English Advanced Vocabulary and Structure Practice

I. Choose the words that best complete the sentences in the text. Earthquakes are amongst the most destructive (1) disasters. They usually (2) without...

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I. Choose the words that best complete the sentences in the text.

Earthquakes are amongst the most destructive usually (2) without any warning and

(4) ot lite and an enormous demolition ot buildings. Additionally, they










(5), are collosal walls ot water smashing

torce that they are

(6) ot destroying (7) majority ot tatalities

about when buildings Most trequently, torces




into seashores


cities. However,

and serious injuries

the (8)

the earthquake

lasts 30 to 60 seconds, so usually there is no time to (11) once the shaking starts. The

ot an earthquake


(12) a complex

(13) in the building's structure when it is shaken, pulled. A building'sheight,

its shape and construction

(14) deciding

ot the structure



1. a) nature

b) naturalistic

c) natural

d) native

2. a) hit

b) strike

c) tall

d) attack

3. a) result

b) efteet

c) lead

d) cause

4. a) tatality

b) waste

e) harm

d) loss

5. a) tact

b) certainty

c) honesty

d) truth

6. a) potential

b) conceivable

c) capable

d) possible

7. a) wide

b) broad

c) tuli

d) vast

8. a) bring

b) come

c) lay

d) make

9. a) demolish

b) jumble

c) destroy

d) collapse

10. a) avert


c) abstain

d) restrain

11. a) upkeep

b) upturn

c) upshot

d) uptake

12. a) up

b) on

c) out

d) oft

13. a) activity

b) motion

c) progress

d) reaction

14. a) tactors

b) phenomena

e) points

d) ingredients

c) inhabitants

d) burghers

b) eitizens


lifted, pushed or

materials are the most signiticant

about the survival or collapse

consequently, about the lite or death ot its

15. a) settlers


with such

(9) . (10) the mortal


(1) disasters. They (3) in a great



II. Put the words

in the correct


3. The landlord was very generous to us. Ali that we consumed in his inn was """""""""""""""

1. Does it make any (DIFFER) to them it we pay by cheque? 2. The two boys should receive a just punishment. Their .............................. (BEHAVE) at the inauguration ceremony was really outrageous. 3. Couldn't you provide us with amore (PRACTICE) scheme? The one you have just devised is not sensible at alI. 4. As a matter ot tact, the realisation ot the project itselt isn't so ".......... (TROUBLE) as the initial conditions we have to accept. 5. Jason is the most (TRUTH) person I know. He never t811slies. 6. Mutual accusations will get you nowhere. You'd better try to find a more reasonable (SOLVE)


to your conflict.

8. l1's most

among youths these days to spend their

free time in the cinema. 9. Unfortunately, none of us managed to convince the director of the benefits that our experiment might bring. His


grew even stronger

when Jack mentioned the possible cost of the venture. 10. Cindy and Mike's close """""""""""""""


finally developed into

Unidentified Flying Obh.cts seems quite odd

to his friends, but the boy considers it an absorbing hobby.

7. Whatunavoidablymakesmeangry """""""""""""""

Frank is his inability to take

prompt decisions.


(HAZARD) it in conventional medicine after

many years of unsuccessful treatment and has opted for acupuncture. (LONG) of this rope?'

number of points. 10. Customers used to complain about the high prices of food, meat particular. 11. Learning this long definition 12.lnstead

may be.


6. Jack's great interest """""""""""""""

heart, at first, seemed an impossible


'It's six metres long.'

14. Mark's been terribly busy this week. It's .."

memorizing it.

a long speech at the beginning of the meeting, the

chairman only gave a short welcome to all the participants.

11. Nobody has applied for the mission knowing how

13. 'What's the

advance that you wouldn't be giving any

seminar we wouldn't have gone to the trouble of making all the necessary arrangements.

task. But, finally, I was successful

a profound feeling and culminated in their marriage last year.

12. Tom has lost his

5. If you had informed us """""""""""""'",

hide""""""""""""""" thecuriousjournalistsandphotographers. 9. Alithecandidates,except """"""""""""""" Mr Jenkins, have scored the required

between its members. (FASHION)

4. We can't give up. Now that we have gone through the most difficult part of the route we must reach Khartoum """"""""""""""" any cost.

8. The football star is going to spend holidays in a secluded place where he expects to

7. The main cause ot the current crisis in the party seems to be the deep (DIVIDE)

the house.



13. Only Mark was keen """"" going fishing early in the morning. The rest ot the company telt too tired after their long journey. 14. Tell the children to stop tooling around or 1'11 los e my patience them. 15. There's no difference


these two printers.

whether he'lI

attend our performance tomorrow.

IV. Rewrite the sentences meaning.

15. 'Why didn't they react to my warning?'

using the given torms so that they retain their original


'They might not have understood its discreet

1. It wasn't Tom that you saw in the department store, tor sure. III. Insert the correct

It couldn't


. . .. . . . . . . . .

2. We had to cali the doctor because the baby had a high temperature










(because ot).

"............... 3. It I were you, I wouldn't tell anybody about the discovery.

1. Although Mrs Parker was bitterly jealous

her friends' higher

You had

wages in the company, she managed to avoid making sharp comments. 2. The committee doesn't support any immediate changes. They say the modifications should be introduced step





4. The boys laughed at the man in spite ot his old age. (tun ot)




a visit to the local council residence was welcomed


5. You are 0.11 welcome to take any to od you like.

by 0.11 the visitors.


a) do

6. What was the reason tor his resignation? (made)

b) pay

c) go

9. His a) disregard 7. Did the children enjoy themselves during the performance?

(good time)

b) untamiliarity

10. Let's """""""""""""""

, ....

a) miss

8. We haven't had any message tram him since March. (heard)

d) walk

ot the safety regulations really can't be ignored any longer. c) carelessness

d) inattention

the place, it looks sa gloomy and unpleasanl.

b) abandon

c) depart

d) disappear

11. What you are saying is quite

,so give us, please, more details on

the situation. a) tamous

9. You don't have to worry about the tuture. (no need) ... ... .



d) tamiliar

c) obvious

b) accustomed

ot the President entering

12. For a short while, I managed to catch the palace.

10. Ali the students were awarded diplomas.

a) vision


b) notice

c) view

d) sight

by the

13. The suggestion to leave the camp at once was strongly climbers who were afraid ot the approaching snowstorm.

V. Choose the correct answer.

a) opposed . me like this, I will never be able to tinish writing my

1. It you go on

b) attlicting

d) affecting

c) concerning

b) worries

c) drives

3. Everyone knew that a) working

a) escaping me crazy.

2. Turn aft this machine, please. The harsh sound really

c) making

a) responsible


d) completing

5. Judy didn't

c) technique

at repairing

a) dec la red

c) hesitate

a) capture

b) persisted

d) concluded

c) appraved

by the enemy forces.

b) hostage

c) kidnap

d) torture

,... ot understanding the theory even after the

a) incompetent

b) incapable

c) helpless

19. I'm going tor a walk in the park. Would you like to '" c) nice

7. The inconsiderate driver was

d) tine

a) follow tor parking his vehicle in the wrang

20. Patrick is too a) instant

place. a) intlicted

d) comprehensive

pratessor's protound explanation.

d) await

learn to take it b) loose

b) condemned

c) harrassed


ot taking any rash steps against illegal

18. The student was

6. Don't get so nervous about his com ing late. When you get to know him better, you'lI

a) easy

c) guilty

17. Several soldiers ot the squad were taken ............

d) craft

tor a second to agree to Mike's proposal as she had

b) linger

d) missing


been in love with the boy tor a long time. a) decide

b) prane

16. None ot us has ever

electrical devices wasn't good enough to succeed. b) ski II

c) resisting

the crash that occurred right after the take-otf.

4. Mr Tanner did his best to tix the taulty oven, but his ..

a) service

b) neglecting

15. It was the commission's job to dec ide whether the pilot was ..........

d) bothers this task would require a considerable

b) engaging

your duties may


result in an instant dismissal.

a) disturbing

d) resigned

c) quarreled

14. The tirst thing tor ali ot you to remember is that ..............


a) takes

b) complained

b) stay

c) ward

, b) spontaneous

d) unsuccesstul me company?

d) keep

a gambler to resist placing a bet on the tinal game. c) compulsive

d) continuous

d) tined

f 1()



II. Put the words in the correct form.

1. The low """"""""""""""" carelessness

I. Replace each italicized words with a synonymous one.


about giving it even more extensive publicity.

2. Another attempt to establish a II is believed that aur inherited (1) genetic characteristics play the decisive (2) role in aur being beautiful, attraetive and appealing to other individuals. Although there is no

elear (3)

(6) by our

their own sexual preferences.

(8), share with animals whieh, like humans, have

Most species of birds, for example,

colours of plumage when selecting (11) of the feathers chi/dren

(9) their partners

indicate the potential partner's genetic fitness to produce


to the buildings in the area.


in food prices will certainly bring about

violent protests from the population. 6. Let's stop quarrelling about such


details. It doesn't

matter what we take first, the soup ar the second course.

7. The number of the nails Harry had bought at the ironmonger's wasn't

In humans, similarly, beauty shows

(13) our well-being and our sexual attractiveness,


as far as our facial characteristics are taken into account, people tend (14) to regard as charming

5. A sudden




(ADVANTAGE) to all the

4. Besides innumerable human victims, the tornado has caused an enormous

rely on the brightest

(10). To them, the vivid shades

peace has failed after

investors. Definitely, it's a chance not to miss.

brains. Their possible role is to ref/ect (7) health and fertility as well as genetic superiority - the quality that people, supposedly



one of the negotiators refused to sign the treaty. 3. This new situation is more than

theory on what beauty really is and how it works, the results of a recent scientifie research (4) seem to eon firm (5) the hypothesis that our facial features are determined

at the concert was a result of the organizers'

(15) the faces with the highest degree of symmetry.

And equally

effeetively, the facial properties may ais o indieate the appeal of the whole body.

(SUFFICE) and we had to borrow a few from our neighbour.


(OBEY) at this school is severely punished, sa remember to mind your manners both during the lessons and outside the classroom.

9. Some people claim that the microprocessor (INVENT)

1. a) indebted

b) derivative

e) innate

d) aequisitive

2. a) vital

b) functional

e) tangible

d) eustomary

3. a) eminent

b) obscure

c) indicative

d) explicit

4. a) chore

b) endeavour

e) inquiry

d) labour

5. a) bear out

b) stand down

c) prop up

d) make about

6. a) reliant

b) conditioned

e) implied

d) designated

7. a) manifest

b) pertain

c) survey

d) uncover

8. a) plainly

b) normally

c) allegedly

d) mainly

9. a) favouring

b) postulating

c) referring

d) asserting

10. a) counterparts

b) mates

c) fellows

d) accomplices

11. a) dyes

b) marvels

c) twilights

d) hues

12. a) stamina

b) progeny

c) entity

d) forebears


is the greatest


of the 20th century.

10. The actors received a """""""""""""""


ovation from the enthusiastic

audience for their brilliant performance in Othello.

11. Without the congressmen's

(VALUE) assistanee we would never


have gathered enough money tor our son's operation. 12.lt's

13. a) affirms

b) foresees

e) displays

d) envisages

14. a) ineline

b) aspire

c) anticipate

d) declare

15. a) flourishing

b) startling

e) eaptivating

d) engrossing



(POINT) to try to reach the village on toot. The only possible

way ot getting there is by helicopter. 13. Jack's initial


at taking part in the competition


down after he had learned about the extra costs he would have had to eover. 14. The """""""""""""""


of spending holidays in the countryside consists

in breathing tresh air and being in harmony with nature. 15. You'd better ask Frank, I'm not in


ot the manual

you are looking tor.



III. Add the suitable verbs to make the correct phrasal verbs.


com e










IV. Rewrite the sentences using the given forms so that they retain their original meaning.



lie 1. Is your uncle the owner ot this RoIIs Royce? (belong)


. """"""'"

oft rather quickly and the

1. Mike's interest in practicing karate

changes in the computer technologies.

boy started to look tor a new hobby to take up. 2. The exact cost ot the whole venture isn't known vet, but our best accountants have been trying to

2. After I had introduced my guests to each other I made a long speech on the current

it out.

Having 3. Why didn't they tell us they were going to sell their house?

up with and no

3. For some people, the situation was too tense to


wonder that quite a tew ot them preterred to go home. into,

.1.There was no sign indicating that the cottage had been

4. George won't lend his tape recorder to you it you don't promise to bring it back by Saturday.

vet, the owner was sure his precious paintings had been stolen.


5. 'There's no hot chocolate on the menu, sir.' 'That's all right. I can


with a cup ot tea instead.'

5. Jerry had terrible problems with solving the riddle. (hardly) aft near the bank last Friday didn't kill

6. Luckily, the bomb which


anyone. 7. I don't quite like the new apprentice's approach. Heseems

6. Our representatives


have been criticizing the new concept.



down on the job. 8. We owe this marvellous wooden church building to the lirst Christian pioneers who down in this area in the 16th century.

7. It doesn't make any difference il they paint the board white or yellow. It .......





9. Our stay in the town will certainly be a good chance lor Michael to visit his '}, Finally, the new prime minister has been appointed. grandtather's

birthplace, so I'm sure he will

10. Don't you think Patrick

at the opportunity. after his grandtather?

I. I haven't visited Oslo since 1998.

got equally blue eyes and blond hair. <

1. It none ot you is going to wear these clothes, 1'11


They both have


them away or

donate them to charity.

The last time . Mrs Arnold will take care ot our cat while we are away. (Iook)

12. During to the Winter Olympic Games the smali mountain village


into a metropolis with thousands ol visitors trom all over the world. 13. I knew nothing about the treasure hidden in my garden. I ............... across

it while I was digging the earth.

14. Those naughty boys went on making terrible noise in the park even though they had been

oft by the annoyed constable.

15. Mr Simpson's illegal practices enabled him to

away without

paying taxes tor almost two years.




V. Fili the gaps with the correct words.















I. Choose the words that best complete the sentences in the text.

sight The money that some professional sportsmen eam shouldn't


1. Stop acting like a chiid. In a tew weeks, you'lI be com ing of



no body will tolerate your toolish behaviour any longer.


3. It's no use trying to operate the photocopier, it's be en out of


since September. for about twelve kilometres

a few






And once they reach their

pressure of being

(4) and subsequently replaced by someone who is younger, faster and

(5). For that reason, objectives like retirement benefits and

pensions are

(6) great concem to all prafessional athletes. (7) their protest against any policy unresponsive to their demands

5. The 8.20 fast train has never com e late, it has always arrived on the ....... 6. You say George and Stacy. I remember, it was love at first ...................... 7. These works of art aren't for One can only admire them in the

(8) the younger professionais seek more upgrading solutions to the

problemas moreand moreot themattacha propersignificanceto """"


a solid education, even at university level. Such an appraach should help them f'nd

museum. 8. The water in the lake must have been contaminated as dozens of holidaymakers came out in a

after having bathed in it.

9. I have been totally out of

this evening. I haven't won anything

interestingand well-paid jobs

A completely new strategy has been (11) by the schools priding themselves (12) supporting their own teams. Their authorities 'nsist debarred fram partaking in certain sports events, which may lead to further

10. 'Don't worry, it won't take long before the rescue brigade arrives.'

(13) in their profess'onal careers.

'It's a very comtorting piece of news that hel p is at , we serve a hundred

11. We don't have any exact data, but on

By these practical and most effective sports activity, the

customers a day. of our pentathlon team was a shame, but we expect them to do

much better at swimming which is the strangest

outside, so we had better stay at home this

evening. 14. Mrs Robson takes a lot of

in her cooking and her guests

compliment her on her delicious dishes. 15. I w'sh Tim would follow the doctor's ad vice and stop smoking like a

(14), combining education with (15) of the prafessional athlete as being brainless

and unintelligent may eventually be changing to the sportsmen's benefit.

of our

representatives. 13. It's raining cats and

(10) theirsports career is over.

that the sports clubs members achieve high academic standards or else they are

either at raulette or at blackjack.



Some ot the retired competitors go as far as to organize strikes and rallies to

until she was outrun by the Italian champion.

12. Today's performance


their brilliant careers won't last for ever. They live under a constant

with everything.

4. The Japanese runner was in the


and everlasting

(3) and display their talent at their best, they are fully conscious that

2. !t's much better for us that the supervisor has been dismissed fram work. Nobody could stand his finding

(1) the (2) immortality

impress anyone when you

1. a) reflection

b) attention

c) examination

d) consideration

2. a) obtain

b) fulti!

c) attain

d) succeed

3. a) prime


c) best

d) capacity

4. a) outcast

b) outshone

c) outstayed

d) outgrown

5. a) achieved

b) attributed

c) accomplished

d) accredited

6. a) wit h

b) in

c) at

d) of

7. a) voice

b) claim

c) ins'st


8. a) whereby

b) whereas

c) whereupon

d) wherein



b) learning

c) receiving

d) attending

10. a) right away

b) pramptly

c) barely


11. a) assembled

b) installed

c) devised

d) emerged

12. a) with

b) on

c) tor

d) in

13. a) disruption

b) hitch

c) detachment

d) wreckage

14. a) grounds

b) results

c) tactors

d) means

15. a) vision

b) outlook

c) image

d) judgement

9. a) mastering

9. It's essential that you deliverthe

documents in person by Thursday.

. . .. . . . . .. . .. . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . .. . .. . . . . .. . ... . . . . . . . . . . . . - . . . . - . . . - . . . . .. . . . . . .

10. Alice is going to apply torthe job ot a sales assistant in Newcastle. .. .. . .. .. .. .. .. . .. . .. . . .. .. . ... .. . .. . . .. . .. . .. .. .. . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . .. .. .

. .. . . .. .. . .. . . .. . . .. . .

11. The only accident that happened last night was in Gloucester. A lorry collided with a tractor and the both drivers were slightly wounded. . . .. . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . .. . . . .. . .. . .. . . . .

... .... -

. . . . . . . - . . . . . . .. . . . . . .

12. The guide advised us to put on som e warm clothes as cold weather was torecast. """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""'

13. Around midday, it started

II. Replace the italicized verb or phrase with the synonymous correct torm.

phrasal verb in the


to rain heavilyand the hikers had

to wait tor about halt an

starting their trip.

hour betore



14. You won't have any problems wit h recognizing

care about

bring about

do up

get over

give away

large crowd because ot his great height.


hold on

make out

put in tor

run into

set oft

stand out

take over

tum down

wrap up


.... ... "'

may result


. ... .....

.. ... ... .

in a tailure ot the machine.




3. Martin's condition was rather bad, but after a series ot antibiotic injections he recovered trom his illness. .. .. ...



.. ... . . . . .. . .. .








innocent praiseworthy




mea n



.. . .

4. Untortunately, our secret plans had been revealed by someone betore we managed

1. This is not a very wise decision. Just think ot all the consequences might lead to.

to put them into practice. ..........................................................................

5. The switchboard operator told me to wait on the phone betore she made


ita/icized adjective with a synonymous one.


2. We have decided to redecorate our sittingraom in August.

such an action


2. Mark was charmed by the girl's elegant movements and her good manners.



connection. .

6. The inscription on the label was written in such a smali print that I could hardly

7. I'm very sorry to say that I'm leaving your class tor some time. Mr Blackley will take my place.

... ..

.. .. . .. ..

3. This is nothing new. It's just a usualtransistor radio. ........................... 4. Our academy admits only people with a real interest in art.


5. The bitterteeling ot having bee(1deserted by his closest triends made Stanley leave the city tor ever. ... . . 6. It you need some more specitic intormation, tum to Mr Smith, who is in direct contra I ot our department. ...........................

its meaning. ..............................................................


8. At tirst, they seemed to be amazed at Peter's offer ot two thousand pounds, but in the end they

... ... . .

15. Making any unauthorized alterations

1. Stop telling me about this tournament. /'m not interested in it. .....................................


him. He is easily seen even in a

7. The terrible discoveryot a skeleton in Mrs Preston's garden has pravoked endless speculations about a murderer hiding somewhere in the neighbourhood. """"" .......

rejected it.

. . . . . .. . . . . . . .. . . . .. .. . . . . . . .. . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . .



8. The local newspapers write about the boy's admirabfe courage. After all, he was the only one who hurried to the rescue.


by the chairman's reply that I didn't know whether I was allowed to

Mrs Johnson's

a new secretary.

(sure that)

... ...................

cast the vote or not. ........................... 11. Since

10. 1'11 go upstairs to tind out it they have already vacated the rooms.


10. I was so confused


... . .. ... . .. ... . ... .. .


9. The suspect claimed he was not guifty and that the robbery was committed by someone else.

, 9. In spite ot countless obstacles, Jim succeeded in building his own house.



V. Choose the correct answer. we have been in an


need ol


1. Mrs Hurston was in deep

12. Mike's comment on the political crisis in our country provoked a fascinating discussion which kept us awake during the whole night.

a) regret


13. He is usually very fazy, so we have a hard time ol making him do his lessons properly.


b) griet


d) disturbance

c) lament

2. The Martins have contirmed their strong donating

to charity actions by

a lump sum ot money again.

a) compliance

14. The poor mother went mad after she had learnt about her son's deadfyaccident.

after her husband's unexpected death.

b) reliance

d) commitment

c) assignment

3. Theotherpartyhas raiseda numberot

to the retorms in the tax



15. Don't bother to ask him a lavour. He is too seffish to help other people.

a) problems


b) objections

c) difficulties

d) complaints

4. My older brother is extremely tond ot astronomy, he seems to

IV. Rewrite the sentences using the given forms so that they retain their origina( meaning.

a lot ot pleasure trom observing the stars. a) derive

b) possess

c) seize

d) reach it too tar, so

5. I can accept criticism in general, but George really .....

1. I don't usually sleep after work. (in the habit) .. ..

.. .. .... .

a) carried

2. Uttle Tommy was expecting Christmas with real delight. (forward to) ."..

I had no other option but to show my disapproval.


b) pushed

(capable) ....

4. Alan is both a good sprinter and a skilled jumper.

d) made

6. When old Mr Barnaby died, several people substantiallegacy

3. The young clerk didn't know how to deal with this complicated matter. ..."..

c) put

a) placed

their claim to the


that he left. b) drew

c) assumed

d) laid

7. The relations between these two countries have become very after the unpleasant incident at the border.


a) reckless

b) excitable

c) teverish

8. The press puts

5. Several workers relused to join the strike. (opposed)


d) tense

on the police torces who were unable to cope

wit h the crowd ot savage hooligans. a) tault

b) charge

c) blame

d) guilt

6. I haven't lent my new lawnmower to anybody. 9. On entering the nursery I stumbled on the wooden blocks Nobody



Qver the carpet.

7. Peter's hair really ought to be cut. (needs)

a) plunged .. .. .. .. . .. . . . . . . .

b) scattered

c) settled

d) tossed

10. No matter how loudly you shout to him he won't hear you. He is as deat as a

8. The attacker made me open the sale. (was


a) bat

b) stump

c) tomb

d) post



' " I" I" I I .,


her compliments on her excellent knowledge of the

11. The jury subject. a) paid

b) gave

c) made

d) said of

12. We couldn't stay long, so we only wished Mark many happy

I. Write in the correct

his birthday and hurried to the airport. a) days

b) retums

c) moments

- d) regards

L- - -

13. Ever since we quarrelled in the office, Janice and I have been

b) confirmed

feli in love with the buli and she - I'd certainly have

14. It I had known that she had tallen so seriously visited her in hospital. a) iii

b) unhealthy

a) absent

b) deserter

d) vanished before you give me the

16. You needn't hurry. You may take your definite answer. c) time

a) stored

b) fixed

with anger when he saw his car had been

c) loaded






(2) of their love was



(4) birth to a monster who was half-man and

t (5) hidden in a winding labyrinth deep



a horrible human sacritice

every nine years seven youths and seven maidens

were thrown down the dungeon to Minotaur - amonster

with a - - s - - (6) tor human

insisted on











monster. In a desperate fight Theseus

g (7) the Minotaur in its dungeon to kill the





f -



- - - -



(8) the monstrous


(9) ot Ariadne. On com ing back

to Athens, however, he didn't r - - - - (10) a white sail as he had


r -






b) credible

b) present

inlo the sea. Ever since the event, the sea has been cal led the Aegean Sea.

d) filled at alI. Nobody in the classroom

c) creditable

d) credulous

with the current political affairs in his

b) personality

II. Put the words in the correct form.

1. This year winter is rather mild in when temperatures

c) knowledgeable

d) actual

c) reaction

d) nature


with the last one

feli below thirty degrees.

2. Ali the

20. It's not easy to make Stanley furious, the boy is very gentle by . a) himself

f -

(11) to his father before and griet-stricken Aegeus - the king - threw - - - - - - f (12)

19. The professor wasn't ..., country after his long stay abroad. a) familiar

v -

and escaped from the maze with the helping

d) thinking

18. The schoolboy's excuse wasn't ............. believed in the far-fetched story he told. a) credential


tlesh. Theseus, the son ot Aegeus - the Athenian ruler - and the acknowledged

c) missing

a) while b) minute 17. Michael was ................... scratched.

half-bulI. The beast was, however, from the Athenians.

after he got lost in the

15. A young tourist has been declared .,..... mountains last Monday.


beneath the king's palace. Minos, as a revenge, demanded

d) unwell

c) invalid

(1) has it that Zeus - the highest of the gods - took the form of a buli and

Minos who was later e - - - - - d (3) the first king of Crete. The wife of Minos ais o

d) guaranteed

c) defined


seduced the princess named Europa. The


a) assured




of Ihe hotel had been evacuated betore Ihe

tire spread out. 3. If you want to improve your English, I recommend your buying a book on grammar "

(USE) .

4. Our grandtather is so (FEAR) ot the modern technologies that he doesn't even want to have a TV set in his house. 5. The international council has devoled several million dollars tor hel p to the (DEVELOP)

counlries in Atrica.

6. At tirst, I was against keeping the news secret, but Frank's



(SENSE) arguments finally convinced me. 7. That day was the most

(MEMORY) one in Pamela's whole lite.

She kept reminding us of it almost every day.





8. Working in these conditions may be extremely


9. I wouldn't say these two statues were made by the same sculptor. In fact, there's little

11. Apart

a harsh physical training, the troops have had to go

through an extensive language course.

between them.

(DENY) of

10. The competitor was disqualified even though his

12. For many years, the population of the Syberian tiger has been ................... real danger of extinction.

having Clsed steroids was so firm. (DEPART)

11. Due to a heavy snowstorm the ..........................

of the train was

14. Alice is working really hard

her business skilIs as she wants to

make a good manageress.

(IMAGINE) when writing their stories. 13. Big loans on very

13. Throughout the whole ceremony the president couldn't get rid of his anxiety the possible assassination.

delayed. 12. The teacher did his best to encourage his pupils to use their


conditions are offered by the bank

15. This man has no idea about the law procedures, he must have been appointed as a juror

to those who make a large-scale investment. 14. It was a

We are expecting the mail

any moment.

health, especially if no protective clothes are worn. (RESEMBLE)

10. Would you mind waiting a minute?

(REST) afternoon for all the representatives,


who were

IV. Rewrite the sentences using the given torms 50 that they retain their original

busy preparing the necessary documents. (WISE)

15. I have always admired her great

and skill in handling the


most intricate problems. 1. The building designer doesn't like the idea of a complete reconstruction.

III. Insert the correct prepositions.












2. We have never visited a more charming place before. Never

petroi, its

response to the rising demand

3. My new assistant knows a lot about anaesthetics.



production has had to be increased. 2. She said she didn't need any support and that she could arrange everything

4. Qur experiment will be carried out only if we gather enough money. (condition that)


. ..

3. Danny wished his father could stay ......................... a few months of the military serviceto do. 4. Rather than go

5. We haven't contacted each other for several months.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ........

6. Mr Thompson's

opinion of these innovations is rather low. (much of)

....................... 7. Michael works overtime because he wants to pay off his debts. (view)

present; it's been

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .... .....

repair since last Monday. 7. After a lon g walk through the dense jungle, the refugees found themselves terrain where they could feel free 8. The poor man who died devoted worker.

in a rocky

8. Each of us has tried to comfort the depressed patient. (attempt)

their pursuers.


... ..........

heart attack had been our most 9. I was just going to leave my office when the phone rang. (about)

9. The police have come across some substantial evidence, which will make it easier for the court to charge the terrorists



her son's victory in the school

competition. 6. I'm unable to use my computer


good, but the man still had

foot in the heavy rain, we preferred to wait a bus, however lon g that might have been.

5. Mrs Railey was very glad







10. Nobody managed to work out the correct answer. (fai led) . ..

... ... .........

V. Fili the gaps with the correct words. I. Choose the words that best complete the sentences in the text. cash lamb sense


flight names

log temper






usually perceived


nature that


The knowledge and eloquence

that people

(1) through travelling is (2) in lile. It is the inquisitive

as the best ..................... (3) people to seek

(4) experiences and

to set out on an exploration trip. Those who travel Irequently and to places benetit tram establishing

ot marching

1. The younger scouts were too atraid to take the

However, there is a

and started to shout at the


with the job.


(10) their baseless

(11) with the real concept

(12) question, travelling


6. There is no bigger gardening enthusiast in the village than Mr Dandelion. His skill at growing plants is admirabie and his neighbours say he's got green ..".................... 7. Let me stay at home this morning, please. I'm tee!ing rather under the ,so I won't be ot great use in the office.


in all laur


it easier tor many individuals to acknowledge

(13) Iriendship and makes

the true value ot different traditions and

customs. Yet, it does not always mean enjoymenL

It mayaiso

com ing close with the atrocities ol real existence

as well as becoming

(14) aware ol the

challenges and hardships that other people have to struggle with. Hence, a true voyage is

8. Phillip, apologize to your sister! I don't want to hear you caliing her

the one with a good deal ol experience



9. We were intormed by the shop assistant that they didn't accept credit cards.

Consequently, we had no other option but to pay in

enables travellers

and get

This direct contact

corners ot the globe.

5. I can't say he's very good at playing the saxophone. It hap pens quite often that he


it is only the tirst-hand encounter that can help change

(9) towards the so-called 'interior communities'.

with a different civilization

4. Mary has no prablems with running the accounts. Indeed, she teels at

plays out ot



it has made.

that people are

(8) cliches and untounded prejudices about other nations and

their characteristics.

3. The trading company that he set up a year ago has recently gone to the because ot the huge tinanciallosses

(7) ol truth in the assumption

prane to

students who had been sniggering ali the time.


(5) (6) a better

and ...............

knowledge about other cultures and lilestyles.

through the deep torest late at nighL 2. After a while, the lecturer lost his ...~

new relationships





(15) about, very otten

with exposure to abhorrent sights and incredible ordeals. The learning to be

complete, thus, requires an abi!ity to observe and analyse the surraundings,


both their

glamour and brutality.

1O. When Alex returns tram work, he is usually sa tired that he falls asleep immediately and sleeps !ike a until supper time. 11. I can understand his dissatistaction wit h his meagre wages, but on the other

1. a) purchase

b) exact

c) gain

d) nurture

2. a) completion

b) lullilment

c) conclusion

d) resolution

3. a) impels

b) involves

c) entails

d) pursues

4. a) thriving

b) throbbing

c) thwarting

d) thrilling

13. Brian takes sandwiches and black coffee tor breaktast as a ..

5. a) reverse

b) averse

c) diverse

d) converse

14. That dog ot theirs may look dangerous, but in tact, it's as gentle as a

6. a) acquiring

b) educating

c) learning

d) exacting


b) grain

c) scrap

d) tip

8. a) persevering

b) cherishing

c) indulging

d) persisting

".. ,he isn't a tuli time worker. ot

12. Somebody pushed Eric in the crowd and the boy tell down the stairs and brake his leg.

15. The new apprentice is very clever. However, one thing he stilllacks

is the

ot duty.



b) manner

e) outlook

d) approaeh

10. a) drop

b) eease

e) tail

d) quit

11. a) intormed

b) realized

e) aequainted

d) detined

12. a) Apart

b) Beyond

e) Untailing

d) Beneath

13. a) taeilitates

b) aftords

e) elieits

d) ineites

1. Richard the Third wasn't the on!y king who died


b) derive

e) eonsist

d) enelose

2. Mr Bradley has had an alarm installed in his car

tear ot having it

b) reminisee

e) resemble

d) remind

9. a) prejudiee

14. a) involve 15. a) eommemorate

III. Insert the correct prepositions. AT







stolen. vitamins and minerais, the risk ot

3. If your diel is deticient developing a serious disease is higher.

II.Put the words in the correct form.

the main branch

4. Our section has gained quite an independence since we are able to raise our own tunds.

1. Eddie had imagined lite on Ihe tarm lo be enjoyable and peaeetul, bul Ihe

".. (REAL) 2. Do youremember

lurned out to be tolally difterent.

the exaet

3. They say that that?


ot Ihis mathematieal


(SILENT) is golden, but who eould really believe (IN FORM).

Even his

return ot post? It will be

6. Why don'l you send a message delivered more quickly, then.

has assured us that his producls always work properly, no matter

how long they have been

(ABLE) enabled her to obtain a seholarship

6. Our national team has played beyond .....

(EXPECT). They have (CONT AIN) ot our

7. The customs officer insisted on examining the


8. We have recently direcled our aims

developing a prototype ot an

extremely economical vehiele. 9. You should be ashamed

beaten the world ehampions twice.


what you have done. Oon't ever hit your

brother again! 10. II wasn't at all easy tor the European members ot the expedition to get aeeustomed

suitcases. 8. One ot the most disturbing questions the governmenl has to tace is Ihe rising (EMPLOY)

among the rural population.

9. Even Ihough an

so hot and humid a elimate ot South America.


11. The Browns and their neighbours we re examined at the police station in eonnection the burglaries in the district.

(EXTENO) seareh tor the missing ehild has been

earried out by Ihe local police, there has been no sign ot progress so tar. 10. 'Aliee has to Id me she is thinking ot breaking oft her (ENGAGE) 'Do you think she doesn't love the boy any more?'

11. Thanks to the operation my

(SEE) has improved considerably.

I hope that after the next one I won't have to wear glasses at alI. 12. A lot ot , (COMPLAIN) have been written to the town council by the inhabitants ot the area where the nuclear power station is to be built. 13. The most

a good rest.

7. The manutacturer

books didn't eontain so much relevant data. 5. Cindy's unique artistie abroad.

marehing up the hill and asked tor

5. The scouts got very tired

4. Protessor Jenkins' leetures were the most

to Martin.'


(STAND) teature ot his character is his great

generosity. 14. I wouldn't assume that he would help you in case ot trouble. He isn't so

12. You should have asked Tom to instal the pipe in your bathroom. He is very elever :

every kind ot manual work.

13. I did my best to be helptul

pianning Ihe excursion, but Ihey

seemed to pay no attention to my remarks. 14. The tire brigade have earned a good deal ot appreciation


great courage displayed in the rescue action. 15. After two months spent in the local hospilal, Christine has recently recovered her bad injuries.

(REL Y) a person as you may think him to be. 15. What the teacher expects us to write is a thorough description ot the (INOUSTRY) revolution in Britain.



t IV. Rewrite the sentences using the given forms so that they retain their original meaning.

3. In spite ot our big ettort, we have not managed to

enough money

tor the renovation ot the school buildings.

1. I was strongly determined to complete my dissertation by the end ot the month.

b) compose

c) rear

d) score

4. The success ot our campaign is can attract.

.. ... ... ..... .

I had

a) raise

on the num ber ot investors we

2. Father doesn't want you to k-eep these disgusting insects. (rid) a) legible

b) relative

c) dependent

d) obtainable

5. George didn't attend school tor six weeks as he had to stay in hospital where he was 3. When we came back home we realized it had been broken jnto.

for pneumonia.


a) tixed

b) mended

c) relieved

6. I don't believe a...............

4. He willlie on the sota doing nothing all day round. (nothing but)

a) sentence

d) treated

. of what he says.

b) word

c) phrase

d) matter

7. We couldn't stand his nast y

5. They say they don't want to play cricket any more. (bored)

of spitting on the floor and we moved

him tram our department. 6. Andy didn't tell anybody that he was going on a lone expedition.


Andy went

b) character

c) gui!!

d) habit

enough on becoming a professional sportsman and he

didn't want to listen to anybody else's advice.

7. As soon as it gets warmer, the spring tlowers will bloom. The moment

a) intent

b) eager

c) definite

d) certain

9. You'd better not place a bet on Stalion. In my opinion, the horse doesn't

8. One ot the relatives has made a statement tor the mourning parents on television.

a) disposition 8. A/ex was


a) win

9. Was it difficult tor you to assemble the set? (difficulty)


a chance ot winning the race.


b) stand

d) play

10. Nobody took any contaminated water. a) information

10. We are hiring a specialist to redecorate the tlat. (having)

c) rise

ot the warning and they went swimming in the

b) attention

11. It was ..........

c) notice

d) sight

time we did something about the case, but we had no idea

how to react. a) main

b) high

c) latest

d) fair

12. The loan that we had received trom our parents

V. Choose the correct answer.

us to buy a tlat in

Cambridge. 1. Michael was a terrible a) culprit

b) coward

, he was even atraid to stay at home alone. c) tiance

d) boaster

2. After a lengthy debate, the spokesman announced the board had

b) solved

c) reached

d) compromised

c) fultilled

d) granted

his joy at winning the prize by inviting his triends to a firstb) envisioned

14. I was immensely the bus accident. a) relieved


b) assisted

class restaurant tor dinner. a) appeared

a unanimous conclusion. a) commited

a) enabled 13. Patrick .......

c) exposed

d) displayed

to hear that none of my re/atives was killed in

b) improved

c) recovered

d) healed


15. They say that a friend in a) miss

b) lack

is a friend indeed. c) wish


d) need

ot an

16. It is not a great achievement to me if you make money by.....

a) sorts

b) means

c) process

b) sword

c) cut

I. Replace each italicized

word with a synonymous

The game of solving difficult profound excitement

d) razor

18. The mother was furious when she entered the nurseryand

saw it in complete

(1) puzzles has always fil1ed (2) people with the feeling of a

(3). No wonder, then, that the fascination

b) dirt

c) disorder

having to

b) correspond

c) prove

their duty in the

b) perform

c) commit


(8) like

old maps and other variety (9) ot clues promising

fanatics are legends, myths,


(10) fortunes


beneath the earth's surface or drowned in the ancient galleys.

right way. a) operate

with amateur and professional seekers equipped with h.ighly sophisticated

What raises the adrenaline level in these treasure-obsessed

d) inter

20. Mr Robson's job is to teach the young officers to

claim, there is a little boy in every treasure

metal detectors, radars, sonars or underwater cameras.

pay extra money. a) mean


hunter.Vet, the chase (6) of hidden valuables has recently become a serious venture (7)

d) junk

19. Your staying in this room longer than seven days will

(4) of treasure hunting

has invariably been associated with the possibility of realizing the most improbable dreams. According to what the psychologists

a) pollution


d) works

17. Mind that the baby shouldn't to uch the knife, it's as sharp as a a) blade

r !

illegal business.

d) proceed

For many treasure hunters the struggle of hint searching is even more stimulating


than digging out a treasure trove composed ot golden or silver objects, jewellery and other priceless artefacts. The job is, however, extremely strenuous as even the most puzz/ing

(12) clues must be thoroughly analysed (13). Failures and misinterpretations occur (14) quite frequently, too. Vet, even the most unlikely clue or the smallest find is enough to reinforce the hunter's self-confidence Indeed, the delight

in treasure

and passion.






(15) acquiring

tremendous amounts ot valuables. Whatever is detected, be it a rusty sundial or a marble statue, brings joy and reward after a long and exhausting search.


1. a) extreme

b) fierce

c) intricate

d) vehement

2. a) imposed

b) congested

c) imbued

d) aroused

3. a) exhilaralion

b) dismay

c) acclaim

d) inflammation

4. a) rage

b) trauma

c) craze

d) uproar

5. a) inopportune

b) impetuous

c) unbearable

d) implausible

6. a) pursuit

b) dash

c) gail

d) crusade

7. a) riddle

b) exploit

c) toil

d) slrain

8. a) garments

b) auxiliaries

c) appliances

d) phenomena

9. a) range


c) slack

d) batch

10. a) ceaseless

b) superfluous

c) unaccountable

d) inestimable

11. a) rousing

b) gruelling

c) escalating

d) engulfing


12. a) crippling

b) appalling

c) baffling

d) overwhelming

13. a) utilized

b) scrutinized

c) disclosed

d) verbalized

14. a) unveil

b) concur

c) betalI

d) encounter

15. a) dwell on

c) lay about

b) poke around

10.We have been in good relalions ever since we met each other at the pilgrimage last year. .."


1. The teacher has obliged Robert to

d) hinge upon




offensive remarks he made to Julia.



1-2.As a result ot a heavy raintall the athletic event has had to be cancelled. II. Replace the italicized correct form.

verbs or phrases wit h a synonymous

phrasal verb in the


... .. .



carry out pull up

.. .. .

... ... .... .. ... .... .. ... ... ... . ....

13. Thousands ot enthusiasts trom around the world gathered to see the tamous film star, but to their disappointment,


... ... ..

bring about

back up feel up to

get on

put oft

set in

cali off

bring up

make up

14. This usetul handbook will tell you how to educate your children. " ..., .. ... ... .. .... ... .. """ .. ... . .. .

turn up

15. After a pause, the judge asked the suspect to go on explaining

look up take back

she didn't appear.

.. .. . .. . . . . .. . .. . . . . . . . .. . . . . .. . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . .. . .. . .. . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

.... . ..... .... .

his motives.

.. .. . .. . .. . . . . .. . . . .. . . . .. . . . .. . . . . .. . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . .. . .. . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . .

1. The policeman waved at Danny to stop his car at the lay-by. ...

.. ...



III. Replace each italicized

2. Several recruits were given a harsh training tor their reluctance to fulfil the captain's orders.





.... ... ... ... ... ....

3. Luckily, the two ministers ended their argument broadcast.


.... ... .. ...... .... .


betore the programme was


phrase or adjective


with a synonymous



exaggerated legitimate







hostile widespread

................... 4. Doesn't any ot you want to give me support? Will you let them believe that I'm guilty ot the traud?

times. He was the conqueror ot Persia and the king of Macedonia. ,

2. I hope we all will remember this important moment. From today on, we will be able to


3. !t's essential that the elephant should be given the amount of food suitable tor its

communicate wit h any place on the planet.

6. At tirst, I telt like going to the concert, but it was the price ot the ticket that


4. 'What was the court's decision in your case?' 'They said I had alegal right to occupy -.

7. The season ot dry weather has begun too early this year. I'm atraid we may have to face drought.

... ..

... ,"""""""""""""""



.. ... .

.... ... .

8. Lucy says she isn't well enough to do so much housework. . . .. . . .. . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . .. . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

9. The pump breakdown has been causedby ,


weight. ......................

me in the end.




5. Things are beginning to improve now that we have received the aid.


1. Alexander the Great was one ot the most famous military leaders ot the ancient

an electrical tault.


the tlat.'


5. Tommy is so excited about going to the seaside because he has never seen the sea in his life. ...................... 6. My father is a devoted believer in the American cinematography. films of other directors than the American ones. ...................... 7. Missiles like these can cause extensive

damage and a lot ot tatalities.

8. I'm sorry madam, but leather products are not obtainable at the opposite comer.

He never watches

in our store.

.................. Try in the store


9. I can't understand his unfriendly attitude towards us. What's made him so angry? """""""""""




10. Mary said that the price was

mueh too high and

V. Fili the gaps with the correct words.

she wouldn't pay unless the

shopkeeper lowered i1. ..".................. 11. She is so lucky to have married Peter. The boy has such

a gent/e

character that he

12. Had I known the lecture on etymology would be so long and boring, attended i1.

I'd never have .





wouldn't even harm a fly. ......................





date heart


term s


delay leave


13. It seems that space tlights to the moon will be an attractive way ot spending weekends

distant tuture. 14. I hate driving on rough roads like this


in the not very

one. It is neither pleasant nor good tor the car.


1. We expect Mike to drop us a

as soon as he arrives in Mexico.

2. Mr Dalton tried to keep up ...

. However, the rest of the party knew

he was awfully depressed after the divorce.

15. The chairman's comment on the transaction was short and elear.


about so trivial

3. You could have avoided making so much .. a problem.

IV. Rewrite the sentences meaning.

4. I've told you it's impossible to get in touch with detective Parker because he has been

using the given torms 50 that they retain their original


in Spain since last Thursday.

5. We didn't have to wait long for the copy as the clerk was most kind and made it without any

1. At least some of you may be obliged to sign the agreemen1. (under)

. , he has invited

6. I'm not sure about the exact num ber, but at a about fifty guests to his birthday party. 2. Suddenly, the baby started to cry and nobody knew what to do about i1. (burst)

with each

7. The manager and the singer have been on very good other. They even seem to be close friends.

8. Gordon McAlister was a man of great success. He made a big fortune in the

3. Certainly, drinking too much alcohol can be harmtul to your health. (do)

ot his youth and lived comfortably ever after.


4. Only a few Members ot Parliament voted tor the reforms.

9. Stop spraying the paint on to me! Have you taken a complete leave ot your ot)

10. I can't think how he succeeded in winning Jenny's 5. Anthony claimed that the other man caused the collision.

being so rude

and vulgar to other girls.


11. You may feel absolutely sate to tell me whatever you know. I won 't give you away, tor 6. With such a poor dealing with the matter he will not probably succeed.

sure. Go on, speak your (unlikely)



12. He isn't good enough to become the champion. At

, he may take

the second place. 7. It seemed that they had visited the place betore. They seemed

13. Mark never changes his routines. He is as regular as 14. Whitney has never seen the boy she is meeting this evening. In tact, their appointment is a blind .


8. The tactory had to be shut down because ot very low output and poor profits. (due)

15. It is out ot the question tor me to give an exact description of the burglar as I only caught a

ot his face when he rushed towards the door.

9. The hijackers haven't set any of the hostages free.

go. 10. He said he was sorry for what he had said to the customer.





I. Choose the words that best complete the sentences in the text. It oniy

(1) the completion of the reconstruction

of the human genentk

map for a whole host of hereditary diseases to be forecast

that the venture

(2). Originally, it wa~

would take until the beginning

of the 21 st century to bl

8. a) associated

b) contained

c) involved


b) hear

c) voice

d) perceive

10. a) headline

b) heading


d) headship

11. a) amiable

b) conceivable

c) evocative

d) conducive

12. a) evoke

b) institute

c) discharge

d) encourage

13. a) examined

b) inquired

c) accounted

d) corroborated

14. a) aggravated

b) teased

c) persecuted

d) plagued

15. a) far-away

b) outlying

c) distant

d) imminent

d) derived

(3). At present, it is clear that the task can be finished much earlier. Hundreds of scholars have gone to


(4) to help

II. Put the words

in the correct


the mystery of the human genetic structure with an ardent hope for 1. The key to the peaceful coexistence of a multiracial community is the reduction of the

(6) mankind from disorders such as cancer, cystic fibrosis or arthritis. The progress

in this incredible




of the information

(7) by an accurate (8) in the chromosomes

forming the

trillions of the cells in the human body. Locating and characterizing every single gene may ,

(9) an implausible assignment, but very considerable


assembled in DNA, some parts of which may be diseased and

notions like gene therapy



struggle hopes


or genetic engineering


application has already been








2. What you suggest isn't


at alI. We can't agree to

carry out the military tests in this province. 3. The jury found him guilty of a


and a few other minor

4. Mark has been concerned about his


of blood



(14) with at present might eventually cease to exist in the not too

(SA VE) in such

a risky business? 6. It was the most splendid wedding


I have ever

attended. I guess they must have spent a lot of money preparing it. 7. According to the recent report, this dreadful

(DRY) has ruined

sixty per cent of the crops in the region. 8. Ali the workers in the office were standing still while the directors we re having their noisy 9. Paul's

(15) future.

(FIT) ever since the doctor

warned him to los e weight and take up physical exercise. 5. Are you sure you want to invest all your life

(12) much

against many viruses or in the genetic treatement are,

(11) to

of the human genom may last for a few years more,

surprise any longer. Their potential in the effective

code is

of the damaged code from parents to their children.

Whereas work at the completion


offences and he was sentenced to five months in prison.

(10) has already been made. What we know by now is that the hereditary

the uncontrollable transmission


(ARGUE). "

(HATE) for the occupants grew much stronger when he

learned about his parents' death. 1. a) expects

b) requires

c) anticipates

d) remains

2. a) terminated

b) interfered

c) eradicated

d) disrupted

3. a) accomplished

b) discharged

c) dis mant led

d) exterminated

4. a) maximum

b) utmost

c) supreme

d) extremes

5. a) dissolve

b) interrogate

c) respond

d) unravel

6. a) liberating

b) surviving

c) insulating

d) averting

7. a) dependent

b) reliant

c) qualified

d) conditioned


10. Nothing wrong will happen to you as long as you follow the strict (GUIDE)

set by the inspector.

11. The pottery we have found under the rocks is the most evident (PROVE) of human existence on the island. 12. Lend me five hundred pounds, please and I promise to settle the debt in monthly (PA Y) of one hundred pounds. 13. The bad boy ought to be punished for his wrongdoing as there was no (JUST) for acting the way he did.



I 14. The Reauchetort Company had been our major

(SU PPL Y) ot

15. The president will be delivering a speech

stainless steel until we signed a contract wit h you.

15. The view that came into perspective was

vietims and the representatives

(BREATH). Nowonder,



memory ot the war

tram around the world will be laying wreaths at the


they lingered on the hill enchanted by the lush tropical torests and the haze ot moist IV. Rewrite the sentences

air hanging above their heads.

using the given torms so that they retain their original


III. 'nsert the correct

prepositions. 1. However untavourable our pas ition is, we mustn't surrender.









(boi d tace)



2. This water is too eold to brew tea. (enough)


1. It looks as it John has got addicted

cigarettes. The boy smokes 3. I can't lend you any money as I don't have much myself. (short)

one pac ket a day.


2. I advise you to stop chewing the gum when you talk to the boss. He is rather intolerant anyextravagance.

4. How much did you have to pay tor their service?

3. We didn't see much ot the landscape because aur tather drove high speed all along the way. 4. Patrick is too intent .......................

... (owe)

................ 5. Take this map, it ean be very usetul it you get lost in the city. (case)

his picture painting to take care ot any



5. On June the tirst, it will have been seven years since I graduated

6. She says she tinds nothing unusual about stormy weather in this country.


... ...

6. Apart trom the constant electricity shortage, we were also deprived a lot ot trouble unless George manages to repair the

8. Five participants have been expelled


7. We were surprised to learn that Brian had become a monk.

the possibility ot taking everyday showers. 7. We are in """"""""""""""" radio station.

It came 8. This loud music makes me nervous.

the survival course tor their

my nerves.

abject disobedience. 9. I can't understand a bit ot what he says. (any sense)

9. According to the weather torecast, the coastal area will soon be


threat ot the destructive torce ot a typhoon. 10. There were no protests to the chairman's proposal to do away .


10. She hasn't deeided yet whether to buy this house or not. (hesitating)

standard procedures and advance to the major point ot the debate. 11. Betore you go and check your abilities to tollow the traffic regulations. 12. The serial murderer has been convicted


practice, you must learn six homicides and a rape

and sentenced to death by hanging. 13. When I entered the classroom I was surprised


the scene I sawo

Several pupils were Iying on the tloor and the rest were sleeping in their benches. 14. He never told us he was Italian and that his real name was Franco. We all knew him

V. Choose the correct answer. 1. The matter was sa delicate that none ot the ministers knew how to it. a) manipulate

b) deal

c) handle

d) affect

the name ot Eddie.



her alone because she didn't feel

2. Betty to Id her younger sister to like playing games. a) put

b) leave

c) set

But, it never came to """"""""""""""" work.

d) make

3. The students have asked their protessor to ....... after Christmas. a) postpone

b) interrupt

c) await

making a test until

d) terminate

c) occurence

d) being

in three

a) tluent

c) speechless

b) outspoken

d) knowledgeable

16. Our karate master is as quick as

d) exhaust

c) abound

b) pass


betore the next one arrives. b) spare

a) final

since he'd decided to change his place ot

15. Eric's tather works as an interpreter. The man is

4. Now that the 9.30 train has been cancelled, we have got plenty ot time to

a) expire

14. It had been assumed Phillip would take over the manager's post after the man retired.

a) wave

so as not to miss the bus to

5. Mr Smith ate his breaktast in great ...

b) thunder

c) current

d) lightning

17. Her pertect manners and exceptional erudition is an effect ot her strict upper-class

Liverpool. a) speed

b) pace

d) haste

c) rush

. This note must have been written

6. The handwriting is completely a lon g time ago. a) inedible

c) illegible

d) unteasible


trom his mathematics lessons. c) absent

d) joyride

d) reliet

great importance to

coming to work in time. a) affixes

c) peace

b) runaway

d) uphold

c) upbringing

19. Andrew is a very disciplined employee. He

, the doctor declared the boy's life was out ot

b) soothe

b) upkeep

18. This pupil is notorious tor playing a) truant

b) indellible

7. To everybody's

a) calmness

a) upstanding

b) attributes

c) admits

d) attaches

20. The scientists broke down as they realized that ali their efforts had gone to

8. This species ot mosquito can be dangerous, but happily, it is rather in this area. a) rare

b) minor

9. The whole situation is getting out ot turns into a bitter raw. a) capacity

b) charge

a) lass

d) scarcely

c) tew

c) hand

b) exercise

c) waste

d) collapse

. Let's do something betore it

d) discipline

10. I know it works in theory, but try putting it into it's atailure. a) operation

b) tailure

and you'lI find out

c) pertormance

d) procedure

11. I wouldn't have realized about the possible risk ot setting the tactory on tire if Bob hadn't a) sought

my attention to it. b) drawn

c) showed

12. It was mindless ot you to .,....................

d) caught Sam in the tace. You should never have

done it it you expect him to love you. a) siam

b) ciap

c) slap

d) clasp the aim she has set

13. I can hardly think ot Jenny being able to herself. a) implement


b) accomplish

c) triumph



5. How can you say I'm not """""""""""""""

(SUIT) lor the post? Haven't I got

enough experience as a typist? 6. II you don't remem ber Ann's telephone num ber now, you can look it up in the (DIRECT).

I. Write in the correct words. 7. To everybody's Jacob's tirst experience with tlying objects d



s (1) back to the memorable day ol


the 15th ot May, 1925. He was then live years old and his tather, a civilian pilot, took him

to the Bedtord airbase where the Royal Air Force were



r - - - -




g (2) out tests

on a prototype ot a modern bomber piane.




d (3) the youngboy's

attention. 'I really lelt as though each ot these huge steel birds were inviting me lor a great - v - - -


- -

(4).' - he reminisced later in a newspaper

i -

- - - v - - -

(5). Teams ol mechanics and navigators were running leverishly around the place while the test pilots were waiting calmly in the scorching hours ol intensive preparations bombers ascended



Ilat on the Iloor. 8. 'Where's Peter?' 'I suppose he is outside in the

(BACK) together

with the other children.' 9. The cost ot the summer house shouldn't be high as I'm going to have it built on

Dozensol shinymachinesstandingin hangars -

(AMUSE) , the clown stumbled on the bar and leli





a wooden


10. Fresh air and a dose ol relaxation might prove


to your

health, so don't hesitate and take a tew days oft. 11. Solar energy, wind and other

(NEW) sources might represent an


sun near the runways. After a lew -


(6) linally roared and the lirst

alternative to the conventional ones which cause a lot ol damage to the natural environment.

t - - - - - - (7) the sky.

It was not earlier than in August 1940 that Jacob himsell sat



h - - - (8) the wheel

12. The Thompsons

have helped us a lot in these hard times. We do leel (DEBT) to them lor their great support.

in a cockpit ol a Spitfire. As a young, but extremely talented aviator he was assigned a place in an assault squadron tor a perilous mission during World War II. That was the moment he had been looking

- - r - - - -

d (10) in numerous assignments earned him the name ol a

war hero. Five years after the war, Jacob was oftered the lunction ol a military adviser in

the DetenceDepartmentwhere he s eventually retired and









(CLI MATE) changes.

to (9).

Much earlier than he had expected, his praiseworthy discipline and the great bravery that he had d - - - - - - -

13. The process ol the evolution ol the human being has always been conditioned by the



14. The police car ran into a lamp post while in


ol the

stolen van. 15. Unlortunately, the chemist couldn't ofter any eftective medicine tor my temporary (SICK).

d (11) tor eighteen years until he

d (12) down in Gloucester in 1968. III. Replace each italicized phrase or adjective with a synonymous one.

II. Put the words in the correct form. a;ert 1. It's Frank's


that drives his parents crazy. They

can't even persuade him to brus h his teeth in the morning. 2. In spite ot having rather smali






consistent notable skilled







(EARN) she lives quite an

extravagant lite. 3.


such as mugging are quite com mon in the district.

1. Harry claims Mr Mahoney is a reliable character, but I'm rather doubtful about it. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..

That's at least what the police reports say. 4. Mr Perkins spent two years in a concentration camp after he had been taken (PRISON)



in Gdansk in 1943.

2. Pamela took a very smali portion ot the icecream because she said she was on a diet. ......................


3. You needn't hurry, we have got more than enough time belore the ceremony begins. ,


4. Our father will probab'y stay longer in Rome than he expected.


4. II you want to get some news from abroad, you ought to read the other newspaper. This one de ais with




5. The patient's quick recovery after so serious an accident was amazing.


affairs on'y. ......................

5. It's important lor babies to lee' safewith their parents.


6. I don't think it's a good idea to admit Paul to our party. He isn't very stable

beliefs and he Irequently changes his point ol vi ew.

6. How did you manage to carry such a heavy suitcase?



7. II you let him go unpunished, he will certainly do that again.


8. The most remarkable ol Dimitry Mendeleyev's achievements was the development of the periodic tab le of the chemica' elements.


in his

7. You can't expect the marine lorces to let you join them. You are too fat to undergo their tough training successlully.


Let 8. Ali the passengers ol the jumbo jet were kil'ed in the crash. None


9. The man sa id he cou'd only offer short-term manual work

lor well-trainedworkers.

9. What was the reason for the engine's breakdown? wrong?


...................... 10. The tourists were warned by their guide to be watchful as there might be snakes

10. The young policeman was completely unaware that he was in danger.


moving in the grass. ...................... 11. II on'y it stopped raining lor a while. , hate to think that this

awful weather is lorecast V. Fili the gaps with the correct words.

till the end of August. ...................... 12. It was Jim's rap id reaction that saved our lives. There's no saying what could have


happened il he hadn't noticed the oneoming lorry. ...................... 13. We lound their offer

most alluring.However,we couldn't leave our children behind

and go skiing for the whole week.











pity time

houses root tricks

14. The law is very severe in such cases, so I assume the rapist will receive a heavv sentence.


1. Mary entered her brother's room and lound the boy in high

15. The zoo visitors were scared stiffwhen the two lions got out of their cage. ..

He was enthusiastic about having won a big sum of money in the 'ottery. 2. You may get drunk very quickly if you drink tOGmuch alcoho' on an empty

IV. Rewrite the sen ten ces using the given torms so that they retain their ariginal 3. Today's newspapers report that the escaped bank robber hasn't been caught vet.


He has been at 1. Hats like this aren't fashionable any longer.

4. The f'ying instructor has made his students aware that operating a hang glider is no

date. 2. Stanley is rather learfu' ol the new algebra teacher.

since January.



"... at alI.

5. I don't want to go the concert! I'm in no

(awe ot)

for listening to c'assical

musie this evening. 6. Jason made a lew minor mistakes in his exercise, but the teacher turned a blind

3. I'm sorry, I didn't intend to take your book home. . .accident.


on them and gave him a good marko


that something was wrong between Adam and his

7. 1tound out at a wite.

8. Uncle Jerry was the most compassionate

person 1have ever known. He used to take

, on all the homeless and beggars he knew.

I. Choose the words that best complete the sentences in the text.

9. Nobody has examined the question betore us, so it may appear to be unusually difticult to get to the

Sleeping disorders like insomnia can

ot the problem.


10. Don't move trom this place! You are as sate as

is yours.

11. Now that Mr Harvey has tinished his speech, the

(1) to be a worrying question tor

many ot us. Almost anyone can easily conjure sleepless night ot

".. (2) at least one

(3) and turning in bed awaiting the bliss ot a deep

dream.Mostprobably,a third ot us

Come and explain your point ot view. 12. The number ot the syringes the charity has donated isn't big, but it should suffice tor

(4) the distressing experience at


least once a week. Even though it is possible tor people to



certain period ot time, such occurrences

13. It has been decided that the two boys will be expelled trom school tor playing nast y on the teachers and the other pupils.

and there is no evidence

15. The star's manageress was out ot my hear clearly what she was saying.


are rather tew and tar



(7) this assumption.

however, is the tact that we do need som e sleep to regenerate

14. I don't think there is a need tor our players to worry. We are stronger, more

experienced and the spectators are on our

(5) without any sleep at ali tor a

, too. and that's why I couldn't


our strength

is sure, and to

(8) the brain to its pro per activity. No won der, then, that the tiredness

andtatiguethat appearaftera sleeplessnight chemical support in the torm ot sleep

(9) manyot us to go tor


(10) tablets or powders.


However long the problem ot sleeplessne-ss has afflicted many individuals, very little has been

(11) in the question ot its original causes. We are conscious that

it usually


ar depression. It mayaiso

(12) those who are exposed to a great deal ot stress, anxiety be


by overworking

or untavourable

surroundings with scarcity ot tresh air. Sleeping pills may provide som e reliet and can act as an alternative

in this desperate

situation. Vet, they do little to com bat the ailment in tuli. Consequently,

our hopes should



(14) on the medical authorities to

(15) the root

eause ot insomnia betore we take to being nocturnals leading aur noisy lives in the dead ot nighL


d) prove

1. a) present

b) entail

c) realize

2. a) up

b) about

c) oft

d) out

3. a) rolling

b) wriggling

e) tossing

d) spinning

4. a) underpass

b) undergo

e) underlie

d) undertake

5. a) operate

b) process

c) tunction

d) pertorm

6. a) between

b) along

c) within

d) beyond

7. a) proclaim

b) endure

c) invalidate

d) substantiate

8. a) recuperate

b) restore

c) revive

d) resume


9. a) exert


b) affeet

e) enforee

d) eompel

10. a) indueing

b) attaining

e) exaeting

d) eontributing

11. a) disparaged

b) retrieved

e) deteeted

d) originated

12. a) betrays

b) besets

e) bemoans

d) bestowes

13. a) engendered

b) applied

e) instigated

d) evolved

14. a) placed

b) aseribed

c) focused


15. a) emerge

b) release

e) determine

d) confess

II. Put the words in the correct


1. If we hadn't

(DEFINE) answer to their request for financial support tram the Eurapean Union. 14. This film may only be watched by children under parental 15. Mr Parker's proposais met with a sharp -

on fao d and water, we wouldn't have

survived a single day in the cave.


from the other

members of the Board.

III.Insert the correct prepositions.



1.When the





detective reached



his gun, the crowd stepped

nervously back.

2. The witness claimed she was capable of discovering the man's evil intentions fram the (MURDER)

13. It's been expected that next month the government will reeeive a

look in his eyes.

3. Jane's been granted a one year

2. Aceording to the guidebook, this region is notorious

tloods and

tornadoes. (SCHOOL)

at one of the most

the new

3. The owners ot huge eompanies are more likely to benetit

renowned universities in Eurape. law than the smali business entrepreneurs.

4. Our tather is a tirm


in faith healing. He even tries to

4. Beware

the heavytraffic

in the centre ot the city ar else you'lI

prapagate it among his friends. waste at least twa hours in the jams. 5. 'Have you got any ....................

(GIVE) about the eooperation?'

'Oh no, I'm

sure it will be suecessful.'

uS. I think we'lI have to do aur best

5. She said she had great faith not to let her down.

6. Andrew says the locallibrary

should be subsidized by the tax payers, but most of us

disagree with his

6. It's not sa easy to be patient

young pupils, especially it the only

(JUDGE). thing they speak about are video games.

7. It's most

(DESIRE) that all aur employees should take a eourse in


7. I was tough. They had a hard time of persuading me

ehanging my

mind about the weekend plans. 8. Mr Cramp couldn't tind any

(APPL Y) tor the welding machine in

8. You'd better ask Tom about the girl. I ean't tell you much as I only know her

his workshop and, finally, he sold it to his brather-in-Iaw. sight. 9. Everybody was surprised at his


explosion of anger.

Before, he had sa id he was satisfied with the outcome ot the negotiations. 10. Since she retired she hasn't got much to do, and sa she has taken up embroidering out ot

9. We don't want anybody else to tind out about aur arrangements, organize everything

do we? We must


10. He says he could do all the wark ..............................

his own. But, I don't believe one

(BORE) . person will ever be able to lift those heavy boxes.

11. The police forces which arrived after a short while were completely


(POW ER). They couldn't stop the mob tram tighting by any means. 12. We were shown a rich colours and sizes.

11. The tanker had already been

sea tor twa weeks when it struck

the iceberg.

(VARY) ot woale n sweaters in ditferent 12. Their design didn't vary much ...

ours. Consequently, the

jury decied to reward them both.




13. I'm afraid you'll have to buy a new hairdryer; this one is 14. During this month, we'lI be concentrating


V. Choose the

15. A brigade of well-trained commandoes "

to believe that she was a representative

1.1 was

skill of using the aqualung.


correct answer.

developing the basic Party.

participated in the action against the terrorists

c) led

b) carried

a) declared

machine guns and grenades.

committed a crime.

using the given forms so that they retain their original


a) unaware

c) mystery

b) secret

(first time)


. .. . ... ... ... """"


d) obscure

eye that there was a lighthouse on the

3. One could see with the ..".... 1. I have never read such an interesting article about space exploration.

d) explained

for about ten years that the minister's son

2. It has been kept

IV. Rewrite the sentences

a) naked

b) sole

d) shut

c) nude

is even more apparent

4. These two items don't differ much. The

2. Mark doesn't like to be told what to do.

when you put them together.

Mark hates

a) similarity

3. Your will start to feel better as soon as you take this medicine.

c) coincidence

b) likelihood

d) analogy

to the host and his wife. I don't think

5. Your rude behaviour was an The

ol the Labour

moment they will ever invite us to their home again.

4. Haven't you ever had the idea that you could emigrate? (occurred)

a) abuse


b) insult

d) aversion


6. For almost fifty years, the citizens of this country were ....

5. I doubt whether it will stop raining till afternoon.

travelling abroad unless they were politicians. a) suspended

It is

b) rejected

7. I wouldn't

6. I'm sure he recognized us at the airport.


c) averted

d) forbidden

their position in the market. They may appear to be

very intluential one day in the tuture.

He must

a) undertake 7. The wind was so strong that we could hardly walk. (such)

a) scored


Hardly ever 10. They haven't invited either Mr Hornby or his wife to the barbecue.

d) undercharge

the required number of


points at the entrance examination.

8. Sorry, we haven't got any more free tickets.

9. Mike doesn't use his tape recorder very often.

c) underwrite

b) underestimate

8. We can't admit a person who hasn't

. ................


c) injury

b) assessed


c) settled

d) qualitied

he delivers the report, it will be sent to the headquarters. b) At once

a) On the point

c) Immediately

d) Soon enough

tor your chronic headache is lack ot good

10. The most probabie rest. a) tactor

c) origin

b) background

11. This cheese isn't fit for eating. It's

d) reason all over after Iying in the bin tor

so long. a) rusty

b) mouldy

c) spoiled

d) sour



12. I cannot think of the correct answer. Could you drop me a smali please?

a) tip

b) idea

c) hint

13. It was

d) word

time we went home after having spent the whole afternoon

~ 4< '

in the neighbour's garden. a) only

b) just

c) near

d) about

a) go

c) make

15. Studs was only the boy's

a) label

Unless you don't want it to

severe land ot the African wilderness. Rivers carrying lite to the forests and jungles below

perfectlywiththetrousers. b) do

b) nickname

tlow trom beneath the eminence,

His real name was William. c) identity

b) spread

c) publicize

c) spots

b) ground

19. Numerous

c) goal


a) reminds


(10) to outmanoeuvring

reality of Atrica best

c) impairments


c) reminisces


ot the

(5) in their different


(7) in

(8) meat

(9) and tor the strength

their prey. These superior predators which have


(12) is often deadly.


(13) the exciting cruelty of nature towards the weakness ot

predators /ike lions or tigers don't usually tolerate company and might, then, be exposed to mortal

d) adversities

me ot my mother. b) remembers

to take

and survived

where the punishment for weakness


(14), were it not tor their perfect attributes and an incomparable

killing. They should never be judged b) deterrents


individual animals as only the existence ot the whole species is essential. However, big

d) rise

this year. a) inhibitions


habitat. They have adapted

untavourable surroundings

mistakes gave

have prevented us trom go ing to the lakeside again

20. That tall tair woman



.conducted (11) their daily struggle tor survival in the harsh Atrican environment all jive in

to the conf/ict which has already lasted tor tour months. a) cause

(4) Atrican

of animai

eaters - carnivores whose body build has been shaped for

d) places

18. Mr Henson's bitter comments on the management's


herds. The multiplying mil/ions ot herbivores are balanced by the frightening

d) emit

. of the world were cheering the arrival ot the astronauts. b) edges



in the end less plains ot this continent

mea!. There are those which wander (6) alone, unlike the others which gather


17. What we saw was absolutely unusual. Crowds ot people from all tour a) corners



shapes and sizes. Som e ot them are big, some smali, some eat plants and some live on

d) tigure

16. It's interesting how the rumour about my promotion began to

a) progress


d) suit



The huge (1) mountain of Kilimanjaro is one ot the most distinctive (2) entities within the

14. Why not ask the tai lor to shorten the jacket alittle? """""""""""""'",

I. Replace each italicized word with a synonymous

d) recalls


skill at

(15) by human standards. It is obvious they don't kill

out ot hatred, but tor the simple reason ot remaining alive during their lon e struggle in this hostile habitat. 1. a) gorgeous

b) squalid

2. a) peculiar

b) intrinsic

c) solitary

d) unanimous

3. a) bewildering

b) staggering

c) appalling

d) exasperating

4. a) prodigious

b) prevalent

c) supreme

d) cumbersome

5. a) retained

b) excelled

c) borne

d) endured

6. a) strive

b) growl

c) roam

d) rumbie

7. a) assemble

b) consign

c) spread

d) commence

8. a) indignant

b) ruthless

c) exquisite

d) intimidating

9. a) quandary

b) velocity

c) conundrum

d) miscellany

10. a) volatile

b) righteous

c) prodigal

d) imperative

11. a) engaged

b) waged

c) procured

d) surpassed

c) mighty

d) vigorous



12. a) vulnerability

b) timidity

c) vicinity

d) Ilamboyance

13. a) observes

b) loresees

c) appears

d) visualizes

14. a) blemish

b) peril

c) thrill

d) havoc

15. a) estimated

b) surveyed

c) conceived

d) assumed

15. The Establishment

broke up after it had been discovered that several officials were

involved in


III. Add the suitable verbs to make the correct phrasal verbs.


II. Put the words in the correct form. 1. The relreshments


they treated us to were




conditions. (HABIT)

by the Pakistan i lamilies are

was short ol miraculous. Imagine what could

6. Thanks to the


promotion ol the book its publishers

have received an impressive number ol orders lrom around the country. 7. Will the Eurosport channel provide any


lor the

8. 'How can we get into the building, sir?'

'Go round the lence and you will see the



'Ali right, then. I will

for you on my way to the ci nem a this evening.' on the chairman's promise ol support?'


sense ol humour and that's why he is

for horror films and she won't go to

the cinema wit h us.



Irom this Ilat.

I can't imagine transporting the lurnishings and the other equipment in our smali van. 12. I was overcome with great .."

oft the whole

debt you owe me. 5. Unless the conflict between the two countries is resolved soon, the peacekeeping forces will have to

in and restore order. out by the other witnesses,

so the suspect was found guilty by the magistrate.


and I will have to stay in the office after hours.


when my invitation was

rejected by most ol my Iriends.

14. Mary has no practical experience in treating sick animals. She only has

up by a gang of


a prescription. 10. They are seeking people with good experience as drivers. Mike, it's a perfect chance for you to


on the job.

11. After seven miles of running at a swift pace, George realized he wouldn't manage to ".. up wit h the other runners and he dropped out of the race.

13. They want me to carry out chemical experiments in their laboratory. I'm alraid 1'11 have (FRESH) my memory about chemistry thoroughly.


masked terrorists who had kidnapped the male passengers. 9. The doctor told her patient to wait a minute unti! she

so welcome in every company.

11. We are going to have quite an upsetting

'1should think

so. He makes an impression ol a reliable man.'

8. The terrified woman said the bus had been

summer camp as most ol them had already lound other jobs. 10. Chris has got an

'01 course, I would.'

7. I'd better get down to my duties or else my work will start to

at the red gate.' (MAJOR) ol the students were reluctant to join the



6. The statements that she gave were

approaching Tour de France?



4. I'm not going to give your car back until you have

have happened il the ejector seat hadn't worked properly.

9. The vast



3. My sister says she doesn't




2. 'Can one

subsidized by the government. 5. Your


keep make

1. 'James, would you like to see Steven Spielberg's new lilm?'

3. No wonder Anthony escaped abroad after having spent his boyhood in such

4. The residential districts




may have negative

upon our mutual relations.



and most

delicious. 2. The incident on the western

and corruption.

;!, .,

12. As lar as I remember, the speaker was to have spoken about the crisis, but it seems he has


out the most important part ol his speech intentionally.

(BOOK) knowledge ol the subject.

57 56

13. I can't wear this skirt, it's too tight tor me. 1'11 go to the dressmaker and have it

V. Fili the gaps with the correct words.

out. 14. Betty is very keen on tashion. She

up to protessional models


because she dreams of becoming one herself. 15. Your time is


out and you must hurry to tinish writing your test

break head


sig h


charge life

mark things


dirt milk way

by 12 o'clock. IV. Rewrite the sentences

using the given forms so that they retain their original

1. My tather has gone to Bristol and he has left the ottice under my 2. The unconscious man was brought back to


after three hours ot

a desperate rescue action. 1. Celine has always been tond ot classical music. (taste)

3. You could hear the

ot reliet let out by some ot the students after

the test results had been announced. 4. The pavement was so slippery that hardly anyone could keep their

2. Peter and his roommate differ trom each other a lot. common.

. 5. Alice wouldn't make a good accountant. She hasn't got a.............


tigures. 3. Nobody helps this old man with chopping the wood.

6. I think 1'11 give up going dancing tonight because I'm not feeling up to the

himself. 4. The last time I stayed in London was in 1984.

7. In the new pub round the comer, beer is """"""""""""""" since 1984.

5. The jury said Mr Cutter was guilty ot misappropriating


a huge sum of money.


cheap. That's why the

place is always tulI. 8. Go tor the

tour and you won't have to bother about tickets, hoteis

ar even meals. 6. If you come across my old wooden box somewhere in the cellar, don't throw it away.

9. The police have obtained an urgent order to take radical the riots that have broken out in the city centre.


10. Nigellooked 7. The secretary said my explanation was unbelievable.



brave enough to penetrate the ancient galley deep at the sea bottom, but

when it came to the real action he got cold

11. It's no use crying over spilt 8. She doesn't mind intorming the res! ot the party about the bad news. (Ietting)

passing the examination


You will have another chance ot

in two months' time.

12. It was pitch dark in the corridor and I had to feel my 9. They cannot watch this tilm because they aren't adult vet. (under)

by reaching

out my hands tor the walls. 13. 'Look! George Watson is dating Muriel.' 'That's impossible, you must be seeing

10. It you sleep longer, you will be more relaxed. The

14. It we set oft at the

ot dawn, there is a possibility that the trattic

won't be too heavy. 15. There was a great

ot appreciation tor Mr Townsend who had

donated a large sum ot money tor the preservation of the historical monuments.




I. Choose the words that best complete the sen ten ces in the text.

Since the time ot Nostradamus,


the mystery ot climatic changes. precisely

have been trying to



tor the days

to come.

In the

(4) at the spots where the most intriguing climatic transtormations (5) about, namely, the

(6) depths ot the ocean s


and waves

c) scored

d) enumerated

12. a) Besides

b) Apart

c) Otherwise

d) Whereby

13. a) denote

b) proceed

c) emerge

d) issue

14. a) entitle

b) entail

c) enable

d) entorce

15. a) protect

b) ward

c) sustain

d) preserve

(7) the patterns

II. Put the words

in the correct



looked skywards to tind hints in the clouds. At present, their eyes are

where swirls, whirlpools weather.

b) amounted


(2) has been to be able to

(3) the weather

11. a) calculated

tor the tuture

1. The captain's every

(MOVE) was caretully observed by the secret

service. 2. It the oil retinery continues dismissing their

(EMPLOY), they will

probably have to reduce their production. 3. After this unpleasant event, we expect that at least som e ol you will be able to draw

The most efficient way ot

(8) hold ot the everchangingmap ot the


swirling currents circulating their heat around the planet is trom space. Weather satellites """""""""""""""

(9) with complicated instruments examine the surtace and the bottom

ot the oceans and determine the exact height ot water. The impressive advantage offered by satellite scanning

is that measurements

can be

(10) even in the


most inaccessible parts ot the ocean s and can provide daily pictures ot the water surtace together wit h the

tourists, tarmers warnings

or aviators,


populations nature.






(15) themselves



satellites ais o





against these destructive


4. Protessor McCarthy is tamous tor a number ot

coastal torces ol


discoveries he has made in the tields ot chemistry and biology. 5. Rudolph is a very


composer. We have hired him to

write tor our orchestra because we all admire his unusual musical talent. (KNOW)

that dolphins can communicate

wit h each

other by means ot ultrasounds. 7. The coach says that it our rivals manage to score another goal, we are to withdraw in

to a



8. The minority groups have always tought tor their

(FREE) ot

religion, yet, the conflict hasn't ever been so serious as during the recent three months. b) account

c) decipher

d) elaborate

2. a) subject

b) objectivity

c) subjection

d) objective

3. a) unravel

b) perceive

c) torecast

d) explore

4. a) looked

b) directed

c) tocused

d) applied

5. a) come

b) turn

c) bring

d) get

6. a) utmost

b) indetinite

c) terminal

d) ultimate

7. a) accomplish

b) procure

c) generate

d) tormulate

8. a) getting

b) coming

c) linding

d) making

9. a) equipped

b) delivered

c) supplemented

d) donated

b) tormed

c) tultilled

d) taken



(13) advance

1. a) obviate

10. a) done


6. It is common

(11) wave height and wind speed. (12) being a priceless device tor predicting

the right

9. Who would have thought that the project would turn out to be a complete (FAIL)? 10. This permanent



ot water in the district makes most ot

us go crazy, especially in the morning. 11. The tireworks show was most


No wonder it

attracted such big crowds ot people. 12. I can't stop thinking why so little is being don e to support the nations suffering trom severe

(POOR) .

13. Don't bother to water the tlowers in the garden. There is no (NECESSARY) to do it right atter the rain.


14. It was a great

(LOSE) to aur section when Mr Doug/as, the most

13.You're wrong. Samuel doesn't come from Argentina. He is a Jew and he /ives in Israel. ............................

experienced program mer, had to stay in hospital lor twa months. 15. One ol the passengers was arrested after same


'; ,t

materials had been lound in his luggage. III. Replace each italicized phrase or adjective

with a synonymous

14.As usual, the Ariola cyc/one has been very tragic in its consequences. .."... .".................. 15. Stop panicking, George. Your wounds


your arm isn't broken, either. awkward






gorgeous smooth





IV. Rewrite the sentences

I'm certain


using the given forms 50 that they retain their original




are not so deep and seriou$.

void 1. Bob feels uneasy whenever he has to dine with his superiors.

1. 'What does this note read?' 'I've no idea at alI. I suppose it's only understandable


2. I support the notion to lift the trade embargo.

those who wrote it.' ............................ 2. Milk and other

good health.

dairy products

are very

Having to

rich in substances



for building


3. This is Ann's lavourite soap opera.

3. Are you sure you want to join in? The task that we are going to carry out will be very

exhausting and difficult.


the most. 4. The guide recommended

we should leave very early. (our)

4. The most serious changes they have introduced have affected education at the elementary level. ............................

5. I don'tenvyMr Carterinthe least.Livingsucha lonely lile as he does must certainty

5. He is making us study hard lor the exam next term.


We are

be very painful. ............................ 6. Alex is not too happywith his new class. The youths still consider him a stranger. ".. 7. What a tirst-class idea! Imagine sailing together across the ocean in a yacht like

6. I'm alraid it's going to rain. It looks 7. II he were to propose, what would you tell him?

this. ............................ Supposing 8. No wonder they can afford to buy a new house every twa years il their lather earns 8. This matter is sa complicated that we don't know how to deal wit h it. such a huge amount

ol maney.



9. Unlortunately, the sea isn't always sa quiet and peaceful on this part ol the western

9. Our san wants to see the mititary parade very much. (anxious)

coast. ............................ 10.1'11give up cali ing the agency il my next attempt is unsuccessful. 11. What's the point ol storing all these useful?




Do you think they may prove


12. The silence that lollowed after the president's statement was a bit



10. Arnold speaks French much better than his sister does. Arnold's


uncomfortable, but

nobody dared to comment on it. ............................




V. Choose the correct answer.


this task wasn't satisfaetory for the direetor, and so

I. The way Nigel a speeialist had to be hired.

1. It was hard to

the temptation to watch the late night show even a) employed

though I was so tired. a) defy

b) refuse

c) resisit


" .~ becauseof my !

d) oppose

2. The realisation of our holiday plans has had to be ....... mother's sudden illness. a) prevented

c) expired

d) lingered

c) protection

d) security

b) belief

c) idea

a) damage

in modern art.

d) assoeiated

of this medicine should be enough to lessen the pain. b) size

e) dose

d) ration

of the seeret plans was dealt a sheer

b) intelligence

c) taste

b) breaeh

e) crash



d) fraeture

a) refer

b) impact

all oj us

d) affect

c) experience

of animals that

8. This fund has been set up to help protect those

d) feeling at home ij the

are endangered with complete extinction. a) kinds

storm retums.

b) species

c) races

d) breeds

to the

3. Several hundred people have signed the pet ition to put a b) dwell

d) occupy

c) remain

. Otherwise we

7. We were lucky the taxi arrived without any

b) delay

c) wait

b) pledge

b) finish

c) break

d) cease

). Nobody, even the best doctors, expected Frank's d) interruption

c) assure


to be so quick

and successful after so severe an accident.

us that any possible obstacles will be eliminated?

8. Could you

nuclear tests in the region. a) stop

wouldn't have arrived in time jor our train.

a) conjirm

this room



6. Ali the inhabitants in the area have been asked to

a) pause

c) united

17. Aecording to the minister, changes in the budget will

d) faith

found out he has got excellent

a) settle

d) approached

eonfidenee and was heavily criticized by the other members of the couneil. b) saving

5. I think we can rely on Mr Bronson's advice. I've known him for ages and I have already

a) fashion

b) joined

16. His publie announcement

4. Oon't be angry with Sue. Ali that she did was in good ..................... a) hope

a) shared

a) part


e) eoped

for the last five montRs.

15. A smali

b) shelved

3. The alarm sound was received by several units which hurried to the

a) rescue

b) dealt

L The three boys object to being separated as they have

a) renewal

b) resumption

c) recuperation

d) remuneration

d) declare with this nast y co Id. We had a jew

9. Not only were the little children adult patients, too. a) afflicted

b) imposed

c) injured

d) aggravated

towards their advice? Do you think it's convincing or

10. What's your not? a) appeal

b) matter

d) attitude

c) regard

oj jlowers in her hand?

11. Ooes anyone recognize the girl with a..... a)range 12.I1's a) usual


b) pack ,


d) heap

oj this kind oj wark to take a lot oj time.

b) average

c) characteristie

d) regular


6. The Polish and the other foreign


7. This is

IL-- --

I. Write in the correct words.

(1) you down, why not think about the possibility of moving to a different environment.

assumed that by the year 2050 technological solutions will -






planets -



with a perfect



for generating


until the first successful














is viable.

out of locali -


Outer space








(5) and






d (8) here on

earth, there is no saying what might happen if we set out on a trek in space without the protection of the earthly atmosphere.

Happily, the contemporary

space expeditions






\ ~


on earth.

The first step towards space colonization is still to be made. The prospects are that thej pioneers

will only be provided

with the most



advancement will be carefully examined by the experts in a variety of


meeting and visits the local Youth Centre almost every day. """"""""""""

(OBJECT) to it from the union members. 11. It is strange how her """""""""""""""


changed after she joined the

sect. (YOUNG)

in a Scottish village from

13. Don't be afraid, I have no



of doing any harm to you.

I just want you to tell me where the secret documents are. 14. These two parts won't match. They are


15. Keep doing heavy physical exercise and you'lI certainly build up your (STRONG).

Y (11) of air and


(SOCIETY) life is very active. He takes part in every friendly

where he emigrated to Canada in 1972.

been thoroughly planned to - - f - - - (9) our astronauts against the immenselYti adverse i - - - - - (10) of the inhospitable surroundings of space. Therefore, they are ~i

located in hermetic and sealed cabins with a fresh

was one of a great happiness,

unshaken by any violent conflicts

12. Bob McCarthy spent his

Although we take our elementary life support system for -







10. Somebody called for organizing a rally. But, there were numerous

(4) to l ~.

cosmic radiation can also prove to be - - - h - - (7) for fragile earthly organisms.


Michael. I'd recognize him even if he wore

8. Lisaand Ronald's

9. His

(2) people to 'j" "


t -


i g (6) absolute zero. The solar and

extremely low temperatures a



own energy

on Mars, for example,

with no oxygen to





s (3). However, there are plenty of -

is known to be a hostile environment



a beard.

We ali know that life on earth can be depressing at times. But if it's really - - t - - - g

on other

are supposed to have a

valid visa when visiting our country.




III. Insert the correct


and that their -


I - s (12)










including astronomy, medicine, physics and biology.

1. Just say you need me and I am II. Put the words in the correct form.


(RELA TE) expensive. (REFER) to her last visit to the White House

3. Should anyone disagree





as I intend 5. Nowadays, it's terribly hard to find a good professional specializing

to set up my own business in the future. (SUSPECT)

out there was nobody in the street, he rushed towards the car.


your offer, tell them that you have been

4. Tom has promised to have my tuner repaired by Saturday, but I'm rather doubtful

(ENJOY) summer we have ever had.

4. I've made up my mind to take a course in

5. The man looked out of the door


given the direct backing of the Treasury.

during the press conference? 3. It was the most


2. The bank manager has advised us to leave our papers in the safe just

1. Living on your own can be 2. Did she make any ...........


and having found

old weaponry. 6. Thisis a specifically female section, men are rather

the minority




7. How about taking revenge

the gang



,7. I'm sorry that you've had to wait for me tor so long. (kept)

cruelty? 8. At this point, itseems impossiblethat any rivalteam mighttake an advantage

8. The only person responsible tor the breakdown was Eric. (to blame)

our team.


the background ot

9. The communist government has resigned the widespread social unresl. 10. It's no use insisting

9. Sue's handbag was stolen by a toreign passenger. Itwas


organizing the bontire in the woods.

10. Joan sa id she didn't usually drink coffee in the morning.


The gamekeeper will never aliow us to do thal. with your essays.

11. Jack, I rem ind you that you are two months Oeliver them by next Friday or 1'11 have to contact your parents. 12. I can tell you


V.Filithe gaps with the correct words.

certainty that this musie score is less interesting

than the one he wrote previously. 13. 'Oid the employer ask Mary to work overtime?' choice.' 14.

my part, it doesn't

'No, I suppose she did it




motion the least

interest me

whether you keep this money or give it away.


day trame




effect matter



1. You must try to bear the pain nowo The medicine will only take

15. There's no bigger pleasure than sitting here


the open air listening

to the birds' singing and smelling the scent ot the spring tlowers.

IV. Rewrite the sentences


after a few minutes. 2. 'Where's Oanny?'

'I think he's hurried home to tell the good news to his next ot

using the given torms so that they retain their original ot mind to

3. Stop pressing me now, will you? I'm not in the right


take a proper decision. 1. Is Eddie tamiliar with the consequences ot his irrational behaviour?


the detectives

4. Having examined the tape recordings in slow


identitied the probabie assassin. 5. None ot the traveliers panicked even in the

2. She always speaks about her children's achievements with great pride. (boasts)

6. Why don't we cali it a

ot amortal danger.

? It's got too dark to go on repairing the


3. It's a pity you didn't ask us to spend the time with you.

7. 'Mark's got no time tor his triends and he doesn't even watch television in the evening.

It only

I guess he must be very hard at work, then.'

4. The police were only able to break the riots using torce. (means)


doing the novel translation.'

8. Sit down and len d me your 5. Have you always been interested in hunting? (tond)

'Indeed, he is as busy as

. I'm going to tell you this tascinating

story trom the very beginning.


9. 'Robert's as funny as his tather, isn't he?' 6. The existence ot the polar bear is endangered.

'That's righl. Good humour seems to run in

their stake.



10. She said she was on the

of leaving the restaurant unserved when

the waiter approached her table. 11. I don't know what made you think Adam was against our policy. Now, let me clear the """"""""""""""

and convince you that he's our most loyal supporter.

12. 'Did you cali him aliar?'



'Well, as a

I. Choose

the words

that best complete

the sentences

in the text.

of fact I did. I'm sorry.'

13. Don't forget to thank aunt Betty warmly. She's really gone to great ............................

One of the


that electronic


like the television,

(1) these days is the

to buy that dictionary for you. 14. 'Don't you think this insect is very strange?'

'Indeed. It's completely out of the

or computers

(2) in book reading.

(4) by the glamour

of the silver screen

who are strongly

and, consequently,


(5) the importance of acquiring first-hand information fram books.

15. At first, it was difficult to imagine this plan would work at all. But the more we worked it took.


,... (3) mainly to the younger generations

The concern

. I've never seen anything like that before.'

on it, the better






(6) reading for pleasure

and to propagate

publications like encyclopaedias,

array of

(7) books, manuals or fiction, radical

solutions should be applied. Firstly, more educational

a wide

(8) ought to be put on the

(9). Youngsters should be made to feel comfortable

reading either for information ar self-satisfaction


in public places like airports, buses or on

the beach. Secondly, libraries must be subsidized more accurately in order to pravide the potential reader with

(10) choice of publications

publically active so as to put books at people's them under lock and key. Fund collectingactions (12)



and to become mare (11) rather than keep


organized of


by libraries


might also



(13) in a good book. Finally, the mass media themselves purchase of valuable best-sellers

might contribute substantially

by recommending

and inspiring their viewers to

their knowledge and erudition, and thus help them to


the (14)

".. (15) the habit of

spontaneous everyday reading.

70 ..

1. a) denote

b) play

c) arise


2. a) rarity

b) decline


d) deficiency

3. a) indicates

b) affects

c) embodies

d) applies

4. a) tempted


c) submitted

d) involved

5. a) observe

b) recognize

c) view

d) distinguish

6. a) incite

b) revert

c) instill

d) encourage

7. a) referral

b) referable

c) referee

d) reference

8. a) relevance

b) persistence

c) focus

d) emphasis

9. a) factor

b) graund

c) matter

d) point

10. a) pralific

b) ample

c) lavish

d) lush



11. a) availability

b) usage

c) benetit

d) disposal

12. a) intlate

b) amplity

c) raise

d) expand

13. a) occupied

d) incorporated

b) inhaled

c) engrossed

14. a) enrich

b) magnity

c) arouse

d) elaborate

15. a) grow

b) evolve

c) proceed

d) develop

14.There are voices that the orbital station ought to be



as soon as possible it a serious tragedy is to be averted. 15. We place a tuli """""""""""""""

(REL Y) on George whenever assistance is


III. Insert the correct


II. Put the words in the correct form. AGAINST










1. Don't be atraid ot this smali cat, it won't hurt you. It's absolutely (HARM)


1. J don't approve

2. 'Is it true that two ot your reporters have been taken hostage by the guerillas?'

'Well, , can't support this

(ASSUME), but I can't question it,


2. We were torced to work

either.' .....................

3. Andrew preters staying at home in the evening

(FREEZE) has destroyed most ot them, untortunately. .'

andsweetkids,yourjob isveryinterestingandyourhigh """""""""""""""

4. We telt very sorry

(POT) water

8. Tell the man that we can't repair his bicycle

8. Patrick's inspiring

in the attair was unquestionable.


our salaries won't be higher. 10. I won der how they are going to cope ...................

11.MrLumier'sgrandtatheremigrated""""""""""""""" tor both ot us to stay in the office after hours?

11.Thisredbuttonshouldonlybepressedit a serious """""""""""""""


arises. 12. I was almost driven crazy by this

knocking on the

wall. 13. Cigarettes, coffee, alcohol and other


taken the lead in the regatta. my older sister?

14. 'The new secretary seems to be a very good typist, doesn't she?' 'Well, I think it's

(ADO) are known to have

Paris to Ohio in 1920.

spite ot the initial difficulties, the crew ot the royal yacht have

13. Do you know that your brother is in love (CONTINUE)

such a complex matter

having no experience in bookkeeping at alI.

any longer. (OBLlGE)

other words,

9. The bill hasn't been accepted by the government.

9. Let's do something, I can't stand being kept in this horrible (SUSPEND)

once as the spare


parts will only be delivered on Tuesday.

at the school anniversary won

a generous round ot applause trom the teachers and the students alike.

'Ok, I will do it

great pleasure.'

7. Nobody could believe the news. Vet, all the tacts and evidence showed the prime (INVOLVE)

'No, I'm delivering

it myselt.' 7. 'Will you show us your new residence, please?'

somewhere near the tempie ruins.



6. 'Are you going to send this package

amount ot vegetables every day.

6. According to the map, there is a source ot

the bank betore the police arrived.

5. The robbers had escaped

5. The doctor has advised Andy to avoid heavy working and consume (SUBSTANCE)

Sylvia who hadn't been given any prize.


enable you to spend holidays in Hawaii each year.


spending it at

the disco.

4. Burt, you can tee' satistied with your lite, can't you? You've got a wondertul wite

10. Is it

the clock because our manager wanted

this plan to be ready by the tollowing day.

3. You needn't have planted the geraniums yesterday. The morning


his idea, but there's little I can do to prevent him trying his luck in the casino.

15. Who is responsible

the contrary; she should learn to type taster.' this awtul mess on my desk?

an adverse intluence upon human health.




IV. Rewrite the sentences meaning.

using the given forms sa that they retain their original

4. Jimmy gave up his work in the hotel kitchen and beeame soldier in the army.


a) an intentional


1. It's been reported that the chancellor is very satistied with his visit to Japan.

b) a deliberate

e) an optional d) a voluntary ever since he offened her at the

5. paul's been in Alice's bad

The chancellor

party. 2. Has anybody been hurt in the road collision?

a) eyes

Has anybody come

b) books

e) likes

d) treats

6. A militaryjunta has taken over power in the country atter the democratic

3. I met Stanley by chance in the department store. (across)

administration ...............


a) eollapsed

4. Although she seems to be very courteous, she can also be very impolite.

b) stumbled

c) vanished

7. The new situation has


d) abandoned

a lot ot anger and dissatistaetion.

Our duty now is to encounter it in the most sensible way. a) devised

5. He is going to step down because ot the corruption allegations. (account)

b) established

d) provoked

e) originated

8. Mr Hopkins is going to have his old family mansion


The buildinglost its glamour after his aneestors died several years ago.

6. Julia isn't to blame tor the negligence by any means.

a) recovered

By no means

b) resumed

9. 7. What do they expect me to do now? (supposed) a) Considering


e) restored

d) revived

by her brilliant appearance, she must be very affluent. b) Seeing

c) Supposing

d) Judging

10. Why do you say the project should be changed even more? Personally, I cannot see 8. From time to time, we spend our weekends at the lake.




9. Susan admits she didn't have a good time at the banquet at all. leasf.

enjoy .... 10. I knew nothing about the rebellion that they were planning. (dark)

a) point b) reason 11. Feel free to come to us at all a) whiles

a) review

that dentist's name was Thomas Garreth. c) mind

b) recollection

a) light


b) vision

c) flash

d) spark

Did you mention having

c) speech

d) interview

coineided with the tiftieth anniversary ot the

company and theretore he was awarded a generous prize tor his long-time service. b) retirement

c) expiry

d) termination

by two

other men in unitorms.

a) allied

d) torged

3. Perhaps, the tresh scrap ot evidence willthrow some new the murder case in Wiltshire.

d) oecasions

14. The officer who questioned us at the railway station was

smile on the woman's tace. c) simulating

e) hours

b) dialogue

a) withdrawal

d) remembrance

2. We realized our visit in their house was unwelcome by the

b) fictional

if you need our advice.

b) moments

13. Mr Turner's

1. To the best ot my

d) ground

already worked as a financial adviser?

V.Choose the correct answer.

a) artiticial

c) clue

12. What did you tell them at the


a) thinking

ot introducing so many alterations.


b) associated

15. Let me

c) cooperated

d) accompanied

my luek at cards. It I win, I promise to invite you to

a posh restaurant.


b) try

c) put

d) view



16. He had always boasted about being a good fighter, but when I him he simply got cold feet. a) challenged

\\;;~~§~~~)~~Jt~il'~.;~9~~j~;f!'« c) ventured

b) struggled

17. It was dr Dalton who

d) appealed

us how to deal with this complicated

I. Replace each italicized word wit h a synonymous one.

example. a) noted

b) explained

c) interpreted

d) instructed

iB. Richard has forgotten to buy tickets for the performance and .........



have to spend this evening in tront of the TV set. a) whereas

b) thereafter

c) whereupon

d) theretore

on the students who weren't paying any attention to the lecture. b) lost

20. 'Can you see any

c) fai led

d) slipped

b) union

c) joint

its whole complex

The ancient people whose perception

(1) ot life was determined


(2) by a beliet in

considered their existence a game of chance governed by


their gods' good-will (4). Theretore, the objects of gambling frequently became the items


of a spiritual (5) offering which were supposed to influence the gods' decisions on the

~ ~

.. io


events to come. In the course of time, gambling turned into a highly favoured pastime


among wealthy (7) members ot many societies and at present it is said to be one ot the most rapidly developing branches ot the entertainment industry.

between these two occurrences?'

'For sure, one thing that they have in com mon is the location they took place in.' a) relation

mankind throughout

mysterious (3) phenomena

19. At one moment, the teacher got nervous seeing that whatever he sa id was

a) missed

The thrill of gambling has accompanied


II is practiced in its different forms in almost all the corners ot the globe. Annually, millions ot individuals try (B) their luck in casinos at bingo, roulette, dice or card games. Another

d) contact

widespread (9) habit of gambIing takes the torm of betting on the results of sports events like horse racing or tootball matches. ;i ~ Ii


on many occasions

practice of gambling

turns into an addictive


Habitual (10) players find it an irresistible temptation (11) to place a bet so as to provide themselves with the desirable thrill. The alluring prospect of winning vast (12) fortunes


drives (13) the notorious gamblers to seek for excitement often at the cost ot a disrupted


family life and damaged gambling successes


[email protected]



the illusory feeling of being independent,

(14) world ot unbeatable

(15) and always within the reach of a stroke of good luck.

1. a) discernment

b) eyesight

c) sensation

d) glimpse

2. a) implied

b) referred

c) pertained

d) influenced

3. a) unanswerable

b) unresolved

c) inexplicable

d) dubious

4. a) fancy

b) benevolence

c) affection

d) charity

5. a) extraterrestrial

b) secular

c) divine

d) supernatural

6. a) diversion

b) distortion

c) derailment

d) disruption

7. a) prolific

b) bountitul

c) efficacious

d) attluent

8. a) make do with

b) take a turn for

c) pull rank on

d) have a go at

9. a) plentiful

b) luxuriant

c) prominent

d) prevalent

b) assured

c) ceaseless

d) compelling

10. a) compulsive


psyche. Those who escape into the



11. a) eaptivity

b) eagerness

e) entieement

d) seduetion

12. a) imminent

b) immense

e) immaeulate

d) immediate

13. a) proeeeds

b) manages

e) eonduets

d) impels

14. a) tietitious

b) visionary

e) ineredible

d) unteasible

15. a) toolproot

b) invineible

e) die-hard

d) intrepid

(TOLERA TE) to the

,.4. Very soon their noisy parties became neighbours who asked the police to intervene.

with terror when the


15. The village residents remained earth shook.

III.Add the suitable verbs to make the correct phrasal verbs. II. Put the words in the eorrect torm. 1. We have already distributed a eouple ot these sam pies, but most ot our produets are

still being kept in


2. The inventor's design has turned out to be a great success.









give think

know walk

(COMMERCE) down by the actors who had promised to support our

1. We were

3. 'Did she say tifty pounds?'




'No, I thought she said twenty pounds.'

'Now then, I guess there must have been some

action, but didn't appear at the charity event.


2. The twin brothers are so much alike. It's interesting how their parents can

4. 'Do you often spend so much money on gambling?' 'Oh no, I only gambie

5. Helen is a bit jealous ot her sister's greater

(ATTRACT) with the


boys. Anyway, she tends to say too many nast y jokes about Mary's boyfriends. 6. Shalll believe this


them apart.



story ot yours?

Mark, stop

up into two skirts?'

3. 'How many metres ot this cloth do I need to 'Two metres should be enough, madam.'

4. It's been pouring heavily since early morning and it doesn't look like the rain is going to

acting like a child and tell me the whole truth, please.

oft soon.

7. At least tour people were killed in the


accident on the

motorway this morning.

5. The drinking water supplies had

up quickly and the castaways

were torced to penetrate the desert island thoroughly in search ot tresh resources. (OUALlFY)

8. The Bulgarian sportsman was immediately

after the

6. Altred is said to be an enormously generous person. He otten


tra ces ot steroids were discovered in his blood sampies. (CORRECT)

9. Will it be necessary tor you to make any

in this

10. The brave policemen tram the anti-terrorist squad we re honoured by the secretary ot

(ARM) a group ot dangerous

state tor their ettective action 01 hijackers.


to the employees'

with their wages. There's nothing more to it. through

8. Firstly, you should

the possible consequences

ot your

actions betore taking any ras h decisions.

(AUTHOR) ot the tire department?' 'I think Mr Dodson

9. Sandra's been offered a job ot an interpreter in Madrid. But, I guess she will have to

supervises it.' 12. Let's pay our debt ot


7. The contlict in the production department

version ot your dissertation?

11. 'Who is in

his savings tor help towards the homeless.

up on her Spanish betore she is tully aceepted. (GRATEFUL)

to Sara tor looking after our

children by asking her to spend this Easter wit h us.

13. Everybody has been astonished by the goalkeeper's unexpected

10. 'What does die VorsteJ/ung mean?'

'I don't know.

it up in your

German dictionary.' """"""""""""'"

11. I'm teeling awfully tired, 50 I'd better go and

myselt up with a

(DRAW) trom the Olympic team. It's interesting who is going to take his place nowo good bath.




out, but it's our obligation

12. Further obstacles cannot be delinitely

V. Fili the gaps with the correct words.

to carry on with the investigation until it's complete. 13. There are rumours that the ministers have tried to

up the news

ol the recent affair so as not to lose lace wit h the public. out?'

14. 'How old were you when the war 15 'What's wrong with Mr Oowney?'

'I was in my teens then.'














'Oh, he's been down in the dumps since his wile 1. The teacher didn't have to persuade his pupils to tidy the classroom

out on him last month.'

they did it ot their own Iree IV. Rewrite the sentences



up after lessons,


2. We ought to tell the director to stop giving our secret lormulas away in public. II he

using the given forms so that they retain their original



we'lI never be able to

make any big prolits. 1. Jane was the tirst girl who joined our association.

in love with Murie!. He does nothing

3. Arthur has tallen head over


but speak about her ali day round.


ever since he won the

4. The Italian composer has been in great 2. I think going to see the match is prelerable to staying at home in the afternoon.

prestigious award in New York.

Rather than

5. Dental problems like caries most olten affect children who tend to have a sweet

3. II you don't learn to operate the computer you won't get the job. (or else)

and consume large quantities ol contectionery.


6.The villa has been searched lrom

to bottom, but there has been

no sign ol lorged money being produced in the place.

4. Have they got anything against our sleeping in their tent? (mind)

about going to Aspen, we

7. Had he not had that sudden change ol would certainly be enjoying skiing in the spa nowo 5. Judging by their behaviour, they are a married couple.

(as if)

8. This inn looks rather shabby, but I'm sure it saw better



9. We have already tried ali the possible methods to solve that puzzle, but we aren't

6. I was going to tell you I'd be busy on Monday, but I torgot to do it. (meant)

making any

. Could you drop a hint, please?

10. Ooesn't this jacket look a bit out ol 7. It doesn't matter whether you are an experienced climber or not, mountaineering


? Why not put on something

more lashionable? 11. Adam tried to be amusing and told a story which was supposed to make us laugh.

still be dangerous.

To his disappointment,


none ot us could take the ...

12. You can easily carry that bigger box, it's as light as a

8. Several runners have withdrawn tram the race because ot health problems. (backed) . ...... ... .


to go through Reading,

then we wouldn't have strayed trom the main route. 14. How lon g have you been sitting in the reading-room?

9. Who is going to dismantle this engine?

pieces? 10. Despite numerous mistakes in the procedures, the trial is still being continued. progress.


13. I wis h we had tollowed the lorry driver's

making your

Isn't it about time you were


15. The price he has put tor his car is beyond all

. It's silly to think

anyone will ever pay a thousand pounds lor such a dilapidated vehicle.



) help

I. Choose the words that best complete the sentences Is hypnosis a mystitication

in the text.

or an ideal way ot

(1) many diseasest

The tact that a hypnotized individual will

(2) the hypnotist's commands..,

b) implement

c) tacilitate

d) entitle

,10. a)adjusting

b) reviving

c) deploying

d) invigorating

11.a) originate

b) exist

c) initiate

d) conceive

12.a) opt

b) pursue

c) aim

d) emphasize

13.a) depleting

b) shrinking

c) alleviating

d) declining

14.a) lai!

b) miss

c) guess

d) word

15.a) enacts

b) provokes

c) breeds

d) induces

to perform even the most iIIogical actions has always excited both the psychologists an~ their clients

(3) tor getting rid

(4) different ailments:j

be it mental or physical, by means ot responding to persuasive suggestions

while in thJ

altered state ot consciousness. This trance may usually be

.) commands1

(5) by repeating monotonous

II. Replaceeach italicized verb or phrase with the correct form of a synonymous phrasal verb. ask out

thus introducing an individual into a subconscious sphere ot his personality, which in th~!. state ol tuli waketulness

may be suppressed or concealed. A hypnotized person appears~ ~



to be more

(8) ot positive suggestions. Hypnosis can




















the psychological

cali for

go on

grow out of

run down

sound out

trom here. ,.................................

2. Stopwasting your time. The whole situation requires an immediate response that could bring more decisive etlects.




3. Telling bad things about your workmates certainly doesn't influence the atmosphere


(13) various kinds ol pains or even tighting skin diseases.J: (14), hypnosis is a most usetul tool in the hands ol physicians,j, .~

and laith healers even though the extraordinary phenomena that it (15) cannot always be accounted lor by any scientitic or logical means.':

1. a) recuperating

put up

bring round

.. .. . . . . . . . .. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

(12) at conlronting also

make up for

give in

1. This is a maximum security prison. Nobody has ever escaped

(11) Irom.

It doesn't necessarily Hypnosis

drop out of


(10) the lorgotten events trom a remote past where the root cause

an affliction may



break out of

(6) to .imposed orders and more. motivated toll


(7) his deep rooted anxletles and wornes. Controverslal though thle1 approach may seem to be, it does contribute to curing people ol their emotional distresses in the

come oft

blow up

b) mending

c) treating

in the office in any positive way, so I expect you to stop doing that lrom now on. .. .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . . . . . . .. . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . .. . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..

4. Keep pressing Eddie and he'll agree to your request, tor sure.

'!;' ~! "' ~

.. 5. Hardly anyone would have thought that the boxing champion would



the tirst round.

d) reconvalescing


~ <

2. a) tackle


c) operate

d) tollow

3. a) eager

b) keen

c) resolute

d) intent

4. a) with

b) ot

c) away

d) lor

5. a) conjured

b) applied

c) lixed

d) evoked

6. a) answerable

b) responsive

c) reactionary

d) perceptible

time this week.

7. a) disclose


c) delete

d) disperse

. .. . . .. . .. . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . .. . . . . . .. . . . . .. . .. . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . .. . . . . ..

8. a) use

b) means

c) way

d) manner

6. How are they going to




tor the time they wasted playing cards in the

barracks? .. .. . . . . .. . . .. .. . .. . .. . . . . . . . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . . . . . . . . .. .. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

7. My daughter has been invited to a restaurant by the tall gentleman tor the second


8. The construction

is very light and the materials are pretty cheap. The agent claims the~ '

5. Look at the mouse in the trap! I thought it was dead, but it's still alive.

house can be built within three months. ...

... ..,


... ... ..

... .. ...,.



9. Ilike this photograph so much that I'm going to have it enlarged.

'" '~~'

,,""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" .i 10. As far as I know, the ideology of the party doesn't quite appeal to him and that's why' he's thinking of

" f

withdrawing trom its ranks.

'j' '!r

11. The news about Sue's pregnancy

became known quickly despite her efforts to keepit f




13. I can't stop thinking there's something more that the scheme needs


to to be


successtul. ..... 14. Peter used to be fond ot collecting mascots, but after his military service he became

mature enough to abandon the hobby.





15. Don't think you can change his approach, he's too stubborn to be

6. There's no necessity to be anxious about Frank; he's too determined ever withdraw trom the election.



7. Mrs Stanford is an unusually productive

.8. Susan's approach towards school and learning

fundamental negligible



grand overwhelming

hereditary prolific







She can write seven


a year


is the most suitable to tollow.

. 9. Nowthat the negotiations have turned out to be successtul,


the ratitication ot the

~i t'




t < JI

to the participants


, ....................

11. The basic assignment tor us now is to gather information about the ringleaders of the assault. ........................... 12. Is he the same Peter we met a year ago? Where did he learn to use this vulgar language?


13. Doctors and scientists have been trying to determine whether arthritis is a

that can be passed

trom parents to their offspring.




14. This article on the political crisis in the Far East is very informative and up-to-date.





most ot which achieve a complimentary assessment trom the critics.

.l III. Replace each italicized phrase or adjective with a synonymous one.

a candidate


10. I'm sorry sir, but the conterence facilities are restricted

discover his opinions.$



truce is a matter of hours. ...........................


12. He is not a very outspoken person, so we may tind it hard to


15. If you aren't

a brave man, you won't make a good fire tighter. ...........................

IV. Rewrite the senten ces using the given forms so that they retain their original meaning. 1. The other day, I was fined for exceeding the speed limit. (beyond)

.............. 1. Some mothers cried during the


solemn ceremony of their sons being honoured by the

2. I am not responsible for your misfortunes.



2. The enemy torces were too powerfulto be deteated, so our troops were ordered to retreat to asater position. ...........................

3. I adviseyouto becaretuiwithMrsLinton.Shegetseasily annoyed at times.

3. Som eon e suggested that we should stop manufacturing the low-price items. There ...................................................................................... 4. He would do almost anything to win the girl's hand. (Iengths) ".

....... 4. The details you are giving to me are ot secondary importance, what I need is something really extraordinary.



5. Who's going to supervise aur section?

(in charge)



6. Although we respect Brian's expertise in archaeology, we're not going to employ him this time.

ot th e

9. The sergeant was turious because he hadn't been manoeuvres.


a) notitied

c) reterred

b) announced

d) communicated

10. The local press has been pouring

7. My son attaches great importance to eating healthy tood. (makes much)


on the mayor tor dissolving the

council. a) blame

8. Alice couldn't remember the caller's identity.



a) that

9. Does Y°L)r mother want a soft drink? (care)

b) hatred


c) disapproval

d) scorn

too keen on visiting the Parkers again so soon. b) non e

c) such

d) very

12. It's no wonder the children telt disappointed because tirst their parents promised to 10. Mickey is extremely busy, but he often tinds time to look in and ask how I am.

take them to Disneyland and then they a) played down


b) drew out

on their word. c) came oft

13. The army suftered very heavy a) losses

V. Choose the correct answer.

d) went back

,yet, their victory was imposing.

b) victims

c) wounds

d) harms

14. It's a chance ot a litetime tor me to see Tokio, so 1'11 try to in criticizing

1. I don't like Anthony, he seems to take too much everyone. a) joy

d) entertainment

c) pleasure

2. My tamily has gone to Edinburgh to pay their last

a) sympathy

c) love

d) honours

bus stop. d) took

c) required

about it in advance. a) bear

c) hold

d) carry

b) They

c) Those

d) There after the liner overturned in a storm.

6. A tew passengers were a) plunged

b) drowned

c) watered

d) submerged

7. Hats like this may have been tashionable in the 60's, but now they are the times. a) beneath

b) under

8. Who else is ot the a) conclusion

b) mean

a) allows


c) distinguish

itselt to stewing? c) ofters

b) gives

d) lends

the initiative in introducing our guests to the

a) adopted

d) behind

b) took

c) led

19. Martha has been hard

d) pursued to it to organize a tancy dress party tor the

younger children. a) torced

b) ordered

c) put

d) made

20. Only one person who can provide the best solution to the question will be promoted and

c) over

d) established


who wis h to ask tor the writer's signature stand in a line, please. a) These

c) tound

18. It was Martin who

b) put


b) aftirmed

17. Do you think this kind ot meat in mind to tell me

4. It you're planning to leave the ottice earlier,

guilty ot kidnapping their neighbour's child

them apart. a) tell

b) lasted

d) make

16. They are as like as two peas. It's amazing how their parents can

us only a quarter ot an hour to reach the residence trom the

a) needed

c) tultil

and have been sentenced to ten years in prison. a) contessed

b) respects

3. It

b) do

15. The Smiths have been to uncle Tony

who died last Thursday.


most ot it. a) catch

b) tascination



a) served

a tinancial grant. b) equipped

c) entitled

d) awarded

that we should break the camp? b) opinion

c) remark

d) theory


5. I think Arnold is

(USE) his great musical talent by singing in

a country band. He should have become an opera soloisL 6. The central heating system can easily be I. Write in the correct words.

7. Due to my complete by ancient civilisations for house building, ship construction or producing elementary tools.

However,the first syntheticproductswhich- P





d (1) in the 19th century


were - - - - f - - - - - - d (2) from cellulose and quickly gained - r - - - - (3) replacing their heavy, less durable and antiquated counterparts. of celluloids has become even more conspicuous -


The commercial


in the twentieth century as dozens ol

p - - - - - - - - s (4) for plastic goods have been invented.

Nowadays, life without celluloid dishes, synthetic furniture and garments as well as other

manifold polimeric products would be un -

- -




t -








(6). Besides

damage, they have outstanding kinds of synthetic products











and certain

- - d - - - - (8) the process of fast biodegradation,


t -

churned out for use of the packaging, motor, construction,

otherindustries.Recyclingas meansof










wrongly considered an enemy rather than a friend. 8. The boy's account lacked



. For example, he didn't

mention anything about such a relevant event as the Queen's presence. 9. You can't expect to keep healthy if your diet is


in fruit

and vegetables. 10. That vaccum cleaner he showed us was too


and we

decided to opt for a cheaper one. (FOUND)

in reality. It was just an

12. Iwonder if he is ever going to grow out of his

g (11) with this massive plastic


(SIG N). 14. Let's rep lace Ann with a more resolute person. I can't stand her being so (HESITATE)

(10) are being

aviation, medical and many


13. One more thing necessary for putting the bill into operation is the prim e minister's


makes them environment - - - - - - - - y (9). In addition, the cost of the production -

of the tribal customs I was

imaginary story they made up to deceive us.

(7) to mechanical

thermal and electrical insulation properties

of plastic is relatively low. Hence, the polimerie


11. What they told us had no

- - - - (5).

What makes them so favoured and common a merchandise are their exceptional -

by turning

this green knob.

For thousands of years, stone, wood and animai skin had been the basic materials used



about her every decision.


15. Gordon Ashley is going to stand trial for the daring bank he made in Southampton

in 1993.

waste is easy and effective, too. Thus, one may safely assume that our -










III. Insert the correct

(12) on synthetic materials will never end.

II. Put the words in the correct form.


1. Patricia's ski!! in playing the piano is quite


No other

child in this group can play the difficult pieces wit h similar mastery. 2. Have our arguments convinced you or do you need any more (ASSURE)? 3. Mr Simpson's

to his fishing hobby is absolutely










1. Please, take this money as a token of my great gratitude my life.

. no

2. The mechanic was most kind and repaired my carburettor

3. We don't need any extra supplies, we can do with those we have store.

4. His trembling voice and the itlogical story he produced prove that his



time at alI. (DEVOTE)




leaves much to be desired.

4. The court has sentenced the two men

exile for spying

the military bases in the country.


5. The farmers' hopes """""""""""""""

any better weather faded away after they had

6. Nobody knows what caused the collapse of the building.

heard the forecast for the weeks to come.


6. Their political opinions have always been

harmony with ours and

7. You'lI be in serious trouble unless you apologize to Mrs Dempsey.

therefore we have been getting on so wel!.

You'lI get

7. The Greenpeace movement is going to launch another campaign 8. The American champion is very tough; he'lI never give up. (too)

whaling. 8. She is too weak

mathematics to ever pass the exam. She won't

succeed even """"""""""""""" 9. Are you still

9. If you scream again, 1'11 make you leave the room.

her hundredth attempt.


an il!usion that Mr Spike will agree to your conditions?

10. He said he wouldn't be able to tum up

10. We hadn't been told about the removal untillast Friday.

person, and so he would

It was not

have to send his deputy to t~e conference. 11. We can safely trust Iris. She is

the know about everything that

happens on the Stock Exchange. 12. Andrew is a draftsman


V. Fili the gaps wit h the correct words. profession, but he works as a clerk at the

post office. 13. You cannot expect absolute obedience

Tommy. He's still

a teenager ful! of wild ideas.





14. The code says people under eighteen aren't eligible










1. Women don't like to be taken for

15. Bob, don't be cruel and stop mocking



in the party. the way Lucy pronounces

by their husbands no matter

how busy the men are.

French words.

IV. Rewrite the sentences


that you must love animals if you hope to

2. I think it goes without make a good veterinary surgeon.

using the given forms so that they retain their original

3. Ever since Paula started earning her own money, she's called herself a woman of


independent 1. It was a long time ago when horsecarts were replaced by motor vehicles.


. of the weather. We can't go

4. Unfortunately, we have been at the


on climbing until the heavy snowfall subsides.


5. The doctors didn't make any special selection. They chose a few patients at

. ... . ... ...........

for their experimental treatment.

2. When the official part of the meeting ended, everyone rushed to the buffet.

6. It's much better for the children that we have bought a house in the ............

3. Patrick is not feeling healthy today. (colour)

of their schoo!. Now, they won't have to waste time waiting for their schoolbus. 7. Don't worry, everybody will get a free ticket for the concert. They are in 4. Let's ask somebody to take a photo for us. (have)

in our studio.


8. The defence minister lost

5. John was sorry to have made such a fuss at the party.

with the public after his controversial

past was revealed.

John regretted


l '


9. My sister won't go out after dark. She is so timid that she's afraid of her own

10. It's pointless to declare war on a country which has many thousands of skilled soldiers under



I. Choose the words that best complete the sentences in the text.

11. Tommy, stop being so impatient. You'll be allowed to drive your own car in due Public opinion polis show that crime is 12. We alllauged

like a

the amusement

problem s of many societies. Vet,

when Simon to Id us about his adventures in

(1) as one of the most serious


(2) studies have revealed that the

(3) of violent crime is


(4). Our peculiar awareness

and fear is largely braught about by the great attention it is

13. I'm curious whether the desserts that the chief has prepared will be to our guests'

(5) in the

mass media and also because of violent crime being a popular theme for television series and films.

14. There's only one fault in my husband's character. He is so overcome with his job that he keeps talking

Among all crimes, murder makes the

even on Sundays.

(6) and there is little doubt that

homicides still continue to be a

15. Ronald has been trying to leam to operate the conveyor belt, but he hasn't got the

(7) question in a number of countries.

The various causes of severe crime are being constantly

of it yet.


innumerable reasons for it are being pointed out. Among these are unemployment, "...





discrimination, television and the general An acknowledged



(12) for themselves

rudimentary means of living unavoidably take ar

(14) other offences.


drug racial

(10) in social values.

fact is that it is mainly poverty that

Individuals incapable




(11) crime. and their families the (13) stealing, burgling

We may try to explain crime on different

- cultural, economic, psychological or political, but criminologists

are still far fram detecting the exact source of violent offences as the direct link between these particular factors isn't possible to specify.



1. a) viewed

b) believed

c) alleged

d) thought

2. a) pervading

b) infiltrating

c) examining

d) penetrating

3. a) quantity

b) deal

c) amount

d) figure

4. a) outspoken

b) overestimated

c) presupposed

d) upgraded

5. a) granted

b) awarded

c) devoted

d) entrusted

6. a) headlines

b) titles

c) captions

d) braadcast

7. a) burdening

b) obstructing

c) nagging

d) contending

8. a) debated

b) conversed

c) uttered

d) articulated

9. a) escalation

b) abuse

c) maltreatment

d) disuse

10. a) flop

b) impediment

c) shortfall

d) decline

11. a) rears

b) nurtures

c) breeds

d) urges



12. a) insuring

b) affording

c) securing

d) accommodating

13. a) on

b) to

c) tor

d) with

14. a) committing

b) performing

c) tultilling

d) conducting

15. a) motives

b) arguments

c) reasons

d) grounds

II. Put the words


(SKIRT) ot a big city may have its go od points.

Consider at least cleaner air and lesser traffic. 15. They do need a new apartment. The conditions they are living in now are simply (REGRET). Just imagine mice scampering III. Add the suitable

in the correct form.

1. The

14. Living on the

verbs to make the correct


ot an epidemic will be unavoidable unless

measures are taken to prevent the rural population trom drinking the contaminated water. 2. We won't be able to buy anything it we don't have any











currency on us.

1. He claims his role in the plot wasn't important, but I suppose he's trying to

3. The prize he has won is simply


I can't think what he 's

going to do with such a lot ot money. 4. Danny is just an

it down intentionally. 2. How about


ot my tather. We don 't know him

very wel/.

in more coal just in case this winter should last longer?

3. You needn't

oft ali the time, Mark. We all know you are a shrewd


5. This destructive criticism has

(MINE) Paul's contidence. It's

improbable that he'II ever put torward his candidacy again.

6. Mostot theworkerswerein

after she had tainted in the

5. Your constant

on me is most untair. Why should I always be the

only one to blame?

7. It was tunny how Eddie didn't really know how to hide his

6. It was the bitter row that he had with the boss that made Mr Tanner

at having to give Muriel another kiss.

8. Our approach towards the proposal is rather


4. It took a short while until Muriel stuffy corridor.

(CONFUSE) as to whether to join in


the strike or carry on with their normai duties.





phrasal verbs.



on the tloor.

down trom his secretarial post and change his place ot work. (CAUTION)


because ot several tailures that we have experienced lately.

7. The Paris branch ot the ABC Company was



up when it became

clear that the French market tor the celluloid merchandise could bring enormous

9. It's astonishing he didn't tell us he was going to leave. His sudden


(APPEAR) is even more surprising when you consider he had a very important

8. We'II try to ..."


the door down it we can't open it without using force.

appointment last evening. 9. Jenny loves the cat very much. She will never agree to .."" 10. Due to a huge pile-up, the motorway will remain

(PASS) until

tomorrow. (CONCERN)

and cal m even though they into the tuture with more optimism and your gloomy mood will be gone.

have neither a map nor a com pass. (STRICT)

13. Look at the sign!

speaking, your response is more than disappointing.


have gon e to in vain this evening.

with it


10. Why think about the past and recall bad events only?

11. They seem to be quite



when we move out ot the house.

(VACANT) 'again. This is the tifth hotel we

11. The success ot our action

upon Mike's ability to break the code.


It he doesn't manage to do it this time, we'lllose the last hope.

12. The waiter asked his customers to


their bill down at the counter

after they had linished their lunch.



13. Before you go and join the others in the computer room, you must first

V.Choose the correct answer.

in the membership form and make a payment.


14. When I saw her in the hall she looked so depressed. She oniy...........

task once again.

when I had told her the comforting news. 15. It didn't pose a big problem to me to fin d out she was an Italian. It was her peculiar accent that

to undertake the demanding

1. Ann's encouraging words gave me

a) a point

c) a resolution

b) an incentive

an effort to find the boy's address if you don't

2. You should at least ............

her away.

d) a target

want to lose your last hope. IV. Rewrite the sentences

using the given torms so that they retain their original

d) make

c) put

b) work

a) do


to breeding

3. We are going to build a fence around the field with sheep and cattle.

1.You'lI certainly encounter a lot of difficulties it you opt for a lon e expedition.


a) a goal

b) an outlook

4.0nce 2. It is feared this mammai species will be extinct by the year ot 2020.

a) of

a time there was a king so selfish and mean that no

b) at

c) upon

d) within

5. The open-air party had to be

3. Albert is a poor card-player.

we(1. 4. David really confides in Mr Palmer's greater experience.

d) a vi ew

prince ss would agree to become his wife.

This mammai species is

a) postponed


b) detained

because of a heavy raintall.

c) retused

d) extinguished


6. You may feel sure the casting will be don e perfectly, just


trust in me and you will see I'm right.


a) lay 5. We aren't willing to support the strike; we don't approve of it. Far

c) a reason

b) torward

c) grant

d) allow

7. It's too hard to determine whether the disease has already begun to


or not.

6. Sue has benetited from the sunny weather by getting nicely suntanned. (advantage)

d) transmit

c) spread

b) circulate

his education at Cambridge

8. By next year, my son will have

.. . 7. Susan did everything she could to make us both reconcile.

a) enlarge University.


a) realized

us a lift home as there were no

9. The van driver said he couldn't 8. We aren't responsible for the assembly line in Bristol any longer.

free seats in his vehicle.


No longer 9. These dangerous lizards live only in the tropical regions.


............. 10. Malcolm had to stay in prison until the trial came to a definite end.

d) terminated

c) graduated

b) completed

. . . .. . .. . . . . . . .

a) make

b) give

c) drive

d) take nobody would have

10. II it hadn't been tor the hint that the protessor found out the correct answer. a) dropped

b) cast

c) threw

d) flung

their attention on scrutinizing the evidence instead

11. Why don't they Onlyafter ot questionning the passers-by? a) attract


b) devote

c) tocus

d) draw



meet ever since

12. The Wilsons have lound it terribly hard to make


they both lost their jobs. a) ends

b) strings

c) coins

d) limits

13. At lirst, Mark thought it would be great to build his own ranch, but he was lorced to

J.Replace each italicized word with a synonymous one.

the idea when the bank relused to give him a loan. a) depart

b) leave

14. Don't

c) cease

Vocational education has always been closely related (1) to the character ol a society, the

d) abandon

to phone Mrs Whitman, I've already talked to hero

a) concern

b) bother

c) mind

who could have broken

into our garage. c) point

d) hint

a) pass

you nowhere.

b) put

c) get

17. The

b) cracking

18. We have to

c) raaring

d) creaking

c) persist

b) model

to his

in the era ol massive

c) pattern


(5) and passed


atter many years ol rigorous

the older on to their

to the relatively

In the 19th century

(8) apprenticeship


training was

applied (10) directly on the job. Consequently, the number ol craftsmen (11) perlorming (12) as they were gradually

replaced by

This rapid computerization,


has created

a wide gap between those whose

is profound (14) and those who stilllag

it delinitely


an equally


and elaborate


behind. Given

than anvils or chisels, to educate

good and

productive (15) workers nowadays. d) guidance

20. The international conlerence ol the Cardiological Association has been in Caira to discuss the revolutionary discovery ol doctor Gonzales lram Mexico. b) collected

by forefathers

ol lamilies

that computers and their various uses are much more complicated

d) outlive

younger brathers both at school and at home.


poor level ol craftmanship

knowledge ol modern technologies b) endure


rnachinery and, linally, by perfectly precise (13) computers.

the hard times hoping that things will change lor the

19. His parents have always wanted Phillip to set a good ..........

a) deployed


by descendants

high-skilled manual work began to decrease

better in the luture.

a) lorm


abandoned (9) giving way to the lactory system where experience-building

somebody climbed up at night.

a) maintain


traditional (7) skilIs achieved

d) reach

boards in the staircase would always wake us up whenever

a) screeching

In the past, pralessions

successors (6) in vocations like carpentry or weaving was incomparable

16. Just change your approach towards the assignment. The way you are dealing with it now will certainly


requisite lor different types ol employment.

generations. The mastery

b) view

(2) by the members ol its

community. Its primary (3) goal is to teach the skilIs and a practical

d) worry

15. The neighbours said they hadn't got a

a) clue

importance it attaches to work and the social values respected

c) mobilized

d) summoned

1. a) accustomed

b) linked

c) composed

d) intervowen

2. a) adored

b) escalated

c) rejoiced

d) esteemed

3. a) rudimentary

b) unique

c) preliminary

d) exclusive

4. a) Ilexibility

b) praliciency

c) laculty

d) supremacy

5. a) peers

b) associates

c) lorebears

d) kinsmen

6. a) intermediaries

b) pals

c) predecessors

d) heirs

7. a) habitual

b) ancestral

c) lamiliar

d) genealogical

8. a) inlinite

b) exorbitant

c) austere

d) lerocious

9.a) repelled

b) abstained

c) mishandled

d) renounced

10. a) administered

b) injected


d) disposed

11. a) progenitors

b) artisans

c) merchants

d) devotees

12. a) submerge

b) Iracture

c) collapse

d) dwindle


13. a) pivotal

b) candid

c) accurate

d) valid

14. a) erudite

b) customary

c) tortuitous

d) judicious

too long. Think about the mistortunes that could have been averted it someone had

15. a) efticient

b) adequate

c) laborious

d) substantial

taken notice ot her predictions.

14. I think her """,""""""""""'"

(APT) tor toreseeing the tuture has been ignored tor

15. Why did you tell 50 many untrue stories about Janet? II. Put the words

in the correct


1. The unexpected

It was most

(THINK) ot you to have don e it. (CANCEL)

ot the tlight to Amsterdam has made

III. Insert the correct prepositions.

the passengers teel uneasy. (CAUTION)

2. We were told to take the necessary


against insect








bites in the jungle. 3. The boss is rather


to the workers' needs. He only

4. One ot the tourists was so

icecream whenever I spend my time in the cate.



on doing the sightseeing ot

2. Atter a three month training period Ce[ia gave up the nursing course

the old town square that a complete change ot the itinerary had to be made.



ot work.

ot the rough sea and the awful climatic conditions, the

6. Unless we tind a proper way ot

3. Our position is


the cast iron, no

retailer will be interested in purchasing our products.

a panic among the crew members.



8. To be honest wit h you, it was a very boring party. Vet, I did like the delicious

other guy? 6.

(FRESH) that were being served by the hosts. area in the county can be proud ot such

a good tiscal policy ot its administrators. (MEMORY)


victims ot the holocaust.


He could te[1themall day

and night without stopping.

tell you a lot about it.

contlict with the accountants since he

decided to lower their salaries.

my best early in the morning. 9. Why is she so critical

12. I remem ber uncle Dave as an unusually merry person. His supply ot jokes and tunny

13. Mr Thomas is very ..

troublesome solution.

8. I'd rather we didn't start at 5 a.m. Honestly speaking, I'm not usually

(CONTRIBUTE)ot ;[25 was what the

club members used to complain about the most.

stories always seemed

reterence to the waste disposal, I'd like to suggest a less

7. The bank owner has been

10. Next week, the Sunday mass will be held to

Was it Nick or the

5. Who was the chairman's criticism directed

For instance, it wasn't true that his parents had lived in Morocco.

11.Havingto paythe monthly """""""""""""""

considerable hazard. I'm atraid this may lead to

4. He shouldn't be invited by anyone it he cannot behave properly

7. I wouldn't say all the tacts he mentioned were


this kind

the grounds ot having no vocation

search tor the missing crew member was continued.

9. No other

the temptation ot having a chocolate

1. I tind it hard not to surrender

seems to be interested in his own good.

about tood processing. He can really

Doesn't she know I'm

not a native speaker ot German? teenagers mostly whereas the

10. Rap music and techno are popular older youths tend to go .................


my pronunciation?

rock. the one we spent our hoilday

11. Doesn't this lovely place rem ind you in last year?

12. The plot in the book is rather simple. The poor parents dream about marrying their beautitul daughter


a rich sheikh.



13. Mark usually suffers

seasickness whenever he travels by ship or

V. Fili the gaps with the correct words.

ferry. 14. This year is the third the bank manageress.


15. I don 't smoke very often. I do it






succession that Susan has been appointed

occasion two ar three times










a month.

1. It was Neil Armstrong who went down in IV. Rewrite the sentences meaning.

using the given torms so that they retain their original

as the lirst man to have


stepped on the surface of the moon. 2. There is much hope ol aur team winning the game, but we have to keep aur crossed.

1. The patient's condition is gradualiy improving. degrees.

something wrong happens

3. You should buy the insurance just in to you during the expedition.

2. The organizers disregarded the former president's presence at the ceremony. (notice)

4. These laser printers are brand new. They selllike hot when the bus coliided

5. Fortunately, only a few of us came to any with a tram.

3. These two stamps aren't alike. (difference)

6. I was moved to tears and my impressions were too powerful to put them into

'" ... ... ... .... 4. Perhaps, I wili spend this night in a hotel. (thinking)

7. We have been working to a strict

as the building contractor Irom


Madrid wants this work to be finished by the 15th of December. 5. Betty didn't know Sony was Hanna's boyfriend.

(unaware) 8. Spare us the details of your story, please. Most ol us have lost the


ol it anyway. 6. 'You did make a big headway.' - she sa id to the student. The student


, one eould say they live in perfeet harmony, but the

9. Judging by .


truth is they hate one another.

7. We'li have to do with one tent and a few biscuits instead of a luxury hotel and lavish

10. Ali

meals. (in place)

ol picture postcards were on displayand

I had a hard time ot

choosing the most suitable ones. 11. You needn't examine the witness so thoroughly, you'd better place more

8. I didn't discover there was a snake in the basket until I opened the lid.

on the suspect's claims.

Not until

12. What's the point of discussing such a minor problem at such great

9. The results aren't satisfactory considering her long and rigorous training.


13. Safari huntings give an occasion to experienee both the beauty and the cruelty ot the


Atrican wildlife at tirst



14. It I am to form an opinion about your writing skilis on the

10. Shannon doesn't think much of the book. (Iow) ..

of this

short story I must say you'li have to leam more beto re you make a good writer. 15. Parents may sometimes get alittle angry at their ehildren, but on most oecasions they think the


"... of their offspring.


." ./.

. ....,....,.




I. Choose the words that best complete the sentences The elementary

means ot communicating

in the text.

with other people is

messages by voice. This tact is widely as a

11. a) stake

b) stag

c) stack

d) stab

12. a) intused

b) mingled

c) abused

d) intruded

13. a) attain

b) manouevre

c) elaborate


14. a) situating

b) deploying

c) planting

d) settling

15. a) distracting

b) dismantling

c) dispersing

d) disturbing



(2) and we recognize the voice

(3) characterizing the identity ot a person. The array ot voices is

verb or phrase with the correct form of a synonymous

II. Replace each italicized

phrasal verb.

immeasurable as no two are exactly similar. They can be nasal, resonant or shrill


(4) with the individual physical


(5) ot

bring about

the th roat. One possible


by police analysts as a method ot year thousands

ot audiotapes





or casual


with the








and later transtormed

into a pictorial


(10) into electric impulses

program. Very trequently voice analysts have a

by a computer

(11) at deciphering

the relevant intormation which may be

(12) with background noise ar

other interfering sounds until they Thanktully,


which is processed


order about

run into

pick out

set about

get across pull through

stand in for

take out

1. Doctor Carter will be replacing doctor Smith in the matemity ward during September. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . .. . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . ...

2. You are supposed to select only those items which have at least two teatures in common. . . .. . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . .. . .. . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . ...

3. Giving commands

to other people seems to run in his blood as he was a captain in

the army tor ten years.

(13) the desired results.

these efforts help the police detect individuals who threaten their victims by

phoneor intormaboutbomb

draw back

cut out for


away by their accents, intlections or other voice attributes like pitch, intensity

and loudness.A recordedsampleis usually"""""""""""""""

(ook into

put down to

(7) court evidence in triais. Every

(8) to the purpose to help identity the probabie culprit. Specialists


keep up

(6) ot the art ot voice recognition is voice protiling used

come by

(14) or those who make offensive calls



4. The heavy blow on the head left the Vietnamese tighter in a coma tor two weeks. Happily,


to the best medical

(15) the peace ot decent citizens.

care he





1. a) commuting

b) discharging

c) intorming

d) conveying

2. a) reassured

b) acknowledged

c) declared

d) reckoned

3. a) teature

b) matter

c) token

d) label

4. a) consent

b) accordance



5. a) tendencies

b) credentials

c) assets

d) properties

6. a) operation

b) handling

c) implementation

d) treatment

7. a) substantiating

b) tacilitating

c) pledging

d) withstanding

8. a) used

b) put

c) employed

d) set

9. a) give

b) turn

c) prove

d) tell

b) exchanged

c) adjusted



5. Try rubbing some citric acid into the cloth, that should remove the spots. .. . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . .. . .. . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. .

10. a) retormed

6. I can't think ot any sensible reason tor which they should have withdrawn trom the arrangements.



... ... ..... .... ...

... ..... ....... .. ...

.. ...

...... ..... ....... ... ... ......

7. Frank was not suitable tor the job ot a policeman because ot his excitable character. ... ..

.. ... .

... ..

8. Have the authorities tinished .,



.. ... . ...... ... .. ... .. .. .. ... ... ... .... .. ... ..... .... ... . ... ... ..

examining ...


the cause ot the explosion yet! ...

9. It's impossible to live on the low unemployment




... ..

I receive

... .. ... .. .... .... ...". ... tram the government.

. . . .. . . . . . . . .. .. . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . .. .. . .. . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . .. . .. . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . ...




10. One ot the horses wasn't strong enough to maintain the swift pace and dropped back after the third lap.

lite. By these means, he also succeeded in promoting himselt to the top.




11. Everybody attributed Mr Spark's success to his extraordinary cleverness at






8. We approached the hut and sawa very old man shelling nuts into a wicker basket.

persuading people to entrust their money with him. . ... ... ...

7. Adam Collins was notorious tor making up the most unusual stories about his own

,.................. ... ...

... .... ... .. ... ... ... ... ... .""" 9. There's much to your advantage it you can rely on your rich parents taking care ot you

12. I had no idea there were any photographs behind the chest. I tound them

all the time.


accidentally when I was tidying the room up. 10. Unlike the last time, protessor Humpton was very sympathetic


during yesterday's

meeting. ........................... 13. Many a change has been caused in the climate by the global warming.

11.Watch out! These flowers are very delicate and can be easily broken.



14. What's the good ot starting with the work so early! As tar as I am concerned, we 12. He is usually too proud and pleased

should begin next week. ,

people's successes.


15. It's unbelievable how the new lecturer can explain his ideas. Attending his classes is sheer tun.


with himseltto

ever take notice ot any other


13. Robert claims he is not gui/ty and that it was some other boy who stole the bicycle.

................. 14. A large amount ot expensive building materials have been donated by the private supporters tor the construction ot the health centre.

III. Replace each italicized phrase or adjective with a synonymous one.


15. Was laziness the only reason tor which you gave up painting the parch?

.... conceited innocent substantial



instantaneous vicious

midget wealthy



sen ile



IV. Rewrite the sentences using the given forms so that they retain their original



1. The twa prisoners knew that however caretully prepared their plan was they wouldn't manage to escape trom the jail. ..


1. Shouldn't she be going home now? Isn't it 2. aur grandtather cannot hear well because ot his old age. (hard)

2. W e received a quick response to our appeal tor he!p trom most ot the charity organizations in the worid. ........................... 3. 1don 't think 1will ever torgive Danny his crueltreatment

3. What does the abbreviation YMCA mean?

ot my children.


........ 4. There is a very smali model ot a battleship inside the bottle. 5. Not until I met him did I know he was so passionate an animai lover. ......

6. Behaviour ot this kind is bringing a lot ot shame to the Crown and should be


4. His mood began to improve as soon as he drank a glass ot wine. Scarcely 5. Isn't there anyone to support my point ot view? (take) Isn't there

accounted tor as quickly as possible. ...........................




9. According to the captain, his special units can take an immediate action against

6. Pat let me copy her homework. Otherwise I would have been reprimanded. Hadn't

terrorists should such a need


a) arise

7. Why did you worry so much? I told you I was sate with Carol.


b) originate

, protessor Howard has discovered a new

10. To his own great ...................

You needn't


method ot bulimia treatment. 8. There are a lot ot mushrooms

in this thick pine torest.

(abounds) a) reputation

b) name

c) tame

d) credit

. .. . . . . . . . . . . .

11. We were 9. Do you think they willlet me have a look at the research tindings?



a) ram bied

a) wrong

V. Choose the correct answer.

wit h the experiment when the two

b) stale

d) taulty

c) iii

off by the assassination

13. The book says that the revolution was in

1. Almost one hundred people have died as a direct result ot tood

b) cropped

d) prompted

c) triggered

myselt to the

14. I was awfully tired. However, I made up my mind to b) tamine

a) lacking

c) desire

d) shortage

tedious task once again.

in as king tor another glass ot brandy and got

2. It was Tony who drunk in the end. a) endu red

c) persisted

d) maintained


c) rain

b) let alone

c) what it

6. Anything he does is in

a) expected

d) as far as

c) commitment

d) responsibility trom the one you wore

7. Why don 't you put on a red tie as much

c) apart

d) different

, it was Alice who gave away our secrets.

8. Beyond all b) conclusion

c) dispute

c) aid

d) backing

trom the new minister to introduce more changes in the

b) hoped

c) believed

d) awaited

with sandwiches


b) provided

e) granted

d) assigned in him since he

18. Let's not buy anything trom this man. I've lost my mentioned something about an illegal pass port. a) certainty

b) assurance

c) contidence

d) respect

19. Only those who have scored more than a hundred points will be

last time? b) various

,but on that

and some hot tea in a thermos tlask by the owners ot the hostel. a) distributed

" wit h the law and that's why I have

b) obedience

b) tum

17. Betore we set out on the excursion, we were touching it.


suggested him tor the post. a) compliance

d) apply

toreign policy.

d) a haze

5. Betty says she cannot stand looking at the rat, a) even so

c) engross

d) judged

c) accounted

4. I don't need any medicine. I'm as right as ............. b) a ray

a) assistance 16. It was

b) intormed

a) clouds

b) absorb

occasion she was too busy to pay attention to other people's problems.

3. What is the verdict ot the report! Has the cause ot the catastrophy been

a) specitied

a) involve

15. Seldom do es she retuse to do her triends a good b) kept


the state govemor. a) launched

the capita!.

d) contradiction

a pri~e. a) attributed

b) supplied

c) devised

d) awarded to be paid tor releasing the

20. The hijackers have demanded a civilian hostages tram the piane. a) currency


d) shuffled

c) stumbled

b) baffled

scientists were torced to retire.

It's fitty years

a) tail

by the officers' decision to divert the whole traffic trom

12. Something began to go ......

1O. This place has been unoccuppied tor tifty years.

a) other


the main route.

b) revenue

c) deposit

d) ransom



13. a) seareh


e) lookout

d) survey

14. a) eontronting

b) ehallenging

e) rousing

d) plaguing

b) pitlall

e) snare

15. a) lure

d) trap

I. Choose the words that best complete the sentences in the text. II. Put the words

A worrying question whieh

and its drastie effeets in the eountries ot the Third World. In regions where the birth (2) is extermely high, poverty and starvation


(3). In India, there



yet the most shoeking enormous

num ber

ot thirty tive intants

(5) are those whieh

ot the


ot tamine

in eertain

afflieted with aeute destitution are additionally


is an urgent

are being

born every minute,


(8) the tor these

be solved

affluent soeieties around the world. Unless measures are taken to the





immigrants will




(11) desperate



(12) in tlooding the rieher states in ..............................

(13) ot a brighter tuture. It's the most """""""""""""""

2. That bieyele laeks a tew spokes in the wheels, but I think you can ignore such a minor (SHORT) and buy it at the low cost offered.


(PASS) caught by the guards today intruding into

the no-entry territory. 4. Altred's irrational reactions may result trom the inadequate


problem s to

1. Mr Edwards developed his interest in playing the violin in his

3. He is the third


(7) with illiteraey, lite in



(6) the

(10) they might eontinue bringing about innumerable worries upon the



(BOY) years.




appalling eonditions and inteetious diseases (9) populations.

in the correct

(1) global attention is severe overpopulation

(14) task tor the international

giants nowadays to help the poor populations get out ot the poverty

(BRING) that he was given by his toster parents. 5. Everything they did was illegal as they hadn't reeeived any official (AUTHOR)

tor excavating this land.

6. There's no logical accounting tor Malcolm's



given that his

brothers and sisters are really generous and considerate. 7. Only one witness ot the accident was


to the

detective's inquiry. The others retused to give any answers at alI. 8. You are not a



(TEEN) any longer, so you'd better start acting your

age. 1. a) insists

b) wishes

e) requires

d) asks

2. a) amount

b) quota

e) num ber

d) rate

3. a) protuse

b) rite

e) generous

d) predominant

4. a) a ratio

b) a measure

e) an average

d) a proportion

5. a) tigures

b) digits

e) seores

d) totals

6. a) appear

b) reter

e) indieate

d) eomprise

7. a) eontlieted

b) eneountered

e) eontronted

d) ineonvenieneed

8. a) deeimating

b) enumerating

e) diseounting

d) outnumbering

9. a) ingenious

b) insidious

e) indigenous

d) ingenuous

10. a) that

b) else


d) it

11. a) diseard

b) vanish

e) evaporate


12. a) linger

b) maintain

e) persist

d) remain


9. Because ot a sudden tall in temperature the


(RUN) were so

trozen that ali the morning tlights had to be cancelled. 10. The general's early


took us all by surprise as we knew

he was notorious tor always com ing late. 11. Don't take seriously anything Dorothy says, she's


a ehild

ot eight. 12. Our department won't operate in a proper way as long as there's a (SCARCE)

ot well-trained engineers.

13. Stanley is an in the tactoryand 14. An



eharacter. He likes working hard both

in his private workshop. "... (ALLOW)

ot [100 has been granted to the poorer students tor

purehasing books and other neeessary aeeessories.


15. The route we had chosen couldn't have been more


IV. Rewrite the meaning.

There were tropical forests and rivers with alligators all around us. III. Insert the correct



using the given forms so that they retain their original

1. We didn't go sunbathing very often during our hoJidays in ItaJy. Rarely """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""











3. Apart from a few minor mistakes, you did a good job on the whole.

in som e of the luxury hoteis.

By and..............................................................................

2. It's usually difficult to establish Patrick's whereabouts. He's constantly

4. It is possible that he will pull through very soon. (chance)

the move. expectation

3. After lunch, we ali would sit in front of the television of our favourite TV series.




5. Linda is stilJ single.

the sake of your own

4. Stop smoking and give up fatty food just health.

as yet. 6. Was it necessary for you to spend so much time in the library?

5. The director went mad

the couple who didn't come for the dress

rehearsal on Friday. 6. Several representatives



cheque was preferable

1. I thought paying

2. They haven't spoken to each other since they quarrelled in April.



7. Were Mike not so affluent a man, Ann wouldn't be dating him. the government's

were opposed

resolutions, which led to a bitter dispute in the Parliamenl.

But ............................................................................ 8. Why shouldn't she be given the benefit of the doubt?

7. The longer you boil the meat, the more tender it gets. I know that

It's only natural

my own experience. board.'

8. 'Has the captain disembarked yet?' 'Oh no, he is still

good part.

favour with the

9. These pocket-size computer games seem to be ......

10. We may come a bit late this evening.

children nowadays. 10. Mike's been

9. I hope they won't get offended with my remarks.


considerable pressure recently; his boss has obliged

him to do ali the accounts by the end ol this week. 11. Any failure to comply


V. Fili the gaps with the correct words.

the reguiations will result

an instant dismissal.

brink 12. II you give him more mOf)ey, he will certainly fin d it

13. It hasn't been decided yet who is going to represent our country in the international competition. The whole matter is still


14. The escaped hostage found it hard to get used to a normallife

deprived """""""""""""""




".. use.





neck terms

prey thumbs

delight question wrong

after having been

Ireedomfor so manyyears.

15. The police arrived immediately after the cali and caught the burglar

1. I guess you are in the

. Mr Klein isn't a secret agent, but a simple

post office clerk.

the spol.




ji t

2. George takes a real

in practicing snowboarding.

national championship

He has won the

twice already.

3. You'lI be risking your

(f.l~t~;;~~~;;~~~ffi~:J~j~I;~t;~ il you swim down the river without any


I. Write in the correct words. 4. Don't worry, I can repair the brakes within seconds, it's a piece ol tor me.

Haveyou ever givenany

5. Seldom does Brian panic betore a performance, but yesterday he really got

hour through

aur natural habitats

7. Although we warned our grandmother not to believe peddlers, she has tallen


(1) to the concept ot the protection ot our


e - - -

(2) on aur sound existence? It may

and their key components




- wildlite,

our wastetullite





s (4) to conserve



soi I and water


to their clever persuasion once again.

This question requires still more publicity, tor sure. Hardly ever do we -

tor tather to let us launch the rocket in tront ot the


how much effluent gets d
















d (6) into water or how many tons ol

waste our populations can churn out daily. In our hectic lite, we seldom think ot the vast to me since he cannot even hammer

- r -

a nail.


(7) ot waodlands,

aren't usually

10. She was so much in love with the boy that she decided to make him stay at ali




. The designers promise

to have it ready by next year.

c - - - - (8) ot the tact that the ozone











(9) is


effect. How much do we know about the animai

(10) ot extinction? Lastly, who is to







tor our abysmal ignorance? One possible response is the incredible intensity ot lite that we are living aJmost all the


12. The current report contirms that the white rhinoceros is on the extinction.

time. Statistically, an average couple has more to acquire in the 20th century than their - - c - -

13. 'Don't you think Ann cut a tine

including the rain torests, that get cleared every minute. We

being depleted due to the greenhouse

species being on the 11. The prototype ot the robot is still in the

at the anniversary bali?'


right, she did look gorgeous in her white dress.'

- - -

s (12) did several decades ago

- educatian, the tinancial means tor

securing the tamily with a tlat or a house, a car, a sterero and other variety ot rudimentary accessories that the civilized world has to offer and without which our earthly

14. We didn't get any advantage points over the other team s at the start. In tact, we were -

all treated on equal ........................

newspapers, please.



- - - d (3) to unless we undertake some proper

the city centre.

15. What I'm go ing to say now is off the


have been recognized by only a tew ot us what consequences

6. I'd advise you to start earlier to avoid driving in the

9. Roger seems to be all


natural resources and the signiticance it -

in his stomach.

8. It's out ot the









(13) seems unimaginable. Theretore, the answer is simple. It is


ourse!ves that should tace the , so don't quote me in your

environmentthat we





r -



(14) ot devastating the natural

g - - - - - (15) trom, but tor which we don't give much

consideration in principle.

II. Put the words in the correct 1. Mrs Ribban is the best

form. (TYP E) in aur office. She has typed tor ten

years nowo




2. The diseased part ot the smali intestine has been

(PLACE) with


III. Add the suitable verbs to make the correct phrasal verbs.

a new artiticial one and the hopes are that the patient will get better soon. 3. The soldier's

(HERO) deeds during the war were acclaimed by













the Emperor himself. 4. We were within


distance ot reaching an agreement in

the dispute and it was only a minor misunderstanding


out how to

1. We need your helping hand; otherwise we'II never

5. Pablo Picasso's pictures as well as many other



European painters have been put on display in the National Gallery. 6. The tighter's nose was """""""""""""""



start the engine. 2. I've made a promise to collect their children from the nursery school tomorrow and

heavily after the strong punch

he received trom the Brazilian champion.

I can't

out ot it nowo


3. There's no doubt they have been trying to

to animals is a punishable offence in most civilized

countries. (APPL Y) to


in what the Japanese speaker was talking

about. 5. 'Are you reading the magazine?'

9. The exhibition ot the ancient artefacts that we saw in the art museum was (IMPRESS).

through it.'

'Oh, no I'm just

up the mystery

6. Oetective MeAlister was the only one capable of ot the kidnapping in Wolverhampton.

10. It's important that the criminals who assaulted the mayor's wite should be brought to (JUST) in the shortest possible time. 11. Nowhere in the whole

us up judging by the

huge number ot questions they have asked so tar. 4. Hardly anyone could

8. You aren't a club member, and so the rules aren't


on his war experiences ali day round.

7. aur grandfather can Sometimes, we all get truly bored with it.

will you see a better cared

for lawn than Mr Grey's one. 12. The


that put us back to square one




the fireworks

8. Get ready for the show, everybody. It's high time to

aft nowo

(OMIT) of the editor's name in the article was considered


9. There's no more ink in the cartridge. It's been

a big faux pas. 10. Several drunken hooligans we re

away from the stadium gates by

13. I'm atraid one committee won't be enough to investigate all the the security officers.

(GRIEF) of the dissatisfied clients.

11. At first, I telt a horrible pain in my throat, but now this unpleasant teeling is gradually

14. It's ciear now that Robin is simply

(ENVY) of ali his brother's


privileges. 15. Hadn't they been so


to accepting our apologies, we

would have reached a compromise a long time ago.

12. 'Do you think Robert is a good candidate for the job?' tor many years and I can

'Well, I have known the boy

for his great capacity tor solving

complex questions.' 13. 'What made Alice and Richard a seemingly successtul marriage?'

up after so many years ot 'Perhaps, it was a love affair one of them may

have got involved in.' 14. Roger had no problems wit h

up with the other pupils even

though he started school with a two month delay.




15. Ideally, you should take these tablets twice in a day to

aft any

turther risk ot catching a cold.


2. The secretary doesn't answer my phone as a I was tOGbusy to do it myself. a) normality

IV. Rewrite the sentences using the given forms so that they retain their original

, but yesterday

b) principle

c) regularity

d) rule

3. She was given the advantage over the other applicants because ot her attractive

meaning. 1. I advise you to stop smoking cigarettes.

a) look

(your shoes)

c) appearance

4. They did have a


a) narraw 2. We didn't realize the girl was Polish until she started speaking with the other guests. On'y when (attention)

escape. Their car stopped right at the river bank. b) fine

c) near

d) slight doubt on our hoilday trip to Egypt.

b) borne

c) passed

6. However strict


d) sight

5. aur father's sudden illness has a) dropped

3. Nobody took any notice ot George's toolish jokes.

b) vision

d) cast

we took, we couldn't eliminate the risk of any

further riots in the streets. a) contrais

4. Andy is terribly bored with his new occupation.

b) measures

7.1 was

Andy finds

c) discipline

d) regulations

fram taking another course in diving by my first

unsuccessful attempt. 5. Take into account ali the possible hardships.

(provisions) a) declined

. ........... ... .

6. I couldn't do anything but suspend the driver's licence. (no option)

a) occured

to you that there might be more to this matter than

b) reasoned

9. 'What's the

7. There is no point in asking her out. She never go es out to restaurants.

c) imagined

d) considered

rate tor this bungalow?'

'It's ten thousand dollars,



8. The pratessor has been occupied with preparing the exam questions.

d) discouraged

a few fake banknotes?


Il is useless

c) resisted

b) averted

8. Has it ever

a) running


b) making

c) setting

d) going

10. You needn't have made extra copies of the booklet. We have got plenty to raund. 9. One ot my earrings is miss ing tram the box.

a) circulate

An earring

b) spread

d) suffice

c) go

more quickly than you may

11. Be careful with Tony, he can los e his ... expect him to.

10. Someone has proposed revising the case. (that)

aj attitude


b) vigour

c) temper

d) personality

12. I can't do whatever I want because I am still tinancially V. Choose

the correct



a) determined 1. I know you don't like Ernest verymuch,

but stil I you have to

it to


b) hand

c) award

b) subject

13. 'Who took part in the celebration?'

him that he is a conscientious worker. a) return

on my

c) reliant

d) dependable

~Mr Wallace, Mrs Simmons and Frank Cox, to

but a few.' d) admit

a) name


c) cali

d) state



14. A good manager should be

to his or her staff for exchange of

opinions at any time. a) feasible


b) obtainable

c) accessible

15. I hope you won't take ............... improvement

d) possesive

if I say that your project needs more

/. Replace each italicized word with a synonymous

a) hatred

b) nerve

c) offence

d) anger

16. He claims to be a professional stuntman, but his skilIs will have to be


b) taken

17. Several people opted for a taxi on the

that no more buses would

b) assumption

c) supposition


(2) Snowman which was encountered somewhere aspiring to reach the

firearms and

b) involving

c) embracing

d) comprising

19. It's unlikely he will ever find out how to operate the conveyor belt, but let him at least have at it.

on end as it started to howl, grunt and whistle early at



in the Himalaya region by

(3) of Mount Everest. This


(5) while they were

b) a go

c) a trial

d) an effort

20. Mr Thurnton was obliged to pay damages to his neighbours in .......... for the devastations his pet dogs made in their gardens. b) reward

c) penalty

towards (6) the forest. They had no doubts that


what they had seen was most

(7) and unique. Their amazement

grew even

Sir Michael Edmundsan

- a distinguished

was first to analyse this

intriguing (9) report, considers the occurrence an exceptional

(8) expert on unexplained


(12) the Snowman in the place where it was spotted by

use of a system of complicated traps. Not that he intends to do the apprehensive any harm

or keep

it in

eaptivity (13) for his own good, but his objeetive

that disregarding the Yeti story as being a sheer deeeption

d) reparation


opportunity to elear up (10) the Yeti mystery once and for alI. He has already devised (11) a scheme to try to eapture


of the

stronger when they examined the monster's gigantic footprints left in the snowo

a load of cocaine was discovered by the sniffer dogs.

a) compensation


(1) by reports

(4) creature which is also known as the Yeti made the poor explorers' hair stand

see the monstrous

d) argument

18. An instant investigation was launched after a bag .

a) composing

has again been

sleeping soundly in their tents. The petrified men jumped out of their sleeping bags just to

arrive that evening.

a) belief

of many


d) put

c) laid



The anxiety

an expedition of mountaineers

to the test anyway. a) brought

a) a move


to be accepted.


(14) is to prove

(15) has been an unfortunate

misjudgement accepted by too many for too long.

1. a) dozed off

b) spurred on

c) wiped out

d) stirred up

2. a) loathsome

b) ferocious

c) exquisite

d) timid

3. a) climax

b) ultimate

c) tip

d) summit

4. a) ghastly

b) wary

c) meek

d) congenial

5. a) dawn

b) twilight

c) dusk

d) onset

6. a) having a go at

b) pulling ranks with

c) going on at

d) making a dash for

7. a) queer

b) ludicrous

c) obscure

d) erroneous

8. a) evident

b) renowned

c) creditable

d) exemplary

9. a) exasperating

b) surpassing

c) riveting

d) painstaking

10. a) unfold

b) exploit

c) ensure

d) resh uffle

11. a) enhanced

b) manipulated

c) resolved

d) contrived

12. a) behold

b) abduct

c) ensnare

d) incur



13. a) refuge

b) detention

c) solitude

d) locker

14. a) focus

b) scheme

c) pivot

d) goal

15. a) jinx

b) crux

c) hoax

d) flux

III. Insert the correct prepositions.


II. Put the words in the correct form.







the shortest possible time.

(VIS lON) to the naked

2. The solicitor meets with his clienls oniy


3. Despile his strong craving

2. I won der which party is going to put forward Mr Coxton's

appointment. a cigarette John managed to avoid

smoking until he got out of the habit completely.

in the next election.

3. Does the thick fur of the polar bear give it enough .........

4. Everyone considered July incapable


amusing her guests longer

Ihan a few minutes, but it soon turned out the girl was really funny.

during the lon g frasty winter? 4. It wasn't elear who of the neighbours showed so strang a determination

5. I can assure you I took a course

as lo

5. Some of you must have forgotten to


the iran before


offer or has it been bought by anyone?

6. Is your car still

feeding the wild animals in their



7. The local council officer has again denied giving any .....



best, he could answer a few

8. He didn't know the subject well, but questions correctiy.

the building company for occupying the land.

ever seeing her boyfriend again, but it doesn't

9. Cindy despairs

8. II is feared that this dreadful accident in the chemical plant may have severe

seem to be very likely.

(IMPL Y) for the natural enviranment in this region. (OBJECT)

and I can do the


7. We were warned to refrain

leaving the house and therefore the fire broke out. 6. Abraham Lincoln is a


maintenance job

(NOT E) the police of the argument the Browns had at home.

9. The boy's


your own interest to pay your debls back

1. Remember, it's

1. Thrips are tiny insects which are hardly



behaviour was the primary reason for which

10. I'd rather you didn't order any fish for the second course. Haven't I told you about my dislike

he was expelled fram school. 10. I insisl Robert be replaced by a more gifted speaker. His poor pranunciation


any kind of seafood?

11. Thanks to John's inventive mind we could build a chalet and feel safe Ihe heat.



voice drive everybody crazy.

11. Only one sailor fram Ihe missing boat has been rescued so far. The fate of the other crew members remains

was absolutely

no free time


12. 'I guess you have spent a fortune on your holiday in Spain.'

'No, on Ihe contrary, it



13. We could only try and guess who was

fault even though the facts

indicated Jim's guilt.


13. How could you have been so

12. I got up at six, started my work half an hour later and stayed there until five p.m wit h

(REAL) as to believe Ronald's

14. I'm sorry to have crumpled your magazine. I didn't do it


15. You cannot deny she is clever, but why must she always be so boastful

childish stories about ghosts in the cellar?

her achievements? 14. The huge collection of golden coins stolen fram the museum last week was of (PRICE) value. 15. The discipline that you practice must be ralher



that you get heavily bruised lime and again.




IV. Rewrite the sentences

using the given torms so that they retain their original

V. Fili the gaps with the correct words.

meaning. breath

1. Maurice says he willnever memorize the poem.









cup ot tea





shoulder word

2. Has anyone had any good ideas? (come up) 1. Throughout her life, Ms Pumpkin suffered from terrible loneliness. She didn't have

3. MrGreen is always punetual. (dead)


to ery on.

2. After a while the friendly meeting was disrupted by a noisy graup of youngsters whom 4. It's a shame you didn't keep your promise lo Helen.

You ought 5. Remember that you are be ing eonslantly supervised.


with Ihe pupils who ignore

4. When the new director takes over, the workers notorious for neglecling their duties may be given the

6. The new deal has intraduced many changes in the cooperation.

5. lI's a

. of time trying to persuade Sylvia to accompany us Ihis

evening. She never goes lo parties.

Many a

6. 'Ittook a long time until Mrs Johnson recovered fram the shock after her husband's

7. As soon as he reeeived the message, he hurried to the hospital to see what had happened.

aceident.' 'Indeed, she was just a occured.'

of nerves when the tragedy

7. I don'l think he's good enough to defeat the Russian fighter. His lasI viclory was simply

No sooner 8. I held my breath for a long while beeause I was afraid they might diseover my presence.

even the police couldn't cali to ...... 3. Your instructions seem to earry little themall the time.



of good luck. and he won't

8. Brian will never let you down, he's a man of his break his promise. 9. Don't bother to invite Raymond to the maleh. Football isn't his

9. My salary hasn't risen since January. There

10. As he grew more impatient,he beeame more unruly. The more

10. Be sure nol to run into any substantial.

as our bank account isn't too

11. She looksa bit behindthe ..............

in her long overcoat and a straw hat,

doesn't she? 12. Danny's aggressive attitude towards his cousin look my

away tor

a while. Never before had I seen him aet the way he did. 13. If your son doesn't make any

in the next semester, he'lI be moved

to a lower level group. 14. The plastic surgery must have cost the .........................

, but there's no denying

she looks younger. 15. Getting up at Ihe

ot dawn doesn't appeal to me at ali, so I think 1'11

give up watehing the sunrise this time.




/,~ftj;;:ffii~\;§%2[~~#'i;~~~i~ I. Choose the words that best complete the sentences in the text.

For many people doing physical exercise may of





(2) bigger





than putting








to treat it as something of a lower

ar consuming


to strenuous



may be of great




d) gain

13. a) irresistible

b) preventative

c) immune

d) wary

14. a) ensure

b) ascertain

c) resolve

d) certify

15. a) persecuted

b) tormented

c) harassed

d) suppressed


II. Replace each italicized verb or phrase with the correct torm ot a synonymous phrasa( verb.

is the fear of fatigue,

in a cafe. We


ar even the

(12) to the human body increasing When supported

ot the heart and the lungs improves

by a nutritious


diet, much better

the blood circulation



pull down

run through

set out

go up

put away

hand over

put ott

run away wear out

tum out

take on

1. Mary isn't very wasteful with her income, she prefers to save same money for her studiesin Oxford. ,


. .. ..... .. ... .. ..., ... .. . .. .

.. ... .. .. .

(14) that the intention of becoming healthier (15) by any trivial impediments.

... .. .

.. ... ..... ..... .. .. .... ... ...

2. At the age of seventeen Ronald was summoned by the army and stationed in Oklahoma. ,..................................... 3. It seemed highly suspicious that none of the guards noticed the inmates escaping fram their cells.

that is requisite for proceeding with such physical effort


(ook back on

go oft



to infections and diseases.


come round to

cali up

(8) individuals from """"""""""""'"

individual more resistant to stressful situations as well as more In the first place, self-discipline

c) appreciation

(11) ot com mon sense. Ditferent forms of

and endurance.

ought to be attained to and more vigorous isn't

b) benefit


(10) of being outdane by true fitness zealots. However, getting fit is tully a

12. a) liking

(7) up a body workaut and build


aur physical fitness. What usually """""""""""""" (9) themselves

d) reason

(6) alcoholic

quantities of fattening confectionery

need to be considerably motivated to

c) matter

(5) than

staying in frant of the TV set, spending time in a pub beverages


(1) a painful torturing

(3). Unless we are forced to go in for a physical training, we are (4)

11. a) point

... .,

... ...,.. .. .. .. .,...


... ... .,

4. We are hoping the campaign will be successful

.. .. .. ... .. ... . .... .... ... ... ... ..,. .. ...

ar eis e we'lllose

aur trading

partners. "................................................................................

1. a) incorporate

b) entail

c) administer

d) correspond

2. a) in

b) with

c) at

d) of



c) labours

d) burdens

4. a) tended

b) implied

c) affirmed

d) inclined

5. a) superiority

b) privilege

c) advantage

d) priority

6. a) smacking

b) sipping

c) seething

d) sniffing

7. a) take

b) put

c) get

d) make

8. a) rejects

b) denies


d) repeis

9. a) committing

b) absorbing

c) involving

d) engrossing

b) impairments

c) preventions

d) inhibitions

10. a) hindrances

5. I'm going to have those tables arranged in a horseshoe shape.

..................... 6. Another twenty well trained engineers have been employed to accelerate the design wark in the assembly department. ,................................................................................... 7. It's no use considering the past only. You'll be better off if you start thinking about your future. . .. . .. .. .. . .. . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . .. .. . .. .. .. .. . . .. .. .. .. .. . .. . .. .. .. .. . .. .. .. .. . .. . .. . .. . . . .. .. .. .. . . .. . .. .. . ...

8. Father says he's too exhausted after working the nightshift and he won't help us prepare the barbecue. . ..


. . . . . ..

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..

.. . .. ..

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..

. . . . ..

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . ..



9. This is the area where most of the decrepit buildings have been


and the

luxurious hoteis have been erected.

6. 'How is your business, Jerry?' 'Oh, I can't say it's prosperous, but I can't complain about it, either.' .............................


7. Isn'titmost surprising the Monroes are getting divorced?

10. Believe it or not, but the prices of the domestic cereal products have risen too much



8. The treasure hunters kept digging the ground for hours as if their strength

to be competitive with the imported ones.




................................................................................................................ 11. Dan, would you be so kind as to

... ... ... ...



9. Paul's funny jokes and stories turned the boring party into a success. these tickets to Christine?


... ...


... ....


.... ...... 10. How can he expect to win the gir/'s tavour if he can't get rid ot his disgusting

12. Unbelievable though it may sound, almost two thousand peop/e came to greet the pop



star at the airport.

.. 13. I only needed to mention the financial protits ot the venture and everybody

11. It's very


that the central processing unit be delivered by Monday.



12.Judging by the wildlook in his eyes, he must be very irritated.

their opinion about it. .. 14. I'm sorry sir, but your appointment has been postponed

till next week.

. . . . . . . . .. . . .. .. . .. . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . .. . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . ..

15. The whole business sounds too irrational to me to risk

wasting ali my /ite savings.


13. Unexpectedly,

the sentence

apparent implausible


14. I can't believe Jimmy was unconcerned


fi erce






............................. when

it came

to appointing

the editor-in-

chief. .............................

15. It's more than cIearthat Steven has become attracted to Cynthia by her charming ,..

hilarious primary vital

IV.Rewrite the sentences meaning.

using the given forms 50 that they retain their original

1. He has refused to keep guard at night. (an objection)

.............. 2. She tai led to get in touch with her solicitor.

1 . The major point of the debate that Iwatched on TV yesterday was how to cope with the illegal immigration.

was not severe, which by some

or adjective with a synonymous one.

consequent indifferent


on the traitor

was viewed as a dangerous precedent.

smiles. III. Replace each italicized




2. Everybody was expecting the orders trom the Headquarters and the fof/owing action


... 3. I think 1'lIleave a note on the desk in case he needs my address. Should

which was to take place. ............................. 3. A tew of the older campers were sent home after a week as they were disobedient. .. .. . .. ...

. ..

4. He's rather too soon.



.. . ..


wit h his feelings and that's why we're atraid he won't marry

5. The headmaster didn't praise any students exept Jules. Jules


5. 'Do you consider his excuse credible?' belief.'

4. I'm sorry sir, but the 5.30 train is late.

'If you want my opinion, it's totally beyond

6. Have you decided whether to join our chess club or not? (mind)




7. Angie suspects this man ot stealing her watch. Angie has


8. There hasn't been such a scandal in our school before.

wit h his wild ideas. a) making

This is

b) developing

c) providing

a) comrr.on


c) usual

d) obvious

, you would say they were twins, but in reality, they didn't

even know each other.

10. I'm not certain, but there may be about twenty applications for the job.

a) sighting

At a

b) look

12. In the the correct



a) possibility

c) glance

d) view

of cold weather, remember to put on som e warm clothes.

b) lear

c) event

d) risk

13. II it hadn't been for Simon who 1. Why do you always ask me a tavour when 1have got my a) palms

b) brains

c) hands

2. I wouldn't go so far as to


a) drew

my professional career on the unsafe

3. They said I'd be on """""

d) expose

c) inspection

a) hostility 5. It was

b) honesty


c) hospitality

d) hostage

his knee injury got worse. c) insisted

d) appealed

star1 in lile. b) fresh

7. The silly gossip

c) clean "

b) prompted

c) resulted

d) relresh

c) future

b) time

18. I was rather at a

d) perspective in the beginning because I was the only person


b) dislike

c) disadvantage

19. Last time, we were within a hair's


d) disinterest ol deleating the Auckland

team. I'm sure we'll beat them in the approaching season.

d) aroused

hijackers' absurd demands. b) resign

c) awake

17. Of course, we don't need this dictionary at present, but in the long

a) displeasure

to a panic among the private entrepreneurs

8. The authorities probably want to be tough and won't

a) abandon

b) ease

ol different origin.

d) lirst

began cios ing their accounts in the National Bank. a) led

my memory before I get down to answering the


a) run

6. Thousands ol newcomers imagine this place to be their El Dorado where they can

a) plain

d) focused

it may prove useful.

b) recommended

easily make a


a) resume

to Mark that he'd better withdraw from the game in case

a) argumented

c) intended

b) offered

16. Let me please

and got under way.

d) temptation

at those who preler a heavy body workoul.

15. This training is

d) probation

4. We thanked the hosts for their generous

d) called

c) appreciation

b) indulgence

a) aimed

b) examination

c) paid

in gambling in Las Vegas. a) attraction

for the first two or three weeks as they want to

fin d out about my skilis. a) testing

b) caught

14. Mr Douglas, Arthur's grandfather, is notorious lor his uncontrollable ..

c) dare

b) stake

our attention to the mistake, the


laulty project would have received our acceptance.

d) arms

enterprise. a) venture

diet in lIaly.


b) staple

11. At lirst


d) giving

10. Pasta in its various forms is the

9. Isn't it high time you greased the hinges? (need)

V. Choose

his family a lot of trouble and worry

9. The Stetsons' son must be


a) breadth

b) depth

c) length

d) width

to the 20. There are languages hard to


, but English is delinitely out ol this

group. c) yield


a) accomplish

b) master

c) educate

d) conceive


I. Choose the words that best complete the sentences in the text. The problem s ot racial minorities

(1) the headlines occasionally when

one group or another

(2) to


(3) their protests

against the oppressive treatment ot their authorities. The native Indians have been living within the

".. (4) ot their reserves, the Australian Aborigines have a hard (5) ot integrating with the descendants ot the European colonizers and

the African Movement keeps discrimination

has only remained alive

acquisitive colonizers, Many



have been slaughtered then,



by merciless

invaders or persecuted


(8) of their lands, rights and properties.

(9) with


of such a community

rapid assimilation


very distinct





by the Ainu people - the original existence was ruined by an

with the Japanese culture. The Ainu are believed to have




Japanese people. Theirs was a light complexion


(11) the

and thick wavy hair as well as a totally

isolated language. They adored many spirits phenomena

d) for the sake of

8. a) evicted

c) removed

d) deprived

9. a) intermingled

b) exchanged

c) intertwined

d) incorporated

1Q.a) decided

b) nicknamed

c) presupposed

d) classified

11.a) divulge

b) typify

c) relate

d) sport

12.a) embodied

b) displayed

c) ingrained

d) defaced

13.a) esteem

b) acclaim

c) worship

d) commitment

14.a) extinguished

b) vanished

c) annihilated

d) eradicated

15.a) legacy

b) heredity

c) remnant

d) heirloom

II. Put the words

in the correct



(12) by natural

like animals, plants or climatic forces. Once a year they would sacrifice a

bear cub at a religious festival which was a sign ot reverent


(13) for

the gods. Now, they are claimed to be no longer existent in their pure form. By similar means, dozens of other cultures have only a trait of their

1. The terrified lady was asked to give a detailed





the attacker.

2. Within the last two decades the computer has become the most (DISPENSE) piece of equipment in the office.

is represented

inhabitants of the Japanese Archipelago whose independent extremely

c) by dint of

(7) chronicles and museums. Vast num bers ot

(10) 'non-existent'. One example

b) in the way of b) ousted

(6) its war against the concealed racial

in America. There are also cultures and nations whose heritage and history

indigenous populations

7. a) in lieu of


(14) leaving behind

(15) imprinted in the character of the societies that

3. This definition is too long and too complex to be tulI. 4. Don't enter the enclosed area, it's


5. Several guests have expressed their profound the faulty air-conditioning

(SATISFY) with

in their rooms.

6. My new car is very


It only uses four litres of

petroi per one hundred kilometres.

7. The announcement says that excellent credentials and a good knowledge of French are


for obtaining this job.

8. Excuse me, what is the

(POST) for sending a six kilogram parcel


have absorbed them.

9. Their trading couldn't have been very

1. a) fili

b) get

c) make

d) write

2. a) pursues

b) resolves

c) undergoes

d) embarks

3. a) place

b) stage

c) assure

d) expose

4. a) boundaries

b) realms

c) margins

d) zones

5. a) moment

b) spell

c) while

d) time

6. a) deploying

b) engaging

c) waging

d) tackiing

(PROFIT) otherwise they

wouldn't have closed the firm down so quickly. 10. First, he retused to let us in, but on second


he said we

would be welcome. 11. This summer my family is going on a


holiday in South

America with one of the best travel agencies. 12. According to the cardiologists his heart defect is


yet he

may live with it until he is hundred. 132



13. There is no 14. You needn't treat my case as

wouldn't manage without hero

(URGE). I can wait.

15. Are you sure it's a go od idea to make an


in the

15. 80th the testimonies

are completely different. I'm atraid we are in tor a lot ot trouble to

establish which ot the witnesses is

company shares?

III. Insert the correct

the other hand, we

14. Her function in the unit isn't essential, but

(ADMIT) to the museum on Mondays.

IV. Rewrite the sentences




the right.

using the given forms so that they retain their original

meaning. FOR





1. We would not be able to prepare the show without the money trom our sponsors.

Were it 1. Irrespective

the poor weather conditions the search tor the

2. Your essays should be submitted by the 30th ot June.

missing chi/d was continued. The dead'ine 2. Alice didn't know I wou/d be spending the afternoon in the reading room. We only met there

3. I'm very sorry sir, but al! the places have been booked.


3. The poor parents were


tenterhooks expecting the news trom


4. She demands that the garden should be weeded now. (insistent)

4. George has promised to instruct us

operating the system when

he's in town.



" .

5. They say that the po/itical situation in this region is changing. so much strain after

5. No wonder she bungled the test as she was

The politica'

her mother's death.

6. We don't ever have time to play with the children in the afternoon.

6. Your exceptional sense ot duty is surely a teature to be praised 7. Arnold was ordered to dispose


his heavy luggage and take on/y

Never 7. Certainly, Frank isn't the only person capable ot translating the book into Polish

the most important items.

any means.

8. She doesn't need to be encouraged to try the Chinese menu. In tact, she's got a welldeveloped liking

any kind ot exotic cuisine.

9. I'd say his outlook

8. She hasn't spoken much since the accident.

lite is rather strange. He doesn't work or take

any interest


establishing a tamily.

10. Everything should be ready by nowo The presidential piane may be landing


any moment. 11. It looks as it they al! have been

9. Hurry up or e/s9 we wil! miss the train. (move)

tavour ot the Republican

candidate tor a long time. Iwonder what makes them cherish him so much.

10. Celia had no other alternative but take a huge /oan trom the bank.

The onty

12. I'm very sorry Nick, but you cannot watch the tilm. You are stil! age. 13. It's not sensible to think that al! offenders are devoid


teelings. Som e ot them turn out to be very sensitive people it you get to know them better.




V. Fili the gaps with the correct words.















I. Write in the correct

Most ot us would 1. The Duch baroness will be arriving tor a visit to pay her Oueen.

2. He says he isn't atraid ot risking his own



to the



s -

laughing - - - t - -




(1) ghost stories as children's stuft or even as a

(2). Still, there are those who would give their right arm claiming

that they have seen a ghost or even been able to in the mission and he


won't give it up.

deceasedspirit. There is no sufficient evidence to

b - - - -


(3) messages trom the

p - - - (4) such accounts,


but they cannot be disregarded, either.

3. It you tind it hard to solve a mathematical problem on your own, you can always have to the computer program which calculates everything pertectly. 4. Well, I cannot really give you any proot ot my correctness at the present moment, so you have to take my

tor it and believe that I'm right.

5. Get the load oft your """""""""""""""

The researchers hoping to - - -

believe that spirits can be - - v - - -


6. Sure/y, there's no question about motoring that he cannot answer. Now that he has received his driving licence, he's got all the knowledge at his


muftled utterances.


8. Ali that effort in preparing the supper wasn't worth my

peoples' lives mostly in


husband came back late trom work and the children had taken cheeseburgers a snackbar.


performevil d





10. Don't worry, we'II find a new gardener soon. Mr Bradbury isn't the only person under 11. Arthur's excitement at horseracing doesn't surprise me in the least. His father was

12. His complaining really put me oft my





Another -



and I couldn't concentrate





(7) into thin air ot a spirit is

(8) the places that they


(9) ot a poltergeist can easily






of all spirits is its evil torm - a demon. It is

c - - - (10) tor exerting an intluence upon

(11) ot possessing their souls and torcing them to


h -


(13) ot dealing with such petritying phenomena


in multiple cultures to

x - - - (14) the evil torce trom the possessed individuals or places.

At present,

whocanlookafterplants. """""""""""""""




been practiced since primeval times. The rituals have developed

as I tried to open it.'

a tamous jockey and the boy seems to be tollowing in his




s (12).

Exorcisms as a 'No idea, Jack. It simply tell to """"""""""""""


The most intimidating

believed that demons have a




be recognized by a mysterious knocking on the doors, objects being thrown about or eerie

7. Eddie is tamous tor playing tricks on everybody, so be caretui not to believe everything he says. Rather take it with a """"""""""""""" ot salt.

the """""""""""""""

be examined

appear in with their noisy activity. The p


d (6) into several groups. Now and then, there

represented by the boisterous poltergeists that h

moping about loke this all day round.

9. 'What's wron g wit h the umbrelIa?'

(5) the mysterious supernatural

are spectres which are visible tor a tew seconds and then so that their apparition

and tell us what the matter is instead ot

r - - -


ot spectres

occasionally in difterent places are when the place is as extraordinary

ot tamous



or intamous




p - - - - d (15) by newspapers, especially

as the White House where the spirit ot Abraham

Lincoln is said to roam with an enigmatic smile on its immaterial tace.

on my work again. 13. Stop beating about the """""""""""""'",

and tell us straight torward what you want.

14. The sensational news was passed by word ot member to another.

trom one staff

15. In the beginning, operating the panel was a bit troublesome for Michael. It took him a month to tully get the

ot it .

II. Put the words in the correct form. 1. Look at those heavy clouds, there is little

(LlKE) that it will clear

up by tomorrow. 2. His lite was ot great

(PROS PER) as he became an immensely

rich actor in his early teens. 136



3. Nobody takes kindly to Mike's arrogant behaviour, especially, to his (OFFEND)

III. Add the suitable verbs to make the correct phrasal verbs.


4. Try being as


as possible considering that Mrs

Harkley has suffered trom great misery recent/y. 5. I cannot think why the experts have questioned the ..............











ta II pry tell

keep put tum

ot the document claiming that it had been taked. 6. John can't speak English pertectly, but you have to make an (ALLOW)

1. Our team counted on the tinancial support ot the local council, but they have

tor the tact that he had spent his childhood in Sweden.

7. The management


say there's no need to be worried, yet the rumour about the

decrease in wag es has caused considerable


out ot their promises leaving us wit h no assistance.

2. The sugar bags have been left at home and I'm atraid we'lI have to among

the shipyard workers.

without them during the weekend.


3. The moment I return, home 1'11

8. We have decided to quit our cooperation with the Derby wholesaler because ot their constant inability to supply the


4. He didn't tell us the whole story, I guess. He must have

amount ot the

ordered goods.

most intriguing part ot it.


latelyas the dean wants me to

into our

private matters whenever she comes tor a visit.

take three exams next month.

6. Sa tar, I haven't had time to 10. The smali partisan unit was

(HELP) in the tace ot the bigger and

better armed invader, and so they surrendered without a tighL 11. I'm sorry madam, but your letter ot



it out

7. You shouldn't be smoking a cigarette in the waiting room. now or go outside the building. 8. I've told them a hundred times I've got no experience in wallpapering.

(EXAMPLE) punishment so that the


through all these photographs and

choose the best ones tor printing.

hasn't been

dealt with as yet. Would you kindly return in a tew days, please?

rest be atraid ot harrasing the other little children in the tuture.


Yet, they have

me with this job anyway.

away tram

9. Because ot his serious knee damage aur son has ..........

13. Whether there's lite in the other galaxies seems to be an

school tor twelve days nowo 10. The astronauts had taken part in a press conterence betore their rocket

14. 'What do you cali somebody dealing with physics?'

'I guess it's a

(PHYSICS).' 15. The

back the

5. What invariably makes us angry at Sally is her constant

9. I've come under a lot ot


in and sleep until next afternoon.

oft. out the major differences between these two theories,

11. Could you (D!SASTER)

torce ot the tornado sweeping through the

coastal area is tOGpowertul to be countered.

Mr Rooney? 12. One ot the neighbours got nervous and

Simon aft tor playing the

radio too loudly. 13.lt

out a mile that Myra is in love with Brian. Just consider how affectionately

she smiles at him.

14. Stop the quarrel naw. There is no point in

out about such a trivial

matter. 15. The bell-bottoms were very popular in the 70's, but it's unlikely they will ever on again. 138


IV. Rewrite the sentences meaning.

using the given forms so that they retain their original

3. We were shocked when we discovered that our foreman betrayed us and

withthe management inthe dispute.


1. If you hope to be a good driver, you mustn't break the tralfic regulations.



a) sided b) approached 4. It's believed that the volcano is

c) supported

d) aided , but the seismologists suspect it

might erupt one day.

2. I don't agree with the conclusions you have put forward. (along with)

a) extinguished

b) extinct

c) exhausted

d) expelled in

5. The tirst convention of the Congress of Racial Equality was 1942.

3. Ifyou don't get down to wark, you won't be able to pass the entrance exam. (otherwise)

a) delivered ................

b) enacted

c) performed

d) held

6. Don't you think it's about time you changed the washer in the ..

4. Can Mr Bailey deliver the letters by tomorrow?

a) drooping

Is it

b) dripping

c) dropping


d) dipping

7. The findings ot the report read that by the year 2008 famine in the Third World

5. Alfred put on his raincoat because he didn't want to get soaked.

countries willhave reached epidemic

For fear

a) ratio

b) proportions

c) spread

d) range

8. I haven't established vet how the alfair broke out, but I'm going to get to the very

6. Did she use her spare time in a good way? (make)

ot it.


a) bottom

7. Where is the annual meeting being organized? place?

b) ground

c) basis

d) threshold

9. She may still have a few fans in the world, but she is detinitely past her

8. ft is more than pro babie that they have had problems with their car. a) tame

In aU

b) abilities

d) tortune

c) prime

10. The majority of the political prisoners were 9. She was warned firmly not to use the faulty oven, but she still kept doing so.

of the repressive regime.


a) removed

10. It's hardly possible to reach the peak of the mountain on foot.

V. Choose the correct answer.

a conscientious worker. c) least

d) a rule the news, he would still refuse to

tell us anything..


c) notify

, b) tell

d) goes

the twin brothers apart? c) distinguish

b) sparse

c) tiny

d) see

d) weak

14. Getting everything ready by tomorrow

working at nighl. I'm atraid

nobody willagree to stay after hours. a) obliges

b) clear

c) is

13. Our chances of com ing in time for the meeting are rather a) slim

b) whole

2. No matter how we asked him to

a) launch

a) recognize

d) released

in the field of archaeology.

o) means

12. Is it possibie to

she is

c) evicted

without saying that Mr Abercrombie deserves the prize for his

imposing achievements a) comes

a) general

b) dispatched

11. It """""""""""""""

It's nearly

1. She may wark slower than the other employees, but in

right after the collapse

b) implements

c) entails

d) indicates

d) break


15. You are under no

to check every passenger. You can do it at



a) must

b) necessity

c) obligation


d) duty



16. It was the solicitor who persuaded me to make a clean

I. Choose the words that best complete the sen ten ces in the text.

everything in the court. a) head

b) tongue

c) breast

d) heart

Peoples' personalities no two alike. Our ingrained charaeteristics

17. I have been looking lor the Iloppy disk lor a lew hours, but it seems to have vanished without a


aur behaviour, our reactions and temperaments

a) sign 18. We cannot

b) ci ue

c) spot

(3) of the diversilied

d) trace


the rules and let them go unpunished as their offence

a) lean

b) bend

c) decline

c) respect

ol his

d) credit

20. I think it was completely thoughtless ol you to have turned your on the friends asking for your help. b) neck

c) head


on ..............................

(4) our personality in the earliest

(5) ol human development. (6) ol character

may to some

(7) be (8) our parents. Others may

(9) lrom the conditions experieneed during pregnancy

this way rellecting the parents' approaeh towards







and infaney in

(10) their olispring. (11)

a crucial

role in

strengthening or eliminating certain behavioural systems making an individual more prone to

(12) to the patterns that


Undoubtedly, d) back

processes that



pioneering research in treating the AIDS patients. b) evaluation

(2) the patterns ol are unparalleled

hereditary simulating the attributes that

d) spare

19. Prolessor Wallace has been given a prestigious award in

a) recognition



was tOG serious.

a) fist

(1) considerably from one another as there are


(13) a prize.


(14) the

irreversible formation during the lirst period of its development, may still be


to considerable




yet, certain eharaeteristies

ehanges conditioned

by different

eireumstanees and situations.

142 I.

1. a) distinguish

b) converge

c) vary

d) differentiate

2. a) denote

b) resolve

c) inllict

d) determine

3. a) account

b) means

c) token

d) event

4. a) mould

b) design

c) conceive

d) fabricate

5. a) states

b) instants

c) stages

d) terms

6. a) factors

b) traits

c) items

d) breeds

7. a) scope

b) area

c) extent

d) length

8. a) pertain

b) reeognize

c) assoeiate

d) identily

9. a) stem

b) relate

e) rise

d) lormulate

10. a) breeding

b) rearing

c) growing

d) yielding

11. a) makes


c) finds

d) plays

12. a) eomlort

b) pledge

e) aquiesce


13. a) yearn

b) deserve

c) wish

d) neeessitate

14. a) underacts

b) undertakes

c) undergoes

d) underlies

15. a) practicable

b) leasible

c) subject

d) potential



II. Put the words in the correct form.

III. Insert the correct


1. Never belo re have I seen more in the mountainous

landscapes than here



2. Now that you have linished your studies, you can lee I absolutely

3. Mr Brown is the most







days. Could you len d me

a lew pounds, please?

,... (RESPECT)

member ol our organization,

2. Mother insisted

having din ner belo re we carried on


which, I think, sometimes makes him a bit snobbish. 4. In Asian societies the lile

the game.


period is shorter than in

most European countries.

so much

3. It's a great pity that those beautiful birds are vulnerable


5. 'Who owns this excellent shop?'

'I guess Mrs Ashley is the

4. Tom hasn't attended classes lor about two months and consequently he is rather with his lessons.

(KEEP) here.' (POPULAR)

6. The rock group has gained a lot ol

ever since their

open lire as it may result

5. Don't expose this gas tin

lirst CD was recorded.

an explosion. (PREFER)

7. The waiter says that the tomato salad is more


lish to any other one.

your cousin's toys?

6. Must you always be so envious

heart alter his girllriend had walked out

7. Adam lelt really sick ............. (ASSIST)

8. Do you have to leave or can you be ol ..,.......

to me this


him. the notebook, 1got it

8. Seriously, I didn't have to pay

9. Jake has been reprimanded lor his inconsiderate breaking ol the


(SAFE) regulations in the welding shop.

only be checked

character 1have ever known.


11. The heavy damage to the bone is

,. (REPAIR). It's leared that he

will have to spend the rest ol his lile in a wheelchair. 12. 'As soon as I reach the

theory, but its leasibility can

9. Your scheme may sound interesting (PERS 1ST)

10. Sure, he will light till the end. He is the most


practice. any hope that the Italian champion will retain the title.

Nobody's giving her any chan ces this year.

11. It was me who Cindy used to take

, (RETIRE) age, 1will withdraw lrom political

lile.', said the minister.


her conlidence.


this particular occasion she relused to reveal her secret to

anyone, even me.

13. She says she leels claustrophobic in her office as it isn't



linishing the task

12. It isn't so much latigue as lack ol commitment that makes you so inoperative.



ol the residence that costs so much as

the exorbitant taxes imposed by the tax office. 15. There is a



1. I'm extremely pressed

(CAR E) being under no pressure any longer.

14. It is not the



region ol the Alps.

(TEN D) among teenagers nowadays towards

spending more time in sports centres than they did a lew years earlier.

13. We all sympathized

Gloria when we had learned about her

lather's unexpected death. 14. Michael showed his disgust

the way he was treated by relusing to

speak to anyone. 15. I know Pete's conduct was intolerable, but don't be too hard


145 144


IV. Rewrite the sen ten ces using the given torms so that they retain their original

3. You must admit the organizers have gone to great


to cater tor all

tastes. 4. I wish I knew who let the

1. Although I tried very hard, I couldn't convince Debbie to deliver a speech.

out ot the bag and made the secret

known to everyone.

Try 2. Nobody died in the accident.

5. The examiners were very satistied with Jim's vast knowledge ot the subject, and so he

(no tatalities)

passed the exam with tlying




, isn't it?

6. It's a very tempting offer to buy a house on such easy 3. John has taken it upon himselt to look after the baby tomorrow.


7. Don't worry about his health. He is as tit as a


8. Louis Pasteur broke new

4. The possibility ot any turther storms can't be excluded.

in medicine with his revolutionary

discovery ot the vaccine against rabies. out.

5. We never lost hope that the our missing son would return some day. At no time

9. It's no use trying to persuade Cybil to give up the journey. She detinitely knows her



and she won't change the decision.

10.The question arose completely out ot the """""""""""""""

6. Robert warned his wite pretty strongly, yet she retused to listen to his advice.

there might be any overdue bills to pay. 11. Beyond a

No matter

. Nobody suspected

ot a doubt, this is the man whom I saw kissing Cindy in

tront of the cinema.

7. She earns too little to afford to buy expensive cosmetics.

12. 'Have any new tacts come to

She doesn't


8. Can the contlict be only solved by torce?


13. My wite never goes to a dress-maker.

Isn't there ......

about the piane catastrophy in

not. There have been no reports as yet.' She buys her clothes off the

only. 9. One ot the patients couldn't breathe properly. (short)

14. You must have got hold ot the wrong end ot the

. He sa id he was

tor the retorms, not against them. 10. I reported him to the police because I assumed he was guilty ot thett. (assumption)


15. Mrs Pooley is by all

the nicest teacher in our school. Both the

children and the staff like her a lot.

V. Fili the gaps with the correct words.

accounts ground mind

1. Keep your

blue hair peg


cat horse shadow







on even it the reporters keep accusing you ot Iying.

2. I don't like the presents they have given to me tor Christmas. But, as they say, never look a gitt


in the mouth.



);0MZi,i,!~,:JJ ,;";;,,,,;;,;:[,E..



I. Choose the words that best complete the sentences in the text.


c) access

d) exploitation

10. a) collaborate

b) incorporate

c) ally

d) integrate

11. a) foundations

b) bases

c) graunds

d) rudiments

12. a) handling

b) operation

c) activation

d) performance

13. a) replaced

b) deputized


d) substituted

14. a) measured


c) reckoned

d) appraised

15. a) des pite

b) irrespective

c) exeept

d) nonetheless


p::,",:i1/':,,!!!,U' 'ih ',',i

Sad as it is, a soeial mispereeption

b) admittance

9. a) entry

"";:\!i;:!;~~~W;~ S».T",27",;/J"',;

of the disabled is stil I

(1) in many


It is only in a few highly civilised states where the problems and needs ot

people with physical or mental incapacities are given the praper

,... (2).

In the remaining countries, the discrimination against the disabled is still practiced in many (3) of social lite. As in the past, they are ignored, denounced


forced to stay away tram the norma I com mu nity which, unfortunately, making any


phrasal verb.

isn't capable ot

,.. (4) for its less fit members.

For decades,



(5) and


(6) the disabled of their fundamental have been




of every


back down


get round

rights as their job applications

run across

(7) down, their active participation in business life has on

bring up have on

dwell on

crop up

make out

pick up

track down

tum out

Jook to

stand up to

take to

fali off

(8) been disallowed and there has been little concern for their

convenience in


(9) to public transport. Equally little effort has been

made to hel p the disabled fulIy

(10) with the able-bodied

(11) for greater community


thus laying

ot the drawbaeks

their struggle for putting their basic rights into stereotyped ,



(13) for a more considerate

disabled shouldn't be

really know how to persuade him. ,


2. We were warned not to oppose the CEO's decisions or else we would be fired.

There's an urgent need to offer the disabled more adequate assistance


1. One of the boys fram my class objects to taking part in the performance and I don't

that the

handicapped have to wrestle with daily.

is that

II. Replace each italicized verb or phrase with the correct form of a synonymous

, the


and support in

,... ..., ... ...

,... ..,.. ... .,.. ... .., ... ..

.... .. ,

..., .. ..

.... ... .. .......


(12). The key principle individuals


to be

one. Another pressing matter is that the

"... (14) on the basis ot their handicap,

but society

shouldratherfocus on pravidingthemwithcompleteacceptanee



3. The question was so delicate and prablematic that there was no body willing to mention it. ..

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . ..

. . . . . . . . . . . . ..

' . . . . . . . . ' .. .

4. We invariably rely on Paul whenever giving a lift to the airport is the matter. .

ot any imperfeetions thus treating them as fully-fledged eitizens.

. . . . . . . . ..

.. ... ... ... . .. . . .. .., .. . .. . .. .., ... . .. . , , ... ... . .. . .. .."..

. .. .. .. .. ' .. . .. ...

.. , .. .. , , ,

.. . , ,


5. Your report deals too much with the side effects of the venture. Why not write more 1. a) infinite

b) universal

c) abundant

d) prevalent

about its good points, Mr Hewitt?

2. a) relevance

b) consideration

c) appraaeh

d) esteem

. . .. . . . . .. . .. . . . ' . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . .. . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , . . . . .. .. . . . . . . . . . . .. . . ' . ..

3. a) ranges

b) fractions

c) realms

d) areas

4. a) accounts

b) pravisions

c) measures

d) concerns

b) vivid

c) tit

d) right


c) seized

d) stripped

7. a) pulled

b) turned

c) passed

d) brought

8. a) oeeassions

b) times

e) instane es

d) events

5. a) hale 6. a) shelled

6. This automobile manufacturer

produces about a thousand ears a year, half ot which

are exported. . . .. . . . . .. . .. . . , . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . .. . .. . . . . . . .. . . .. . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..,

7. The visitors leaving for Dublin will be collected by a bus after breakfasl. ,




149 148


I I:

8. In the tace ot all these arguments I had to admit J was wrong.

5. I noticed that only some of the adolescents were not drunk when they entered the ".

9. Even the extensive advertising campaign hasn't prevented the dem and for our printers from


1O. 'She says she's going to be a medicine student.'

'Oh, don't believe hero She's


of the rural area have lived in


po ar conditions

political conflicts destroyed the economy of this region.



11. I'd had no idea there were jewels hidden in my attic. I just found them comp/ete/y chance.

... .. ... """'


... ....

.. ..




ever since the


... ... ...

of the catastrophy would have been very serious.

10. This brand new stereo set produces sounds of astonishing





with a synonymous

your affection.

13. The identity of the attacker couldn't be established as the profile provided by the

14. Jackie says she is rather



worried about

the outcome of the operation.

"... .......


it became clear my business partner had vanished with all the money. o



witness was not elear.

14. We were convinced Patrick would get to like uncle Jerry the moment he met him.

15. There were a few minor difficulties in the beginning, but real problem s appeared

and tell Amanda


quality. .......................

12. We have to tolerate his chi/dish acting as he is only nine. ..........................


phrase ar adjective

9. Hadn't the passengers of the capsized ferry been equipped with life jackets, the


13. After the two-hour search, the hunters decided to give up fo//owing the stags.

III. Replace each italicized


11. Wait for the most suitab/e occasion



extraterrestrial civilization.


... ... ......

12. Don't worry, he only pretends that he is such a strict teacher.


Hardly anyone can amuse crowds of

8. You are being funny, Ted. You won't convince me you have had an encounter with an


.. ... ...

6. Mark's sense of humour is quite incomparabJe.

7. Inhabitants


.... .. .


people for tour hours without a pause. "'"



15. It you were to choose the most di/igent student in your class, who would that be, Miss Oice? .......................... IV. Rewrite the sentences

using the given forms so that they retain their original

meaning. apprehensive destitute previous





conscientious 1. It was a pity nobody voted in favour of our party.







I wished


2. Why did Mary resign? (the reason) 1. Sherylwas complimented on her thorough knowledge of the subject and given the best marko .......................... 2. The world record set up by the farmer champion hasn't been broken so far. ..................... 3. To be honest with you, I have to say I have no experience in handling such comp/ex matters. .......................... 4. In the assistant's opinion the scheme is possib/e


to be carried out. .....................


... ............

3. You shouldn't forget about your grandmother's

birthday in any circumstances.

Under no 4. The whole truth didn't com e out until after the governor's death.

It wasn't 5. You are forbidden from leaving the house at night. Your



us into thinking that it was a halt-price

8. The inaccurate intormation

6. How long have they been listening to this loud music?

flight to Chicago.


a) misconducted

7. No sucH idea has ever occurred to me betore. (crossed)

b) mistired

9. She doesn't

... 8. If the weather is tine, we may go camping at the weekend.

a) claim


c) misintormed

d) misled

to be an expert, but certainly she knows a lot. b) impress

c) intorm

d) argue

10. People under eighteen aren't

lor membership

in this association.


a) viable 9. I'm sure it wasn't Barney who broke the mirror as he was outside all the time.

a) minds

10. Having replaced the t'at tyre with a new one, we went on driving to the countryside. After


d) lega'

b) brains


c) senses

saying that he can fly.

d) thoughts

12. You may think I am an old man, but I can assure you I am still strong. a) doing

V. Choose the correct answer.

b) running

c) making

d) going me Irom work.

13. That constant noise Irom the children's room is a) distracting against Peter because ot his criticism

1. Are you still bearing a about your singing? a) dislike

c) permissible

11. He couldn't have been in his right


It couldn't

b) eligible

b) dis pers ing

d) disrupting

c) disturbing

yoursell to

14. As soon as you cross the army gates, you will have to the superiors' commands.

b) grudge

c) contempt

2. We took the most

d) scorn

a) abide

b) devote

c) submit

d) comply

route while travelling to Paris.


15. II you tell him he isn't a good musician, that will be nothing a) torward

b) regular

c) direct

d) even ot the

3. It isn't easy to obtain admission to this university, to say ...................

a) less

costs you have to incur. a) but a tew

b) only a little

c) not so much

d) nothing more

ot everything after he was evicted tram the

apartment and his properties were taken by the debt collector. b) possessed

c) deprived

a) continuing

c) dea'

b) redundant

c) unoccupied

d) idle

and leellike

having a short nap.

ot his opinions, which, I guess, made him so a) lilled up

c) notice

b) worn ot!

c) let out

your own business?

ot the a) beware

b) care

c) mind

20. II the new law had been c) fault

d) done in

19. I'm led up with your constant interfering in my private lile. Why don't you

d) recognition

tongue. b) mistake

'Oh, it was right after the strike

18. Don't push me into helping you in the garden nowo I'm complete'y

d) time

7. I said Ricardson, but I meant Richardson. It was just a

a) slip

d) standing

c) constant

b) lasting

the unions had organized.'

turious. b) regard

joke among his

closest Iriends.

a) useless

6. Nobody took any ............... a) attention

d) bigger

by her husband who left her with

tour chi'dren to look after.

b) worry

c) more

17. 'When was your son made ....

d) acquired

5. Mrs McCarthy was given a hard

a) problem

b) short

16. Mike's tendency towards forgetting things is a

4. The poor man was

a) removed

a humi'iation to him.

d) watch on by the Parliament, there would have

d) lapse been a great dissatislaction a) accepted

in the lower social groups.

b) admited

c) adopted

d) agreed 153


5. One ot the local newspapers poured scorn on the reteree for his


(PART) in the last game. The man was accused of favouring the home team. 6. It was impossible to read the pedestal inscription for it had been ....................

I. Write in the correct words.

(FACE) by some mindless vandal. 7. Due to numerous complaints from motorists the Transport Department

It is the human factor that



t - - - - - - s (1) to the absolute majority of road


accidents which involve the tremendous

toll of fatalities each year. Other, less decisive,

causes are vehicle malfunctions or road shortcomings. Speeding motorists are misjudging the -



Drinkers -





n -




















(4) the distance while overtaking the 'snailpacers' ahead.



t -



(5) behind

the wheel

(6) the risk of causing

which is not so rare a







after one glass

a tragedy










(8) the necessary alterations in










(9) if the

vehicle users are to benefit from greater security on the road. The idea of producing safe parental instruction

or through incorporating

regulations into the school curriculum has been widely - - communities

and is expected to y - - - -

bettering the qualitications

hazards that may


9. It's only a three day stay in the hotel and I think we can ignore such smali (CONVENIENT)

as the lack ot hot water or air-conditioning. (HEART)


(ARM) just

11. 80th ot the fighting sides have agreed on a temporary to let the civilians safely leave the place.

more severe disciplinary resolutions ought to be put into



continuing his research after his tindings were rejected by the experts.

or two may be

the traffic system than change the behavioural patterns ot drivers. There are voices that

road users through


10. My husband is so depressed. He has been

e (7), again.

Unfortunately, it is much simpler to

8. Don't expect her to conceal her emotions, she's too

(3) on the road or being unable to accurately


(WIDE) the narrow streets in the town.

refrain trom telling what is on her mind.

(2) for tailing to give way at junctions,


administered funds for


I -




the safety

d (10) in many

(11) the required results as the first step in

of the future drivers and acquainting

them with the potential

12. We are so proud ot your most


academic achievements

that we have decided to take you on a trip to Australia. 13. This is the


I have received from the Electricity Board to

settle an overdue bill. 14. A dress

(HEAR) is the final practice in costumes before staging

a play in the theatre. (HOSTILE)

15. How can you account for Jack's

towards Morris?

I thought they were very close triends.

r - - - (12) en route. III. Insert the correct


II. Put the words in the correct form. AT 1. This tin contains





1. Never betore have I been more reliant

2. Brian is thinking of becoming a world famous


after he

finishes his studies.






to be accepted. A good broker

must be able to take prompt decisions. (BURY) attracted hundreds of his admirers who came

my parents than during the

lon g stay in hospital. 2. Joan kept herself busy .......................

3. In my view, he is too

to pay their last respects.


gas and it should be handled wit h


4. The poet's


a lot of housework just to forget about her

problems. 3. It's a considerable risk placing so much trust of its shares hasn't been

the firm. The value the increase for five weeks nowo

4. Their situation was critical. They had no map, their water supplies were running low and they had no tood to subsist

154 ..



great pains to repair the engine, but in the

5. The mechanic was

5. You should ask for som e medical support as soon as you reach the nearest town.

end, he advised me to buy a new one.

Immediately any kind

6. Stop spraying this onto me! My nose is very sensitive of fragrant substances.

6. We couldn't find her anywhere. found.

She was the far-fetched

7. Don't believe a word of what they say and beware ....

7. I couldn't understand a word of what he said. (taii)

theories they put forward at their gatherings. the affair.

8. I'm not convinced Arthur's comments had much to do

8. Should you practice the piano so often?

the point.

To me, they were rather


particular that attracted

9. It was George's brilliant erudition

9. Our supplies of firewood will soon be finished.

Stephanie's attention.

10. Carol is obliged to do the washing up at home.

guarantee. view of so many extenuating circumstances



10. You needn't pay for repairing the washing machine, madam. It is still



(an obligation) "..........

he shouldn't be

punished tOGseverely.

V. Fili the gaps with the correct words.

12. The rural population in the region has been warned to economize fresh water because of the imminent dry spell. prison yet?'

13. 'Has Howard Jackson been discharged still being kept

'No, he's



14. You aren't obliged to consult your every move with the management.

You may act






bargain fun








,.. will as long as it brings profits for the company. the injury

15. In the doctor's opinion, the pain in your hip bone stems

1. That day was terrible. Our car broke down, we were robbed at the airport and on

you incurred in the last season. IV. Rewrite the sentences

of ali that Sam my lost his ticket. 2. 'How is Martin doing in Switzerland?'

using the given forms so that they retain their original

'I've no idea. He hasn't dropped me a single

since he left.'


water the

3. Ali the delicious and tempting sweets made Eric's 1. I cannot do anything more to make you feel comfortable.

moment he came close to the table.


4. Why don't you act your


instead of going on like a spoiled child?

5. I don't have much to say about the local policies as I have been out of

2. Many wild animals are in danger of extinction.


The life


with it for a long time.

6. 'Thomas seems to be a bit disturbed these days.'

3. If I were you, I would throw the files away. (dispose)



'Indeed. He does. He has got

on his shoulder because he wasn't allowed to go camping with

his friends.' 4. The Wrights don't have much money to live in comfort.


ends meet.

7. 'Did he do a good job renovating your cottage?'

'Sure, he put his

into the wark.'



8. You can set your mind at """""""""""""""

. (i

nowo There's no more risk of being


bitten by the Browns' dog. They have had it put down.






"{"'ii;"!; ,iii. ,'"!;-,'


9. Several years of heavy working in the harmful conditions of the coalmine have undoubtedly taken their

on my father's health.

I. Choose

the words

that best complete

the sentences

in the text.

10. Alex's terrifying story of the Portsmouth butcher made my hair stand on There's extensive historical evidence that our ancestors may have witnessed a massive 11. This restaurant has fallen into

since several people suffered from

invasion of Unidentified extraterrestrials

severe food poisoning last month. 12. Mr Bradley, the foreman, was asked to hold the

in the workshop

(1) on their territories.


(2) to have come into populations

and helped

These (3) with


(4) numerous

magnificent structures or even establish glamorous empires.

and look after everything while the director went on holiday. 13. They did act foolishly cali ing Robert names, let alone poking

the ancient

Flying Objects



his wife.

However, the present-day


first widely

with UFO was oniy

(5) by the

(6) American sighting in Idaho in 1947. Since that time,

countless other close encounters have been reported both by highly credible witnesses 14. Not wishing to take

Mary preferred not to support anyone and

remain absolutely impartial. 15. He won't let you gain much in your own favour, he usually drives a hard

such as top-class pilots and less credible ones such as ordinary civilians. Thousands of people around the world maintain having com e outer space or to have been

(7) to the visitors from (8) for a scientific study inside their flying

saucers. Although most of these accounts have been or hallucinations,


(9) as fantasy

(10) criticism from the public and media for

ignoring the subject for tOG long. To many people, rejecting even the most inexplicable sightings

ar UFO encounters

as luminous

auroras or even as meteorological

artificial objects,




balloons and satellites seems to be an irresponsible

(11). Most of us would prefer to believe that these extraterrestrial guests are arriving from same remote galaxies to

(12) a peaceful

relationship and possibly give us a fair warning against the consequences lifestyles. Vet, there's another theory

of aur wasteful

(13) that the visitors' attitude

towards mankind isn't sa conciliatory and that their sole aim might be the unscrupulous annihilation of the terrestrial Ooubtless, flying saucers

populations. still continue to be observed

(14) the imagination of UFO-maniacs. sightings will remain

(15) explanation

in many places of the world But, a large percentage of such until more convincing evidence

is supplied by the true experts.


1. a) surpassing

b) approximating

c) transgressing

d) encroaching

2. a) reasoned

b) alleged

c) denoted

d) inferred

3. a) touch

b) grip

c) face

d) sight

4. a) fabricate

b) plant

c) erect

d) install



5. a) discharged

b) instigated

c) constituted

d) devised

6. a) proclaimed

b) notified

c) communicated


7. a) direct

b) adjacent

c) close

d) nearby

8. a) abolished

b) abducted


d) abbreviated

9. a) speculated

b) disposed

c) repelled.

d) dismissed

10. a) multiplying

b) piling

c) storing

d) mounting

11. a) approach

b) bias

c) encounter

d) manner

12. a) establish

b) engen der

c) enact


13. a) consisting

b) specifying

c) meaning

d) implying

14. a) startling

b) triggering

c) sparking

d) arising

15. a) beyond

b) above

c) under

d) beneath

11. Gordon was rather worried about his condition, and so the doctors had to (SURE) him pretty strongly to restore his self-confidence. 12. One of the card players communicated


to the eye of the

less experienced participants. 13. We have had to replace the outdated technology with a modern one in order to make our work more


14. The automobile manufacturer

from Torino is the most serious contracting part of ours.

They usually order


amounts of the valves that get

installed in their vehicles. 15. Mrs Stone is an


mother. Her baby is due next month.

III. Add the suitable verbs to make the correct phrasal verbs.

II. Put the words in the correct form. 1. The monarch's mindlessness

with his partner by means of discreet facial

movements which were almost

led to a complete downjall oj his


(KING) and abject poverty among his subjects. 2. Completing the task seemed


at jirst, but in the end, it






bring let snap







tourned out that it was much easier than we had expected. (COMPOSE)

3. The mining industry, one of the most important

of 1. Infidelity stands rather high among the reasons that make families

aur economy, brings enormous projits to the country. up these days. 4. The boy's manners were highly


No wonder that 2. Sue took offence with the other girls who didn't want to

the teacher objected to having him in his class.

her in on

their secrets.

5. We cannot rely on her account of the occurrence, it doesn't sound very

3. Severe measures had to be introduced to

down the turmoil

(FACT) . 6. 'What do you expect from your future wife, Mr Robson?' and


'I'd like one that is faithful

4. 'Did you know Mrs Dalton

so that she can fulIii all my requests.'

7. If only we hadn't forgotten to take the mosquito



wouldn't have suffered from so severe bites. 8. The rough treatment I received in the hotel definitely aroused my

9. It would be hard to find words to tell you about my impressions. The Scottish

10. t can't say he is a man of prison twice for robberies and fraud.

'The poor lady

biology teacher?'

'Sure, I did. What's up with her?'

away last week and yesterday we attended her

funera!.' 5. The businessman

has given up building an amusement """""""""""""""

reputation. He has been to

park in the city on account up against from the

local authorities. 6. The free tickets for the band's concert were


- the

of too many organisational problems he has

(PLEASE). In fact, I have never stayed in it again.

landscapes are simply

provoked by the savage football fans in Manchester.

up within seconds by

the enthusiasts flocking at the hall door. 7. The police have been


into the burglary case for three weeks

now, but their investigation has made liWe progress.



by you whatever

8. You may teel secure. Jwon't let you down. I will

8. You should never disobey the satety regulations.




9. Honestly, he is very clever at inventing stories. In the beginning, we were all

9. This case is similar to the one we investigated last year. (bears)

in by the ones he told us yesterday. 10. I'd rather we didn't eat the tish. Don't you think it is

oft a strange


10. 1'11 have to tind same time to lidy up Ihe garden shed next week.

(g et round to)

.. . ...

11. Autumn is approaching, and sa the days will sao n be


12. The judges had no basis tor passing any sentence because no testimany had been

V. Choose the correct answer.

out with actual tacts. 13. We teared we would have to sell the house to pay aft the debts and couldn't tind any better solution to

round this problem.

14. For several days, I had to

1. It's no responsive to aur requesls.

baek on my radio to hear the latest

news as my TV set was under repair.

a) well

in [250 a week we have been pretty well att.

using the given forms so that they retain their original


Not for a single moment 4. I preterred to take a course in psychology instead ot wasting my time at the




c) staled

guilly to the wrongdoing.

d) admitted

is planning to

tree leatlels intorming

b) tormulate

c) announce

d) issue

tor it. (take kindly)

3. l didn't think ot giving up going on the expedition tor a single moment.

6. Why don't we have a good time in the casino this night?

d) nerve

5. You say thal this smali spare part cost you f1 OO? I'm sure you paid through the

. . . . . .. . . . .

It is

c) irritalion

b) contirmed

4. The health department

Susan prides

5. Muriel may have torgotten about the evening classes.

to Peter's remarks about her appearance.

b) exceplion


a) invenl

Rather than

d) good

people about heart diseases lo help them attain a basic knowledge ot selt-protection.

1. Susan is very proud ot her sports aehievements.

mathematics department.

c) need


a) annoyance

a) pleaded

2. He wasn't very willing to accept anybody else's demands.

b) tine

2. Susan has taken

15. Since my husband got that job in the printing house in Gloucester and

IV. Rewrite the sentences

asking him tor anything seeing that he's not very

a) eye

b) nose

c) ear

d) lips

6. She couldn't have been very attached to Ihe cat it she decided lo give it away at a a) touch

. b) hint

c) stroke

7. The order trom the Headquarters

d) glance if we can't

reads that we should

break the rebell's resistance within Ihe next Ihree days. a) abandon

b) exit

c) cancel

d) relire for sweets

8. Jenny has been on a diet, but she can'l resist her


and then. a) inclination

b) craving

c) altraction

9. The prosecutor's decision is detinite. The arsonists will

d) lendency trial for

their destruelive activity. 7. Right after aur departure Tommy came down with a cold. No sooner


a) bear

b) stand

e) incur

d) confront


effort to

10. The police torces and the tire brigade have made a rescue the residents ot the burning block ot tlats. a) dual

b) shared

c) mutual

d) together

11. What I actualy earn bears no a) link

b) relation

to all my needs. c) association

12. Hundreds ot people arriving in America have sought political discrimination a) retuge

I. Replace each italicized trom


in their countries.

b) getaway

c) departure

training techniques

d) hideaway

the risk ot contracting som e dangerous disease trom insect bites. b) urging

c) inciting

d) running

14. We sent him to the best school in England and hired the best teachers, but it was ali as he had no will to learn at alI.

a) vain

b) inaccurate

c) invalid

message came trom the smali town in Oregon where he was tound alive. c) assessed

16. Frankie has always been held in high b) admiration

c) prestige

close cooperation


inspiration (5) comp/icated (6)


science and sportsmen

at helping


the athletes


to advance

has provided their

a fresh


in laboratories

The where

The remarkable development in sports achievements has been initiated (8) and led by !he sports




the shoe



in particular.

This fresh

between technology and competitors

(9) a dramatic progress in attaining record results. Whereas the average

(10) is about fifty per cent lighter. In consequence,

so good at

d) that

breakthrough its purpose

d) execute


like marathon runners can

cover long distances much faster than they did a hundred years earlier.



that have benetited trom the astounding

(11) in the sports equipment technologies. (12) can ais o take tremendous

the science ot sport. The expectations c) serve


weight ot a sports shoe two decades ago amounted to 320 grammes, today its equivalent

d) esteem

right. b) operate


(4) has prompted revolutionary

ot the human body are scrutinized


18. We don 't need a bigger suitcase. This one should

a) perform

(2) tor running tast or

chan ges in the tield ot athletics as well as in the other variety of sports disciplines. The

But it's not only the professional c) much


among his workmates

swimming as his sister iso b) there

and technological

scientitic approach and the impressive collaboration

17.As tar as Adamis concerned,he is nowhere a) near


(3) to get to the top. The extraordinary

d) speculated

because of his exceptional skill at handling the most difficult tasks. a) respect

the inborn (1)

by even the most sophistieated computer programs.

dead until the sensational

b) presumed


competitors are welcomed to act as useful consultants whose skil/ (7) cannot be imitated

d) tutile

15. The missing hitchhiker had been

a) estimated

In today's busy world ot sports competition jumping high isn't enough

13. Staying here without any proper inoculation is inadvisable as you may be

a) provoking

word with a synonymous

d) connection

Amateur joggers and keep-tit

advantage ot the enormous

and tastes

(13) chan ges in

(14) ot casual sportsmen

are ais o

running high tor the toot gear and othei accessories to guarantee maximum (15) comtort

19. Oue to the computer maltunction all our data was lost. So unhappily, we had to begin

and a betterment in performance.

all the calculations from a) onset

b) source

20. The

c) original

d) scratch

ot the project has be en suspended because of the

inadequate financing. a) implementation


b) establishment

c) installation

d) exploration

1. a) incorporated

b) interior

c) inherent

d) inward

2. a) aptitude

b) scholarship

c) proticiency

d) Ilexibility

3. a) profuse

b) superfluous

c) sufficient

d) ample

4. a) handicap

b) footmark

c) backlog

d) headway

5. a) novelty

b) lancy

c) incentive

d) bias

6. a) intricate

b) erroneous

c) implieit

d) cumbersome


7. a) craftsmanship

b) expertise

c) insight

d) ambivalence

8. a) cropped up

b) spurred on

c) sparked oft

d) jotted down

9. a) released

b) enhanced

c) invalidated

d) amplitied

b) successor

c) alternative

d) heir

10. a) counterpart


12. I will never agree to that. It's absolutely

to me that the

rubbish dump should be placed behind my house. 13. It was her most


appearance that made us let her

go unpunished. 14. The least


rural areas will be subsidized by the

11. a) bench mark

b) tlash point

c) quantum leap

d) master stroke

12. a) envoys

b) disciples

c) apprentices

d) zealots

13. a) generous

b) tabulous

c) prodigious

d) arduous

14. a) preterences

b) tendencies

c) prerequisites

d) specitications

one 1have read in the Daily. I won der what caused so many discrepancies

15. a) superlative

b) invincible

c) primary

d) ultimate

authors' accounts.

Agriculture Department to help modernize their cultivating techniques. 15. The report printed in the Mirror is totally

III. Insert the correct II. Put the words in the correct


in the


destruction is not

(OWN) ot this vehicle, sir?'










4. Even the deployment ot the peacekeeping troops couldn't prevent another


winning the Olympic gold medal.

2. The elderly gentleman says he hasn't seen his homeland tor twenty years and that he it a lot. the go ali night and he returned trom

3. Don't wake him up. He was work very tired.

(BREAK) ot heavy tighting in the trouble spot. (INSTAL) that we have to pay tor the turniture

4. One customer asked who was

authority in the store as he wanted

to make a complaint.

amount to f35.


6. It was the commander who ordered the complete


their belongings in case

5. The accused leaders were dispossessed they wanted to suppress any evidence.

the aircraft carrier after it was heavily hit by the enemy's torpedoes.

7. The population ot the partridge is

1. After tour years ot painstaking preparations and a harsh physical training, he has


'Ot course I have. Will the registration card do?'

5. The monthly


tinally succeeded

,.,.,." (PREDICT) , either

3. 'Have you got any proot ot the



2. It's usually hard to guess when the earthquake may strike and the extent ot the

(COMPARE) smali in this

region considering that no shooting ot these birds has been allowed since 1988.

6. 'Where do es the word somnambulist derive

'Certainly, it is ot

Latin origin.' 7. The success ot our latest CD was tar

8. Mr Higgins' outstanding merits in the tield ot embriology are

our wildest dreams. Nobody

had expected it to become so popular.


8. What he says is

9. Will it ever be possible tor the human race to reach the extreme (BOUND)

to the


1. Paul has gained a lot ot tavour with the girls trom his class who are enchanted with his most


9. Some ot the artetacts discovered during the excavation work will be sold

ot the universe?

10. Eric has been studying

real. He is not the kin d who makes up stories.


10. Now that the case is

technical designer in the tuture. 11. The Court ot Justice has rejected all the Stacey on the grounds ot insufficient evidence.


and hopes to make a good


against Mrs

my hands, I don't need to worry any more.

The other barrister has taken it over. 11. Be honest

me and say how you came into possession ot the





12. Eddie got into serious trouble after he had treated himselt


V. Fili the gaps with the eorreet words.

many books and had no money left tor the bus back home. 13. Ali these documents are k~pt

tile so that we may get them quickly

whenever we need them. 14. Visit us again in summer when ali the flowers in the garden are










eold safe wet

fiat short wide

tuli bloom. degrees. It will

15. The situation in the occupied territory is improving

another gir!.

certainly take some time betore peace is fully restored.

ot the marko Com e again and

2. Sorry, but your answers are rather ................. IV. Rewrite the sentenees

shoulder by

1. Martin's been feeling low since he was given the

using the given forms so that they retain their original


retake the exam after you have learned more. water when it was discovered

3. The secretary of the party got into ..".............. she had taken bribes.

1. You cannot den y the old town square is imposing. There's

4. It we cannot put our best players in the game tomorrow our opponents will


automatically gain the

, hand.

5. You'd better be on the

2. To tell you the truth, I bought these shoes on the cheap.

song. 3. We were all shocked by the rude response that the boy gave to his loving mother. (abaek)

side and take these pills just in case your

casual cough turns into a regular cold. 6. Sonny did his best to make a good impression, but all his efforts feli when it became elear he had no experience in looking after children. 7. It was thought Max wouldn't attend his sister's wedding ceremony, but there he was as

4. The fligh attendand asked me to put down the cigarette. The flight attendant



as life greeting everybody at the church door.

8. There's no need for us to elean the chimney very frequently. We only do it once in




5. I just touched the handle and the burglar alarm jVent oft.

by the sudden storm that broke right

9. The garden party was cut


after the president's speech. minds whether to

10. I know their ofter is excellent, but I'm still in

6. William and Simon don't like each other. (get)

move to Leeds or not.

William and Simon

11. The manager's insistance on purchasing the plant is irrational to me. He'lI be throwing

7. Since their father's death, they have had serious financial problems. stra its.

good money after if he buys such an obsolete object. 12. It's not sensible to entrust such a demanding task to Albert. The boy is still behind the ears and I'm afraid he might bungle it.

8. Jack isn't so much interested in Lisa as in her parents' big fortune.

13. You look downcast, Patty. You should tryto put a


, face on your


9. Nigel doesn't pay much attention to my problems. granted.

14. Couldn't we switch to another channel?

I'm bored

watching this

silly series. 10. Do we have to work only night shifts all the time? Is there no alternative


15. The band manager saw

when it turned out that another concert

had been cancelled. He was as mad as a hatter.



I. Choose the words that best complete the sentences in the text.

Stressful situations that

(1) almost everyday in life seem to be


unavoidable. However, we can do little sometimes to or an unpleasant occurrence which may.......... can. At such helplessness

a moment,

(2) a misfortune (3) us unexpectedly as only it

one may hit the

b) stance

c) practice

d) mode

9. a) withold

b) withdraw

c) wither

d) withstand

10. a) confront

b) deal

c) respond

d) challenge

11. a) term

b) course

c) timing

d) period

12. a) disposition

b) disposal

c) disposure

d) dispossession

13. a) risk

b) weakness

c) insecurity

d) jeopardy

14. a) stumble

b) stagger

c) stutter

d) stump

15. a) Providing

b) Given

c) Hence

d) Albeit

(4), give in to the

of the situation or, ideally, put a brave

(5) on it trying to II. Replace each italicized verb or phrase with the correct torm ot a synonymous

(6) the burden.


8. a) manner

Can you

(7) in your mind an hour spent in a traffic jam, say, this


Do you light one cigarette after another? Do you sound the horn every few

seconds like the other neurotics? Or do you take a different

phrasal verb.

(8) and

bring to

make good use of the time drawing up a schedule for the days to come? To

hang on

(9) the stressful moment you can ais o do a crossword puzzle, listen

see about

cali on lay in


drop out

make oft

put in

spring up

take up

give in round up

tum in

wait on

to your favourite music or even compose a menu for your Sunday din ner. In fact, whatever way you

(10) to the annoying situation, you can exert no impact on it

as the traffic jam will only reduce in due

(11). Nevertheless,


1. How big are the profits we can expect the London branch to produce this year? ,

reaction might considerably influence your The inability to confront sensibility

a stressful occurrence

like that wit h a deal of composure

adds much more strain to your life and in this way puts your well-being (13).



(12) for the rest of the day.





(14) on daily that run double the risk of developing


and in we

serious health

disorders rather than our isolated tragedies however painful they may be. (15) that so many of those wretched stress inducing troubles affect us in a day, we should, at best, try to avoid them or possibly make radical alterations in the

2. I suggest we store more coal in case the forecasts of a long and heavy winter should come true. . . .. . .. . . . . .. . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . .. ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ...

3. The police arrived right after they had been notified of the robbery. However, the thieves had escapedwith their loot by that time. . . . . . . . . .. . .. . . . . .. . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . .. . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ...

4. I don't remem ber this boy at alI. I suppose he stopped attending

my lectures right at

the beginning of the course.

way we lead our daily lifestyles.

. . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . .. . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. .. . . . . . . . . . . . ..

1. a) devise

b) create

c) originate

d) emerge

2. a) ward off

b) boil down

c) stamp out

d) dawn on

3. a) arise

b) happen

c) befall

d) occur

4. a) post

b) roof

c) bottom

d) wall

5. a) face


c) forehead

d) fist

6. a) subsist

b) remain

c) cope

d) bear

7. a) envision

b) observe

c) picture

d) conclude


5. Why don't we appeal to the management to have a serious debate with the Unions?

... 6. 'Do you recognize the man over there at the opposite table?' 'You mean the one who is being attended

by the waitress?' .........................................................

7. The autopsy revealed the man was killed with a knife. .

.. ... ..


. ..

.. ...

... .... .

.. .. .. ..,..


.. .. .....



6. Brian was filled with angerwhen

8. Please keep waiting. You'lI be connected as soon as the line is free. .. ...,

. ... ..



,. """


to your demands. ,.




... ...

,.. . ...



leaving the cashiers speechless for a while. .. ... ...




,. ...




11. How about gathering a few friends and helping Lucy organize the charity collection?


... ... ...

for the New Year's reception vet? ,

" ...,

... ... ... ... ... ...

. ... ..

widespread .. ... ......

15. It was so stuffy in the hall that a few people lost their consciousness








conspicuous inexorable preposterous


out designs.


15. I believe he's been warned pretty strongly that the assignment he is taking up is going



one. IV. Rewrite the sentences



12. Why is it so important for you that the plaque be tixed on the left?

to be very with a synonymous

among certain African tribes.

14. Who do you think she takes after with her greedy character? ...


to our plans.


and the medical

staff had a hard time of reviving them.



13. He says he wants to be paid more for his we/l-worked


phrase or adjective

add something

11. Practicing the occult wit h its ceremonies so fuli of mysticism and magic is still

14. Will you accept me right away or do I have to submit an application form?

III. Replace each italicized

behaviour. He might have got nervous


ideas and he will definitely



.. ... .. ..

lowering the petrol prices.


as they are a bit too long for my size.

13. Has Danny made a/l the arrangements

8. It's hard to define the reason for.his shocking

10. I'd rather we waited for Bill before we make any resolutions. He is usually fuli of




9. Hopefully, the discovery of so rich resources ot oil in the area may contribute to


12. I'm having these trousers

Vet, he wasn't unkind, either.

on account ot the gossips that were being told about his private life. .....................

10. Suddenly, the question of half a million dollars missing from the safe appeared



7. I wouldn't say David was very friend/y.

9. Peter is a hard bargainer by nature. But, if you push him a little he should surrender


he learnt that he had lost his assets on the Stock

crucial ingenious prevalent

using the given forms so that they retain their original

meaning. 1. I tried really hard but I failed to solve the puzzle. Try as

... ..,


2. I didn't understand much of what the man said to me. (scarcely) 1. I admire her tirmness. Once she makes a decision it's


. .. . . . . . . . . . .


2. It was a very frightfu/ experience when we stumbled across the native tribesmen in

3. Ali the inhabitants of the island know this place very wel!. (familiar)


This place ................................................................................

3. He couldn't have had any knowledge of the subject seeing that his statements were so

4. The minister claims that another rise in food prices is possible.

the middle of the jungle.


.,. ...,.



4. Unless the company is privatized, it will be heading for an



5. Her role in the plot was of secondary importance.

".. 5. Your great success was most evident, but tell us Jack: how did you cope with your damaged tendon?





6. It's not our concern what they do after lessans. ".... Itisof 173


7. You may have serious problems if you don't have any health insurance.


9. This wondertul sports centre .. ""'"

8. There was poor attendance at the concert.

a) devises

c) supplies

10. You shouldn't have """"""""""""""" attended.

9. The tarmers are in a desperate need of tinancial backing.

10. I suddenly realized I had strayed trom the main route. (dawned)

d) caters

in so much icecream first thing last evening.

This is probably why your stomach is ach ing. a) indulged


for almost ali disciplines.


b) affords

b) consumed

c) enjoyed

d) teasted in

11. It's apparent now that the domestic customers have lost their the imported goods.

It ...........

a) contidence

b) assurance

c) reliability

d) credibility his claims in

12. Samuel couldn't tind any reasonable arguments to

V. Choose the correct answer.

the court. a) assure

1. It was the

warning from the seismologists

that helped save the

lives of the island inhabitants before the volcano erupted. a) preliminary

b) hasty

2. My grandfather bought this

c) cursory

b) space

c) plot

c) point

b) threshold

a) run

d) goal

5. This quiet village is a) reminiscent


d) launching

d) time , we can't deny Muriel is a hard-

working woman.

c) remnant

c) claimed

d) mentioned ,

with our anniversary otherwise

we'd have to go to the trouble ot launching two parties.

d) identical

a) corresponds his suffering


b) assumed

17. It is good that Anthony's birthday

of the one I grew up in. b) similar

c) course

16. When everything is said and

6. Bob was in terrible pain, but none of us knew how to until the ambulance arrived. a) dissolve

b) term

a) done c) lurching

d) line

ot this year.

the trees. b) lurking

c) hill

15. The expectations are that most ot these derelict buildings will be renovated in the

4. She said she was disturbed by the shadow ot somebody

a) luring

d) deploy

c) exert

14. They say that when you turn 40, you are over the a) cloud

d) terrain

with little hope of making any advance at alI. b) cause

any pressure on us to pay the

b) implement

3. I advise you to stop giving support to the venture. To me, it looks like a lost

a) idea

d) uphold

13. Do you think they are go ing to

a) administer

of land here and set up a ranch which

was later turned into a huge plantation by my tather. a) ground

c) persist

damages tor the broken gate?

d) advance


b) enforce

b) identities

c) harmonizes

18. He's a mysterious character, indeed. It's only anybody's

d) coincides whether

his intentions are go od or bad.

b) exclude

c) cease

d) relieve

7. Oon't worry, you are as safe as houses here as long as you are in my good

a) thought

b) guess

c) clue

d) suspicion

19. The expedition cost us a lot and stil I we didn't succeed in


eyes on the Yeti. a) graces

b) teelings

c) likes

d) regards

a) tixing

8. Your daughter may not do her best at mathematics or chemistry, but she definitely at English literature. a) improves


b) accomplishes

b) laying

c) placing

d) staring

20. This new model ot the spectrometre constructed by the Japanese designers is even more precise than its English ...............

c) excelIs

d) masters

a) double

b) typ e

c) paltem

d) counterpart


5. The left-wing party seems to have gained enormous power lately. No other party will


defeat them in the

(SEE) tuture. (COMPOSE)

6. Bob did try hard not to los e his I. Write in the correct words.

guy challenged him in the pub. 7. 'What makes her so conceited and arrogant?

Audiovisual equipment classroom




a variety ot subjects needn't -











or other audiovisual

















r -



(2) their knowledge


(3) large distances to their libraries or ex pend


one. Optical



that she loves Eric very much.

10. We have to watch that our -







of taking

It was


(6) has accelerated radical changes in


tor the tirst time -

u -


as well as compact storage

















n -


in the 20th

(8) ot intormation have

satellite -








e -




than an -

and optical

d (9) tibre

t (10) ot data accessible to all the

(11) of the Internet.

are that in the tuture home audiovisual education will




wedding ceremony is




can be qualitied tor

such a long race. (POW ER) to listen in on private talks on

14. The police may be special occasions only.

15. His childhood spent in the harsh conditions ot the civil war has completely (SENSE) the boy to the sight of blood and cruelty. III. Insert the correct prepositions.




1. It is characteristic






this region that the weather can change

minutes. 2. Martin has been

great demand ever since he appeared to be so

skilled a guitar player. Every band in town wants to have him at their concerts.

3. How can they expect me to forgive such a taux pas? Sending me no invitation to their

4. The distinguished

ot your statements?


13. Only competitors with the best

'You're right. They were both committed on Friday the 13th.' 2. Nobody urged Alice to take part in the cleanup. It was her own """""""""""""""


not a grain ot truth in any of them.

AT (LlKE) between these two crimes?'

So far, his youthtul

(RASH) has resulted in too many losses.

II. Put the words in the correct form.

1. 'Don'tyouthinkthereis a bitot

(EXPEND) don't surpass our incomes.


12. How can you explain the

methods including tutors, blackboards and stuffy classrooms, which piece ot news to all those who tremble and sweat awaiting the


11. Alex should learn more betore he becomes a good stockbroker.

(7) intormation and in the mutual relationship between



may be an encouraging school bell.

(AFFECTION) smile on the girl's tace

8. One could reason by the ..................

criticizes my outfits whenever I see her in the office.


(12) the conventional


'I think she acts like this out ot sheer

(5) that they are the proud possessors ot a personal computer

connections have made an immeasurable capable

Is it her affluence?'

9. I'm getting fed up with her constant nagging at me. She




The expectations

(1) new ground in the tield ot outside-

g (4) through fat volumes in search ot the required intormation -

into the most substantial




silicon wonder has turned into the primary auxiliary



Extreme technological the way people

e -



much time

when the intoxicated


old gentleman says he won't bring the case to court for having been (PRISON)

during the demonstration.

3. She didn't do anything wrong, but

the same token she d/d nothing

good. 4. 'Why d/dn't you answer the phone?'

'Probably, I wasn't

cali when

it rang. I must have been outside the house.'



t 5. What she says may sound alittle irrational, still most of us agree with her "

5. Mark had to pay for repairing the CD player.

a large extent.

6. Never before have I felt the exotic surraundings.

6. It's possible that they haven't been notified of the changes in the timetable. They might

7. 'Have you seen Alex today?'

'Yes I have. He's been

the loakaut

for his missing dog in the park.' 8. I infer


The CD player such great ease as during my holidays in

7. We were surprised by the fact that no suppart was offered to the survivars. What

his response that he isn't too willing to give us his helping 8. It depends on her whether the costs are to be reimbursed ar not. (up)

hand. 9. Would you mind turning the radio down alittle?

I'm feeling weary 9. Everybody is aware that the newspaper is published by the right-wing party.

the noise it's making.

It is com mon

how to

10. Last time when I bought a TV aeriall couldn't figure

10. The ballot will be carried out on condition that there are no objections fram the public.

assemble the set. 11. Despite a firm ban on smoking in the office, several people found it hard to abstain


lighting a cigarette. least we were paid

12. The contract wasn't very big, but

V.Filithe gaps with the correct words.

cash. 13. Hadn't Raymond come


the influence of such a bad company, he

would never have got involved



14. She shouldn't be taken out to the park in summer as she is allergic ..,











end odds water

the tree pollen.

15. Peter's expertise in electronics is admirable. He's got ali the information required

1. We anly managed to catch the bus by the

his fingertips.

of our teeth. We had to

run ali the way to the station. 2. Old Mr O'Neill didn't take much care of his children's future. He left them ali to their

IV. Hewrite the sentences using the given forms so that they retain their original meaning.

own 3. There isn't much we can do to lift ourselves from the bottom of the Our earnings are low and the taxes are heavy.

1. They say about half of the staff will be made redundant.

sack. 2. Mother left the raom rather quickly because she didn't want to wake us up.

4. I wouldn't indulge in too much gambling If I were in your place. Sooner ar later you'll burn your

at it.

5. No sooner had the guard switched on the light than he saw somebody making



3. I don't know how much of that syrup she ought to be given. (faintest idea) .... 4. After his uncle's death, Lou inherited the house and the garden.



for the gate. But, it was too late to do anything anyway, sa the

culprit escaped with a haul of ten thousand pounds in gold bullion.

6. The whole story simply doesn't hold (into)

, . It's a pack of lies.

7. 'Have you got much work this evening ar can I take you to the theatre?'

at a loose


'In fact, I'm

tonight, but I prefer the opera to the theatre.'


8. Mr Stanton has been at

with his wife since he admitted having


had a love affair with his secretary. 9. 'Did you ask your grandtather to tix the new lock in the wardrobe door?' 'No, I didn't have to ask him to do it as he replaced the taulty lock ot his own ............................. 10. Robbie's told me he's got a

to settle with Marcus. I guess it's gol Those who

something to do with the tight they had last week. 11. We had no alternative but to come to

with Ihe verdict and pay

when he was banned tram watching

12. Tommy pulled a long .... television and playing in the backyard. 13. The technicians were hesitant to gel to

with Iheir duties until I




(3) ot vegelables and

provided to the body. Vegetarianism is not a new concepl, rather an ancient GUstomwhich evolved in the Far East cultures on ethical or religious graunds. In today's world, it has been undertaken by many taliowers who tor a variety ot reasons the theory that animai meat wasn't originally a component of the slaple human diet as

that he will be late again; he never comes punclually.

15. I'm telling you there's no better way to give


believe the vegetarian diet more preterable to that containing meat. For example, there's

offered to pay extra money tor their service. "

(1) tor a vegelarian diet must usually

up a variety ot aspects concerning Ihe nulritional

the adequacy ot vegetarian meals in terms ot Ihe number ot

damages to the Browns.

14. It's a sate

I. Choose the words that best complete the sentences in the text.

to your anger than by

mankind evolved fram foragers who later

(5) a laste for tlesh. Hence,


have had a substanlial

(6) ancestors are alleged to

(7) of prateins and vitamins fram natural vegetation rather than trom

applying yourselt to a heavy body workout in a titness club.

the meat ot hunted

(8). What's

more, human teeth don't

(9) much resemblance lo those of animai carnivores, and neither is

ourdigestivesystem Apart tram the


(10) to the meal eaters' one.

enforced vegelarianism ot underdeveloped communities where

populations deprived of animai protein

(11) the natural vegelalion,

there's a rising acceptance ot the vegelarian diet which regarded as an eccentricity.

(12) lo be

(13) fram animai tood, be it tor religious,

economic ar humanilarian reasons, has been a quickly spreading custom as, surprisingly, Ihe vegetarian diet needn't be duli ar deticient. Vet, it does involve taking good (14) to supply the body with a sufficient quantity ot nutrienls (15) tram corn, seeds and cereals. b) api

c) select

d) tavour

2. a) judge

b) weigh

c) conter

d) survey

3. a) pratit

b) rate

c) value

d) esleem

4. a) nulrients

b) toods

c) cuisines

d) condiments

5. a) generaled

b) acquired

c) instituted

d) accustomed

6. a) primeval

b) anliquated

c) archaic

d) obsolete

7. a) output

b) offsel

c) upturn

d) intake

8. a) load

b) game

c) 1011

d) beal

1. a) preter




b) assume

c) bear

d) pertain

10. a) equivalent

b) reminiscent

c) evocative

d) synonymous

11. a) play down on

b) com e in tor

c) tall back on

d) get on tor

12. a) terminates

b) ceases

c) concludes

d) tinishes

13. a) Resistance

b) Detiance

c) Hindrance

d) Abstention

14. a) precautions

b) resolutions

c) proceeds

d) measurements

15. a) comprising

b) deriving

c) procuring

d) providing

9. a) inter

13. The spokesman's

(EV AD E) . He didn't

answers were more than

even explain the cause ot the dissolution ot the governmenl.

14.The officers preterred to keep the inturiated man in



until he calmed down. 15. Aren't you going to attend the conterence? (MOMENT)

What it some

decisions are taken without your contribution?

III.Add the suitable verbs to make the correct phrasal verbs. II. Put the words in the correct form. (PRACTICE) in the

1. Amanda's tather works as a general Hamsworth hospital.











go root tum

jot see wear

measures should be taken to provide maximum

security to the heads ot state arriving tor the summit meeting on Sunday.

1. I was promised


good job trom June, but it's August now and I'm atraid they are just

3. The deficiency ot vitamins during the pregnancy period may lead to serious (FORM)


me along.

ot the intant's body.

2. The chiet receptionist says that ali the rooms in the hotel have been .........................

4. He says he had no intention ot hurting me, but I'm sure he hit me up by the conterence participants and there will be no vacancies until next Monday. (PURPOSE). 5. Stop


lost it tor good.


4. It was Tony who would always

6. The specialists have been busy working out the new technologies ot water

7. Dozens ot automobiles have been


en route to

6. It is said that the corruption can hardlybe


7. Her bad mood

9. Keep talking while I (DIGEST)


of ali aur

valuables by the merciless robbers.

you don't like au nt Pamela, but you shouldn't be so

(DIFFER) to her polite questions.

down my notes.

10. Unless your wite stops leading her extravagant litestyle, you won't

or even

stomach ulcers.

by on the poor salary you obtain. 11. This year the crop tailure was

(RIVAL) between Mr Gore and

on by the torrential rains.

12. The tirst impression he had made was ot a resolute man and that's why I couldn't

his brother-in-Iawabout superiority in the tamily business.

believe he had .."


".. oft immediately she saw her dear cat back.

8. In spite ot aur most humble requests, we were

ot lite even in the most conservative societies.

11. Irregular meals can surely lead to chronic

out especially among


top officials.

to their masters.

9. The strict principles ot tree market have brought about a complete

12. There has been a long-standing

at the opportunity ot

visiting the wildlite reserve in Ohio.

8. Many years had gone by until the Atricans captured by the English colonizers


gaze tor hours.

5. He's a nature enthusiast and he will certainly

Salisbury because ot the heavy snowstorm.

managed to break tree trom

behind the rest ot the party. He

would stop at every window displayand

(PURE) which will be more efficient and less time consuming.


10. lunderstand

up behind the sota even though I thought I'd

3. My purse has just

about being rich and get down to som e serious


'" back on his promises out ot sheer irresponsibility.



13. The teacher asked who had broken the window, but non e ot the boys would

V. Choose the correct answer.

up to it.


14. Mr Johnson planned to have his house tinished by April and he didn't expect that the

1. Frank said his brand new Ferrari could do 250 kph and Tony, not to be , claimed his Porshe could drive at 300 kph.

legal procedures would

back the construction work until a) overriden

December. through him

15. He probably wanted to leave'me penniless, but I

e) downgraded

d) outspoken

2. The comtorting news trom my sister was a real a) stone

and managed to avert this course ot aetion.

b) outdone

b) deal

c) load

3. Our company was

oft my mind.

d) mass " tor twenty thousand pounds by a rival on the

grounds ot an alleged duplicating ot their produee. IV. Rewrite the sentences using the given forms so that they retain their original meaning.

a) sued

b) sentenced

d) tried

c) accused

the traftic in the centre

4. The protesters occupying the streets have .... ot the city.

1. What right have you got to give me orders?


a) dispelled

b) dislocated

d) disrupted

c) disturbed

at 53.

5. The number ot the victims ot the piane crash has been 2. Should you eome across the missing tiles, let me know at once, please.

(hap pen)


a) amounted

b) counted

c) estimated

d) scored

6. He was claimed to be an unskilled writer, but his latest works have definitely

3. The direct aim ot the statement is to make the public awa,e ot the present situation. The statement boils

witness to his great talent. a) constituted

b) borne

c) dealt

d) displayed much

7. Judging by the casual clothes he is wearing, he doesn't

4. Sally distrusts modern technology strongly.

signiticance to being elegant at work.

Sally has

a) devote 5. He will have to spend seven years in prison. (sentenced)

b) assign

8. Has anyone managed to

c) entrust "

d) attach the meaning ot the declaration?

. a) seize 6. We were all convinced Tom would succeed in passing his tinal exams.



b) snatch

c) grip

d) grasp trom the country

9. About two hundred illegal immigrants have been .."..... this year. a) expelled

7. Julia won't speak to the boy first as she is too shy.

b) entoreed

c) evicted

d) expired

10. Any turther details ol the language course will be sent on


to all

our subscribers. 8. Michael painted his last picture three years ago.

a) request Itwas

b) appeal

c) plea

d) wish with his research work in spite ot

11. Albert was praised tor having

9. My precious lite was saved by the liteguard.

terrible difticulties.


a) insisted

10. We have a debt ot gratitude to pay to all those who gave us their support.


b) lasted

c) sustained

d) persevered

12. Since the new machinery was purchased in 2001, the old type has tallen into


a) decrepit


b) damage

c) distunction

d) disuse


13. It has never

my mind that Jane might be a notorious liar.

a) passed

b) entered

c) crossed

d) reached

14. It's obvious each ot us would like to have their

in such an

important question as the company privatization. I. Choose the words that best complete the sentences in the text. a) talk

b) word

c) claim

d) say


15. She says she's been on a diet tor so long that she's enormously any kind ot sweets. a) wishtul

c) tasty

b) However

c) Much as

We al! know about the zodiac signs which retlect the position ot the sun, the moon and the planets

d) Despite

17. The tire that broke out in the opera house has dealt a severe


b) tailure

c) hitch

at the



Joshua trom leaving the camp


at night again.








a piece

(5) our eyes over them

(6) our hands on. Most trequently,


horoscopes to 18. It required a harsh reprimand to


(4) ot salt while we keep

in every tabloid we

d) drawback

ot a man's

(3) to them by astrologers. We say we will take these phenomena with


the performance ot The Figaro, which was due next month. a) blow

(2) to earthly occurrences

attecting peoples' everyday lives.

d) requisite

smart he was, he couldn't tigure out how to solve the puzzle. a) Although

,... (1) putting much trust in horoscopes and the tact

that the movements ot astronomical bodies

b) desirous


Very tew ot us would

(7) the tuture, to ot comtorting


we expeet

(8) our optimistie


or to

(9) our




contirming the superlative teatures that we tend to attribute to aur zodiacs.

a) detain

b) dety

c) deter

d) deprive

19. Has it been decided who is going to a) govern

b) handle

20. Will it make any a) difference

However, there's no scientitic evidence to

the orchestra yet?

c) guide

d) conduct

to them it we deliver their equipment tomorrow? b) alteration

c) contlict

d) displeasure

human existence is so closely bodies. Our curiosity

in horoscopes

(10) the assumption (11) with the parametres

may, then,


ot the celestial (12) our sheer

tascination with the unexplained or the unpredictable as well as in the enticing insight into the












(13) an extreme power over our own lives. An additional explanation is that humans tend to have a soft

(14) tor any torm ot tlattery, which is

the tact to which astrologers and the horoseope writers seem to



the greatest deal ot weighl. 1. a) ensure

b) grant

c) state

d) admit

2. a) rely

b) correspond

c) mateh

d) compare

3. a) identitied

b) associated

c) ineorporated

d) ascribed


b) pinch

c) grain

d) scrap

5. a) running

b) sending

c) tixing

d) putting

6. a) settle

b) draw

e) grab

d) lay

7. a) notity

b) predict

c) acquaint


8. a) restore

b) adjust

c) upgrade

d) reassure

9. a) boost

b) escalate

c) riwitalize

d) improve


c) corroborate

d) eontound

10. a) conclude



11. a) fused

b) adhered

c) coalesced

d) intertwined

12. a) stem

b) crap

c) rear


13. a) disposing

b) wielding

c) effecting

d) committing

14. a) pit

b) dot

c) spot

d) nick

15. a) instil

b) consign

c) fasten

d) attach


13. How much longer are we supposed to wait before they the receipt of our mail? Is it possible that they haven't received it as vet? 14. It soon turned out that the similarity between the two testimonies

was only

(CIRCUMST ANCE) and that the two cases had nothing in common.

15. 'Which of your successes do you consider the most



'Well, for me the construction of the Rockwell tower was the most outstanding


II. Put the words in the correct form. 1. Substantial damages will be paid to the

(ABLE) who suffered

III. Insert the correct


from the worst injuries during the war. 2. Alan never stops laughing and it's great fun to be in his company simply for his











(FAIL) sense of humour. (POINT)

3. What's your

on whaling?

Do you think it should be

1. She may seem to be crazy about fashion, but she certainly knows what is vogue.

banned at all? (SOBER)

4. Jim's really gone to the dogs. He looks shabby and his

2. The doctors don't give him much chance of surviving. In a word, his life is the line.

usually leaves much to be desired. 5. I wouldn't go so far as to punish them. By and large, their behaviour wasn't that


(OBJECT). 6. Fred hopes his paintings will


his fame. So far, he's

painted about two hundred as he believes they will also ensure his popularity. 7. Her


is unbearable, indeed. She wouldn't even say

8. My grandfather's great


is a feature to be jealous ot.

tong as they are


virtue of the

5. According to the barrister, Adam may be detained

9. First, they threw bottles at the police wagon and then beat the police officers with (SAN E) like this unquestionably

earnest offering us an apartment in

6. Do you think the director was his hotel for free?

This week he has completed a new model of a peeling device.

calls for severe

7. Mrs Black has pramised to be

service on Monday. I hope she

keeps her word or else I won't manage to prepare everything in time. 8. t'm really sorry I cannot lend you a single pound. I'm pinched

consequences. 10. Nothing else interests him sa much as his future promotion. He's been .. (OCCUPY) with it since he was told he might take over the


money myself these days. 9. It's rather

my comprehension

how they have succeeded in

grawing fruit trees on this barren solI.

chairman's seat. 11. The nuclear tests were carried out in this area for twelve years, but it will certainly remain

times, but your jokes may be tolerated as

4. You do sound foolish

suspicious testimony he gave in the court.

boo to a goose.

wooden clubs.


3. I have been using her computer ever since she placed it

(IN HABIT) for dozens more because of the high radiation.

12. There's no excuse for your idleness. You'd better admit your ......................... (WILL) to do any kind of job instead of pretending to be a dedicated worker.

10. We did our utmost to save the plants fram being destrayed by the hail, but ali that was vain anyway. 11. Mrs Wright has no problems with her children; they are usually very attentive her and offer any help they can.



his reading that he didn't even hear the

12. Willy was so engrossed

V. Fili the gaps with the correct words.

doorbell ring ing. 13. The rescue brigade will be

standby in case something unusual


should happen. 14. Thegeneral's

limb our aim of

strategy isn't by any means consistent



belt line



dint nick


jump quandary



averting an open conflict. easy reach?'

15. 'Is the place that they inhabit

1. It didn't look like the weather was going to improve, so we we re in a

'On the contrary, they live at the back of

about wh~ther to go surfing or stay in the club. until he came back from

2. The sergeant ordered his unit to keep IV. Rewrite the sentences

using the given torms so that they retain their original

the mess.


3. You will be lor the high

if your mother discovers you have played

truant on so many occasions.

1. How much money does he make a month?

4. His accusations were a bit below the


. How could he have done it

to me in Iront ol my superiors? 2. Have you got William Wharton's latest book? (possession)

5. I seemed to be out on a

.... 3. Did Celia intend to invite her landlord to dinner?


during the discussion; nobody, even

Caroline, appeared to support my point ol view. of good luck when the huge

6. He only managed to stay alive by

(an intention)

rock feli onto him.


7. There we re a few orders that I hadn't fulfilled belore I was taken to hospital, so when

4. As far as I know, the building was set on fire deliberately.

I came back to the office, I was a bit in To the best

8. I can tolerate your tricks, but you'd better draw the

5. Everybody was honoured by the boss with the exception of one clerk.

9. Although we usually spend New Year's Eve in Vienna, we've decided to give it a

6. His mother claims that he can easily be infected with fiu. (susceptible)


this year and stay at home.

10. You are certain to spoil the child if you keep indulging his every .....


7. Who was driving the car when the collision occurred?

11. The young violinist's performance must have taken the audience by

(the wheel)

considering that she's been asked to give another concert tomorrow. 12. The accident in the chemicallaboratory

8. I think those tools may prove useful. (come)

wasn't Arthur's fault, not by a long

. Somebody else caused it.

handy. 9. It seems unbelievable, but he's learned that long poem by heart. Unbelievable

13. Inlorm me please about the present situation. I've lost

,.......... ol it since

I left for Canada. 14. The child ran into the road and the driver only managed to step on his brakes in the "

10. It doesn't matter how much you offer to pay, he'lI never sell the family memorabilia.


at them when

Mr Candy takes over.

Ali but


wit h my work.

of time to avert a tragedy.

15. The accused politician has been rather restrained in his comments so far, but I'm sure he keeps something up his


12. a) candid

/i t.~~:"J;~§5~1;,l'1T I. Replace each italicized word with a synonymous



b) tang ible

c) credulous

d) utilitarian

13. a) talling short

b) laying bare

c) running low

d) com ing clean

14. a) taken on

b) laid up

c) put about

d) made tor

15. a) benevolent

b) obscure

c) incongruous

d) irretutable

Every now and then we hear someone claiming to be psychic (1) or to experience precognitive



we meet people who have participated in spiritualistic

have witnessed making tor

(4) miraculous




or to have premonitions

(6) past

Parapsychology psychokinesis,



(5) prophecies



about the tuture



seances where they

or listened

or even using

to mediums

their second






and out-ot-body experiences is tiercely disparaged

opponents tinding no scrap ot evidence tor the reliability ot pertormances


like toreseeing

telepathy. Nevertheless,

the acquisition ot intormation by use ot nonsensory channels can

sometimes be ot great advantage to those who aspire at solving

(10) the most enigmatic

questions like the mysterious cases ot crime or missing individuals. Although officially the police den y having resort (11) to parapsychology,

clear (12) evidence is diminishing

they do benetit


its vast potential


conventional scientists disregard it as highly uncertain

and its possible

go about

hang out

set forth

take in

1. We have no more petrol H"'"""

come up to

drive at

drop oft

leave oft

pull oft

run out

throw up



Up oft

touch on

been used up unusually quickly. . .. . H. ...

'" ..




a lot ot time in my pub, so I know their names by heart.

... '" ..

... .. """""

... ....

3. This is a smali hotel and it can only



.. . ... ...


pro vide accommodation

....H... ... ... ...... H.... ..

.... ... .H' "'" ..

tor tifty guests.

... .... ..

... ..


4. I have told him a thousand times to stop taking the painkillers and visit a doctor. .. H""",

5. It's no good


in the tank. It has


2. They spend

(13) . The psychics are then employed

(14) with the hope that their original practices will throw new light on many cases. Despite the growing interest in extrasensory

come by

(8) by its

(9) messages without any use ot the sensory means, namely, by


bring in


tuture events or passing


II.Replace each italicized verb or phrase with the correct form of a synonymous phrasal verb.




(2) about imminent


... H'""""""""""""""",


beginning a journey until ali the necessary arrangements are made

complete. 1. a) clairvoyant

b) supernatural

c) extraordinary

d) subconscious

2. a) judgements

b) torebodings

c) indictments

d) implications

3. a) discrepancies

b) qualms

c) turmoils

d) adversities

4. a) beheld

b) overlooked

c) visualized

d) partaken

5. a) sordid

b) weird

c) gloomy

d) palpable

6. a) invigorating

b) rejuvenating

c) animating

d) resuscitating

7. a) remembrances

b) memorabilia

c) reminders

d) memorials

8. a) dispelled

b) deprecated

c) deterred

d) dispensed

9. a) releasing

b) emanating

c) transmitting

d) dissenting

10. a) disentangling

b) renouncing

c) exploring

d) detecting

11. a) support

b) aid

c) plea

d) recourse



6. By nex1 year, several new bills will have been





introducedto make crime prevention

more teasible. ... ... ... ... .... ..


... H... ......'" ..



... ... .... H'....

7. I was to have collected the children trom the nursery at 3 o'clock, but I tell asleep in my armchair and didn't wake up until my wite returned trom work. .. .. ...... .... .. . .. ..

... . .... .. ... ... ... ... ... .. ."""

8. Were these photographs easy to them?

... .. ...

obtain or did you have to


H"" ... H


stick out your neck to get

. . .. . .. . H . . . . H . . . . . . . H . . . . H . . . . H . H H . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . H . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . H . . . . H . H . . . . . H H . .

9. The quality ot the device does match my expectations, I cannot stand the harsh sound it makes.

but the problem is that

. . . . . .. . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . .. H . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . H . . . . . . . . .. . . H . . . . . . . . . . . . . H . . . . . . . . . . .




10. Mary's been suffering from a severe poisoning. Her temperature is very high and she's vomiting every twenty minutes. """"""""""""""



... .. . .. "'"

11. I hadn't got a elue how to cope with the exereise and had to have reeourse to the

the youths' rough and noisy behaviour in the streets.


6. It's not a matter ot being stingy, she is very economical

with her expenses.


answer key.


7. I remem ber the corporal as very demanding. The assignments

. 12. The most diffieult assignment that our unit has ever been given was the reseue aetion at Heathrow. We

completed it successfully,

yet quite a lew ol us eame to a serious

were usually quite exhausting.

.. ...


13. W e've only managed to


mention your

question brieflyas the whole meeting was only

8. Forget about the other instructions tor the time being. The essential thing is that we




14. He said I needn't make so mueh luss, but I don 't quite understand what he was really

they aim at cheating on us or it they are in the dark themselves.




15. 'How eould he know we were going to arrest him?' him in advance.' .. "" .. ... ..

,. .. ... ... .

'Someone must have warned

.. ...

.. .


... ...

.. ..



to anyone


in the bureau.

But little can


11. Please excuse my eriticism, but your scheme isn't possible to operate in these ...........................

12. At first, the boy's interest in the extraterrestrial seemed unusuallyeccentric.

Yet, he

only needed to make his first discovery to convince everybody that he was serious. o

.. ... .


be done about it as long as his father is in authority here.




9. The response Ihat we have been given to our inquiry is rather unclear. I won der if

10. Thomas'

devoted to the outbreak ol the jaundiee epidemie in Cairo.

he used to give us


must get ready with the rally by tomorrow.

bodily harm.


5. Several complaints trom the residents have been sent to the police department about


13. Sarah's lucky to have Albert. His most gent1e nature is one to be fond ot.

..... III. Replace each italicized phrase or adjective with a synonymous


14. This problem is too tricky for us to cope on our own. I'd rather we asked Mr Turner for advice; he's so sm art that he'lI certainly know how to tackle il. ...........................

ambiguous bossy plausible

astounding cumbersome precarious

benign frugal

bizarre obnoxious



boisterous pivotal

15. You'lI never believe the surprising news I'm going to tell you. Your neighbour has been appointed a minister!


viable IV. Rewrite the sentences using the given forms 50 that they retain their original

1. How about asking for more assistance seeing that our position is becoming insecure?


........................... 1. When did the patient regain consciousness?

2. We have left our rueksacks in the left luggage office because carrying Ihem around the city would be alittle awkward.

3. II sounds very reasonable what they suggest, but how shall we put il into operation?



4. The smell in the shanty district was horribly unpleasant. No wonder that none ot the reporters would volunteer for carrying out the series ot interviews in the area.

... ...

... ... ... ..


........................... 2. I won't Iry the fis h unlil they are scaled. Only when


3. They seemed to have been trightened by someone. It looked 4. Even big quantities of vegetables aren't harmtul to your health. (do) ...............................




5. We shouldn't have wasted so much time waiting for the film star to tum up. (worth) It

8. My tooth isn't aching at the moment, but the unpleasant feeling of stiffness still on in my mouth. a) remains

6. If a fire breaks out, the emergency exit should be used. (the event)

b) lingers

c) continues

d) lasts

9. Burt knows his chances against the better skilled opponents are slim, but he is too much of a competitor to give up making at least a

7. The passengers were not allowed to smoke cigarettes during the fIight. (refrain)

a) stake

b) start

c) stab

at it.

d) stack

10. Mrs Jackson was on the point of going out of her apartment when she was short by a phone cali from her husband. 8. The handling of the matter has been heavily criticized by the press. (scorn)

a) caught

The press

b) halted

11. I didn't really feellike

9. Brian must do exercise to strengthen his back after the surgery.


10. When will the resolutions that we have taken be implemented?

d) stopped

memorizing all these definitions. It was only the risk of getting

another bad mark that made me a) exert

It ......................

c) brought

b) absorb


c) endeavour

d) deploy

12. The boss is leaving for America for a month or two and the major question now is who



is going to

for him.

a) exchange

b) rep lace

c) deputize

d) perform

13. Wait a minute, there is an answer from the Federal Bureau with

V. Choose the correct answer.

to your previous inquiry. succes for its owners.

1. The first amusement park in our city was a d) roaring

a) cracking b) ringing c) sparking 2. 'Why haven't you sent the letter to uncle Jerry?' 'Oh, I'm so sorry, I c) fair

d) only

c) quiver ".............

d) quieten on the spot as the first aid kit lacked

b) adom

c) adept

d) adopt

6. The pursuit of the escaped prisoner was futile. The criminal knew well how to the police. a) elude b) derail c) retract d) distort 7. You needn't treat us to anything, we won't stay long for it's only a visit. a) minute

b) forwarding

c) advancing

d) following

a) resort


b) rescue

d) recourse

c) resource

to ask for adate.

16. She did smile at me several times, but I felt too a) prevented

b) hindered

c) inhibited

17. We have been running

a) served b) catered c) distributed d) injected 5. So many good solutions to the question have been submitted that the committee have . had a hard time of deciding which one to a) adapt

a) pursuing

neighbours as a last

my thirst.

3. I'd opt for a glass of mineral water just to a) quit b) quench 4. The serum couldn't be needles.


mail to the new place.

15. If the man fails to repair the faulty wiring, we could borrow a candle from the

forgot to do it yesterday.' b) barely

c) attention d) regard address in case we have to send your

b) reflection

14. Don't forget to leave your

Everybody would go there to have a good time.

a) clean

a) consideration

d) deterred

of fresh water, so be careful not to use it

up compietely before we get to another village. a) short

b) low

c) scarce

18. His chronic fits do

d) limit a problem to us as we have to be on the alert

all the time and apply his medicine whenever he needs it. a) exhibit

b) stage

c) pose

d) bid

19. This position may be very prestigious, but it's also very responsible. Mind that you can to any occasion to prove that you really deserve it. a) assume

b) rise

c) conform

d) endeavour

20. The way he acted took us by surprise. Ali he did was at complete

b) flying

c) smali


with his former scenario. a) disagreement

b) incompatibility

c) discrepancy

d) variance 197




5. A few gold n€cklaces and other Mrs Linton during the tlight to Boston.


(SLA VE) period, but it

6. The idea ot a rebellion originated in the was only feasible atter the civil war.

I. Write in the correct words.

7. It's a popular Didn't you dream ot having a dog or any other




Didn't your parents try to convince you how much





(1) animai as a chiid?




t -



(2) living pets

require to teel healthy and secure in a tamily? Are you a parent yourselt now? How do







d (3) to your kids' constant begging tor a pet? Ot course, you may


consider purchasing a hamster or a turtle a matter ot - - -

- - f - - -

g (4) your

children's every whim, but just think about the more utilitarian purpose that your pets may -




their skin isn't covered with any tiuid. 8. Although no landing on Mars has been possible so tar, it's widely known that its natural


act as houseguards potential -










any intruders


com mon






e -

I -










(6) dogs,

g (7)



its owners provide








when you tell him he

hasn't been accepted by the Police Academy. 10. Only when I completed reading the autobiographical

novel did I get the true



(9) tension, the majestic movements of colourtul exotic fish are

(10) for their tranquilizing effect, too, and stroking an animal's hair is

scientifically proven to act as an



11. The evidence shows that the man is


a murderer, but

the final verdict will only be given after the trial. 12. At one moment, the police were powerless in the face ot the .............................. (CONTROL)

(8) ot transport.

A huge variety of animals are kept in houses for emotional reasons. Birds' soft singing

can h€lp

can match those on earth.

9. Sammy is go ing to be very

v - (5).


that snakes are slippery. In reality,

(SEE) into the writer's complex nature.

Apart trom being lovable little triends, pet animals,


have been stolen from

mob who were devastating the streets and looting the shops around.

13. I telt the temptation of lighting a cigarette was getting more and more (RESIST), so I immediately threw the last packet into the tire.


14. My grandtather's


purchased the manor house in the

18th century. Later, it was turned into a local hospital and now there's a primary

t - - - (11) for stress.

school in the building. Are you still in two -


n -


(12) whether to visit the nearest pet shop and fulfil your

kids' requests? Or perhaps, you should go to the local animai shelter to tind out if you can

15. Who would have believed that their casual acquaintanceship

would develop into such


a strong

offer some aftection to a lone caged pet that will otherwise be destroyed. III. Insert the correct prepositions.

II. Put the words in the correct form. 1. Themail

which is marked


can be opened by nobody










else but the commander-in-chief. 2. What are the latest

(FIN D) of your research?

Have you com e


across any vital data? 3. There's little hope that Maurice's behaviour will ever improve. It will probably remain so 4. 'What


2. The prime minister's proposal was accepted

the nod by most of

the Members ot Parliament.

till he grows up.

(FURY) your father so much last night?'

Pamela who didn't return home until 3 a.m.'


1. !t's almost impossible to specity how many take banknotes are currently

'Weii, it was

3. Come later, please. My husband doesn't like to be disturbed while he's work on his new designs.


4. Mark is a passionate skier and he ais o takes part in skateboarding

4. Don't worry about the illegibility ot that report. It's been written rough and I'm going to have it rewritten clean by the secretary.

Apart trom

5. The new chemistry teacher may be younger and less strict, but

5. Ann paints her landscapes with great pleasure.

bal ance I preter the inspiring lectures ot Mrs Huckley.

Ann takes

6. Tony objected to telling us where he'd hidden his sister's diary and we had to exact the truth


6. I didn't really know whether to accept their engagement


or not. (mixed teelings)


7. I've been given seven days oft during which I'm going to renovate my apartment. In tact,


a pinch, three days would be enough to do everything.

7. You are allowed to play in my garden it you promise not to do anything wrong. 5010ng

8. We are able to present the latest tilm by Steven Spielberg oniy.............................. 8. As there are no more questions, I think we can end the meeting. courtesy ot the Film Academy. 9. Teaching him algebra will require explaining everything at least twice. He's rather slow

9. It was a nice party when you take everything into consideration.

the mark when mathematics is the matter. 10. You'd better be


your toes all day round in case a new alarm is

Ali things 10. Since she met that boy, she's been thinking only about him. (wrapped)


11. Promise him extra allowances, that should get him


his stride with


the cieaning wórk. 12. Look at Paul! He's dressed

to the nines today. Is he getting

V. Write the words

in the right phrases

in the sentences.

married or what? 13. No detinite decision has been reached as vet. The whole case is still examination. 14. Will the new law have to be approved by the Queen betore it is put










blue open

clear silver wrong


operation? 15. 'Why does he look so depressed?'

his wits end

'He must be

1. Betty has always stood by me. We have been together through thick and

because ot his wite's illness, I suppose.' 2. I'm not taking part in the quiz. History isn't my IV. Rewrite the sentences

using the given torms so that they retain their original


3. You did have a(n)


suit at alI.

escape when the tree feli down right in tront ot

your car.

1. We regret to intorm you that there is no more demand tor your products.

4. It's quite uncanny to me how she managed to keep a(n)

upper lip

when she was to Id about the tailure.

Much to

5. She comes trom

parts and theretore she speaks a different

2. Hardly anyone could understand the lecture. (comprehensible) "


language. 6. The visitors were warned to steer

3. The best way to make them work hard is to promise them a reward.

ot the districts where robberies

and assaults were rite.





7. My bills are overdue and all my money's gone. I'm really in a(n) corner these days. 8. The news ot the piane crash came as a bolt tram the

to all ot us,

especially because our relatives were on board. 9. Somehow, we couldn't agree with one another and decided to separate and go it

10. He's never been sympathetic towards us. That's why I think even his best wishes to us always ring ................. 11. You'll be barking up the

tree it you try to pick up Lucy. She simply

doesn't like you. 12. Since the value ot my stocks went up, I have been in the


13. Ask him any question concerning politics and you'lI tind out he's got a

spot about it. He doesn't even know the names ot the most

important politicians in the country. 14. Please, avoid jumping to conclusions and keep a(n) ......

mind until


you have got to knowali the tacts. 15. He's never had to worry about his social status. He was born with a(n) spoon in his mouth.





























1.c 2. b 3.a 4.d 5.a


6.c 7.d B.b 9.d 10.a

11.c 12.d 13.d 14.a 15.c 6. solution 7. division 8. tashionable

1. difference 2. behaviour 3. practicable/practical 4. troublesome

9. disapproval 10. triendship

5. truthtul

11 . hazardous 12. contidence 13. length 14. doubtful 15. meaning


1. ot 2. by 3. on


1. It couldn't have been Tom that you saw in the department store, tor sure. 2. We had to cali the doctor because ot the baby's high temperature. 3. Vou had better not tell anybody about the discovery. 4. The boys made tun ot the man in spite ot his old age. 5. Help yourselves to any tood you like. 6. What made him resign? 7. Oid the children have a good time during the performance? 8. We haven't heard trom him since March. 9. There is no need tor you to worry about the tuture. 10. Every student was awarded a diploma.


1. a 2.c 3.d 4.b S.c

6.a 7.d 8.b 9.a 10.b

11. c 12.d 13.a 14.b 15.a

16.c 17.b 18.b 19.d 20. c

1.c 2.a 3.d

4.c 5.a 6.b

7.a 8.c 9.a

10.b 11. d 12.b

4. at 5. in 6. in

7. at / with 8. trom 9. tor

10. in 11. by, in 12. ot

13. on 14. with 15. in, between


13.c 14.a 15.c
















1. attendance 2. lasting 3. advantageous 4. destruction 5. growth

6. irrelevant 7. sufficient 8. Disobedience 9. invention 10. standing


1. dropped 2. work 3. put 4. broken 5. do

6. went 7.lie 8. settled 9.jump 10. takes


1. Does this RolIs Royce belong to your uncle? 2. Having introduced my guests to each other, I made a long speech on the current changes in the computer technologies. 3. I wish they had told us they were going to sell their house. 4. George won't lend his tape recorder to you unless you promise to bring '.:. back by Saturday. 5. Jerry could hardly solve the riddle. 6. Our representatives have been critical ot the new concept. 7. It doesn't matter whether they paint the board white or yellow. 8. The new prime minister has been appointed at last. 9. The last time I visited Oslo was in 1998. 10. Mrs Arnold willlook after our cat while we are away.


1. age 2. tault 3. order 4.lead 5. dot

6. sight 7. sale 8. rash 9.luck 10.hand

11. (in)valuable 12. pointless 13. excitement 14. pleasure 15. possession 11. throw 12. turned 13. came 14. ticked 15. get

11. average 12. point 13.dogs 14. pride 15. chimney




1. d 2.c 3.a

4.b 5.c 6.d

7.a 8. b 9.c

10.d 11.c 12.b

13.a 14.d 15.c

1. Stop telling me about this tournament. I don't care about it. 2. We have decided to do up our sitting room in August. 3. Martin's condition was rather bad, but after a series ot antibiotic injections he got over his iIIness. 4. Untortunately, our secret plans had been given away by someone betore we managed to put them into practice.
















5. The switchboard operator told me to hold on betore she made the connection. 6. The inscription on the label was written in such a smali print that I could hardly make it out. 7. Mr Blackley will take over. 8. At first, they seemed to be amazed at Peter's offer of two thousand pounds, but in the end, they turned it down. 9. It's essential that you hand in the documents in person by Thursday. 10. Alice is going to put in for the job of a sales assistant in Newcastle. 11. A lorry ran into a tractor and the both drivers were slightly wounded. 12. The guide advised us to wrap up as cold weather was forecast. 13. Around midday, it started to rain heavily and the hikers had to wait for about halt an hour betore setting oft. 14. He stands out even in a large crowd because ot his great height. 15. Making any unauthorised alterations may bring about a failure of the machine. III.

6. precise 7. horrible

1. judicious 2. gracetul 3. ordinary

8. praiseworthy 9. innocent

4. genuine 5. paintul

10. puzzled

11. desperate 12. absorbing 13. idle 14. fatal 15. mean


1. 1'mnot in the habit of sleeping after work. 2. Little Tommy was looking forward to Christmas. 3. The young clerk was not capable ot dealing with this complicated matter. 4. Besides being a good sprinter, Alan is also a skilled jumper. 5. Several workers (were) opposed (to) joining the strike. 6. Nobody has borrowed my new lawnmower trom me. 7. Peter's hair really needs a) to be cut b) cutting. 8. I was made to open the safe by the attacker. 9. In spite of countless obstacles, Jim was successtul in building his own house. 10. 1'11 go upstairs to make sure that they have already vacated the rooms.


1. b 2.d 3.b 4.a 5. a

6.d 7.d 8.c 9.b 10.d

11. a 12.b 13.b 14.a 15.c

16.c 17.d 18.b 19.a 20.d


.'E_--fEST 4


TEST5 1. Legend 2. ottspring

3. elected II.



4.gave 5. kept 6. taste

1. comparison 2. residents 3. usage 4. fearful 5. developing/underdeveloped 1. In, tor 2. by 3. for 4. on, tor 5. about

6. at, under 7. trom 8.of 9. with 10. at

7. encountering 8. deteated

9. hand 6. sensible 7. memorable 8. harmtul 9. resemblance 10. denial

10. raise


1. reality 2. detinition 3.silence 4. intormative 5. ability / abilities


11. fram 12. in 13. about 14. at 15. by


1. The building designer doesn't approve of the idea of a complete reconstruction. 2. Never before have we visited a more charming place. 3. My new assistant has a good / thoraugh knowledge of anaesthetics. 4. aur experiment will be carried out on condition that we gather enough money. 5. We haven't been in touch with each other for several months. 6. Mr Thompson does not think much of these innovations. 7. Michael works overtime with a view to paying off his debts. 8. Each of us has made an attempt a) at comforting the depressed patient. b) to comfort the depressed patient. 9. I was about to leave my office when the telephone rang. 10. Everybodyfailed a) in working out the correct answer. b) to work out the correct answer.


1. c 2. b 3.a

11. promised 12. himself 11. departure 12. imagination 13. favourable 14. restless 15. wisdom

1. risk 2. temper 3. wall 4. home 5. tune

6. fingers


7. weather

12. flight 13. rule 14.lamb 15.sense

8. names 9.cash 10. log

4. d 5.c 6.a


1. in 2. tor 3. in

7. b 8.b 9.d

10.a 11.c 12.b

13.a 14.a 15.b

6. expectations 7. contents 8. unemployment 9. extensive 10. engagement

4. tram 5. ot 6. by

7. in 8. at 9. ot

10. to 11. with 12. at

11. sight 12. complaints 13. outstanding 14. reliable 15. industrial 13. in 14. for 15. tram

1. I had a strong determination to complete my dissertation by the end ol the month. 2. Father wants you to get rid of these disgusting insects. 3. On coming back home, we realized it had been braken Into. 4. He will do nothing but lie on the sofa all day round. 5. They say they are / have got bored with playing crlcket. 6. Andy went on a lone expedition without telling anybody aboLlIII 7. The moment it gets warmer, the spring flowers will bloom, 8. One of the relatives has made a statement on behalf of tha tf1OUrnlJlU

parentson television.


9. Did you have any difficulty in assembling the set? 10. We are having the tlat redecorated by a specialist.


1. b 2.c 3.a 4.c 5.d

6. b 7.d 8.a 9. b 10.c

1. c 2.c 3.a

4.c 5.d 6.a

11.b 12.a 13.d 14.a 15.d

16.b 17.d 18.c 19.a 20. b


," ,

7.b 8.c 9.a

10.d 11.a 12.c

13.b 14.c 15.d



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