarriage bay and cockpit are not all that difficult to fit before joining the fuselage halves; it is simply a matter of following a logical progression. Painting the White you see added here prevents having to achieve some awkward angles with the airbrush after the wings are added.

The Eduard Mk 82s are superb and the stencil data is actually legible.

3609 Feature 2_3605 14/10/2014 13:13 Page 69


Adding some brake lines and hydraulic cables to the already superbly detailed undercarriage only enhances their appearance. A decent wash brings up their detail nicely.

The kit decals performed perfectly, settling into the recessed detail nicely, with the aid of decal setting solutions, with no visible silvering at any point.

A close look at the wing folds shows just how impressive the moulding is on this model. I suppose you could add some wiring at this point, however it is not really necessary.

The undersides received a heavier pre-shading than the upper sides, as this is where more of the grime build-up would occur on an operational airframe. As the excess wash was removed, streaks were formed along the airflow, as you can see here on the flap. Subtlety is the key, particularly on lightly coloured parts such as this.

The wash was kept restrained, allowing a build-up around protrusions such as the actuators here.

As you can see, the model was completely weathered prior to the addition of the sub-assemblies. This is the most logical way to prevent the breakage of parts when working with cotton buds.

There are some quite substantial decals for this model; positioning them without causing damage requires a great deal of patience.

The very last task in the assembly is the addition of the undercarriage legs. There is nothing worse than flipping the model over to do some weathering and snapping a strut. NOVEMBER 2014 • VOLUME 36 • ISSUE 09


3609 Feature 2_3605 14/10/2014 13:13 Page 70


Undercarriage Legs I hope that other manufacturers will adopt the idea of using a solid white metal leg enclosed by a detailed plastic outer shell, as it combines strength and detail perfectly. The nose leg is simply stunning, made up of no less than 11 parts, not including the wheels. All the undercarriage could do with is the addition of brake lines using thin copper wire from the spares box.

Epic Folds The toughest decision to make during this build was whether or not to fold the wings. The wing fold detail is spectacular and the appearance of the model with the wings folded is impressive, to say the least. However, choosing to do so means the flaps will remain retracted, whereas dropped flaps are another

aesthetically pleasing option for displaying a model. Thankfully, modelling the dive brakes open is an option either way, thus adding some further interest to the airframe.

Painting & Weathering I always use Xtracolor paints and have been doing so for over 15 years, as the pigments are very fine and spray effortlessly. Alclad Grey primer precedes the application of pre-shading to any areas that would see a build-up of grime, such as panel lines, exhaust outlets and the belly. The upper surface colours follow; Insignia White and Light Gull Grey. These are applied in several thin coats, added in light increments, taking care not to obliterate the pre-shading. After giving the paint a couple of days to thoroughly dry, the decals can be added. There are plenty to be added, so it is a time consuming process. Weathering begins with an application of an oil wash, something I had not previously done on any of my models. After adding a solid few coats of acrylic gloss varnish, the Xtracolor

70 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

enamels are sufficiently protected from wash. The editor and I have been friends for well over a decade now and he has always been a proponent of removing the excess wash in the direction of the airflow, something I now see is an effective way of doing things. The trick is to remove as much as possible, leaving only enough “streaking” to give an impression of staining on the surfaces.

Ordnance Board The A-6 carried a wide variety of bombs in Vietnam and HobbyBoss have not let the modeller down when it comes to choice of load-out. As I mentioned earlier, four full sprues are dedicated to weapons, so there is no shortage of options when it comes to fitting ordnance. What is provided is sufficiently detailed and accurate, however I did choose to replace the Mk 82s of the MER with Eduard Brassin equivalents. This was a matter of preference as opposed

to necessity, though. The editor had some to hand and they would save me the hassle of assembling the “dumb” bombs and cleaning up their seams.

Over Analysis At times we can over-analyse releases, focusing on the minutiae and missing the bigger picture. I deliberately avoided reading any internet reviews of this kit before I started construction as I did not want to become distracted by trying to correct someone else’s perceived imperfections, or waste effort fitting resin improvements or corrections. I find a kit that much more enjoyable when I can choose to add something like colour etched details, or perhaps resin wheels or bombs, as I did here. I thoroughly enjoyed building this kit and I hope you enjoy the finished model as much as I do. The only advice I can offer when it comes to assembling this kit is to carefully test fit the major assemblies, as patience will pay off in spades. HobbyBoss have produced a magnificent model kit in this Intruder, and hopefully the editor will pass another one or two my way…

3609 NOV (Page 71)_Layout 1 20/10/2014 01:24 Page 1

By CAM Decals

Coming Soon!

Available ONLY from CAM Decals

3609 Feature 4_3605 16/10/2014 21:55 Page 72


Karl Robinson examines the resurrected Tan Models 1:48th scale F-5A, now released by Tiger Hobbies.

Northrop F-5A Light Weight Fighter Availability: Tiger Hobbies stockists via www.tiger-hobbies.co.uk Scale: 1:48 Stock Code: THK48001 Price: £15.99 Paints used: Gunze Sangyo H-12 Flat Black H-317 FS36231 Grey Metal Vallejo Model Air 71.062 Aluminium 71.065 Steel 71.072 Gun Grey 71.073 Black Metal

Well Marked


hile walking around Scale ModelWorld in 2013 I was pleasantly surprised to see the appearance of a new 1:48th scale F-5A kit from a previously unknown to me producer called Tiger Hobbies. After having a quick chat with company director Gary Ford, I was made aware that this was a resurrection of the abortive attempt by Tan Models of Turkey at getting an F-5A kit to market. With the kits arriving a just a couple of days before the show they were available in temporary White ‘Pizza boxes from Rotherham’. Still, it is what they contain that matters, so I was anxious to see what was on offer. The initial inspection revealed some fairly “chunky” mouldings and wide sprue gates. The panel lines are quite heavy and wide which

72 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

will definitely be a talking point that will polarise modeller’s opinions of the kit. A likely comparison would be to the Matchbox kits of the 1980’s rather than the more refined types to which we have now become accustomed to lately. A lovely looking decal sheet is provided, including four different options for the Turkish, Philippines, and Royal Norwegian Air Forces plus a full set of perfectly rendered and highly legible stencil data. I was immediately drawn to the attractive early RNAF aircraft in natural metal with a large Yellow lightning flash on the tail, and immediately set my mind on that one.

Back to Basics After diving into construction I found that most of the parts are best removed from the sprues

using a fine razor saw, rather than side cutters, to avoid damaging edges. The cockpit is a basic affair that can be made to look acceptable with some careful painting, and will provide a good starting point for those wanting to scratchbuild additional details to liven things up. The F-5 features a complex canopy mechanism behind the seat, however the kit only captures the basics, with extended actuator parts that are only intended for use when modelling the canopy open. I would recommend taking the time to carefully examine the instructions thoroughly before you begin construction as they can prove somewhat confusing and vague in places. A number of parts are listed as “optional”, all of which appear to be the parts necessary to make an NF-5 or CF-5 variant, so be careful as to what you actually use.

3609 Feature 4_3605 16/10/2014 21:56 Page 73

The chunky sprue gates require careful attention when removing parts, the best tool for the job in this case being a fine razor saw.

Every Cloud…

Back in Black

Thankfully, most of the construction is straightforward and simple enough. However, there are a few areas which require some care and attention. A few of the joins are quite ‘gappy’, such as the plate that fits onto the lower underside of the fuselage, as well as the separate wing flaps and slats. Strangely enough, though, this actually works to the kit's advantage: I found that running white glue into these gaps to seal them, then adding a layer of Mr Surfacer over the top, left them looking remarkably similar to the surrounding panel lines, blending them in perfectly.

The intakes are fairly shallow, so it is best to paint the rear wall black before fitting them. This will provide an illusion of increased depth. I say this in hindsight, as I neglected to do this myself and now it sticks out like a sore thumb. Significant gaps require filling and sanding along the rear of the intake parts to blend them into shape. More filling is required along the wing roots, most notably around the leading edge extensions. Here the wing is admirably thin; however, the slot into which it fits is much wider than the part, subsequently leaving gaps on both top and bottom.

The surfaces require a good sanding with SAM Sponges in order to eliminate all the blemishes, particularly if you plan on a natural metal finish. Luckily those large panel lines will survive even the most vigorous sanding!

Scuffs, scratches and blemishes are evident across the surfaces of the parts which will need attention and cleaning up before painting.

Certain aspects of the mould design could be described primitive, such as these large recessed triangles representing the nose gun ports. These were filled in and drilled out again using a suitably sized drill bit held in a pin vice.

Strangely, the nose leg is provided in two sections that rely on butt joining. Not wanting to trust this on a part that supports the entire model, I drilled the leg out and set in a 1mm diameter brass rod for added strength. NOVEMBER 2014 • VOLUME 36 • ISSUE 09


3609 Feature 4_3605 16/10/2014 21:56 Page 74


Norway is Out… One of the initial highlights of the kit was the superbly printed decal sheet, which includes options for the Turkish, Norwegian and, surprisingly, Philippine Air Forces, as well as a full set of superbly rendered stencilling. After a little deliberation I had originally decided to go with the smart looking Norwegian option, as I mentioned earlier. With it being a metallic finish I needed to sand down and smooth the kit's surfaces, so progressive use of the sanding sponges eliminated the coarse texture of the plastic, left from the rough moulds. With all the painting done it was time to start adding the decals, which is where I hit a

major snag. Whilst attempting to apply the Norwegian roundels to the intake areas, to my horror I found that they were too large and ran over the intakes, onto the fuselage and eventually the wing. Correct sizing for the roundel to fit would be a maximum diameter of 12.5mm, whereas the decals were 16mm, and therefore unusable. All of the other decals looked to be correctly sized, so I made a decision to switch to the other natural metal option in the form of the early Turkish Air Force machine of the ‘Seljuk Eagles’ Aerobatic team in 1971. Getting the

74 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

decals to settle into the panel lines was a touch tricky and required a couple of applications of setting solution. Other than that, though, they were superb to work with. Photographs of the Seljuk Eagles aircraft showed them to be very neatly kept (not surprising, given the fact that they are an aerobatic display team) and polished, so I initially decided to just add a simple and suitably subtle panel line wash. After initial clean-up however, the wash looked way too stark and overbearing. I ended up removing the wash altogether, deciding that the panel lines did not need any enhancement.

More Margarita than Meat Feast How would I sum this kit up? Using a pizza analogy, it is definitely not a Meat Feast or Double Pepperoni with stuffed crusts, but more of a basic cheese and tomato Margarita. It will be sufficient in its basic form for some, while for others they can add specific ‘ingredients’ to improve things where needed. Overall I would say that it is a good attempt at a first kit, but its lack of refinement may put some modellers off. In the right hands it can make for an attractive model and is well priced for a decent sized 1:48th scale jet fighter.

3609 NOV (Page 75)_Layout 1 17/10/2014 13:12 Page 1

3609 Feature 5_3605 17/10/2014 13:34 Page 76


Mario Serelle decides to build the uncommon Target Tug version of the Curtiss A-25A Shrike from the 1:72nd scale Cyber-Hobby kit.

Curtiss A-25A-5-CS Shrike Availability: Cyber-Hobby stockists via www.cyber-hobby.com Amerang www.amerang.co.uk Scale: 1:72 Stock Code: 5115 Price: £29.99 Paints used: Vallejo: 71.010 Interior Green, 71.012 Medium Green, 71.043 Olive Drab, 71.065 Steel, 71.097 Base Grey, Tamiya XF-3 Yellow Weathering Agents: Corfix Artists Oils: Burnt Umber, Green Earth, Yellow Deep Acrilex Artists Oils: White Winsor & Newton’s Artists Oils: Burnt Siena Vallejo Wash: 76.512 Dark Green, 76.518 Black, 76.521 Oiled Earth


here are not many options with which to finish an A-25 aside from the usual Olive Drab and Neutral Grey camouflage. However, in executing some simple on-line research it is not difficult to uncover some interesting and colourful target tug versions, presenting the opportunity to add a small bit of colour to an otherwise…er… drab scheme.

Interior Puzzle The first thing you will notice when examining the instructions is the complete lack of colour call-outs for the cockpit and interior parts. With nothing mentioned, any on-line or printed reference will be essential in order to present an accurate depiction of the aforementioned sections of the model. Unfortunately there is not a great deal of information or photographs readily available when it comes to the US Air Force’s A-25 Shrike.

76 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

However, reference abounds on both the internet and in books with regards to the SB2C Helldiver and considering the Shrike is simply a land based version of the Helldiver, there is no reason not to assume that the interiors would be painted the same. Considering that every batch of both types was built by Curtiss and the first ten Shrikes had folding wings when delivered to the Air Force, it is a safe bet that the manufacturer would not have gone to the lengths of repainting the interior, nor would the Air Force have made such a request. The interior is composed of no less than 25 parts and is very well detailed as it comes from the box. While it looks superb once assembled, it takes some effort to get there as the instructions are somewhat ambiguous at times. It takes a careful combination of referring to both the instructions and reference at the same time, particularly when it comes to the consoles

and the radio operator's position. The best advice I can offer is to take some time dryfitting parts, ensuring everything is aligned properly before committing to cement. The good news is that once the cockpit and interior is assembled, the fuselage halves fit perfectly around them.

Shrike Features Being a common mould with the previously released SB2C-3 variant, there are some features specific to the A-25A that Cyber-Hobby neglected to omit from the instructions, unfortunately. The first error is the inclusion of the raft compartment in the rear gunner's position, which was presumably not present on the land-based A-25. However, given the fact that, as I mentioned earlier, the first ten Shrikes were delivered with folding wings, it is not unreasonable to assume that the raft may have also been

3609 Feature 5_3605 17/10/2014 13:34 Page 77


included with these airframes. There is an option for twin 0.30 calibre machine guns in the gunner's position, however the Shrike was only equipped with a single 0.50 cal. The land-based version did not have the tail hook installed (again, it is possible the first ten airframes delivered could feasibly have had a tail hook), although this feature is present in the instructions as well. Plasticard was used to fair over the tail hook housing and superglue employed to reshape the fuselage. For this specific airframe there was no machine gun

installed in the rear position and the gunner’s seat was replaced with a fixed version. The wing gun ports were also filled in and the pylons left off as well.

While on the Wings… Assembling the wings was not an easy task. Each wing is made of five major components which make it possible to build the naval version with folded wings. As this option is not relevant for the Shrike (again those ten airframes…) the complications that arise from assembling such a complex modular

configuration are not all that welcome. When it comes to adding the dive brakes and flaps things go from bad to worse! The parts are smaller than the space they need to fill and do not adequately fill the gaps they go into. After spending a considerable amount of time attempting to overcome this conundrum, I decided to make new flaps from plastic card using the etched parts as templates. After some minor adjustments, they fitted perfectly and looked great once in place.

Adding Some Colour Painting the Target Tug differs only from the regular Shrike in the fact that it has Yellow bands on the fuselage, and stripes on the wings and rudder. The underside received a Tyre Black pre-shading followed by Vallejo’s Base Grey mixed with about 25% White. Multiple layers of Black Green, Green and Yellow Green were applied to the upper surfaces, using liquid mask between them to create an irregular pattern of different shades as a base for Vallejo’s Olive Drab. Medium Green splotches were airbrushed onto

Shading the Undersides

The undersides were given a pre-shade of Black, prior to the Grey being applied.

Dark Grey was then added, sprayed from leading to trailing edge, to form a base for streaking effects to be added later.

White was then sprayed onto the surfaces, to act as highlights for specific panels.

The next step was to add the Grey of the camouflage, taking care to add it in careful coats, so as not to obliterate the preshading.

Lastly, a “filter” of the camouflage Grey was applied, to blend the highlights and shadows together.



3609 Feature 5_3605 17/10/2014 13:34 Page 78


You are left to your own devices when it comes to figuring out what colours you need to paint the interior, and this is where some decent reference comes in very handy. After scraping off the kitmoulded harness from the pilot's seat, the kitprovided etched equivalent was added. A vast improvement.

While the kit provides an etched harness for the pilot’s seat, the gunner's position is ignored. Therefore, a lap-belt was scratch-built from masking tape.

Thankfully, the engineering of the interior is superb and the assembly fits perfectly between the fuselage halves.

After removing the tail-wheel housing, the arrestor hook cavity was filled using plasticard. This was then faired in using superglue. The assembly of the photo-etched and plastic dive-brakes is quite confusing, and the plastic does not fit well.

In the end, I decided it would be easier just to scratchbuild the flaps from plasticard, using the etched parts as a template.

The canopy fits perfectly onto the model, the only drawback being that the only option is to install it as one piece, making that excellent interior detail less visible.

Quality masking tape, a fresh scalpel blade and a lot of patience are all essential when it comes to making this “greenhouse” canopy.

An old trick, but a good one. The canopy has the Interior Green sprayed on before the primer, so the interior colour will show through on the reverse side. This effect is obviously more prevalent with open canopies. 78 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

3609 Feature 5_3605 17/10/2014 13:35 Page 79


The Other Chipping Method

Prior even to the shading being done, the plastic was masked using liquid mask and a sponge, as the Light Grey of the plastic will make for a nice base for the bleached-out effect I was after.

Black Green was mixed with Tyre Black to obtain an even darker shade of Green to shade the panel lines and act as a base for streaks over the wings.

The next step was to add the Grey of the camouflage, taking care to add it in careful coats, so as not to obliterate the preshading.

A neutral Green colour was lightly airbrushed over the upper surfaces...

…which was followed with a layer of Yellow Green, to provide a distinct contrast.

If it appeared as though the previous stages were looking overdone, the Olive Drab of the camouflage blends everything neatly and brings back the contrasts to a convincing level.

A rough mask was cut from masking tape and applied to the areas the stars and bars would eventually go, before spraying the Yellow of the ID bands.

A coat of gloss varnish was added before the decals were applied, to prevent any chance of their ‘silvering’.

Vallejo Model Wash was used to accentuate the panel lines, bringing out the fine details.

Oil paints were used ‘neat’ to replicate the residue of dust and dirt in areas such as those surrounding the wheel wells, with Burnt Sienna drawn along the airflow represented liquid leaks.

Small scratches were added to relevant spots on the airframe, such as the wing roots and other high maintenance areas, using a Silver pencil.



3609 Feature 5_3605 17/10/2014 13:35 Page 80


the flying surfaces, as well as the leading and trailing edges using Blu Tack as a mask. Before painting the Yellow stripes on the wings, masks for the stars and bars were cut from masking tape and placed on the wings. This prevents a hard demarcation line from appearing beneath the decals when they are applied later on. Both the upper and lower surfaces were post-shaded with a thinned mixture of White to produce a more deeply faded appearance to the finish. Airbrushing a thinned Base Grey and Olive Drab over the top of this blended the effect neatly.

Decals & Weathering The kit's stars and bars decals were replaced with versions from my spares box. The new serial was made up from numbers and letters taken from an old FCM decal sheet. Vallejo washes were used to accentuate the panel lines. Oiled Earth was applied to the undersides, while the upper surfaces received a Dark Green colour. The landing gear received a Black wash. A few hydraulic leaks were simulated using Artist’s Burnt Umber oil paint. After a coat of Vallejo’s Satin Varnish, a Dark Yellow filter was applied to the wing roots.

80 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

Scratches and paint chipping were simulated with a small stiff brush and Silver pencil on selected areas.

One Final Surprise This kit reserves one last unpleasant surprise for the end. Once again you are left to your own devices when it comes to working out how to correctly execute a sub-assembly. This time it is the undercarriage. If you add the doors as per the instructions, the result is a strange alignment when compared to the actual aircraft. Again, my recommendation is to carefully examine reference photographs and replicate

what you see. This was definitely not a simple build, as the instructions are misleading at times. However, with some patience and knowledge of the subject a superior model is possible. The model is very much a modern tooling in terms of detail, foibles aside. Given the fact that an Olive Drab Helldiver is a unique opportunity to model a lesser known version of a famous airframe, Cyber-Hobby are to be applauded for kitting a unique variant, even if they did not get it perfect.

3609 SAM 81_3403 17/10/2014 12:47 Page 1

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Out Now! Fairey Swordfish in British, Canadian & Netherlands Service in World War Two Affectionately known as the ‘Stringbag’ by its crews, the Fairey Swordfish is one of World War Two’s most iconic biplane aircraft. A British ‘classic’, and well timed to coincide with the recently released 1/72 scale kit from Airfix.

£21.99 ISBN 978-0-9575513-1-2

Hawker Hunter in RAF service 1955 to 1990 One of Britain’s classic post-war jet aircraft, the Hawker Hunter first entered RAF service as a single-seat fighter in 1954. It was later operated in the fighter-bomber and fighter reconnaissance roles, taking part in numerous conflicts around the globe.

£23.99 ISBN 978-0-9575513-2-9

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99 Demon +Vigilante ad.qxp_Canberra SAM ad 10/10/2014 19:29 Page 1 014 19: 20 Pag e 50

Warpaint series No.99


£15.00 McDonn


N re le ew ase

By Tony

The McDonnell F3H Demon naval fighter is chiefly remembered for the controversial delays and troubles suffered by its jet engine powerplants. The original J40 was a failure and brought the end of the original F3H-1 series but the J71 engine in the revised F3H-2, although not perfect, did help in the development of a decent service aircraft. Begun as an interceptor, Demon was a large and heavy single-seat fighter, it could reach supersonic speed in a dive with ease and one of the later versions became the Navy’ s first all-weather missile-firing fighter. In the air the Demon handled beautifully . The aircraft never took part in a major conflict but was on hand aboard US Navy carriers between 1958 and 1965 in case any of the crisis situations of that period turned into a major conflict. In fact by 1965 the Demon had been present in the front line for longer than any previous US Navy jet fighter. Despite such a shaky start and the “dark days” of its early versions, the Demon was ultimately a success. This book is written by Tony Buttler and is superbly illustrated by Richard J.Caruana.









Superb section shot of F3H s of colour Day-Glo -2M Demon May 195scheme, flyin added to 137007, with the Sparrow 7 armed with g from Patuxe standard was des IIIs. This newa full complemnt River in ent version air mis cribed as “a of the of four sile”. (Art second Sparrow -ge Davis via Mar neration airk Nankivi tol)

Orders from the world’s book and hobby trade are invited

Warpaint series No.98


Avro Y on Harris illiam By W

No 10 No 21 No 26 No 27 No 29 No 32 No 34 No 35 No 37 No 41 No 46 No 49 No 52 No 55 No 56 No 58 No 60 No 61 No 62



ES No.9



With 258 Yorks built the York can be considered as one of the successful British post-war four-engined transports, certainly filling the gap until later types arrived. Initially it was used as an RAF VIP transport and ferried notable people around the globe. From 1945 it rapidly emerged as one of the RAF’ s most useful transport aircraft. Plans to build large numbers of Yorks, including Canada, were thwarted by the end of the war. However, it was well established by the time of the Berlin Air Lift when 40 were put into use. The British Military Governor, Sir Brian Robertson had made an estimate of 2000 tons of food a day to feed the two million Berliners but this figure did not take into account the people inside the Zone or raw materials. The Yorks, which could carry 7.5 to 8.25 short tons (1 short ton=2000 lbs), did not get of f to a good start but eventually contributed to the 394,509 tons delivered by the RAF. Rapid turnarounds were paramount and the York excelled here. Arriving at Gatow it was a point of honour that the York main side cargo door was open before it had stopped rolling and by the time it had stopped and was being unloaded two moreYorks had landed, and so it went on day and night, good weather or bad until the airlift was over . Once the airlift was over the RAF moved onto the Hastings, releasing Yorks to the civilian market and in the immediate post war era provided much needed security of four-engined transports. Many civilian operators used the Yorks for passengers and/or freight and it was not only the British airlines that grabbed the aircraft – it was used by small airlines to give them experience of operating a bigger aircraft. Already used by the corporations BOAC, BSAA and FAMA in Argentine, British independent airlines such as Skyways, Eagle, Lancashire Aircraft Corporation, Air Charter, Dan-Air and others took surplus aircraft, while many were used in the Middle East, South Africa and Canada. The York was popular with its crews but passengers suf fered from four Merlins thundering away and the undercarriage was a weak spot. It did however provide aerial transport until more modern types started to emerge. This book is written by William Harrison and is superbly illustrated by Richard J.Caruana.

4 for ry 194 to Februa e way on 14 soon gav y 1949 g taken Ma craft e letterin BSAA 18 G-AGJA hire Air it to tion of ll’. The larg sold nha Lancas as WW508 illustra BOAC on to endid wfu d ‘Milde flights A spl Later title noticeable. It moved ping 1955 it was m . troo so e’. AC ng ry tun BO F Museu ing not r For operati 28 Februa 9. RA someth led it ‘Sta May 1951 ust 195 ways cal Sky Aug 29 in o to on wh erred ken up ation Corpor 541. Transf ed until bro and WWred at Stanst and sto


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Warpaint Specials No 1 Republic P-47 Thunderbolt No 2 Messerschmitt Bf 109

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NEW DECALS Authentic Decals AD4865 1:48 F-16 Fighting Vipers With mission marking (Blks. 30, 40, 42, 50, 52)


Aviaeology AOD32002M 1:32 RCAF Beaufighters (AOD32002 revised/modified) AOD32003 1:32 Sharkmouth Typhoon â SPECIAL EDITION AOD320101 1:32 404 Sqn Beaufighters - Black Friday & Later pt.1 AOD320102 1:32 404 Sqn Beaufighters - Black Friday & Later pt.2 AOD48010 1:48 404 Sqn Beaufighters - Black Friday & Later AOD48030 1:48 Venturas in Canada: featuring US, RAF, and RCAF examples AOD48031 1:48 Venturas in Canada 2: RCAF Eastern Air Command AOD72010 1:72 404 Sqn Beaufighters - Black Friday & Later AOD72030 1:72 Lockheed Venturas in Canada: US, RAF, and RCAF examples AOD72031 1:72 Venturas in Canada 2: RCAF Eastern Air Command AOD72C05 1:72 RAF & FAA Aircraft Serials: 8" Black

£14.99 £14.99 £12.99 £12.99 £10.99 £12.50 £9.60 £7.99 £9.99 £7.70 £3.70

Berna Decals BER32033 1:32 Westland WG-13 Lynx Mk 4 (French Navy) BER48109 1:48 Westland WG-13 Lynx Mk 4 (French Navy) BER72089 1:72 Westland WG-13 Lynx Mk.4 (French Navy)

£12.20 £10.60 £8.99

Caracal Models CD48052 1:48 McDonnell F-101A/C Voodoo - Part 1: features four early Voodoos, and includes stencilling £11.99 CD48060 1:48 Air National Guard Convair F-106A Delta Dart Part 1: features markings for Delta Darts of Florida, Massachusetts and Montana Air National Guard units. £11.99 CD48070 1:48 Brazilian Navy Douglas AF-1 (A-4M) Skyhawk "15 Years": (Hasegawa A-4M) £7.99 CD72013 1:72 Air National Guard McDonnell F-15C/F-15D Eagle: Air National Guard Eagles £11.20 CD72025 1:72 Brazilian Navy AF-1 (A-4M) Skyhawk "15 Years": (Fujimi A-4M) £6.40 Flevo Decals FV72014 1:72 U.S.S. Boxer Korean War Cruise (CVC-101) (10) Grumman F9F-2 Panther; Vought F4U-4 Corsair 8; Douglas AD-2 Skyraider; AD-4W; Sikorsky HO3S-1 HAD Models HUN144025 1:144 Boeing 767-200/767-300 MALEV HUN144026 1:144 Boeing 737-800 MALEV HUN144031 1:144 Ilyushin Il-18 MALEV Retro 60's HUN144033 1:144 Boeing 737-800 'member of One World Malev Airlines' HUN144034 1:144 Boeing 737-200 MALEV. HUN144035 1:144 Tupolev Tu-134A MALEV HUN144036 1:144 Tupolev Tu-154B-2 MALEV HUN144039 1:144 Tupolev Tu-154M (Pannon Airlines) HUN144040 1:144 Tupolev Tu-154B, B-1 MALÉV 70's - 80's HUN48086 1:48 Messerschmitt Bf 109G-10 HUN48091 1:48 Junkers Ju 52 (HA-DUR Miklós Horthy's Plane) HUN32005 1:32 Fiat Cr-32 ("Puma", "Mackó", " Kör Ász") HUN32025 1:32 Messerschmit Bf 109G-14 (1 Hungarian) HUN32036 1:32 Messerschmitt Me 262A-1 (Luftwaffe black "L", white 17) HUN32049 1:32 Messerschmitt Bf 109G-10 (Hungarian black 6, 16, Luftwaffe white 5, 11 Rosemary) HUN32051 1:32 MiG-29B / MiG-29UB (HunAF old painting) HUN48135 1:48 L-29 (Hungarian, Bulgarian, Romanian) HUN48136 1:48 MiG-29B / MiG-29UB (Myanmar2702,Russian blue32,08,HunAF old painting / full numbers) HUN72096 1:72 Mikoyan MiG-21Bis (HU 6511, 48, Russian 48, Indian C2776) HUN72132 1:72 Mikoyan MiG-3 (Captured Rumanian & German markings) HUN72134 1:72 Ilyushin Il-18 MALÉV Retro 60's HUN72138 1:72 L-29 (Hungarian, Bulgarian, Romanian) HUN72140 1:72 Mil Mi-24 HUN72141 1:72 MiG-29B / MiG-29UB (Myanmar, Russian, HunAF ) Microscale MS48027 1:48 US Navy & Marines Grumman EA-6B Prowler MS48030 1:48 USAF Assorted Stencil Insignia 15" , 18" , 20" , 25" , and 30"

NEW KITS A Model Aircraft kits (injection) AMU72257 1:72 A-7bis Autogiro Ace Military vehicle kits (injection) ACE72513 1:72 British Staff Car Forlite Saloon 8HP mod. 1939 Airfix Aircraft kits (injection) AX03050 1:72 Fouga CM.170 Magister AX50031B 1:48 Red Arrows Hawk. 50th Anniversary Scheme. Plus paint & glue Cyber-Hobby Aircraft kits (injection) CH5045 1:72 Aichi Type 99 "Val" Dive-Bomber CH5111 1:72 Sikorsky S-61A Sea King "Antarctica Observation" CH5116 1:72 De Havilland DH.112 Venom NF-3 CH5117 1:72 Grumman F6F-3 Hellcat with Flight Deck Section


£9.99 £10.99 £17.99 £34.99 £34.99 £29.99 £29.99

Eduard 1:48 Aircraft kits (injection) EDK1187 1:48 "Silver Arrows" - limited edition of Mikoyan MiG-21PF, PFM, R Decals printed by Cartograf, 32 marking options. PE set, FABRIC seatbelts and mask included. Book (in Czech, ca 80 pages) £59.99 EDK1189 1:48 Dual Combo Lavochkin kit, Plastic sprues by Zvezda (La-5FN) and Gavia (La-7) £39.99 EDK84120 1:48 Focke-Wulf Fw 190A-8 2 marking options. SUPERFABRIC seatbelts included. NO PE, NO Mask, NO resin included, full color instructions. £13.99 EDK7423 1:72 Mikoyan MiG-15 2 marking options. SUPERFABRIC seatbelts included. NO PE, NO Mask, NO resin included, full color instructions. £9.50

£12.30 £10.80 £8.99 £8.99 £8.99 £8.99 £7.20 £8.99 £8.99 £8.99 £8.99 £10.80 £7.20 £5.40 £7.20 £11.70 £5.40 £10.80 £10.80 £7.20 £7.20 £11.70 £7.20 £7.20 £7.20 £6.40 £6.40

MS48031 MS48032 MS48033 MS48036 MS48037 MS72027 MS72030 MS72031 MS72032 MS72033 MS72036 MS72037

1:48 USAF and U.S. Army Lettering 1:48 U.S. Marines Lettering 3" , 6" , 9" , 12" 1:48 Grumman EA-6B VAQ-133, VAQ-135 & VMAQ-2 1:48 West German Luftwaffe Lettering & Numbers (2 Sheets) 1:48 EA-6B Prowlers 1:72 US Navy & Marines Grumman EA-6B Prowler 1:72 USAF Assorted Stencil Insignia 15 , 18 , 20 , 25 , 30 1:72 USAF and U.S. Army Lettering 1:72 U.S. Marines Lettering 3 , 6 , 9 , 12 1:72 Grumman EA-6B VAQ-133, VAQ-135 & VMAQ-2 1:72 West German Luftwaffe lettering & numbers 1:72 EA-6B Prowlers

Owl OWLS4821 1:48 Focke-Wulf Fw 58 Weihe Nachtschlacht OWLS4838 1:48 Messerschmitt Bf 109G-10/R2 (5F+12) reconnaissance OWLS7221 1:72 Focke-Wulf Fw 58 Weihe Nachtschlacht Print Scale PSL14410 1:144 McDonnell F-4 Phantom II in Viet Nam war PSL14411 1:144 A-10 Thunderbolt II PSL48074 1:48 Messerschmitt Bf 109G "Gustav" PSL48075 1:48 Brewster F2A Buffalo PSL48076 1:48 Cessna A-37/T-37 Dragonfly PSL48078 1:48 Republic P-47D Thunderbolt Razorback Aces over Europe Part 2 £6.70 PSL72114 1:72 Fiat CR.32 PSL72116 1:72 MIG Air force of the Vietnam war PSL72117 1:72 Brewster F2A Buffalo PSL72118 1:72 Piasecki H-21Shawnee PSL72119 1:72 Arado Ar 196 PSL72120 1:72 Boulton Paul Defiant PSL72121 1:72 Fiat CR.42 Falco PSL72122 1:72 Vought OS2U Kingfisher PSL72123 1:72 Fokker D.XXI PSL72124 1:72 Henschel Hs 129 1. PSL72126 1:72 MiG-19s and MiG-21s of the Arab Air Force PSL72127 1:72 Morane-Saulnier MS.406 PSL72128 1:72 Republic P-47D Thunderbolt Razorback Aces over Europe Part1 PSL72129 1:72 Westland Lysander Rising Decals RD72064 1:72 Japanese Fighter Mitsubishi A6M Zero Part III 10 aircraft

£6.40 £6.40 £6.40 £6.40 £6.40 £6.40 £6.40 £6.40 £6.40 £6.40 £6.40 £6.40 £4.40 £3.60 £4.00 £5.30 £5.30 £8.40 £8.99 £7.99 £8.40 £7.30 £8.10 £9.30 £8.20 £7.99 £8.40 £7.99 £7.99 £7.99 £7.30 £7.99 £7.99 £7.99 £9.50

S & M Models SSM72009 1:72 Civil Choppers Part 2 Bell Agusta AB-206A Jet Ranger II G-AWGU BEA; Westland Wessex Mk.60 (WS-58) G-AZBY; Sikorsky S-61R N61EV Evergreen Helicopters; Sikorsky S-61R Carson Helicopters; Aerospatiale SA-365N Dauphin 2 G-HEMS London Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (Choice of either Express Newspaper or Virgin scheme) £11.75 Twosix Silk STS44212 1:144 Airbus A319, A320, A321 Aer Lingus STS44220 1:144 Thai Airways Boeing 787-8

£10.80 £10.80

Victory Productions VPD32006 1:32 Lockheed F-104 Starfighter Part 1 VPD32007 1:32 Lockheed F-104 Starfighter Part 2

£17.60 £17.60

Xtradecal X48138 1:48 Panavia Tornado Stencil Data. Complete stencil data for 2 UK and RAF Germany (RAFG) (1 each)based aircraft including underwing stores and uppersurface walkways. 2 full size decal sheets. Yellow Wings YW48051 1:48 USAAC Seversky P-35/P-35A YW48080 1:48 USN North-American SNJ-3 YW48082 1:48 USN Boeing/Stearman N2S-3 Trainer 'Yellow Peril' YW48084 1:48 USAAC Curtiss P-6E part 1

F4 Models Military vehicle kits (resin) F4M7023 1:72 Flight Line Tow Tractor USAF, 2000s F4M7026 1:72 Light Flight Deck Tractor Royal Navy, 1940s-1950s F4M7033 1:72 Flight Deck Tractor Royal Navy, 1950s1960s

£36.99 £11.60 £13.99

Glencoe Aircraft kits (injection) GL5120 1:48 Bell X-1B £17.99 GL5501 1:96 Vickers Viscount Capitol Airlines and British European Airways £17.99 GL6501 1:96 Vickers Viscount, Decals Air France and Northeast £17.99 Hasegawa Aircraft kits (injection) HA02048 1:72 Re-release! Kawanishi H6K5 Type 97 Flying Boat Model 23 with Radar "901ST Naval Flying Group" HA02099 1:72 Republic P-47D Thunderbolt Razorback/ Bubbletop "Operation Overlord (Two kits in the box) HA02100 1:72 McDonnell F-15J Eagle MSIP Configuration II Aircraft. HA02101 1:72 Boeing F/A-18F Super Hornet VFA-41 Black Aces CAG HA02102 1:72 Chengdu J-7 Chinese Air Force (Two kits in the box) HA02107 1:72 Lockheed F-35A Lightning II 'Prototype' HA02108 1:72 Mikoyan MiG-23 & Mikoyan MiG-27 COMBO (Two kits in the box) HA02109 1:72 Lockheed P-3C ORION 'JMSDF Fleet Air Wing 5' HA02111 1:72 Boeing F/A-18E Super Hornet 'Chippy Ho 2014' HA07378 1:48 Kawanishi N1K1-Jb Shiden (GEORGE) TYPE 11 OTSU Genzan Flying Group HA07379 1:48 Messerschmitt Bf 109F-4 'Super Experten'

HA07380 HA07381 HA10807 HAA10 HAB08 HAB09 HAE44 HASP321

£9.99 £10.40 £11.20 £11.20 £10.40

1:48 Kawasaki T-4 'Red Dolphin' £32.99 1:48 North American F-86F-40 Sabre'Blue Impulse Early Scheme' £36.99 1:200 Boeing 787-8 Demonstrator 1st Aircraft £31.99 1:72 Re-release! Vought F4U-1D Corsair £5.99 1:72 Re-release! Vought A-7A Corsair II £6.99 1:72 Re-release! Douglas A-4E / A-4F Skyhawk £6.99 1:72 Sukhoi Su-35S FLANKER £36.99 1:48 Mitsubishi F-2A Detail Up Version. Incudes new photoetched seat belt, static discharger, landing gear piping, AAM-3 missile fin & droptank fin parts etc £42.99

HobbyBoss Aircraft kits (injection) HB81725 1:48 Lockheed F-80C Shooting Star HB81729 1:48 Grumman F4F-3S Wildcatfish

£17.99 £28.99


ICM Aircraft kits (injection) ICM48242 1:48 Dornier Do 215B-5



Modelsvit Aircraft kits (injection) MVIT7209 1:72 Sukhoi Su-22I (Su-7IG) Su-7BM with variable geometry wings MVIT7210 1:72 Mikoyan I-3U(I-420) Soviet interceptor MVIT7211 1:72 Sukhoi Su-17M Soviet fighter-bomber

£23.30 £23.30 £22.20

Revell Aircraft kits (injection) RV4859 1:144 Airbus A400M Atlas RV4902 1:72 Buccaneer S Mk.2B (ex Matchbox)

£24.99 £9.50

Roden Aircraft kits (injection) ROD062 1:72 Fairchild HC-123B Provider ROD321 1:144 Fairchild C-119C Boxcar

£42.99 £21.99

Scale Resin (ex Resin Art) Aircraft kits (resin) RAG7201 1:72 Slingsby T.53 RAG7202 1:72 Slingsby Skylark 3B RAG7203 1:72 Slingsby Skylark 3F

£10.99 £10.99 £10.99

£39.99 £29.99 £29.99 £29.99 £29.99 £37.99 £29.99 £29.99 £29.99

3609 Hannants_3405 13/10/2014 14:43 Page 2

Silver Wings Aircraft kits (resin) SVW32016 1:32 Curtiss P6-E Hawk


Sword Aircraft kits (injection) SW72081 1:72 BAC/EE Lightning F.1/F.2 F.1 74 Sqn XM137/D & F.2 92 Sqn XN768/S coloured PE parts for cockpit interiors and details PUR parts of ejecton seat & exhaust SW72082 1:72 BAC/EE Lightning F.3 111 Sqn. XP740/J & 56 Sqn XR719/D coloured PE parts for cockpit interiors and details. PUR parts of ejecton seat and jet exhaust SW72083 1:72 Supermarine Seafire Mk.IIc 809 NAS, Operation Avalanche, HMS Unicorn 1943 & 880 NAS ,Operation Torch, HMS Argus 1942 SW72084 1:72 Supermarine Seafire Mk.III 885 NAS, D-Day invasion June1944 & 809 NAS , HMS Stalker 1945 Trumpeter Aircraft kits (injection) TU02856 1:48 Mikoyan MiG-23MLD Flogger-K TU02891 1:48 Convair F-106A Delta Dart TU03213 1:32 Junkers Ju 87A Stuka


£14.99 £12.99 £12.99 £32.99 £44.99 £49.99

Unicraft Aircraft kits (resin) UNI72105 1:72 Martin-Baker 12 gun fighter WWII British heavy fighter project.


Valom Aircraft kits (injection) VAL72090 1:72 Vickers Wellesley Mk.I (African Campaign) VAL72091 1:72 Fouga CM.170 R Magister Decals Austria and Brazil

£26.60 £18.99

Wingnut Wings Aircraft kits (injection) WNW32040 1:32 DFW C.V Mid Production WNW32057 1:32 DFW C.V Late Production

£99.99 £99.99

(self adhesive) (Italeri) 1:32 North-American P-51K interior (self adhesive) (Dragon) ED48819 1:48 Dornier Do 215B-4 landing flaps (ICM) ED48820 1:48 Embraer EMB-314 Super Tucano exterior (HobbyBoss) ED48821 1:48 Sukhoi S-30MK2 Flanker exterior (Academy) ED48823 1:48 Lavochkin La-5FN upgrade set (Eduard) ED49069 1:48 Grumman F-14A Tomcat seatbelts FABRIC (Most manufacturers) ED49694 1:48 Sukhoi S-30MK2 Flanker interior (self adhesive) (Academy) EDFE692 1:48 Mikoyan MiG-21R Weekend (Eduard) EDFE694 1:48 Sukhoi S-30MK2 Flanker Interior (self adhesive) (Academy) ED72588 1:72 Douglas C-47 Skytrain landing flaps (Airfix AX08014) ED73513 1:72 Douglas C-47 Skytrain interior (self adhesive) (Airfix AX08014) ED73514 1:72 Douglas C-47 Skytrain cargo seatbelts (Airfix AX08014) EDSS513 1:72 Douglas C-47 Skytrain interior (self adhesive) (Airfix AX08014) Aircraft paint masks (self adhesive) EDJX173 1:32 North-American P-51K (Dragon) Aircraft paint masks (self adhesive) EDJX174 1:32 Lockheed F-104C Starfighter (Italeri) EDEX437 1:48 Sukhoi S-30MK2 Flanker (Academy) EDEX439 1:48 Messerschmitt Bf 109E-1/Bf 109E-3 (Eduard) EDCX375 1:72 Mikoyan MiG-15 Weekend (Eduard) EDCX398 1:72 Bristol Blenheim Mk.I (Airfix) EDCX399 1:72 Lockheed F-35A Lightning II (Hasegawa) EDCX400 1:72 McDonnell F-15C Eagle MSIP II (Academy) EDCX401 1:72 Douglas C-47 Skytrain (Airfix AX08014) Aircraft detailing sets (fabric) ED73028 1:72 Seatbelts France WWI SUPER FABRIC



£10.99 £16.70 £18.40 £18.40 £10.99 £7.20 £18.40 £10.99 £13.99 £18.40 £16.70 £7.20 £7.20 £4.50 £8.40 £7.20 £4.50 £3.30 £7.20 £5.99 £5.60 £7.20 £3.30

NEW ACCESSORIES Alley Cat Aircraft canopies (resin) AC24007C 1:24 Hawker Typhoon Mk.IB canopy Airfix) Aircraft detailing sets (resin) AC48049C 1:48 Focke-Wulf Ta 154 A2/U4 Moskito (Dragon, Monogram and Revell) AC48050C 1:48 Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Vc Early Style full span wing (Airfix) AC48051C 1:48 Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Vc Early Style clipped wing. (Airfix) AC48052C 1:48 Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Vc Late Style full span wing.(Airfix) AC48053C 1:48 Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Vc Late Style clipped wing. (Airfix) Attack Squadron Aircraft detailing sets (resin) ASQ48010 1:48 Tiny Tim rockets (2pcs) ASQ72025 1:72 F-16 U.S. Drop Tanks with decals ASQ72029 1:72 F-16 CFT/Conformal Fuel Tanks (Revell) ASQ72030 1:72 Lockheed-Martin F-16CJ Block 50 Fighting Falcon Pylons (Tamiya) ASQ72031 1:72 F-16 bulged wheel covers (Revell) ASQ72032 1:72 USN 400 gal Douglas Fuel Tank (1) Eduard 1:32 Aircraft detailing sets (etched) ED32361 1:32 North-American P-51K wing armament (Dragon) ED32362 1:32 North-American P-51K exterior (Dragon) ED32363 1:32 Lockheed F-104C Starfighter C exterior (Italeri) ED32819 1:32 Lockheed F-104C Starfighter interior (self adhesive) (Italeri) ED32821 1:32 North-American P-51K interior (self adhesive) (Dragon) ED32824 1:32 Lockheed F-104C Starfighter seatbelts (Italeri) ED33140 1:32 Lockheed F-104C Starfighter interior

AMU72257 1:72 A-7bis Autogiro £16.30

ICM48242 1:48 Dornier Do 215B-5 £24.99

£10.00 £22.00

Eduard Big-Ed Aircraft detailing sets (etched) EBIG3341 1:32 GLOSTER METEOR F.4 1/32 (Hong Kong Models) EBIG3342 1:32 Norh-American T-6G 1/32 (Kitty Hawk Model) EBIG7288 1:72 Martin PBM-5A Mariner PBM-5/PBM-5A 1/72 (Minicraft)

£33.40 £38.99 £49.99

£11.00 £11.00 £11.00 £11.00 £8.40 £9.30 £6.99 £5.99 £2.99 £3.99

Eduard Brassin Aircraft detailing sets (resin) ED648144 1:48 Mikoyan MiG-21PF interior (Eduard) ED648146 1:48 Mikoyan MiG-21PF/PFM/R airbrakes (Eduard) ED648164 1:48 AGM-12C Bullpup B ED648173 1:48 UB-16 rocket launcher ED672044 1:72 AGM-45 Shrike SIN64815 1:48 Mikoyan MiG-21PF/PFM/R WEAPONS SET 1/48 (Eduard) ED648145 1:48 Mikoyan MiG-21PF ejection seat (Eduard) ED672047 1:72 Lockheed-Martin F-16CJ Block 50 Fighting Falcon ejection seat (Tamiya) ED672046 1:72 Douglas C-47 Skytrain wheels (Airfix AX08014) Extra Tech Aircraft detailing sets (etched) EX72169 1:72 Boeing 707/KC-135/E-3A (Heller)

£12.80 £18.40 £13.99 £18.40 £18.40 £10.99

Freightdog Aircraft detailing sets (resin) FDR72057 1:72 Focke-Wulf Fw 190A X-4 wire guided missiles set (Airfix) for new Airfix kit) FDR72HHSG 1:72 Hughes H-4 Hercules Propeller and Cowling upgrade set (A Model kit AMU03072). G-Factor Aircraft detailing sets (brass) GFAC7202 1:72 Mikoyan MiG-25PD undercarriage legs (ICM) GFAC7204 1:72 Lockheed C-121/EC-121 'Warning Star'

RAG7201 1:72 Slingsby T.53 £10.99

ROD062 1:72 Fairchild HC-123B Provider £42.99

SW72081 1:72 BAC/EE Lightning F.1/F.2 £14.99

£19.50 £5.60 £8.40 £5.60 £7.20 £20.60 £10.99 £4.50 £4.50 £19.80

£4.50 £35.00 £11.99

undercarriage (Heller and Plus Models) Aircraft detailing sets (metal) GFAC4825 1:48 Mikoyan MiG-23/MiG-27 landing gear (Trumpeter)

£15.99 £15.99

HAD Models Aircraft wheels (resin) HUN232001 1:32 Mikoyan MiG-21MF/MiG-21BIS/MiG-21 UM resin wheels (Trumpeter)


Diorama accessories PE32004 1:32 Wheel chock for Russian airplanes (the most popular type [432004] PE72004 1:72 Wheel chock for Russian airplanes (the most popular type [472004]

£7.20 £3.60

HGW Aircraft detailing sets (fabric) HGW124508 1:24 North-American P-51D Mustang seat belts (Airfix, Tamiya and Trumpeter) HGW132546 1:32 Dornier Do 335B-2 'Pfeil' 'Zerstorer' Seatbelts (Hong Kong Models) HGW132547 1:32 Gloster Meteor Mk.4 - Seatbelts (Hong Kong Models) HGW132549 1:32 DFW.CV seat belts set (Wingnut Wings) Aircraft paint masks (self adhesive) HGW632026 1:32 Roland C.II & C.IIa - Masks 1/32 (Wingnut Wings)

£9.70 £8.99 £8.99 £8.99 £3.80

HR Model Aircraft detailing sets (etched) HRPE7208 1:72 Photoetched parts Sukhoi Su-25 Frogfoot (Art Models)


Montex Aircraft paint masks (self adhesive) MXSM240161:24 Hawker Typhoon Mk.Ib canopy masks (Airfix) MXSM321521:32 IAR-81C Rumanian fighter canopy masks (Azur) MXSM321531:32 Messerschmitt Bf 109G-10 canopy masks (Revell) MXSM321541:32 Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IIa canopy masks (Revell) MXSM483921:48 Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Vb canopy masks (Airfix) £4.50 MXSM483931:48 Blohm-und-Voss Bv 141 canopy masks (HOBBYBOSS) MXSM483941:48 Westland Whirlwind canopy masks (Trumpeter) MXSM722241:72 Bristol Blenheim Mk.I canopy masks (Airfix) Olimp Aircraft detailing sets (resin) ORA4842 1:48 Update set F-16CJ American Vipers (F-16C by Italeri and Tamiya) ORA7242 1:72 Update set F-16СJ American Vipers (F-16C by Hasegawa, Revell, and NEW Tamiya) Diorama accessories (resin) ORA7204 1:72 Display Base Russian Navy Heavy Aircraft Carrying Cruiser 'Admiral Kuznetsov' PE incl. Pavla Models Aircraft detailing sets (resin) PAVC72128 1:72 Martin B-57G Night Hawk (Italeri) PAVU72158 1:72 Bristol Blenheim Mk.I main wheel bays details (Airfix) PAVU72159 1:72 Bristol Blenheim Mk.I main under carriage leg covers (Airfix) PAVU72160 1:72 Bristol Blenheim Mk.I engine exhausts and intakes (Airfix) PAVS72086 1:72 ESCAPAC 1C-6 for Martin B-57G Night Hawk (Italeri) PAVS72087 1:72 Ejection seats for Martin B-57B (Italeri)

£5.50 £4.50 £4.50 £4.50

£4.50 £4.00 £4.00

£26.99 £26.99

£10.70 £12.40 £7.50 £2.40 £3.99 £3.30 £3.30

Scale Aircraft Conversions Aircraft detailing sets (metal) SAC32087 1:32 IAR-81C Rumanian fighter Landing Gear (Frrom-Azur) £14.20

SW72084 1:72 Supermarine Seafire Mk.III £12.99

UNI72105 1:72 MartinBaker 12 gun fighter WWII British heavy fighter project. £38.99

VAL72090 1:72 Vickers Wellesley Mk.I (African Campaign) £36.60


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