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Vocabulary Ana Acavedo Carol Lethaby Jeremy Harmer with Cheryl Pelteret m'1:! Marshal! Cavendish ~ Education For class or self-study Cl 2007 Marshafl ...

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Vocabulary Ana Acavedo Carol Lethaby Jeremy Harmer with Cheryl Pelteret

m'1:! Marshal! Cavendish

~ Ed u cati o n

For class or self-study

Cl 2007 Marshafl Cavendish Education First published 2007 by Marshal! Cavendtsh Education Marshall Cavencish is a member of the Times Publ ishing Group

ISBN: 110-d;g;t) 0 462 00776 6 (13-digit) 978 0462 007762 All rights reserved; no part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrievalsystem, transmitted in any form, or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying. recording, or otherwise, without the prior writt en permission of the publishers. Marsha ll Cavendish Education 119 Wardour Street London W1F OUW Designed by Hart Mcl eod, Cambridge Illustrations by Jo I avlor, Yane Christiansen. Pra ncis Fung, Rory Walker, Valervia Stead man,I lm Ofiver Printed and bound by TimesOffset (M) Sdn Bhd


Contents Uni1: 1

Uni1: i2!

Uni1: 3

Uni1: 4 Uni1: 5 Uni1: 6

Vocabulary: Two-word nouns Functions: Expressing preferences

6 8

Vocabulary: Uncountable noun 10 phrases Functions: Asking for and 12 giving advice Vocabulary: Reading, watching, 14 listening Functions: Discussing opinions 16 Vocabulary: Jobs and work Functions: Likes and dislikes

18 20

Vocabulary: Public transport 22 Functions: Arranging to meet 24 Vocabulary: Life stages Functions: Commenting

26 28

Uni1: 7

Vocabulary: Activities Functions: Inviting

30 32

Uni1: B

Vocabulary : Feelings Functions: Apologising

34 36

Uni1: 9

Vocabulary: Phrasal verbs 38 Functions: Making phone calls 40

Uni1: 10 Vocabulary: Giving and receiving Functions: Thanking people

42 44

Uni1: 11

Vocabulary: Performance Functions: Booking tickets, tables, rooms


Uni1: 1i2! Vocabulary: Word familie s

50 52

Functions: Offering to help

Uni1: 13 Vocabulary: Abilities Functions : Asking for language help


54 56

Uni1: 14 Vocabulary: Describing the size of things Functions: Comparing expenences

58 60

Uni1: 15 Vocabulary: Head and face


Functions: Talking about similarities and differences


Uni1: 16 Vocabulary: From strange to amazing Functions : Paying attention

66 68



An!i""er key



Introduction For the student

For the teacher

Welcome to Just Vocabulory Vou can use thisbook with other students and a teacher, or you can work alone with it. In this book you will find 16 units. Each unit has a section on useful vocabulary (with pictures, texts and explanations). There is then a section on language 'functions' (that means conversational English for use in many different situations). In the 'functions' sections you will learn how to say things. There is an accompanying CD to help you with the many dialogues and pronunciation exercises in the book. Where you see the symbol (,,,")) it means that you can listen to the CD. Vou will also find an Audioscript at the back of the book which containsall the language on the CD. When you see this symbol ( ) it means that the answers to the practice exercises are in theAnswer key at the back of the book. Vou can check youranswers there. We hope that this book helps you progress in English, and, above all, that you enjoy using it.

This book is part of a series designed to be used alone or to supplement any course book you may be using. Each book in the series specialises in either language skills or aspects of the English language. It can be used either in class or by students worki ng on their own. Just Vocabulary consists of 16 units. Each unit is divided into two sections. In the first section, vocabulary for a va riety of topic areas is introduced and practised. Topics include jobs and work, public transport, and giving and receiving. There are also units on two-word nouns and phrasa l verbs etc. The second section concentrates on functiona l areas such as expressing preference, asking for and giving advice, and apologising. All thedialogue and pronunciation material has been recorded onto the CD, and there is an Audioscript at the back of the book. Students will be able to use the book without needing explanation or guidance on the part of the teacher, and they can check their work in the com prehensive Answer key at the back of the book. However, the units arealso highly appropriate for work in class. We hope you find this book a real asset and that you will also try the other books in the series: Just Reading and Writing, Just Grammar and Just Ustening andSpeaking.


A Vocabulary Two-word nouns 1 Make two-word nouns. Jo in a word in column A with a word in column B.



car cash police travel petrol

e#iee station centre agent stop hire dispenser station


shopping bus


Join the words in the boxes to make two -word nouns. Use the new nouns to label the pictures a- h.

cricket car phone road tea t raffic underground lett er

match stat ion box park bag signs light s box

a ... p.Q~tQffl~ b c




. g ················...



• •

u .

UNIT 1: Vm::abulary



Make two-word nouns for the following items .

(l, slb.w~ Sf(l,tlO(L

a sta tion in the subway system

a a book wit h useful phra ses in a foreign lan guage . b a ro om in a hotel . c a hat


keep off th e sun .

d glasses to protect yo u from the sun . e


ca lculat o r that yo u can put in your pocket .

f a bag for sleeping in . g a boo k to guide yo u o n your t rip


h a camera to mak e a video .


Write two-word noun s for the definitions.

a a sho p where yo u can bu y books . ..£Lbool.c .shop...




b a sand wich made with chicken .... Practise your new wo rds .

c a sho p w he re yo u can buy m usic .

d a ca ke made with fruit . e a biscuit made with cho colate . f a cup for dr inking tea g


chair w ith arms .



paper that conta ins news .


a place where cars pa rk . a ticket fo r


co nce rt . .

a Write new wo rds from this unit on sma ll cards . b Draw a pict ure and w rite a definition or


Make as many new two-word nouns from the following words as you can. Check your answers in a dictionary.

book card . footba ll .. hand . ligh t . musIC .


a tr an slation o n the ot her side of t he car d . c Put the cards in a box or a bag an d mix them up. d Take them out o ne at a time. Be caref ul to loo k on ly at one side. If it is the picture, say the Engl ish word. If it is th e Eng lish word, translate it into yo ur lan gu age.

c Check if yo u were right by turn ing t he car d over.


UNIT 1: Function"


• B Functions

Expressi ng preferences -


1 Look at the photos. Which place .. . a is more interestin g to visit?


b is more relaxing?


c is more fun?







Re a d Fran a nd Sonia 's comments. Choose th e best holi day for them . Write Picture A or B. Make a note of the reasons for your choice. r RAN:



IC/JI. watersports Md sVAbathi':j' I lila S\JII~ weo.thv-, iCL C/W>A Md W sMell of S\JII tM lotioll. I cfoll 't wMt to cia Mjihi':j ~ I M 011 holi~, Ii'Uf* lil. ill W S\JII Md. ~a>,-.




I lila S\JIIshilll., bur I jet


eo.s~ .

lots of illten.sti':j thilljS to do , lila s!jhtSUillj ,or IWl'lli':j about JifttMt wltvres. I M illten.ste.J ill hiSfo:'j, JifttMt I~~~es Md. ey.plorillj 1IQ,v./ ~=. I


Complete the dialogue with adjectives from the bo x. Use the correct form . SOI\:IA : So which is better, th en, Fran ? M a rb ella o r Du blin? FRAN: M a rbe lla, de fini tely. It 's more (a) .. aJ,,)(Jl\j . ! And it's gnt lovely bea che s. (b)

, and


SONIA: But we a lways go to the bea ch. I'd ra th er do so me th ing di fferent th is yea r. So met hing mor e (c) . Like a city. Like Du blin . FRAN: There's a problem, th en , Son ia . SONIA: Oh? What's th a t ?

SONIA: Pictu re

becau se


FRAN: Because I like beaches. Well, [ like bea ch es better th an to o. cities, a nyw a y. And M arbella is (d) It alwa ys rains in Irel and, yo u know, So nia. SON IA:

cheap interesting sunny rela*iA~

No, it doesn't. And anyway, rai n or to do in Du blin .

11 0

rain , there's mor e

FRAN: Like w hat? Museums a nd things like th at? I'd ra t he r stay here in Lo nd on! SONIA: OK th en . You go to th e beach a nd I'll go to Du bli n. H ow's tha t ? FRAN: O h, a ll right. You win . Th is time. But no museums, a nd 11 0 w a lkin g a ro und in the rai n !


UNIT 1: Functions

'11"') 4


Now listen to Track 1 a nd check your answers. a What's the final decision?


b Wh at expression does Fran use to accept Sonia 's decision? . 5

Complete the ta ble with ph rase s from the dialogue in exercis e 3

Asking about preferences

Complete the dialogue with expressions from the bo x. Then listen to Track 2 and check YOUt a ns we rs .

Expressing preferences

S A.\I : J ACK :


I'd rather Which do you prefer?

SA~ I :

I prefer Would you rather


SA ~ \ :



Wh ich package is better, then? Oh, Packa ge 3, definitel y. It's cheaper! (a) .. Me? I prefer package 1. It so unds mu ch nicer. But it's mor e ex pensive and shorter, Anyway, (b) ... ............................... sum mer holidays to winte r holidays. But the summer is nice here too. (c) go in December, when it's da rk and co ld here.


OK , you win. But that's the only holiday we can ta ke in the whole year then. (d) have just one ho liday, or two? T hink about it. O h. M aybe j uly is not so bad after all ...

Wtite the dialogue. Use suitable expressions from the bo x in exercise 6. A: You w ant to go o ut to night. Ask B for an opini o n, the cinema or a restau rant?

B: Tell A tha t your cho ice is to go to the cinema .

A: Try to find out which type of film B wants to see - a comedy or a drama'

E: Tell A your personal choice is to see a comedy.

A : OK, you win! Let's find o ut what comed ies are showing at the mom en t.

.• A Vocabulary Uncountable noun phrases 1 Make phrases using the uncountable nouns from the box with the amounts and containers in the pictures. Some of the nouns can be used with more than one amount or cont ainer. bread cake lemon juice soup 3


cereal milk





cheese oil salt

wate r

.. ~ .. bowLofs:ovp)~boWLof

Mill.<.)....D... bawl....afs'i!jIU..... b (a slice) .


c (a cup) d (a drop) . e (a jug)


f (a pinch ) . g (a spoonful) h (a glass ) . 2

Guess the mystery word . We can use the same word with all the following uncountable nouns in the phrase 'a of '. Use the clues to try to guess the word. fu rniture information




clot hing


Clues a You use this wo rd to ta lk a bo ut a quantity of bread. (Can' t guess ? Try the next clu e.) b You also use thi s wor d to talk a bo ut a sheet of paper. c Yo u a lso use this wo rd to ta lk about a portion of cake. d Still ca n't guess ? Unscra mble th e lett ers: EECP I.

Copy and complete the sentences. Use the mystery word and the nouns in exercise 2.

a H ow ma ny


did yo u do for English last week?

b You won a prize ? That's a grea t c T ha t table is a lo vely





d You feel stressed ? Let me give yo u a


e The report is almost finished. We just need o ne mo re f A shirt is a


, usua lly for men.

: relax a bit. of


UNIT 2 : Vocabulary





Label the picture with phrases 'a of '. Choose words from the table. You will need to use some of the words twice; some are not used at all.



.............. l












* d






cream ice cream

drop a


Add more nouns to the right hand column of the table, such as salad, meat, etc. Use your words to make up two lunch 'menus' and write them in your notebook.

Exampl e:





of So.Iad) ro.blespool\



wp of ha!' cJ.,()(,(Jlo.h,

of UWM ) ~



Make a special Word Bank noteboo k. a \XTrirc new phrases from this section. Draw a picture, or wri te a

tr an slati on for each word. b Revise yo ur words every now and th en; look at the wo rds and th eir meaning and say the phra ses a lo ud. c Choose so me of th e words and phrases in this sectio n. Put them on cards a nd add them to yo ur bag o r bo x (see Wor d Bank, Unit 1).



lemon juice


orange juice




sa lt soup tea water


UNIT 2: FunctiDn..

B Functions Asking for and giving advice [§]


'1 1") 1 Listen to Track 3 and put the pictures in the right order. ..17" .........••.•..••.•..•..•.••.••.• .•.••.••.••.•..•..•.••.••.••


Complete the dialogue with suitable words. (You can use the words more than once. )

LISA: What's up, Maggie? M AGGIE: Uh? Oh, I need to relax . Got a ny ideas? LISA: Yes. Tr y exercise. Go to a (a) so merhing.


M AGGIE: No tha nks . I don't like exe rcise. LISA: O K, th en . H ow a bo ut arorna rhera py ? M AGGIE: Wh at' s th at ex actly? U SA: It's a mixture of (b) (c)

and smells a nd Very, very relaxing.

M AGGIE: M assage? That's not for me, I'm afraid . U SA: You ARE d ifficult, M aggie. M AGGIE: So rry! U SA: I kn ow. You ca n close yo ur (d) . Slowly. co unt (e)

a nd '

M AGGIE: How many (f)

U SA: You co uld co unt up to, sa y, 33,78 1.

oils 4 Give Maggie advice about how to relax. Use the prompts in brackets.

I~ ~

M AGGIE: 33,7... .... U SA: M aggie? M aggie ...




""dk ~ W.

a hav e a cup of warm milk befo re bed (tr y) b do not ea t to o mu cb at night (ho w a bo ut )

Listen to Track 3 again and check your answers.

c do no t watch televisio n in bed (try)

oil") 3

Listen to Track 3 again . Cover the dialogue in exercise 2. Tick the phrases in the bo x that you hear. Askin.!! for advice,

Giving advice

Can you give me some advice?

Try ......

Got any ideas?

How about ...... ?

What can I do ......?

You can ...... You could ......

d listen to some relaxing music (yo u co uld) e ha ve a lo ng warm bath (how abo ut) f go for a sho rt walk (you can)

UNIT 2: Funct:ions


Read Leyla's problem o n the right. Complete Rob 's advice . Use the expressions in the bo x in exercise 4.

b You


vJW<.. tor;

so me of the practice questio ns, too.

c You ...

I haJe.



Md I dofl )f

kAavJ M~ i~ ~

............. st udying yo ur no tes.




Whaf I ;.l;, fa pass 7

do so me of the ex ercises in the book .

No w use the other ex pres s io n in the bo x to make a sentence giving ad vice to Leyla . ROB: Hi , Leyla! You don't loo k too happy. Pro blems? LEYLA: I have exa ms next week and I don't know an ythin g! (a)


Wbq,t: <:l,I!\ l dq

R OB: H ey, relax ! (b ) .

.... to pass? .. ................ ......... stud ying yo ur notes.

LEYLA: Yeah, J lo ok ed at th em, but it do esn't help. R OB: Well, of co urse, just loo king d oesn 't help. You (c) . .. .. so me of the pr actice questions, too . LEY LA: Hmm, yes. But what a bo ut math s ? I do n't und erstan d anyt hing! (d ) .


ideas ?

do so me of the R OB : Well, yo u (e) exe rcises in the book. Don 't wo rry! That's my ad vice! LEYLA: You' re right. Let's fo rget abo ut exams. Do yo u want to listen to my new J- Lo record? Listen to Track 4 and check your answers.

You a re Rob . Listen to Track 4 and read out Rob's words afte r the beep.

Write advice for these s ituations . Use the expressions in the bo x in exercise 4.

Go to the gy m. Eat less. Give up sweets and fatty food . Take up runni ng.

I jif J~ b~fo~




Take a deep breath . C lose yo ur eyes an d imagine so mething pleasant . Relax your sho ulde rs .

•• A Vocabulary Reading, watching, listening 1 Write the words from the box in a, b or c. You can use the words mo re than onc e. a comic the news

a magazine an article

a newspaper a report

a You read ...

a programme

the weather forecast

b You watch c You listen to .


Match the definitions a - h with the shows. Write the lett ers in the boxes.

a A radi o or television sto ry a bo ut the lives of a g ro up of peopl e. It's o n almos t every day and doesn't have an end . It's usua lly very dram ati c/exciting. b A radio or television programme that gives people informati o n. every day, about thin gs that are happen ing in the wo rld. c A competition on radio or tel ev ision - people win prizes. cl A programm e with rea l people, nor actors. c A program me w ith fact s and information about nature, historica l events or science.



f A presenter invites fam ou s peopl e to th e stud io and they talk abo ut different thin gs. g A funn y sto ry each wee k abo ut the same group of peo ple. Th ey are usually in the same place. h Adventu res and funny stories, mad e w ith dra win gs and pictures - not rea l people and scene ry.

soap opera 0

3 cartoon


game show


Complete the tab le with wo rds from the bo x. You can use the words more than onc e. programme journalist

stat ion reporter



The media news


reality show 0


disc j ockey (DJ]

Related words


Te levision

Newspapers and magazines sitcom 0

talk show



head! iM.


UNIT 3 : Vm:abulary


Read the situations. Write sentences to tell the people what to do , as in the example. Use these verbs and phrases.


a comic a magazine



I want to know wha t is new in t he worl d . W hat can I do?


.WeJI, j olJ... wlJ/J .rwd.. . p,....o.Q)d$f'PfU>... .oCJiS1'etI


a programme

J a... the..f \€WS• .....


th e news

listen to

an art icle

CA RO l.lNE:

W ha t ca n I do to find out a bo ut the new fashions?

YOU : .


a f ilm


I'm bor ed ! Go t any idea s?

YOU : .

th e weather forecast

You : . e ANYA : Sha ll I take a n um brella ? Is it go ing to rai n?

You: . .l O E:

I ha ve a co ld . I have to sta y in bed all d ay! W hat ca n I do?

Y O U: .

g P AM: I' ve finis hed my bo ok a nd I'm st ill wa iting to sec the denti st! What can I do now?

Yo U: .

Using new words in sentences helps you to remember them better. Writ e sentences with these words. documentary soap opera sitcom cartoon game show talk show reality show

t he radio television

d CIN DY: T his fligh t is so long !


a newspape r

.l A KE:

Example: ~

JV.,JOVI'ite. SitWM





UNIT 3 : Funet:ions


Discussing opinions

NEXT on 5 So ap Time The Rich Cry Too

1 Look at the picture. Can you guess what the people are talking about? "I,? 2





Now listen to Track 5. Were yo u right? Who says these things, Jane or Lisa? Write J or L. a b


What do yo u think of soaps now ? I hate soaps. They're silly stories

. .


No, they're not. Oh , shhhhh. It's about to start .


D Well, I don't agree. I think they're really exciting .


D W hat , now ? I can' t. The Rich Cry Too is about to begin . Don 't yoo watch it ? ..


D You 're jo ki ng! Soap operas are for people w ho have nothi ng better to do .


D Act uall y, thi s is exciting! . ill Do yo u w a nt to go o ut fo r a


p izza ?


T/; ~ 3 Put the dialogue in exercise 2 in the co rrect order. Number the bo xes 1 - 8.


ASking for an opinion:

Complete the table with the phrases in blue from exerc ise 2.

Giving an opinion: "I,? S Agreeing:

Listen to Track 6. Complete the list with the words you hear. Word s w hic h mean 'reall y goo d':

You'~ 1jhf',

jrw.f') f'Wirc,)

I~ Questioning opinions:

Do JOV rw.'!.'J


so 7 Words which mean 'reall y bad' :



UNIT 3 : Fum:tiom,


Match the beginnings of the sentences in column 1 with the correct groups of e nd ings in column 2.


Colum n 1 What do you thin k ...


Do you really ... 2


I (don't) ag ree ...


I hate ...


I think ...







Column 2 documentaries about animals. watching the news. rap. of documentaries? of st reet surveys? of Peter? so, too. you're right. t hey're int erest ing. with you. t hat documentar ies are boring. with your ideas. think so? think soaps are stupid? like watching TV?

c .. d e

A: Find o ut what I\'s o pinio n is of rea lity TV shows.

da y v.. ti.iAkcf....

W ha t (a ) ....

b .......

Now write your own dialogue. Use the table in exercise 4 to help you .

Complete the dialogue with questions or sentences from exercise 6. Then listen to Track 7 and check your answers. L O UISE:

a .....

documentaries? D A .\ II A ~ :



th ink they're bor ing.

Do you rea lly (b)

B: You feel very stro ngly and negatively about rea lity TV shows. Tell A.

. )

....................... ............................................ •

D A ~t1 A :": :



Yes, don 't yo u?

No. (c) Well, so metimes . (cl ) .


. .

O nly so metimes. I hate (c) . .................................................... , for ex ample. LO UIS)': D A ~II A N :

L O UISE: D A ~ II A l':

A: You 're surprised to hear B's strong feelings . Q uestion B's o pinio n.

Oo ps ! I bo ugh t yo u a DV D abou t bird s for your birthday.

B: Answe r A's qu estion , and find o ut if A ag rees w ith yo u.

You' re jo king! No. I reall y d id. Oh, well, birds are fine. Birds are good. Actually, I lo ve birds !

A: Tell B you don 't ag ree. Say the shows you really hate are sitco ms.

B: Agree w ith A a bo ut sitco ms.

•• A Vocabulary Jobs and work 1 Look at the dictionary entries. Then complete the sentences with job or work.

job n. [Cl 1 an activity you do to earn your living, espec ially if you

are working for somebody else. I have a job in a shop . 2 a specific piece of work that has to be done. Who does all the jobs around the house? work n. [Uj 1 an activity you are paid for doing, especial ly regularly. What work do you do? 2 a genera l word when you are talking about several different jobs. He 's got a lot of work to do .



is a no un that has a plural.

b I ha ve a lo t of c Nut's

to do at the office. is


d A road ic's

was h ca rs .

so unds fu n.

e I have several boring f Mara is looki ng for a

to do to da y, like cleani ng my roo m. for th e hol ida ys. ? Look at the sma ll ads in th e paper.

g Are you looking for 2

Match the work + prepo sition phrases in the left-hand column with the phrases in the right-hand column . a b c d e f

1 a fast food restaurant

w ork in wo rk as

2 sma ll child ren 3 a proj ect 4 a comp uter programmer

work for work on work out

wor k wit h



5 a la rge co mpa ny 6 th e so lut io n to a problem

c ..




3 Complete the sentences with the phrases a - f in exercise 2. a J oe likes helping peo ple. He ..vJad.cs....vJilh ..... pro blem teen agers.

b I have to


c Do yo u st ill

my presentatio n for to morrow's class. It's still not very good.

th e same compa ny?

d T he teac her can't give us any help . We have to e julie wa nt s to

f I hate

a model. t his place!

th e a nsw er for o urselves.

UNIT 4 : Vocabulary


Complete the sentences with work or job .

j ab ...

a What's yo ur father's

) ?

b Does he usuall y have a lot of

c I like do ing pro jects, but they ar e hard d Would you like to get a


for th e holidays? . ........ but he

e Charlie graduated from un iversity last month . He needs to get a .. doesn't know what kind of he wants to do.

5 Complete the sentences with one of the prepositions in the box.

as on

Then unscramble the words in bold to find out the people's occupations. a Peter works

for out

a club. H is job is to throw out peop le who


beha ve bad ly. Peter wor ks as a eernubo .....boul\f.U b Joni wo rks .

.. a school. H er job is to teach English. She works

................... children. At th e mom ent she is wo rking mark s. Joni wo rks .

........ a achteer ..

c Lola wo rks

a radio station. H er job is to play music. At th e

mom ent she is working working

her st udents'

a project for a specia l show: she's

th e mon ey she needs. She works .

side yckoje .. .


d Olli e wo rks



. a la rge co mpany. He wor ks

anim als.

His job is to catch rats and oth er pests. O llie wo rks .


a tsep

nerctrollo e Rose works .

................ a famo us band . She works


equipment, like micro phones. H er job is to check the equipment befor e a concert. She is working concert. Ro se w ork s .



the prepara tion s for a big a riedoa


'1; "

Make a diagram like this in your Word Bank notebook. Write the words in e xerc ise 5 in the right place. Can you add more words for each preposition?



vJith r---_ _./





UNIT 4: Functions

• B Functions


Likes and dislikes

'I)' "1")

1 Listen to Track 8. Which advertisements are the people looking at? Tick the co rrect advertisement.


Listen to Track 8 again. Who says these th ings, Fred or Sella?

a N ah, th er e's nothing I fan cy b I like childre n c




I don 't mind child ren


d T ha t's not fo r me c

I'm nor keen o n animals.


I lo ve anima ls. .

h It's no t t hat ba d



g I ca n' t stand fast foo d places



.. ..

Copy and complete the table with the phrases in exercise 2. Ways to say you like something

I [M~ ..,

Ways to say you don 't like something (or it's not right for you)

I do« '-I' [M~ ... fheJ"t ' S flothi~ I [M~ ,

o o

Situations vacant Wanted A babysitter for 3 lovely child ren ages 6, 4 and 2. Eve nings . Call 02028657213 Making Waves are looking for junior sta ff. This could be the begi nning in a career in ha ird ressi ng . Ca ll [ess on 082749 Calling animal lovers Th e Anima l She lter is looking for people to help with unloved anima ls. Interest ed ? Phone 04978826 Cool Gear are lookin g for coo l guys to work at ou r new bra nch . Good ba sic sala ry. Discount on all ou r clothes. Phon e the man ager on 095739 or 095720 Burger Lads are hiri ng now for the holida y period . Good p ay. Co me a nd see us ! 297 Ma in Street Maths tutor requ ired . Are yo u good a t Ma ths? Are you p atient ? Th en you a re the person we are looking for. Call Mr s Rock on 020 8595637

UNIT 4 : FunctJons


Put the verb s in the correct order from a (ext reme dislik e) - e (like very much ).





not like


b c

d e


5 Complete the dialogue with the verbs and phrases in the box. Then listen to Trac k 9 and check your answers.

M AX: I am think ing of teachi ng aft er college. But I'm not sure. M O Ll.Y: Teachin g ? You? But yo u (a) ..

M AX: I am not very (b) (c) . really

do1\'r..1ita ..


them. But I don 't them. Actuall y, I (d) children for a short ti me!

," ta LLY : I (c) big gro ll ps. I (g)

little children bur I (f ) . a job teaching small

gr o u ps.

M Ax : O h no, t hat's not for me. I wa nt to get a tempo rary job to sec if I like it. M OLl .Y: Th at's a good idea.

"), 6

Write answers for the questions. Then listen to Track 10 and ans wer when it is your turn . Example: INT ERVIEWER:

You :

How do yOll feel about children?

J'M ~~ l
a I NT ERVIEWER : H ow do yo u feel a bo ut chi ld ren? Y OU:



Right. Now, tell me two things you like abo ut teaching.


c I NT ERVIEWER: And two things you definitely don't like? Y OU:

d I NT ERVIEWER: So, do yOll think teaching is right fo r you? YOU:


(don't) like

keen on


can't stand

don't mind




A Vocabulary Public transport 1 Look at th e pictur es. Write the cor rect letter in the boxes.


a Airp or t Pictu re D b Bus (co ach) station



c Ferr y termi na l Pictu re D bay barrier check-in desk

d Ra ilwa y (under grou nd )


statio n

Pictu re

escalator gate

passport control





ticket machine ticket office


Compl ete the table with as many of the words from the box (under pictu re 4) in exercis e 1 as pos sible. Some of the words can go in mor e than one column.

A irport

Coach (Bus) stati on

Ferry terminal

Railway/underground station

eJ.-e.r1.<.-;/\ ~l.<.

3 Complete th e announcements with th e verbs in the box. Use some of them mor e than once.

a Passenger s can


the plan e at gate 34 .


th e 36 B bus to the city centre.


th e fer ry 30 minu tes before departure.


to termi nal 2 for flights to Asia.

e The flight

at three thirt y.

arrive board change check-in go leave


UNIT 5 : Vocabulary


th e lift to the second floor.

g Th e t rain h

from platform 5. to gate 36.

Th e train from Washington

at five minutes past thre e.

tra ins at Birmingh am Cent ra l.


k You will have to I


planes at Dalla s airport.

2 hours before yo ur plane leaves.

Match the words in the box and th eir meanings . a a mo ving sta ircase .

board escalator

b a place where yo u ca n get ont o t he tr ai n . c a piece o f paper

yO ll


need to trave l on a train, plan e or bus .

d th e place wh er e yo u can take a plan e . c a sma ll room that ca rries people up and do wn .

stat ion


termina l

h a thing that sto ps mo vement . a place wh ere yo u can take a ferr y ... a place w here yo u can get o n a bus .

Complete th is paragrap h with th e correct word . Lind y arr ived at the (a) a i C: p. J} -< J' and went immediatel y to th e (b ) c -i _ d and she sho wed her (c) t . She wa s flying to Brazil so she went up th e . It took her ten minutes to (d ) e to the international (e) t wa lk to her (f) g . She (g) b th e plane. in Brazil, she had to go through At th e end of th e flight, when she (h ) a (i) p c . T hen she picked up her (i) I and (k) t a (I) t to her hotel.

Make a table like this in your Word Bank notebook. Put all the travel words you can find in this unit into the appropriate column. Some can go in more than one column. Add any other words you know that are not in the unit.



g th e place w here peop le wait before the y get on the plane .


,~ "




f the ve rb that mean s to 'get o nto' a plane , train o r bus .









UNIT 5 : Functfona

• B Functions Arranging to meet 1 Complete each gap in the dia logue with one word .

KIM: W hat time shall we meet, M ax ? by abo ut 11 o'cl ock.

M AX: I co uld be (a) KIN! : OK , (b )

do you suggest ?

M AX: Well, Kim, I co uld (c) esca lator, yo u kno w, (cl )

at the to p of the the entrance.

KIM: I've got a bett er idea. How (e) clock by platfor m 3 ? M AX: OK. T hat so unds (f) then. (g) th e clock. KIM: Fine. See yo u (h)

'I)") 2

under the Eleven o'cl ock it is


Listen to Track 11 . Did you have th e same wo rds as Kim and Max?

Complete the table with phrases a - I.



Whar hMe- shall vJe- MW'7


a Sounds great! b Have yo u got any ideas/suggest ion s? c How a bo ut th e ca fe on Loga n Street ? d Let's meet un der th e clock.


I (Quid MW' JOU ar the- rop of the-




I)-.le- jar a bdter icko..

c Let's say eight thirty. f OK , eight o'cloc k it is, the n.

g O r we co uld meet at the bu s sto p.

h Th at so unds good . We co uld meet at eight o'cl ock. J



Wh at's the best tim e to meet?

k Wh ere do yo u suggest ? I Wh Ydon 't we go to th e Twenty-two C lub ?


fiM. Su JOU ar


UNIT 5 : Functions


Put thes e sentences in the right order to make a dialogue.

a j ACKI E: W here's the best pla ce to meet ?


b SANDY: See yo u the re. c j ACKI E: H mm . H ow abo ut 7 .3 0 ?


d J ACKlE: Wh y don 't we meet at Ca fe Co mmo ns ?


e j ACKIE : OK . 7.30 it is, then.

g SANDY: That so unds great.


h SANDY: W here do you suggest'


f SANDY: OK . What time ?

Now listen to Track 12 to check your answers.


Complete this dialogue. Y OU:




M AY A: Let's say six o'clock .

Y ou: (b).



M AYA: We co uld meet at the bu s stop. YO U: (c) .

M AYA: OK . Good idea. We' ll meet at t he resta ura nt. YO U:

(d) .

M AYA: See yo u there. 'Il,?

Now listen to Track 13 and respond when it's your turn.




•• A Vocabulary

adolescence (teens)

Life stages

childhood education

adulthood birth marriage

parenthood romance work

1 Label th e stages in Mark 's life. Use words from th e box.










E ..... f



2 Write the words and pfrases from the box on the lines.


fobe.bom .

educatio n ..

work . ronla nce


marn age ..



ta 13e serA to graduate from to fal l in love to get a job to have a baby to get married to start school to marry someone to be born to work as a ... to be dead to die to be keen on someone

UNIT 6 : Vocabulary


Complete the passage with the correct form of the verbs in exercise 2.


M ark was born in 1974 . O n 29 tb J an uar y, Mr a nd Mrs T ho mas (a) bim Mark, after his father. Littl e M ark (b )

M ark (d) he (f) ..


on her bur th eir romance did not last

university in 19 96 and so on (e) a programmer.

... a job in a computer compan y, where


At work, Mark met Susan again. This tim e they (g)

for real.

M ark (h ) . his ch ild hood sweerhearr in 200 1. T bey (i) fanta stic wedding a nd everyone had fun. M ark 's dad is now ti) baby. If it's a boy, she wants


wo.s . bO(fL.OfL.

on a ball oon ! It was a

H e (k) a few years ago. N ow Susan is ex pect ing a ca ll him M ar k, after his dad and grandad .

5 Listen to Track 14. Answer the questions about "),, yourself. Write full answers in th e spaces.

Read the passage in exercise 3 again. Find phrases related to :

a bi rr h

a baby. Tbey ca lled

school when he wa s five years o ld .

Wh en he was 16, Mark went ou t wi th Susan. He (cl long and after schoo l, he didn't see her again .







b educa tio n ..


c ma rr iage


d wor k .


c dea th



~ J\OlY\£.S



' . "

Copy this table into your Word Bank notebook. Write the verbs and phrases in the box in the co rrect places in your tab le. Make sure you write the whole phrase.

~t~~ :

C=£;~I ONJ.

faJe. . 1V'Ml~e.

to marry someone


to be born

to be in love with (someone)

to die

to fall in love with (someone) to start school/university

. f'a M~

to be keen on (someone)

... $OfV'.WII£.....

to love (someone)

to be dead

to graduate from school/university Whe n you find other phrases later on , add them to the table.

to have a baby

to get married


UNIT 6: FunC1:iom•

• B Functions Commenting ,

Look at the picture. What do you think is happening ?

a She is ex plain ing so mething to the teacher. b The teac her is telling her some goo d news. c She is telling the teacher something funn y. Now listen to Track 15 and see if you were correct.

"I,? 2 Listen to Track 15 again. In what order does Nina

(the seco nd sp eaker) use the following phrases when she list ens to her friend 's story? Write 1 - 5 in the boxes.

Making comments




Add the following sentences and phrases from Track 15 to the table.

a [ know the feeling.


c How stu pid !

b Th at so unds familiar


d Oh , no !


How f unny!

c Uh, oh.



What does the spea ker want to express in each case? Match the expression and the reason the speaker has used it.



I know what you mean

You're j oking !

to show amusement

b to show sympathy a nd kn owledge of the situation

I know what you mean. How funny ! Wow!

Real ly?



to show concern

You're joking ! I know the feeling .

Wow !

d to show disbelief, surp rise or shoc k

That sounds familiar. How stupid! Oh, no! Uh, oh.

e to show annoya nce o r disgust


UNIT 6: Functions


Write Bernie's part in the dialogue. Use comments and exclamations from the box. You will not need them all.



Follow the instructions in italics to w rite a new dialogue. Use the dialogue in exerci se 5 to help you. YOUR , RI END: I d id so me th ing rea lly st up id .

(You think she lost her glasses again.) YOU:

( a) ~ (\'\l!, jvess ~

YOUR FR IEND: No . I bo ught a cake fo r m y sister's birt hda y.

(You think that's kind. ) Y OU: (b)


YOUR FRIE ND: But I put it o n m y cha ir and I sa t on it !

Let FAf §b1ess! Yebl lest YSl::IF ffi8sile a§siA. ri§At?

That's nice.

Uh, oh.

I know the feeling.

Oh , no!

That sounds fami liar! How stupid!

(You think that was stupid. A dvise her/him to buy another cake.) Yo u: (c) .

So, buy her more f lowers. .

A LEX: [ d id so me thing rea lly stu pid. BERNIE: ( a) 4t ~ ~.~... y.w JQ~tj~~ il~~~I\)Q1bt ALEX: N o, no . I'm see ing Paula to night. So I bo ught her so me flowers.


YOUR FRIEND: I haven't got a ny mon ey!

(You have the same problem '} YOU: (d)


BERNIE: (b) . ALEX: Yea h. But I put the flo wers on th e roof of t he ca r, yo u know, to open the door. BERNlE: (c) .. .. AI.EX: And [ dro ve a wa y w it h th e flo wer s on the ro o f. Now I fee l rea lly st upid . BERNIE: (d ) .. ALEX: I do n't ha ve money fo r the c inema a nd more flowers. BERNIE: (e) ..

'i1") "1"') 6

Listen to Track 16 to check your answers.

Listen to Track 17. You are Bernie . Read out his words when it' s your turn .

.................... .......................................................! '11 tAl Listen to Track 18 to / check your answers .

•• A Vocabulary Activities (and where we do them) 1 Which of these sports are always held indoors? Tick the boxes.

footba ll




baseba ll


bowlin g






2 Match the sports from exercise 1 with the places in the box. Writ e labels fo r the pictures.








3 What do sentences a - 9 describe? Write the words from exercises 1 and 2. The fir st on e is done for you.

a T his course has many holes!

jolf.c.aurse. .

b It's a ring but you can't wear it round yo ur finger. .

c You can't grow plants in this field. . d You can't eat your meals sitting a t th is o ne !


e T his spo rt has 'singles' an d 'doub les' mat ch es. . f T here are twenty-two peopl e on this one and tw ent y wan t the same ball! . g A ba ll with holes in it? Th at 's what you need here




UNIT 7 : Vocabulary



Complete each sentence with all the correct possibilities from the list.


a D o yo u w ant to go bowling sailing skating


listening to a concert

b Do yo u wan t to go


swimming shopping

cycling watching a film

.......................................................... with

cAndy came . dancing

having fun




d Jan didn 't wa nt to go to . football baseba ll practice




c D o yo u like rid ing skates


motorcycles a bicycle

f M att can pl ay .


football golf boxing


very w el l.


Match th e columns. Then use the words to complete the sentences. golf


a W here can we play tennis?



Ther e's a .....t:et\I\i.S.... wl.iIt





baseba ll


c Th e fight is abo ut to begin. T he boxers are alread y in the



d How many holes are th ere in t his;



.... near

my hou se.


b W hy are there o nly 2 1 players o n the T he referee sent one pl ayer off.



O nly nin e. e Is bow lin g popular here? N ot yet . But th ey're building a

in the shop ping cent re.

f D oes Sa n Fernan do have a baseball team? We have a team but w e play in San Di ego: th ere is no ............................... in San Fernando.

g T he hot el has three


Activity verbs and t heir partners

. _Verbs

Make a chart like this in your Word Bank notebook. Write the activity words from this unit beside the correct verb in the chart . Can you add any other partners for each verb?

in the games room .

go come

go to ride play


SvJi"NV\il\j) Shopp i~



UNIT 7 : Function5

• B Functions Inviting 1 Complete eac h gap in the dialogue with a word or phrase .

M ATT: Hi , Liz

LIz : Hi, M att. NIATT: \'<'o uld yo u like (a)

rowing ?

Lrz. Row ing ? lV[ATT: Yeah. Ro wing. You kn ow. In (b)

LI z : Of co urse (c)


'in a bo at' . It's just rhar, well, yo u ha ve a (d) I th o ught yo u co uld (f)

M ATT: Yo u're right! (e)


th e ac tua l ro win g.

LIZ: O h no. MATT: N o? (g)


LIZ: I' m not (h)

row ing, actua lly. I'm not (i)

at it.

MATT: Oh right. Well, how abo ut a wa lk ? LIZ: I'm a bit tired . M ATT: O r a co ffee? LIZ: Now yo u're talking!

'11' 2

Listen to Track 19. Did you have the same words and phrases as Matt and Liz?

Match the first half of the invitations with the appro priate verbs.

a b c d 3

Do you fancy .. . 1 go row ing? . . . Do yo u want to .. . 2 goi ng row ing? .. . How a bo ut ... Would yo u like to ...

Complete the table with the phrases.

I'd love to. I'd love to, but ... I'd rather not. I'm not rea lly sure. No than ks. Perhaps. That would be great. What a fantastic idea! Why not? Yes, OK. Yes, please.

Saying yes

Not sure

Saying no

UNIT 7 : Functions

'11' 4

Listen to Track 20 and complete the table. What do the people invite their friend s to do? Write the places or activities in the table. Do their friends say yes, no , or are they not sure? Tic k th e correct boxes. Yes


Not sure




















a jarn ie invi tes



b Sue invites Sam

c Trici a invites Mi ke

'11' 5

Listen to Track 20 again and add to the table. Write the expressions th ey use in the correct boxes. Yes a jamie invi tes

N at



Not sure




to) Wo' I (.(.l/\ )t.

Wovld jOV Iila to COfV\Q, howlil\j?


Use the expres sions in the table to invit e Mike to the places (in brackets). Then listen to Track 21 and say your lines after the beep. Y OU: (a dance) (a) MI K E:

A dance? Well, I don't really lik e dancing.

YOU: (a concert) (b ) ... . M IK E:



on Tuesday the n ?

I'd love to, but I'm busy on Tuesday.

Y o u : (to d inner ) (c)

tom or ro w ?

Nll"F : Now yo u're talkin g! Everybody says yo u're a great coo k!


• A Vocabulary Feelings


1 Write the adjectives under the correct pictures.

angry nervous excited frig htened happy in love jealo us sad j3ffiIHI


b ..

c ..

d ....

e ..

f ....

g ..

h ..

I ..

Complete the table with words fro m exerc ise 1.

Positive feelings

Negative feelings

To be/feel: h"Pe1

To be/feel: sw

UNIT 8 : Vocabulary


Match the nouns with the adjectives in the same word family .


Can you find two common endings for nou ns in the table?

Adjecti ves


happiness sadness nervou sness excitement am usement d isappointment anger pride jealou sy fright



ngry disappointed excited frightened happy jealous nervou s proud sad


Write sentences to react to the info rmat ion . Use words from the table.

f A: Ian accidenta lly deleted all my work o n th e

a A: My cat d ied!

SM .

B: I'm sorry. Yo u' re p roba bly feeling very ... b A: T ho mas has a job interview tomorrow. B: He mu st be ..

com puter.

B: Poor yo u! Yo u must feel reall y g A: Gina's go ing out with Laura's ex -boyfriend.

c A: Dave wo n the writing co mpetition. B: Luck y Da ve! I bet he's rea lly

B: La ura 's probabl y She's still in lo ve with him .


h A: M illie is go ing to see M ad o nna in co nce rt . d A: Ada rn and Kare are gett ing married . B: Reall y? I'm sure they' ll be

B: M illie must be Madonna '5 her favourite s inge r.

e A: Penny's d oin g her first bungee jump in a minute!

B: She mu st be ..



a Write the adjectives in this section in your Word Bank notebook. Write the situations in exercise 4 to help you remember their meaning.

f a .be/to ~ sod e.j' w'hQ/\ jour co.t dies.

b Add other situations that are meaningful to you personally.

f a .be/to ~ ~tw e.j' w'hQ/\ JOU ~ jOil\j to SU jOur ~JOlJrit€, Sil\j~'



UNIT B: Functions

• B Functions Apologising ~

1 Listen to Track 22. Match the dialogues with the pictures. Write 1 - 4.

a Dialogue .. b Dialog ue .. c Dialogue d Dialogue ..

~ 2 Listen to track 22 again. Tick the expressions you hear. Apologising

I apologise.

Responding to apologies


I apologise for being late. Sorry!

Apology accepted.


That's all right.



D Never mind. D Not at all. D

That's OK.

I'm sorry that you waited so long. I didn't mean to upset you.




Don't worry about it.


UNIT S : Function"



Formal or informal?

~ Listen to Track 23. Match the conversations with the pictures.

a Co nversatio n: .

~ 4

b Co nversation:

Listen to Track 23 again . Write the apologies in the spaces. Conversation 1

Conversation 2

A: You're la te!

A: Good a ftern oon, M r Rice. (d) ....... .. .................. mm

B: So rry ! A: Well, we sa id 8 o'clock a nd it's 8.45 now.

A: It w as n' t much fun, yo u know ?



~ 5


There was a lot o f tra ffic. B: Well, never min d . N ow, open wide p lease. I lost my A: O uch !

lap rop, T ha t's w hy I'm late. A: Oh, I' m rea lly so rry. (c) do yo u st ill w a nt to see t he film?

B: Yes, I see yo ur ap poi nt ment w as a t fo ur ?

A: (c)

B: I kno w. (a)


B: Oops, (f) D id th a t hurt ' List en ,

Liste n aga in to Conversation 1 on Track 24. You are B. Respond when it's your turn .




• A Vocabulary Phrasal verbs 1 Match the words and the items in the picture. Write 1 - 6 in the bo xes.

a soc ket 0 b headset 0 c power button


d plug

e vo lume co ntro l


f out put



Loo k at the sentences. What do you not ice about the words in blue? Turn on the televi sio n. Turn the telev isio n 011 .




Plug in the co mpu ter. Plug th e computer in.

Which words go together? Tick the table .

the TV

plug in


the computer



Switch off th e printe r. Switch th e print er off .

the headset

the light


././ _






Give advice in answer to these comments . Use phrasal verbs from the table in exercise 3.

the the radio volume


a T he music is to o lo ud! ...1I.1m... .dowl\.. . 1'he.....voloJMe..... . b I can't hear what th e peop le on t he radio are say ing. . c I'm bor ed with th is game


d I ca n' t see a nythin g! . c I do n't want everybody to hear the CO


f I wa nt to wa tch my new TV. Where do I start ? .

g I plugged in the CD player and I turned it on but noth ing is happen ing! .

UNIT 9 : Vm:abulary


Match th e beginning of the sentences in column 1 with the correct endings in column 2. a b c

Column 1

Column 2

a Put on

1 the vol ume. I can't hear anything.

b Switch off

2 the pho ne. I'm busy.

c Turn up

3 the li ght w hen you go.

d Tur n on

4 th e pri nter before you use it.


e Turn off

S the TV. T he pr ogramme is start ing !


f Plug in

6 the computer when yo u finish.


g Pick up

7 the headset. We don 't w ant to listen to


yo ur mUSIc.

g h


Rewrite th e sentences you made 7 in exercise 5, changing the place of the preposition.



.Ofl •....

Complete these sentences with a phrasal verb from exercise 5. a Please ....t .JO\....up.. the volume. I want to hear the weather for ecast. the D VD player

b Di d you remember to w hen you left ? ..

c Wh y do n't you .


the lamp ? I t's too dark here.

d O f course the radio doesn't wor k - you didn't


....... . your coat. I t's cold out there!



f You don't have to ..



g Ca n yo u



Make a chart that starts like this in your Word Bank notebook. Write the phrasal verbs in this unit in the chart with th e wor ds th at go with them. Phrasal verbs


Words that go w ith them

this r adio . It's got batteries. the an swering machine? I wa nt to

listen to my messages.



Special grammar


Add as many words as you can to the second column .


UNIT 9 : Funniom•

• • B Functions Making phone calls 1 Put these two conversations in the correct order. Write numbers 1 - 6 or 1 - 7 in the boxes.



Bye. Hi , Sue. It's Ha rry. Is Milly th ere? He llo. No, that's OK. I'll call her later. OK . See yo u. N()~ she's o ut. Do yo u wa nt me to say yo u ca lled?



o b



on' 2


He llo , Langu age Centre. Ca n I help you ? Yes. I'll ho ld . Sor ry to keep yo u wa it ing. Th e line is st ill engage d. Can I tak e a message? Co uld yo u put me through to Mr Rose? I'm sorry. T he line is busy. Wo uld you like to ho ld ? Yes. Could yo u tell M r Rose th at Ha rr y Pa rker ca lled ' It's a bo ut his DVD player. Of co urse.

Listen to track 25. Check your answers.

Complete the table with phrases from the dialogue.

Ma king phon e calls

Form al

Offering help Making a reque st Asking to speak to someone

CM! Could I SpeD-I.<. to 7 I)d lil.<1. to SPeD-I.<. to ....


UNIT 9: Funtliom,



Complete the phone call. You are phoning a shop where you bo ugh t an MP3 player. It doesn't work. You want your money back. 5 110 1':

H ello . Best Electron ics. Ca n I help yo u ?

VOU: (ask to speak to the ma nageri . 5110 1':

W ho 's ca lling plea se ?

VOU: iintrod nce yourself) . S HO P:

So rry, his line's engaged .

VOU: (ask her to take a message) . SHOP :


VO U: (leave a message) .



Listen to Track 26. Who does Marciel want to speak to? ... Why can 't Chris speak to Steve? ..



Listen to Track 26 again . Write :

a three ways of a nswering th e ph on e ....fuJlo? ... BQ.Sr.. ..Ele.ckrolli!S... .

b three ways to ask to speak to so meo ne .

c an ex press io n that means "Can yo u w ait?'...

"I' 6 Complete the rest of the pho ne call. The n listen to Track 27 and read out yo ur lines when it's you r turn. YOU: iansurering the phonei H ello. .



FRANCES: Hi . T h is is Fran ces. Ca n I speak to Ca rme n, plea se ? VOU: (say she is 1I0t ill ) .



FRANCES: When w ill s he be back ?


VOU: (yo u are not sure - offer to take a m essage)

FRANCES: Yes, plea se. Tell her Frances ca lled. C a n s he meet me outsid e th e cine ma at 8.3 0, not at 8? 1 can't be there ea rlier. VOU: (read ou t the message)


FRANCES: T hat's righ t . Who's spea ki ng plea se? VOU: (say who you are) .


F RANCES: O K. Tha nk s for yo ur help . Bye.


•• A Vocabulary Giving and receiving 1 Match the words and p hrases in the box with the p ictures . cash

c Savings Bank 'e}


credit card

1/4499 7700 -- - - [Q)


1234 5678

shop assist ant

to t he shops w rapping up




Savings Bank Q)

b c

cl c

f ..





Match the be gi nni ng s of the sent en ces in co lum n A w ith the end ings in column B.

A a He changed it ... b Peter ... c Later, Peter t ook ... d Lucy went ... e She asked f or a ... f She chose ... g She didn't ... h She didn't pay in ... i She gave the watch ... j She paid ... k She was looking for something ... I The shop assistant ...

B 1 2 3 4 S 6

7 S 9 10 11 12

a gold watch. by credit card. cash. for her friend Peter. pay by cheque. receipt, t o Peter. to the shops. wrapped up the watch. unwrapped the present. t he watch back to the shop. for something else.

gold watch













UNIT Ill: Vocabulary


Writ e the sentences in the correct sequence.

b c

d e


. ... .. .








Loo k at th e picture and complete th e sentences with the words in the bo x. change



A Go od morn ing. Ca n I help yo u ? B Yes. M y mot her (a)

and I'd like to (b)

A (c)

me this pr esent for my birt hday it, please.

it ?

1\ Yes, (d )

it for so met hing bigger.

A That should be possible. Do yo u have the (c) ..

B The (f)



A Yes, first I need the (g)


the n you can (h )

B Ah , well ... WORD BANK

. <1,

In you r Wor d Bank notebook, make a list of all the different things you can give as presents for these occasions.

wedd ing engage ment birthday M other's day Father's da y

... it.


UNIT 10: Fum::t:IDns


• B Functions Thanking people '11")

1 Listen to Track 28. Which is the co rrect pict ure?

,,,") 2

Liste n to Track 28 again. Complete the dialogue. J A N E:

I just wa nt to (a )


You'r e (b)

J A N E:

No, rea lly. You (c)


It wa s (d)


. . . .



N o, rea lly. Thanks to you it was (c)



. a relief.


(f) .


J A N E:

Seriously, th an k yo u (g)




Read thr ough the following phr ases and dec ide whether they are thanks beca use ... 1 so meone did something for yOll , 2 so meone gave you something, or

3 so meo ne helped yo u. Write 1 - 3 in the boxe s. Note: There is sometimes mor e than one suitable answer.

D It's rea lly kind of yo u. D

a It's just wha t I wanted. b

c Man y th anks for .....

..... .


d Thank yo u for a ll your help/everyth ing you've do ne for me. e Th ank you so much for f Th anks a lo t.




g Th anks to yo u th e

was a great success .

h Yo u' ve saved my life! Th ank s.






UNIT 10: Fum:tiom.


Put these wo rds in the cor rect order to make sentences. Use cap ital letters where necessary.

a just / I / wa nted / it's / what


you / I'm / it / like / glad . b a ll / you / fo r / help / yo ur / th an k . we lcome / yo u' re ..... c party / success / a / yo u / to / th an ks / th e / great / was. a / was / pleas ure / it . d me / so / tha n ks / helpin g / hom ework / much / with / fo r / my . p ro blem / no . e fo r / tha nks / lot / dinner / a it / ment ion / don't .....


Now listen to Track 29 and check yo ur answe rs.


Now match each dia log ue with a picture. Write the letter in the boxes.


Imagine yo u are in the se situations. Write what you wo uld say.

a It's yo ur birt hday and yo ur friend gave yo u a CD of yo ur favourite band .

b It's yo u r frie nd 's birthd ay and she t hanks yo u for th e DVD that

yO ll

gave he r.

c You r brother helped yo u to fix your bicycle.

d You r mother co o ked yo u a

delicious dinner.

oll~ Now listen to Track 30 and speak whe n it's your turn .


• A Vocabulary Performance t Read the paragraph and choose the correct photograph. Last week I read a review in the newspaper. It was about a new play called Blue Name. It sa id th e play was very moving. The reviewer cried at the end, he said. I rang th e th eat re and booked a t icket. I went to see t he play. I got a good sea t so I had a good view of the stage. When t he curta in went up I was very excite d, but unfortu nat ely t he play was very boring. It was so slow, and I didn't cry at all ! But at the end of t he performance everyone in the audience clapped and clapped. So maybe the re's something wrong with me!

Th e co rrect photograph is .. 2 Find words in blue in the text which mean: a a piece of wr iting a bo ut a play or a film b la rge piece of material betw een the stage a nd the a ud ience .. c not exc iting .....

d not fast .. e put th eir han ds tog ether f show/p lay ..

3 Complete the sentences with one of these words. ~








a I read a .. l1>JiW.. of the mo vie. It said t hat the movi e wa s exce llent. b Do we need to



c T he actors were a lready on the . wh en we a rrived lat e.

g the place w here the actors are

at the theat re d T here wa s a huge on opening night . There was not one empty scat.

h bou ght/o rdered a ticket befo re th e show

e The went up at the begin ning of the sho w and ca me down at t he end . f There's a

it mak es you feel ver y emot io nal - a goo d thin g ..

in th is theatre to night,

and tomorrow there's a concert .

g T he peop le watchin g minutes at the end of the show.

for ten

h The actors were fantast ic in the first ................................................ of Shakespeare's Romeo an d [ uliet last nig ht .

UNIT 11 : Vm:abulary




Look at these film posters. Then listen to Track 31. Which film they are talking about in each case?

Con versation a .. Conversatio n b

Conversation c .... Conversatio n d .


Now imagine you have seen the films. Write your opinions when your friend asks you:

a H ave you seen 'Night o f the Z ombie Ki ll ers'?

b H ave you seen 'T he Long H ot Summer'?

. H ave you seen 'The N ew York Race'?



Which of the words in this vocabulary section refer to films, plays or both?

H ave you seen 'Da ys of Laughter' ?



d Now listen to Track 32 and answer when it's your turn.

Make a diagram like this in your Word Bank notebook and write the words in the right place .

UNIT 11 : Function"


• B Functions Booking tickets, tables, rooms 1 Write the foll owing questions in the gaps in th e dialogue. W O ~I A ;";:

Arts Cinema. Can [ help yo u?

M A;";: Yes please. I'd like some tickets for The Cuba File, please. For to day.


W mI AN: OK. (a)

Can you give me your credi t card number? How many tickets do yo u wa nt? Is there anyt hing else 1 can do for yo u? What time do you want to see the fil m? Where wo uld yo u like to sit?

MA N: Six twe nt y. WO ,VIAN : And (b)


iVt AN: Two, please.


W O.\I AN: (c) ...


M A;"; : Co uld we have an a isle seat at th e ba ck? W O.\I AN: Yes I think [ ca n d o th at . (cl ) .



M AN: Su re. It's 4552 .. . WOMAN: OK sir, th e pa yment's go ne thro ugh. Co me a lo ng 15 minutes before th e perfo rmance starts and yo ur tickets will be her e. NIAN: Great.

W O,\IAN: (e) . M AN: N o tha nk s, that's all. Goodbye.

Oil' 2

Now listen to Track 33. Were you correct?

Ad d phrases a -


to the tab le on page 49.

a b c d

At th e front . H ow man y people is th at for ? In t he m idd le, so mew here. I think we ca n do th at.



lik e a room for tw o nights.

f I'd like to book a table. g I'm afrai d tha t th at perf orman ce is so ld o ut. h I'm af ra id th er e a ren' t any tickets left for tha t performance.

I'm afra id we' re full to morrow. J I'm so rry, sir. The horel is full o n March 19th. k N o t too near the back . I T hat's fine. m Wc loo k fo rwa rd to see ing yo u on Thursday. n Wh at dates ar e yo u thinki ng of? o Wh en is th ar for?

UNIT 11: Fum::t:ion5

Funct ion


Exampl es


Put thes e two conversations in o rde r. Number the bo xes .

Offerin g a servic e :

Sa ying w hat yo u wa nt:

Asking fo r detail s: Saying it' s possib le/not possible : Getting a cre dit card number :

Say ing w ha t the cu stomer should do:

Car: JOU j i"~ M~ jOur uWif c.o.rd lIuMber7 CoM~

o./Ollj 1S Millv!'e.s

b~fUrQ, +h~


sfo.rrs. Ending the con ver sa t ion :

a OK, M s Healey. Next Wedne sda y at 8 o' clock, tab le for two. D b J ust for two. D c Thank yo u very much . D d Jennifer Healey. D e Hello . I'd like to bo ok a table, please. D f 8 pm? Right. And what's your nam e?


g Two people on Wed nesday.

Describing where:

OK , and what tim e w ere

you think ing of? D h 8 o'clock . D Murray's restaurant here. D J Ne xt Wedne sda y, please. D k Sure. And ho w many peo ple is that for ? D Certa inly. What da y is th at for ? D Oil,? Listen to Track 34 and

check your answers. a b c d e f

Oh dea r. Wha t abo ut tom or row? D Certa inly, sir. Ca n I have your credit card number? Yes. It's 6475 7564 D Two nigbts? Is th at for to night ? D O K, ca n I boo k tha t roo m, please? D We ha ve o ne room ava ilable tomor row. D


Yes, to night and tom orrow night .


h The Garden Hotel. Ca n I help you ? D Yes, I'd like a room for two nights, please. I' m afra id the hotel is full tonight. D



"I,? 4

Now listen to Tra ck 35. Imag ine you are the woman on the phone to the restaurant, and then the man in the hotel. You can change information if you want. Speak when it is your turn.

• • A Vocabulary Word families 1 Use your dictionary to complete these tab les with words from the same word family.





Use th e correct form of the words from exercise 1 in the sentences below.

protec t ion cook

a Th e yo ung wo man wa s ha ppy to be pa rt of an imp o rtant ......................_ to save wild anim a ls. defence

b Th at wo man is an to yo ung peop le to day. T hey see her and t hey want to be like her. Nouns

c I love to t ry new recipes. W ha t abo ut yo u ? Do yo u like ........................................................ ?

employed, unemployed

d I have severa l in my hou se. I have to give them plent y of wa ter and ta ke ca re of th em. e Wh at do yo u do in yo ur free time ? Do yo u have any


................................. ...................... , like movies o r spo rts ?


f My bro ther do esn't have a job at t he mom ent , he's loo king fo r g After the sto rm the beach hou se wa s co mp letely h Ca n yo u help me to 3


i n s ~i ra ti on



t his pian o ? It's very heavy.

Circle the co rrect word in blue to complete these paragraphs.

Shawn Fanning (bo rn in 1980 ) was just 18 years o ld w hen he started ' N ap ster' - a way to share mu sic files over th e Intern et for free - witho ut paying. Fanning was a uni versity student w hen he became

(a) inte rested / interest ing / interest in th e Intern et. He left uni versity to (b ) move / mo vem ent / mov ed to Ca lifornia and sta rt his bu siness. Today Fanning owns a co mpa ny ca lled SNOCA P. T his co mpany (c) protects / pro tection / protected the rights of people who wr ite mu sic th e oppos ite of his early days with Napster! Arundhati Ray was born in 1961. She is a writer and (d ) active / activist from Bengal, India. Her first nove l too k her five year s to write an d it is called The God of Small Things. Tod ay Ro y tra vels th e wo rld giving (e) speak / spoken / speec hes abo ut the enviro nment and justice and she is an (f) inspire / inspi ration to th e peo ple who meet her. She is (g) marri age / marr y / mar ried to a film-maker and lives in Delhi. ~

UNIT 12: Vm:abulary


Complete this word family ta ble .





scientist I science


discov er

interested (in) destruction


environment /

plant protect married

mo ve

act I



Use the words from the table in exercise 4 to complet e these sente nces. a M y sister's favour ite subject at school is she want s to be an .

.. Sc.iu.~.

b T his facto ry is causi ng a lot of

..... an d when she grow s up


c T he .

. of the rain for est is dan gerou s for the rai nfo rest affects the wea ther.

cl It is important that we c T he

more trees in the wo rld. of radium wa s importa nt fo r med icin e.

f Man y important .

..... in the wo rld .

g Th e co uple got ..

. last yea r. T he



Make a table like this in your Word Bank notebook. Write te n word families that you know in the table. ver

, becau se the

... wild anim a ls. took place at th e beach.



UNIT 12: Function"

• B Functions Offering to help 1 Match the two parts of the conversations.

a ....

b .. c ..

cl .. e ..

a Why don't you let me carry your bags? b I don't thi nk I can reach the button. c Would you like some help wit h your homework? d Can I help you to fi nish those forms? e Shall I make you something to eat?

2 3 4 5

Thanks. I need to get home ea rly tonight. Don't worry about it . I'm fi ne. I ate about an hour ago. They are very heavy. Thanks. Allo w me. I'll press it for you. No, thanks. I can do it by myself.

Listen to Track 36. Were you correct?


Where did the conversations take place? Ch oose phrases from the box.

a Co n versat io n a


b Co nve rsa tio n b ... c Co nvers ation c

at home

at t he supermarket

at t he off ice in a lift

at school


cl Co nvers . i tion d . e Con versation e .....


Complete the table with the phrases in bold from the co nversations in exercise 1.

Offering help

Accepting help

Refusing help

UNIT 12: Fum:t:iomi



Complete the dialogues with these words and phrases. Use capital letters where necessary.

a A: B:

b A:

WOLlId.j OLl....Iike.. . me to help yo u w ith dinn er ? Th ank s. T hat chop those onio ns?

can I


would you like

You look tire d of tea?

if I make yo u a nice cup

allow me

don't worry

why don't

would be

B: c A:


, dear. I'm fine. I' ll have so me tea later.

can you

sure how about

I ca n't open t his doo r.


It is very heavy. yo u do the first part of the reading an d I'll do th e seco nd par t

d A: so we save time?

B: e A: B:

. It's a bout 100 pages altoget her. help yo u to do the sho pping ? a bo ut it. I on ly need to get a few th ings.

"1") Now listen to Track 37 and check you r answers .


Complete the dialogues for thes e situations.

a Would you like me to bell' yo u, so n ?

b Wow ! What a mess! Ho w a bout if we help yo u to get t he ro o m ready ?

')1") Now listen to Track 38 and spea k when it's your turn .

•• A Vocabulary Abilities 1 Writ e the name of th e person who has each of these talents or abilities.

a b c

d e

is very sporty. She loves spo rts, especially basket ball and volleyba ll, and she's very goo d at them. is very practical. She doe s all the things t hat need doin g arou nd the ho use. is so creati ve. He can make anything into so mething else. likes to meet peop le at parties. He's very sociable. has 'green fingers' . Any plant in her gar de n grows .


is very good at listenin g and helping his friends. H e's an understanding perso n.

UNIT 13 : Vocabulary



Put these letters in the right order to make words to describe abilities and talents.


a tro psy


d blecio as


. .. . ?

We need someone to help us once a week in our garden . We grow mostly flowers and some vegetables .


b tansingdreund ... u.... c ca rpc la ri

Do you have . .


Call us on 9384973 .


e nonfidcet ........(,....

f recav ite


Keep my I,m I00""ing for a person to nelp me \'10 can d someone w booKs. I nee receipts and go through all my nise it for me. information and °hrg~84g 504


g rri sa cir


h gi llaco

J .


Mrs Murp Y

Now match the words (a - h) above to the definitions (1 - 8). 1 You are goo d at wo rking t hi ngs out step by step.


We are looking for an . . . .. person to help "' ~~'draw posters for a concert next month. Con tact: Josie


2 You iike meet ing peopl e and being w it h friends. 3 Yo u a re goo d at a rt, like drawin g and painting . 4 You ha ve go od o rig inal idea s.

5 You are not shy and you are ver y sure of yo urse lf.

6 You are a good listener and thin k about other people's feeli ngs. 7 You iike pl a yin g sport s.


8 Yo u can fix things and yo u don 't panic in a crisis.

a L


b ..

c ....

g ..


d ..

person we e ..



SPQ~ )

We need a . person who loves to meet other people and loves parties. We are professional party organisers. Writ e to: Suzie Co ntact @great part ies.com

Write the names of ten people you know. Use the new words from this unit to describe them in your Word Bank notebook.

f\'j dad:

are l~~k;Jl~ f~;:.

Call JOhn at 6748392

Complete these advertisements with a suitable word or expression .


D o you ha ve g rea t ideas') ,. . C an y ' ou make So m ethi n ' out o f noth;ng ? Th g m;ght be the . en you

·· · ·;1:~·~~~· · ·

prodico.l) SQucWle-

Ifl ~


..······..··..···... · ·.. ······· ?

yo u love to I Come and p ay games? .. try Out for our new basketball team 0

We n eed yo u! Come to th e gym On Fn'd ay .. ....... . at 2 .00 Pm .



UNIT 13 : Functions

Functions B •

Asking for language help ,

Put this co nve rs atio n in order. Write the numbers 1 - 9 in the bo xes. a RACHEL : Oh yes, that 's it. A ba rri ster. b R ACHEL : I'm not su re yet.



c J AKE: O h, it 's t he st ud y of a ll th ings con nect ed wit h crime and criminals. D d J AK E: No, I'm not go ing to be a ba rr ister. I'm go ing to be a cr im ino logy teac her. Wha t ab ou t yo u? W ha t are yo u going to stu dy ? D c J AKE: I'm go ing to study c rimino logy at university.


f RACHE!. : O h, that so unds inter est ing. So a re yo u go ing to be so meo ne who goes to co urt? What do you call it? D

g R ACHEL: Crim ino logy ? W ha t's that? h JAKE : A ba rri ster?



R ACHEL : W hat a re yo u goi ng to do w hen yo u lea ve schoo l? []

"~I' Now listen to Track 39 and check your answers. 2

Complete th e d ialogue with one of these words or expressions. You will need to use some of them more than once . K RIST INA :

Ellie, w hat do es 'ta lent' (a)

El.I.IF: Oh , it (b)



something th at yo u a re good at.

KRI STINA: OK , I un dersta nd . Like I ha ve a talent fo r singing ?

mean what's means

EU .IE : T ha t's right. KRISTINA: And w hat do yo u (c) it w hen yo u like doing so mething, eve n if you arc not good at it? EU.IE: You (d ) ....

.................... , like a hobby?

KRISTINA: Yes, a hobby. ELLIE : Usua lly people w ho ha ve ho bbi es ha ve some kin d o f a bility for th e th ing they like to do, but not always. KRISTINA : Wh at do yo u (e)

by ' a bility' ?

El.I.IE : Ab ility means being a b le to d o so me th ing, like a n acti vity. K R1 STI NA : Act ivity? (f)

tha t ?

EU .IE : An ac tivity is so met hing yo u do . K RISTINA : Wow ! I need a d ictiona ry. T hen I cou ld find these word s for myself. H ow d o yo u (g) ' find o ut so me th ing for yo urse lf' ? El.I.I E: D isco ver. Yes, I t hink yo u nee d a dict iona ry, Kristi na .


Now listen to Track 40 and check your answers.

say call

UNIT 13: Function5


Complete these questions.


a Wh at


b ' Atte ntio n'? Wh at's c Wh at dH o w

. .


........... 'comfortable'



"nor calm', 'runn ing aroun d', 'acting crazy' ?

e Wh at


by di scipline?


w hen so me thing ma kes yo u feel a fraid ?

Now match questions a - e to these answ ers.

Wild. 2 It mean s yo u feel a t ease, rela xed . 3 It frig hte ns yo u. 4 It's w hen yo u have strict rules. 5 It 's w hen someone talks to you and tak es noti ce of w hat you do . a.




c ..

e .."

Complete this di alogue by writing the correct question from the bo x.

How do you call it

A BBY: I rea lly do n't like parties. la) .... w hen yo u do n't like to meet peo p le?

What does that mean

O IlUS :

What do you call it

Shy? Are yo u shy?

AllllY: Yes, I am , (b) mak es yo u feel afraid?

Ciuus :


..................................... whe n so met hing

You mean, it frighten s yo u.

A llllY: Yes, th at's rig ht .

Cu ur s:

That's st ra nge, because yo u' re very popular.

A llIIY: Popular' (c) OIlU S:


It's w hen a lot of people like yo u.

A llllY: Yes, I think I'm popu lar, but I don 't like it when people take notice o f me? (d ) ? C HRIS:

O h, yo u mean wh en peopl e pa y yo u a lot of a tte nt io n.

A llBY: T hat's right. I like to stay by my self.

oil' Now listen to Track 41 and read Abby's part after each beep .

How do you say thi s


•• A Vocabulary Describing the size of things 1 Use the words to describe the pictures.



h. 2

Look at the picture of the swimming pool and answer the questions.

a W hich words in the pict ure are t he opposite of: high

low .. narro w ..

lon g e W hich words can be used for roo ms or ho uses?


UNIT 14: Vocabulary


Unjumble these words to find adjectives that describe size.

a ra leg



•• •• •• •



JOfjQ. .

e ibg f ta ngicig


c nimetll

g lam sl

d yrni

h guhe

Now put the words in order of size along this diagram.














Look at the pictures and complete the sentences with one of these words.



A T he wa ter is




slqal lew

........ shallovJ .





B Tbe roa d is very . C T his tr ee is very;


In your Word Bank not ebook write on e th ing you know that is:


D The road is not very .. E T he worna n is very F T his hole is very .


minute tiny small big enormo us gigantic long deep sha llow

lar ge w ide

huge high

ta ll

Exa mp le:

Mi"vre. -

!hiS vJrif1~ is

Mi"vre.. I


rw.d. if'.



UNIT 14: FunC1:ions


Comparing experiences 1 Complete the dialogue with words from lhe box. A Ni' E: Can I ask you (a) .....SQIY'e.thillj

CATH: (b) A N N E:


about difficult easy film know right


something sure think too

Wha t's th e best (c)

you've ever seen ?

C ATH: T hat's (d ) A NNE: So rry. .. Th e best film ? CATH: N o, that 's all (c) . I (f) it's Th e USI/al Suspects. I saw it

on TV last week . Wh at (g)


A i' N E: That's easy. Jaws. You (h) .


, the

one w ith the great w hite shark . C ATH: Yes, I l iked that (i) A N N E:



I've seen it abo ut fifteen ti mes!

Now listen to Track 42 . Were you cor rect?


Practise saying the dialogue. Can you do it from memory?


Make questions. using the noun phrases with appropriate verbs from the box.

th i ng Wh(;l.t's th~ IY'Qst:. ~\!t(fuL thiQj . ) 7 ......................····..··....···· 3 Qu .. "~ .. Mer...SeM .....

a bea utiful

b deli cious foo d ..

c hori ng hook

d fr ightening exper ience

been to read






c good co ncert ..

f horrible food .

g ugly th ing ... Now answer the questions.

UNIT 14: Fum:1:ions


Put these words in order to make sentences and questions. Use capital letters where necessa ry. a your / take / tim e /

... 1 Q,!.a j 0vr. tlC"e,


b sounds / t hat / nice /

c made / chicken / w ith / she / grav y / and / roa st / roast / potatoes /

cl have / I'll / think / to /

c loved / yes, / it / everyone /

f th e / eaten / w hat / delic io us / ever / yo u've / most / meal / g she / di d / coo k / w hat /

h birthday / eighteent h / mum / t he / it / for / my / was / meal / cooked / my /


Now put th e sente nces in order to make a short conversation.

f 5

'I)' 6







Liste n to Track 43 to check your answers.

Now answer these ques tions about yourself.

What was the most delicio us meal yo u've ever eaten? Who cooked it? W hat did that person 'o r peop le' cook?

"I' Now listen to Track 44 and speak when it's your turn.


•• A Vocabulary Head and face 1 Look at th e pict ures and label them with the words in the box. Use a dictionary if necessary.

k ..



a ....

I ..


m ..



forehead tongue


chin hair eyeball lips eyebrow eyelid teeth

ear lobe


I ..

c .. g ..



e ..

2 What part(s) of your head and face do you use to do the se thin gs? a smile ..

e blink


b speak

f think


c laugh

g hear

cl w ink

h li sten to music

k taste

UNIT IS : Vocabulary



Now test yo urself. Look at th ese pictu res. Can you identify the parts of the head and face? Write the word .


Use one of the words from exercise 3 to complete thes e sentences.

a You need your t~


to bite so met hing.

b Peop le often wear earr ings on th eir c Yo ur


pro tect yo ur ey es.

c ..

d Th e holes in yo ur nose are ca lled e Your


is at the bottom o f yo ur face.

f We use o ur

to kiss.

g It's very lo ng - I need to cut my


h Th e to p of yo ur head is called yo ur Your

yO ll

w ea r them in yo ur

to speak and to ta ste.

I Your hea d rests on to p of yo ur m Yo u need your



are above your eyes.

H you wea r contact len ses,

k You need yo ur







to think .


I .


In your Word Bank notebook draw a picture of the head and face and label all the parts that yo u know. Now write all the verbs you know that use parts of the head and face next to the parts you use.



n .



• • • •• • •• • • •••••• •• • •• • • • • •• • • •• ••


UNIT 15: Fum:t:ion"

• B Functions Talking about similarities and differences


1 Listen to Track 45 and complete the dialogue with th e words in the box.

CHA Rl.ES: I' ve jusr sta rred go ing ro a new gym .

I too

W hich g ym?

M ARTINA: O h, rea lly? M e (a)

so either nei"theJ

CH ARl.ES: It's ca lled ' Ge t Fit' . M ARTI NA: That's m y gy m (b) C HARl.ES: (c) M ARTINA: (d)


I lo ve it. do I. Bur I don 't lik e th e trainer. d o I. H e's un fri endl y, bu t I feel grea t .

C HARl.ES : I don't. I've only been twice. M ARTII' A: (c)

ha ve I. I just don't ha ve th e time.

CH ARl.ES: (f)

do I. I'm really bu sy a r wo rk.

M ARTlNA: (g )

am I. I ca n 't go to th e gy m toda y.

I ha ve to work late.

CH ARl.ES: I ca n't go (b)

M ARTINA: I need more tim e o ff. I ha ve ro tal k to m y bo ss . CH ARl.ES: (i) mo re than on ce a wee k!


do I! If we wa nt to get heal th y, we'll need ro go to th e gy m

Are thes e thing s true for Charle s (C) or Martina (M), or both of them? Tick the right columns. C a She I H e ha s just sta rted a new gy m.

b H er I H is ne w gy m is called 'Get Fit'. c She I H e d oesn 't like rhe tra in er. d Sb e I H e feels g re at.


C f She I H e doesn 't ha ve eno ugh time to go to th e gym . g She I He is rea lly busy a r work. h She I H e ca n't go to t he gy m tod a y. She I H e needs to talk to her I his bo ss.

e Sbe I H e ha s bee n to the gym twi ce .


Complete the table with the different ways of talking about similarities .

Affi rmative

Negati ve

I love my gym.

I don't do much exercise.


do I.

................. do I. I don 't,

I do. . Me


I'm very healthy.

I'm not very fit.

....... am I.

I am, .. Me

am I. I'm not,



UNIT 15: Fum:tions



Complete th is conversation with the phrases from the bo x. R ICHARD: I need to wea r g lasses. AU CF.: (a)

Sa da....l

Neither can I.

I ca n't read the new spap er very well.

R ICH ARD: (h)

I do. too .

It gives me a head ach e.

AI.ICE: (c)

Me too!

But I don't know a ny good opticians.


I'm not either.

, bu t my sister kno ws o ne.


AUCE: That's good. Can you give me the nam e wh en you've asked her?



Neither do I.

RICI'IARD : Sure . I need to have my eyes tested soon. AU CE: (e) RICH AR D: (f)

Ca ll me to night , I'm not go ing o ut. ..

I' ll ca ll you aro un d seven .


"1") Now listen to Trac k 46 and check your answers.

AU CE: O K. T ha nks.


Look at this information about Maria and Claire and write appropriate sentences about their simi larities and differences. a M or ia's last na me is Smith.

Name: Age: OccUpation' Marital stat~s' HOmetown' . Address: .

b C iaire is fro m Lon do n.

c Mar ia is a student .

Maria Smith 22 PSychOlo Single gy s tUdent London 15 H'

Igh St, Wimbledon

d Claire is studying med icine. Name: Age: occupation: Marital status: Hometown: Address:

e Claire isn't ma rried .

f M oria lives in Wimb ledon .

Claire Smith 22 Medical student Single London rt Wimbledon 26 Merton c oo ,

6 Now complete th is short dial ogue between Maria and Cla ire.

M ARI A: Hi, my nam e's Maria Smith. C I.A IRE: M y na me's Smit h, (a)

C I.A IRE : No, I' m (d) .

M ARI A: (e)

M ARI A: O h really? W here are you fro m?

Cl .AIR E: I' m a st ude nt.

C I.A IRF.: I'm from Lond o n.

M AR IA: (f)

M ARI A: (b)

! Where do you live?

C LA IRF. : In Wimb ledon. M AR lA: (c)

Ar e you married ?

"~I,? Listen to Track 47 a nd speak at th e 'beep'.

. l. Wh at do you do ?

W ha t are you stu dying?

C I.A IRE : Me dic ine. Are you st udy ing medicine, (g) ? MARIA : N o, (h) psychol ogy.

I'm st udy ing

• • A Vocabulary From strange to amazing 1 Read these paragraphs and put the words in blue into the word map.

This is a wonderful car which looks a lit t le funny, because it only has t hree wheels, but it has an incredible shape. The fro nt of t he car looks fantastic and it is a great colour I love turq uoise. It's an amazing car which can go very fa st.

This is a strange creat ure with two creepy eyes and fo ur very scary claws. Its legs are odd and it is very unusual for an animal t o have only th ree legs. Alt ogethe r it looks rath er weird and unbelievable.


Words to describe things that frighten you

Words to describe things that are unusual

Words to describe things that are good Do you know any other words that can go in this word map?

2 Complete these sentences with a suitable word from exercise 1.

a I' ve just seen a b Tha t wo man is very c What a

mo vie. It's a co medy an d I lau ghed a lot. She wea rs stra nge clo thes and reads poetry on the bus. sports car. Does it go very fast ?

d I do n't like to be at hom e alone at night. I find it e Th ey say the re a re ghosts in th at house. It's a

. place.

f T his sho p only sells dolls and ga rde ning to ols. What a g My gra ndfat her likes to eat ban an a sandw iches. He's a little h Did yo u see tha t What a

bird ? It on ly has one leg and one eye. digital camera ! Th e pict ures are so clear.

sho p! .

UNIT 16: Vocabula

Which of the words in blue in exercise 1 could you use to describe these things?

a a creature w ith fo ur hand s . b a person who never ta lks to ot her people c a mac hine to travel in time

. .

d a cemete ry (where dea d peo ple are bu ried ) e a ho use that no bo dy has lived in for twenty yea rs

f a space ship . . g a ca r


h a mo vie po ster for a hor ror film .


Wtite suitable words to describe the pictures .


Write a desc ription of one of the pictu res usin g at least five adjectives .


~ ~

Make a diagram like this in your Word Bank notebook with all the words you know for things that are strange, wonderful or both.

. .



UNIT 16: Function..

• B Functions Paying attention



1 Look at these pictures carefully. Then listen to Track 48 and wri1e the numbers 1 - 6 in the boxes.


Listen to track 48 again. Tick the words and expressions you hear. a Yeah ? D

i T hat's funny. D

b W hat happened next?


c Reall y? D d Uh-huh.



k Th at's im possible!


I Wow!

c T hen wh at happened? D f W hat did she say? g Wh at ? D h H ow weird !



m And?

D T hat's strange. D I see. D

n T hat's weird . o





UNIT 16: Fum:t:ions



Complete the chart with words and expressions from exercise 2. Write a - p.


Things to show the speaker that you are paying attention Asking questions Reacting to what the speaker says


Complete this dialogue with expressions from the box.

j A:>I E: R O BBI E:

.l ANE: R OB BI E:

.l AN E: R OBB IE:

So, let me tell yo u abo ut what happened at the airpo rt. (a) ... Uh",hvh, .

Well, I arri ved early to check in.

.l AN E: R O BBI E:



What did she say?

And the n I went to get somet hing to ear.

How weird!

(c) .


Well, I ra n

What happened next?

Then what happened ?

(b) .

.J AN E: Wh ile I was eat ing a sa ndwich I heard so meo ne screa m ! R O BBI E:


.. to


That's impossible!

Wow !


That's strange.


J AN E: And , yo u'll never guess w hat ? R O BBI E:



.l ANE: Th ere was nobod y th ere. R O BBI E:

.l ANE: R O BBI E:

.I ,1:>11' : R O BBI E:

j A:>I E:

(g) .........

Well, I looked and loo ked everywhe re for the person in tr ouble. (h)


I never found an ything. And do you kn ow what was the wor st th ing? (i)


I missed th e plan e, becau se I wa s look ing for the person who screamed.





Now listen to Track 49 and compare your answers.

"I") 5

Listen to the story on Track 50 and reply as Robble.

That's funny.


where I hea rd the scream.



That's weird. I see.

AUDIO!iCRIPY!i Track 1 SON 1A : SO w hich is better, the n, Fra n, M a rb clla or

Dub lin ? FRAN :

Ma rbellu , d efin itely. It's mo re relaxi ng, a nd it's

chea per! And it's got lovely beaches. Rut w e alwa ys go to the beach. I'd rath er do someth ing d iffer ent th is year. So me t hing mo re inte res t ing . Like a city. Lik e Dublin .



Th ere's a pro blem, th en, Sonia.

Oh? W hat's tha t? FR AN: Becau se I like beac hes. Well, I like beac hes better than cities, anywa y. And M arbella is su n nier too. An d it always ra in s in Irela nd , yo u know, Son ia . SON IA: No, it d oesn't. And an ywa y, ra in o r no ra in, the re's m ore to d o in Dub lin . FR A N: Like w ha t? Mu seums and th ings lik e that? I'd ra th er stay here in London ! SON IA: OK then. Yn u gn to the beach and I' ll go to Dub lin. H o w 's that ? FRAN: O h, a ll right. You w in. T his tim e. But no mu seums a nd no walking a ro und in th e rain ! SON IA:

Track ~ S:\:-'1; W h ich packa ge is better, th en ?

O b, Package 3, d efini tely. It 's chea pe r! W hich do yo u p refer ? SA ~-[ : Me? I pr efer Pack age I. It so u nds mu ch n icer. JA CK : But it 's mo re ex pe ns ive and sho rte r. An ywa y, I p refe r su m me r ho lida ys to w inter holida ys. SAi\ I : But the slim me r is n ice her e, to o. I' d rat her go in Decem ber, wh en it's d a rk and co ld here . JACK: OK, yOll wi n. Bur that's th e o n ly holida y we ca n ta ke in t he wh o le yea r then. Would yo u rather have just one ho lid ay, o r two ? Th ink a bout it . SA\I : O h. M a ybe J ul y is not so bad a fter a ll .. . JA CK:

W hat 's up, M aggie ?

r-. 1AGGIE: Uh? O h, I need to rel a x. Got any id eas? U SA: Yes. Tr y exe rc ise. MAGG IE :

Exerc ise?

U SA: Yeah . Go to a gym o r so me thi ng . J\!t\GG IE :

N o t ha n ks. 1 do n't like exe rc ise.

U SA: O K, the n. H o w abou t aro ma the ra py ? .\IA(;(;I E:

W ha t's t hat ex ac tly?

U SA: It's a m ixtu re of o ils a nd smells and ma ssage. Very,

very rela xin g. M assage ? T hat's no t fo r me, I'm a fra id .


Track 4

H i Leyla ! Yo u d on't lo o k too happ y. Pro blem s? LEYLA: I ha ve exams nex t wee k an d I do n't k now an yth ing! W hat can I d o to pa ss? BEEP LEYLA: Yea h, I looked a t the m b ut it do esn 't help.



LEYLA: Hmm, yes. But w hat a bo ut ma ths ? I d o n't

u nd er sta nd a ny th ing ! Got any id eas? BEEP lEYLA: Yo u're rig ht. Let 's fo rge t a bo ut exa ms . Do yo u

want to listen to m y new J-Lo reco rd ? Track 5

Next o n 5 it's 'Soa p Ti me' w ith 'T he Rich C ry To o ' . J AN E: Do yo u wa nt to go o ut fo r a pizza ? L1SA : Wha t, now ? I can't. 'The Rich C ry To o ' is a bo ur to begin. Do n't yo u wa tc h it ? JAN E: I hate soa ps. T hey're silly sto ries. U SA: Well, I do n't ag ree . I thi n k t hey're rea lly exciting . Th ey' re m y fav o ur ite prog rammes! JAN E: Yo u're jok ing ! Soap ope ras a rc fo r peopl e who ha ve nothing bett er to do. L1SA: N o th ey' re not. Oh, Sh hh h h. It's a bo ut to start .


I : Dann y w as on th e gr o u nd, bleeding a nd 1 . .. 2: But yo u wer en 't to blame . .. WO,\ lAN I : No, b ur .. . we ll, yes . .. b ut no w I' m go ing to ta ke th is back to him .. .


Track 3 Ll 5A:

You ARE d ifficult M aggie. So rr y! U SA: I kno w. You ca n close yo ur eyes and co unt shee p. Slo w ly. M:\ GGI E: H ow ma ny shee p ? U SA: You co uld co unt up to, say, 33,78 1. ,\-IAGG IE: T hirt y thr ee tho usa nd , seve n hund red . .. U SA: Magg ie? M agg ie . .. ha ha . U SA:

,\ 1A(;G IE :

Wo w ! O h no ! W hat's she doin g? Actu a lly, this is exc iting ! L1SA: H m mm . W ha t d o you th in k o f soa ps now, eh?


Track 6 a

Well, w ha t d id yo u thin k a bo ut the film? Terr ific! Reall y fa nt as t ic.


b \X'har do yo u think of news programmes ? I thin k they' re te rrib le. They're rea lly bor ing. c What d id yo u think o f the new CD ? It's grc..u! The Scissor Sisters a rc like - we ll, th ey're gre at !

d Isn't this video great ? Do you really think so? I think it's awful. Track 7 LOUIS E: W ha t do you thi nk of doc ume ntaries ? D A ~Il A N : I think they' re boring. LO UI SE: Do yo u really think so? DA~lJ t\N: Yes, don 't yo u? LO UISE: No. I think they' re interest ing. \'Vell, so me times. DA\IIAN: I think you 're rig ht. Only some times. I hare documentaries about animals, fo r example. LOU ISE: Oops ! I bought yO ll a D VD a bou t birds for your birthday. DA\ lIA~ : You're jo ki ng! LOUISE : No. I reall y did . DA:'-.lI AN : O h, well , bird s a re fine . Bird s ar c good . Actua lly, I lo ve birds! Track B FRED: \X'har a rc yo u doing, Bella ?

Looking for a job. Any luck ? BELL.-\: Nab, the re is no thing I fa ncy. FRED: Th ere must be so mething. Let's ha ve a loo k .. . T his so unds fun. Th ey'r e looking fo r so meo ne to help o ut at the Animal Shelter. BELL A: Th at 's not fo r me. 1'111 nor keen on anim als. FRE D: Are n' t yo u ? I lo ve a nima ls. Any way, ho w a bo ut this? T hey're loo kin g fo r so meo ne at the ham burger plac e. BEl.l.A: I can't stand fast food places. Can yo u imagine making hamb urger s a ll day? Wh at a horrible job ! fR ED: All right the n, how a bo ut ba bysitri ng. H ere's so meone loo king fo r a bab ysitt er. I3 ELLA: Well, I don't mind child ren. Bur look at th e mon ey. It 's peanuts! FRED : It's no t th at bad . Do yo u know , I like child ren, too. I'm pretty good wit h th em . I think I'll ca ll this pe rson . HELl.A: H ey, that's not fair! I see the ad and you take the

BELLA : fREt> :

job . FRED: Not hing's fair, Bella!


Track 9

I am th inking of teaching afte r co llege . Bur I'm not sure. .\tOLLY: Teac hing? You? But you don 't like chi ldren . .\ tAX : I'm nor very keen o n them . But I do n't hat e them. Actu ally, I don 't reall y mind child ren - for a short time! .\ t O LLY: I love litt le child ren bu t I can't sta nd big gro ups. I fancy a job teaching sma ll groups. .\lAX : Oh no, tha t's not for me. I want to get a tempo rary job to see if I like it. .\tO L. I.Y: That's a good idea. .\tAX :


H o w do yOll feel abo ut chi ldren?


Righ t. Now, te ll me tw o t hings yO ll like a bout teac hing.




And two things yo u definitel y don't like ?


SO, do yo u think teaching is right fo r yo u?


Track 11 KIM : \X!h at t ime sha ll we mee t, Max? .\IAX: I co uld be there by ab out 11. K !.\l : O K, w here do yOll suggest ? .\IAX: \X!ell, Kim, I cou ld wait at th e top of the escal ato r, you know, by the entrance. K I~": I' ve got a better idea. H o w ab out under th e clock by platform 3 ? .\ IAX: O K. Th at so unds good . Eleven o'clock it is then . Under the clo ck. K1.\I: Fine. See yo u th ere. Track 12 Where's the best place to meet? SAr-.:UY: Whe re do you suggest ? JACJ-.:IF. : \X!hy don't we meer at Cafe Co mmo ns? SANUY: OK . \X!hat tim e? JACKIE: Hm m. H o w about 7.30? SA;..l DY: Th at so unds great. JACKIE: OK. 7.30 it is, then. SANDY: See yo u th ere. JAC KlE:

Track 13


Let's say 6 o'clock.


\Y,/e could meet at th e bu s stop.


OK . Good idea . \X!e' lI meet at the restaurant.




Track 14

a b c d c

\X'ha r's yo ur name ? \X1h cn we re yo u horn? Are yo u ma rried ? Arc yo u r g ra ndpa rents still living ? Are yo u keen 0 11 anyone in pa rticula r ?

f At what age did yo u start school? Track 15

I remember someth ing that happened at school once . I got into a lot of tro uble - and so did my friend l.ucy, We had a histo ry exa m the next J ay, so wc stayed lip all night to study. We wa nted to get good grades. Well we wanted to pass anyway.


N IN A :

Uh, oh. And I d rove away with the flowers on t he roof. No w I reel reall y st upid. nERNIE : I know the feeling. So, buy her more flowers. M ,EX: I d o n't have mone y for the cinema anJ mo re flowers. I\ ERNIE: Th at so unds fam iliar! BERNII':

See you there .

T ha t so u nds fami liar.

Anyway, so wc talk ed, watc hed a video, had a good rime. But we didn't st udy. Of course, in the morning, we were really worried. We didn't know any history! \Vc were going to fail rhe exam . N INA : I know the feeling. So what d id you do? A N N E: We ll, wc deci de d not to go to the exa m and to mak e up an exc use fo r the teac her. N I NA: Uh, oh. AN NE: Wait, I spo ke to the teacher, looking really sad and to ld him: 'Oh, I'm really sorry, sir. But I co uld n't come to the exa m becau se. sad ly, my grand mot her died : N INA: Did he believe you? ANNE : Yes, he did! He was very sympathetic , really nice. So I thought ' p hew' ! But then, Lucy ca me in, crying, and sa id 'I'm sorry I missed my exam. My grandmot her died!' And he sa id ' Yo ur gra nd mot her died too !' And then he realised! N INA : O h, no! Didn 't you plan yo ur stories befo rehand? I\ N N E: No , we never rhought of tha t! N INA : How stupid ! So, what ha ppe ned t hen? ANt"E: \Vell, of course, rhe school phoned my parents, I was grounded for mo nrhs. I had to go st raig ht back home when school finished. Bur my gra nd mothe r t ho ught it was all pretty fun ny. r\l'·' N E:

Track 16

I did something really st upid. Let me guess ! You lost your mob ile pho ne again, right? AI.EX: No, no. I'm seeing Paula to night, righr? So I bo ught her some flowers . BER!\:IE : That's nice. AI.EX: Yeah. Bur I put the flowers on t he roof of the ca r, you know, to ope n rhe doo r.




Track 17 AI.EX: I

d id something rea lly stupid .


No, no. I'm seeing Paula tonight, right? So I bo ught her some flowers.


y O ll

Yeah. But I put the flowers on the roo f o f the car, know, to open the doo r.


And I d ro ve away wirh t he flowe rs on the roof. Now I fecI really stupid.



I don't have money for the cinema and more flowers.


Tl'"ack 18

d id so mething really srupid. 2: Let me guess! You lost your glasses agai n. GIRL I : No. I bo ught a cake for my sister's birt hday. GIRL 2 : Th at's kind. G IR L J : But I put it on my chair and I sat on ir! G IRL 2: How stupid ! Buy her another cake! G I RL 1: I haven't gor any mor e money ! G I Rl. 2: I know the feeling! CIRL 1: I CIR!.

T r ack 19

H i Liz. u z: H i Matt. ;\tATT : Would you like to come rowing? L1Z: Rowing? ~ IAn: Yeah. Rowing. You know. In a boat. uz. Of course I know 'in a boat' . Ir's just that, well, you have a broken arm. ;\ I,\n': You're right! T hat's why I t hought you co uld do the act ua l row ing. uz: O h no. M AlT: N o? Wh y not ? I.I z: I'm not crazy abo ut rowing, actua lly. I' m not very goo d at it. .\I ATT : Oh, right. Well, how about a walk? L1 Z : I'm a bit tired. MATT: Or a coffee? L1 Z : Now you 're talking!



Track 2D J A.\ ll E: Hey, N ar, Would you like to come bowling?

Bow ling? I'd love to, j a mie, but I can't. I have to wo rk . Jt\ ,\If E: Oh well. Perh ap s an other day ? N,\ T: Yeah. Per hap s. N t\T:

Hi, Sam . Do yo u fancy going to th e cinema ? H mm . I' m nor sure , Sue. I went to the cinema on Satu rda y. SU E: How ab out a pizza then? S,\ :\I : Th at wo uld be grea t. I'm real ly hu ng ry. SUE:


Wou ld you like to come to dinner to night , M ike? " t1KE: I'd rath er not , Tricia . I have to get up earl y tomorrow. TRI CI A : How a bo ut Frida y th en? ,\ ll K E: I'm not reall y sure . Ca ll me tomorrow, OK? TR ICIA: OK. T R I CI A:

Track 21 HEEl' ,\ I IK E:

A dan ce? Well, I don 't rea lly like da ncin g.

BEEI' :-' lIKE: I'd love to , but I' m busy on Tuesda y. BEEI'

Now you 'r e ta lking! Ever ybody says yo u' re a grea t co o k!

,\ ll K E:

Track 22

Co nversation WII.I.IAM : Did you bring that book I lent yo u, Karie? KA TI E: Oh, th e book! I' m so rry, William. I for got ! \X'I l.U A ,\I: Don 't worry about it. You can give it to me tomo rr ow.


Convers a tion 4 Mum! I wait ed for hou rs in the ra in and you never turn ed up! " IVM : I' m rea lly so rry you waited so lo ng, Shn ron . S H A RO ~ : \'Vell it wa sn't mu ch fun. W hy didn 't you ring? :\IU M : I tri ed to ring bur your mo bile wa s busy. You sec, th e ca r brok e down. It was n' t muc h fun for me either ! SHA RON : I' m sorry, mum . I d idn't mean to upset you. .\ 1U:\l : I'm no t up set. SHA RON :

Track 23


You 're late ! Sorry ! .\ IAN : Well, we sai d 8 o'clock and it 's 8.45 IlOW. WO:-'l Al\': I know. I' m sorry yo u wa ited so long. " -IA N: It wa sn't much fun, yo u kno w? WOM AN: I sa id I'm so rry. I lost my laprop , Th at's w hy I' m late. "-lA N: O h, I' m rea lly so rry. I didn 't mean to upset yo u. Listen , do you sti ll want to see t he film ? .\ t AN :

\X10 :\IAN:

b Go od afternoon, Mr Rice. I a po log ise for bein g late. .\ t A N : Yes, I see your a ppo int ment was a t fo ur. WO :\IAN : I'm so rry. Th ere wa s a lot o f tra ffic. MAN: Well, never mind . Now, open wid e please . WO MAN : Ouch! i'vIAN: Oops, so rry. Did tha t hu rt ? WO .\I AN :

Track 24 .\ tAN:

You're late!


" -lAN :

Well, we sa id 8 o 'clo ck a nd it's 8.4 5

Conversation 2 MAN I : Watch out ! You' re sp illing your drink 0 11 my foot ! MAN 2 : Ooops! Sorry ! ;"IAN 1: T ha t's OK. J ust be a bit more ca reful.


Conversation 3 TEAC H ER: Good morning, Jo hnson. Good of you to join us. JOH N SO N : I'm so rry Mrs GorJo n! T EACHER : Well, th at 's th e t hird time th is week, you know ? JOH NSO N: I a po logise. It won't happen aga in. T EACH ER: Apo log y acc epted . N ow, plea se can I hav e your essay? JO H:"lSO N : Essay? .. er .. . O h, th e essa y. Sor ry, I . . . UIll . • .

Track 2S

M:\ N:


It wa sn't mu ch fun, you kn ow?


Oh, I' m rea lly so rry. I d idn 't mean to upset you. Listen, do you still wa nt to see th e film?

M AN :

a Hell o. H ARRY: H i Sue. It's Harry. Is Mil ly th ere? SUE: No , she's out. Do yo u want me to say you ca lled ? HARRY: No, t hat's OK. I' ll ca ll her late r. SUE: OK . See you. HARR '{: Bye. SUE :

b Hello, Lan guage Ce nt re. Can I help yo u? Cou ld you pur me throu gh to Mr Rose ?




I' m so rry. The lin e is busy. Wo u ld yo u like to hold ? H AR RY: Yes. I' ll ho ld. OPERATO R: Sorry to keep you waiting. The line is still OP ER AT O R:

engaged . Ca n I tak e a message? H AR RY: Yes. C o u ld yo u te ll M r Ro se that H a rry Parker

ca lled? It's a bo ut his DVD p la yer. OPER ATOR :

Well, that's a relief. Seriousl y, th a nk yo u for eve ry th ing . C ARl : Sure . C el R l.:

JA!'JE :

Track 29

Of co urse .

It's just wh at I w an ted. I'm glad yo u like if.



T.-ack 26

YOU:-':G .\IA:":

Hello. Best Electroni cs. Ca n I help you ? you: Co uld yo u pm me through to the ma nager ? SHO P: Who 's calling please? YOll: Thi s is M arcial Lopez. suo r: Sor ry, his line's engaged.


Thank yo u fo r a ll yo u r help. YOU;":G \'1:'0.\1'\;-.1 : You're welcome.


YoU: Cou ld yo u rake a me ssage, p lease ? Si lO I': YOU:

Sure. Plea se tell him th at I bo ugh t an M P3 pl a yer a t sho p. It doe sn't wo rk a nd I wa nt my mon ey


hack. Ca n yo u ask him to ph on e me

0 11


'X'O.\IAI' :

Thanks to yo u th e party wa s a g reat success. It was a plea sure.

O LD \'(TO .\lA~ :

4 Th ank s so mu ch for helping me wi th my homework. O LD ER .\lAN : N o prob lem . YOUNG WO.\ IAN:

S W O ~ tAN:


T ha nk s a lo t for dinner. Do n 't ment io n it.


Track 30

Hello ? CII IUS: Hi , it 's C h ris . Is Stcvc there? ST EVE'S SIST ER: No. He's out. Do yO ll wa nt hi m to ph on e yO ll ba ck ? C1IR IS: Ca n yo u tell him I wa nt th e ga me I len t h im hac k ? ST EVE'S SISTE R: Oh, her e he is. You ca n te ll him yo ur sel f. C Il RI\i: H i Stcv c. It 's C h r is. Liste n, ca n I have my ga me ha ck?



Track 27 BEEI'


Hi. This is Fra nccs . Can J spea k to C a rmen,

When will she be hack?


Yes, plea se . Tell her Fra nces ca lled . Ca n she meet me o uts ide the cinema a t 8.30, not at 8. I ca n't he th er e ea rlier.



That's right. Who's spea k ing p lease?

HEEl' f RANCE' :

OK . Thanks fo r yo ur hel p. Bye.

Track 28

I just want to say t ha nk yo u. Ct\ RI. : You're welcome.


No rea lly. You sa ved m y life. CA R I.: It wa s nothin g. J ANE : No reall y. Th ank s to yo u it w as a g rea t success. J AN E:


T hank s so mu ch fo r th e g reat D VD .

I lo ve it. I\ EEI' C


N o prob lem .

cl nE EI'

I'm so g lad yo u liked it.

Track 31



You 're welcom e.

YOU R .\10THER :

p lea se? FRAN C ES:


a It wa s aw fu l. So boring . It wa s slo w a nd reall y rom anti c a nd I d idn 't find it enjoy a ble a t a ll. b Wow! \X'h a t a great mo vie - it ha d lot s o f act io n a nd I found it so enjoya b le. It wa s reall y go od fun watching th e ca rs racin g t h ro ug h the streets of a la rge city. c It was so sca ry ! I had to close m y eyes most o f th e tim e. Ther e wer e th ese people k illing o the r pe ople - it wa s so vio lent.

cl I lov ed it! It wa s so fun ny - I la ug hed fro m beg inni ng to end. These mov ies are so enjoyab le. I w ish there

were mo re mo vies like th is onc. T,ack 32

a H ave yo u see n ' Da ys of Lau ghter ' ? HEEl'


b Ha ve you seen ' N ight of th e Z o mbie Killers' ? UE EP

c Ha ve yo u see n 'T he Lon g Hot Summer'? BEEP

d Ha ve you seen 'T he New York Race' ? BEEP

Ce rta inly sir. Ca ll I ha ve your c red it ca rd number? M A N : Yes. It's 64 75 7564 .. .. REC EPT ION IST:

Track 35 .\ IAI': :

.\ IA:"::

Ans C ine ma . Ca n I help you ? .\1A:'\:: Yes please . I'd like some tickets fo r 'T he Cuba file', please . For toda y. \'('O.\ I:\:,\:: OK. \X'ha t time do yo u want to see th e film? .\I:\S : Six twenty. \'('0.\ 1.-\:": And how man y t ickets wo uld yo u like ? .\I :\S: Two , please. \'('0.\ 1.-\;-':: \Vhere wou ld yo u like to sit? .\I:\S: Co uld we ha ve a n a isle sea t at th e back ? \'I:'O.\ IA:-':: Yes, I think I ca n do th at. Ca n yo u give me yo ur cred it ca rd number ? .\ IAN: Sure . It's 4552 . \X' O.\ IAN: O K sir, the pay ment's gone through . Come along t 5 minutes befo re the perfor ma nce sta rts and yo ur tickets will be here. .\I AN: G reat. \'('O.\I A N: Is t her e a nything else I ca n do for yo u. .\IA N : No thank s, t hat's a ll. Goodbye.


Track 34

Murra y's Restaurant here. W" \l AN: Hello . I'd like to bo ok a ta ble, please. .\ IAN : Certa inly. \Vhat day is t ha t for? \\;'O.\ IAN : Next \'Vedn esday, please. .\I A S : Sure. And ho w many people is that fo r? \'('O.\ IAS : Ju st for two. .\IA:'\': Tw o peopl e on \'Vednesday. OK, a nd wh at time were you think ing of? \\;'O .\I A I" : 8 o 'clo ck. .\ IA~ : 8 pm . Right. And wh at's your nam e? \\;'O.\I.-\I" : Jenn ifer Healey, .\ IAS : OK, M s Healey, Next Wednesday at 8 o'clock , ta ble for two. WO.\ I.-\!': : T hank yo u very muc h. .\ I AN :

T he Garden H ot el. Ca n I hel p you? .\ tAN : Yes, I'd like a roo m for two night s, please. RECFP TlOI"IST: Two nig hts? Is th at fo r to night? .\ I AS : Yes, to night a nd tomorrow night. RECEPT I" "'I ST: I'm af ra id th e hotel is full ton ight. .\IA :-.;' : O h dear. \Vhat a bout tomorrow? RECEPT IO Ni ST: \'Ve ha ve o ne room avai lab le to mo rrow. t-oIA N: OK , ca n I book that room, plea se? RECEPTIONIST :

Mu rra y's Restaura nt here.


Track 33 \'('O.\I,\:,\::


.\ IA~ :

Ce rta in ly. \'Vha t da y is th at fo r? Sur e. And how many peop le is tha t for?


O K, an d w hat tim e were yo u th ink ing of?

BEEP .\IAN: Right . And what's yo ur name?

BHP .\IA!"': O K. Your tab le is booked . BHI' R E CEI'Tl O ~I ST:

Th e Gar den Hotel. Ca n I help you?



Is that fo r ronigb r?

n EE!'


I'm a frai d the hot el is full tonight.



We have one room a va ilabl e to morrow.



Ce rta inly sir. Ca n I ha ve yo ur cred it ca rd

number. BEEP Track 36

a \Vhy don 't you let me ca rry yo ur bags? T hey a re very hea vy. T hank s. b I do n't think I ca n reach the butt on . Allow me. I' ll press it for you.

c \'Vo uld you like some help wit h your hom ework ? No, t hanks. I can do it by myself.

d Ca n I help you to finish those forms ? Than ks. I need to get hom e ea rly to night .

e Sha ll I mak e you so mething to ea t ? Don't wo rry ab out it. I'm fine. I arc a bout an hour ago . Track 37

Co nversation a \X'O ~IA N : Would you like me to help yo u with dinner ? .\ IA N : T hanks. T hat would be grea t. Ca n yo u cho p th ose o nion s?



Conversatio n b YOUNC ~1r\N: You loo k tired . H o w about if I mak e y o u a nice Clip of rea ? 0 1 () I.:\J)Y: T ha nks, dea r, bur I'm fine. I'll have so me rea later. Conversat ion c 01 n ~l;\:'\: I ca n't ope n thi s door. YO U;\<.. ~I:\~ : Allow me. It is very heav y. Co nversa tio n cl yotJi':(; \'('O~I ..\ S' : W hy don't yo u do th e first pan of th e rea din g and I'll do th e seco nd parr, so we sa ve tim e ? vou:«: \\:\;-..: : Sure. 1['5 about 100 pages a ltoge the r. Conversation e YOU;-';C \,\'0\1.\:-': : Ca n I help yo u to do the sho pping? OLD \,\'0\1:\:" : Don't wo rr y a bo ut it. I onl y need to get a few things.

Usua lly peo ple who ha ve hobbi es have so me kind of ab ility for the thi ng th ey like to do, but not a lwa ys. KR ISTlNA : \'Vhat do yo u mean by 'a bility '? ELl.IE : Ab ility means being able to do so mething, like an act ivity. KR ISTlK-\ : Acti vity? \'Vhat 's tha t ? El.L1F.: An activity is so mething yo u do . t\R ISTlNA : \''lo\'.:! I need a dict io nar y. T hen I co uld find th ese wo rd s for mysel f. H ow do yo u say "find o ur so met hing for yo urself? HUE: D isco ver, Yes, I think yo u need a dict ion ar y, Krist ina.


Track 41 AB BY:


Tn>ek 38


a DAD : \X'ould yo u like me to help yo u, so n?




I reall y don 't like parties.


1> . 11> : O h, OK .


YOUN(; .~ I:\N :

Wow ! What a mess! How a bo ut if wc help you to get the room rea dy?



C H R1S:

YOUN(j ,\ IAN :

Right. OK.

Track 39

W ha t arc yO ll going to do w hen yo u lenvc school? j AK F. : I'm going to stud y crim inology a t univ ersity. RAC I-lEI.: Crim ino log y? What's that? j AK E: Oh , it's th e stu dy of a ll things connected with crime an d crimina ls. KAC H FL: Oh, that so unds int eresting. So are yo u going to be so meo ne who goes to co urt ? \'Vha t do yo u ca ll it? j:\ KE: A bar rister ? R:\U IH : Oh yes, that 's it. A barrister. j:\KE: No , I'm not go ing to be a barri ster. I'm goi ng to be a crim ino logy teacher. \X'hat about yo u ? \X'hat ar c you go ing to study ? RAC IIH : I'm nor sure yet. RAUIEI. :

Track 411 KRISTINA:

Ellic, what does ' ta lent' mean?

Oh, it means so mething that yo u are good at. KRlSTlNA: OK, I understand . Like I hav e a talent for sing ing? I' L. UI': That's right. KKlST INA : And what do yo u ca ll it whe n yo u like doing so mething, even if yo u are not go od at it ? EI. UE : You mea n, like a ho bb y? K1USTl NA: Yes, a hobb y. EU IE:

Shy ? Are yo u shy? You mean , it frightens yOll. That's stra nge, becau se yo u' re very popula r.


It's w hen a lot of people like yo u.

BE EP onu s: Oh, yo u mea n whe n peo ple pay yo u a lot of atte ntion . BEEI' Track


:\:\'I'E: Can I as k you som ething?

Sure. A!'NE: \'Vha t's the best film yo u'v e eve r seen ? CATH: That's diffi cult. ANNE : Sorr y. ClTH : No, that's all right. The hest film ? I think it's Th e Usual Suspects. I saw it o n TV last week. Wh at a bo ut yo u? ANNE : That's easy . Jaws. You know, th e o ne w ith th e grea t wh ite shark. CATH : Yes, I liked that too . ANS'E: I've seen it about fiftee n tim es! CATH:

Track 43 IAY:--': E: What's the most deli cious meal you 've ever

eaten? I'll have to think . j AYK E: Ta ke your tim e. DAVlf) : It was th e mea l my mum coo ked for my eig htee nt h birth day . j AYN E: What d id she cook ? DAVID: She mad e roast chicken w it h roa st poratoes and g ravy. I>AVJ[) :


j AY NE: That so u nds nice. IMVJI) : Yes, everyo ne loved it!

MARIA: No, I' m no t. I'm study ing psych ol ogy.

Track 44

Track 48

w0 1\lAN: \X!h i.H was th e most deli cio us m ea l yo u ' ve ever

JACKlE: Re member r told yo u that so mething st ra nge once happen ed to mc ? RONN IE: Yes, I rem ember. \'(Ihat is it ?

ea te n ? HEEl' 1\IAN: \'<'110 coo ke d it? BE EP

MAN: \'<'ha t did tha t perso n "o r peopl e' cook? BE EP

T.-ack 45

CHA RLES: I' ve just sta rre d go ing to a new gym . MARTlNA: O h, reall y ? M e too. W hich gy m ? CHA RLES: It's ca lled ' Get Fit ' . 1\ IA RTINA: That 's m y gym too . 1 lo ve ir. CIIAR LES: SO do I. But I don 't like the tra iner. .'vlA RTINA: Neit he r d o I. H e's u n frien d ly, but I feel g reat . CHAR I.ES: r don't. I' ve onl y been twice. ;,\IARTINt\: SO have I. I just do n't have t he ti me . CHA RLES : Ne it he r d o I. I'm real ly bu sy at wo rk . ~ IA RTlNA : So a m I. I ca n' t go to th e gym to da y. CHA RLES : I ca n 't go eithe r. I have to work late. .\IARTlNA: I need m ore time off. I ha ve to ta lk to my boss. CI IA RLES : SO do I! If we want to ge t healthy, we' ll need to go to th e gy m mo re than o nce a we ek! Track 46

RI CHARD: I ne ed to wear g lass es. 1. I ca n't read th e newspaper ver y well. RI CHARD: Ne it he r ca n I. It gi ves me a headac he . ALlCE: M e too! Bur I don't know a ny goo d opt icia ns. AUCE : SO d o

RICHARD : Ne it he r d o I, but m y siste r knows on e. ALlCE: T hat's good . Can you g ive me th e name w he n yo u' ve as ke d her? RI CHAR D: Sure. I need to ha ve m y eyes tested soo n . ALlCE : I do, too. C a ll me to nigh t, I' m not go ing o ur. RI CHAR D: I'm not eit he r. I' ll ca ll yo u arou n d sev en. ALlC E:

O K. Thanks.

T.-ack 47 ~ I ARI A :

Hi, m y name's Maria Smith.


j ACKI E: Well ... It happened abour two yea rs ago. I went our fo r the nig ht and I go t hom e late. RONNIE: Uh-h uh. j ACKIE: Well, as I w as go ing up th e stairs r hea rd our dog, Rex, bark ing. RONNIE: Yeah? JACKlE: I was sur p rised becau se he'd been rea lly sick. RONN IE: T hat 's stran ge. JACKlE: So, an yw ay, I went to bed and in th e night I hea rd him in my room . RONNI E: An d ho w d id he seem ? JACKlE: H e see me d fin e, just like hi s o ld self, so I felt

rea lly happy. RONNIE : SO what happen ed then ? JACKlE: Well, I wok e up in the m ornin g a nd I lo o ked o u t of the window, and I Si.1 W him pla ying and th en he d isa ppeared into so me bu sh es. RONNIE: T hen wh at happened? JACK lE: So th en I went down stai rs a nd gave h im so me food because hi s bowl wa s em pty. RONNIE: Right. j AC" IE: J ust as I wa s ha vin g br eakfast t he phone ra ng and it wa s m y mother. " W he re a re yo u?", I sa id . "Rex is much better now, bur wh en I go t up t he re was no fo od in his bo w l." And, yo u' ll never guess what she sai d ... RO N NIE :

What? Wh at did she say '

j ACKIE: She sa id , "What a re you talking a bo ut ? We 'r e at th e vet 's su rge ry a nd Rex ha s just died ." RONNIE: That's impossibl e ! .J ACK lE: So I argu ed with her and the n ran to find Rex . RONNIE: And? .l ,\CKI E: H e was go ne. T he hou se wa s empt y and he wasn 't outside eit he r. RONNIE: Wow! That's weir d.


Track 49

:YIA RI A: Oh rea lly? W her e are you from? BEEP \ -IA RIA : NIe to o ! Where do yo u live?

.lA NE: SO, let me tell you about wh at happen ed a t th e airport.


j ANE: Well, I arrived ea rly to chec k in .



.\tARIA: So do I. Are yo u married ?



.l ANE: And then I went to ge t so me th ing to ea t .


.\ IARIA : Ne ithe r a m L What d o you do?



j ANE: W h ile I wa s ea ting a sa nd w ich I heard so me o ne

,\ lARIA: I'm a st ude n t, too . W hat a re yo u stu dying?


Uh -huh .

screa rn!



T hen w hat ha p pened? J:\ N F: \Vell. I ran to w here I hea rd the sc rea m. ROlm I E: Yeah? RO HIUE:


And, you'll never guess wha t?

W ha t? J Ai\'F : T here was nobod y there . ROBB IF : Th at 's we ird ! \X!har happened next ? j .., ,, , : Well, I looked and lo o ked eve ryw here fo r the person in rrouble. ROB HIE:



.lANE: I never found anything. And do yo u kn ow wh at

was the worst thing? ROBIHE:

\'Vha t ?

I missed t he plane, becau se I was loo king for the person who screa med.




Track 50 .lANE: SO, let me tell yo u a bour w hat happen ed at the

ai rpo rt . BH P J ANE:

Well, I a rrived ea rly to check in.


l ANE: And the n I went to get so mething to eat . HFU'

It\NE: W hi le I w as ea ting a sa nd w ich I hea rd

someo ne screa m! BEEI'

J A N E:

\Vell, I ra n to w here I hea rd th e sc ream.


And, you' ll never guess what!

BEEP j A:-J E:

T here was nob od y the re.


JA"E : Well, I lo o ked a nd loo ked everywhere for th e

person in tr ouble. BEEI'

I never foun d a nyt hing. And do you know wha t wa s the wo rst thing?

jA:--:E: BHP

I missed the plane, beca use I was looking for the perso n who screa med .



Answer keg Unit 1 Vocabulary 1 ;.1 pos t office b car hire c cash d ispenser cl po lice sta tion c tra vel agent f pet ro l sra ion g shoppi ng cent re h bu s stop 2 a pho ne bo x b car park c ro ad signs cl tea bag c traffic lights f letter bo x g undergro und stat io n h cricke t mat ch 3 a a phrase book b a hotel ro o m C a sun ha t cl sun glasses c a pocket calc ula to r f a sleeping bag g a guide boo k h a video ca me ra 4 a a boo k shop b a chicken sa nd wich c a m usic sho p cl a frui t cake c a choco late biscu it f a rea cup g a na rmc hai r h a new spa pe r i a car pa rk i a concert tic ket Functions Back ground informa tio n Mar bella is a seas ide town o n the so ut h coast of Spain. It is a very pop ula r destin a tio n for Euro pea ns see king sunsh ine a nd beaches. D ublin is t he cap ita l o f t he Irish Rep ub lic. It is a cos mo pol ita n city a nd it ha s ma ny m use ums, ga ller ies a nd other places o f interest. 2 Samp le a nswe rs: Fra n, Pict ur e A: she likes lying on the beach. Sonia: Picture B: she likes sig htseei ng a nd lea rn ing a bo ut d ifferent cu ltures . 3 a rela xing b chea per c interesting cl sunnie r 4 a D ublin b You w in . S Ask ing a bo ut pr eferen ces: 50 w hich is better, then ? W ha t's tha t? Expressing p refere nces : ..... def in itely. I'd rat her ... . I like . 1 like bette r tha n .... 6 a \X!h ich do you prefer? b I pr efer c I'd rat he r d Wo uld yo u rathe r

Unit 2 Vocabulary 1 Sample answers : ;.1 a bow l o f so up h a slice o f brea d c a cup o f rea d a drop o f lemon ju ice c a jug of or a nge juice a pinc h of sa lt g a spoon ful o f suga r h a glass of milk

2 3


a p iece - of fur niture, of ho mew o rk, of adv ice, of infor ma tio n, of clot hing, of news. a pieces of ho mewo rk b piece of news c piece of furn it ure cl piece o f ad vice e piece o f inform at io n f piece of clothi ng a a bowl of sou p b a cu p of tea c a drop o f lem on juice d a slice of brea d c a glass of o ra nge juice f a bowl o f ice crea m g a tab lespoon of cream

Functions a, e, d, b, c 2 a gym b o ils c massage d eyes c sheep 3 Got a ny ideas? H ow a bout... ? You call ... Yo u could ... Try ...

f sheep


Samp le answers:


Try a cup of wa rm milk before bed. b How abou t not ea ting too mu ch at night ? c Try not to wat ch television in bed . cl You co uld liste n to so me relaxing m usic. e H ow a bou t havi ng a long ho t bat h? You ca n go for a short wa lk. a Try stu dyi ng your notes. b You ca n / co uld do so me of the practice q uestio ns, to o . c You ca n !co uld do so me of the exerc ises in the book. a W ha t ca n I do b Try c can do d Got a ny c could



Unit: 3 Vocabulary a rea d a co m ic I a maga zine I a news paper I a repo rt I th e wea t he r forecast in the pape r b watch a pr ogra m me I t he new s I a report I the wea ther fo recast 0 11 te levision c listen to a pr ogra mme I the news I a report I t he wea ther forecas t on the ra d io 2 doc ume nta ry e soap oper a a ca rto on h ga me sho w c new s c rea lity show d sitcom (sho rt fo r sirua ticna l co me dy ) g ta lk show f




Answer key

Radio: pro gr amm e, station, present er, newsread er, disc jockey Televisio n: prog ramme, cha nnel, presenter, reporter, news reader, DJ, sta tio n News pape rs and magazines: article, headlin e, journa list Suggested answers a \'\Iell, you co uld read a newspape r, or listen to the news . b \'Vell, yOll could/ca n read a magazi ne. c \'\1ell, you can lcould watch television o r read a comic. cl \Vell. you canlco uld watch a film or read a magazi ne/boo k. c \'('ell, yO ll can/could listen to/wat ch the weat her forecas t. f \Vell, you ca nlco uld watch television , o r read a magazine o r listen to the radio . g \Vell. you canlco uld read an arti cle.



-l 5

a Bella b Fred c Belle d Bclla e Belle f Fred g Belle h Fred \Vays to say you like so mething: I fancy ... .(Be ca reful ! When this is followed by a verb, it req uires an - ing form.I I like (child ren).. I don't mind (child ren). I lo ve (anima ls). It's not that ba d . \Vays to say you do n't like something: T hat's not for me. I'm not keen on ... (animals), I can't sta nd (fast foo d places ). (Be ca reful! When this is followed by a verb , it req uires an-ing form .) a hate b dis like c not like cl like clove a do n't like b keen o n c hate d don 't (really) mind c lo ve f can't sta nd g fancy

Unit 5 Functions I Th ey arc ta lking ab out what ro watch 0 11 TV. Th ey do n' t ag ree. 2 a l.isa b j ane c Lisa cl Lisa c Lisa f j anc g j a ne h j anc 3 a 8b 3 c 6 d4 e 2 £ 5 g7 h i 4 Askin g for
Unit 4 Vocabulary a Job (count able) b work c job d job c jobs f job g work 2 a I b 4 e 5 d 3 < 6 £2 3 a works with b wo rk on c work for d wor k o ut c work as f working in 4 a job b wor k c wo rk d job c jo b, work 5 b in, with, out, as, teac her c in/fo r, o n, o ut, as, disc jockey d for, with , as, pest cont ro ller c fo r, with , on, as, roadie Functions I Th e ads the friends discuss are : Calling animal lovers, Burger Lad s and \X'a nted (babysitt ing).

Vocabulary a Airport: Picture 4 b Bus (Coach ) stat ion: PicrurcJ c Ferry terminal: Pict ure I d Ra ilway (underg ro und) sta tio n: Picture 2 2 In th e bus statio n: bays, harri er In the ferry termin a l: barr ier At the a irpor t: check- in desk, esca lato r, passport co ntro l In th e railwa y sta tion: ticket office, escalator, platform 3 a board b Tak e c Board d Go c lea ves f Tak e g leaves h Go i arrives i Change k change I Chec k-in 4 a esca lato r b plat form c tic ket d ai rpo rt c lift f boa rd g gate h barrier terminal j station 5 a ai r po rt b check-in desk c ticket d esca lato r c ter min al f gate g boa rded h a rrived i pass po rt co ntrol j luggage k rook I taxi Functions 1 a there b where c wait d by (nea r, at, next to ) c abo ut f goo d (possible) g Under h there 2 Asking for sugges tions: b, i, k. Mak ing suggestions: c, d , c, i, 1. O ffering alt ern at ives: g. Agreeing: a, f h. 3 a, h, d , f, c, g, e, b

Answer key



Sample answers

Unit: 7

a When shall we meet ? b Where is the best place to meet ? c I' ve got a better sugges tio n. W hy don't we meet at the resta urant at 8? cl T hat sounds gr eat . See yo u at 8, then.

Vocabulary 1 bowling, boxing, poo l 2 a go lf course b foot ball pitch c baseball field d bowling alley 3 a go lf course b box ing ring c ba seba ll field d poo l table e tenni s co urt f footba ll pitch g bow ling alley 4 a bowl ing/sa iling/sk ating b swim ming/s hopping/cycling c danci ng/ ro wing/bowling cl ba seball practice c ho rses/m otorcycles/a bicycle

Unit: 6 Vocabulary 1 a birth, b ch ildhood, c ado lescence (teens), roma nce, d edu cat ion, c adult hood , work , f marriage, g pa rent hood. 2 bir th : to be born, to ha ve a ba by ed ucat ion: to graduate from (high scho ol, uni versity ), to sta rt school work : to work as a (doc tor, programmer, erc. ], to get a job roman ce: to fall in love (with somebody ), to be keen on so meo ne marria ge: to get married, to ma rr y someone death: to die, to be dead after tha t. 3 a had b started c was keen cl gradua ted from c got f worked as g fell in love h ma rried i go t ma rri ed j dead k d ied 4 a was born on b sta rted schoo l, gra d uated from c ma rr ied, got married d got a job, worked as c is no w dea d, died Functions 1 a

2, 3 Mak ing comments: b, a I know what yo u mea n. Excla mat ions: e, d, c H ow funny !, Wow!, Really?, No t, You'r e joking! 4 a How funny ! b I know what yo u mea n. I know the feeling. T ha t so unds fam iliar. c Oh, no ! Uh, oh. d Wow ! Really? No! You're jo king! O h, no ! c How stupid ! 5 a Let me guess ! You lost yo ur mobile aga in, righ t ? b T ha t's nice. e Uh, oh . d I know the feeling . So, buy her mor e flowers. c T hat sounds fa miliar! 7 a Let me guess ! Yo u lost yo ur glasses aga in . b That's kind. c H ow stu pid ! Buy her another ca ke! d I know the feeling!


f football/go lf a tennis co urt b football pitch c box ing ring d golf co urse e bowli ng alley f baseball field g pool ta bles

Functions 1 a to co me b a boat c I know d bro ken a rm e That 's why f do g Why not h crazy a bout i very good 2 a Do yo u fancy go ing rowing ? b Do yo u wa nt to go rowi ng? c H o w a bout go ing row ing? d \X1o uld yo u like to go row ing? 3 Saying yes: I' d love to . T har wo uld be great. W hat a fantastic idea ! Wh y not? Yes, O K, Yes, pleas e. No w yo u're ralking! No t sure : I'd love to, bur ... I'm not really sur e. Per hap s. Saying no: I' d rat her not. No, tha nk s.

4, 5 a bowling, no (I' d love to, but I can' t.] h 1 to the cine ma, no t sure (I' m not sur e.), 2 for a pizza, yes (T ha t wo uld be great. ) c I to dinner tonig ht, no (I'd rather not. ], 2 to d inner on Friday, not sure (I' m nor really sure. )

Unit: 8 Vocabulary 1 a pro ud b nerv ous c ha ppy d sad e excited f a ng ry g frightened h in love i jea lo us 2 Posirive feelings : to be/feel happy, p rou d, excited, in love Negative feelings: to belfeel sad, angry, nervous, frigh tene d, jealo us 3 ha ppiness - ha ppy sadness - sad nervousness - nervo us exciteme nt - exc ited amuse men t - a mused disappo int me nr - d isa ppo inted anger - a ngry pride- pro ud jea lousy - jealous Two commo n end ings for these no uns: -eness, - mcnt



Answer key

a sad b nervous c proud cl happy e excited/nervous f angry g jealous h excited

Functions 1 a Dialogue I - picture cl b Dialogue 2 - picture a c Dialogu e 3 - pict ure b cl Dialogue 4 - pict ure c 2 I apologise. Sorry! I' m sorry that yo u wa ited so long. I didn't mean to upse t yo u. Apo logy acce pte d.

That's OK, 3 4

Do n't worry about ir. a Conversatio n: 2 b Con versatio n: 1 a I'm so rry you waited so long. b I said I'm so rry. c I didn't mean to upset you. cl I a po logise for being late . e I'm so rry. so rry.

Unit: 9 Vocabulary 1 a (socket ) 4 b (hea dset) S c (power butto n) 3 d (plug) 1 e (vo lume co ntrol) 2 f (o utput) 6 2 The phrasal verb can appear at the sta rt o f th e sent ence, or the preposition ca n appear on its own at the end of the sentence. 3 Plug in the TV, the computer, the headset, the light , the radio switch onloff the TV, the co mputer, the light, the ra dio turn on/off the TV, the co mp ute r, the light, the rad io turn upldown the TV, the radi o, the volume 4 a Turn do wn the vo lume . b Tu rn up the volume. c Turn on the rad io/Tv, d Switch o n the light. e Turn down the volume. Plug in the TV, g Switch o n the power button. S a 7 b 3e l dSe6 f 4 g2 6 a Put th e headset on. b Switch the light off when you go . c Turn the vo lume up. d Turn the TV o n. e Turn the comp uter off when you finish. f Plug the pri nter in before yo u use it. g Pick the pho ne up. 7 a turn u p

b c cl e f g

turn off switch on turn it on put on plug in switch on 1 turn up

Functions Dialogue a : 6, 2, 1, 4, 5, 3 Dialogue b: 1,4, 5, 2, 3, 6, 7 2 O ffering help , Ca n I help you? Ca n I rak e a message ? (Fo rma l) Do yOll want me to say you ca lled? (Info rma l) M ak ing a requ est: Cou ld yo u tell Mr Rose tha t Harr y Parker ca lled ? (Fo rmal) (Can yo u tell her to call me?) not in dialogues but an informal requ est to add to the chart if wanted Asking to speak to so meo ne: Co uld you put me through to Mr Rose? (Forma l) Is Milly there? (Info rma l)


Sample answers Could yo u pur me through to the mana ger, please? T his is . .. . Could you tak e a message , please? Please tell him that . .. 4 T he manager Sreve is o ur. S a Hello? Best Elect ro nics. H i. It's Chris. b Co uld yo u pu t me through to the manager, please? c Would you like to hold ? Sorry, his line's engaged Unit Ul

Vocabulary 1 a cash b credit card c receipt d to the shops e cheque f gold watch g shop assi stant h w rapping up i unwrapping 2 a 12 b 10 e I I d 8 e 6 fIg S h 3 i 7 j 2 k 4 19 3 a Lucy went to the sho ps. b She was look ing for so methi ng for her friend Peter. c She chose a go ld wa tch. d, e She did n't pa y hy cheq ue/She didn 't pay in cas h. f She paid by credit car d . g T he shop ass istant wrapped up the watch. h She as ked fo r a receip t. She ga ve the wat ch to Peter. J Peter unwrapped the present. k La ter; Peter took th e watch back to the sho p. I He cha nged it for so mething else. 4 a gave b cha nge c ch ange d ch ange e receipt f receipt g receipt h cha nge Functions



Arrswer key





say th an k yo u b welcome c saved my life nothing c a great success f Well, that's for everythin g It' s just what I wan ted . [21 b It 's rea lly kind of yo u. [l , 2, 3 J c M any thanks for (the present / helping me do ing the sho pping). [1, 2 or 31 cl Thank yOll for all yo ur help / everything you've done for me. 11 & 3] e T hank you so much for ...ing. [1 & 3J f T ha nks a 10r. [1,2, 3J g T han ks to you the ... was a great success. l3] h You saved my life! Th ank s. [31 a It's just what I wa nted. I'm glad yo u like it. b T hank yo u for a ll yo ur help . You' re welcom e. c T ha nks to yo u the party was a great success. It was a pleasure. cl T han ks so mu ch for helpin g me with my hom ewor k. No problem. e T hanks a lot for di nner. Do n't mention it. a4 b5 c3 d I e2

i I'm

a d g a


so rr y sir. Th e hotel is full on March 19th. Gett ing a cred it card number: Can yo u give me yo ur credit car d number ? Saying what the custo mer sho uld do : Co me along 15 min utes before the per forman ce sta rts . Endin g the con versat ion: m We look forward to seeing yo u on T hurs day. Describin g wh ere: a at the front c in the middl e somew he re k not too near the bac k. Co nversa tion 1 b, i, d, g, j, a, f, e, b, c Co nver sat ion 2 i, e, 1, i, k, b, g, h, f, d, a, c

Unit 12 Vocabulary 1 Verbs clon e pro tect coo k move defend

N ouns clone protection coo king movement defence

Unit 11 Vocabulary 1 Pho tograp h b 2 a rev iew b cur tain c bor ing cl slow e clap ped f perform ance g stage h book ed mo ving 3 a review b boo k c stage cl audience c curta in f play g cia pped h perfor man ce 4 Co nversatio n a : 3 Co nversati on b: 4 Co nversa tio n c: I Co nversatio n cl: 2 Functions 1 a What time do yo u want to see the film ? b how many tickets wou ld you like? c W here wo uld yo u like to sit ? d Can you give me yo ur cred it ca rd number ? c Is there an yt hing else I can do for yo u ? 2 O ffering a service: Ca n I help yo u? Say ing what yo u want: e I'd like a roo m for two nights f I' d like to boo k a table. Asking for deta ils: b How man y peopl e is th at for ? Wha t dates a re yo u thinking of ? a When is that for ? Saying it is po ssible / not possible: cl I think we can do th at, T hat 's fine, g I'm afra id that th at perform ance is so ld out, h I' m afraid th ere aren't any tickets left fo r th at per fo rmance, i I'm afraid we' re full to morrow,

2 3 4



N ouns em ploy ment plant interest inspiration destruction a mo vement e interests f a intere sted e speeches g XXXX discover inte rest destroy en vironment

Adjectives emplo yed , unemployed plante d interested inspir ed destro yed b inspirat ion c cooking cl plants employ ment g destro yed h move b mo ve c protects d activist insp iration h marri ed scient ist / science scien tific discovery disco vered int erest int erested (in ) destr uction destro yed enviro nment / enviro nmenta l enviro nment ali st plant p lant planted protecti on pro tecte d protect ma rr y marn age married mo ve movement mo ved/movi ng active act/activate activist a science, en viron mentali st b enviro nmental c destr uction , enviro nment cl plant e discov ery f mo vements, protect g married , marria ge

Functions l a 3b 4 c Sd le2 2 a at the su perma rket (mentio ns ' bags' and 'h ea vy' ) b in a lift {mentions 'press ing the butt on ' c at schoo l (mentions ' homewo rk ' ) d at the o ffice (mentions 'ge tt ing home early') c at ho me (ta lks a bou t ' ma king so mething to ca t')



Answer k"y

Offering help : \'\fhy don 't you let me .. ?


y O ll

like some help .. ?

Ca n I help yo u ... ? Sha ll ) ... ? Allo w me. Accepting help : Tha nk you. Tha nk s. Refu sin g hel p: Do n' t worry abo ut it. I' m fine.

No than ks. I can do it by myself. 4

a \'<'ould yo u like, would be, Ca n yo u b How abo ut, T han ks c Allow me cl \Vh y don 't, Sure c Ca n I, Do n't wo rry

Unit: 13 Vocabulary I a Emi ly b Abi gail c Ba rry cl Ma tt c M a rissa f Phi ) 2 a spo rty b understa ndi ng c pra cti ca l cl soc ia ble c co n fide nt f cre ative g a rtistic h logical 3 a 7 b 6 e s d2 05 f4 g 3 h i 4 a green fingers b practical c ar tistic cl crea tive c socia ble spo rty

Functions 1 i, e, g, c, f, h. 3, d, b 2 a mean b mea ns c ca ll cl m ean c mean f \X!h a r's g sa y

3 Sample answ ers

4 5

a do, mean b th a t c do es, mea n cl do you say c do yo u call it a 4b 5c 2 d l 0 3 a W hat do yo u ca ll it b Wh at do you ca ll it c Wh a t do es t ha t mean cl H o w do yo u say thi s

Unit: 14 Vocabulary 1 a min ute b tiny c small d big c la rge f enormous g huge h gig a nt ic 2 a lo w - hi gh , na rro w - wide, sho rt - tall h ta ll, hig h




c d c a

high, lo w lo ng, wid e, narrow, deep, sha llow lo ng, w ide , high. 10\ v la rge b eno rmous c m in ut e d tin y e big f gigantic g sma ll h huge a m in ute b tin y c sm a ll d big c large f huge g eno rm o us h gigantic a sha llow b wid e c high d wide e ta ll f deep

Functions 1 a so met hi ng b sure c film cl di ffic ult e righ t f th ink g abo ut h know i too 3 a Wh at's t he most bea uti ful t hing you've ever seen? b What's th e most del iciou s food yo u've ever eaten I had ? c W ha t's the most boring ho o k you've ever read ? cl W ha t's th e mo st frigh ten ing ex pe rience yo u've eve r had ? c W hat's th e bes t co nce rt yo u've eve r been to I seen? f \'Vhat 's th e wo rst food yo u've eve r ea te n I ha d? g W ha r's th e ugliest th ing you've eve r see n? 4 a Take your ti me . b Th at so unds nice. c She ma de ro a st chicken wit h gravy a nd roast po ta toes . d I' ll ha ve to t hink. c Yes, everyone lo ved it! \X!ha t' s t he most deliciou s mea l yo u' ve eve r ea ten ? g What did she coo k ? h It wa s the mea l m y mum coo ke d for my eig htee nt h birthda y. S f. d, a. h, g. c, b, e

Unit: 15 Vocabulary a for ehead b brain c ha ir d chin e neck f lips g rccth h to ngue i nostri l j ear lo be k eye bro w I eye ba ll m eyela she s 2 a mo uth . lips, teeth (eyes) b lips, to ngu e, teeth c m ou th. lips , d eyelas hes. eye e eyeli d f br a in (senses) g ea rs, h ears, eyes , eyeba lls, J no se. no st rils. k tongu e, 3 a eye b ro w bli ps c eye bal l d ha ir e neck f tooth g m ou th h brain i ea rlo be j to ng ue k nostril 1 eyelas hes 111 fo reh ead n chin 4 a teeth b ea rlo bes c eye lashes d nost rils c ch in fl ips g hair h fo reh ead i eye brows j eyeballs k to ng ue I nec k m brai n

Answer key

Functions I a to o b to o c So d N either e So f Ne ither g So h eithe r i So 2 a Borh b Borh c Borh cl ~ I e Borh f Both g Both h Bo th i Both 3 Affir mativ e: J lo ve my gym . So do I. J do, too . •\ le too . I'm VCr)' health y. So am I. I am, too . •M e to o . Nega tive: J don't do much exe rcise. Nei ther do I. I do n't , either. I' m not very fit. Neither am I. I' m not eit her. 4 a So do I. b Neit her can I. c ,\ 1e too! cl Nei the r do I e I do, too. f I' m not eit he r. 5 Samp le a1lswers a So is C iaire's. Cla ire's is, too . b So is Maria . M aria is, too . c So is C lnire. I C lai re is, to o. d Maria isn't. e Ne ither is C laire. I Claire isn't, either. So do es Cluire. I C lai re do es, to o. G .1 to o b So am I c Me too . d no t c Neither am f r ill a stu dent , too g too h I'm not

Unit 16 Vocabulary 1 words to describe things tha t frighten you: cree py, scary, weird words to descr ibe things that a rc unusua l: strange, fa ntas tic, od d, unus ual, we ird, funn y, un believable, incred ible, amaz ing words to describe things that a re good: wo nderful, inc redib le. fant astic, grea t, unbelievable, ama zing 2 a funny, wo nderful, incredib le, fant astic, great, amazing b stra nge, odd, unu sual, funn y c wo nderful, incre d ib le, fantastic, grea t, am az ing cl creepy, scary e creepy, sea ry stra nge, odd, unu sual, we ird, funn y g stra nge, odd, un usua l, weird, funn y h strange, odd, unusua l, weird, funny wonderfu l, incredi ble, fant ast ic, great , a mazin g J a stra nge, wei rd, un believable, odd b strange, odd, unus ua l, weird , funny c wo nde rfu l, incre dible, fanrasric, great, amazing, strange, odd, unu sua l, weird, funn y (depends o n whether you th ink it is good o r stra nge to travel in time) d creepy, scary, frightening c creepy, scary, fright ening f wo nderful, incred ible, fantastic, great, amaz ing


g wo nderfu l, incr ed ible, fant astic, great, terrific, a ma zing, strange, odd, un usual, wei rd, funny (de pends on the ca r!) h creepy, sca ry, frighten ing Functions 1 a 2 b 6 c 5 dl e 4 f 3 2 Uh-huh. Yeah? Righ t. \'Vhat? \Vha t d id she say? That's impo ssib le! Th at's st ra nge. And ? \'(lo \\"! T hat 's weird . Th en what happe ned? 3 Th ings to show th e spea ker that you a rc paying attent io n: d, c, i- p, m, a Asking q uestio ns: b. f. e Reactin g to what the speaker says : g, h. i, k, I, 11 , 0 4 a Uh-huh.

b c cl e f

Righr. Uh-huh. Th en what hap pened ? Yeah ?


g That's weird. \'{lhat happened next ?

h And ?

Whar? Wow !





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