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Military & Civil Aviation – Military Weapons & Equipment – Naval Vessels

Luftwaffe War Diary: Pilots & Aces: Uniforms & Lost Wings of World Planes and Pilots 20 Equipment U Feist War I Downed Mikoyan-Gurevitch A visual history of the Airmen on the MiG 15 & 17 Fagot, German Air Force in World War II, which Western Front 1914- Midge & Fresco studies ranks, medals, 1918 M Bowman G Paloque Study of Chronicles the stories the Mig-15 and MiG- uniforms and personof airmen downed on 17 with colour profiles alities. With hundreds of photos of pilots and the Western Front and photos showing crew, aircraft, unibetween 1914 and colour schemes and forms, awards plus 1918. With black and markings from air white photos. forces around the world much more. HB 288pp £24.99 HB 236pp £25.00 SB 74pp £17.50

Aviatik Aircraft of WWI J Herris Describes and illustrates the development of Aviatik aircraft in WWI. Contains a plethora of B&W photos, colour profiles, plus 7 Aviatik aircraft types are illustrated in 1/48 scale drawings. SB 90pp £22.00

US Air Force, Navy & Marine Corps Aggressors A Evans This publication looks at the world of the United States Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps ‘Dissimilar Aircraft Training’ aircraft. Includes Top Gun and Red Flag. SB 84pp £9.99

Hawker Hunter In RAF Service N Robinson Contains a plethora of colour profiles and 4-views and colour photos covering early Marks; Hunter F.6 Fighter; Ground Attack and Fighter Reconnaissance Hunters. SB 88pp £23.99

Operation Tonga The Glider Assault 6 June 1944 K Shannon An account of the Glider Pilot Regiment's role in Operation Tonga, the first stage of the airborne assault in the Normandy landings in June 1944. Told by those who were there. HB 160pp £20.00

The Forgotten Ace Fighter Pilot Gerhard Barkhorn B Barbas Gerhard Barkhorn scored 301 victories whilst flying with JG 52 making him the second most successful fighter pilot of WWII however, today, he is almost forgotten. This book describes his wartime experiences HB 208pp £54.99

Naval Fighters 98 Douglas AD/A-1 Skyraider Part One S Ginter Covers: Development, Testing, Variants, Test/R&D, CAG, FASRONs, Training Squadrons, Base/ Carrier/Air Group/ Squadron Hacks and USMC. With 470 black and white photos. SB 257pp £37.99

The Bats The History of Iowa's Air National Guard 174th Squadron from Fighter to Tanker G Pape Study of Iowa’s ANG's 174th Air Refuelling Sqn. that was organised at the Sioux City Army Air Base in 1946 as a P-51 fighter squadron. HB 214pp £49.95

Fairey Swordfish In British, Canadian & Netherlands Service in World War Two N Robinson This book contains a plethora of colour profiles 4-views and B&W photos of this most iconic and easy recognisable torpedo bomber. SB 72pp £21.99

Siemens-Schukert Aircraft of World War I J Herris Describes and illustrates the development of aircraft of the Siemens-Schuckert Werke in World War One. Includes photos, profiles, production quantities, aircraft serials and much more. SB 208pp £32.00

TY2 Wojenna Lokomotywa Na Pokojowe Czasy R Stankiewicz The history of the TY2 steam locomotive used extensively during WWII. More than 1000 worked on the Polish state railways. This book details the history of these locos. HB 318pp £38.00

Greeks in Foreign Cockpits: The Life and the Career of Hellenic Parentage Fighter Pilots in Service with the USAAF and the RAF, 1940-45 - Vol 1. D Vasilopoulos Lavishly illustrated history of Greek fighter pilots. Greek text/English photo captions. HB 330pp £35.99

Operation Oyster WW II's Forgotten Raid The Daring Low Level Attack on the Philips Radio Works K Rijken Operation Oyster struck at the very heart of what Churchill termed 'the wizard war' against German radio navigational technology. HB 256pp £19.99

Masters Collection Series Vol. 1 A World of Dioramas P Lund The book features a gallery of Per Olav Lund’s award winning collection of dioramas. His staggering layouts and effortless realistic style have gained him an army of fans across the world. SB 128pp £23.99

On the Wings of History 1 The vintage Aviatior Collection - Revised 2nd edition A Udy A complete record of all replica vintage aircraft built on behalf of the 1914-1918 Aviation Heritage Trust by The Vintage Aviator Ltd. SB 192pp £17.99

Arrival of Eagles Luftwaffe Landings in Britain 1939-1945 A Saunders Study of the great many Luftwaffe aircraft that arrived on the ground in the UK or its coastal waters during WWII, and not all of them through combat. HB 186pp £20.00

Osprey Air Vanguard 14 Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21 A Mladenov Looks at design and development, technical specifications and operational history and explores its virtues as a combat aircraft. With colour profiles. SB 64pp £11.99

Osprey Air Vanguard 15 Junkers Ju 87 Stuka M Guardia Provides in depth analysis of the Ju 87 in particular, operational use, technical development and the war record of the Ju 87. B&W photos and colour profiles. SB 64pp £11.99

Batailles Aerienne 69 1914 De La Bataille de la Marne a La Guerre des Tranchees FRENCH TEXT. Lavishly illustrated and includes la naissance de l'aviation militaire francaise; Les forces en presence en 1914. SB 98pp £11.99

Understanding the Somme 1916 An Illuminating Battlefield Guide S Heys A guidebook that looks at different areas of the battlefield and various aspects of strategy, to explain what happened in the Battle of the Somme. SB 240pp £16.95

DVD A Wooden Wonder Restored de Havilland DH.98 Mosquito This DVD provides viewers with a chance to see and hear some of the breathtaking airshow displays and flights by the only airworthy Mosquito. DVD 140 mins. £19.99

DVD Dogfight The Vintage Aviator's WW1 Aircraft in Action Volume 1 A collection of full size replica, reproduction and original WWI aircraft has been established in New Zealand. This DVD showcases many of these aircraft. DVD 140 mins. £19.99

The Aviation Historian Issue 8 Content includes: Evaluating the Pucara; Javelins in India; America's unbuilt spyplanes and much more. SB 130pp £13.50

The Weathering Magazine 8 Vietnam Covers in depth, techniques on how to create a jungle diorama, how to obtain the characteristic earth and dust. SB 74pp £8.99

Aces High Magazine Issue 2 This issue focuses on WWI Centenary and includes AMC DH.2, Sopwith Pup, Fokker Dr.I, plus much more. SB 80pp £8.99

Sci-fi & Fantasy Modeller Volume 34 Large scale C-57D; TARDIS console scratchbuild; 2001 scratchbuild Clavius Base; Space 1999. SB 98pp £14.95

Super Drawings in 3D The Battleship Bismarck W Goralski Lavishly illustrated with hundreds of colour graphics and 3D colour views. SB 100pp £14.99

TBIU Lekki smiglowiec PZL SW-4 P Buchman Well illustrated monograph of this small Polish multi-role helicopter, POLISH TEXT. SB 40pp £8.99

Osprey New Vanguard 212 Axis Midget Submarines 1939-45 J Prenatt Details the design, weaponry and combat history of these craft. SB 48pp £9.99

Officers and Soldiers of French Dragoons Volume 1 1669-1749 V Letrun Presents in detail the uniforms of French Dragoons. SB 82pp £16.99

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LSA Models 151 Sackville Road, Hove, East Sussex BN3 3HD

Tel: 01273 705420 [email protected] BRASSIN 632039 F4U-1 cockpit 648163 AGM-12 Bullpup A 648165 AGM-45 Shrike 672043 AIM-9D Sidewinder 672045 F-16CJ Block 50 exhaust nozzle

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1/35 Ita £15.50 1/48 Hob Boss £15.50 1/48 Rev £8.00 1/48 ICM £9.50 1/48 Edu £15.50 1/48 ICM £9.50 1/48 Hob Boss £15.50 1/48 Hob Boss £14.50 1/48 ICM £15.50 1/48 £6.50 1/48 Edu £7.00 1/200 Tru £16.50 1/200 Tru £28.00 1/200 Tru £14.50 1/200 Tru £15.50 1/200 Tru £9.50 1/200 Tru £72.50 1/72 £3.00 1/72 £3.00 1/72 £3.00 1/72 £3.00 1/72 Ita £14.50

ZOOMY / ZOOMS FE689 A-6E int S.A. FE690 EMB-314 Super Tucano S.A. FE691 Do 215B int S.A. SS511 CR.32 S.A.

1/48 Hob Boss £12.00 1/48 Hob Boss £12.00 1/48 ICM £12.75 1/72 Ita £9.50

MASKY / MASKS CX397 AH-1 EX434 Do 215B EX435 A-6E EX436 EMB-314 Super Tucano JX171 X-15A

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Spec Hob ICM Hob Boss Hob Boss Spec Hob

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BIGY / BIG-ED SETS BIG3340 Spitfire Mk.II BIG49110 F-80 BIG7287 Fw-200C

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MODELY / KITS 1189 První doma 1192 Danger Zone

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BRASSIN 648144 MiG-21PF int 648145 MiG-21PF ejection seat 648146 MIG-21PF/PFM/R airbrakes 648164 AGM-12C Bullpup B 648173 UB-16 rocket launcher 672044 AGM-45 Shrike 672046 C-47 wheels 672047 F-16CJ Block 50 ejection seat

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LEPTY / PE-SETS 32361 P-51K wings armament 32362 P-51K ext 32363 F-104C ext 32819 F-104C int S.A. 32821 P-51K int S.A. 32824 F-104 C1 seatbelts 36279 Merkava IID 36280 Merkava IID armour shields 48819 Do 215 landing flaps 48820 EMB-314 Super Tucano ext 48821 S-30M-2 Flanker ext 48823 La-5NF upgrade set 49694 S-30M-2 Flanker int S.A. 53123 Missouri 7 - superstructure 53125 Missouri 9 - ladders 72588 C-47 landing flaps 73513 C-47 int S.A. 73514 C-47 cargo seatbelts

1/32 Dra 1/32 Dra 1/32 Ita 1/32 Ita 1/32 Dra 1/32 Ita 1/35 Aca 1/35 Aca 1/48 ICM 1/48 Hob Boss 1/48 Aca 1/48 Edu 1/48 Aca 1/200 Tru 1/200 Tru 1/72 Air 1/72 Air 1/72 Air

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Monday to Saturday Wednesday & Sunday Bank Holidays

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Postage charges (within UK) Lge Letter Small Parcel 1kg Small Parcel 2kg Med Parcel 1kg Courier up to 25Kg

P-51K int S.A. S-30M-2 Flanker Int S.A. MiG-21R W/end C-47 int S.A.

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MASKY / MASKS CX375 MiG-15 W/end CX398 Blenheim CX399 F-35 1/72 CX400 F-15C MSIP II CX401 C-47 EX437 S-30M-2 Flanker EX439 Bf 109E-1 /E-3 JX173 P-51K JX174 F-104C

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MODELY / KITS 3716 M4A1 Sherman 84120 Fw 190A-8 7423 MiG-15 1187 Stříbrné šípy

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TRUMPETER TM01638 FW-200 C4 TM02850 Spiteful Mk XIV TM02867 Attacker FB.2 TM02847 J-8F Finback TM02888 A-37a Dragonfly 1/48th TM02298 Bf-109 G-10 1/32nd

£34.99 £19.99 £23.99 £34.99 £27.99 £32.99

ITALERI IT1350 IT2747 IT1355 IT2740 IT1357 IT5616 IT5618 IT5619 IT2736

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Stirling Mk IV Tug 1/48th Hawk Red Arrows 50th Ann EF-2000 Typhoon single seat Fiat G-91 P.A.N Jaguar Gr3 Big Cat Vosper Crew P.T Crew St Naszaire Raid Vosper (new Molds) Harvard MkIIa

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October 2014 Vol.36 Issue 08

Table of Contents P.8 - 26:

Scuttlebutt Lodge The Editorial team, with the help of the SAM regulars, compiles our examination of the world of modelling, bringing us the latest news and reviews along with all of the regular features you can expect every month.

Compact Build Reviews P.28 - 39: Our dedicated team of expert modellers examine recent kit releases for your reading pleasure.

This Month: Massimo Santarossa builds the Airfix 1:72nd scale Hawker Hurricane Mk I. Jay Laverty continues to follow along with the Model Space 1:12th scale Spitfire build. Seb Videc builds Great Wall Hobby’s reboxing of the 1:144th scale Pit Road Models BAC Eagle. We welcome Aurelio Reale to the SAM team as he builds the 1:72nd scale Bf 110G-2 from Eduard. Neil Pinchbeck brings us another unusual kit in the form of Micro Models 1:48th scale Yakolev UT-1.

Keep up with SAM on Facebook for a calendar of important events as well as what is coming in future issues of the magazine.

We are now on Twitter! Subscribe to our account on Twitter in order to receive immediate updates when reviews or news are posted on the SAM facebook page. Follow us at: [email protected]

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Native Spirit


Aviation in Profile: P.40 - 51

Aviation in Profile F-101A/C Voodoo By: Jay Laverty The Voodoo’s service career as a fighter bomber was relatively brief, however the recon variants served for quite a while. While it served in a front line role with the RCAF until the 1980’s, the Voodoo’s most important legacy is as an evolutionary step towards the legendary F-4 Phantom II.

Features: P.52 - 58

1:48th scale Kitty Hawk Models F-101C/D Voodoo Jay Laverty builds the recently released Voodoo in yet another natural metal finish. P.60 - 68

1:48th scale Kinetic Models Fouga Magister Yoav Efrati presents another of his fascinating modelling / reference features, this time converting the Kinetic Magister into the Israeli Tzokit. P.70 - 74

1:24th Airfix Hawker Typhoon Mk Ib As if a 48th Voodoo was not enough to do in one month, Jay Laverty could not resist the temptation to start the gigantic Tiffy. This is part on of a “we will see how it goes” series…

he Navajo First Nations peoples believe that when a person creates an artwork that a part of that person enters the artwork and embodies the spirit making it part of that person. Considering the fact that what we do as modellers is a form of artistic expression, I think that there is an element of that belief in what we do as well. Granted, what we do is essentially assemble (as per instructions) a kit and paint it as we go along. However, there are varying degrees of artistry involved and in my opinion this calls into question the concept of competitive modelling. I wonder if Rembrandt or Michelangelo would have brought their paintings to Telford to have them judged… Would Van Gogh have argued the finer points of art if Monet had walked away with “Best in Show”? I understand the importance with which competitions are regarded and I appreciate that winning is a significant achievement for a modeller (particularly at somewhere like Telford) but what does it all mean really? I like to regard my models as my form of artistic expression and I would prefer people to appreciate them for what they are: my interpretation of the subject. The thought of someone enjoying my work makes me happy; the thought of someone judging it has many negative connotations surrounding it.

And Your Point Is? “What’s brought all this on then?” I hear you say, and it is a valid question. I was pondering the future of the hobby, as I am prone to do on occasion, and was contemplating the demographic I see at model shows. While on the Continent it is a far more family orientated affair, here in the UK it seems to be more of an older males “thing”. Which is part of my concern. I would love to bring my boys further into the hobby and see them express an individual interest in model making, rather than just an opportunity to spend time with dad, however I am not keen to subject them to having their work judged in a competition. I would rather them experience no pressure and have the opportunity to walk around a show appreciating the great work on display instead of worrying about whether or not the work they have done is up to winning standards. I appreciate that a win in a competition is a great boost and wonderful incentive, however at that point the sheer pleasure of modelling evaporates and the “Pot Hunter” mentality begins. I think I would prefer to see the model show evolve into a celebration of the hobby and become a more interactive affair, with the competition element evolving into something that more resembles an appreciation of great modelling rather than an intensely contested battle of a checklist ticking application of skills.

P.76 - 80

1:48th Special Hobby He 115B Nino Gakovic sets the recently released Special Hobby 48th scale Heinkel on floats into a simple, yet highly effective, diorama.

Until Next Month,

The Tailpiece: P.82 • A preview of what to look forward to in the next issue of the magazine • Editorial contacts & information on subscriptions to SAM

Jay Laverty Managing Editor Distributed to the UK and International news trade by



110 Southwark Street, London SE1 0SU

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3608 8-9 Scuttlebutt_Scuttlebutt 19/09/2014 11:55 Page 8

Scuttlebutt Lodge Compiled by Karl Robinson, With contributions from James Ashton, Neil Pinchbeck, Massimo Santarossa, Shaun Schofield, Dai Williams and Mike Williams. If you have something that you would like featured in Scuttlebutt Lodge, please email me at: [email protected]

STUNNING SCOOTER have ended up nominating this great little kit from Airfix for the 100 KTBBYD.

Airfix 1:72nd Douglas A-4B / 4P Skyhawk Availability: Airfix stockists worldwide via www.airfix.com Selected by: James Ashton It was quite by accident that I

Strange as it seems, I believe the best solution for preventing 'modelling burnout' is to actually build another model. Which is where these new-tool kits from Airfix come in. They combine ease and speed of construction into a surprisingly detailed package, harkening back to the ‘good ole days’ when a model could be finished in a weekend. The kit boasts some superb engineering, especially in the area of the intake ducting and


there are respectable levels of interior detail - particularly in the wheel wells. Ample underwing provisions are also provided; however, my point is not so much the technical provisions of the model, more the joy derived from building it. When you come away from the bench feeling inspired to keep on with the more complex and time consuming projects, you realise something good has just happened. Sometimes you just want quick and instant gratification every now and then to give you renewed impetus.

WINGS OVER ILLAWARRA By: Juan Contreras This wonderful annual air show takes place at the Albion Park Regional Airport in New South Wales, Australia. Held this year on the 4th of May, the event attracted large numbers of visitors, with dozens of aircraft

on display, many of them being restored to flying condition. Unfortunately, strong and constant winds hung around the New South Wales Coast all day preventing many of the aircraft taking to the skies as

6th October 1977: – Mikoyan Gurevich chief test pilot Alexander Vasilievich Fedotov, a Hero of the Soviet Union, takes the first of eleven prototype Mikoyan MiG-29A fighters, 9-01, for its maiden flight from the Ramenskoye Airfield. Fedotov had been a test pilot at A.I. Mikoyan EDB since 1958 and set eighteen speed and altitude world records flying high performance aircraft. He was tragically killed whilst testing the MiG-31 in 1984.

8 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

planned. This did not deter the Royal Australian Air Force F/A18B’s however, as they put on a truly magnificent display. A number of recently restored warbirds were also on display at

the show this year including a TBM Avenger, P-51D Mustang, Sabre, SIAI Marchetti S.211, and Jet Provost. Hopefully next year will be a little less windy and allow a full flying programme.

7th October 1963: – The Lear Jet Corporations first business jet, the Learjet 23, takes to the air for the first time with test pilots Hank Beaird and Bob Hagen at the controls. A total of 104 airframes were built in a production run that ended in 1966.

3608 8-9 Scuttlebutt_Scuttlebutt 19/09/2014 11:55 Page 9


THE SHOW SCENE By: Shaun Schofield

It was a busy week for the Royal Navy in the final week of July, with both of their annual Air Days taking place, first at RNAS Yeovilton, followed by RNAS Culdrose five days later. Yeovilton is one of the biggest shows on the calendar and promised a superb blend of current military and classic types. Unfortunately, as so often is the case in recent years, the show was plagued by last minute cancellations, most notably the Sea Vixen. Nevertheless a fine show was still enjoyed by the healthy audience who were treated to superb fast jet

displays, courtesy of the Belgian F-16 and Swiss F/A-18, and the outstanding set pieces of the maritime and commando assault demonstrations, both laced with Yeovilton’s trademark pyrotechnics. Culdrose had a much more vintage feel to it with classic jets and warbirds aplenty. Midair Squadron performed their three-ship routine of

Canberra and Hunter pair for the first time at a public show, whilst Dan Griffith flew one of the finest Spitfire solo routines you will ever see. For the first time the School of Flight Deck Operations taxied three of their Harriers; the chance to see and hear these fantastic aircraft again after nearly four years was a real highlight for many. Sadly, the show was marred by a landing incident involving the Royal Navy historic Flight Sea Fury T.20. After developing engine trouble, Lt Cdr Chris Gӧtke demonstrated supreme airmanship to recover the aircraft and save both himself and the Fury after the undercarriage collapsed.

EVENTS CALENDAR UK Sunday 14th September SUTTON COLDFIELD MODEL SPECTACULAR Ramada Hotel Penns Lane, Warmley Sutton Coldfield B73 1LH web: www.scmms.co.uk EUROPE 14th September 2014 KMK SCALEWORLD Technisch Instituut Sint-Paulus Krusiven 25, Mol 2400, Belgium web: www.kmk-scaleworld.be Sunday 20th September MODELFEST 2014 Kings International College, Watchetts Drive, Camberley Surrey GU15 2PQ web: www.ipmsfarnborough.co.uk Sunday 4th October IPMS ABINGDON SHOW Larkmead School Farringdon Road, Abingdon Oxfordshire OX14 1BB web: www.abingdonipms.blogspot.co.uk SAM Sunday 12th October 2014 SCALE MODEL CHALLENGE NH Conference Centre Koningshof, Locht 117 5504RM Eindhoven Noord-Brabant, Netherlands Special Guests: Chris Clayton, Alex 'Igazzu' Varela, Ivan Cocker & Radek Pituch 10:00 – 17:00 Admission €5.00 (Children under 6 free) web: www.scalemodelfactory.nl Sunday 25th October FAA MUSEUM AUTUMN MODEL SHOW Fleet Air Arm Museum RNAS Yeovilton Ilchester, Somerset BA22 8HT web: www.fleetairarm.com SAM Sat 8th to Sun 9th November IPMS UK SCALE MODELWORLD 2014 Telford International Centre Telford, Shropshire TF3 4JH web: www.smwshow.com SAM Sunday 14th December BELGIAN SCALE MODELLERS CONVENTION 2014 Klien Boom, Mechelbaan 604, 2850 Putte, Antwerp, Belgium. Special Guests: Philippe Roger, Roger Hurkmans, JM Villaba web: www.bsmc.be

12th-13th October 1941: – 152 aircraft are despatched to attack Nuremberg, Germany. Due to navigational errors, some crews erroneously attacked villages almost 100 miles away. One aircraft making its first sortie was MacRobert's Reply - a 15 Sqn Shorts Stirling, serial No. N6086. The aircraft was donated to the RAF by Lady MacRobert in memory of her three sons, Alasdair, Roderic and Iain, all killed on flying duties.

14th October 1918: – A Handley Page O/400, of the Independent Air Force, drops the largest bomb of the First World War weighing in at 1,650lb. The Independent Air Force was part of the Royal Air Force and formed as a strategic bombing force, under the command of Sir Hugh Trenchard, used to strike against German railways, aerodromes and industrial centres.



3608 10-11 Scuttlebutt_Scuttlebutt 20/09/2014 03:28 Page 10




Barracuda Studios stockists via www.barracudacals.com Hannants - www.hannants.co.uk BCR48058 Bristol Blenheim Mk I-Mk V Resin Wheels

Classic Airframes stockists via Hannants - www.hannants.co.uk


4155 Bristol Blenheim Mk I / Mk IF


…And most of you probably did. The Classic Airframes 48th scale made a brief appearance at Hannants, as the UK based retailer purchased the remaining stock. Hopefully this will end up as something of a Hasegawa type pattern and Hannants will rerelease this and other Classic Airframes kits on a regular basis.

Do you produce a 'cool tool' that deserves to be featured here? Do you use something that other modellers would find essential? Let us know at: [email protected]

MONTEX MASKS Montex Masks stockists via www.montex-mask.com


A2Zee Models - www.a2zeemodels.co.uk MM48287 Bristol Blenheim Mk I masks (Interior & Exterior)


SM48287 Bristol Blenheim Mk I masks (Interior & Exterior)


Wilder stockists via www.wilder.su The Airbrush Company - www.airbrushes.com FX01 Wilder Fixer (50ml)


The problem I used to have when adding the matt varnish to a model to finish it off was that the varnish always obliterated any pigments I had in place. However, this pigment fixer from the Wilder range sets the pigment in place and prevents it from disappearing once matt varnish is applied to the model. 15th October 1993: – 55 Squadron, Royal Air Force, disbanded, bringing to an end 33 years of flying Victor bombers and tankers, a record for a single RAF Squadron operating a single type of aircraft. 55 Squadron first flew the Victor B.1 in 1960. The remaining seven Victor tankers were put up for disposal, the last Victor flight taking place on 30 November when XH672 was delivered to RAF Shawbury to be transported by road to the Aerospace Museum, Cosford.

10 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

18th October 1995: – The first Lockheed C-130J-30 Hercules C4 for the RAF, ZH865, was rolled out at Lockheed Martin's Marietta, Georgia factory. 25 C-130Js were ordered for the RAF, of which the first 15 were to be the stretched -30 or C4 version.

3608 10-11 Scuttlebutt_Scuttlebutt 20/09/2014 03:28 Page 11

Scut tleBut t LODGE

ON THE VERGE & ON THE WAY… Xtra-Special DiSplay

announceD at the ipMS uSa nationalS

Xtradecal stockists via Hannants - www.hannants.co.uk

Kitty Hawk Models stockists via www.kittyhawkmodel.com Hannants – www.hannants.co.uk

X72216 1:72 RAF 2014 Update


Markings Options (11):

Finally. My favourite version of the F-86 in 1:32nd scale. Kitty Hawk Models announced their intention to produce the Dog Sabre and have posted a CAD teaser of the project. The box art for their 1:32nd scale OV-10D Bronco has also been released, raising anticipation for the kit and suggesting that it has now fallen into the “imminent” category. Kittyhawk have also posted some images of the built-up test shot of the F-35C in 1:48th scale and the project of the 5th Generation fighter looks promising indeed. You can safely bet that the kit will be on sale before the F-35B is in service…

Display Typhoons: ZK342 6 Sqn with desert camo on fin and spine ZK343/BX 29 Sqn black fin with Squadron logo ZK348/FN 1 Sqn ZK308 TP-V 29 Sqn D-Day stripes Poppy Appeal Tucanos: ZF140 & ZF244; 72 Sqn Flt Lt Dave Kirby RAF Linton-on-Ouse Tornado GR4 ZA412; 617 Sqn 70th Anniversary 2013 2014 Red Arrows 50th Anniversary fin markings Puma: ZJ995/P; 230 Sqn, overall Black F-35B: ZM137 Fort Worth RC-135W: ZZ664/5/6 Rivet Joint 51 Sqn RAF Waddington X48139 1:48 RAF 2014 Update


Markings Options (5): Display Typhoons: ZK342; 6 Sqn with desert camo on fin and spine ZK343/BX 29 Sqn black fin with Squadron logo ZK348/FN 1 Sqn ZK308 TP-V 29 Sqn D-Day stripes Tornado GR4 ZA412; 617 Sqn 70th Anniversary 2013 Quite a special pair of decals here from Xtradecal, as these are definitely the nicest markings options yet for Typhoons and the first time the Dambusters 70th anniversary Tornado has been available in 1:48th. Also worth noting on the 72nd scale sheet is the F-35B in Low-Vis roundels and flashes.

26th October 1931: – The de Havilland Tiger Moth, one of the all-time classic British designed aircraft, takes to the air for the first time with chief test pilot Hubert Broad at the controls. From the outset, the Tiger Moth proved to be an ideal trainer, simple and cheap to own and maintain. 8,868 airframes were built, mainly in Britain, but production also took place in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Portugal and Sweden.

30th October 1961: – A Tupolev Tu-95V “Bear A” dropped an RDS-220 threestage radiation bomb, weighing 27,000kg and known variously as “Big Ivan” or “Tsar Bomb”, from an altitude of 34,449 feet over the Mityushikha Bay test range on Novaya Zemlya. The bomb detonated 13,123 feet above the ground and the yield was estimated at 57 megatons, the largest ever nuclear weapon detonation in history. All buildings in the town of Severny, 34 miles from Ground Zero, were destroyed. Wooden buildings as far as 124 miles were destroyed or heavily damaged. A visible shock wave in the air was seen at a distance of 435 miles. The shock wave from the explosion travelled around the world three times.

octoBer 2014 • VoluMe 36 • iSSue 08


3608 12-13 Scuttlebutt_Scuttlebutt 20/09/2014 03:32 Page 12


ON THE VERGE & ON THE WAY… EXPERIMENTATION Kinetic stockists via www.kineticmodel.com Hannants - www.hannants.co.uk As the range of the 'un-kitted' continually shrinks, many manufacturers are happy to develop kits of experimental aircraft from the past. Kinetic are turning their attention to the General Dynamics F-16XL, which was an early experimental development of the standard F-16. It is definitely most welcome to finally see this aircraft kitted in 48th scale and I am sure it will be a success as it has been seen in various colour schemes over the years, plus it will also offer up a wealth of options for the ‘what-if’ modellers to toy with. No doubts that Kinetic will soon have this kit released to complement their already large collection of different F-16 variants in this scale.

BASIC TRAINING... Fly Model stockists via www.fly814.cz Hannants - www.hannants.co.uk Fly Model are set to continue their line of Jet Provost kits in 1:48th scale with the announcement of two new variants. Due for release in October this year will be a Jet Provost T.3 (48017), and a Jet Provost T.4 (48019). In much the same manner as their previous T.5 kit, the main parts are injection moulded with smaller details such as the cockpit and engine intakes cast in resin. Each kit will contain four separate markings options including two operational, and two privately owned, colour schemes. Also in development are some interesting 1:32nd scale projects, if not very ambitious in the case of the Arado Ar 234B and Ar 234B / B2N.

Just Released: FLY48016 1:48 BAC 167 Strikemaster/ Jet Provost T.5/T.5A


Markings Options (5): • BAC 167 Strikemaster, private owned warbird, U.S.A. • BAC 167 Strikemaster, Air Force of the Peoples Democratic Republic of Yemen ( South Yemen) • BAC 167 Strikemaster, Botswana Defence Force • BAC 167 Strikemaster, Kuwait Air Force • Jet Provost T.5, Royal Air Force

12 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

3608 12-13 Scuttlebutt_Scuttlebutt 20/09/2014 03:32 Page 13


TURKISH DELIGHT Tanmodel have re-appeared on the scene with founder and owner of the company, Baris Tansoy, announcing on modelling forums that they have completed design stages of their first commercially available kit. CAD images have been released of their forthcoming 1:48th scale Turkish basic trainer aircraft, the TAI Hurkus A. Working in close collaboration with TAI, their design is officially licensed by the Turkish manufacturer and will feature detailed cockpit parts including Martin Baker Mk16TN seats, recessed detonation cord details, a multi-pose canopy, fowler flaps, ailerons, rudder parts,

detailed landing gear and wheel bays, and a perfectly scaled and detailed Hartzell HC-B5MA-3 propeller. The kit will consist of 56 injection moulded plastic parts which will feature finely recessed panel lines and details.

RUSSIAN ODDITIES Prop&Jet stockists via propjet.ucoz.ru Linden Hill Imports www.lindenhillimports.com Russian resin kit manufacturer, Prop&Jet, have been busily working away at a number of new products in their range of esoteric and interesting kits. Mainly concentrating on Russian experimental aircraft, Prop&Jet are treating us to two new resin kits, both in 1:72nd scale, featuring the Sukhoi Su-9 (k) and Moskaliev CAM-9. The Su-9 (k) is the 1946 early Russian jet fighter that was heavily influenced by captured German equipment at the end of the Second World War. Once built it was slower than other competing aircraft at the time, and was cancelled. Work is well underway, and some test casting is taking place, so the Su-9 (k) should be with us in the next few months. The Moskaliev CAM-9 is definitely something that could have come right out of a 1930’s sci-fi movie. This little propeller driven delta design is an unusual choice of kit, but will fill in a gap in the history of Russian experimental aircraft.



3608 14-15 Scuttlebutt_Scuttlebutt 21/09/2014 19:37 Page 14

3608 14-15 Scuttlebutt_Scuttlebutt 21/09/2014 19:38 Page 15

3608 16-17 Scuttlebutt_Scuttlebutt 22/09/2014 02:21 Page 16


CIVVY STREET Scale Aircraft Modelling Assistant Editor Karl Robinson examines the latest and future releases, useful accessories and items of interest in the world of civilian air modelling.



Eastern Express stockists via www.ark-models.org Pocketbond - www.pocketbond.co.uk

Vintage Flyer Decals stockists via www.vintageflyerdecals.com

14603 1:144 Airport Service Set #4, Tow Tractors


14604 1:144 Airport Service Set #5, Apron Buses


Eastern Express continue to expand their range of Airport Support vehicles, this time featuring some western vehicles. Set #14603 contains three airport tow tractors, and various towing equipment, including the Belorusian BelAZ-74211, plus the German SCHOPF F160 and F396C, with a variety of colour schemes provided. Included in set #14604 are the Neoplan N 9022L and MAZ-171 apron buses, again with a selection of colours to choose from.

VFD144-166 1:144th Boeing 720B American Airlines (Delivery) $14.99 VFD072-166 1:72nd Boeing 720B American Airlines (Delivery)


VFD144-167 1:144th Boeing 720B American Airlines (Lightning) $14.99 VFD072-167 1:72nd Boeing 720B American Airlines (Lightning)


VFD144-168 1:144th Comet 4C Mexicana


VFD-100-168 1:100th Comet 4C Mexicana


Vintage Flyer Decals have a number of new decal sheets featuring more colourful and classic airline schemes. Firstly two new decal sets encompass the striking 1950’s ‘Lightning Bolt’ natural polished metal American Airlines schemes seen on the Boeing 720B. Both sets feature the markings necessary to model any 720B of the fleet, including cockpit and passenger window decals. Each is available in both 1:144th and 1:72nd scales and contains comprehensive instructions and painting guides. Secondly, featuring a contemporary of the 720B in its day, is an attractive set for the de Havilland Comet 4C, sporting the delivery colours of Mexicana. All three Mexicana Comet 4C’s, XA-NAR/S & T, can be modelled from the sheet and it is available in both 1:144th and 1:100th scales.

COSMIC DEBRIS It seems there are no end of ingenious people out there who have ideas on what to do with a retired airliner. The ‘Cosmic Muffin’ is now a houseboat that was converted from a Boeing 307 Stratoliner. It started life as one of only 10 built and was operated by TWA in the late 1930’s, acquired by aviation pioneer, and legend, Howard Hughes in 1939 when he purchased TWA. The aircraft then passed through numerous owners until 1963 when the then owner, Joseph MacCaughtry, defaulted on a $40,000 loan taken

out to fix the aircraft. From then until 1969 it sat derelict, open and unlocked, when it was declared abandoned property and put up for auction. Kenneth W London, a private pilot, was the lucky winner of the sale for a mere $62, who spent the next four years transforming it into an exotic houseboat. Now owned by Dave Drimmer and based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the Cosmic Muffin has a completely rebuilt hull, updated interior, new motors, and a completely restored cockpit, and is truly one of a kind.

16 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

3608 16-17 Scuttlebutt_Scuttlebutt 22/09/2014 02:22 Page 17




Mach 2 stockists via www.mach2.fr

AModel stockists via Hannants Hannants - www.hannants.co.uk

Hannants - www.hannants.co.uk £45.99

72280 1:72 de Havilland D.H.60C “Cirrus Moth”


7256 1:72 Convair 440 Eastern


72281 1:72 de Havilland D.H.60 “Genet Moth”


7299 1:72 Beech 200 Super Kingair Securite Civile


72282 1:72 de Havilland D.H.60M “Metal Moth”,


72283 1:72 de Havilland D.H.60M “Moth Major”


72284 1:72 de Havilland D.H.60M “Moth Trainer”


72286 1:72 de Havilland D.H.60M “Gipsy Moth”


7255 1:72 Convair 440 North Central

A Model have come a long way in the past few years in terms of assembly quality; detail has never been an issue. While sometimes basic in places, this kit can surprise you in others and is accurate in overall dimensions.

FANCY SOME BRITISH MARKINGS? Availability: Model Alliance stockists via Hannants Hannants - www.hannants.co.uk ML729036; 1:72 RAF 90th Anniversary Dominie and King Air


Markings Options (2): • Dominie T Mk 2 XS739 55(R) Sqn • Beech King Air B200 ZK453 SERCO/RAF 3FTS 45(R) Sqn Mach 2 kits are not for the faint hearted, let’s be honest. However, there is something to be said for the skills gleaned from undertaking an old-school, short-run kit, and if Mr Pinchbeck’s work is anything to go by, Mach 2 kits build into superb models with some care and patience. The shape is accurate and the detail respectable, they just need a little more TLC than some other models.



3608 18 Scuttlebutt_Scuttlebutt 21/09/2014 19:44 Page 18


EASTERN PROMISE Eduard stockists via www.eduard.com Creative Models, Hannants & LSA Models

Injection Moulded Kits

8221 1:48 F6F-3 (Profipack), £19.50

8177 1:48 Fw 190 Nachtjäger (Profipack) £27.80

84123 1:48 MiG-21R (Weekend Edition)

Marking Options: 5

Marking Options: 4

Marking Options: 2


4431 1:144 Ju 87B (Super 44) (Dual Combo) £10.99 Marking Options: 3

Brassin Resin Detail Sets

632040 1:32 Bf 109G-10 wheels (Revell), £8.40

648156 1:48 AIM-9D Sidewinder £7.20

672038 1:72 US 250lb bombs £7.20

632041 1:32 Meteor F.4 wheels (HK Models) £4.50

648159 1:48 Tornado IDS wheels (Revell) £4.50

672039 1:72 US 500lb bombs £7.20

648150 1:48 Fw 190 wheels late (Eduard), £4.50

672037 1:72 AIM-9M/L Sidewinder £5.60

672040 1:72 F-16CJ Block 50 wheels (Tamiya) £4.50

Big Ed Photo-Etched Combi sets BIG49107 1:48 MiG-25PD/PDS Foxbat (Kitty Hawk) BIG49108 1:48 Su-2 (Zvezda) BIG49109 1:48 Mirage F.1B (Kitty Hawk) Big Sin Combi sets SIN64812 1:48 F-4 Weapons Set SIN64813 1:48 Russian Modern Aircraft Missiles Photo-Etched 32353 1:32 A-6A exterior (Trumpeter) 32356 1:32 A-1H exterior (Trumpeter) 32357 1:32 A-1H engine (Trumpeter) 32359 1:32 A-6A undercarriage (Trumpeter) 48807 1:48 A-6A exterior (HobbyBoss) 48809 1:48 F-101A/C exterior (Kitty Hawk) 48812 1:48 Tornado IDS exterior (Revell) 49687 1:48 Tornado IDS undercarriage (Revell) 49688 1:48 Tornado IDS seatbelts (Revell) 73022 1:72 Seatbelts Luftwaffe fighters (SUPER FABRIC) 73023 1:72 seatbelts USAAF & USN WWII (SUPER FABRIC) 73025 1:72 seatbelts RAF early (SUPER FABRIC) 72583 1:72 Sunderland Mk III bomb racks (Italeri) 72584 1:72 Sunderland Mk III surface panels (Italeri) 72585 1:72 Sunderland Mk III interior (Italeri) 72586 1:72 Sunderland Mk III maintenance

£54.60 £42.99 £38.99 £25.60 £28.99 £19.50 £22.25 £13.99 £16.70 £18.40 £18.40 £18.40 £16.40 £8.40 £3.30 £3.30 £3.30 £18.40 £19.50 £13.99

18 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

platforms Photo-Etched (Self Adhesive) 32812 1:32 A-1H interior 49681 1:48 F-101A/C interior 49683 1:48 A-6A interior 49686 1:48 Tornado IDS interior 73503 1:72 F-35A 73509 1:72 Su-27SM Flanker B 73510 1:72 Sunderland Mk III interior Photo-Etched (Self Adhesive - Zoom) 33133 1:32 A-1H interior FE681 1:48 F-101A/C interior FE683 1:48 A-6A interior FE686 1:48 Tornado IDS interior SS509 1:72 Su-27SM Flanker B SS510 1:72 Sunderland Mk III Masks JX167 1:32 T-2 Buckeye JX170 1:32 A-1H EX428 1:48 Tornado IDS EX432 1:48 F-101A/C EX433 1:48 Jaguar T.2 / T.4 CX395 1:72 Su-35 CX396 1:72 Sunderland Mk III

(Italeri) £30.60 (Trumpeter) (Kitty Hawk) (HobbyBoss) (Revell) (Academy) (Zvezda) (Italeri)

£16.70 £18.40 £18.40 £16.70 £12.99 £13.99 £16.70

(Trumpeter) (Kitty Hawk) (HobbyBoss) (Revell) (Zvezda) (Italeri)

£13.99 £13.99 £13.99 £13.99 £8.40 £10.99

(Special Hobby) (Trumpeter) (Revell) (Kitty Hawk) (Kitty Hawk) (Zvezda) (Italeri)

£8.40 £7.20 £8.40 £5.99 £8.40 £5.60 £9.50

3608 SAM 19_Layout 1 22/09/2014 02:08 Page 1

Saunders-Roe SR.177 mixed power interceptor project. Complete resin 1/72 kit with screen printed decals. Available in Royal Navy or JASDF/WGAF What-if boxings. Limited re-issue with upgraded parts, price £29.00 plus p+p


SCALE AIRCRAFT MODELLING November 2010 • £3.95 Volume 32 • Issue 9





32 •



eairc www.scal











New Jack Hustla’ Monogram’s venerable 1:48th Hustler gets rescribed


Canthe HobbyBt expossectaTorntionados?

95 1 • £3. y 201 e 11 Januar • Issu e 32 .com Volum




us Pages! 8 Extra Bon 1:16th A-7 Scratched: Corsair II l und: Bristo Walk Aro ard, F-117 188, Super Etend


4 More Pages! 11 Models Built! Walk Around: Pima’s Hustler




Heavy Hitter

craftm aleair w.sc

Eduard’s excellent 1:48th Bf 110G-2 with added extra punch

 The Convair B-58 Hustler Sonic Boom: was a revolutionary supersonic bomber not  may and it design A-10 but we examine it in Aviation in Profile:


 

, detail. The ac intimate eful pa rt! gr e look looks th

Compact Build Reviews: of 100 Years avale s Hobby Craft 1:48th Hawk-75 / Mirage Hobbies 1:48th Halberstadt / lar marking Trumpeter 1:32nd Super Hornet / Zvezda 1:72nd Ju 88 / TwoBob’s the Aéron in spectacu er Etendard 1:48th / AZ Models 1:72nd Supermarine Seafang / Aoshima deal to the greatBuckeye 72nd Sup Giants: Hunter owes a1:72nd . Ta 152C & Airfix’s Brand New Supermarine Spitfire Mk Ia ulders ofnda Sho tragic loss ry Hawker its the re On The lege pioneered befo Profile: PLUS THE LATEST IN KITS, DECALS, ACCESSORIES AND NEWS it in Aviation the innovations P.1081 and


of British!

… pt you with

ects to tem

ental proj

Experim : a 1:72nd Hasegaw / ild Reviews Diorama! /1:32 nd LVG CompactbyBuBlackburn Roc &/ Skua t Wings Wingnu ol 188

A Trio of



7 D NEWS Special Hob emy 1:48th F-11 Resin 1:72nd Brist RIES AN ACCESSO F-117 / Acad 1:72nd EAP / Pro d DECALS, Silver Clou IN KITS, ying spra ng E LATEST tli ing PLUS TH Mak e mot sier aff s ea LuftwAcrylic as a tion with t puta e re mos the nd som . e ar fe il. Mak ur 32 fa. ed a deta 7 earn e it in of yo emy Su -1 JF og in th th Acad War Y! exam ter 48 ire / : The d we IT umpe Seaf ofile ft an a / Tr y 48th nd IL-2 AL in Pr aircra bb oram 32 ion ck QU ua Di ecial Ho yBoss Aviat nd atta c & Sk / Sp RE Hobb grou n Ro 0-V15 100 / PU F19 kbur y Blac d FW r 72nd OF Hobb els 1:72n umpete S ial Spec et Mod F-16 / Tr GE / Plantic 48th PA Kine 82




Top Ti


ly Ea Go Ug

, ™xHxRHKRJKPJGPyG1y4124029039z3zv!v:!:,

s: eview uild R

act B



Then why not put them in one of our Binders only £8.95 plus P&P (20% UK, 35% Europe, 45% RoW) Order from the SAM Shop. See details in panel on Contents page

3608 20-21 Scuttlebutt_Scuttlebutt 18/09/2014 11:31 Page 20




DACO Products stockists via www.dacoproducts.com Hannants - www.hannants.co.uk

Kagero stockists via www.kagero.pl Casemate - www.casematepublishing.co.uk 19008 SMI Library 08, B-17 Flying Fortress in Combat Over Europe


By: Tomasz Szlagor Format: Softcover, 275 x 205mm, 92pp

DCC4802 1:48 Lockheed F-104 Starfighter Improvement & Correction set


We have had the pre-production test shot of this set for some time and announced it a while ago, however it has now landed here in the UK and is available to order. What started as a “small improvement set” for Danny Coremans slowly morphed into what we have before us here. To say this is comprehensive is a considerable understatement. It may not be cheap, however the fact that the first batch sold out in a matter of days at Hannants proves quality is worth it and that you will need to act quickly if you have any intentions of owning a set when the set is re-stocked.

KITS WORLD Kits World stockists via www.kitsworld.co.uk Hannants - www.hannants.co.uk KW132097 1:32 B-17G Flying Fortress “Sentimental Journey”

Considering the breadth of coverage and volume of photographic reference provided, this series from Kagero is quite the bargain and of great use for modelling projects. Thankfully, should the title prove inspirational enough, there are decals for two aircraft provided in 72nd and 32nd, with full colour profiles of them.


Markings Options: • Boeing B-17G-85-DL Flying Fortress Sentimental Journey (44-83514) CAF Museum in Mesa, Arizona Kits World decals are beautifully printed with vibrant colours and invariably perfect register. Sentimental Journey is a very attractive scheme and a great option for that gigantic HK Models kit.

20 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

50 YEARS OF DISPLAYS Italeri stockists via www.italeri.com The Hobby Company - www.hobbyco.net 2747 1:48 BAE Hawk T1A RAF Red Arrows 50 Display Seasons


1338 1:72 Dakota Mk III


1350 1:72 Stirling Mk IV


The 50th tail markings have to be my favourite Red Arrows livery that I can remember, the tail is very striking. The Italeri kit is generally regarded as one of the finer versions of the Hawk, featuring recessed external detail and an accurate shape. Now that the Stirling has finally arrived, it has proven every bit worth the wait. A fantastic kit.

3608 20-21 Scuttlebutt_Scuttlebutt 18/09/2014 11:31 Page 21




Special Hobby stockists via www.cmkkits.com

Xtradecal stockists via www.hannants.co.uk

Hannants - www.hannants.co.uk SH72290 1:72 IAR-37 'Romanian Light Bomber'

Hannants - www.hannants.co.uk £15.50

X48139 Royal Air Force Update 2013 - 14


Markings Options: 3

Markings Options: 5

SH72293 1:72 IAR-38 Romanian Reconnaissance Plane £15.50

Display Typhoons • ZK342 6 Sqn with desert camo on fin and spine Wg.Cdr. Mike Baulkwell • ZK343/BX 29 Sqn black fin with Squadron logo Fl.Lt Noel Rees • ZK348/FN 1)F) Sqn Wg.Cdr. Mark Flewin; ZK308 TP-V 29 Sqn D-Day stripes Sqn/Ldr Garry Stratford Tornado GR.4 • ZA412 617 Sqn Dambusters 70th Commemorative Wg.Cdr. D.S.Arthurton/Fg.Off. R.D.Hartley RAF Lossiemouth 2013

Markings Options: 3 If you were surprised to see the 32nd scale IAR-81 from AZUR in the last issue of SAM, you can colour me even more surprised to see the IAR-38 this month. Not that the fact that my never ever having heard of an airframe before makes it surprising to see it produced in injection moulded plastic, mind you. Special Hobby have made a living out of kitting the obscure and this aircraft certainly is obscure. Nice kit though! Well detailed, recessed surface detail and a respectably detailed interior.

X72216; Royal Air Force Update 2013 - 14


Markings Options: 5 Display Typhoons • ZK342 6 Sqn with desert camo on fin and spine Wg.Cdr. Mike Baulkwell • ZK343/BX 29 Sqn black fin with Squadron logo Fl.Lt Noel Rees • ZK348/FN 1)F) Sqn Wg.Cdr. Mark Flewin; ZK308 TP-V 29 Sqn DDay stripes Sqn/Ldr Garry Stratford Tornado GR.4 • ZA412 617 Sqn Dambusters 70th Commemorative Wg.Cdr. D.S.Arthurton/Fg.Off. R.D.Hartley RAF Lossiemouth 2013 • 2014 Red Arrows 50th Anniversary fin markings • ZJ995/P Puma 230 Sqn overall black •F-35B ZM137 Fort Worth; RC-135W ZZ664/5/6 Rivet Joint 51 Sqn RAF Waddington •It seems like the long standing belief of modern aircraft simply being “Grey on Grey” options for modellers has come to an end. The RAF are certainly doing their best to keep us modellers happy, as these sheets contain a plethora of spectacular options to choose from. For those with a 72nd F-35 in the stash or on the bench, we now have some low-viz markings for it. Jay Laverty

MIG MAD MARINE Airfix stockists worldwide via www.airfix.com A03082A 1:72 North-American F-86F / E(M) Sabre


Markings Options: 2 • F-86F; 'MiG Mad Marine', Major John H. Glenn, 25th FS, 51st FW, Korea, 1953 • F-86E(M) Sabre, Akro-Grupa, Ratno Vazduhoplovstvo i Protivvazdushna Odbrana, Batajnica Air Base, 1960 It is nice to see the superb Airfix Sabre rereleased as it is a spectacular model. This time around it features the markings of John Glenn’s Korean War mount, which has always been one of my favourite Sabre schemes.



3608 22-23_Scuttlebutt 17/09/2014 22:47 Page 22



A2ZEE MODELS Alley Cat stockists via www.a2zeemodels.co.uk

Revell model kits are available from all good toy and model retailers. For details visit www.revell.de/en, @RevellGermany or facebook.com/Revell 04665 1:32 Messerschmitt Bf 109G-6 (Early & Late)


Marking Options: 4 Revell could continue to release variants of the Bf 109 as long as they like, as for the humble sum of £22.99 this kit is quite the bargain. As can be expected with any release of such a popular subject, it has been scrutinised in minute detail and many options have been produced when it comes to enhancing the model…

Hannants - www.hannants.co.uk AC32037C 1:32 Bf 109H Conversion for the Revell G-6 £20.00 Alley Cat have produced a superb all-resin conversion for the G-6 to convert it into the Bf 109H – an abortive attempt to convert the Gustav into a high altitude fighter that was cancelled due to wing flutter problems.

…And in Other Scales… BARRACUDACALS Barracuda Studios stockists via www.barracudacals.com

H-Models Decals stockists via www.ghstudio.net

Hannants - www.hannants.co.uk BC32122 1:32 Bf 109F-4 through G-14 Props & Spinner £7.99 BC32155 1:32 Bf 109G Intake & Exhausts BC32159 1:32 Bf 109G-6 through G-14 Oil Cooler Fairing

H-MODELS DECALS Hannants - www.hannants.co.uk


HMD48007 1:48 Messerschmitt Bf 109G Nachtjagdgeschwader Wilde Sau JG300, Pt.1


• Messerschmitt Bf 109G-6, yellow 3, Wnr.52270, 3./JG 300, BonnHangelar, Germany 1943

BC32169 1:32 109G Upperwings with Small Wheel Bulges £9.60 BC32171 1:32 Bf 109G/K Prop & Spinner Alignment Jig, £3.99


• Messerschmitt Bf 109G-6/R6, yellow 4, 3./Jg 300, flown by Ltn. Manfred Dieterie, Bonn-Hangelar, Germany 1944 • Messerschmitt Bf 109G-6, yellow 9, 3./Jg 300, flown by Ltn Lothar Sachs, Bonn-Hangelar, Germany Summer 1943 • Messerschmitt Bf 109G-6/R6, yellow 12, 3./Jg 300, flown by Feldwebel Horst John, Bonn-hangelar, Germany, 1944

22 W W W. S C A L E A i R C R A f t M O D E L L i n g . CO. U k

3608 22-23_Scuttlebutt 17/09/2014 22:47 Page 23


LUFTFARHTVERLAG START Start stockists via www.luftfahrtverlag-start.de Hannants - www.hannants.co.uk Das vergessene As Der Jagdflieger Gerhard Barkhorn The Forgotten Ace Fighter Pilot Gerhard Barkhorn By: Bernd Barbas Format: 8250 x 280 mm, 208 pp

Price: €54.00 With many previously unpublished colour photographs from Barkhorn’s personal collection during his service with JG 52, this title provides a fascinating insight into the exploits of Germany’s second highest scoring ace (301 victories). Featuring colour profiles of all of his aircraft and excerpts from original combat reports, this book provides an insightful

examination of Barkhorn's war time and post-war Bundeswehr career. Start have also produced a special set of decals to accompany the book, although it is a limited run of 500 sheets, not to be reprinted. German & English Publication 1:48 Spezial-Decals zum Buch Gerhard Barkhorn


Bf 109E/F/G, Fw 190D-9, Me 262 Luftwaffe Im Focus is a long running and highly successful series of publications bringing together wartime Luftwaffe photographs and profiles, and this month Start have released a set of decals to accompany volumes 9 through 24… 1:48 Luftwaffe Im Focus Decals No 4


Bf 109E, F-2 & G-14, Fw 190A-8, Bf 110G-2 & G-4, Hs 129B-2, Ju 87D-3 Luftwaffe Im Focus is a long running and highly successful series of publications bringing together wartime Luftwaffe photographs and profiles, and this month Start have released a set of decals to accompany volumes 9 through 24… Massimo Santarossa & Jay Laverty



3608 24-25 Scuttlebutt_Scuttlebutt 17/09/2014 22:58 Page 24




Airfix stockists worldwide via www.airfix.com A05125 1:48 Supermarine Spitfire Mk Vb

Alley Cat stockists via www.a2zeemodels.co.uk £16.99

Marking Options: 2 • AB264; GN H, flown by Pilot Officer Robert Wendell "Buck" McNair D.F.C (Royal Canadian Air Force), No. 249 (Gold Coast) Sqn, Royal Air Force, Operation 'Spotter', Ta' Qali (Ta Kali), Malta, March 1942 • BM597; JH C, restored in the colours of No. 317 Polish Fighter Squadron for the Historic Aircraft Collection Ltd, Imperial War Museum, Duxford, England, 2013 A50160 Spitfire Mk Vb & Bf 109E-7 “Dogfight Doubles” £24.99 Marking Options: 2 • Bf 109E-7 'White 12', flown by Oberleutnant Joachim Muncheberg, Staffelkapitän 7./JG 26

Hannants - www.hannants.co.uk AC48050C 1:48 Supermarine Spitfire Mk Vc Early Style full span wing £11.00 AC48051C 1:48 Supermarine Spitfire Mk Vc Early Style clipped wing £11.00 AC48052C 1:48 Supermarine Spitfire Mk Vc Late Style full span wing £11.00 AC48053C 1:48 Supermarine Spitfire Mk Vc Late Style clipped wing £11.00 It did not take long for Alley Cat to provide us with the option of doing a Spitfire Mk Vc conversion from the Airfix Mk Vb, or rather four conversions. The quality of the pattern making is beyond reproach, and Alley Cat casting is second to none.

• Spitfire Mk Vb; EP641 X-J, 229 Sqn, Qrendi, Malta, December 1942 Airfix continue to be one of the more prolific manufacturers at the moment, as the stream of high quality, state-of-the-art, newly tooled kits shows no sign of abating. This impressive kit features elaborately rendered recessed surface details and an uncomplicated assembly. We always appreciate any markings options covering RCAF subjects, and having the Dogfight Double available at practically the same time makes for a nice option as well.

MONTEX MASKS Montex Masks stockists via www.montex-mask.com A2Zee Models - www.a2zeemodels.co.uk SM48392 Supermarine Spitfire Mk Vc Canopy Masks (Airfix) £4.50 A2Zee also import the full range of Montex Masks into the UK (and supply the range to Hannants as well), and Montex have produced a superb canopy mask for the new Airfix kit. The beauty of Montex products is that masks are provided for both the interior and the exterior of the canopy.

24 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

3608 24-25 Scuttlebutt_Scuttlebutt 17/09/2014 22:59 Page 25




Iliad design stockists via www.iliad-design.com Hannants - www.hannants.co.uk 48028 1:48 Spitfires over India


72013 1:72 Pre-War Hurricanes


While the above are not for Spitfire Mk Vb or Vc, they certainly are very interesting and unusual. Iliad decals are high quality, silk screen printed and in perfect register.

AMDG stockists via: www.amdg-decals.com Hannants - www.hannants.co.uk A48005 1:48 “Eight Gun Melody” Part I: Republic P-47D Thunderbolt £10.99 Designed to be used with: Tamiya kits Markings Options (4): • P-47D-15-RE, s/n ??-5751, 526th FS/86th FG, Poretta, Corsica, July-September, 1944 • P-47D-25-RE, s/n 42-26671, 82nd FS/78th FG, Capt. Benjamin I. Mayo, Duxford, UK, June 1944 • P-47D-25-RE, s/n 42-26649, 361st FS/256th FG, Lt. Amos Bomberger II, Martelsham Heath UK, November 1944 • P-47D-28-RE, s/n 44-19879, 62nd FS/56th FG, Capt. Robert E. Winters, Boxted UK, March 1945 A48006; 1:48 “Eight Gun Melody” Part II: Republic P-47D Thunderbolt £10.99 Designed to be used with: Tamiya kits Markings Options (4): • P-47D-15-RE, s/n ??-78973, 525 FS/86th FG, Lt. Riley “Mo” Stewart, Grossetto Italy, October 1944 • 2.P-47D-25-RE, s/n 42-26455, 350th FS/353rd FG, Lt. Kenneth “Choo Choo” Chetwood, Raydon UK, June 1944 • 3.P-47D-25-RE, s/n 42-26651, 361st FS/356th FG, Lt. James Thorne, Martelsham Heath UK, August 1944 • 4.P-47D-28-RE, s/n 44-20118, 65th FS/57th FG, Lt. Thomas E. Bowers, Grossetto Italy, March 1945

MORE DOGFIGHTING Academy stockists via www.academyhobby.com Pocketbond - www.pocketbond.co.uk 12513 1:72 P-47D & Fw 190A-8 70th Anniversary Normandy Invasion




3608 Page 26 Scuttlebutt_Scuttlebutt 15/09/2014 13:10 Page 26


Hasegawa round-up Availability: Hasegawa stockists via www.hasegawa-model.co.jp

HA08237 1:32 Messerschmitt Me 262 V056 ‘Nacht Jäger Prototype’ £49.99 Marking Options: 2 • Luftwaffe night fighter prototype Code: V056 Feb., 1945 • Luftwaffe night fighter prototype Kommando Welter Leutnant Kurt Welter Code: V056 Jan., 1945

Amerang - www.amerang.co.uk

HA07383 1:48 Mitsubishi F1M2 Type Zero Observation Seaplane (Pete) Model 11 “Heavy Cruiser” £32.99 Marking Options: 2 • I.J.N. Heavy cruiser Nachi Code: (C21-1-3) (C21-1-2) Shumshu island Sep. - Oct., 1943 • I.J.N. Heavy cruiser Ashigara Code: (F2-2) (F2-3) May, 1943

HA10808 1:200 KC-767 “World Tanker Combo” (Two kits in the box), £36.99 Marking Options: 3 • KC-767 Italian A.F. • KC-767 Colombian A.F. • KC-767J J.A.S.D.F

HA02116 1:72 Tornado GR.4 “No.12 Squadron Farewell Special” £34.99

HA07382 1:48 Nakajima Ki-44-II Hei Shoki (Tojo) “246th Flight Regiment”, £29.99

HA02112 1:72 Mitsubishi G4M2 Type 1 Attack Bomber (Betty) Model 22 “RYU Unit” £32.99

Marking Options: 2 • I.J.A.A.F. 246th F.R. 3rd SQ. Code: 321 Taisho A.F. 1944 • I.J.A.A.F. 246th F.R. 3rd SQ. Code: 338 Philippines Late 1944

Marking Options: 3 • I.J.N. 761st N.F.G. "Ryu unit" Code: Ryu-41 Peleliu Palau Islands March 1944 • I.J.N. 761st N.F.G. "Ryu unit" Code: 76 (Yo365) Peleliu Palau Islands March 1944

HA02118 1:72 Mikoyan-29 Fulcrum “Ukranian Air Force” £29.99

HA02117 1:72 Mitsubishi F-2A “Prototype No.1 Special Marking” £29.99

HA07384 1:48 F/A-18A Hornet “NASA”, £59.99

Marking Options: 2 • Ukrainian A.F. Code: 01 2012 • Ukrainian A.F. Code: 21 2008

Marking Options: 1 • J.A.S.D.F. F-2A Prototype No.1 special marking Code: 63-8501 March 2014

Marking Options: 2 • NASA Code: 850 2005 • NASA Code: 847 2003

Marking Options: 2 • R.A.F. No.12 Sq. Farewell special marking Code: ZA395 2014 • R.A.F. No.12 Sq. Normal scheme Code: FB:ZG775

More Tornado opTions Availability: Kits World stockists via www.kittyhawkmodel.com KW48126; 1:48 Desert Storm Panavia Tornado GR.4 £10.20 KW72079; 1:72 Desert Storm Panavia Tornado GR.4 £10.20 Marking Options: 4 KW48132; 1:48 Desert Storm Panavia Tornado GR.1B £10.20 KW72078; 1:72 Desert Storm Panavia Tornado GR.1B £10.20

Hannants - www.hannants.co.uk

If you, like me, cannot get enough of Tornados, Kits World have opened up some more avenues in terms of well researched, high quality markings options. Not only for the new Revell kit, but also existing kits like the Hasegawa Tornado above. Jay Laverty

Marking Options: 4

26 w w w. s C a L e a i r C r a f T M o d e L L i n g . Co. u k

3608 CBR1_3601 14/09/2014 19:25 Page 28


Massimo Santarossa gets the most out of one of the newlytooled Airfix masterpieces, the Hawker Hurricane Mk I in 1:72nd scale.

Hawker Hurricane Mk I Availability: Airfix stockists worldwide via www.airfix.com Stock Code: A01010 Scale: 1:72 Price: £5.99 Author's Additional Investment: Xtradecal X72193; 1:72 Hawker Hurricane Mk I Early (fabric wing), £7.99 Paints Used: Massimo uses Testors Model Master Enamels

Flat White 1768, Flat Black 1949, Dark Earth 2054, RAF Interior Green 2062, RAF Dark Green 2060, Matt Clear Lacquer Alclad II Metallic Lacquers: ALC106 Aluminum Weathering Agents: Winsor & Newton’s Artists Oils: Burnt Umber & Lamp Black

Star Power


hen the phrase "The Battle of Britain" is mentioned, most people conjure up images of Spitfires duelling with Bf 109s. This perception has been reinforced somewhat by Hollywood and the media as the sleek and sexy Supermarine Spitfire has always been the centre of attention, while the far more utilitarian Hurricane has been side-lined. During those fateful months in 1940, out of the 2,739 RAF victories, the Hurricane accounted for 1,593. More of them flew with Fighter Command than all other British fighters combined. While the Spitfire dealt with the likes of the Bf 109s, it was the Hurricane that went after the Luftwaffe bombers, thereby blunting the attack. Of the "Few" Winston Churchill spoke so eloquently about, the majority flew in

28 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

planes that came from the assembly lines at Hawker. Not only did it play a major role in the Battle of Britain, but it was earlier deployed to the continent in an attempt to counter the German invasion of France. Unlike some early and pre-war designs that quickly faded into the background during the war, the Hurricane stayed out in front, serving in all theatres of combat, from the deserts of North Africa to the steppes of Russia, from the jungles of Asia to the decks of aircraft carriers.

Constantly Improving Over the past several years we have been witnessing the rebirth of Airfix. It started slowly at first with their 1:48th Lightning, but when Hornby took the reins things really took

off. For those of us who work in the one true modelling scale, it has developed into something of a golden era as Airfix release one 1:72nd scale kit after another, replacing the once classic, yet now dated, kits in their range. The quality of these newlytooled mouldings rivals anything on the market and their value for money is unrivalled. If you go back and read the various reviews of earlier kits, such as the Hawker Typhoon, Harrier, and P-40, you will know what will be said about the Hurricane and what to expect from the package. In summation; a simple build encompassing more than ample detail in the scale. There are a couple of noteworthy items to point out, however: The kit featured here is an early Mk I with fabric covered wings. This detail is nicely captured in styrene, although the trailing edges could be

3608 CBR1_3601 14/09/2014 19:25 Page 29


Blu Tack 'sausages' were used to create the demarcation lines of the camouflage pattern. The Dark Earth areas were then filled in with masking tape.

thinned down to a more appropriate scale thickness. Airfix have captured the look of the complex landing gear wonderfully, and once again provided some nicely weighted tires for the plane to stand on.

Pure Enjoyment There are no secrets or hidden foibles with this build. Airfix have provided us with a model that will not only build nicely straight out of the box, but also serve as a superb platform for some additional detailing should you be so inclined. In this case the most complicated operation performed was to replace the kit's solid-moulded navigation lights with some bits of clear sprue. Provided you can use a scalpel and a file, this exercise is well within the realms of your ability. The other minor additions made were the inclusion of a harness made from masking tape and the addition of antenna wires made from smoke coloured quilting thread.

Paint & Markings Painting the model was also a straightforward affair. Once the underside received its ubiquitous Black and White halves, the upper surface was sprayed first with Dark Earth and then followed with RAF Dark Green. Blu Tack was employed to create a soft edge to the demarcation lines of the camouflage pattern. The rounded edge of the rolled Blu Tack feathers the line of paint almost imperceptibly, creating a very convincing split between colours in the scale. The kit decals performed well, at least the ones that were used did - the stencil data and national markings. As far as I am concerned, decals have never been a problem area for Airfix kits and always go onto the model faultlessly.

Xtradecal have a released a sheet that fits this model perfectly, offering up several tempting schemes to choose from. I must admit that it was a closerun affair as I almost went with the very attractive Finnish option, but in the end the traditionalist in me won out. With the decals in place, the model was coated in Future so that some weathering could be applied. This was kept rather restrained, comprising a panel line wash and some oil streaking on the underside. A silver pencil was used to add a few paint chips around those areas that benefited from them. After a coat of matt varnish,

various pigments rounded things out in the form of some exhaust streaks and staining.

First of the Many Airfix have another winner on their hands with this kit. It ticks all the boxes that any modeller, be they novice or expert, may have. I hope I am correct in expecting that there will be more versions of this important aircraft based on these sprues, although in the meantime I have already purchased another one of these kits and look forward to more...



3608 CBR1_3601 14/09/2014 19:25 Page 30


30 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

The Big Build

3608 CBR2_3601 20/09/2014 04:04 Page 32


Jay Laverty continues the “Big Build” in this instalment in the series.

MODELSPACE ™ Supermarine Spitfire Mk Vb Availability: spitfire.modelspace.com Scale: 1:12 Price: £28.00 Per Month – Model Complete in 32 Months

Take A Seat


ith the rest of the parts needed to finish the cockpit sidewalls arriving this month, the issue of how much additional detailing to add was forced. The quandary was, just how much could go in before it affects the fit of the parts and how much point would there be? I believe that some modellers have misinterpreted the intention of this model, and as a result have placed some rather unrealistic expectations on it. This was not created as something scale modellers would regard as the definitive Spitfire in terms of detail, it was intended to be an ongoing project that fits into a

formula that has worked for years for DeAgostini and Model Space. The market is clearly not the calliper-toting accuracy nut, it is for fathers and sons (as in my household) or collectors to build as a display model of an impressive stature. It is not marketed at the guy expecting museum quality detail for £4.99. Taking into consideration the amount of detail already provided, how much further would I need to go to make the cockpit convincing and at what point would it be sensible to stop? It is a difficult question, as the true answer would lie in just how proficient I am at scratch-building. It is one thing to glue some fuse wire into

place and make the odd plastic card console or switch box in 1:48th or 1:32nd, but how much work would I have to do in 1:12th? Having said all of that, you had better be prepared for a considerable amount of repetition during the build, as this month’s stages involve yet more of the wing assembly, moving back and forth from Port to Starboard. Not that I am complaining, mind you, it is all very necessary work and it is a great opportunity to get the boys used to working with Balsa…

Having worked primarily in 48th and 32nd for years and becoming very comfortable with both, getting a “feel” for what sort of dimensions that aspects like cables and details require in 1:12th is quite an adjustment.

This month’s delivery of parts.

After adding plasticard strip to the sidewall, the oxygen hose was added, fixed with superglue. The hose was made by wrapping smaller gauge fuse wire around larger.

32 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

Medium gauge wire was used to represent some various cables. The only dilemma left at this point is how far to take it…do I add some strips of riveting?

3608 SAM 33_Layout 1 14/09/2014 21:45 Page 1

Great White Sw

3608 CBR3_3605 14/09/2014 19:36 Page 34


If anything symbolises the demise of the British aerospace industry, it is the BAC TSR.2. Seb Videc builds the 1:144th scale kit from Great Wall Hobby.

BAC TSR.2 Availability: Great Wall Hobby stockists via www.lionroar.net Creative Models www.creativemodels.co.uk Scale: 1:144 Stock Code: L1003

Price: £TBC Paints Used:

ModelMaster: 1768 Flat White Alclad: ALC-103 Dark Aluminium, ALC-112 Steel

Passionate Memories


he BAC TSR.2 has to be one of the most unique aircraft in the world of scale modelling. The real aircraft only made a handful of flights yet its shape, testing stories and the cancellation controversy stir up modellers' imaginations and passions to this day. Until only a few years ago, there were no injected plastic kits available. Then Airfix released a limited-edition kit in 72nd that sold out almost immediately. Airfix later rereleased the kit as a Japanese Manga inspired version. They had also released a 48th scale version that was met with the same enthusiastic response as its smaller predecessor. This 1:144th scale version comes from Asia, however, originally released by Pit Road

34 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

Models exclusively to the Asian market. Great Wall Hobby have thankfully decided to market the kit worldwide.

Excellent Fit Prior to starting the kit a choice needs to be made as to which of the several construction options provided for in the instructions is to be

used. If displaying the model 'inflight', a hole needs to be cut into the lower fuselage before joining the fuselage halves together. Unusually (and gratefully) crew figures are included for this option, as is the display stand. It is possible

Swan Song 3608 CBR3_3605 14/09/2014 19:37 Page 35

to model all of the wheel bay doors open, as well as bomb bay and airbrakes. Since most of the photos I have seen of the aeroplane during testing, (as well as on the Duxford museum example) show most of the doors closed, I decided to attempt to capture that streamlined look. Closing the airbrakes was surprisingly easy to do, as the fit of the airbrake parts was perfect with their recesses; however, this was not the case for the main landing gear doors, unfortunately. The instructions call for the intakes to be installed first, although I recommend attaching the doors first and attaching the entire side assembly afterwards. This will allow for

the doors to be fitted and adjusted more precisely without any interference. Aside from this minor difficulty, the remainder of the assembly was superb and this is definitely one of the best fitting kits I have yet seen in this scale.

Anti-Flash White Symbolic of British aircraft of the Cold War nuclear threat era, all of the TSR.2 airframes were painted in anti-flash white. Painting white can sometimes be troublesome, although from previous experience,


ModelMaster Flat White provides excellent coverage and can be polished to a gleaming shine. Following this, Alclad Aqua Gloss was applied to the entire airframe and the decals applied once the gloss had sufficiently dried. These were then followed with another protective coat of gloss. Weathering white aircraft can be a bit challenging, as any medium you use is going to stand out considerably, meaning that achieving any form of convincing subtlety is a difficult prospect. While the remaining museum examples are restored to immaculate condition, the only airframe that actually underwent flight testing (XR219) did get somewhat dirty during its 24

test flights. A watercolour wash was applied over the glossy surface of the model with excess easily wiped off shortly afterwards. Alclad Satin varnish was used to seal the model and gave it a ‘used but not abused’ appearance. The 'Gold' tinted clear parts were recreated by adding a few drops of yellow food colouring to Future floor polish.

Highly Recommended The ease with which this kit goes together makes it one of my favourite 144th scale projects ever undertaken, and an ideal model for younger modellers, novices and superdetailers alike. The mystique and controversy surrounding the airframe only adds to its appeal, making this a brilliant potential undertaking for any 144th scale aficionado.



3608 CBR4_3605 14/09/2014 19:49 Page 36


We welcome Aurelio Reale to the SAM team as he builds the Eduard “Weekend Edition” of their superb Messerschmitt Bf 110G-2.

Messerschmitt Bf 110G-2 (Weekend Edition) Availability: Eduard stockists via www.eduard.com Creative Models, Hannants & LSA Models Scale: 1:72 Stock Code: 7421 Price: £10.99 Author's Additional Investment: Eduard 73471; Messerschmitt Bf 110G-2 (colour etched), £8.40 Paints Used: Gunze Sangyo Hobby Color

We Recommend: Eduard D72005; Messerschmitt Bf 110 C-G-2 Stencils £5.60

The Story

First Look


Regardless of how you look at it, Eduard's 1:72nd Bf 110G-2 is a highly impressive kit. The solid and attractive top-opening box is stuffed with no less than five well-presented grey sprues plus an innovative circular clear one. The moulding quality is superb. I could not find a single sink mark or ejector pin in any area that would be visible on the finished model.

esigned to fulfil a German Air Ministry requirement for a longrange, twin-engined combat aircraft, the Bf 110 was Messerschmitt’s interpretation of the Zerstörer or heavy fighter concept. The aircraft was particularly successful in this last role, mainly due to its stability and ability to carry heavy armament. The Bf 110G-2 was one of the last variants and was equipped with powerful DB-605B engines. Although useful as a fighter bomber, the G-2 was such a steady weapons platform that it was capable of carrying the "twin" 20mm cannon pod or the fearsome 37mm cannon under the fuselage, which turned it into an effective bomber destroyer.

36 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

Crisply recessed panel lines are partnered with stunningly subtle rows of rivets. The treatment of the fabric control surfaces is top rate as well, with delicately raised rib tape and no discernible sagging in between. All in all, a pretty impressive kit.

Mounting and Painting The cockpit received a coat of RLM66 after all of the edges were outlined with Black. After a coat of gloss a Black wash was applied and followed with a dry-brushing with Light Grey. When it came to the cockpit details, such as the instrument panel and consoles, I decided to use Eduard’s pre-coloured photo-etched. There is not much to report when it comes to the general assembly, as everything went smoothly, requiring a minimal amount of filling. Nothing more than can be expected from a model kit, to be honest. The only real fit issue of the kit is in the assembly of the gun nose, which has been moulded

3608 CBR4_3605 14/09/2014 19:49 Page 37


in such a manner so as to permit multiple variants from the single mould. If you do not pay careful attention during assembly and test fit several times you will find yourself spending an inordinate amount of time filling and sanding the seams.

Constant Adjustment After applying a coat of primer, the entire model was pre-shaded in Dark Grey and White. The lower surfaces were the first to get the colour added: RLM 76 (Gunze H417). The process was repeated on the upper surfaces using the two Greys RLM 74 and RLM 75 (H68 & 69 respectively). With the same colours, much more diluted, the mottling was applied to the fuselage sides. Mottling is a time consuming exercise, requiring

considerable amounts of patience. The key is to find the perfect combination of paint mixture and pressure from the compressor, as too much either way will lead to constant clogging of the airbrush nozzle. There is no set recipe for the perfect paint mixture when working with mottling, there are so many variables (such as humidity) that will affect performance, it is a matter of being able to make constant adjustments. The entire model and its various subassemblies

received three light coats of gloss clear varnish (Gunze H30) and given a full 24 hours to dry completely; the decals were then added. The quality of Eduard’s decals is excellent and unless you have a specific scheme in mind that is not provided in the kit, aftermarket decals are superfluous. At this point another coat of gloss varnish was applied in preparation for the wash.

undersides Medium Grey while the upper surfaces were Dark Grey. The finer weathering effects were also recreated using oils, such as fuel filling stains, fluid leaks and the base of the exhaust staining. After a coat of matt varnish (Gunze H20) the final touches of the weathering were added in the form of pastel chalks.

The wash consists of a mixture of artist’s oil paints: the

Eduard have produced a magnificent rendition of the Bf 110 with this series of kits and the Weekend version provides the opportunity to acquire the kit at an extremely affordable price. The model is simple to assemble and goes together with minimal remedial work required, thus making it an ideal project for any modeller.




3608 CBR5_3605 14/09/2014 19:54 Page 38


Neil Pinchbeck continues his pursuit of the unusual as he builds Micro-Mir’s 1:48th scale Yakolev UT-1 on floats.

Seeing Red

Yakovlev UT-1 Floatplane Availability: Micro-Mir stockists via Hannants www.hannants.co.uk Scale: 1:72 Stock Code: 48-004 Price: £27.60 Paints Used: Neil Pinchbeck uses Humbrol enamels

(23) Duck Egg Blue, (24) Trainer Yellow, (60) Scarlet, Metal Cote (27002) Polished Aluminium & (27003) Polished Steel. Weathering Agents: Van Gogh Oil paints: Burnt Umber, Titanium White, Black


have to admit from the outset that Soviet aviation in general, and the works of Alexander Sergeevich Yakovlev in particular, are a closed book to me. I do have a keen interest in aircraft of the 1920s and 30s and am fascinated by anything capable of landing and taking off from water; however, this was very much a case of the box art selling the subject. As a youngster, I always said that red was my favourite colour. I meant scarlet, and this is it! Speaking of box art, it was pointed out to me that the Micro–Mir boxes are very reminiscent of the design and colours which used to be used by Novo for their reissues of vintage Frog kits. As I

38 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

remember, though, Novo never released anything in 1:48 scale.

Size Matters Indeed, on first opening the box, it was hard to believe that Micro-Mir had produced something in 1:48 scale. So diminutive were the parts on the sprues that I was initially convinced that here was a kit at 1:72 scale and that some printing error had been made on the box. The only thing that

convinced me that this was actually quarter scale, were the seat, rudder bar and control stick, along with the etch control panel. All of this is probably not surprising, since the Yak UC-1 was a very small aircraft. By way of example, the wingspan was just 18feet 10inches (5.75m) compared with another monoplane trainer from the same period, the Miles Master (by no means a large aircraft) with a span of 39 feet (12.75M) - more than twice that of the UT-1.

First Glance Because the injection moulded parts are so small, a first glance suggests that the quality of detail on offer is not particularly inviting, limited as it is to a few engraved panel lines around the nose. A closer look, though, reveals that the detail of the fabric control surfaces is very subtly done. Even so, this kit does rely heavily for detail on a photo-etched fret, produced by Eduard. There is a potential issue here in that the numbering of the etched parts on the instructions and parts map are

3608 CBR5_3605 14/09/2014 19:54 Page 39


completely different from the numbering on the Eduard fret. Fortunately, the etched parts are well illustrated on the instruction sheet and not difficult to identify from their pictures. So the advice is: ignore the numbering on the fret and follow the illustrations.

Colour Query Another potential problem, deriving this time from my total ignorance of Soviet aircraft, was what colour to paint the interior. I am very grateful to my SAM colleague Marco Preto for coming to the rescue with the Federal Standard reference for Soviet Blue-Green primer. Although matching colours on a computer screen is not ideal, I am convinced that Humbrol (23) Duck Egg Blue is a close match for this colour and this is what I used.

Complex Cylinders I have to say that I am still a bit puzzled about why a comparatively simple fivecylinder radial engine needs to consist of 23 injection moulded components and an additional 10 etched parts. Each cylinder head comes in two halves with a separate head piece. The crank case is also in two halves with a separate front plate. All this gives rather a lot of seams to clean up, although once that is done, the result is very presentable.

Distinguishing Feature The distinguishing feature of this variant are the floats. These come on a separate sprue, in the

form of floats in two halves along with the associated struts. Illustrations in the instructions and photographs on the internet show that the floats and the fuselage should be parallel. To achieve this happy state, I had to cut approximately 4mm from the forward member of the two “N” struts. Since the angle is predetermined by the length of the struts, I do not think (this time) that the mistake was mine. Since it is much better for struts to be too long rather than too short, this is not difficult to correct.

Scarlet Fever I am grateful to Marco again for advice on

friend who is a devotee of modelling Ferrari racing cars. The tip was that to get a really vibrant scarlet red, use a yellow primer.

Minimal Translation The description of the two alternative aircraft on the colour call-outs appear only in Cyrillic Russian script. I am quite proud to say that using the English version of the historical text on the instructions, I was able to translate, and am able to tell you that: • The Aluminium doped version, flown by Yuri Piontkovskiy, on the 2nd October 1937 attained the world speed record for a closed circuit of 100km, at 218km/h. • My Red record breaker, piloted by an individual identified only as Fedoseyev, established the straight line, non-stop distance record on 21st October 1937, by flying 1,174.8km from Moscow to Ufa in today’s Republic of Bashkortostan, not far from the border with Kazakhstan

Specialisation painting vehicles and aircraft red. He passed on a tip from a

So far, Micro-Mir have made something of a speciality of the Yak UT-1. In addition to this boxing, the very smart wheeled version and the wartime ground attack conversion are available. All three version can be built from the 1:144th scale release of this aeroplane as well.



3608 AINP_3605 14/09/2014 20:31 Page 40

AVIATION IN PROFILE M c D o n n e l l F - 101 V o o D o o

Bentwaters, Robin Olds & the Nuclear Voodoo RAF Bentwaters and Woodbridge may no longer be part of the USAF’s role in Europe, however their history is still fascinating as is the role the Voodoo played there. By: Jay Laverty

McDonnell F-101A (S/N 53-2440) at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif. (USAF Photo)

Twin Bases


n 1941 the Air Ministry outlined the requirement for a number of emergency runways on the east coast of Britain. The Twin bases of RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge were established as a result, with Woodbridge opening in November 1943 and Bentwaters opening in April of 1944. During WWII, several RAF squadrons operated a variety of aircraft from Woodbridge and Bentwaters, primarily Mustang III’s & IV’s and Spitfires, alongside the bases' use as an emergency landing strip for returning Allied bombers, unable to land at their home fields due to either poor conditions or damage sustained on mission.

FIDO & Operation Aphrodite Woodbridge was home to a couple of interesting projects, namely the development of FIDO (Fog Investigation and Dispersal Operation) and the Aphrodite programme. FIDO was a simple, yet highly effective way of combatting the dangers of landing in conditions of fog or low cloud. This consisted of pipelines with small holes drilled into them installed on both sides and the ends of the runway, through which petrol was injected at high pressure. The fuel was then ignited by burners installed along the

pipes at regular intervals which burned with such intensity that it literally burned away the fog encompassing the runway. Installation of the FIDO system commenced in January of 1944, taking nearly five month to complete. To prevent congestion on the narrow lanes surrounding the airfield, a four mile long underground pipeline was installed to supply Woodbridge's four 350,000 gallon fuel tanks. Aphrodite was a programme similar to the German “Mistel” project, where B-17s nearing the end of their service life were converted into flying bombs to be launched at V1 and V2 missile sites in France. After being stripped of their defensive armament and packed with 10 tonnes of high explosive, the “robot” B-17s would be piloted by a crew of two for take-off and the initial stages of the mission who would bail out after setting course for the target and leaving another B-17 to act as a “mother ship” to direct the guided missiles the rest of the way to target. After several unsuccessful attempts with only one moderate success against Heide in August 1944, the project was deemed too expensive and dangerous and subsequently cancelled. Bentwaters' development was much

F-101A (S/N 53-2423) after landing with drag chute. (USAF photo)

40 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

After completing 80 323rd BS missions, Aphrodite B-17F (The Careful Virgin) was used against Mimoyecques, but impacted short of target due to controller error. (USAF Photo)

Maj. Robin Olds, 434th Fighter Squadron commander, in the cockpit of one of his P-51Ds. (USAF Photo)

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AVIATION IN PROFILE M c D o n n e l l F - 101 V o o D o o

Natural Natural Metal Metal

Grey Gr ey (FS16473)

TTan an (FS30219) (FS30219

Green Gr een (FS34079)

Darkk Gr Green Dar een (FS34102)

Dayglo Orange Da yglo Or ange (FS28915)

cDonnell F-101A -5-MC, 53-2428, (b elieved tto ob e) op erated b y the Sp ecial W eapons T est Centre, Centre, Kirtland Kirtland McDonnell F-101A-5-MC, (believed be) operated by Special Weapons Test M ew M exico, mid-1950’ ’ss. Air New Mexico, mid-1950’s. Air Force Force Base, Base, N e dr ab. TThe he nose entral fuselage, fuselage, upper overall Natural olive drab. nose,, upper ccentral SScheme cheme is o verall Na tural Metal, Metal, with the anti-glare anti-glare panel in oliv yglo Or ange (FS28915). outer Dayglo Orange fin, and wing and tailplane out er sections sections are are finished in Da

M cDonnell F-101A -15-MC, 53-2438, used ffor or ttest est purp oses, E dwards A ir F orce B ase, C alifornia, ear McDonnell F-101A-15-MC, purposes, Edwards Air Force Base, California, early ly 1960’s. 1960’’ss. SScheme cheme is o verall Na tural M etal, with the an ti-glare panel in oliv e dr ab and rradome adome finished in black he whole overall Natural Metal, anti-glare olive drab black.. TThe upper fuselage faces ar e finished in Da yglo Or age (FS28915). IItt w as rreportedeportedfuselage,, upper wing and upper tailplane sur surfaces are Dayglo Orage was ly rredesignated edesignated as an NF-101A, although aatt least one rreference eference sta tes tha as 53-2418. states thatt the sole NF-101A w was

McDonnell F-101C-45-MC, 56-0013, op y the 91st T actical F ighter S quadron, 81st T erated b actical F ighter W ing, based a McDonnell operated by Tactical Fighter Squadron, Tactical Fighter Wing, att RAF Bentwaters, Bentwaters, Suff olk, 1964. SScheme cheme is o verall Na tural M etal, with the an ti-glare panel in oliv e drab drab and radome radome finished in RAF Suffolk, overall Natural Metal, anti-glare olive black. The The fin is in the squadr on ccolour olour of Dar tural M etal. TThe he badge of the 91st TFW is carried carried on the port port side of the nose black. squadron Darkk Blue with stars in Na Natural Metal. nose,, that of the 81st TFW car ried tto o por with that carried portt in the same position. McDonnell F-101C-50-MC, op erated b y the 91st T actical F ighter S quadron, 81st T actical F ighter W ing, based a McDonnell operated by Tactical Fighter Squadron, Tactical Fighter Wing, att RAF Bentwaters, Bentwaters, Suff olk, England ly 1960’s. 1960’’ss. SScheme ibed abo ve .T cheme is as descr he fin flashes ar e in the squadRAF Suffolk, England,, ear early described above .The are ron colour colour of Dark Dark Blue ried on both sides of the fin, with tha ron Blue,, with the badge of the 91st TFS car carried thatt of the 81st carried on both oth sides of the fuselage TFW carried fuselage..

erated by by the 92nd Tactical Tactical Fighter Fighter Squadron, Squadron, 81st Tactical Tactical F M cDonnell F-101C-35-MC, op ighter W ing, based a McDonnell operated Fighter Wing, att cheme is o Suffolk, England, England, early early 1960’s. 1960’’ss. SScheme verall Natural Natural Metal, Metal, with the an R AF B entwaters, Suffolk, ti-glare panel in oliv e RAF Bentwaters, overall anti-glare olive adome in ma tt black he fin flashes ar e as ffollows ollows for for the units within the wing: Blue (91st TFS), Yellow dr ab and rradome Yellow drab matt black.. TThe are ed (93r d TFS). TThe he badge of the 92nd TFS is carried ve rright). ight). carried on the fin (see scrap scrap view abo (92nd TFS) and R Red (93rd above

cDonnell F-101C-50-MC, flo wn b y the ccommanding ommanding offic actical F ighter W M err, 81st T ing, based a AF B entwaters, McDonnell flown by officer, Tactical Fighter Wing, att R RAF Bentwaters, ly 1960’s. 1960’’ss. Scheme etal, with the an ti-glare panel in oliv e dr ab and rradome adome in n Suff olk, England Scheme is overall overall Natural Natural M Suffolk, England,, ear early Metal, anti-glare olive drab ee squadr ons assig ned tto o the 81st TFW (as outlined abo ma tt black he thr ee fin flashes signify signify each of the thr ve). matt black.. TThe three three squadrons assigned above).

actical F ighter S quadron, 27th T actical cDonnell F-101C-40-MC, op erated b y the 522nd T M McDonnell operated by Tactical Fighter Squadron, Tactical te 1950’ ’ss. annon AFB ew M exico, la F ighter W ing, based a Fighter Wing, att C Cannon AFB,, N New Mexico, late 1950’s. Scheme is overall overall Na tural M etal, with the an ti-glare panel in oliv e dr ab and rradome adome in ma tt black Scheme Natural Metal, anti-glare olive drab matt black.. The fin is finished in the squadr on ccolour olour with stars lef tural metal he fin tip is offwhite. Not e The squadron leftt in na natural metal.. TThe off-white. Note the TTAC TA AC shield shield..

41 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

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AVIATION IN PROFILE M c D o n n e l l F - 101 V o o D o o



pullout singles_3601 30/09/2014 13:03 Page 43

AVIATION IN PROFILE M c D o n n e l l F - 101 V o o D o o

43 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

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AVIATION IN PROFILE M c D o n n e l l F - 101 V o o D o o



pullout singles_3601 30/09/2014 13:03 Page 45

AVIATION IN PROFILE M c D o n n e l l F - 101 V o o D o o McDonnell operated by Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron, Air Base, M cDonnell RF-101C-60-MC, 56-0042 op erated b y the 15th T actical Rec onnaissance S quadron, Kadena A ir B ase, Okinawa, overall Natural Metal, anti-glare olive drab matt Black.. TThe O kinawa, 1960. SScheme cheme is o verall Na tural M etal, with the an ti-glare panel in oliv e dr ab and rradome adome in ma tt Black he marking are Golden Yellow Darkk Blue tr trim. lightning Red. fin mar king and fuselage sash ar e in G olden Y ellow and with Dar im. TThe he ligh tning bolt is in R ed.

M cDonnell RF-101C-60-MC, 56-0189, op McDonnell operated by Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron, Tactical Reconerated b y the 29th T actical Rec onnaissance S quadron, 432nd T actical Rec onnaissanc naissance Wing, att S Shaw AFB,, S South Carolina, overall Natural Metal, anti-glare eW ing, based a haw AFB outh C arolina, 1965. SScheme cheme is o verall Na tural M etal, with the an ti-glare panel in oliv e dr olive drab matt black.. TThe are Golden Yellow ellow with Black edging. ab and rradome adome in ma tt black he nose sash and fin check ar e in G olden Y edging.

McDonnell F-101A/C Voodoo: under view M McDonnell operated by Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron, Tactical y the 32nd T actical Rec onnaissance S cDonnell RF-101C-65-MC, 56-0070, op erated b quadron, 66th T actical Rec Reconnaissance Wing, att L Laon-Couvron Air Base, France overall Natural Metal, ir B ase, F rance 1959. SScheme cheme is o onnaissance W ing, based a aon-Couvron A verall Na tural M etal, with the an ti-glare panel in oliv anti-glare olive drab matt black.. TThe Yellow edging. are tt black he fin flash is in Y ellow with Black edg e dr ab and rradome adome in ma ing. TThe he stars ar e in na tural metal with Black edg natural edging. ing.

M McDonnell operated by Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron, 363rd Tactical cDonnell RF-101C-45-MC, 56-0183, op erated b y the 20th T actical Rec onnaissance S quadron, 363r dT actical Rec Reconnaissance Wing, att S Shaw AFB,, S South Carolina, overall Natural Metal, onnaissance W ing, based a haw AFB outh C arolina, 1958. SScheme cheme is o verall Na tural M etal, with the an ti-glare panel in oliv anti-glare olive drab matt black.. TThe are Darkk Blue and R Red white trim. e dr ab and rradome adome in ma tt black he fin flashes ar e in Dar ed with whit e tr im. TThe he are e in Golden Golden Yellow Yellow with Black edging. edging. nose sashes ar

McDonnell operated erated by by the 66th Tactical Tactical Reconnaissance Reconnaissance Wing, Wing, based at at Laon-Couvron Laon-Couvron M cDonnell RF-101C-55-MC, 56-0217, op Air Base, France, 1959. Scheme Scheme is overall overall Natural Natural Metal, Metal, with the anti-glare anti-glare panel in olive olive drab drab and radome radome in matt matt black. black. A ir B ase, France, are Yellow Reconne in Red, Red, Green, Green, Y ellow and Dark Dark Blue with a White White backing. backing. The The shield of the 66th Tactical Tactical R econnTThe he fin flashes ar aissance aissanc e Wing Wing is carried carried on both sides of the fin.

McDonnell operated by 363rd Tactical Reconnaissance Wing, att S Shaw erated b y the 363r dT actical Rec onnaissance W ing, based a 56-0165/’Sun Run 3’’, op haw McDonnell RF-101C-40-MC, 56-0165/’Sun Air Run. overall Natural Metal, anti-glare un. SScheme cheme is o verall Na tural M etal, with the an ti-glare panel Base, November November 1957, during Operation Operation Sun R Air Force Force Base, in olive bands,, nose sashes wing and tailplane out outer sections are Dayglo er sec tions ar e in Da yglo drab and radome radome in matt matt black. black. The The fin bands olive drab Orange TRW RF-101’ss tto partt in Sun R Run. carried W RF-101’ o take par un. 56-0163 ‘Sun Run 1’’ car This was was one of six 363rd 363rd TR ried Orange (FS28915). This Golden carried here otherwise. Yellow trim, trim, whilst 56-0164 ‘Sun Run 2’’ car ried Dark Dark Blue trim. trim. Both Both were were as finished her e other wise. Golden Yellow

McDonnell 56-066/’Sun operated Reconnaissance Wing, att S Shaw onnaissance W ing, based a Sun Run erated by by the 363rd 363rd Tactical Tactical Rec haw un 4’’, op M cDonnell RF-101C-40-MC, 56-066/’ Air Force Natural Metal, anti-glare tural M etal, with the an ti-glare panel Base, November November 1957, during Operation Operation Sun Run. Run. Scheme Scheme is overall overall Na A ir F orce Base, olive drab Yellow. The ab and radome radome in matt matt black. black. The The fuselage band and sashes are are in Golden Golden Yellow. The markings markings for for the other in oliv e dr aircraft craft so marked marked as here here are: are: 56-0167 ‘Sun Run 5’- Dark Dark Blue trim; trim; 56-0168 ‘Sun Run 6’- Dayglo Dayglo Orange Orange Sun Run air trim. were TAC shield, shield, 18th TRS badge and name ‘Cin ‘Cin Min’ Min’ w ere reportedly reportedly added after after the event. event. tr im. TThe he TAC

Right: McDonnell RF-101A-25-MC, shown storage att the RoC A Air Force Academy, wn when in st orage a R ight: M cDonnell RF-101A -25-MC, sho ir F orce A cademy, Taiwan. (from photographic overall Darkk Gr Green, Grey om phot ographic rreference), eference), o verall Dar een, with Gr ey T aiwan. SScheme cheme appears tto o be (fr undersides.. TThe are black,, with smaller applied na national insignia. markings are tional insig nia. No other mar kings ar e undersides he ccodes odes ar e in black carried. car ried.

45 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K


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AVIATION IN PROFILE M c D o n n e l l F - 101 V o o D o o

erated b y the 45th T actical Rec onnaissance S quadron, 67th T actical Rec onnaissance W ing, McDonnell RF-101C-60-MC, 56-0054, op McDonnell operated by Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron, Tactical Reconnaissance Wing, tt black cheme is o verall Na tural M etal, with the an ti-glare panel in oliv e dr ab and rradome adome in ma based at at Misawa Misawa Air Air Base, Base, Japan, Japan, 1967. SScheme overall Natural Metal, anti-glare olive drab matt black. The fin band and nose sash are are in Dar hite polk a-dots. Not e the kkangaroo angaroo ‘‘zap’ zap’ belo w the U .S. A ir FForce orce titles The Darkk Blue with W White polka-dots. Note below U.S. Air titles..

tional G uard, McDonnell RF-101C-75-MC, op McDonnell operated by Tactical Reconnaissance National Guard, erated b y the 154th T actical Rec onnaissance Squadron, Squadron, Arkansas Arkansas Air Air Na at Adams Adams Field Field Air Air Force Force B een (FS34079) and Dar based at Base, Rock, Arkansas, Green Darkk ase, Little Ro ck, A rkansas, 1968. Scheme Scheme is TTan an (FS30219), Gr Green (FS34102) with Grey Grey (FS36622) undersides ir Na tional Guar d disc hite ARK titles This is the Green undersides.. TThe carries Air National Guard disc,, and W White titles.. This he fin car ries the A starboard pattern thatt sho shown below. starboard pa ttern tto o tha wn belo w.

McDonnell Iron Eyeball’ Eyeball’, operated operated b by M cDonnell RF-101C-70-MC, ‘‘The The Iron y the Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron ‘Polka Dots’’, 475th T Tactical 45th T actical Rec onnaissance S actical quadron ‘P olka Dots Fighter Wing, att T Tan Son Nhut, South Vietnam, F ighter W ing, based a an S on N hut, S outh V ietnam, 1970. SScheme cheme is Green Darkk Gr Green Grey een (FS34079) and Dar een (FS34102) with Gr ey TTan an (FS30219), Gr undersides.. FFin white polkaa dots dots.. A Aircraft in tip is in blue with whit e polk ircraft (FS36622) undersides name is in whit white. e.

Indicative upper upper scheme showing showing Indicative camouflage pattern pattern and markings markings camouflage positions on South South East Asia Asia scheme positions

Below: Below: McDonnell McDonnell RF-101A-25-MC, RF-101A-25-MC, operated operated by by the 4th Composite Composite Reconnaissance Reconnaissance Squadron, Squadron, aipei, 1964. China Air Force, att T Taipei, Republic of C hina A ir F orce, based a ti-glare overall Natural Metal, anti-glare SScheme cheme is o verall Na tural M etal, with the an he olive green black.. TThe panel in oliv eg reen and the radome radome in black e with blue banding erials and ccodes odes white banding.. SSerials rudder is in whit evious US ser ial are black,, Note previous serial ar e in black Note retention retention of the pr (54-1499).

Indicative upper upper scheme showing showing Indicative markings positions positions on Natural Natural MetalMetalmarkings aircraft. finished aircraft.



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AVIATION IN PROFILE M c D o n n e l l F - 101 V o o D o o F-101C (56-035) of the 92nd Tactical Fighter Squadron (USAF photo)

F-101A (S/N 53-2423) after landing with drag chute. (USAF photo)

The McDonnell XF-88 was the direct predecessor to the Voodoo, many of its design characteristics paving the way for the considerably larger F-101. (USAF Photo)

slower than Woodbridge and by mid-1944 the USAAF decided it no longer required the airfield. After construction was completed, it was placed under “Care and Maintenance” whilst the base's future was considered. By December it was handed over to the 11th Group, RAF Fighter Command with the following squadrons operating there: • No. 64 Squadron RAF between 29 December 1944 and 15 August 1945 • No. 65 Squadron RAF between 15 May 1945 and 13 August 1945 • No. 118 Squadron RAF between 15 December 1944 and 11 August 1945 • No. 126 Squadron RAF between 30 December 1944 and 5 September 1945 • No. 129 Squadron RAF between 11 December 1944 and 26 May 1945 • No. 165 Squadron RAF between 15 December 1944 and 29 May 1945 • No. 234 Squadron RAF • No. 245 Squadron RAF Following the war the RAF retained Bentwaters, operating first generation jets (Gloster Meteor F.3 with 56, 74 and 124 Sqn RAF), until the 26th of August 1949, when the airfield was once again placed under “Care and Maintenance” status.

The 81st Moves In Control of the airfield was handed over to the USAF on the 16th of March of 1951 and on the 7th of September that same year, the Ministry of Defence and the United States Air Forces in Europe (USAFE) designated Bentwaters a “primary installation of HQ USAFE”. After the 7506th Air Support Group brought the base up to NATO standards the first unit to take up residence was the 9th Air Rescue Squadron, operating there from July 1951 through November 1952. The 81st FighterInterceptor Wing became the new host unit at Bentwaters in September of 1951, operating three squadrons (78th Tactical Fighter, 91st Tactical Fighter and the 92nd Tactical Fighter), remaining there for over 40 years and operating a wide variety of fighters during the Cold War years, including nuclear capable strike aircraft.

Radioactive Voodoos After losing interest in the F-101 Voodoo as a bomber escort, Tactical Air Command began to investigate other potential roles for the aircraft and realised the potential the Voodoo had as a tactical nuclear bomber, given its stability at low-level flight and its extensive fuel carrying capacity. In the fall of 1958 Voodoos replaced the nuclear-

The NACA High-Speed Flight Station conducted research on inlet-flow distortion and total pressure recovery at the engine compressor face on the F-101A and two other fighter type aircraft. (NASA Photo)



3608 AINP_3605 14/09/2014 20:32 Page 48

AVIATION IN PROFILE W E S T L A N D W E L K I N The McDonnell F-101A Voodoo was at NACA High-Speed Flight Station for a period of time until being transferred to NACA Langley Aeronautical Laboratory in 1956. (NASA Photo)

capable F-84Fs of the 81st based at Woodbridge and Bentwaters, and took over their targets in the Baltic States, East Germany and Poland. The Voodoos were equipped with both the LABS (Low Altitude Bombing System) and LADD (Low Angle Drogue Delivery) systems and whilst on “Victor Alert” kept fuelled with a single tactical nuclear bomb slung on the centreline station. Given the fact that the pilots were trained to fly only one-way nuclear delivery missions, morale was of the utmost importance to USAFE. Those chosen to command the wing were carefully selected and many would go on to become Generals within the USAF. In August of 1963, Second World War fighter ace Colonel Robin Olds became Wing Commander with Lt Colonel Daniel “Chappie” James as his Director of Operations. While Olds' selection to lead the wing was considered surprising in some aspects, given his extensive background in aerial combat, leading some to speculate that he would not be suitable to command a nuclear strike unit, his command style endeared him to his men. He led from the front and chose a Voodoo with a serial number ending in 001 as his personal mount, as in his words: "The boss should have Balls 1 as his personal mount."

Aerobatic Display Realising that the Voodoos' mission was a perilous one at best, the F-101s would have to rely on speed at altitudes as low as 50 feet for penetration, lacking the ECM systems of SAC bombers thus making them extremely vulnerable to ground fire. Olds concentrated heavily on intensive training and even went as far as to

set up an aerobatic team of Voodoos, believing that the cumbersome aircraft could be highly manoeuvrable in well trained hands. Unfortunately, he set the team up without consulting his superiors and as a result, a planned citation and promotion to General was immediately cancelled and he was reassigned to a nonflying staff position. It would only be nine months before Olds was in the air again, taking to the skies in Arizona, converting to the Phantom II. After mastering the Phantom, he was once again called upon to rebuild the morale of another unit, the 8th Tactical Fighter Wing based at RTAFB Ubon in Thailand, which had been suffering at the hands of the MiG-21s of the North Vietnamese Air Force. By 1964, the 81st was notified that they would be transitioning to the F-4C Phantom (replaced during 1972 and 1973 by the more capable F-4D) and would need to start training for Close Air Support (CAS) missions. The first Phantoms arrived in November 1965. In June of 1979, the 81st converted to the Republic A-10. As the Cold War ended, Bentwaters was gradually phased out with the two remaining squadrons of the 81st being transferred to Spangdahlem Air Base in Germany (510th Tactical Fighter Squadron) or sent back to the US (92nd Tactical Fighter Squadron). The last A-10 took off from Bentwaters on the 23rd of March 1993 and the 81st Tactical Fighter Wing was deactivated on the 1st of July that same year. With the deactivation the USAF returned control of Bentwaters to the Ministry of Defence and the site closed. It is currently home to the Bentwaters Cold War Museum, which opened in 2007 and is operated by volunteers of the Bentwaters Aviation Society. Below is a link to their website: www.bcwm.org.uk

TECHNICAL NOTES (F-101A, Block 25 and later): Armament: Three automatic firing M39 20mm guns; two guns are on the left side of the airplane and one is located on the lower right side of the airplane; an external store can be carried on a removable pylon mounted on the underside of the fuselage; an automatic lead computing sight, coupled with a radar ranging system, is provided for accurate gun firing; bombing equipment includes the LABS (Low Altitude Bombing System) and the LADD (Low Angle Drogue Delivery) system; additional features include provisions for DIRECT (manual) bomb release (T.O 1F-101A-1) Engines: Two Pratt & Whitney J57-P-13 rated at approx. 10,200 lb sea level static military thrust, and at approx. 15,000 lb maximum thrust (with afterburner) Maximum speed: 1,070 mph/870 knots Cruising speed: 550 mph/480 knots at 35,000 ft. Service ceiling: 50,300 ft. Combat range: 690 nm. Span: 39 ft. 8 in. Length: 67 ft. 5 in. (67 ft. 11 in. RF-101G/H) Height: 18 ft. 0 in. Weight: 43,020 lb ramp gross weight, blocks 25 through 35, 49,070 lb ramp gross weight with two full external tanks (for blocks 40 through 55, weights are 43,970 and 50,270 lb) Type

Number built/ Remarks converted



Penetration fighter



Strategic fighter



Improved F-101A


29 (cv)

Converted F-101A


32 (cv)

Converted F-101C

On the 12th of December 1957, ‘Operation Firewall’ saw the Voodoo beat the world speed record set by the Fairey Delta the previous year. The record lasted until 1958, when it was taken by an F-104 Starfighter. (USAF photo)

48 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

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AVIATION IN PROFILE M c D o n n e l l F - 101 V o o D o o i n D e ta i l

Nose Undercarriage & Wheel Bay

Images taken by Jay Laverty at Pima Air & Space Museum, Tucson, Arizona



3608 AINP 49-51_3605 14/09/2014 20:47 Page 50

Main Undercarriage & Wheel Bays

AVIATION IN PROFILE M c D o n n e l l F - 101 V o o D o o i n D e ta i l

50 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

3608 AINP 49-51_3605 14/09/2014 20:48 Page 51

AVIATION IN PROFILE M c D o n n e l l F - 101 V o o D o o i n D e ta i l

Tail & Exhaust Nozzles



3608 Feature 1_3605 20/09/2014 03:18 Page 52


The Editor decides that KittyHawk Models have come pretty close to perfection with their 1:48th scale McDonnell F-101 Voodoo

McDonnell F-101A/C Voodoo Availability: Kittyhawk Models stockists via www.kitsworld.co.uk Hannants www.hannants.co.uk Scale: 1:48 Stock Code: KH80115 Price: £39.99 Author's Additional Investment: Eduard FE681; F-101A/C Interior (colour selfadhesive), £13.99 Eduard EX432; F-101A/C Canopy Masks, £5.99 SAC 48266; F-101 Voodoo Metal Landing Gear, £13.50 True Details 48431; Resin Weber Ejection Seats, £8.20 Paints used: Alclad II Lacquers: ALC101 Aluminium, ALC102 Duralumin, ALC104 Pale Burnt Metal, ALC110 Copper, ALC111 Magnesium, ALC113 Jet Exhaust, ALC117 Dull Aluminium, ALC119 Airframe Aluminium, ALC309 Black Primer & Microfiller White Ensign Models: ACUS05 Light Aircraft Grey, ACUS04 Dark Compass Grey, ACUS13 Neutral Grey Xtracolor: X404 Matt White, X405 Matt Black, X504 Exhaust, X505 Tyre Black, XDTT Matt Varnish

So Long Seams


reliminary examination of the sprues shows this kit to be something of a mixed bag really. The detail is something to be marvelled at, and not to be underestimated. To say it is above average would be doing the engineering a disservice, it is that good in places. However, there is obviously some flaws when it comes to the sprues being removed from the moulds, as there is quite a few points where the plastic has evidently been stressed as it came out. Whether or not this will affect the finish remains to be seen at this early stage. What is most impressive about the moulds though is the design. I have long thought that manufacturers could do modellers a favour by locating seams along panel lines on the actual airframe, thus

52 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

eliminating that often frustrating centreline join along the fuselage that has so plagued me over the years. Or at the very least hide it along a less visible area than directly down the back of the airframe, in first place anyone admiring the model looks.

scale model than the way KittyHawk have done it here.

Metal Gods The photo-etched fret is definitely a highlight of the kit, even if it only plays a small role in the larger scheme of things. It is the perfect example of multi-media components being utilised ideally. As you will have hopefully picked up on the walkaround I included in this issue, the nozzles are a fairly complex assembly on the real thing, and I could not think of a better way for it to be represented on a

Detailing Questions The single greatest question any modeller has when starting a project is just how far to take the additional detailing. Many of us are more focused on the painting and weathering, after all that is where the true artistry begins. Detailing is simply put, hard work and the realm of the

3608 Feature 1_3605 20/09/2014 03:19 Page 53


truly talented. I hold no illusions regarding my own abilities, I am well versed in my limitations. I am no Phil Roger or Sjon van der Heiden. Although I am content with that fact. However, I like to push the boat out from time to time and try to mimic their abilities in some small fashion. The frustrating part with this model is that there was little scope for this. After looking at the exhausts I soon realised that any amelioration would be pointless. Perhaps I could add some wiring to the surprisingly sparse cockpit, but the wonderfully done Eduard colour etched detail set should sufficiently address that, so as far as visible detail goes I was left with the undercarriage bays.

After drilling locating holes into the sidewalls (described in the captions) fuse wire was fed through and bent into shape, to run the length of the bays. A simple enough operation, completed in a couple of nights work. Fixing the wiring to the walls was another story however, as my original plan of using 1mm masking tape to act as clasps proved frustratingly complex. Given that the tape (by design) is low-tack, it would not stick to the wire, meaning I would need to fix it to the wire using superglue. Well… attaching 1mm wide masking tape to a .5mm wide length of wire would have made Buddha lose his cool in my opinion. A smarter man would have e-mailed Phil Roger or Sjon to see how they do it. After a few days of

frustration, I thought I would take this circus to the nose wheel bay. There is something inherently frustrating when looking at a wheel bay and realising that the provided detail is sufficiently busy. OK, what is there is not every last element that exists on the real thing, but how much more can we be expected to add as modellers? I looked at the upper bulkhead of the nose undercarriage bay, compared that to the walkaround shots I took when I visited Pima, and realised that just about everything was provided. Well done KittyHawk, thank you for preserving my sanity.

Plastic Problems

problems I came across with regards to priming and painting. I mentioned already that the plastic as softer than any I have worked with before and the texture has proven somewhat different at a molecular level I think. The primer did not want to adhere to the plastic and I use Alclad Black. Probably the best primer on the market. Which is why I started this paragraph with the statement about multimodelling. As I applied the primer to the Airfix Typhoon I realised that there was definitely nothing wrong with the primer or the way I was applying it. It went down perfectly on the Airfix styrene. I was also mystified with the problems I was encountering with applying a wash. I did

There is something to be said for building more than one model at a time. For the first two weeks working on this model I was puzzled by the



3608 Feature 1_3605 20/09/2014 03:19 Page 54


The seams are strategically located for the most part, thus reducing the necessity for sanding. I had started sanding away happily, when the fact that I would not need to dawned upon me.

The wing root covers up the vast majority of the seam along the fuselage sides. I would love to see this trend continue with more manufacturers, as I have long wondered why joins were not located along actual panel seams.

Burner Cans

The exhaust nozzles are a marvel unto themselves. I have occasionally felt that some etched parts were superfluous when included in kits. Their inclusion here is absolute genius. Annealing the metal makes it far easier to wrap it around the plastic part.

As you can see from the walkaround accompanying the Aviation in Profile feature, the etched parts are extremely accurate – down to the brackets after they are folded into place.

Painting the burner cans took a few days. After spraying them with Alclad Aluminium, they received coats of Burnt Iron, Magnesium, Jet Exhaust and Pale Burnt Metal.

The “Turkey Feathers” received a coat of Copper and Gold Titanium, in an attempt to recreate the effects of extreme heat.

54 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

3608 Feature 1_3605 20/09/2014 03:19 Page 55


Wheel Well Detailing

While the wheel bays are extremely well detailed, I decided to add some detail in the form of tubing and hydraulic lines in the form of fuse wire. The good news is that when it comes to drilling locating holes to feed them through, there are pilot divots moulded into the plastic.

Starting with a .3mm bit, guide holes were drilled into the plastic. The tiny, yet fragile, bit (trust me, I used two in the end) went through the plastic like a hot knife through butter. They were then drilled through with a .5mm bit, which was the gauge of fuse wire used.

As you can see from the walkaround on pages 49 through 51, there are a couple of sizes of wiring in the wheel bays. I therefore drilled out some of the holes with a larger bit from the back.

The entire process of adding the wiring is not a complex task, providing you have the correct tools. To speed things up and prevent any damage to the bits from excessive swapping, I have a dozen or so pin vises with bits ranging from .3mm to about 2mm.

Anyone familiar with Eduard colour etched sets knows just how good they are. If you have not used them before, at least contemplate the Zoom set. The improvement is astonishing and far less complicated that attempting to paint the detail by hand.

The only disappointing aspect of this kit were the sink marks. No matter how hard I tried, I could not seem to completely eradicate them from the speed brakes. Of course, two days after I finished the model a set from Aires turned up on the doorstep.


The kit seat is actually an excellent representation, however I could not resist the True Details rendition. When working with resin, a primer coat of Black is essential.

Next comes a coat of GreyBlue, followed with a few coats of gloss varnish in preparation for the detail painting.

Any errant strokes with the fine tip brush can easily be wiped away with White Spirit. The technique of layering with an acrylic gloss varnish only works with enamel paints.



3608 Feature 1_3605 20/09/2014 03:19 Page 56


I approached this model slightly differently in the sense that I primed and gloss varnished all of the sub-sections before joining them together. The jury is still out as to whether or not I wasted my time. This certainly is a big beast when together, and the prospect of a gleaming natural metal finish was an exciting proposition at this point. The length of the model led me to believe that it would require a substantial amount of nose weight to prevent it from becoming a tail-sitter. Queue the Liquid Gravity…

We Recommend:

I never seem to be able to maintain the gleaming finish I get after first applying the Airframe Aluminium, regardless of how often I polish the surfaces. Gloves are imperative if you wish to keep fingerprints from marring the natural metal finish.

56 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

Aires 4634: F-101 Speed Brakes


3608 Feature 1_3605 20/09/2014 03:20 Page 57


everything as I usually do, however the gloss acrylic seemed like it did not want to take to the model as on two instances after leaving it overnight to dry, it did not act as a barrier with the paint underneath and when removing the excess wash, I removed everything down to the primer. As you can imagine, this was an extremely frustrating development… Natural Metal Mastery

After respraying the wheel wells and airbrake bays, it was time to polish the model to within an inch of its life and apply the Airframe Aluminium.

Perhaps one day I will get this natural metal finish lark down perfectly, however I think that would take half of the fun out of it. The feeling I experience as I fill the airbrush reservoir with the lacquer and prepare to pull the trigger is hard to describe, although I would categorise it as somewhere between fear and exhilaration.

Fear because I know everyone is watching (or rather, reading) this as I go and exhilaration because I love the look of natural metal finishes and doing one properly is highly rewarding.

my problems in achieving a perfect finish on this model, however I suspect it may have had a contributing factor. I would have been able to overcome it easily had I given myself the time, but as usual, I am in a rush to get this model finished for a deadline and have sold it short on the care and attention it rightfully deserved. By moving onto the next stage too quickly as I worked frenetically, I managed to wear away the finish in places and re-spraying the patches did not correct things

I am not going to blame the plastic for



3608 Feature 1_3605 20/09/2014 03:20 Page 58


Recommended Reference: Warpaint Books 47 McDonnell F-101 Voodoo £11.50 Availability: www.warpaintbooks.com

much, as the finish never matches the base exactly. The easy solution is to simply allow each layer to dry sufficiently, (generally overnight) and leave the model alone for a couple of days once the gloss varnish has been applied before the decals and weathering.

Pleasant Surprise The decals seemed a bit thick for my linking and I was preparing myself for a fierce battle to

58 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

get them to settle into the recessed detail. I was however, very pleasantly surprised as they performed brilliantly. Leaving the decals overnight to dry was sufficient before applying the wash. The wash I used was my standard Raw Umber / Payne’s Grey mixture. This was liberally slathered over the entire model and left to “dry” for a few hours. At this point the removal can begin, using a wide flat brush in strokes that follow gravity and air flow. Gravity on the fuselage and air flow over the wings.

Go Canadian I must say I am deeply impressed with my first KittyHawk kit. They are a few models into their catalogue now and can be considered an “established” producer, however they continue to innovate. Hopefully the engineering team can overcome the problems of sink marks that marred an otherwise spectacularly produced model kit. I for one will be anxiously awaiting the F-101B and hoping that Mr Song is brave enough to release a CF-100 in 48th scale at some point.

3608 SAM 59_Layout 1 17/09/2014 15:00 Page 1

HPM HOBBIES HA HAWKER AWKER TYPHOON Ib 2 TAF TAF BOMB-PHOON BO OMB-PHOON DETAIL DET TAIL AIL SET Detail set includes: Three blade propellor Early & late tailplanes 1,000lb bombs "Hurricane" style drop tanks Air intake filter cover Decals for three 2 TAF aircraft: two RCAF and one RAF

1:72 HPL072002


3608 Feature 2_3605 17/09/2014 13:15 Page 60


From Magister to Tzokit: The Fouga Magister in IAF Service By: Yoav Efrati

Fouga CM.170 Magister

Innovative Design

Availability: Kinetic stockists via www.kineticmodel.com Hannants – www.pocketbond.co.uk


Scale: 1:48 Stock Code: K48051 Price: £32.99 Paints used: Testors Model Master Enamels: 1768 Flat White, 2022 International Orange Humbrol Enamels: 1 Primer Grey, 19 Gloss Red, 33 Matt Black, 34 Matt White, 56 Matt Aluminium, 153 Insignia Red, 154 Insignia Yellow

ith each subsequent release Kinetic seems to come up with an innovative, new and unconventional feature that eases assembly. With the Magister, the twin vertical tab and slotted wing-to-fuselage join ensures correct height, angle and dihedral. A robust tab and slot arrangement ensures the correct angle for the installation of the elevon butterfly tail. The elevon rudders, flaps and ailerons are moulded in one piece and

60 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

feature trailing edges of correct thickness, along with alternate short and long leading edge tabs that enable the flaps to be posed in an extended position. Full length intake and exhaust ducting is also provided with an engine fan and turbine. The kit is moulded in light grey plastic, incorporating an impressive level of detail, including recessed panel lines, latches and fastener heads. The clear parts tree provides a one-piece closed canopy and a multipiece open canopy option. A fret of photo-etched metal is also provided with hinges for

the elevons, ailerons and speed brakes. The Cartograph printed decal sheet provides markings for six different airframes. To turn my Fouga Magister into an IAI Tzokit, I had to salvage a decal sheet from an unbuilt Koster Aero Enterprises vacform Fouga Magister/Tzokit I had at home.

Important Changes When it comes to the assembly of the cockpit, use part A8 (aft cockpit bulkhead) and do not use part C4, as the Tzokit does not have the oxygen bottles that the Magister had installed between the forward and aft cockpit.

3608 Feature 2_3605 17/09/2014 13:15 Page 61


Unlike the black cockpit of the Magister, the Tzokit cockpit is painted light grey, which I matched with Humbrol Grey Primer. For the nose, use parts A5 and A6. For the nose upper access panel to fit properly, the upper curvature of the bulkhead (C72) needs to be trimmed in height. There are a couple of misidentifications of parts in the instructions and in order to avoid any grief it is important to reverse the assembly sequence for the exhaust fairings, fitting A11 to the port side and A12 to starboard. The intake scoops appropriate for

the Tzokit (parts C45 & C46) are not mentioned in the instructions either and need to be installed atop the perforated engine cowling, just above the wing roots. Finally, the intake part (C42) is misidentified as part C62 in step 3. The upper and lower wing speed brakes are usually retracted when the Tzokit is parked. For the left wing use parts C38 and for the right wing use parts C43. The flaps come with alternative long and short locating tabs; for a Tzokit at rest, the flaps are normally retracted. The short tabs were selected but were trimmed in thickness to fit the openings in the wing rear spar.

Only after the wings, elevons and their control surfaces were all cemented in place were all the small intakes, vents and antennas added. Not all of the vents, scoops and antennas in the kit are applicable to the Tzokit. Photos of the Tzokit showed the need to add additional vent scoops to the rear canopy fairing (not provided in the kit); these were made from Evergreen half round rod. At this point, the mid-upper fuselage access panel intake vent and bulges were sanded smooth and a red rotating beacon was added atop the fairing aft of the butterfly tail.

configuration, plastic microstrip was added between the windscreen and the cockpit coaming. The clear part between the cockpits had to be stretched slightly, and attached at the base using quick drying super glue in order to fit the slightly wider cockpit walls. I suggest that prior to cementing the fuselage halves, the cockpit tub be dry fitted in place, and the clear parts be mated with the cockpit coaming. The canopy fit problem may be resolved by slightly trimming the cockpit tub flanges, thus avoiding the fit problem I encountered.

Opting for an open canopy



3608 Feature 2_3605 17/09/2014 13:15 Page 62


Painting, Decals and Finishing The entire model was sprayed with Testors Model Master Matt White and polished with 1500 grit wet sand paper to remove dust. This was followed with Testors International Orange and Humbrol Insignia Red intake lips. A layer of Future/Klear preceded decal application.

Kinetic's Fouga does not provide the canopy warning boxes unique to the Tzokit. These markings, along with the markings for the first "Tzokit" (501) were salvaged from an unbuilt Koster Aero Enterprises vacform kit I never got around to building. Kinetic is to be applauded for an excellently detailed kit of this long serving butterfly

trainer. While easier to assemble than previously released vacform and limited-run injection moulded kits, this kit requires prior model building experience. Careful attention to photographs of the real airplane will be required in order to get over the instruction sheet ambiguities.

Recommended Reference: Camouflage & Markings 7: The Israeli Air Force Part 3: 2002 – 2012

62 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

3608 Feature 2_3605 17/09/2014 13:15 Page 63


Jet Age Trainer


he introduction of the Vampire/Mistral and Dassault Ouragan into the French Air Force and Aéronavale, brought with it the need for a jet powered lead-in trainer. On the 27th of June 1951, the French Air Force signed a contract for the production of three Fouga CM 170 trainers named Magister (Teacher in French). Fitted with a pair of 400 kg thrust Turboméca Marboré engines, the Magister was capable of reaching a maximum air speed of 700 km/h and an altitude of 10,000 metres. Such performance was made possible by making use of a low drag, tandem seating configuration fuselage, a unique V tail empennage and relatively long wing span, all within a low weight, conventional aluminium fuselage weighing 3,000 kg. The first Magister prototype took to the air on 23 July 1953. Successful trials by ten pre-production airframes led the French Air Force to select the Fouga Magister on the 13th Jan 1954 as its primary trainer and place an initial order for 100 airframes. In September of that year, NATO followed suit and selected the Magister as its primary trainer as well.

The spring 1962 delivery of Mirage IIIC supersonic fighters brought with it an urgent need for a jet powered trainer. To meet this pressing demand, complete Fouga Magister airframes were delivered to Israel from France and West Germany. These Magisters entered IAF service in their original natural metal finish, with high visibility Insignia Yellow trim applied to the nose and empennage and wing tips.

The first Israel Aircraft Industries assembled Fouga Magisters were given the identification numbers 4015 and 4016. The last two digits of the aircraft number were applied to the nose and underneath the elevons, as shown in this summer 1960 photograph.



3608 Feature 2_3605 17/09/2014 13:15 Page 64

48TH FEATURE BUILD REFERENCE By the time war broke out in June 1967, the Israeli Air Force Aerobatic team adopted a Blue and White display scheme and a unique formation team insignia.

Between 1956 and 1968, 13 prototype Fouga Magisters, 871 production standard Magisters and 32 carrier capable Zephyrs were manufactured in France, West Germany and Finland. The Magister saw service with the air forces of: France, West Germany, Finland, Algiers, Bangladesh, Belgium, Brazil, Cambodia, Cameron, Congo, El Salvador, Gabon, Guatemala, Ireland, Israel, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Senegal, Togo and Uganda.

Magister in Israel The performance of the Ouragan and Mystère IV, after entering the Israeli Air Force just prior to the 1956 war, proved that the piston engined Texan and Harvard trainers in use at the time were not sufficient for converting pilots. The limited

number of Gloster Meteor T.7 trainers were unable to meet the IAF's increasing demand for jet powered trainers, therefore an order was made for the purchase of 36 Fouga Magisters, to be delivered during 1957 and ‘58. Due to the IAF's rapid delivery requirement, Fouga agreed to provide Israel Aircraft Industries production rights for the Magister and the SNECMA Marboré engines (manufactured by Bet Shemesh Engines). The first of 36 IAI-Bedek assembled Magisters, nose number 15, rolled out on the 7th of July 1960 and the last was delivered in 1964. The slow pace of Magister manufacture by IAI led to the direct purchase of 40 aircraft from West Germany which were also delivered during that time period. By March of 1962 the IAF flight school operated 38 Magister trainers.

In addition to its peacetime pilot training role, the IAF flight school had a wartime role as a light attack squadron. Fitted with a pair of nose mounted 7.62 mm machine guns and four underwing hard points capable of carrying 12 unguided air-toground rockets, the IAF Flight School squadron's forty-four airworthy Magisters carried out ground attack missions against radar installations, vehicles and various ground targets throughout the Six Day War. During the conflict, the Fouga Flight School squadron conducted 418 combat missions, destroyed 128 tanks, 47 artillery pieces, 43 armoured personnel carriers, 292 trucks, 4 radar installations, 2 trains and 4 AAA guns. During an attack on one of these AAA installations, the squadron lost its commanding officer. In six days of fighting, the squadron lost 6 of its aircraft

This 1961 - 1962 vintage line-up of Fouga Magisters at Israel Aircraft Industries, wearing a Brown and Blue over Grey hard-edge camouflage, with Insignia Yellow nose, empennage and wing tip high visibility colours.

64 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

3608 Feature 2_3605 17/09/2014 13:16 Page 65


During these sorties Magisters accounted for 128 tanks, 47 artillery pieces, 43 APCs, 292 trucks, 4 radar installations, 2 trains and 4 AAA emplacements, at a cost of 6 aircraft and their pilots killed in action.

The first test flight of the IAI modified Tzokit took place in September 1980.

A Magister wearing a post-1967 scheme of FS33531 Sand, FS34227 Green and FS30219 Tan over FS35662 Light Blue, with fluorescent Orange identification stripes.

Between the 5th and 11th of June, 1967, Fouga Magister squadrons, made up primarily of reserve pilots and new flight school trainees, conducted 418 combat missions.



3608 Feature 2_3605 17/09/2014 13:16 Page 66


These high visibility airframes went to war fitted with nose guns and light armament displayed in front of Magister no.225.

The first operational Tzokit airframe, no.501, was handed over to the Israeli Air Force in May 1981, wearing a new overall White scheme with International Orange trim colours and a nose inscription in Hebrew which reads "Tzokit".

66 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

Fouga Magister no.236 (airframe number 4036) is shown in its Brown and Blue over Grey scheme, with fluorescent Orange identification stripes applied. During times of war the ground crews removed the high visibility tape and armed the aircraft for ground attack.

3608 Feature 2_3605 17/09/2014 13:16 Page 67


and their pilots. At the end of the war, an additional 50 Fouga Magisters were purchased from French and West

German surplus stocks as attrition replacements.

From Magister to Tzokit The post-1967 war purchase of additional Fouga Magisters from France and West Germany brought their numbers to 90. This enabled the IAF to implement a mid-life upgrade program on the airframes that had reached 5,000 flight hours. The update was carried out by

Israel Aircraft Industries and was given the name Tzokit. The Tzokit program was used to replace the fatigue critical fuselage

bulkhead common to the wings, landing gear and forward fuselage. The nose mounted twin cannons were removed and in their place a battery was installed. The fairing aft of the rear cockpit was now free for the installation of air conditioning ducting, which also allowed removal of the oxygen bottles located between the forward and aft cockpits. To support the additional thrust and power required for the air conditioning system, the original Marboré 2 engines

were replaced with the more powerful Marboré 6. To improve ground serviceability, some of the aircraft's original aluminium access panels were replaced with fiberglass or plastic panels.

The instruments and electrical wiring were replaced and the cockpit was re-painted light grey, replacing the original black. The first Tzokit (numbered 501) took to the air in September of 1980 and after additional testing and improvements, was handed over to the Israeli Air Force in May of 1981. Tzokit airframes entered IAF service at a rate of two per month, with the last airframe number 686

handed over on 30 November 1986. Numerous fatal accidents attributed to pilot error led to the removal of the Tzokit from service in 2009.



h c t s a l e P d s o a m G Henschel HS123 1/48 scale Available in two versions A1/B1 Q4 2014

Highly detailed engine Separated control surfaces Different wings for each type Full spatted and unspatted wheels

Full resin Spandau Guns 2 types Ready to paint ded 15 Exten LMG 08Handle Loading


LMG 08-

New Guns All accessories are available in scale 1/48 and 1/32 Copyright © 2014 GasPatchModels. All rights reserved.


3608 SAM_3605 22/09/2014 09:37 Page 70

3608 SAM_3605 22/09/2014 09:37 Page 71

3608 SAM_3605 22/09/2014 09:38 Page 72

3608 SAM_3605 22/09/2014 09:38 Page 73

3608 SAM_3605 22/09/2014 09:38 Page 74

3608 Feature 4_3605 18/09/2014 16:48 Page 76


Nino Gakovic makes a first attempt at a scenic base for the Special Hobby 1:48th scale He 115B

Heinkel He 115B Availability: Special Hobby stockists via www.cmkkits.com Hannants www.hannants.co.uk Scale: 1:48 Stock Code: SH48110 Price: £53.80 Paints Used: Model Master: 2073 RLM 23 Rot, 2078 RLM 65 Hellblau, 4769 Flat White, 4770 RLM 02 Grau Tamiya: XF-26 Deep Green, XF-27 Black Green Revell: 36115 Yellow Weathering Agents: AK Interactive: 045 Dark Brown wash Mig Jimenez AMMO: 1608 PLW Dark Green Grey, 1610 PLW Tan Grey, 1616 PLW Orange Brown

Virgin Territory


hen it comes to scale modelling, no matter how long you have been doing it, every once in a while you will do something for the first time. In this instance, it will be my first Special Hobby kit. It will also be my first time

76 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

building a floatplane, making a water diorama and using the hairspray technique. With so many new things to try out, what could possibly go wrong, right?

North Sea Nemesis The initial prototype He 115 V1 flew in 1937 as Heinkel’s answer to a German Reich Air

Ministry requirement for a new multi-role floatplane. In this age of great achievements in aviation, this prototype actually set eight world speed records that lasted for a total of eleven days. In WWII He 115 served in many roles, from mine laying to infiltrating agents, but its most prominent was the antishipping role. Its reputation was earned against Arctic convoys, where it struck fear among merchant mariners in the early years of the war. This includes the particular aircraft I chose for this build,

3608 Feature 4_3605 18/09/2014 16:48 Page 77

48TH FEATURE BUILD AR TICLE K6+TH, whose combat markings on the tail are believed to be scored against the doomed PQ-17 convoy.

a diorama. Cutting the floats to the waterline should save me a considerable

My first impression when opening the

amount of time sanding and polishing. The only downside

box was great. Huge sprues with nicely engraved panel lines, a detailed cockpit, photo-etched parts, resin engines and weapons; pretty much everything one modeller can ask for.

Necessity is the Mother of Innovation Cockpit assembly is time consuming due to number of parts, which includes resin and etched, although the instructions are thankfully clear and therefore construction is straightforward. As photos of He 115 cockpits are very few, trusting the instructions is the only option. As suspected, joining the fuselage halves was a bit of a challenge. The problem starts with the fact that the cockpit section is rather long. Frames need to be ground severely in

order to fit it all together, but since it is not visible once assembled, grind away. The problem is that the cockpit is rather long and the bulkheads interfere with the fit of the two cockpit halves. After a considerable amount of sanding I assumed the problem was solved, however there was a slight bulge at the centre section. As simple solutions are

most often the best, a nut and bolt through the fuselage did the trick. The same principle applies when assembling the wings. They butt fit to the fuselage and considering that they are quite broad and as a result rather heavy, I felt it best to drill a couple of holes through the assembled fuselage and run two bamboo skewers through, to add some support to the wings. Discovering that glue alone is not sufficient to keep it together in the middle of the weathering phase, for example, would be somewhat unpleasant. When it comes to masking clear parts with vast numbers of frames, Bare-

Metal Foil is my number one choice. It still takes forever, however I find it faster, more precise and there

is less chance of damaging a part than any other method I have attempted thus far. The clear parts are slightly larger than the openings they are intended to cover, therefore a small amount of very careful sanding is required in order to achieve a seamless fit. Better slightly too large than slightly too small...

Fit Issues When the instructions actually give you advanced warning to test fit the float halves, as “minor fit problems may occur”, you know it is going to be a nightmare. As it is, one half is some two millimetres larger than the other. Your option is simple: either match the seam along the bottom or top, and sand the other flush. This reinforced my decision to build this model as

was that the seam along the upper portion was nearly as bad and required a considerable amount of sanding anyway, so I merely halved the amount of work I had to do by setting the model in a diorama. The details on the floats are all but invisible after all of this, so they should be rescribed afterwards. Ideally, the floats should be painted separately and installed after the construction and weathering is done, however the fit issues troubled me. If I added them to the model at this point the struts would obstruct airbrush flow and accessibility, making painting and masking more difficult. As in life, compromise seemed like a way to go. I joined the floats to the wings using two vertical struts, then added the diagonal struts once the painting had been completed. For filling gaps, superglue in combination with Mr. Surfacer 500 worked a charm. Some

of the gaps are large, particularly when assembling the wings, therefore superglue with accelerator enables the gap to be quickly filled while also providing additional structural integrity. Moreover, it virtually eliminates any required drying time, so



3608 Feature 4_3605 18/09/2014 16:48 Page 78

The interior is more than sufficiently detailed, incorporating both resin and etched enhancement as part of the kit. The bulkheads are slightly too wide, therefore some sanding of the edges is required in order to allow the fuselages to fit positively.

Any way you do it, masking clear parts remains a slow, painstaking process. Bare-Metal Foil makes the process a little less painful..

Practicality before beauty. Wooden rod and a nut and bolt add structural strength to the model, which glue alone could never ensure. Before starting with the paint job, I decided to check to make sure the model sat straight on the base and that the wings were parallel to the surface.

Creating the camouflage pattern was easy; removing the remnants of the water stains proved to be more of a challenge.

Before trying to create the winter camouflage, my previous work was protected with a coat of Future. I applied only one coat, as I was afraid of excessive coats obscuring detail. However, it would have made my life much less stressful in the events that followed had I applied additional layers…

Stress Therapy

sanding can follow in matter of seconds. After roughly achieving a desired surface, a layer of Mr. Surfacer can be added to get a perfectly smooth surface, ready for scribing if necessary.

If a floatplane in a temporary winter camouflage operating in the Northern Atlantic is not screaming out for heavy weathering, I have no idea what else would! Painting started with a coat of Grey primer, followed by matt Black pre-shading. Base coats of RLM 65, 72, 73 and 04 were applied and highlighted using a diluted mix of the same colours

78 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

(lightened with 50% White) in random patterns, to simulate paint fading. As suspected, the floats required additional care while masking. I did not want to take any chances with overspray, so once I was done with an area I would completely cover it with masking tape.

I discovered the trick with hairspray technique is to apply only a thin coat, otherwise the paint will become cracked. Afterwards, the application of paint over the top should be fast and carried out in segments. As I had never tried it before, all of this was just theory being put into practise for the first time. Like all new techniques it is always advisable

3608 Feature 4_3605 18/09/2014 16:49 Page 79


One of the lesser known, yet equally important, uses of Future is as

Leaving dots of oil paint on the model for couple of minutes before working it into the paint ensures more visible effect.

a “remnants of hairspray technique” remover. Seriously though, it is imperative to have a smooth and solid coat of Future protecting the finish before doing any form of weathering.

A successful diorama is the result of pre-planning. In the early stages of construction the floats were used to map out the use of space and determine the position of the dock.

Mixing Blue, Green and Black in a random pattern simulated natural sea colour. Where both the aircraft and pier would create shadows, more black was added to the mix.

Dabbing Mod Podge on the surface with a soft brush, rather than in strokes, created more realistic waves and reduced bubbles as well.

to try it on a scrap model first, but not having one to hand meant that all of this had to be done “live”. Firstly, Blu Tack was used to mask areas that needed to be painted with temporary winter

camouflage. I gave each area two quick blasts of hairspray, let it dry and followed with matt White. As soon as the last spot was done, I removed the masks and started working on the first spot with a clean brush

dampened with water. Soon, the paint started to come away in the manner it was expected to, leaving me with a great sense of pride with my success. Inevitably, some of the water and paint spilled outside of the

White sections, leaving White stains on the Green camouflage. When I tried to remove these stains using the same technique, to my horror I realised it was not working all that well. No matter what I tried,



3608 Feature 4_3605 18/09/2014 16:49 Page 80

48TH FEATURE BUILD AR TICLE the White stains would stubbornly hold on to my model. The reason was that one coat of Future was not enough to make the surface sufficiently gloss, so the paint was clinging to the imperfections in the

you want more fading, apply more White and Yellow and for darker areas use more Blue and Brown. The floats received generous amounts of White and Silver chipping,

Two screws drilled through the base were sufficient to hold the model in place. Poles were replicated with wooden rod. The pier was painted with

All that was left at this point was to create the water effect. The goal is to add as many layers of Mod Podge as possible, while trying to avoid

surface. After a long struggle, a decision was made to simply paint the two remaining spots as

if they were part of the winter camouflage. After masking them, I rushed to spray the White paint, only to realise that I had forgotten to apply the hairspray first… Modelling should be a stress relieving hobby; however at this moment, it was anything but. Thankfully, the effect was still achievable; the brush just had to be pushed a little harder and the process took slightly longer. With that task completed, I went on to apply another coat of Future. As I was doing it, to my great excitement, I realised that the Future was concealing the stains incredibly well. At this point the surface was as glossy as it should be, so applying decals was thankfully “uneventful”. The decals are thin and delicate to work with, however they look great on the model and settle perfectly into the recessed detail. White, Yellow, Green, Blue and Brown dots of oil paint were applied in a random pattern and worked into the paint using a flat brush. The technique is simple:

the appearance of bubbles. Ten layers, or even more, would be ideal. Mod Podge needs to be completely dry before the next layer is added, so one layer a day is ideal.

as this would be an area where the paint was the most weathered.

A Layer per Day Making a water based diorama has been on my “to do list” for a long time. Having zero experience in making one, studying different methods on the internet was the first step. A technique using “Mod Podge” gloss glue seemed the best for the still water of a harbour. Construction started with a simple pier design. Wooden slats were used for support and balsa sheet for cover, on which I glued boards, cut from the same sheet.


80 W W W. S C A L E A I R C R A F T M O D E L L I N G . CO. U K

the lightest natural wood finish available from the hardware store. Next came a Dark Brown wash, followed by dry-brushing a Tan enamel colour to bring out the wood structure. After the pier was complete, I drew its shape on the diorama base, and painted it with acrylics. The area that is going to be covered by the pier was painted Black, while the rest was painted in random patterns with Blue and Green mixed with Black. It was a matter of trial and error. I threw away three bases before I made one with which I was happy. The model needs to be fixed onto the surface before the water effect can be created. Several sheets of cork were added and the floats set into place.

Well Worth the Effort Being my first experience with a Special Hobby kit, I was complaining to my fellow SAM contributors about the poor fit at the beginning, being more used to Tamiya or Hasegawa kits. That was until one of them told me that since neither one of the aforementioned were likely to release an He 115 in our lifetime, enjoy the experience gained working with this kit. And this is the truth I came to discover about Special Hobby kits. While there are some models that, no matter how hard you try, they never seem to look good, this is most definitely not one of those kits. In the box you have everything you need to make a great model. It just takes a little more work than some other models, however the result is fantastic as the detail provided is superior to other kits in many aspects.

3606 SAM 69_3403 10/07/2014 22:09 Page 1

Come and see Larry Weindorf Guidelines Subscription Agent for the USA & Canada Larry will be attending the following shows, and will give a discount on Osprey and Casemate products at these shows, if you purchase or renew a subscription to SAM or MMI 17, 18, 19, 20 July 6, 7, 8, 9 Aug 8, 9, 10 Aug 15, 16, 17 Aug August 30 September 6 September13 September 20 September 20 September28

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Fairey Swordfish in British, Canadian & Netherlands Service in World War Two Affectionately known as the ‘Stringbag’ by its crews, the Fairey Swordfish is one of World War Two’s most iconic biplane aircraft. A British ‘classic’, and well timed to coincide with the recently released 1/72 scale kit from Airfix.

£21.99 ISBN 978-0-9575513-1-2

PLASTIC MODELLING SHOW ISLINGTON BUSINESS DESIGN CENTRE COMPETITION CLASSES • Military Vehicles, not converted or scratch built, 1/48th or larger.

Hawker Hunter in RAF service 1955 to 1990 One of Britain’s classic post-war jet aircraft, the Hawker Hunter first entered RAF service as a single-seat fighter in 1954. It was later operated in the fighter-bomber and fighter reconnaissance roles, taking part in numerous conflicts around the globe.

£23.99 ISBN 978-0-9575513-2-9

• Military Vehicles, scratch built or converted (to a type, version, or mark other than that depicted by the original kit), 1/48th or larger. • Military Vehicle Diorama, 1/48th or larger. • Military Vehicles of all types, smaller than 1/48th. • Military Vehicle Dioramas smaller than 1/48th. • Naval ships and dioramas, all scales. • Military Aircraft Models and dioramas, all scales. • Military Figure Models and Busts, of all types and scales, including vignettes and figure dioramas. • Miscellaneous. All models not covered by the above classes. • Junior: Models of all types and all scales.

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98 Warpaint York + Vigilante ad Q8_Canberra SAM ad 15/09/2014 16:44 Page 1

in 00 pa e in £12. ar rit a W u Ag EST A vo e Fa labl EMP T ai Av wker Ha .55 No



Warpaint series No.98




With 258 Yorks built the York can be considered as one of the successful British post-war four-engined transports, certainly filling the gap until later types arrived. Initially it was used as an RAF VIP transport and ferried notable people around the globe. From 1945 it rapidly emerged as one of the RAF’s most useful By Will iam Har transport aircraft. Plans to build large numbers of Yorks, including Canada, were thwarted by the end rison of the war. However, it was well established by the time of the Berlin Air Lift when 40 were put into use. The British Military Governor, Sir Brian Robertson had made an estimate of 2000 tons of food a day to feed the two million Berliners but this figure did not take into account the people inside the Zone or raw materials. The Yorks, which could carry 7.5 to 8.25 short tons (1 short ton=2000 lbs), did not get off to a good start but eventually contributed to the 394,509 tons delivered by the RAF. Rapid turnarounds were paramount and the York excelled here. Arriving at Gatow it was a point of honour that the York main side cargo door was open before it had stopped rolling and by the time it had stopped and was being unloaded two more Yorks had landed, and so it went on day and night, good weather or bad until the airlift was over. Once the airlift was over the RAF moved onto the Hastings, releasing Yorks to the civilian market and in the immediate post war era provided much needed security of four-engined transports. Many civilian operators used the Yorks for passengers and/or freight and it was not only the British airlines that grabbed the aircraft – it was used by small airlines to give them experience of operating a bigger aircraft. Already used by the corporations BOAC, BSAA and FAMA in Argentine, British independent airlines such as Skyways, Eagle, Lancashire Aircraft Corporation, Air Charter, Dan-Air and others took surplus aircraft, while many were used in the Middle East, South Africa and Canada. The York was popular with its crews but passengers suffered from four Merlins thundering away and the undercarriage was a weak spot. It did however provide aerial transport until more modern types started to emerge. This book is written by William Harrison and is superbly illustrated by Richard J.Caruana.



North A


By Ch





No 10 No 21 No 26 No 27 No 29 No 32 No 34 No 35 No 37 No 41 No 46 No 49 No 52 No 55 No 56 No 58 No 60 No 61 No 62


RVAH-7 0 of W-2 /NE-61 61 and CV ly 156608 bab CV BuNo was pro Ranger RA-5C ed to USS 9-79. This N) assign 2-79 to 22-t flight (US 21from ilante’s las the Vig



Orders from the world’s book and hobby trade are invited

ES No.9




Avro YO

N re le ew ase

Warpaint series No.97


A sple ndid illus BOAC. Later titletration of G-A somethi GJA take d ‘Milden ng n on hall’. who call not so noti ceable. The large lette 14 February Corpora ed it ‘Star BOAC 1944 for ring soo Fort tion on sold it and WW 29 May une’. It mov to BSA n gave way to ed on A 18 May 1951 and stor 541. Transfer 1949 red to operating troo to Lancashire ed at Stan ping fligh Airc sted unti Skyways 28 Feb ts as WW raft l broken up in Aug ruary 1955 508 it was ust 195 wfu 9. RAF Museum


North American The North American Vigilante was an aircraft of extraordinary performance, and introduced aerodynamic, technological and electronic features that were much ahead of their time, and which were to become standard in combat aircraft that followed it. It started out as a shipboard nuclear attack bomber, but when the Navy’s nuclear attack task was given to Polaris submarines, the Vigilante risked extinction. Reluctant to lose such an advanced aircraft, the US Navy came up with the idea that it needed a shipboard Mach 2 long range reconnaissance bomber, and North American, with little effort, converted the Vigilante to carry out this mission. In this new role, the Vigilante provided the US Navy with an unparalleled wide-ranging reconnaissance capability that was to remain unavailable to the Service after the Vigilante’s retirement until the TARPS-equipped F-14 Tomcat came around in the 1980s. The recce Vigilante entered the scene just in time for the Vietnam War, during which its crews often risked their lives in order to bring back much needed information on the enemy. The aircraft’s two big engines and its aerodynamic shape gave the Vigilante an easy Mach 2.2 performance, enough to outrun its escorting F-4 Phantom, and making it the fastest aircraft ever to operate from an aircraft carrier until the arrival, again, of the F-14 Tomcat. Yet, the Vigilante remained one of those unsung heroes, and its demise from US Navy service went largely unnoticed. This book tries to somewhat redress this injustice with the latest Warpaint title, which contains no less than 125 photos, many of which are in colour, seven pages of colour artwork, and 60 pages of text that describes the development and operational career of both the bomber and reconnaissance versions of this remarkable aircraft. This book is written by Charles Stafrace and is superbly illustrated by Richard J.Caruana.


Vickers Wellington £10.00 Armstrong Whitworth Whitley £12.00 Bristol Blenheim £9.50 DH Vampire £16.50 Hawker Sea Hawk £9.50 Douglas A-20 Boston/Havoc £9.50 Avro Lincoln £9.50 Fairey Barracuda £9.50 Gloster Gladiator £14.50 Fairey Fulmar £12.50 Handley Page Halifax £15.00 Fiat G.91 £11.50 Fairey Albacore £11.50 Hawker Tempest £12.00 Blackburn Firebrand £12.00 Supermarine Swift £12.00 English Electric Canberra £15.50 SM S.79 Sparviero £12.00 Handley Page Hastings £9.95

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Fairey Battle Grumman F6F Hellcat Supermarine Scimitar Vickers Wellesley Grumman TBF Avenger Lockheed T33A Shooting Star Avro Lancaster Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21 Grumman HU-16 Albatross Messerschmitt Me 262 Supermarine Attacker Westland Sea King Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress

Warpaint Specials No 1 Republic P-47 Thunderbolt No 2 Messerschmitt Bf 109

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All major credit cards accepted. Orders can be placed by mail, telephone, fax or through the website. (www.warpaint-books.com) Postage on UK orders is free. Overseas readers pay postage at air mail printed paper rate.

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LFMC72176 1:72 T-33 Shooting Star over Libya (Sword, Hasegawa and Platz)

Airscale AS24TIFF

Linden Hill LH48028 1:48 Brothers in Arms 1: Warsaw Pact MiG-23Ms and MFs 1976 - 1990 (nine marking options for Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania and the USSR) LH48036 1:48 Brothers in Arms 2: MiG-23ML/MLA/MLD/P variants in Warsaw Pact service and beyond LH48037 1:48 Afgantsi: Soviet VVS MiG-23MLDs in Afghanistan

1:24 Hawker Typhoon Mk.Ib Instrument & Placard Upgrade Set (Airfix)

Berna Decals BER32033 1:32 Westland WG-13 Lynx Mk 4 (French Navy) BER48109 1:48 Westland WG-13 Lynx Mk 4 (French Navy) BER72089 1:72 Westland WG-13 Lynx Mk.4 (French Navy)

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Caracal Models CD48044 1:48 Alpha Jet A/E (France, Belgium, Egypt, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Morocco, Togo and Nigeria) CD48047 1:48 Grumman HU-16A Albatross USAF/US Coast Guard CD48065 1:48 Blue Angels Lockheed C-130 "Fat Albert" CD48066 1:48 Embraer EMB-314 Super Tucano "Esquadrilha da Fumaca": CD72019 1:72 Lockheed-Martin F-16 Vipers - The Next Generation: The new dark gray Have Glass Gen. V scheme being introduced to the USAF fleet, as well as markings for Iraq, Poland, Morocco, Bahrain and Oman

£11.20 £12.80 £11.99 £11.99 £11.20

FCM F-5E 48-57 1/14 G.Av 2005; Northrop F-5F 48-06 1/14 G.Av 2005 both overall blue/grey £11.40 FCM48047 1:48 Embraer EMB-314 Super Tucano part 1 (Brazil, Indonesia, Mauritania, Rep. Dominicana & Burquina Faso) £11.40 Furball Aero-Design FBD48036 1:48 Air Wing All-Stars: Tomcats Part II features options for 11 F-14 A/B Lo-Viz Tomcat CAGs. FBD48037 1:48 USMC A-6A/E Intruders 13 schemes. enough stencils etc to build 2 complete models. (Hobbyboss) HAD Models HUN32050 1:32 Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-6

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Iliad Design ILD48028 1:48 Spitfires over India ILD72013 1:72 Pre-War Hurricanes

£8.99 £8.99

Kits-World KW72122 1:72 Douglas Dakota DC-3 - C-47 (4) Sabena Belgian Airlines, 1940; Congolese Air Force; Yugoslav Air Force 1958; Peruvian Air Force 1962. Kuivalainen KUID4802 1:48 Finnish AF Messerschmitt Bf 109G-6 aces, summer 1944

£10.20 £9.99

L Decals Studio LDS48008 1:48 Sky over Vietnam - MiG's Rivals Part I LDS72008 1:72 Sky over Vietnam - MiG's Rivals part I

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LF Models LFMC48107 1:48 N.A. T-28 Trojan over Laos (Hobby Boss, Roden, Monogram and Revell) LFMC48108 1:48 T-33 Shooting Star over France (Academy and Hobbycraft) LFMC48109 1:48 RT-33 Shooting Star over France (Hobbycraft) LFMC48110 1:48 T-33 Shooting Star over Libya (mask included) (Academy and Hobbycraft) LFMC72173 1:72 N.A. T-28 Trojan over Laos (Sword, Heller and Testor) LFMC72174 1:72 T-33 Shooting Star over France (Sword, Hasegawa and Platz) LFMC72175 1:72 RT-33 Shooting Star over France (Sword)

£10.80 £12.99 £12.99 £12.30 £7.20 £11.70 £11.70

NEW KITS A Model Aircraft kits (injection) AMU72280 1:72 de Havilland DH.60C CIRRUS MOTH AMU72281 1:72 de Havilland DH.60 Genet Moth AMU72282 1:72 de Havilland DH.60M Metal Moth AMU72283 1:72 de Havilland DH.60GIII Moth Major AMU72284 1:72 de Havilland DH.60T Moth Trainer AMU72285 1:72 de Havilland DH.60X AMU72286 1:72 de Havilland DH.60G Gipsy Moth Academy Aircraft kits (injection) AC12249 1:48 Hughes Police 500D AC12285 1:48 Grumman TBM-3 Avenger "U.S.S. Bunker Hill" (Accurate Miniatures) AC12303 1:48 North American P-51B 70th Anniversary Normandy (ex Accurate Miniatures) AC12304 1:48 Lavochkin La-7 AC12307 1:48 Lockheed U-2S USAF 5th RS Osan AB Limited Edition (ex Italeri kit) AC12308 1:48 Bell UH-1D/H ROK Limited Edition (ex Italeri kit) AC12513 1:72 Republic P-47D & FW 190A-8 70th Anniversary Normandy Invasion AIM - Transport Wings Aircraft kits (mixed-media) TWL7214000 1:72 747-100/200 Base kit

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Mark 1 Decals DMK14432 1:144 Italian AF WWII B&W Insignia (diameter: 600;700;850;1000;1100;1200mm), 2 sets DMK14433 1:144 Spanish Nationalist Insignia (diameter: 700;800;1000;1200;1400 mm), 2 sets DMK14434 1:144 Royal Hungarian AF Insignia 1942-45 (size: 800, 900, 1000, 1100, 1200 mm), 2 sets DMK14435 1:144 East German AF Insignia (size: 500, 580 mm), 2 sets DMK14436 1:144 Polish AF Insignia (size: 450, 550, 700 mm), 2

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Classic Airframes Aircraft kits (injection) CF4155 1:48 Bristol Blenheim Mk.I / Mk.IF EXCLUSIVE TO HANNANTS!!! £49.99

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Rocketeer Decals ROCK72019 1:72 Lockheed F-104C Starfighter. Covers all 4 Squadrons of the 479TFW USAF


Warbird WB48039


1:48 Northrop T-38A Talon USAF Thunderbirds (trumpeter)

Xtradecal X48136 1:48 F4U-1 Corsair. R New Zealand AF X72203 1:72 Bristol Blenheim Mk.I/Mk.IF/Mk.IV Pt.2 (11) Mk.I L1200 FD-H 114 Sqn RAF Wyton; L1255 787 Sqn Naval Air Fighting Development Unit (NAFDU) RAF Wittering 1943; Mk.If K7181 RE-P 229 Sqn RAF Digby 1940; L1327 RO-I 29 Sqn RAF Digby 1940; Mk.IV L4852 TE-A 53 Sqn RAF Farnborough 1939; R2782 TBJ 771 Sqn RNAS Twatt 1943; T2177 AD-V 113 Sqn Greece 1941; Z5893/W 11/14 Combined Sqn Habbaniya, Iraq 1941; X5955 WR-B 248 Sqn RAF Dyce 1941; Z9585/? 89 Sqn Shark Mouth N.Africa; Z9652/33 No.1 Middle East Check & Conversion Unit, Bilbels 1943. X72209 1:72 Vought F4U-1 Corsairs (15) USMC 17965/8 VMF-422 1st Lt.Stout 1944; 17965 K99/103 VMF-115 1944; 17656/2 MABG-2 Project Joe 1945; SS11 Service Sqn 11, MAG-11 Espiritu Santos 1945; 600 VMF-122 Werewolves 1st Lt. Don Wilson Peleliu 1945; FAA JT238 3BB 759 NAS Yeovilton 1943; JS479 BH2/Q 718 NAS RNAS Ballyherbert 1945; JT260 P54 757 NAS HMS Unicorn 1944; JT634 137/P 1834 NAS HMS Victorious 1944; J565 7-S 1834 NAS MS Victorious 1945. RNZAF NZ5469/469 W/O Bryan Cox New Britain 1945; NZ5471/471 Fl.Lt. Wally Jacobs New Britain 1945; NZ5272/NZ5307 307 No.1 Servicing Unit Guadalcanal 1944; NZ5632/62 14 Sqn Kathleen 2 versions X72210 1:72 RAF WWII Dull red bomber code letters 48" high x 24" x 6" stroke. X72211 1:72 RAF WWII Dull red bomber code letters 48" high x 30" x 6" stroke X72212 1:72 RAF WWII Dull red letters and numbers 36" high x 6" and 4.5" strokes. X72213 1:72 RAF WWII. Sky code Numbers 18" , 24" , 30",RAF Yellow Prototype P. 4 sizes of the letter P in a Yellow Ring, 26" and 30" in four styles, 36" in three styles and 54" in two styles. X72RAF2 1:72 RAF Red Bomber Serials and Squadron Codes. Bumper pack including all four Xtradecal red bomber code and serial sheets X72126, X72210, X72211 and X72212. Four decal sheets for the price of three.

Eduard 1:48 Aircraft kits (injection) EDK1192 1:48 Grumman F-14A Tomcat. Danger Zone. Hobby Boss plastic, PE and MASK included, resin included, decals prinded by Cartograf, 5 marking options, full color instructions. £79.40 HobbyBoss Aircraft kits (injection) HB80378 1:48 Messerschmitt Me 262B-1a


Italeri Aircraft kits (injection) IT1350 1:72 Short Stirling MK.IV IT1357 1:72 Sepecat Jaguar GR.3 "Big Cat"

£39.99 £15.99


AZ Models Aircraft kits (injection) ADM7237 1:72 Vultee SNV-1 (BT-13) Valiant USN (blue) BuNo 03157, 1942/43; USN (grey) BuNo 03154, 1942/43; US Army BuNo 111265, 1943. £14.99 ADM7238 1:72 Vultee BT-13 Valiant Decals IAF B-62, 101st Squadron, Qastina, Israel; December 1948; PLAF, December 1949; French Air Force 42-90572 Meknes, Morocco 1944/45; £14.99 ADM7239 1:72 Vultee BT-13 Valiant 'Latin America' Fuerza Aerea Mexicana, Guadalajara, Mexico, 1945; Fuerza Aerea Ejercito de Cuba, January 1949; Argentina Servicio de Aviacion Naval, September 1945, Argentina; £14.99 Brengun Aircraft kits (injection) BRP72012 1:72 Hawker Typhoon Mk.Ia

Maestro Models MMMD4808 1:48 Swedish Airforce sea planes T2, Tp24, Tp47 MMMD7211 1:72 Swedish Airforce sea planes T2, Tp24, Tp47 MMMD7212 1:72 SAAB Safir, Sweden, Finland, Ethiopia


Kovozavody Prostejov Aircraft kits (injection) KPM7206 1:72 Avia S-199 "Messer/Sakin" IAF NEW MOULD! KPM7210 1:72 Avia S-199 Late CzAF NEW MOULD!

£8.99 £8.99

LF Models Aircraft kits (resin) LF72102 1:72 Macchi MC.201 Italian prototype fighter £35.99 Mach 2 Aircraft kits (injection) MACH7255 1:72 Convair 440 Decals North Central MACH7256 1:72 Convair 440 Decals Eastern with long radar nose MACH7299 1:72 Beech 200 Super Kingair Space kits (injection) MACHL016 1:72 Sputnik 3. 1958 Geophysical Research Satellite MACHL017 1:72 Voskhod 2. First Space Walk Miniwings Aircraft kits (resin) MINI071 1:144 FMA IA-58 PUCARA New kit/resin canopy/new decals

£45.99 £45.99 £26.99 £39.99 £43.99


Plus Model Aircraft kits (injection) PMAL7010 1:72 Heller EC-121 'Warning Star' with upgrades. Includes the Heller kit and resin cowlings, cooling flaps and exhausts. Etched aerials. Decals for 4 versions £54.30 PMAL7011 1:72 Heller EC-121 'Warning Star' with upgrades. Includes the Heller kit and resin cowlings, cooling flaps and exhausts. Etched aerials and interior parts. Undercarriage upgrade set. Flap upgrade set. Tail feather set. Decals for 4 versions £96.80 R.V.Aircraft Aircraft kits (injection) RVA72041 1:72 MiG-21PFM 'Vietnam War' (Limited Edition) £19.99

Revell Aircraft kits (injection) RV4907 1:72 Agusta-Westland 101 Merlin HMA.1 RV4890 1:32 Piper PA-18 with Bushwheels RV4889 1:32 Bristol Beaufighter Mk.1F RV4895 1:32 McDonnell F-4F Phantom WTD-61 Flight Test RV4897 1:32 Eurocopter EC145 DRF RV4887 1:48 Northrop P-61B Black Widow Special Hobby Aircraft kits (injection) SH32050 1:32 Lockheed T-33A T-Bird 'Over Europe' SH72280 1:72 Bell AH-1G Cobra "Marines" SH72295 1:72 Lockheed C-60 Lodestar 'Pacific Transport' SH72307 1:72 Caproni Ca.311 £17.60 SH72309 1:72 Caproni Ca.311M 'Italian Adventure in Russia' Trumpeter Aircraft kits (injection) TU01638 1:72 Focke-Wulf Fw 200C-9 Condor TU02254 1:32 Douglas A-1J AD-7 Skyraider TU03913 1:144 Dassault Rafale B TU03916 1:144 Sukhoi SU-27UB Flanker C Welsh Models Aircraft kits (resin and vacform) WHPJW84P 1:144 Boeing RC-135W Air Seeker RAF scheme Vacform fuselage, resin remainder of parts + metal landing gear parts. WHSL315V 1:144 Boeing 747-200/300 Vacform/resin RB211-524 engines, flapjacks and undercarriage - Current Cathay Pacific Aircraft kits (resin) WHSL314R 1:144 Bombardier CRJ-700 Britair of France Aircraft kits (resin) WHSL316R 1:144 Bombardier CRJ-700 (resin kit) Lufthansa City Line livery WHSL317R 1:144 Bombardier CRJ-900 (resin kit) Northwest Jetlink - current livery Wingnut Wings Aircraft kits (injection) WNW32041 1:32 Roland C.IIA late version. WNW32047 1:32 Albatros D.Va (OAW)



7.99 £3.99 £3.99 £3.99 £3.99 £11.95

£17.99 £19.99 £26.99 £36.99 £19.99 £26.99 £45.60 £13.40 £22.80 £17.60 £34.99 £74.99 £10.99 £10.99

£59.50 £52.30 £50.99 £50.99 £50.99 £99.99 £69.99

NEW ACCESSORIES Aerobonus (by Aires) Diorama accessories (resin) QAB320052 1:32 35Lb. lubricating bucket pump US NAVY QAB480099 1:48 Fire Buckets

£6.55 £4.50

3608 Hannants_3405 22/09/2014 10:10 Page 2

QAB480100 1:48 Compressed gas bottles - helium QAB480101 1:48 Compressed gas bottles - carbon dioxide Figures (resin) QAB320059 1:32 R.A.F. pilot with seat for Supermarine Spitfire QAB320061 1:32 Russian pilot WWII AIM - Ground Equipment Diorama accessories GE144055 1:144 RAF 60kva Ground Power Unit GE72052 1:72 Victor Tow Bar, Non-transportable GE72053 1:72 Victor Tow Bar, Air-transportable GE72055 1:72 RAF 60kva Ground Power Unit

£6.55 £6.55

CMK7293 CMK7294

£9.95 £8.55 £10.35 £10.70 £10.70 £14.62

CMK7295 CMK7296 CMK7297 CMK7298 CMK7299

Aires Aircraft detailing sets (resin) AIRE2194 1:32 Douglas A-1D Skyraider (AD-4) Skyraider cockpit set (Trumpeter) £19.60 AIRE4629 1:48 Lavochkin La-5F/La-5FN cockpit set (Zvezda) £12.99 AIRE4630 1:48 McDonnell F-4D Phantom II (early version) cockpit set (Academy) £17.99 AIRE7313 1:72 Ilyushin IL-2 Sturmovik control surfaces (Tamiya) £3.30 AIRE7314 1:72 Messerschmitt Bf 110 flaps (Eduard kits £6.30

CMK7301 CMK7303 CMK7305 CMK7308

Barracuda Studios Aircraft detailing sets (resin) BCR32154 1:32 Messerschmitt Bf 109G-10 (Bf 109G5 to Bf 109G-14) Cowl Gun Bulges (Revell) BCR32155 1:32 Messerschmitt Bf 109G-6 intake and exhaust set(Revell) BCR32159 1:32 Messerschmitt Bf 109G-6 oil cooler fairing (Revell) BCR32171 1:32 Messerschmitt Bf 109G/K Prop and Spinner Alignment Jig. Aircraft engines and propellers (resin) BCR32122 1:32 Messerschmitt Bf 109G-10 propeller and spinner(Revell)


Brengun Aircraft canopies (vacform) BRL144100 1:144 Douglas A-4 Skyhawk canopy (Platz) BRL144101 1:144 Mikoyan MIG-15 canopy (Attack) Aircraft detailing sets (etched and resin) BRL72078 1:72 Caproni Ca.101 (Fly) Aircraft detailing sets (etched) BRL48060 1:48 Kawasaki Ki-61 II Hien (RS Models) BRL48061 1:48 Kawasaki Ki-61 II Hien flaps (RS Models) BRL72079 1:72 U.S. Flare/CHAFF dispensers Aircraft detailing sets (resin) BRL144099 1:144 Boeing 747-100 Exhaust nozzles (Revell) BRL72080 1:72 Bell AH-1G Cobra air intake correction set (Special hobby) Diorama accessories (etched) BRL48059 1:48 Step ladders for Mikoyan MiG-15/MiG-17 (two types) BRL72077 1:72 Step ladders Mikoyan MiG-15/MiG-17 (two type)

CMK7311 CMQ72204






CMQ72208 CMQ72209 CMQ72210

£3.99 £7.99 £3.70 £3.70 £7.65 £8.40 £6.85 £4.60 £6.10 £2.30 £5.70 £4.20

CMK/Czech Master Kits Aircraft detailing sets (etched) CMK7307 1:72 Remove Before Flight Tags (20 pc) £3.99 CMK5095 1:32 Remove Before Flight Tags (20pcs) £6.80 Aircraft detailing sets (resin) CMK/CzechMaster Kits Aircraft detailing sets (resin) CMK4300 1:48 WWII Luftwaffe 900L Drop Tank (2 pc) £9.99 CMK4306 1:48 WWII Drop tanks 600l Luftwaffe x 2 pcs. £8.30 CMK5086 1:32 Daimler-Benz DB 603E £15.99 CMK7275 1:72 Messerschmitt Bf 109G-6 Engine set (Airfix) £12.99 CMK7282 1:72 Curtiss P-40E Engine set (Academy) £12.99 CMK7289 1:72 Avro Lancaster B.I/III Undercarriage set for (Airfix) £7.70 CMK7290 1:72 Messerschmitt Bf 109G-6 - Control surfaces (Airfix) £8.50 CMK7291 1:72 Daimler-Benz DB 605A £7.70 CMK7292 1:72 de Havilland Vampire T.11 control

ADM7237 1:72 Vultee SNV-1 (BT-13) Valiant £14.99


surfaces (Airfix) £8.50 1:72 de Havilland Vampire T.11 interior set (Airfix) £10.60 1:72 Napier Sabre series Mk.II WWII British aircraft engine £8.50 1:72 Hawker Typhoon Mk.Ib - engine set (Airfix) £12.99 1:72 Allison 1710-33 (series C) £7.70 1:72 Curtiss P-40B Undercarriage set (Airfix list) £7.70 1:72 Curtiss P-40B/P-40C Interior set (Airfix) £10.60 1:72 Curtiss P-40B/P-40C Allison V-1710 series C Engine set. (Airfix) £7.70 1:72 WWII Luftwaffe 900L Drop Tank (2 pc) £6.40 1:72 Long-Range Air-to-Surface Missile (1 pc) £7.70 1:72 GBU-12 Paveway II Laser Guided Bomb £9.50 1:72 WWII Luftwaffe 600L Drop Tanks.x (2 pcs) £7.70 1:72 BAC/EE Lightning F.2A interior set. (Airfix) £10.60 1:72 Messerschmitt Bf 109E - Tropical. Interior set (Airfix) £10.60 1:72 MG 131 WWII German aircraft machine gun 13mm (8 pcs) £3.50 1:72 Messerschmitt Bf 109G-6 exhausts (Airfix) £3.50 1:72 Avro Lancaster B.I/Mk.II/Mk.III seats (Airfix and Hasegawa) £5.80 1:72 Avro Lancaster B.I/Mk.II/Mk.III instrument panel (Airfix and Hasegawa) £4.40 1:72 Hawker Typhoon Mk.I Exhausts (Airfix) £3.50 1:72 Bell AH-1G Cobra Seats (Special Hobby) £4.40 1:72 Curtiss P-40B/P-40C Exhausts. £3.50

Eduard 1:32 Aircraft paint masks (self adhesive) EDJX171 1:32 North-American X-15A-2 1/32 (Special Hobby) £4.50 EDJX172 1:32 Lockheed T-33A 1/32 (Special Hobby) £5.99 Aircraft paint masks (self adhesive) EDEX434 1:48 Dornier Do 215B 1/48 (ICM) £8.40 EDEX435 1:48 Grumman A-6E Intruder 1/48 (HobbyBoss) £5.99 EDEX436 1:48 Embraer EMB-314 Super Tucano 1/48 (HobbyBoss) £5.99 EDCX397 1:72 Bell AH-1G Cobra 1/72 (Special Hobby) £4.50 Aircraft detailing sets (etched) ED48814 1:48 Grumman A-6E Intruder exterior (HobbyBoss) £18.40 ED48815 1:48 Panavia Tornado IDS ladder (Revell) £9.50 ED48816 1:48 Dornier Do 215B undercarriage (ICM) £10.99 ED48817 1:48 Grumman F-14A Tomcat upgrade set (Eduard) £18.40 ED48818 1:48 Dornier Do 215B bomb bay (ICM) £10.99 ED49689 1:48 Grumman A-6E Intruder interior (self adhesive) (HobbyBoss) £18.40 ED49690 1:48 Embraer EMB-314 Super Tucano (self adhesive) (Hobby Boss) £16.70 ED49691 1:48 Dornier Do 215B (self adhesive) (ICM) £18.40 EDFE689 1:48 Grumman A-6E interior (self adhesive) (HobbyBoss) £13.99 EDFE690 1:48 Embraer EMB-314 Super Tucano (self adhesive) (HobbyBoss) £13.99 EDFE691 1:48 Dornier Do 215B interior (self adhesive) (ICM) £14.99 EDSS511 1:72 Fiat CR.32 Chirri (self adhesive) (Italeri) £10.99 Aircraft detailing sets (fabric) ED49693 1:48 Grumman F-14 Tomcat Remove Before Flight SUPER FABRIC (Eduard) £8.40 ED73024 1:72 Seatbelts IJN/Imperial Japanese Navy SUPER FABRIC £3.30 ED73026 1:72 Seatbelts RAF late SUPER FABRIC £3.30 ED73027 1:72 Seatbelts RFC WWI SUPER FABRIC £3.30 ED73511 1:72 Fiat CR.32 Chirri (self adhesive) (Italeri) £16.70 Aircraft paint masks (self adhesive)

CF4155 1:48 Bristol Blenheim Mk.I / Mk.IF £49.99

IT1357 1:72 Sepecat Jaguar GR.3 "Big Cat" £15.99

Eduard Big-Ed Aircraft detailing sets (etched) EBIG3340 1:32 Supermarine SPITFIRE Mk.II 1/32 (Revell) EBIG49110 1:48 Lockheed F-80A Shooting Star (RF-80C F-80A] 1/48 (HobbyBoss) EBIG7287 1:72 Focke-Wulf Fw 200C 1/72 (Trumpeter)

£39.99 £39.99 £35.60

Eduard Brassin Aircraft detailing sets (resin) ED648163 1:48 AGM-12 Bullpup £8.40 ED648165 1:48 AGM-45 Shrike £8.40 ED672043 1:72 AIM-9D Sidewinder £5.60 SIN64814 1:48 Big Sin collection of 3 individual weapon sets for F-14A in 1/48. AIM-9M/L Sidewinder (4 pieces) AIM-7M Sparrow (4 pieces) AIM-54A Phoenix (4 pieces) (Eduard and HobbyBoss) £14.80 ED672045 1:72 Lockheed-Martin F-16CJ Block 50 exhaust nozzle (Tamiya) £7.20 Freightdog Aircraft conversions (resin) FDR72008 1:72 Hawker Tempest Mk.VI (stencil decals included) (Academy) FDR72010 1:72 Dassault Etendard IVP conversion (for Heller IVM (Heller) FDR72044 1:72 Supermarine Spitfire Mk.22 improvement set (Airfix) G-Factor GFAC7204 GFAC7202 GFAC3228 GFAC3229 GFAC3230 GFAC3231 GFAC3232 GFAC4823 GFAC4824 GFAC4822 GFAC7203

Aircraft detailing sets (brass) 1:72 Constellation landing gear (Heller) 1:72 Mikoyan MiG-25 (ICM) 1:32 Gloster Meteor Mk.IV 3 undercarriage legs (Hong Kong 1:32 Heinkel He-111 landing gear (Revell) 1:32 N1K2-J George landing gear (Hasegawa) 1:32 Ki-44 Tojo landing gear (Hasegawa) 1:32 P-40 Warhawk (Hasegawa) 1:48 Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IX Landing gear (Eduard kits)[Mk.IXc Mk.IXe] 1:48 North-American T-28 Trojan Landing gear (Roden) 1:48 Grumman F6F-3/F6F-5 Hellcat landing gear (Eduard) 1:72 Mikoyan MiG-25 pitot tube (ICM)

£8.00 £7.50 £5.50 £15.99 £11.99 £21.60 £15.99 £15.99 £15.99 £11.99 £13.60 £11.99 £3.20

HAD Models Diorama accessories (etched) PE48004 1:48 Wheel chock for Russian airplanes (the most popular type) PE72002 1:72 Wheel chock for Russian airplanes (the most popular type)

£5.40 £3.60

Kora Aircraft conversions (resin) KORCS7235 1:72 de Havilland DH.82 Tiger Moth Floatplane Norwegian Service Conversion Set & Decal (Airfix, Pavla Models and AZ Model) £13.50 KORCS7236 1:72 de Havilland DH.82 Tiger Moth Floatplane British Service Conversion Set & decal (Airfix, Pavla Models and AZ Model) £13.50 KORCS7238 1:72 de Havilland DH.82B Tiger Moth Queen Bee flying target - Royal Navy Conversion set & decal (Airfix, Pavla Models and AZ Model) £13.50 Maestro Models Aircraft conversions (resin) MMMK4881 1:48 S29C Tunnan recce conversion. £26.99 MMMK4882 1:48 J29Ö Tunnan recce conversion. £9.60 MMMK7279 1:72 S29C Tunnan recce conversion. £11.50 MMMK7280 1:72 J29Ö Tunnan recce conversion. £6.99 Aircraft detailing sets (etched) MMMP4816 1:48 Heinkel He 115 detail set (Special Hobby) £14.99

PMAL7010 1:72 Heller EC-121 'Warning Star' £54.30

SH72307 1:72 Caproni Ca.311 £17.60


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