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MILIFE PROJECT TITLE MILIFE is a youth exchange project under the Erasmus+ Porgramme. It will contain 2 activities:  1) Advanced Planning Visit, March...

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Fundacja Tkalnia Rozwoju [email protected] February, 2017




Randers, Denmark

DESCRIPTION MILIFE is a youth exchange project under the Erasmus+ Porgramme. It will contain 2 activities:  1) Advanced Planning Visit, March/April, 2017 - 2 youth leaders from every country will learn about the project, activities and organizational issues 2) Youth Exchange, 31.07-08.08.2017 - 2 youth leaders and 8 young participants will take part in the MILIFE activities Randers Ungdomsskole has taken the initiative to develop a new non-formal learning concept ‘MILIFE’, which focus is to develop the social and personal competences of young people to improve their abilities to receive education and empower their employability. MILIFE has 5 modules: ‘Know youself’; ‘You and the others’; ‘You and your development’; ‘You and your goals’ and ‘You and your job’. MILIFE develops young people's self-awareness, self-esteem and joy of life, their understanding of other people, builds competences, which enables them to take a bigger personal responsibility, achieve personal independence and a positive contribution to society. We live and learn through communities. “No man is an island”.  In a crazy complex world a human cannot make it alone. Europe is especially challenged in these years. We must be better to learn how to deal with relations, conflicts and togetherness so we can develop a more holistic approach and help each other. Through MILIFE young people learn to: Understand themselves and other people; Find their strengths and build on them; Master their emotions and thoughts in the most constructive way; Build robust and healthy relationships with others;  Be part of different social relations and contribute to a positive collaboration with others;  Build and maintain a strong self-esteem that can last a lifetime; Handle a life of eternal and profound changes. The fundament of this youth exchange will be MILIFE exercises and MILIFE approach, but the youth exchange will also contain outdoor activities with experimental learning gaining consciousness of one self - and innovation/ entrepreneurship, as MILIFE also supports and demands ‘creative thinking’.


Fundacja Tkalnia Rozwoju [email protected] February, 2017

ORGANIZER Randers Ungdomsskole (RU) is a youth school in the local commune of Randers, Denmark. RU provides non formal learning activities, youth clubs, projects, festivals, camps and social meeting places for the local youth between 13 – 18 years. The aim for RU is to support the development of the professional, social and personal competences of the youngsters.

SENDING ORGANIZATION Tkalnia Rozwoju specializes in coaching trainings, youth career support and different forms of non-formal education. In 2015 Tkalnia Rozwoju started to act on international level, by coordinating and being a partner in projects under the Erasmus+ Programme. We gather the society of experienced coaches, pedagogists, psychologists and entrepreneurs. We cooperate with local companies and organizations that specialize in youth-work.

COSTS Participation fee: 200 PLN (payed after being accepted to the project) Costs of food, accommodation, activities, etc., are covered by Erasmus+ Programme. Participants will also receive a reimbursement for their travelling costs. 

PARTICIPANTS PROFILE 8 Participants - age 16-17 - communicative English - motivation to take an active part in the project


EMAIL: [email protected]


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