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Unit Grammar Vocabulary Reading Listening Speaking Writing 1 Your life p5 Present simple and continuous p7 Questions and question words p6 Social life...

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Unit 1 Your life







p5 Present simple and continuous p7 Questions and question words

p6 Social life p9 Family and relationships

p4 Time twins (Matching) p6 Are You Chilled or Hyper? p8 Talking Teenagers (Matching, T/F)

p5 Interview (Matching)

p5 Describing yourself p6 Talking about free time

p5 Description of yourself p9 Descripion of you and your family

Real Time p10

Conversation (T/F)

Greeting, meeting and getting to know people (Roleplay)

Filling in a form

p12 Icons (Gapped text) p15 Famous Pairs p16 Greatest Britons (Matching)

p14 Life story (Gap fill) p16 Radio biography (T/F)

p13 Exchanging information p14 Narrating past events p16 Talking about famous people

p14 Past events

2 The greats p13 Past simple

p14 Past simple and continuous

p14 Life events p16 Famous people p16 Personal characteristics

activestudy1 p18   • Revision of grammar and vocabulary from units 1-2: Gap fill, jumbled sentences      • Reading: T/F             • Listening: Matching        • Speaking: Role-play

3 Your style

p21 Comparatives and superlatives p22 too and enough

4 Your goals p29 Wishes and intentions

p30 Gerunds and infinitives

p20 Describing a place p22 Describing personal style p24 Money and spending p28 Education p30 Getting a job p32 Describing jobs

Exam Trainer in the Workbook

p20 Through the keyhole p24 Internet blog, magazine interview and news article (Multiple Choice, Matching)

p21 Description of a place (Gap fill) p23 Street survey (Matching)

p21 Describing a picture p22 Describing people p23 Expressing opinions

Real Time p26

Coversation (Multiple choice)

Polite requests and responding (Roleplay)


p28 English and American school courses – Fact File p31 Internet postings (Matching) p32 Doing something different (T/F, Matching)

p28 Interview (Matching) p30 Street survey

p28 Describing photos p29 Future plans p31 Future career p33 Discussing opinions

p29 Future plans and ambitions

activestudy2 p34   • Revision of grammar and vocabulary from units 3-4: Sentence transformation, gap fill              

• Reading: Multiple Choice   • Listening: Matching   • Speaking: Photo description

5 Stay well

p36 Look Good, Live Longer! p38 Eat Right p40 Eating around the clock (Multiple choice)

p36 Radio programme (T/F)

p37 Giving advice p39 Generalisations p41 Discussing customs (Roleplay)

Real Time p42

Telephone conversation (Answering questions)

Making arrangements (Roleplay)

p44 Brat Camp p48 How does the law affect you? (Matching)

p46 Three generations (T/F)

p45 Planning a camping trip p46 Describing photos p48 Discussing opinions

activestudy3 p50   • Revision of grammar and vocabulary from units 5-6: Gap fill   • Reading: Multiple choice          

• Listening: Gapped notes       

• Speaking: Roleplay

7 Time out

p53 Future arrangements p54 will, may and might

p52 Holidays p54 Flying p56 Describing holidays

p52 Families2gether p54 Cheap travel - a good or a bad thing? (T/F) p56 The sea is full of fish (Multiple choice)

p54 Predictions about the future (Gap fill) p56 Conversation

p53 Making future arrangements p55 Speculating about the future p56 Describing holiday

Real Time p58

Conversation (Multiple choice)

Asking for and giving advice (Roleplay)

Postcard, Letter

8 Just do it!

p61 Present perfect with ever and never p62 Present perfect with just, already and yet

p60 Sports p62 Sports equipment

p61 Champions Tomorrow p62 Ian Wright’s Unfit Kids (T/F) p64 Champions against the odds (Matching)

p60 TV quiz

p60 Describing photos p65 Describing people’s achievements

p62 Description of a sport p65 Descripiton of a sporting hero

6 The rules

p37 should and must p38 Articles

p36 Healthy lifestyle p38 Food and drink p40 Meals and meal times

p45 Obligation and permission pp44, 46 Rules and behaviour in the present p47 Domestic tasks p47 Obligation and permission p48 Society and the law in the past

Exam Trainer in the Workbook


Exam Trainer in the Workbook

activestudy4 p66   • Revision of grammar and vocabulary from units 7-8: Gap fills   • Reading: Gapped answers         

• Speaking: Photo description

9 Cool tech

p69 GoGreen! Gadgets p71 Should we ban mobile phones from our schools? p72 How screens took over our lives (Matching, T/F)

p70 Radio phone-in (Matching)

p68 Giving instructions p70 Describing photos p72 Saying numbers

Real Time p74

Conversations (T/F)

Making complaints (Roleplay)

Letter of complaint

p76 Amazing Earth! p78 Global warming (Matching) p80 The biggest bang in history

p79 Radio programme (Matching, T/F)

p77 Talking about childhood p78 Describing photos p81 Telling a story

p77 Description of a place

activestudy5 p82   • Revision of grammar and vocabulary from units 9-10: Jumbled sentences   • Reading: Gapped text     

• Listening: T/F/No Information     

• Speaking: Roleplay

11 Must see p85 Present simple passive

p86 Records and Fantasctic Facts from the world of TV p88 About a Boy (Matching)

p84 Description of how films are made (Answering questions) p86 TV programmes (Multiple choice)

p84 Talking about favourite types of films p86 Talking about favourite types of TV programmes

p88 Review of a book/film

Real Time p90

Telephone conversations

Telephoning (Roleplay)

Adverts and notices

p94 Crimes that went wrong p96 Teenage victims of crime (T/F)

p96 Radio phone-in (Multiple choice)

pp92, 96 Describing photos p97 Reporting a crime (Roleplay)

p97 Letter from a reader

p69 Defining relative clauses p68 Machines and how they p70 First conditional and future work time clauses

10 Out there p76 used to

p78 Present perfect with for and since

p86 Past simple and present perfect passive

12 The rules p92 Second conditional

p94 Reported requests and commands

p76 The natural world p78 Global warming

p84 Making a film p86 TV programmes p88 What we read p92 Crimes p94 Adjectives ending in -ed and -ing

activestudy6 p98   • Revision of grammar and vocabulary from units 11-12: Gap fill, sentence transformation          

• pp100-123  Mini Workbook   • pp124, 135  Quiz answers and activities   • pp125-134  Word list


Exam Trainer in the Workbook

Exam Trainer in the Workbook

• Reading: Matching   • Listening: Answering questions   • Speaking: Photo descritpion

Exam Trainer in the Workbook

• p134  Verb patterns   • back cover  Irregular verbs   • back cover  Skills and exam strategies



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