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Scope and sequence Unit New words and page speaking 1

At the castle action verbs

24 2

In Biffo's garden playground equipment

32 3

Pirate Jack sports and hobbies

40 48 4

A fantastic shop


Pirate Jack is on TV time phrases

58 6

Who is the winner? parts of the body

66 74 7 76 8

A trip in a balloon food, drink and containers

Look at the animals!


Look! The sea! sea creatures

92 100 10

The island


The boat regular action verbs

110 12

Welcome home! food and drink

118 126

He's washing the steps. Are they holding lights? Yes, he is. No, she isn't.

W hat's he doing? W hat are you doing? W hat are they doing?

finding the same item

W hat's this / that? W hat are these / those? That's my swing.

These are my books and this is my pencil case.

finding a different item

1like basketball. Dan likes basketball. They like bananas.

Do you like bananas? Yes, 1do. No, 1don't.


Does she like the dress? Do they like the hat? Yes/No, they do/don't.

Do you like tennis? Yes, we do.


1get up at six o'clock. In the morning she plays tennis.

W hat's the time? W hat time do you get up?


This is his /her hand. W hat colour are their noses?

Whose jacket is this? It's Ben's jacket. Are these your pens?


There's water in the jug. There are sandwiches on the plate.

1always eat fruit. 1sometimes eat crisps 1never drink milk.

abc order

Yesterday it was cold. He was cold. We were happy. They were hot.

W hat's the time? It's h alf past eight.

finding mistakes; abc order

The fish is next to / between / behind / in front of the boat.

There was a house. There were three birds.

sorting items into categories

1can see him / her / it. Can you hear me/ them / us?

Don't touch it. Don't go near it.

finding missing pictures; abc order

1walked on the sand. He pointed to a ship. They played in the sea.

First 1played football. Next 1helped Dad. Then 1watched TV.


He walked over/ under the bridge. He walked through / into the river.

Yesterday 1climbed a tree. Yesterday he visited his Grandma.

sorting; abc order

Revision 3 on the beach


Learning to learn (WB)

Revision 2

animals 9

Grammar in conversation

Revision 1 clothes



Revision 4

: eodmg



Writing skills (WB)

Class Composition

magic e words, a_e


capital letters for days of the week noun + plural es

a story with repeated language

* oytime : : ons of actions : : : c J a r y : action verbs

magic e words, i_e


cvc verbs + ing hop hopping

a description of outdoor activities

Vurn's birthday present

magic e words, o_e, и e, + ue

identifying; listening for gist

magic e verbs + ing a story from make making pictures

-at clothes do you like? Dtions of clothes : ; : i i ary: clothes

initial blends cl, ft, bl, pi

understanding questions

adjective / noun order

descriptions of children's clothes

- - astronaut in space --: rmation about a routine :aDulary: people in space

initial blends br, cr, gr, dr, tr


question words

an account of a routine

- f -- 5 the band! zoem : : ; . ary: instruments

initial blends si, sm, sn, sp, st, sw

identifying numbers


completing a poem

" -r months of the year . - _:' otions of weather : :3Dulary: the months

words ending understanding nd, nk, nt a description

capital letters for descriptions of months of the year weather

- .f ry funny monster! : -untasystory : ; :culary: objects in room

words ending Id, Ik, Ip, It

identifying pictures in a sequence

conjunction but

descriptions of fantasy creatures

77?e aquarium on email to a friend : :abulary: 60-100

vowel sound ее

understanding questions

personal pronouns

an email to a friend

Sea creatures '*ormation with labels . Dcobulary: sea creatures

long vowel sound oo


conjunction or

information text with labels

■r^ie jungle z ^ ary . ocobulary: ordinals

vowel sound ai


adverb too 1can run, too.

diary entries

■‘.hat food do you like? ~enus for different meals . -xabulary: food and drink

long vowel sound ea

a song with a chorus

a comma in a list

a party menu

•reek with Grandma and a story : : : _ r ry: days in a week

j ‘and pa

' : ' r ith familiar setting : :: ^ ary: handcraft




Dan and Lily’s fam ily and friends



Mr Goody

Mrs Goody





Mr Jolly Pirate Jack

Miss Silver

Princess Bella

King Tub

The Bodkins

Look and find the people. W hat are they doing?

Welcome Listen and read

What’s your name? л*r * My name’s Lily. This is my friend, Joe.


My name’s Lisa. What’s your name?

Remember! It's = It is

1 W h a t is it? 2 W h a t is it? 3 W h a t is it? 4 W h a t is it? Welcome Unit Revision

It Is a desk

Ask and answer. ’s a pencil case.

Ask and answer. Is it a rubber?

Is it a ruler?


No, it isn't.

Yes, it

2 « ^ ^ r u le r ? pencil case?


Write. 1

Isit a pencil?


Isit a rubber?


Isit a chair?


Isit a ruler?

Remember! it isn't = it is not

No, it is riot a peaciL

Revision Welcome Unit

Listen and read Good morning, Dan! Good morning, Lily! J

Good morning, Mr Jolly] How are you?

’m very well thank you. І How are you? Ж w We're fine, thanks


Remember! They’re = They are

1 W h a t are th ey? 2 W h a t are th ey? 3 W h a t are th ey? 4 W h a t are th ey? Welcome Unit Revision

are umbrella*

Ask and answer. What are they?

They’re kites.

Ask and answer. Are they cats?

Are they balls?

Yes, they are.

No, they aren’t.



Write. 1 Are they trains?

Remember! they aren’t = they are not

neu are riot trai

2 Are they boats? 3 Are they dolls?

4 Are they balls? Revision Welcome Unit

і Listen

and read.

Hi, I’m Lacy. I’m eight. f H

This is my father and this is my mother. \

my brother, Tom. He’s six. I \[V&\ This is my sister, Meg. She’s two.


Write the words. bedroom





living room

Remember! He's = He is

1 How old is Lucy? 2 How old is Tom? 3 How old is M eg? 4 How old are you? Welcome Unit Revision


She’s = She is •fie 15 SIX.


Г т = I am

Answer the questions. 1 How old is Meg? 2 How old is Lucy? 3 How old is Tom? This is my grandfather and my grandmother.

4 How old are you?


Ask and answer.

Where's Mum?

She's in the bathroom.


Grandma? 4



Write. 1 W here is Dad?

He is in tke llvirta room

2 W here is Mum? 3 W here is Tom? 4 W here is Lucy? Revision Welcome Unit

1 ф Listen and say





Count and write the numbers. M N

0°00 ) v







Ол о ° о о °


Write. 1 How many cats are th e re ? ___________________________ 2 How many flowers are th e re ?_______________________ 3 How many cakes are th e re ? _________________________ 4 How many insects are th e re ? ________________________ /elcome Unit R


: :.e r

twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen

Ask and answer How many bells are there? -Ms

There are thirteen bells

1 bikes.?

2 sweets?

3 dolls?

4 ice creams? 6 bananas?

Ask and answer What colour are the cats?


1 hats?

2 cars?

3 kites?

4 rabbits? 6 lamps?

Write. 1 W h a t colour are the cars? ___ 2 W h a t colour are the h a ts ?____ 3 W h a t colour are the bananas? 4 W h at colour are the lam ps?__ Revision Welcome I

А ВС D Е a b с d е 1 ® Listen and sing. Choose a letter. Find a word.




Write. 1 W here are the flo w e rs?___________ I k ey a re La th.e ju g 2 W here is the c a r ? ___________________________ __________ __ 3 W here is the fis h ?___________________________________ ______ 4 W here are the kittens? Welcome Unit Revision


N O P Q R S T U V W X y Z n . o p q , r s t u . v w x y z Ask and answ er. Where’s the car?


It’s under the chair.


1 book?

2 boy?

3 man?

4 flowers?

5 cat?

6 girl?

W h a t are th e y s a y in g ? I’ve got a rabbit. І

* * І д А J




W rite.

Remember! I’ve got = I have got


kave aot a dLoll.

1 о< © 2

3 4



* t' * #e . “П. Revision Welcome Unit

Look and listen.

Talk about the picture. Write

Remember! He’s got = He has got They’ve got = They have got not CL

Icome Unit Revisic


Point and say.

She’s gotacake.

They’ve got ice creams.

Ask and answer. Has he got a card?

Yes, he has. Ш

Have they got cakes?

No, they haven't.



:- h a ts?% 4

@ £ alloon? 'm m


Remember! hasn't = has not

haven't = have not \

1 Has he got a cake? 2 Has she got a lollipop? 3 Have they got presents? Q 4 Has he got a hat? evision Welcome Unit

Listen and read.

Look at the cat! It can jump! Look at me!

Look at the dog! It can run!

can fly!


boy can draw.

4 How about you?

ilcome Unit Revision

Match. <1



Open it!


, Listen!


Please, read! /




& і


. 'HB* .£>

' Tv ■

You can’t fly

Ask and answer. Can cats jump?

Yes, they can.

Can cats fly’


ж No, they can’t.

1 d o g s-ru n ?

2 ca ts- re a d ?

3 birds-sing?

4 ra b b its- fly ?

5 kittens - count?

6 frogs-jum p?

Remember! can't = cannot

1 Can the boy w alk? e V



No, ke caanot walk.

2 Can the old man run? • * 3 Can the girl read? 4 Can the boys fly? Revision Welcome Uni1


1 ® Look, listen and find the picture.

Talk about the pictures. Write. 1 W h a t is the w eather 2 W h a t is the weather 3 W h a t is the weather 4 W h a t is the weather

Ask and answer. It’s sunny.

What’s the weather like?

Point and say. Look at Lily in picture 1.

She’s reading. Ж

1 D an -p ictu re 4 2 Dan and Lily - picture 3 3 Lily - picture 4 4 Dan and Lily - picture 6 5 Biffo - picture 5 6 the birds - picture 2

Complete the sentences. 1 D a n ________Is ea tin g


2 L ily ____________________

a book quietly.

3 The birds______________


4 Biffo

an umbrella.

1 Listen and say




carry P T


nit 1lNev\rwords and speaking

Listen and redd Oh! Look! What are they doing? He’s cleaning the windows. He’s washing the steps. Are they holding lights? Yes, they are. He’s climbing a ladder. They’re carrying flowers. They’re beautiful! Look! There’s King Tub. Is he watching? Yes, he is. Oh! What’s this? Can you read it?

Listen and say

'"4/vfAction verbs Unit 1

Grammar Look!

He’s washing the car.

Point and say. carry clean climb watch read wash

Is he carrying an umbrella? ' IT*

Are they reading? )

Is she carrying an umbrella?

Yes, they are

No, they aren’t

Are they reading?

Ask and answer

read - book?

carry - two bags?

watch - TV?

clean - window?

Unit 1 He is/She is/They ore reading. Is he/ls she/Are they reading?

Grammar in conversation Look, listen and read.



Ш Ш Ш Look at picture A and count to five.

One, two, three, four, five.

Now cover your eyes. Remember the man! What’s he doing?

don’t know!

Remember the woman! What’s she doing?

can’t remember!

How about the children? What are they doing?

Umm ... Umm ...

Hey! What are you doing?

I’m looking at the picture again!

Listen and say. Now you! Whot is he/is she/are you/are they doing?

Unit 1


Reading ®







boxes lunch

A week with Grandm a and Grandpa It is Monday. Grandpa is picking beans. Amy and Sam are kelplng.

It Is Tuesday. Grandma Is wasklng carrots. Sam Is not wasklng tke carrots. He Is counting.

It Is Wednesday. Grandpa Is picking apples. Amy Is catching tke apples.

It Is Tkursday. Grandma Is cooking. Grandpa, Sam and Amy are carrying boxes.

It Is Friday. Sam Is brusklng tke steps. Amy Is carrying beautiful yellow flowers

It Is Saturday. Amy and Sam are not kelplng today. Tkey are waiting. A car Is coming.

It is Sunday. Grandpa, Grandma, Mum, Dad, Sam and Amy are eating lunck. Tkey are drinking orange juice. Tkere Is a big apple cake. Mmm! Delicious!

Unit 1 Reading: a story with repeated language

eading comprehension Read. Circle the correct ending. J It is Monday. Amy and Sam are picking



2 It is Tuesday.





4 It is Thursday. Grandma is



5 It is Friday. Amy is carrying beautiful



5 It is Saturday. The children are



7 It is Sunday. They are eating



Grandma is washing

3 It is Wednesday.

honics ф

Amy is catching

Look arid lister

cake Look and say. m



j* Listen, read and say. Make a cake, bake a cake, Carry the cake to Grandma. Eat the cake, finish the cake, Shut the gate for Grandma. Reading comprehension: cloze; Phonics a_e

Unit 1

Amy arid Sam are visiting Grandma and Grandpa.

Listening 1 Look!


2 ® Listen and write the letters. 1 _____

2 _____

3 _____

4 _____

5 _____


3 ф Listen again. 4 Tell the story! 5

Listen and sing. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

Unit 1 Sequencing

What’s the day today?


ass composition It is Monday. Sam Is carrying boxes. Read the words. eat







Look at the pictures. Write the story.

At hom e It is Monday._________ Amy Is picking flowers.

Class composition: a story with repeated language Unit 1

Listen and





Unit 2_ New words and speaking

2 ® Listen and read. Your garden is fantastic, Biffo. R p Wow! Look at these toys! That’s my swing and that’s my slide. They Ye great! Those are my (adders and those are my rings. Look at this roundabout. I can go round and round. Be careful, Dan! Щ Look at this, Biffo! (

Oh! King Tub's competition! IS r On Saturday! What can you do, Biffo?


|Щ Can you sing? ^

Can you dance? Can you walk on your hands? Hmm ... What can I do?


ф Listen and say

pment; action H rb s i Unit 21

■ М


Grammar 1 Look! It’s a swing.

What’s this?

What'. It’s a slide.

Ask and answer.

2 Look! What are these?

They’re balloons.

Ask and answer. 2

Unit 2 this, that, these, those

Grammar in conversation



pencil case





g) Listen and read.

What have you got in your school bag? Lots of things. Show me! OK. These are my books and this is my pencil case, ft —What have you got in your pencil case? I’ve got one pen and two pencils. What are these? They’re crayons. And what’s this? It’s a rubber. \ It’s funny!



Listen and say,


Now you! th/s, these

Unit 2

Reading ф





shout square circle


It is playtime.The children are in the playground.They are running and shouting. They are jumping and laughing.

These girls are holding hands. They are skipping round and round in a circle.They are singing. They are playing a game.

These children have got a ball.The girl is throwing the ball.The small boy is looking at it. Can he catch it? Unit 2 Reading: a description of actions

This girl is hopping on squares. There are numbers in the squares. There is a stone in one square. This is a game, too.

These children are sitting at a table. They are playing a game.Two friends are watching quietly. Can you play this game? W hat is it?

Reading comprehension 1 Read. Number the pictures. 1 These boys are sitting at a table

3 These girls are skipping 4 This boy is running 5 These boys are laughing 6 These girls are holding hands 7 This boy is throwing a ball 8 These children are jumping.

honics ф


Loo(c arid (isteri!

1 Look and n





2 ф Listen, read and say. I can ride a bike. I can count to nine. Ican write my name with the letters on the line. Reading comprehension; Phonics i_e

Unit 2


These children are in the park.

Listening 1 Look!

In the park

~л zJ

2 ф Listen, read and say. Sue


3 ф Listen and point. 4 ф Listen and write the names. 5 ® Listen and sing. Boys and girls! 1, 2, 3. Boys and girls! Jump like me! Jump! Jump! Jump like me! Boys and girls! 1, 2, 3!


Unit 2 Identifying

Class composition He Is I ing.

1 Look at the pictures. Write the story.

In the playground






have got

! Kese girls are sitting on ike swings. TKey are laughilng .oudlu.____________________






round and round

Writing: a description of actions Unit 2

, Listen and say






Unit 3lNevvwords and speaking

/M '

w T /|г— ^ pp^|C= }

Listen and read^ [ Good morning, Jack! Г Good morning] Good morning] I Look at this, Jack! p Oh! King Tub’s competition! ^ On Saturday! ? What can you do, Jack? I What are your hobbies? f I like football and I like basketball [ Dan likes basketball, too. f I like tennis and I like swimming. I Hmm ... Do you like singing? f Oh, yes! Listen! Tra la la la la! ! Very good! ^ You can sing for King Tub! ^ Yes, but look at my clothes. - They are old. You can buy new clothes. ? Oh! New clothes! Wonderful!

Listen and say

^Sports and hobbie; tUnit 3m


They like bananas. 1 We all like bananas.




1 I like grapes.

2 W e like apples.

3 You like cakes.

4 They like carrots.

5 You like ice creams.

6 W e like sweets.


He likes football. f e jP ™ ™ She likes basketball. j -SJjM tJikes swimming.

Point and say.

Unit 3 I/You/We/They like ; He/She/It likes

ammar in conversation Look, listen and say.

orange juice







Listen and read. ^

Let's have a picnic.

✓ Good Ideal ШШШ

Do you like sandwiches? J Yes, I do. Do you like bananas? ) No, I don’t How about grapes? J I like grapes Do you like orange juice? Yes, I do. So ... we’ve got sandwiches, j grapes and orange juice. J Mmm! Delicious!

Listen and say. Now you! Listen and say. One banana, two bananas, three bananas, four. -ive bananas, six bananas, seven bananas. More! Eight bananas, nine bananas, ten bananas. See! Ten bananas for the monkeys sitting in the tree. Do yo u like ... ? Ves, I do./No, I don't.

Unit 3

Reading think








Mum’s birthday present It is Mum’s birthday. Sam and Amy are thinking. Mum likes sweets. Sam and Amy cannot buy sweets. Mum likes cakes. Sam and Amy cannot buy cakes. Mum likes flowers. Sam and Amy cannot buy flowers. But they can make flowers! They have got paper, pencils, paints, scissors and glue.

Sam is drawing and painting flowers. He is using pencils and paints. Amy is cutting out the flowers. She is using scissors. Now Amy is using glue. She is sticking the flowers on green paper. There are ten flowers. They are blue and yellow. They are pink and purple. They are orange and red. Sam is writing on the card.

Happy birthday. Mow Mum is very happy. The flowers are beautiful. Unit 3 Reading: story with familiar setting

Reading comprehension 1

Write Yes or No. 1 It is Sam's birthday. 2 Sam and Amy are thinking. 3 Mum likes swings. 4 Sam and Amy can make cakes. 5 Sam is using pencils and paints. 6 Amy is sticking the flowers on paper. 7 Sam is writing on the flowers.

Phonics ф Look and listen.'

о ston

u cube

Look and say.

Listen, read and say. Jim has got a blue cube. Jim has got a blue stone. Use the blue stone, Jim. Make a blue nose. Put the blue nose, Jim, on the blue cube. That's good, Jim! Reading comprehension; Phonics: o„e, u_e, ue


Listen to the children.

Listening 1 ф Look, listen and point.

2 A ) Listen and write the letters. 1




Talk about the pictures. ^ L is te n and sing.

Swing high, swing low, Round you go. Swing low, swing high, Up to the sky. Up to the sky and down to the ground. Swing high, swing low, round and round. Unit3 Identifying

Class composition Look!

writing Read the words in the box.




Sam is writing. make



Look at the pictures. Write the story.

Dad is on tKe sofa._________

Sana and Amy are thinking.

Dad Likes He cannot play

Composition: a story from pictures Unit 3

Revision 1 Look at the pictures. What are they doing?




help clean wash watch climb carry




the cat




W h a t do th e y like?






football basketball tennis swimming

2 Find ... a square a circle steps a ladder a swing a slide scissors Read and find the picture. Write the day on the picture. It is Monday. Mum is helping Amy. Amy is making a picture. Sam is painting. It is Wednesday. Dad and Sam are playing with a ball. Amy is playing a game. It is Thursday. The children are helping Grandpa. They are cleaning the car. It is Sunday. Amy is holding a basketball. Dad is carrying a bag and a football. Revision: Units 1-3

Sam and Amy can make flowers You can make flowers, too. Use these things:


i4 paper


Draw a flower.

Paint the flower.

Cut out the flower. fGLUE




Use the glue. Stick the tube. Paint it green.

Stick the flower on the tube. JL>.4 •

"ihJ л j


Make lots of flowers.


You can make a picture, too. W rite about it. Tkese flowers are pretty. Th.ey are red, yellow, pink and blue. My mum likes flowers. My Grandma likes flowers. I can make flowers. Project 1: Units 1-3

I- Listen and say

trousers ь г ш boots


U nit4lN ew words and speaking


Listerf and read I like this jacket. Mmm ... It’s very nice. And look at these trousers! No. I don’t like yellow trousers. I like those boots! They’re great And look at that hat!

Oh! Wonderful! Princess Bella is here. She’s buying a new dress Does she like it?

He doesn’t like those shoes. Do you like your new clothes, Jack? One moment...

Listen and say


I 1 і I

Does he like the hat?

1 Look! Does she like the dress?


Ask and answer.

2 Look! Do they like the boots?

Yes, they do.

Ask and answer.


Unit 4 Does he/she like ... ? Do th e y like ...?+ short answers

No, he doesn’t.

Grammar in conversation 1 ф Look, listen and say.




high jump

long jump



>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- и

2 ф Listen and read. Do you like swimming? Yes, we do. Do you like tennis? Yes, we do. High jump, long jump, basketball and football. Do you like sports? Yes, we do!

3 ® Listen and say. 4 Now you! 5 Look and read.


computer games

6 Now you! Do you like ... ? Yes, we do.

Unit 4

Reading ф skirt socks T-shirt coat gloves shorts sandals trainers wear

What clothes do you like?

These are clothes for hot weather.

These are clothes for

The children are wearing T-shirts. The boy

The children are holding umbrellas. The girl is

is wearing shorts and the girl is wearing a

wearing boots and a coat. The boy is wearing

pretty skirt. She is wearing sandals. The boy

a jacket and trousers. He has got thick shoes.

is wearing trainers.

These are clothes for dancing.

These are clothes for football.

This girl likes dancing. She is wearing a dress.

This boy likes football. He is wearing shorts

She has got short socks and thin, black shoes.

and a football shirt. He has got long socks

She can dance in these shoes. She can hop

and boots. He cannot dance in these boots,

and skip quickly.

but he can kick the ball!

Unit 4 Reading: a description of children's clothing

Reading comprehension 1 Read. Circle the clothes they are wearing. Find three things. J& T

Today it is raining. I am wearing my ...

^ @






Today it is hot. I am wearing my ... V







I am playing football. I am wearing my ... shorts








I am dancing. I am wearing my ... sandals


Phonics Look and listen!


asses Э1

1 Look and say. own ag

4? P *

ock ower


* u



2 ф Listen, read and say.

^0 о ^A> о Ы г’

The clown with the glasses is flying the plane. The clown with the flower is running in the rain. The clown with the blue clock is under a cloud. The clown with the black flag is reading aloud.

Reading comprehension; Phonics: consonant blends cl, fl, bl, pi

Unit 4


These two children are walking to school. J

1 ® Look and listen.

Listen and circle the correct answers. 1 Yes# it is. 3 A coat.

(No, it isn't!4) A jacket.

5 Yes, she has. 7 The boy.

No, she hasn't. The girl.

9 Yes, they are.


2 To the park.

To school.

4 Yes, he has.

No, he hasn't.

6 Yes, she is. 8 An umbrella.

No, they aren't.

10 Yes, they do.

Talk about the picture.

4 (j

Listen and sing.

Pitter-patter raindrops Falling from the sky. Under my umbrella I am warm and dry!

Cars and bikes and buses Go splishing splashing by, In my yellow raincoat I am warm and dry!

Pitter-patter, pitter-patter, pitter-patter, pitter-patter, SPLASH! Unit 4 Understanding questions

No, she isn't. Boots. No, they don't.


Class composition They have got thick boots. t

Look at the pictures. Talk about the clothes. Write about the clothes.

Fkese dotkes are for

Tkese clotkes are for

Class composition: description of children's clothes Unit 4


play the piano

Listen and read у Good evening, Pirate Jack. ^ Good evening. Щ What are you doing in the competition? ^ Can you dance? Can you sing? ^ Can I sing? I sing all day long. ^ So ... you like singing ...


Oh yes. I get up at six o'clock ... and I sing.

j What do you do in the morning? ^ I clean the ship ... and I sing. 4 What do you do in the afternoon? ^ I swim in the sea ... and I sing. Ut'

g. What do you do in the evening? ^ I play the piano ... and I sing. I And then? ^ I go to bed ... and I sleep. % Does your parrot sing? p Oh, no. He doesn't sing. He dances. £ Look!

3 ^ Listen and say

Action verbs; time phrases'Unit 5

Grammar 1 Look!


afternoon ict© In the afternoon he plays football.

In the morning she plays tennis.

In the evening they watch TV.

Point and say. morning


afternoon 3


У 4?


fit *

play sing cook ^ read

2 Look! v


swim play football read books

sing play tennis play the piano

Does he play football?^

play basketball play computer games watch TV Do they sing?

Does she play football? j

Yes, he does.

No, she doesn’t.

No, they don’t.

Ask and answer. 1 swim? 4 °Z°'

2 play the piano?

play tennis? 5 play football?

7 read books?

8 watch TV?


read books?



9 play basketball?

Unit 5 He/She sings. They sing. Does he/she sing? Do they sing? + short answers

Grammar in conversation 1 Look!

What’s the time?

Ask and answer

Listen and read What time do you get up in the morning? I get up at seven o’clock to school? I go to school at eight o’clock Ш

What time do you come home? I come home at three o’clock What do you do after school? I do my homework and I watch TV.

I go to bed at nine o’clock Thank you very much.

YouYe we[come

3 ® Listen and say


Now you! Telling the time; talking about daily routines

Unit 5

Reading ф astronaut

space station



An astronaut in space Ned Brown is an astronaut. He lives in a space station.

He gets up at seven o’clock. He eats breakfast. Then he cleans the space station. He has got a computer. There is a phone on the computer. Ned talks to people on Earth. He eats lunch at one o’clock. In the afternoon, he walks in space. The spacesuit is big and thick. Ned walks slowly. He looks carefully at the space station. In the evening, he eats dinner. He reads books. He has not got a TV. At ten o’clock, Ned goes to bed. It is not quiet in the space station. There are computers and noisy machines. They do not stop at night. Unit 5 Reading: information text about a routine

Reading comprehension 1

Read. Circle answer A or B. A 1 W h a t is Ned Brown?

a space station

2 W here does he live?

on a space station

on a space ship

3 W h a t does he do in the morning?

he goes up

he gets up

4 W ho can he talk to on the phone?



5 W h a t time does he eat lunch?

one o'clock

two o'clock

6 W hen does he walk in space?

in the afternoon

in the evening

7 W h a t does he w ear in space?


(a n astronaut

a spacesuit

Phonics ф Look and listen!


Look and say. ow









2 (jjS Listen, read and say. I can draw I can draw I can draw I can draw Clever me!

a a a a

brown crown. green tree. green crown. brown tree.

Reading comprehension; Phonics: consonant blends br, cr, dr, gr, tr

Unit 5

Here are Billy, Pam and Joe.

Listening 1 Look!





Pam and Joe


Listen and point.


Listen and draw lines.

Write the letters. 4


5 ф


3 _____


Listen and sing.

Get up! Get up! It's six o'clock, Six o'clock, six o'clock. Get up! Get up! It's six o'clock. It's six o'clock in the morning.

Unit 5 Sequencing




2 ф


Go to bed! It's ten o'clock, Ten o'clock, ten o'clock. Go to bed! It's ten o'clock. It's ten o'clock in the evening.

Class c o m p o s i t i o n --------------------Who does he talk t o ? Who does he sciu? 1 Ted plays football on Saturdays. Read the questions. 2 Look at the pictures. Write about w hat Ted does. What does he do in the morning?

Where does he run?

Who does he talk to?

When does he eat lunch?

W hen does he play football? W h a t does he w ear?

What does he do in the evening?

Class composition: an account of a routine Unit 5

t Listen and say




Unit GMNew^words and speaking

n and read. і—

я ш

Pirate Jack is great! His parrot is dancing on his arm. Look at the boys! They’re walking on their hands. They’ve got toys on their feet. Look at Mr Jolly! I like the dog. It's got a little hat on its head. Look at our mum! Look at her cake! It’s fantastic! What’s Biffo doing? He’s riding his bike. He’s got rings on his leg, a ball on his foot... And an umbrella on his nose! Ha, ha! He’s very funny. Whose rabbit is that? It’s Mr Jolly’s. Ssh! Be quiet! Who is the winner?



Listen and say.

WI і

ГЖ ^ \\


« w v " TW Ж У ' Ж м X I r '\\\ \ \К J H Д \

W v / / ) s ^ \ n/// w ’1


Grammar 1


This is his hand.

This is her nose

Point and say nose



What colour are their noses? Their noses are red

Ask and answer 1 legs?

2 arms?

Unit 6 his, her, their

3 hands?

4 feet?

5 heads?

6 noses?

Grammar in conversation 1 ф Listen and read. Look at all these things! _ _________________

Whose are they?

don’t know. Whose jacket is this? It’s Ben’s jacket. Whose crayons are these? J They’re Meg’s crayons. Are these your books? dw

me. Yes, they’re our books,

lese your pens? Yes, they’re our pens Here you are.


Listen and say. Now you! 4

ф Listen, read and say.

Listen to my riddle. One, two, three Listen to my riddle. Can you answer me? Its legs are four grey trees Its nose is a long, grey snake Its ears are grey flags flapping in the wind. W h at is it? Listen to my riddle. One, two, three Listen to my riddle. Can you answer me?

a mouse

an elephant

my, your, its, our; Whose ... ? (name) + 's

Unit 6

Reading ф Here’s the band! Can you hear the drums? Twenty-one drums! They are yellow, red and blue, They are big and noisy too. Here they come!

Clap your hands, Stamp your feet Wave your arms Shout Hurray! Here's the band!


Can you hear the trumpets? Thirty-seven trumpets! Some are big and some are tiny All of them are gold and shiny Here they come!


Clap your hands Stamp your feet Wave your arms, Shout Hurray! Here s the band!

Can you hear the flutes? Fifty silver flutes! On Dad's shoulders, holding tightly Flutes and trumpets, shining brightly, Here they come!


Clap your hands Stamp your feet Wave your arms; Shout Hurray! Here's the band! 70

Unit 6 Reading: a poem

Reading comprehension 1 Read the sentences. Write Yes or No. 1 There are thirty-one drums. 2 The drums are yellow, red and blue. 3 All the trumpets are silver. 4 Some trumpets are tiny. 5 There are fifty gold flutes.


Correct the wrong sentences.

Phonics ® Look and listen!



Look and say. sweet

s ta r

p id e r





Listen, read and say. W e like sweets, smiles and stars. W e don't like spiders, snakes and slow cars.

Reading comprehension; Phonics: consonant blends si, sm, sn, sp, st, sw

Unit 6

Numbers, numbers, numbers!

Listening 1

Listen and say.

2 Match. twenty-one


Look, listen and point.

Listen and write the numbers. Listen and sing. I am the music man, I come from far aw ay And I can play. W h a t can you play? I can play the piano, piano, piano I can play the piano And this is how I play. Unit 6 Identifying numfc



H ere’s th e band! H ere’s = Here is

Read the poem. Choose a word for each line.

The big brass band We're clapping our hands, W e're_________ up and down.

jumping / swimming

T h e _____________ brass band

small / big

Is coming t o _________town.

o u r/ her

W e're____________up and down,

h o p p i n g J si1

We're stamping o u r _________

feet / hands

The big brass band Is coming down th e _________

step / street

I'm w a v in g _________arms,

my / his

I'm _________Hooray!

shouting / stamping

_________the big brass band



It's here today!

It's going down the street. I'm w a v in g _________hand.

my / me

Now I _________hear

can't / isn't

The b ig _________band.

grass / brass

Listen and say. Class composition: completing a poem Unit 6

Revision 2 At 9 o’clock He cleans the ship. Squawk!

07.00 get up 08.00 breakfast 09.00 clean the ship 11.00 swim 12.00 lunch 02.00 play the piano 04.00 talk to the parrot 06.00 dinner 08.00 read a story 09.00 sleep

\> N \\ \ \ \\


W hat are these? Where are they?



It is nine o'clock. The sea is blue and the sun is shining. Jack is cleaning the ship. The parrot is dancing and talking. Jack has got two pictures. There is an astronaut and a space station. Jack has got a picture of his mum, too. At tw o o'clock Jack plays the piano and he sings. Jack likes his ship. Revision 2: Units 4-6

07.00 get up 08.00 breakfast 09.00 clean the ship 11.00 swim 12.00 lunch 02.00 play the piano 04.00 talk to the parrot 06.00 dinner 08.00 read a story 09.00 sleep

1 Look at Pirate Jack's day.

W hat are these children doing? з

W hat do you do? Write. 07.00 08.00 09.00

12.00 02.00 04.00 06.00 08.00 09.00

Write sentences. Draw pictures. My day I get up at six o’clock. I kave breakjast at seven o’clock. At eight o’clock I go to sekooL At rune o’clock I w rite la my book. At Project 2: Units 4-6

A tripjn^abglloon 1 Listen and say.


Unit 7 New words and speaking

2-6 х



iJ m


Come on, children! We're coming, Dad! І Ж What have you got in those bags? There’s bread in the blue bag. Д And cheese in the red bag. There are apples in the yellow bag. There are sandwiches in the pink: box. And in this basket there’s a lovely cake! Mmm ... Delicious! What’s in those bottles? There’s milk in the white bottle. ^

And orange juice in the green bottle.


Have we got plates and cups? Yes, we have. They’re in this basket. Are you wearing your jumpers, children? It’s always cold in the balloon. Come on, children! It’s time to go! Hooray!

Listen and say.

Grammar 1 Look!

There are sandwiches on the plate.

There’s water in the jug.

Point and say.


Are there cakes in the basket?

2 Look! Is there juice in the cup?


Yes, there is.

Ask and answer.






bananas? Unit 7 There is/There are




Grammar in conversation 1

® Listen and say.

2 ® Listen and read. W h at have you got in your lunchbox? і

Sandwiches. I alw ays eat sandwiches for lunch always eat sandwiches, too. W hat else have you got? I’ve got an apple and a banana. I sometimes eat fruit. Today I’ve got crisps. Have you got a drink? >

Yes, I’ve got milk. Ugh! I never drink milk. I don’t like it.

I 4

) Listen and say. Now you! ) Listen and say.

love big jam sandwiches bread butter jam butter bread І

bread! bread butter^ butter jam J jam butter butter bread I bread always, sometimes, never

Unit 7

Reading ф rainbow


// f f *f і thunder

The months of the year January February

March April

May June

July August

September October

November December

In January and February it is often cold. We wear jumpers and trousers. We wear boots, coats and hats. Sometimes it snows.

In March and April it often rains. Sometimes the sun shines, too. There is a rainbow in the sky. There are seven colours in a rainbow.

In May and June there are flowers in our gardens. There are pink and white flowers on the trees. They are very pretty.

In July and August it is hot. The sun shines brightly and the sky is blue. We wear shorts and T-shirts. We swim and we eat ice creams. In September and October it is sometimes windy. There are storms. The clouds are grey. We see lightning and we hear thunder.

In November and December it is cold again. Sometimes it is foggy. In the evening it is dark. There are yellow lights in the streets and in the houses

Unit 7 Reading: description of weather in the months of the year


Reading comprehension Read the sentences. Circle the correct month.

1 W e are wearing coats and hats. The month is 2 There is snow. It is cold. The month is

Ju ly /January^ September. February. April. August.

3 There is a rainbow in the sky. The month is 4 There are pretty flowers in the garden. The month is

March. M ay.

5 It is very hot. W e are eating ice creams. The month is

July. June.

6 It is windy. There is a storm. The month is 7 It is foggy and cold. The month is

April. October. November. September.

Phonics ® Look arid listen!

Look and say.

elepha 2 ® Listen, read and say. Here's a pink drink, In a pink hand. Here's a pink elephant, Marching with the band. Reading comprehension; Phonics: words ending with consonant blend nd, nk, n t

Unit 7



What are Amy and Sam doing?

® Listen, draw and colour.

2 ® Listen again and check.


Talk about your picture.

4 Ф

Listen and sing.

January, February, March and April - I like April. The sun shines in April. M ay, June, July and August. - I like August. It's alw ays hot and sunny. September, October, November, December. - I like December. M y birthday's in December. Unit 7 Understanding a description

Class composition

J 1

Match two months to the pictures. Write about the two months. July


anuaru and




It of tea saows. It is cold. We wear

Class composition: a description of weather in different months Unit 7

Loolcat theanimals! 1 Listen and say.

monkey /Vv. giraffe





teeth words an^peaking

This is fantastic! I can see zebras and monkeys. Look at those giraffes! Their necks are very long. т

Look over there! Lions! Look over there! Elephants! Their ears are very big. Wow! I can see a hippo. Look at its big mouth! Are they crocodiles? I don't like their teeth. Oh! It's very hot today. Yesterday it was cold. We were in coats and jumpers. Today we're in shorts arid T-shirts. What’s the time Mr Goody? It’s half past one. It's time for lunch. Mmm ... Great!

Grammar Yesterday the weather was cold.

1 Look!

I was cold. He was со Id.

It was cold.

Point and say.



cold happy sad funny


2 Look! You were happy.

We were happy.

Point and say 1

They were happy.

hot cold happy sad funny

Unit 8 l/He/5he/lt was; W e/You/They were

Grammar in conversation 1


/ f l^ \

What’s the time?

It’s two o’clock

What’s the time?

Ask and answer

2 ф

Listen and read

Look at my watch Wow! It’s great. Is it new? Yes. It was a birthday present. What’s the time?

Oh, no! We’re late for school Come on! Run!


ф Listen and say


Now you! Telling the time: h a lf past


Reading ф

monster head tail

ugly friendly


asleep scared

A very funny monster! Yesterday John was in bed. It was nine o'clock in the evening. John was sleepy.

It was half past ten. John was asleep. His book was on the bed. It was a funny book.

It was half past eleven. A monster was on John's bed but John was not scared. It was ugly but it was friendly. Its head was big. Its nose was round. Its ears were huge and thick. Its tail was long and thin. Its hair was black. Its eyes were green. Its arms were long but its legs were short. Its hands were small and its feet were big. It was a very funny monster! Now it is seven o'clock. It is morning. John is waking up. The monster is not on John's bed now. Was the monster on John's bed? Look at John's book. What is in it?

Unit 8 Reading: a fantasy story

Reading comprehension 1

Read. Underline the wrong sentences. Yesterday John was in bed. It was nine o'clock in the morning. John was sleepy. It was half past nine. John was not asleep. A monster was under John's bed. It was ugly but it was friendly. Its head was big. Its tail was long and fat. It was a very funny mouse!


Write the wrong sentences correctly.

Phonics ® Look arid listen!


Look and say.

f cold

2 ®

Listen, read and say.

Cold milk and old gold, Help the king. Hold the gold. The queen wears a silver belt. Help the king. Count the gold. Reading comprehension; Phonics: words ending with consonant blend Id, Ik, Ip, It

Unit 8


Yesterday afternoon Joe was at home.

Listening 1

® Look at the pictures. Then listen.

2 ® Listen again and write the letters. 1 _____


2 _____

3 _____

® Listen and sing.

They were big. They were small. They were short. They were tall. The wonderful monsters from Mars. They were green, blue and brown. They marched through the town. The wonderful monsters from Mars. They were good. They were bad. They were happy and sad. The wonderful monsters from Mars. They were orange and red. They were all in my head! The wonderful monsters from Mars! Unit8 Identifying pictures in a sequence

4 _____

5 _____


Class composition


Its arms were long but its legs were short.


Look at the pictures. Write the story.

Yesterday Betty was la the ga.rd.ea. It was half past three.

Where were they? Class composition: a story with a description of fantasy creatures Unit 8

Listen'and say





Unit 9*New vvords and speakinq 4 \V







о "

Listen and read Look, children! A whale! Wow! It’s huge! I can see dolphins. Where? I can’t see. They’re between the whale and the Island. I can see a big jellyfish. Look! What’s that behind the dolphins? Is it a shark?

Come here. Stand next to me. Yesterday there was a big hippo under the balloon. There were lions and zebras, too. Today there are sharks and dolphins This is a fantastic trip! What’s that in the sky? It’s an eagle. It’s a very big eagle.

® Listen and say

Sea creatu res r Unit 9

Grammar 1 Look!

The whale is next to the boat. The whale is behind the boat. )

The whale is between the boats. The whale is in front of the boat.

Read, match and write the letters.

1 The jellyfish is in front of the shark. 2 The shark is behind the dolphin. 3 The shark is in front of the whale. 4 The boat is behind the whale. 5 The jellyfish is between the whales. 6 The dolphin is next to the boat.

Ask and answer. «I


—-------------- —I

Unit 9 in fro n t of, behind, next to, between

Grammar in conversation 1


Listen and read. Cover the picture. OK. What can you remember? There was a house. Yes. There were two birds on the house ! There were three birds. There was a tree next to the house s. There were five apples on the tree. No! There were six apples. Yes. You’re right.

Listen and say,

4 Now you! There wos/There were

Unit 9


6070 00 90 aquarium rock sixty seventy eighty ninety a hundred

The aquarium From:

[email protected]




The aquarium

Hi Ben, Are you having a great holiday? We are! Yesterday we were at the aquarium. It was fantastic! There were ten grey dolphins. They were friendly and very funny. They were noisy, too. There were three black and white whales but they weren’t very big. There were sharks behind the rocks. They weren’t friendly and I was scared! There were lots of little fish. Fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety! There were a hundred little fish! The colours were very pretty. They were blue, yellow and silver. There was one huge rock. Next to it there was a very long black and yellow snake. This snake can swim in the sea. There was a beautiful jellyfish. It was in front of the rock. It was pink and blue. I am sending you these pictures. Do you like them? What are you doing today? Please send an email. Sam

Unit 9 Reading: an email to a friend

hension 1 Read. Find the correct picture. Next to the black rock there was a big silver fish. Under the rock there was a black and yellow snake. Behind the rock were three red fish. In front of the rock there was a beautiful jellyfish. It was pink and blue.

Phonic Look and listen!



Listen, read and say Can you see a green tree and a monkey's pink feet? It sleeps in that tree with a cake and a sweet. Reading comprehension; Phonics: I

g vowel phoneme^e

Unit 9


love the sea!

1 ф Listen and point.

Listen and circle the correct answer. 1 Yes, it is.

No, it isn't.

2 Dolphins.

A whale.

3 One.


4 A shark.

A jellyfish.

5 Yes, it is.

No, it isn't.

6 A snake.

A fish.

7 Yes, it is.

No, it isn't.

8 Yes, it is.

No, it isn't.


Talk about the picture.


® L is te n and sing.

Sammy the sailor, Sammy the Sailing on the sea. Sammy the sailor, Sammy the W h a t can Sammy see? W h a t can Sammy see? W h a t can Sammy see? Up, down, turn around, He can see the sea! Unit 9 Understanding questions

Class composition Щ



Yesterday we were at the aquarium. It was fantastic!

Write Ben's email to Sam.

quiet huge

Read the sentences. Look at the pictures. Finish the email.

friendly tall From:

[email protected]




The animal park


Hi Sam.____________________________________________ Thanks for tKe pictures of tKe aquarium.. They are great, like tKe jelly flsK. Yesterday we were at the animal park. It was fun!

imposition: an email to a friend

Unit 9

Revision 3 What animals were in the sea yesterday? Where were they?

Read. Yesterday Sam and Amy were on a boat. It was very windy. Their mum and dad were on the boat, too. Amy's dad pointed to the dolphins and the whales. Amy watched them for a long time. There was an eagle in the sky.

Name these things. Where are they?

4 It is hot. Sam and Amy are at the animal park. There are lots of beautiful animals. It is time for lunch. There is bread, cheese, milk and orange juice. There are apples and grapes, too. Mum is putting plates, cups and bottles on the table. Revision 3: Units 7-9

Think about the months. What is the weather like? What do you do? What do you wear? What do you eat? January









April August December

2 Write and draw pictures. Which months do you like?

Tke months of the year Jan u ary

la Jan u ary it Is often cold. Sometimes It snows. We play In tke snow. I like January.


It Is cold In February. Sometimes It rains. We wear boots and coats.

Project 3: Units 7-9

Listen and say



Unit;iO\NewAA/ords and speaking \ \

\ \

V VC r *







Listen and read. Phew! We’re on the beach. The sand is hot. I can’t walk on it. We can swim! No! Don’t go in the sea, Dan! Stop him, Jon! Ouch! I don’t like these rocks. Look at this big shell. It’s beautiful. Where is Lily? I can’t see her. She’s over there. She’s looking in that pool. I can see two huge crabs. Don’t touch them, Lily! Come here, all of you! GRRR! ; Oh! What’s that? Is it a lion? Can it see us? Can it eat us? Listen to me! Don’t be scared! But look at the balloon! We can’t go home.


Listen and say

On the beach

Unit 10

Grammar Look! I can see the boy.

I can see him, too.

^ ^ a r^ e ^ h ^ g iH ^

I can see her, too.

I can see the bird.

I can see it, too.

Look, read and say. 1 I can see the woman.

2 I can see the boat.

З I can see the man.

4 I can hear the sea.

5 I can hear the boy

6 I can hear the girl.

2 Look! I can see you. Can you see me?

Finish the sentences.

Unit 10 me, you, him, her; it, us, them

We can see them. Can they see us?

Grammar in conversation 1 ф Listen and read. That’s a big box.^ Yes, don’t touch it!

ї :

What’s in the box?

Nothing. Don’t come near it! ----------- ■ ■ -— ^ What’s in the box? Don’t ask questions! I can open it.

J No! Don’t open it!

Look! I can open it. DON’T OPEN IT! \ What’s in the box?

~ ~ — Oh, go away!


2 ® Listen and say. Now you!

4 ®

Listen and say.

Hop! Hop! Don't stop! Hop! Hop! Don't stop! Hop with your sister. Hop with your brother. Hop with your father. Hop with your mother. Hop with Ben and Bob and Bill. Hop with Jenny and Joan and Jill. Hop in the sunshine. Hop in the rain. Hop up the hill and hop down again. Hop! Hop! Don't stop! Hop! Hop! Don't stop! Don't ...»

Unit 10

Reading ®










г, •



Sea creatures hard shell


strong claw

Crabs have eight legs. They have two claws. Their claws are strong. They have a hard shell. Crabs can swim and they can walk. They live in rock pools and in the sea. They eat fish and shellfish.

Starfish sharp spine

Starfish do not have shells or claws. Starfish have arms and spines. This starfish has five arms. The spines are sharp. It has lots of tiny feet. Starfish cannot swim but they can crawl on the rocks. They eat shellfish.

tiny feet arm

strong tail

Fish Fish have strong tails and fins. Fish can swim quickly. They eat tiny animals in the sea. mouth Unit 10 Reading: information text with labels

Reading comprehension 1 Read the sentences. Circle the wrong word. Write the correct word, _. 1 ■____

1 Crabs have ten claws. 2 Crabs can swim and they can talk.


3 Crabs live in rock ponds.


4 Starfish have arms and shells.


5 Starfish have big feet.


6 Starfish eat jellyfish.


7 Fish have long tails and fins

Phonics ® Look and listen!




Look and say.



2 ф

Listen, read and say.

A round silver moon, A long silver spoon, Tall silver boots, And silver balloons.

Reading comprehension; Phonics: long vowel phoneme oo

Unit 10

you like the beach?

Listening 1 ф 1Listen and point.

2 ® Listen again and write the letters. 1

3 ®


Listen and sing.

Down in the rock pool W h a t can you see? I can see little fish. Swish! Swish! Little fish! One, two, three.


unit 10 Identifying

Down in the rock pool W h a t can you see? I can see little crabs Nip! Nip! Little crabs! Don't nip me! Ouch!

Class composition

Starfish do not have claws or shells, Write the labels. fin

strong tail

big mouth


sharp teeth


Read the labels. Read the words. Write about sharks. big






Class composition: information text with labels Unit 10

The boat

1 Listen and


Unit 11 New words and spea

2 ф Listen and read. Look! There’s a boat ori the beach. A boat? Dad! What’s happening? SO? This rnorrLLrL9 Уои were asleep. So first I mended the basket. And then? Then I walked into the jungle. What about the lion? I looked and I listened. It wasn’t there. I chopped a tree down. I pulled the tree onto the beach. And now it’s in the basket. Brilliant! And the balloon is the sail! Can we push the boat into the water? Yes, come on! Now we can go home! ф


ф Listen



Grammar 1 Look! walked ori the sand.

Read and match. W rite the letters. 1 The children climbed on the rocks. 2 The girl looked at a starfish. 3 The boys played in the water. 4 Mum walked in the sea. 5 Dad pointed to a big ship. 6 Grandma opened the picnic box.


Correct th e sentences.

They brushed their hair.

He painted a starfish. V




The girl helped her Grandpa.

The man cleaned the bike.

She washed her feet. 4 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

Unit 11 l/You/He/ShefThey walked

Grammar in conversation 1 ® Listen and read. How was your weekend? Sunday afternoon was good. WKat happened? First I played football. Was it a good game? *

Yes! Brilliant! Next I helped my dad. We mended his car. Really?^ Then in the evening I watched TV. How was your weekend? My weekend was fun, too.

2 ф 3

Listen and say.

Now you!

Use these words:








® Listen and say. First a tiny egg. Next a scary monster. Then a brown box. Last a beautiful butterfly! first, next, then, last

Unit 11








first second third











In the jungle Sam and his uncle were in the jungle for six days, This is Sam's diary.

The first day We walked next to a river. There beautiful flowers In the trees. There were parrots, too.

і і

The second dat) We climbed a hill today. There big monkey in a tall tree. It watched us quietly. The third datj We walked down the hiLl. There was a pool next to a tree. There was a tiny frog In It. The fourth dan There was a big spider next to our tent this morning. It was horrible! It crawled slowly up a tree. The fifth dat) The jungle was very noisy. This evening we listened to the Insects and the monkeys. It was very dark. I The sixth day We walked to Uncle Bob’s car. I was tired but I was happy, too. The jungle was very exciting! Unit 11 Reading: a diary

Reading comprehension 1

Read. Circle the correct answer. 1 The parrots were

in the river.

(jn the freest

2 Sam and Uncle Bob climbed a tree.

a hill.

3 Next to a tree there was

a pool.

a hill.

4 The big spider was

next to the tent.

next to a tree.

5 The spider crawled

up the tent.

up a tree.

6 The jungle was very



7 In the evening it was



8 Sam was tired but he was



Phonics ® Look and listen!




Look and say. rain

2 ®

Listen, read and say.

Here's the jolly little train, puffing slowly through the rain.


Here's the parrot with the long green tail, riding in the boat with the yellow sail.

Phonics: long vowel phoneme ai

Unit 11


Holidays are great!

Listening Listen and draw lines.

2 Write in the small boxes. st

2 nd

3 rd

4 *^

3 ® Listen again and check. 4 Talk about Paul's holiday. 5 Ф Listen and sing. Sand Sand Sand Sand

Sand Sand Sand Sand

in your fingernails between your toes in your ear holes up your nose! Sand Sand Sand Sand

Unit 11 Sequencing

in your sandals in your hair in your trousers everywhere!

J o



in your sandwiches on your bananas in your bed at night in y.our pyjamas!



s t e



were beautiful flowers inthe trees, were parrots, too. Amy and Sam were on holiday at the beach for four days. Look at the pictures. Read the words. Write Amy's diary.

Tke first day______










too Class composition: a diary

Unit 11






Listen and read rnl Hello! Hello! Welcome home! Was it a good trip? It was fantastic! The balloon was high in the sky. We looked at crocodiles and hippos. A huge eagle landed on the balloon. And we landed on an island! In the morning the balloon was a boat! We pushed the boat into the water. We sailed across the sea. We sailed through the waves. And here we are! Are you hungry? Are you thirsty? We’ve got pizzas and burgers. We’ve got sandwiches and salad. There’s orange juice and lemonade. And a big cake, too! Wow! Delicious!

§) Listen and say.

nk иUnit 12 О

Grammar 1 Look! walked across the road ... under the bridge ... and through the trees.

climbed over the w a ll... and I jumped into the water. SPLASH!

Read and match. Write the letters. 1 She walked across the bridge.


2 She walked under the bridge. 3 He looked through the window. 4 It jumped into the river. 5 It jumped over the river. 6 He listened through the door.

Correct the sentences. 1

& /4 He jumped across the river.

She climbed over the wall

He crawled under the chair.

They walked through the town.

It jumped into the box.

She looked through the door.

Unit 12 over; under, across, through, intc

Grammar in conversation Listen and read. Let’s play the word game. Watch.


Yesterday I watched TV.

Climb. \NQtch і y-s-t

Yesterday I climbed a tree. Yesterday I visited my grandma


Yesterday I brushed my hair

Ben! What happened yesterday? ■ Yesterday she watched TV, she climbed a tree, she visited her grandma and she brushed her teeth. Oh, yes Now it’s your turn.

2 ®

OK. ^

Listen and say.

Now you!

Listen and say. mm

The cat chased The cat chased Up the hill and The cat chased

The dog chased the cat, The dog chased the cat, Up the hill and down the hill, The dog chased the cat. the mouse, The children chased the dog, the mouse, The children chased the dog, down the hill, Up the hill and down the hill, the mouse. The children chased the dog.

Fredo's restaurant \ -

Reading ф W hat food do you like? Do you like pizza? Do you like salad?



In a restaurant you can choose your food.


You read a menu. A menu is a list of food.

,- u

W h a t do you like for breakfast?

This is a lunch menu.Today the food

This is a breakfast menu.

on this menu is cold.


r e


Breakfast Melon



oranges, bananas Sandwiches

and grapes

egg and tomato chicken and tomato






Salad lettuce, tomatoes and peppers

orange juice, milk, tea


Ice Cream


<-w —-=-57 *

chocolate or lemon

and coffee

Fruit salad Drinks

This is a dinner menu.Today the food

orange juice and lemonade

on this menu is hot.

Dinner Vegetables carrots, peas and beans

t e S C es — ■-------


potatoes or chips

Pizzas cheese cheese and tomato

Apple cake Chocolate pudding ------

Drinks Chicken

Jnit 12 Reading: menus for different meals

orange juice, tea and coffee

Reading comprehension 1 Read the sentences about Fredo's Restaurant. Write True or False. Breakfast 1 You can have eggs.



2 You can drink lemonade.


3 Pizza is on the lunch menu.


4 There are chicken and cheese sandwiches.


5 You can have chocolate or lemon ice cream. ____________


6 Fruit salad is on the lunch menu.


7 The food on the dinner menu is cold.


8 You cannot have chips.


9 You can drink coffee.

Phonics ® Look and listen!


s га

Look and say. beach

2 ®

Listen, read and say.

Grandma's on the beach By the bright blue sea. She's reading her book. She's drinking tea. Reading comprehension; Phonics: long vowel phoneme eo

Unit 12

Listening 1



Listen and read.

It was early in the morning And the king jumped out of bed. He marched to the kitchen And this is w h at he said: Pizza for the king! Pizza for the king! Can you make it? Can you bake it? Pizza for the king! I w an t cheese, I w an t tomatoes, I w an t peppers, can't you see? I w an t chicken, lots of chicken. That's the pizza for me! I w an t peas, I w an t potatoes, I w an t beans, can't you see? I w an t carrots, lots of carrots. That's the pizza for me! I w an t grapes, I w an t bananas, I w an t apples, can't you see? I w an t strawberries, lots of strawberries, That's the pizza for me! They baked the king his pizza. He laughed happily. He hopped and skipped and shouted: That's the pizza for me! It was late in the evening And the king jumped into bed. He patted his tummy And this is w h at he said: Pizza for the king! Pizza for the king Can you make it? Can you bake it? Pizza for the king!

Listen and sing. Unit 12 Song with a chorus

Pizza! Delicious! )


oranges, bananas and Read and look at the pictures. Sam and Amy are having a party. They are thinking about food.

What do Sam and Amy like? Write the menu. *

• ---------- ' ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Sam and Amy’s Party Menu

# Class composition: a party menu Unit 12

Revision 4 Who w as on the beach? What animals were there? Where were theu? _ Yester

Read. Yesterday Sam and Amy were on the beach with their family and their friends. Dad fixed the boat. He mended the sail. Ben and Sam jumped into the sea. It was cold! Am y and Meg looked in the rock pools. There was a crab and a starfish. Their lunch was delicious. There were burgers and salad. There was a big chocolate cake. It was sunny and hot yesterday. It was a very good day on the beach.

Revision 4: Units 10-12

Write about yesterday. Where were you yesterday? W hat was the weather like? W hat was there? W ere you in the playground?

...on the beach?




А і V ■і І •

...in the tow n?


• а



!■ ! ' 4

...in the animal park?

2 Write and draw. Find words in your Word Book. Yesterday Уезіегсіау I was la the playground. First tKere were clouds and


was rainy. Tken

it was sunny. TKere was a rainbow. In the playground tKere was a very big sLlde, some swings and a

Project 4: Units 10-12


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